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 Life's A Beach, April 4 8AM-8PM - BORA BORA // NMs
 Posted: May 15 2018, 08:17 PM

Money couldn’t buy class, case and point, her ex throwing a verbal fit at the poor bartender. How incredibly distasteful of him. Of course, it didn’t really come as a surprise to Alice that Nocturn would be a terror to workers. She’d known him for years, after all. It was a shame given the fact that his parents were both delightful people who she’d never seen be rude to a worker like their son was being. Stern words, maybe. But, Alice was entirely positive that they’d never treated someone who was just doing their job like their son was.

Oh well. Not her problem.

Darkhawk managed to steal the attention of quite a few of the girls it seemed, Alice included, with his dive bombing the water like a bird of prey. It was certainly a tiny bit impressive how the boy had soared through the air only to enter the water with some sharp grace. Finishing her daiquiri, Alice made a mental note to talk with Chris some point soon. Given that he was a Gamma, it’d serve her well to get to know her new teammate. Not to mention, she couldn’t help but be curious as to how his whole thing worked.

Hazel eyes hidden behind cateye sunglasses were drawn back to the scene before her. Magma and Mercury seemed to be pretty pleased with the locale. Having Boom Boom close by gave Alice a slight sense of security. The sort of safety that came from being part of a group and not a lone individual seemed to be settling on her. All of the girls had proven themselves quite capable during the whole encounter in Colorado, not to mention seemed to have had good heads on their shoulders. Maybe it was the alcohol, but Alice could feel herself becoming a bit comfortable amongst the other girls.

Before she could even think to go get some of Tabby’s sunscreen and begin applying it to herself, a certain someone had to come by and bother the small flock of girls. Setting down her empty glass on a table nearby, a server quickly came by to replace it with a new one. ”My goodness, what excellent and quick service. Thank you so much.” As Tabby was giving James a bit of what for thanks to his behavior, Alice smiled at the server boy in a slightly flirtatious manner. ”You’re doing an amazing job. And don’t let that one scare you.” She motioned to James with her perfectly manicured hand. ”He’s all bark.”

Since Amara had taken one of the martinis from James, Alice took the other from the Scot. Not even bothering to lower her sunglasses to look at him. Quite frankly, she’d have pretended he wasn’t there if it hadn’t been for the fact that he’d invoked her brother’s name. Add that to the fact that he’d kind of killed the vibe amongst the girls and his behavior, and she’d really rather not deal with him. However, he wasn’t going to disappear on his own.

”Thank you so much, James. Tabby and Amara are right though, you should have brought enough for everyone. I know your parents taught you that.” Amara’s bit of flirtation with James didn’t bother the brunette. The Nova Roman seemed to know how to close ranks. Plus, she was out of James’s league. All of the New Mutant girls were, as far as Alice was concerned.

The commotion caused by Glitch getting back onto the dock made her head turn and one eyebrow raised itself so it was visible above her sunglasses in intrigue. And Alice was not disappointed by some lackluster hullabaloo. Because Luca was completely and utterly nude. Rushing to try and grab his shorts from where Tommy had dropped them after the massive crab had scuttled on off.

Alice couldn’t help it as she began to giggle. Reveling in the schadenfreude of Luca being entirely on display courtesy of Speed, she didn’t try and hide her amusement at all. Concealing her delight and acting shocked and appalled may have been the proper thing to do, but Alice didn’t care about that at the moment. Her giggling quickly escalated to full on laughter. Even as Luca attempted to have some air of confidence with his quip he threw at her, she replied with a pleased peal of laughter as she looked at the other girls, eyebrow still raised. ”I can’t speak for my friends, but it looks to me like there isn’t much to tell.” Her tone pointedly mocking as while she was clearly amused at Luca’s expense, she was also very transparent to being unimpressed.

Seeing a chance to serve James some well deserved comeuppance, while Alice was still laughing at Luca, she started to take a step, only to seeming stumble over herself. Her right shoulder forcefully colliding with James’s torso, sending the boy flailing as he fell back into the water. It would have looked like she’d become a smidge uncoordinated as a result of inebriation. Except for the fact that as James began to fall backwards, Alice’s coordination miraculously returned to her as she righted herself. ”Whoops.”

user posted image
 Posted: May 16 2018, 01:19 PM

John glanced in Nocturn's direction as the man whined and bitched about needing cooling stones or some other bullshit that spoke of a distinct lack of testicular fortitude. Jesus. What a whiny little shit stain, the Texan thought. It kind of made him think a bit less of Phantom for having dated the guy. Probably a wealth thing, John thought. Have yet to see a rich person that wasn't a fucking douche on some level.

He was pretty sure he would someday get an excuse to try to break in some brass knuckles on the guy's face one day. Which brought a cold smile to the gunfighter.

But as X-23 mentioned that they could be doing something more productive such as learning how to kill the aliens, Gunslinger drawled "That and coming up with plans to counter them. Know I was a prime example of why most of us need some form of puncture and stab resistance armor going against them." Which he actually had a few ideas on, but just lacked any resources to actually produce. "On the plus side, things don't seem to be bulletproof," John said. "Just have to use a decent centerfire round to turn them into Swiss cheese."

But as Speed mentioned both lightening up and how Glitch didn't have anything worth seeing, John quirked an eyebrow at both statements. Both at the fact that Tommy had evidently done a thorough examination, and the fact that the speedster thought the possible end of the world was something to not be concerned about.

Looking around and seeing possible weapons in electrical cords, tables and chairs, and a host of other items did let him relax a tad. Mainly as there were things to defend with for that half second or so it would take to bring real weapons into a fight.

Giving a smile as his girlfriend came up with a pop, John took a small sip and drawled "Not fond of dulling senses or reactions right now considering the opposition we have staring at us." Hell. John currently wasn't even having the same sleep schedule as most, making sure he was up for the night and simply getting a few naps during the day when everyone else was busy. Though as Ion claimed it was John's fault that Glitch was displaying himself like some mindless beast in heat as that was about all the positive the kid had, John smiled and said "Hopefully I've got just a little more to offer than just nudity." Slipping one arm slowly around her waist to pull her close, John asked "Any place you care to sit?"

He figured wherever it was, he could summon a polished metal tumbler to keep his drink cool. And position it where he could keep watch on most of the beach in the reflection. Though if it caught sight of Nightcrawler's shorts, he might have to gouge out his own eyes in self defense.

But even as he considered that, Darkchylde decided to emulate Jesus with a walking on water trick and pulled the magic equivalent of dumpling a load of food coloring and water colors into the ocean. Briefly wondering what Darkhawk saw since he was actually in the water where that was occurring, John walked over to the chairs with one arm linked with Liv's, picking a reclining one with a end table near it. Summoning a metal water bottle, he poured his drink in it and set it down, positioning it where he could glance and see behind him as well. Patting the cushion beside him, he said "Have a seat Liv. If nothing else, watching what the others get up to should be a show."
 Posted: May 18 2018, 06:23 PM

Baki blinked as Speed stated that he hadn't missed anything. But clearly he had missed something cause Glitch was leaving the water buck naked to retrieve the shorts that had been dumped on the dock. And wasn't the first dick he had ever seen. The internet was a thing and regardless of sexuality, guys were still guys. He couldn't say he was upset at the visual either, despite Luca's rotten personality, he wasn't that bad to look at. Actually kind of nice, shame he was a grade A douche.

Speaking of douche canoes, Nocturn was probably showing up Luca for the grand prize. He had seen the type before in Hawaii, the kind that treated the locals like their personal servants and treated staff of hotels even worse. His grandmother worked as a maid in those places, the stories she could tell about the men like James.

At Tommy's offer of a drink he shook his head, "Nah, probably a bad idea. Last couple of times I got drunk did not end well." Namely Baki got really, really sick. Apparently, his physiology just couldn't handle a lot of it. Just like with dairy and a lot of fruits and vegetables, he couldn't have it, his body just refused. Didn't stop him from trying but with alcohol he wasn't going to risk it. Nothing ruined a trip more than rush to a doctor.

He looked up and watched as Darkhawk dived into the water like one of the birds he had seen out on the water. And around them everyone else was have a good time too, it was actually relaxing, really relaxing. "This is really nice, glad one of these trips is going right for once." He hadn't been at the school long enough to be witness to all the chaos, but even with his short stint it was clear that trouble followed mutants like nothing else.

He leaned against the dock, half out of the water, half in, just enjoying it all. Now why couldn't the school be set up in a place like this...

He was drawn out of his quiet enjoyment by the color of the water suddenly changing color and for a panicked moment he thought it was blood or something. But no, it was too transparent and clean to be that, and upon looking around he saw the source was just Darkchylde doing something to the water. It was actually kind of magical. He relaxed again with a laugh and decided to dive back under to join Mercury and see what it looked to be in the watery rainbow.

Honeybear Gunslinger Impulse Cyclops Scarlet Spider Abra Gentle Nightcrawler Wiccan Boom Boom Magma Plasma Faust Phantom X-23 Ion Velocity
 Posted: May 19 2018, 09:56 AM

"Ms. Grey has Snapchat." Hana sort of suddenly announced as the others were poking fun at the nude Luca. She had seen what was coming the moment Tommy pantsed Luca and had immediately commanded the optics in her Android frame to pixelate the area around Luca's groin. She had zero urge to see Luca's dick.

Hana, after all, practically lived in Cyberspace. There had been one to many times where she "turned a corner" and ended up "neck deep" in dick pics. Among many other things. It was why she harped so much at properly titling you files so that cyberpaths like her did not end up in the middle of creepy Furry porn central.

"Ms. Grey also now has a snap of Luca gyrating in the nude. With the cat filter. I was going to extend the length of time it takes her cabbages to ripen on Farmville. But this seemed more amusing." Hana simply said with a tilt of her head and a bit of a grin. She, had not actually sent Jean a snap of nude Luca. Hana was lying of course. It was more of a fib than anything, though with her dry, robotic mannerisms, realizing that she was kidding about the snap would be next to impossible.

She did, however, add four hours to those cabbages.

"I would send it to Mr. Logan, but his flip phone is so old it's rotary dial." Hana said with a bit of a shrug, turning back towards Roan. "I know Rattata is supposed to be common, but this is ridiculous. I am going to hack the game and reduce the commonality by 20%." She said after spotting yet another Rattata on Pokemon Go.
 Posted: May 23 2018, 07:29 PM

Distracted for a bit as Darkchylde was literally walking on water, Kurt frowned for a moment until he considered that Christ had done so in the midst of a storming sea. Which made Nightcrawler nod as he thought Advantage Jesus in his head.

Though the colored water thing was pretty.

As Impulse sat down to talk to him, Kurt's white teeth gleamed in a smile as he finished his drink and hopped from the tree. Spinning around like a corkscrew as he fell in the air and tumbled down, he landed lightly in front of the electrokinetic and said "There has been much going on!" Smiling broadly, Kurt said "It is all so exciting! Aliens and villains and adventure around every corner."

Drawing up to his full height as he tossed the empty bottle in the air for his tail to catch, he then eyeballed a trash can and eyed the distance, hurling the bottle at it with his tail. Where it bounced from front rim, to back rim, and balanced right on the edge before tipping to fall outside of the bin.

So he ported over to the bin and tapped it in before it could fall, and then ported back to the tree, leaning against it. "I am Kurt Wagner. Former circus acrobat. Sideshow attraction. And current gallant adventurer," Nightcrawler proclaimed. Grinning wide, he said "I like to perform acrobatics, train, play with swords, and watch movies about the Three Musketeers, Robin Hood, and pirates. And as you likely saw, I do fairly well with a cutlass."

But as Boom Boom came up and excitedly asked to use him as a makeshift high dive with his teleportation, Kurt placed a hand on her heart and said "As if I could deny such a lovely woman such a reasonable request? It would shame my gender as a whole if I declined it." Pausing for a moment, Wagner then said softly "Though fair warning. My teleportation does disorient if done rapid fire style on others. A single jump for you to drop should be fine, but if your stomach is sensitive, even one can be rough."
 Posted: May 24 2018, 02:17 PM

Tony couldn't help but to crack a smile when Nightcrawler introduced himself with all of the grace and flair of someone who very clearly loved life. The tailed kid's stunt over the water notwithstanding, his landing from the tree alone along with his handling of the empty bottle was a testament to his acrobatic skill. It wasn't hard to see that the boy might have once been a member of the circus, and not solely based on appearances. Having become accustomed to people at Xavier's coming in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and chemical states Tony was pretty much unfazed by Kurt's physical appearance.

It was also good that at least someone was able to find a little bit of fun in their recent “adventure.” Tony could agree that the attack and the situations surrounding it would make for a fantastic story when put to the page in some way, he had to stop short of calling it an adventure. Nightmare was more appropriate, really. He was just glad that everyone made it out relatively okay.

Tony's smile grew a bit as Kurt listed off his hobbies and personal titles. It was difficult to be at all solemn when there was someone as lively as the yellow clad fuzzy blue kid brightening up the day by simply being himself. "Well I'm Tony Carter," he said, looking up at the blue kid leaning against the tree. "Artist, writer, phone-charger, and straight A student." That all sounded infinitely less exciting than everything Kurt had mentioned. "I like to get into shenanigans, travel through conductive materials, and I think I'm going to like this superhero gig we've got going on."

The arrival of Boom Boom hadn't been expected but Tony wasn't particularly put off by it. She hadn't really been interrupting anything of vital importance. Getting to better know one's fellow students and potential teammates was nothing if not a group effort. He would not, however, be joining the others in the water, and at the invitation he would have to politely decline. Once Kurt had accepted the role of aerial ride provider Tony shook his head at the offer to join in a game of Chicken. "I can't," he said before glancing out over the rainbow surface of the ocean, made that way by the infinitely interesting and somewhat baffling Darkchylde, before returning his blue eyes to Tabby, "I mean I technically can, but it's definitely not recommended. It takes a lot of effort to keep my body from discharging electricity in the water, so if anything went wrong I'm likely to hurt someone." Or worse. It could definitely end in something worse than a minor zap. He wasn't keen on taking such a risk.

"But if you need someone to be a judge, I'm game."
 Posted: May 24 2018, 05:20 PM

"And wearer of the world's worst beach shorts!" Roan called over to Nightcrawler, as his fuzzy blue friend listed off his titles and his particular sets of skills. He wasn't paying that much attention, though, just wandering this way and that around the boardwalk near Faust on his hunt for rare Pokemon, stopping only to take tactical breaks in the shade to do inventory management and grind the extras into candy to feed their family. Such a great family game!

He had half a mind to project a portal onto Glitch's crotch like an honest to god censor bar, but he didn't need to give Ion's "glory hole" joke any more ground to stand on. Hhe just KNEW that would be her first reaction. If nothing else about her, Liv's snark was wonderfully predictable, and never failed to disappoint. He could never let her know that he liked hearing her creative ways to let people have it.

Still, his mind wasn't really on the beach. Hell, it wasn't even on his phone, but most games in the Pokemon franchise were the sort that could be played on autopilot, and PoGo was no exception. While Hana put forth the concept of hacking the game, Roan just shrugged. "Eh, I have a Raticate on my team. Works out for me. Wish it were one of the Alolan ones, though... Faticate is adorbs. If only it didn't get wrecked by Fighting..."

He went quiet for a moment, then stopped in the next shady spot and lowered his voice, leaning against Hana as he spoke. "I wonder if all of them are expecting shit to happen like I am. And they're just hella good at not giving a fuck." He'd been trying not to be the same level of Mother Hen that Hana was running in her back processes... but the moment he didn't have a touchscreen full of cute collectable 'mons in front of him his brain had gone right back into Guy In The Chair mode. Making sure he had visual range to everyone for emergency portaling, eyes on the water for shark fins, and even occasionally glancing at tourists to see if any were wearing Purifier necklaces. His ADD was getting put to work for good, at least. "I'm probably just being paranoid though. But if shit happens, it better be a fuckin' sharknado. I'd love to fight Sharknado Man."

Of course, his brain proved to not let him be serious for too long. "....aaaaaaaand I just thought of King Shark from Flash talking in Mistral's voice. Good god, brain, knock that the fuck off." Still, the sheer insanity of it made him laugh all the same. The whole team needed this day off, whether they were willing to accept it or not.
 Posted: May 24 2018, 06:13 PM

The drink she had stolen wasn’t around for long and neither was the person she had taken it from, watching as Phantom knocked him into the water like a bowling pin. Amara burst into a peel of laughter, feeling the rush of alcohol as it flooded her system. It hadn’t taken long for their assembled group to disperse, Mercury taking to the water and Boom Boom wandering off to speak with Impulse and Nightcrawler. The other blonde’s screaming pulled her attention, and she pushed herself out of the lounge chair to investigate. ”Alice, c’mon!”

Amara bounced up behind Tabby her cheeks flush and eyes keen as she caught something about chickens. ”Are we having lunch?” She asked, curious. The amazon could totally go for a snack. Blue eyes bounced between the trio as they spoke, picking up on pieces of the conversation she had missed; not that it made anything clearer. Kurt didn’t want to shame his gender and Tony was judging something? ”So… not lunch?” Bummer, now she was hungry.

”Kurt, I like your shorts.” Sure, they were so bright they hurt her eyes just a little bit, but they were so very Kurt. Her grin shifted to Tony, glancing over her shoulder a to the place he had been seated earlier. ”What were you drawing, back there?” She let her curiosity take over, finding herself keen to get to know her newer teammates while their lives weren’t, at that moment, in serious danger. Sure, Amara and Tony had gone on the impromptu rescue mission to help retrieve X-23, but she still didn’t really know lots about him; other than he seemed fairly capable in a fight. In Amara’s books, that was a pretty solid win.
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