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 School Of Hard Knocks, Fri March 31, 4AM // opened to tagged
 Posted: Apr 20 2018, 02:33 PM

Running with Blackstar to go help Backup and Shadowcat, the pair of musicians found them only to find Kerr had been wounded. ”Oh my gosh, Kerr.” Cat wanted to help the blonde girl. She really did, but she wasn’t a healer. And Kitty seemed to have protecting their injured party member taken care of. So, Cat turned her attention to what she could do. Which was take down more of the Brood from a range. A skill which she had only recently acquired but was already managing to hone in on pretty well, if she could say so. Now that she knew what sound she was looking for, she could detonate the concussive blasts inside the creepy crawlers with relative ease as they got in her range. Moving from one to another to another, she tried to take down as many as possible.

But, she was focusing in on that one sound. Which meant she wasn’t hearing the Brood insults thrown out initially by Zeke and his illusion with Cypher’s help translating the English insults into Brood. She couldn’t hear her comms or whatever Kitty or Kerr were saying. Everything else was background noise as she quickly took down Brood after Brood after Brood. Only scaling back her hearing to include everything else so she could hear the commotion as she felt tentacles wrap around her.

The first thing she heard was her own cry for help as she was dragged out of the building. ”Kitty!” Her call for her friend was of no use as the younger of the duo already had her hands full. Quite frankly, there was nothing the younger woman could have done as Cat was torn from the school and held mid-air. Shaking and pulling at her creepy insect bonds, she screamed to try and get free. Her screams much louder than they normally would be as her powers and terror amplified the sound waves to an extent that it was a good thing she was mid-air and not around other people, or their hearing would have been damaged.

Then, one of the Brood managed to puncture through her upper lip with one of its claws. Yanking it upwards, it was trying to pull her face up with it. Blood poured from her lip and continued to gush out as skin and the underlying layer of fat began to be pulled from the muscle and bone of her skull. Her shrieking continued in one, long ear-piercing note as her upper lip was pulled up over her nose. The eyes and wings of the Brood already beginning to quiver from her cry of agony. Tears were pouring down her face as it was pulled in an entirely unnatural way. Her nerves screamed out in protest, telling her brain to stop. Stop this right now!

Brood around her quickly exploded violently as a result of the roar from Noivern. Wings, eyes, limbs, they all burst. The hard armor like exteriors of the bugs shattered outwards as internal organs suddenly were forced out externally. The claw that had pierced Cat’s lip still remained there but the force pulling it upwards stopped as the limb fell victim to the blast. The Brood that hadn’t fallen victim to Drake’s roar were promptly scared off by Lockheed and proceeded to leave as fast as they could.

Leaving Cat plummeting towards the ground, pouring down her own face, onto her uniform and also covered in Brood bits. As she fell, the thought didn’t occur to her that she may be the only other one on the field whose ears weren’t ringing. No, her mind was screeching that she was about to be in the dead book.


Unexpectedly, someone caught her before she hit the ground. Drake swooped, well, glided in and caught her. Sending them both coming down towards the lawn now, The pair of them landed with a thump! Both of them seemed to have had the wind knocked out of them. Covered in Brood guys and blood, Cat remained relatively motionless though, as her brain decided that was a good time for her to not be conscious as everything was just too much.

Cannonball DJ Iceman Martyr Wolverine Forge Psylocke Shortpack Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Hawkeye Slate Marvel Girl
 Posted: Apr 20 2018, 04:37 PM

Why is it that there isn’t a single establishment in this entire country that will serve me a good bloody cup of Earl Grey. It isn’t too much to ask. There isn’t a pub in England that would refuse a lady her tea!

Elsa Bloodstone was not above arguing the toss over something of nothing at four o’clock in the morning. After a fruitless night responding to a call about a possible Kishi attack up at Pehquenakonck Country Club, she had come across the bar in Salem Center still open and just begging for a dose of the antagonistic mood that she was in. She hadn’t gotten to kill anything all night and right around the three AM mark she had begun to wonder if the locals had seen anything supernatural at all or if maybe they had just got their hands on some pretty potent weed. A bottle of something cold was pushed across the wooden bar top towards the redhead, not a word came from the bartender’s mouth. Brown eyes fell to look at the beer, dissatisfaction clear in their expression. “This better not be chilled” She said, her nose scrunching at the thought, but she took the beer and paid her money anyway. Taking her bottle she made her way through the bar and slumped in a dark corner to sulk, her feet up on the table.

The bloodstone that Elsa wore around her neck, some kind of alien spacestone if her father was to be believed, imbued the woman with a host of enhanced capabilities. She was able to regenerate missing limbs, could press two tonnes, possessed superhuman reflexes, and had a growing list of parasitic and venomous creatures to which she was immune. What it regrettably did not afford her were enhanced senses. How she would have killed for better vision and hearing but alas the bloodstone could only give her so much. So it was to that end that she found herself missing the immediate start of the Brood attack, her attention only drawn when car horns began sounding outside. Glancing over to the door with a frown, she placed a pale hand on her guitar case, watched and waited ears straining for any more indication of trouble. And then it came, a loud crashing sound that saw her jumping to her feet. The bartender too, weilding a Mossberg 500, raced to the door. Arching an eyebrow she flipped the latches on her case and pulled out an L1A1 SLR and bolted after the guy.

Reaching the sidewalk in quick time, a smile of glee erupted over Elsa’s previously sullen expression. So she was going to have something to hunt tonight after all, excellent. She’d never seen whatever it was that had landed on the bonnet of a most unfortunate sedan which puzzled her. Elsa was at least confident about the appearance of a whole host of supernatural beasties so it was more than a little perplexing that she couldn’t place what this thing was meant to be. Expression falling as it dragged the driver from his seat and began to make a meal of it, she reached for her firearm, only for the bartender to beat her to it, his reaction time seemingly far better than her own despite her bloodstone enhancements. How embarrassing. “I like your style.” She purred at Harry before, kicking off on her heels to make after the creatures who were heading down Main Street. “I just want you to know, I was distracted. Otherwise that thing would have been mine.” As she ran she passed the woman with the golden wings just as she put her mace through the Brood’s face.

Seeing a guy leap on top of one of them, the monster hunter clicked a tongue against the roof of her mouth. She’d hazard a guess that the man was just a little stupid; even she wasn’t about ready to go leaping, unarmed on top of some unknown being. But A+ for effort she supposed. Positioning her rifle and taking aim, she waited and, just as the guy was thrown from the creature she fired, hitting the thing in the back of it’s head. The bullet lodged itself in the exoskeleton but barely seemed to leave a dent. Cursing under her breath she fired again just as the creature began to advance on her. Taking aim at its face this time, she fired at the only immediately available vulnerable area; it’s eye. When the shot hit, the Brood shrieked but after a moment to recover it still kept on its original course. “Ugh, stop wasting my lovely bullets!” Elsa whined, abandoning the rifle to its sling and reaching for the belt around her waist. “Here kitty, kitty. Puss, puss, puss.” She taunted softly.

It was quick, flying at her with an impressive speed. She didn’t run, only let it leap at her and when the thing’s body was on her, the wind rushed from her lungs, the familiar crack of a rib forcing a groan of pain. As it opened its mouth a thick tongue lolling from between sharp teeth and the Brit grimaced. “Christ, have your people not heard of Listerine? Or regular flossing for that matter?” She asked, producing a small device from her belt and pressing a button on it’s side. She had to act quickly, if she didn’t then she was really going to be putting her regenerative healing to the test. Then she did something stupid, something far more stupid than leaping on it like the ginger bloke had done. She shove her hand in the creature’s mouth, a hiss of pain whispering through clenched teeth as she raked skin and muscle tissue against sharp fangs. “Bastard, bloody hell!” She screeched as she wrenched her arm back out, the creature biting down on her wrist as she did so.

Leaning forward she flattened her free palm against its face to keep the pressure from biting her hand clean off. She had less than two minutes before the device she had forced the Brood to swallow would explode with enough force to put her out of action completely. Forcing, with as much strength as she could muster, the monster’s mouth open once more, she quickly pulled her limp hand away and with a swift quick and a roll of her body hefted the thing off of her. It seemed to recover quickly and Elsa found herself jogging backwards, brown eyes never leaving what could possibly be the thing that finally killed her. “Come on, come on.” She muttered. This felt like it had been far longer than two minutes. But then a soft pop sounded from somewhere within and suddenly alien insides were sent into the air as the creature exploded. Coughing, a look of sheer disgust on her face, the hunter wiped a thick mass of something from her face. “Bollocks, I think I got it in my mouth. I swear I can taste it.

Maverick Scarlet Witch Spider-man Hawkeye Marvel Girl Cannonball Fabian Cortez
 Posted: Apr 20 2018, 05:38 PM

"Of course I land... in a freakin' bathroom." Spidey grumbled, as he extricated himself from the wrecked porcelain and roofing. He could swear he heard someone yelling at him through the door of the bathroom, but it was the middle of the night. There was no way any sane person would--


'...was that a shotgun?'
Spider-man smartly decided he'd go back out the way he came in, rather than go and try to apologize to any shotgun-wielding restaurant owners. After taking a moment to reload his nearly spent web fluid canisters, he leapt back up to the roof and looked around. 'Alright, bugs, prepare to get webbed.'

For all the strength the Brood had, earth's own naturally-occurring spiders had cornered the market on the strongest stuff around. Spider-silk could hold anything, and Peter's variant was pretty damn close. He only wished that Salem Center had more than a dozen buildings over three floors, so his ideal tactic of dealing with airborne foes would have been more useful. He would have just LOVED to weave a few webs and see how many of these space bugs he could snare. For now, he'd have to make do with what he had. Though after this, he made a mental note to talk to Forge about those taser webs...

Seeing a light, and a familiar supply of arrows, he leapt his way over to the roof Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye had alighted on. "Hey, Hawkguy!" He shouted, before heading over and leaping off the roof past him. "You're doing awesome! Good to see you here!" He then began leaping from rooftop to rooftop throughout the city, trailing horizontal nets of webbing behind him. Due to the thin size of the webbing, they'd work like sticky safety nets to snare any Brood attempting to dive down and grab a snack on the streets below.

Several of the Brood began to break off from the swarm to attack this insufferable red creature that just kept popping up. Unfortunately, Spidey could multitask... "Spiders are higher than you bugs-" ...and the first sleazoid to come within range found itself heel-kicked back down into a web and left flailing helplessly against the super-strong webs. "-on the food chain!" The tactic even worked on a second one, but the third, fourth, and fifth decided to rush Spidey all at once. Number three got a web grenade tossed in its mouth while Spidey used number four's chitinous face as a springboard to leap out of range. "Fine, eat this then!" The resulting explosion of webbing entangling the three and sending them to the ground might have been more comical if it hadn't also killed Brood #3 in a shockingly gruesome fashion.

 Posted: Apr 22 2018, 04:43 PM

Looking at the Brood surrounding the force field, Doug frowned and considered how bad this was. Being surrounded by an enemy was not a good thing. And considering this enemy was tougher, faster, stronger, and more durable than they were, punching through like historical cavalry or heavy armor was not a possibility. There was also the problem of where to go. "

There was a bit of a tremble as Cypher looked at Backup, thinking to himself Least if they get me, I managed to hold the heart of a good woman close.

But considering that he wanted to keep loving her, wanted to keep holding her hand, he wasn't about to give up just yet.

Slipping off his backpack, he narrowed his eyes at the threats the Brood were making, the comments they had among themselves. Part of him wanted to respond, but the other part thought Don't give up that advantage.

But even as he watched, body language of the alien species started to click into place. Knowledge of how they moved. How they could potentially attack. Small micro tells in individuals and in movements. Resting a hand on his short metal staff, he considered how to use it for a moment.

Blinking and snapping out of it, Doug then slapped down his rifle before pulling out his pistol. Opening up that pistol, Cypher said softly "The force field protects up, but also might be potent enough to interfere with phasing. But it is translucent, meaning certain wavelengths of light can get through." Adding a few other modifications, Doug said "And we are not on the bottom floor. So that means, we need a focused source of light set to penetrate the field. A laser. And we can cut down, drop down by killing the field, then reset it after we are down."

Slapping the pistol back together and handing the rifle to Blackstar, Doug then aimed for the floor past the field and fired, trying to cut through the floor to give them a means of escape. "Just keep ready with to shut the field off, Shadowcat," Cypher said, focused on the task at hand.

Though feeling one of the round explosives on his waist, Doug also thought that they could leave a little souvenir behind for the creatures as well.

Cannonball DJ Iceman Martyr Wolverine Forge Noivern Psylocke Shortpack Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Hawkeye Slate Marvel Girl Serenade
 Posted: Apr 23 2018, 06:19 AM

Quicksilver had stopped disbelieving. He had stopped questioning the truth of things. Lands that time forgot, where time moved at a greater speed compared to outside, extra-dimensional mystical cities and alien invasions. None of these things ought to have been possible, but then neither should a man have been able to run at Mach speeds and so he’d had to have a chat with himself, told himself to just sit down and shut up. When Clint had asked for his and Wanda’s help with a suspected invasion he hadn’t hesitated in accepting, hadn’t met it with his usual suspicion because he wasn’t stupid and this was serious. That night he had been unable to sleep, his mind raced on the more typical of days but the impending attack had him feeling more awake than usual. Empty candy bar wrappers littered the floor around his feet as he sat on the edge of his borrowed bed, chin in his hand, scratching with long fingers at the space behind the back of his ears. He had been a light sleeper all of his life, but it had been a long time since he had not slept at all.

The thudding of heavy bodies on the rooftop was the first signal to Pietro that the Brood had arrived and he leapt from his mattress without hesitation, flying out of his bedroom door and into the hallway before he had time to regret his decision. The crashing of glass echoed through the emptiness, a huge bug-like creature raged through a window at the end of the hall it’s exoskeleton preventing the shards from cutting into soft flesh. Long tentacled arms reached out for the speedster as he stood stock still for the moment, eyes transfixed on the alien, not quite able to believe what he was looking at. Quicksilver was a freedom fighter; his enemy was the government. He had never gone up against the supernatural or the unknown, he’d never even fought another mutant as far as he could recall. This was something else and, had anyone been around to question it, he would not have been afraid to admit that in that moment he was terrified. Snapping back to reality, he dodged out of the way just in time to miss the creature swing for him.

Running the length of the hallway, Pietro looked about him for something, anything to use as a weapon. Apart from his speed he had nothing that would help him in this battle and there was no telling if a thousand mile per hour punch would be enough to break through a Brood’s hard shell. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to test the theory either; if it proved impossible to kill the things with his bare hands then he’d be down a working hand and defenseless. As the creature roared after him, Quicksilver changed tack; there was nothing for it but to just be brave and he wasn’t about ready to tell the story of how he had been a coward. Turning on his heel in the blink of an eye he began to run toward the advancing Brood, its body lifted off of the ground by dragonfly like buzzing wings, the beating of which was deafening to him. As he sped by, he grabbed one of the lashing tentacles, taking advantage of the fact that the creature had little time to perceive him. At his top speed, the weight of the monster was not an impossible one to bear and he ran towards the broken window, and down the building wall, Brood in tow.

The alien lashed out at him as they went; he was moving quickly but now that it was anchored to his body it didn’t matter what the speedster did, the Brood could pinpoint his location. Bending and twisting its body furiously, the creature lashed out with its sharp back legs, cutting and scraping through Q’s shirt. He let out a cry of pain, dropping the monster reflexively before picking up speed and creating distance. Turning in a half circle he doubled back; despite his earlier resistance he was going to have to try putting the thing out of its misery. Running as fast he could towards the Brood, his speed whipping up the air and scorching the grass under his feet, Quicksilver clenched his fist, smashing it into the side of the creatures head as he approached, never dropping his speed. Sure enough at over seven thousand miles an hour he was able to puncture a hole in the exoskeleton but not without causing injury to himself in the process. Shards of what might have been bone, it was difficult to tell, ripped through the flesh of his hands and arms and he cried out again, the pain slowing him down significantly.

He had injured the creature but had not put a stop to it, in retaliation it beat him about the face again and again, throwing him onto his backside in the grass. Skittering backwards, eyes wide Quicksilver looked his approaching death in its face. A tentacle wrapped itself around his neck, lifting him from the floor, squeezing the life out of him. With injured hands he grasped at it, desperately trying to rake it off but it was no use. And then all at once in a blinding crash of energy the Brood’s body went limp and Pietro was dropped back to the ground. The familiar voice of the Scarlet Witch brought him back from his panicked gasping for air. Grasping for her arm, he pulled himself to his feet and levelled an angry glare at his twin. “My face.” He exclaimed, he could already feel the bruises forming, one eye swelling shut. “I used to be pretty. What now?” He said, ignoring her question of whether or not he was okay, of course he wasn’t okay; he was purple and an oversized bug with knives for teeth had almost knocked the life right out of him.

I hope you are wearing appropriate shoes.” He joked then, remembering back to the evening that she had complained about chasing ninjas in her heels. Despite the danger there was somehow room for humour, without it Quicksilver might have turned and run right back to the city. Nodding his head at her suggestion that they go after the group that were making their way towards Salem Center, Pietro took his sister momentarily by the hand. “Be safe.” He said, “You’re all that I have left in this world, sestra.” And then he was gone, hurtling towards the vulnerable people of Salem and, no doubt, the end of him. His face hurt, his body hurt, and as such he couldn’t reach his top speed but he was still fast enough to overtake every person that had run after the Brood. He arrived in Salem Center just as the attack began, one of the monsters leaping on a car that had stopped before a woman with great golden wings. Others were headed Main Street. So many of them.

He tore after them. Whilst they were in flight there was little he could do to catch them but he had the benefit of speed on his side. Picking up as much speed as he could manage he headed to the nearest building just ahead of the group, running up the side to make it to the roof. Stopping for a brief moment, he called out to Raptor who by now was also in pursuit of the Brood. “Hey!” He didn’t recognise her from the people he had met at the school. “If I fall, you want to catch me?” He asked, still somehow managing to flash her a cheeky smile. Backing up the far edge of the roof, Quicksilver took a deep breath and ran, by the time reached the opposite edge he was running at just over five thousand miles per hour. The speed of his travel meant that as he ran off the edge, he was able to stay somewhat airborne for a short period of time, it wasn’t flight by any stretch of the imagination, more like very fast, graceful falling. Throwing out a hand as he began to descend, Pietro grabbed hold of the legs of the one of the Brood and hauled himself up.

The extra weight of his body caused the thing to lose altitude and Q quickly found that his descent had begun again. No problem, he could deal with it better when it was on the ground. Perhaps. He wasn’t exactly armed so maybe he’d just die. “Little help here, anyone?

Blackstar Cannonball Cypher DJ Martyr Forge Noivern Shadowcat Hawkeye Slate Marvel Girl Serenade
 Posted: Apr 23 2018, 11:02 AM

Just when Betsy’s short life looked as though it was about to end with her being torn in two, rescue came. That it came in the form of Martyr playing hero was less than ideal; the man was going to get himself killed, but beggars could not but choosers when trapped in the vice like grip of a malevolent alien being. Taking the opportunity of the distraction she dropped her telekinetic hold on the oversized bug and summoned another of her weapons, her TK katana glowed purple in the early morning light. Swinging it at the creature that had hold of her, she cut violently at the tentacle wrapped around her ankle. The blade sliced through the exoskeleton of the creature but not enough to force it to let go. If she didn’t get free soon then she and Jase were going to be made these monsters’ pets. Luckily for them there was help at hand and just as she considered jumping into the minds of the Brood to see what she could find, Betsy heard Cypher’s call over the comms. “We’re not really in control of where we go right now, Doug so just...don’t miss.” She called back, flinching only slightly as a blast erupted from the building, hitting a nearby Brood and obliterating it in seconds.

The force of the pain in Jase’s attack caused the creatures that held onto them to cry out, flinging the pair of them into the air. As they plummeted towards the ground Betsy reached out to grab Martyr and slow his descent. She wasn’t the most practised at general telekinetic practise and in her panic the way that they landed in the grass below wasn’t delicate but it would prevent broken bones. Scrambling to her feet, telekinetic bow and arrow summoned and drawn, she made to continue her attack on the remaining members of that small Brood group. Only for two of them to expire right before her eyes, death by a perfectly executed and horribly deadly ice attack. Brown eyes searching for Iceman, Bee smiled with relief at seeing him. “Just in time Bobby, darling. Thank you, all three of you. My heroes.” If it hadn’t been for Jase, Bobby and Doug then she’d have been at the mercy of their alien attackers and who knew what they would do with her then. Turning to Martyr she placed a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t think this gets you off the hook for dumping me for Danny Rand of all people.” If she could have winked through the rapid swelling to her face then she would have.

Just then Marvel Girl’s telepathic message came in loud and clear and without a moment’s hesitation she ran around to the front of the building. ::I’ll see what I can do, Jean!:: Came her reply. ::No promises.:: Taking off at a sprint she followed the path that Jean had taken and, just as her friend did the same, Betsy took hold of as many of the Brood as she could manage in one go. For the moment her telepathic powers were diminished to almost nothing; she had never been able to use both at one time. Through their combined effort they were able to hold a few back, but for how long and at what cost Betsy was unsure. What were they to do once the telekinetics were no longer able to keep hold? Would restraining their attackers only fill them with greater determination to complete their mission? Perhaps it would be enough to hold them back until more help could arrive. She sure hoped so. Sweat beading on her forehead, the strain more than she could take for an extended period; the Brood were fighting back and they were strong, Bee eventually had to let go.

::Jean, I’m sorry. That’s all I could do.”:: She sent back before turning and heading straight back to the school. There were people better equipped to handle Salem Center than she was. Sprinting across the lawn, Betsy’s return to the school grounds proper could not have been timed any worse. Catching the sad expression on Slate’s face right before the moment that he took his friend’s life, Betsy drew in an involuntary deep breath. Taking a life was never easy, to have to take it from a loved one was an impossible ask. But Amelia was better for dying in the arms of someone who cared, Shane had shown mercy in his action. Turning away once more, leaving the man to his grief Betsy returned to the fight, her telekinetic mace manifested, she ran, swinging it at one of the creatures as it turned on her and began its advance.

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Scarlet Witch
 Posted: Apr 23 2018, 08:56 PM

Wanda watched as her brother Quicksilver run at top speed into one of the Brood she had a feeling that it wasn't going to end well. When tentacles wrapped around his throat she knew she had to do something. Sure, it was possible for her to move on and live her life without him but she really didn't want to find out if she could do it. He was the only bit of family she had left she was NOT about to let her twit of a brother leave her behind so when the Brood that seemed intent on ending her headstrong brother tried to do so she put an end to it.

Of course he was more worried about his handsome face than he was about her question. That was a good sign, but she wished he would have answered her question. Instead of scolding him, she gave him a soft smile. "You will be fine, moj brat. I don't seen even the smallest scratch. Only the bruising. Any way I am sure that there are healers back at the school that can make your beautiful face better again."

And then the crack about her footwear. Wanda had to laugh. Even though they were in grave danger, there had to be a little bit of humor found in their current circumstance. "What shoes? One of those things pulled me out of bed. I had been sleeping when the attack started." He agreed that they needed to make their way toward Salem Center and with his hand in hers and her admonition to be safe because she was all he had left he face softened. "Likewise, brate. Try not to do anything terribly foolish." Once he was off and she was in the air she found Hawkeye and they were off to the city.

Upon landing on the rooftop of the building that she and Clint would be fighting brood from she released the orb shield around them a moment before she started tearing the new group of Brood limb from ever loving limb watching as her brother did what he did best, run. She even gave him an eye roll as he stopped to flirt with Raptor before grounding a Brood drone with his speed and sheer kinetic energy. He call for help was answered with a bolt of red kinetic energy aimed at what she hoped was a weak spot in the thick exoskeleton as she hoped Clint would fire off an arrow in the same direction she was throwing her red bolt.

Backup Blackstar Cannonball Cypher DJ Iceman Martyr Wolverine Forge Noivern Psylocke Shadowcat Shortpack Slate Marvel Girl Serenade
Iron Fist
 Posted: Apr 24 2018, 07:02 AM

Danny Rand made a mental note to never complain ever again about his only enemy being boring ninja. He looked like a damn-it doll that had been whapped on the counter top repeatedly. It's stitching busting in a few places and its stuffing poking out. The martial arts master was battered, bruised, and bloody. Fighting his way out of the mansion and out into the yard. His gold glowing Iron Fist smashing into a Brood and sending them unceremoniously flopping tail over face only a mother could love.

Danny arrived outside in enough time to witness Slate having to do what he needed to do for someone that he once knew and cared about. Danny's heart would weep for his new found friend and partner in fighting The Hand later. There was no time for that at the moment. All he knew at the moment was Shane was preparing to turn loose a great amount of rage. And rightfully so.

The Immortal Iron Fist darted across the lawn as missiles fired off and the X-men separated to go and defend the nearby town. Part of him wondered if the Brood had wheeled off knowing that the X-men would divide their forces to protect the town. Divide and conquer, though that did not make a difference. It was simply the only reaction they could have had and likely the Brood knew it. None of them on that field would have allowed the town to be ransacked.

A Brood darted in, swiping at Danny only to find Danny no longer their. The martial arts master had hopped up on a railing and kicked off, sailing up and over the slashing Brood in order to land on his feet behind it. Two fingers, like a knife, from his glowing hand jabbed the Brood's head as twisted over top. Although it was just two fingers, that jab came with the focused force of a javelin hurled with superhuman strength. The Brood crumbled to the ground as Danny's feet hit the other side and kept moving.

A large group of Brood came rushing in towards Shane, though they never made it that far. A loud blast rocketed off as dust and debris from the yard mushroomed up. At the center a barely visible golden light. Danny Rand had leaped fist first into the pack and drove his fist down with a tremendous impact. He did not say anything to Shane, figuring the X-man was in no position to talk, instead he simply stepped into position, raised his guard, focused his chi and set to work. Driving Brood back and dropping Brood. Guarding Shane's back while the man worked out what he needed to work out.
 Posted: Apr 24 2018, 07:30 AM

"I'm sorry." Jase said, landing unceremoniously on the ground and steeling himself for the fight yet to be fought. "He promised to teach a judo kick, but it was all a lie." Jase let his diagnostic sight look over his rescuers. Catching sight of Betsy's injuries. Jase knew that quite a lot of people where not comfortable with the way Jase's healing worked. It made them feel guilty that he had to take their injury himself. That he had to experience the pain and discomfort that came with his particular healing process.

Generally Jase respected his colleagues reaction to his brand of healing and avoided using his ability unless they asked or agreed to the intrusion. Today was not a day for caring for others overly delicate sensibilities in regards to how he healed and what he felt. They were being invaded by an overwhelming force and those who were far superior in conflict than he was was were going to fight this battle. They had a job to do and so did he and they would just have to suck it up.

The light on Jase's hand switched from that malevolent angry red to that benevolent and cool blue. Jase reached up and laid his hand on Betsy's cheek. Taking away the swelling that was threatening to obscure her vision. "Puffy eyes are most dreadful darling." He simply said as she headed off one way and Jase headed in another. Eventually coming upon Noivern and Serenade. Serenade looking a bit worse for wear, and Jase's diagnostic sight clued him in on her injuries.

"Hold tight." Jase laid those blue light covered hands on Cat's forehead and sucked in a deep breathe as he healed her injuries. Turning his head a bit as he clenched his jaw and let his ability do what it does. Even though Jase had a high tolerance for pain, the process was still highly uncomfortable. Though one would not necessarily know from the looks of it. Jase never complained and never cried out in pain or anguish. He just quietly and simply took the injury on and let his own accelerated healing repair the damage he had just received. "There, go fight more of these things. I'll be along in a moment." He said with a bit of a forced smile.
Fabian Cortez
 Posted: Apr 24 2018, 09:21 AM

“What? No response to my witty quip? I thought that was how these things were done? Your American movies have lied to me!”

Another party had appeared, a redheaded woman with a gun who taunted the things like cats. She fired futilely at them, and then…shoved something into one’s mouth? A bomb, it became clear—-damn, he needed to start carrying those, clearly. Then again, maybe not—its vile innards had touched his shoes! Thank god he’d left his cape safely at home, he’d hate to see it tarnished in such a way.

“Now see,” he gestured to her, “That’s what I am going for.”

Alright, he’d played around enough. He’d look like a fool if he talked much more—and die like a fool as well, most likely.

And this was NOT how he planned to go. He’d already planned that, either an old man surrounded by his loving family, or via heart attack in an orgy from too many orgasms.

His little ride upon this bucking bronco had given him enough contact to discern one thing about it: It was not a mutant. He had no idea what it was, but it wasn’t a mutant. That meant he couldn’t use his other powers against it. Unfortunate. But he had much more up his perfectly-tailored sleeves than mere X-genetic gifts.

Once more, he withdrew his 9mm from his belt holster. He sorely wished now he had brought something with a bit more power than this little Saturday night special. Holding that in one hand, he took off his belt itself in the other.

…this was some very high-quality leather that he was about to most likely ruin, and he doubted these THINGS would reimburse him.

He began firing again at the grotesque creatures around them, as rapidly as he could manage, while also trying not to stay in one place. His accuracy was fair, good even—these targets were large and at close range, and he was no slouch in the shooting department, even if he was better at hand to hand. These beasts, though, he didn’t want them getting close enough for that.

When one tried, he already had his belt ready. Some people thought such things were a weapon fit only for misbehaving children, something that only worked in the Indiana Jones movies, yet it was in fact one of the finest of improvised weapon, devastatingly effective when yielded properly.

At least, on humans. He knew already the giant bugs before him were made of tougher stuff—which meant he didn’t hold back at all with his horizontal swing the high-crested head of the nearest Sleazoid. He avoided the crest itself, suspecting it might be hollow or bone, going instead for just above the eyes, where its brain was likely housed. He swung straight along the horizontal plane in a rapid succession of four strikes, hard as possible, something that would have very much harmed, perhaps killed, a human being.

This one was not killed. It was not knocked unconscious. But—but!—he saw a trickle of fluid from the spot on its head where his belt buckle had struck. It could bleed.

Fabian’s confidence surged from this sight—his unfamiliarity with these monsters had made him fear he might not be able to face them after all—but the insect-thing was just angry now. Its stinger lunged at him, and he had to nearly backflip to avoid it.

But he was laughing as he did.

Not for long though—another was coming at him from behind, and he made a dodge so narrow and close that a pincer cut through the sleeve of his shirt, grazing his upper arm in a shallow but still bleeding scratch as he spun away from the rest of it.

Fabian had a shocking grace for someone so massive, like that of a Lippizaner horse in haute école –airs above the ground. He used that same grace to swiftly alight atop the garbage cans that lined the outside of the pub. His equally massive weight meant that they could not support him for longer than a second, but a second was all he needed—he was not planning to perch on the them, but using them so that he could jump on to the higher dumpster beside them, and from there launch himself off into a leap—airs above the ground indeed!– so that he went over the head of the Brood that followed was skittering towards said dumpster…and landed feet first on its tail. Not the stinger, thank God, but on the plump pulsating segments.

All 214 pounds of him. Plus gravity. Plus acceleration.

It made a sound best described as SPLORCH as whatever was packed in said tail, well, splorched out in a creamy off-white mess that reminded him of many a lonely night.

….he wondered if he could still return these shoes?
 Posted: Apr 24 2018, 10:43 AM

Even the aliens were laughing at him now. Or just heckling him. Whatever noise they were making sounded basically the same to Zeke as the noises Cypher had told him to add to his queen, which he had, except for all he knew he had actually made it say they were beautiful and doing a great job and that legs tasted deliciou. The California public school system had not prepared him for an alien invasion. They had barely even taught him how to speak Spanish for God's sake.

Still Doug's idea sounded good so Zeke let the queen shrivel up and die to be replaced by a series of the blaster drones all along the roof top, firing bolts of energy at the Brood. Some did drop as their nervous system reported that they were dying a hideous death even as their bodies remained fully functional, others merely died.

"Does anyone actually HAVE a plan?" So far it didn't seem like it. He had finally realized Kerr was hurt, though she was fighting through it so he wasn't sure how bad. Either way it was five of them without any really cool powers like shooting fireballs or causing super novas against a million aliens bent on tearing them apart.

Honestly everything was happening too fast for Zeke to keep track off; Serenade getting carried off and rescued, Backup was making the bugs literally disappear which was a way different ability than she had advertised to him, and there was an actual dragon flying around. Cypher seemed to have come up with something although Zeke didn't have a clue where the other guy was going with it, he accepted the rifle anyway. How hard could that be? There were plenty of targets so it's not like he had to be all that precise.

"Right you go do that... thing you just said. And we'll hold them off up here." Until the nifty forcefield they had gotten out of no where died. Then they'd probably be back to trying to eat them. In the meantime shooting them and illusioning them was something he could do so he continued with the drones and random bolts of lightning striking at the horde left and right.

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 Posted: Apr 25 2018, 10:30 AM

Fighting giant alien bugs from hell was not what her parents had thought Bianca would one day end up doing when she went off to Xavier’s. Heck, she wouldn’t have even thought that was something she’d do a month ago. But, here she was. Using her bare hands to grab at living and dead Brood, tossing them around like it was nothing. The constant supply of dead Brood meant she was absorbing the necroplasm they gave off. Which in short meant that she could do this for a while. Which was good as that may be how long this took.

As she spun a Brood by its tentacle, slamming it into others and sending it flying, she continued to push back against the invaders. Did she know half of the people fighting the Brood? No. Did that matter? No. They were all fighting together, regardless of if they were strangers or best friends. This wasn’t just the X-Men fighting to protect the mansion. Or fighting against a threat to the X-Men. No. This was a group of people who’d come together to protect a place who so many had called home. Knowing that if they failed, it wasn’t just the school that’d fall. Or Salem Center. Or even the eastern seaboard. It’d be the beginning of the end, as far as the doctor knew.

Damn, she wished she hadn’t been so chill and undersold the severity of the situation in her text to Doctor Strange. Oh well, she’d kind of been preoccupied at the time. No point in beating herself up. Not when there were big bugs to squash.

Speaking of, one came flying at her only to get smacked down with the corpse of its brethren. An act which didn’t slay the creature, but that didn’t seem to bother Bianca too much. As fire lit up the sky from the dragon flying overhead, she grabbed one of the scuttling legs. With a very satisfying crack, she ripped the limb from the Brood. Hitting it with its own clawed limb like a bat, her application of force making cracks in the thing. Cracks which she took advantage of as she grabbed one on either side and pulled it apart further and further. Until what had been internal organs and tissues started pouring out as the Brood thrashed only to go lifeless. Bug guts and fluids stunk, but didn’t rattle the pathologist.

A cacophony went off as Forge lit up the Brood like fireworks that her family would buy from a roadside stand. The damn things fell to the ground as a result of whatever it was the man wielding a club and who knew what all kind of weapons. ”Holy cow.” That was pretty badass. But, there wasn’t really any time for her to stand in awe. Balling her hands up into fists, she punched an incoming Brood right in the face. ”Fuck off, ugly!”

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