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 June Announcements, 2018
 Posted: Jun 1 2018, 02:20 AM

Welcome to June! I am thrilled to report that EVO members have successfully broken 13500 posts. That is over 700 posts this month alone and that is spectacular! You should all be insanely proud. In the last thirty days alone our beloved characters have fought Hydra and their pet Vampire in Egypt, a family was reunited, a Brood nest was infiltrated, mutants have been going missing, Magneto himself came out of his hidey hole to weigh in on the alien situation, and this new RO promises to be just as full of adventure and excitement. (There is also the spa option for those of you who do not want to subject your precious babies to the countless untold dangers super fun shenanigans.)

Joining us in the last 30 days are Moon Knight (bry), Veritas (charly), Kimura (rider), Meridian (moogle), Elixir (rocki), Daredevil (hank), and Gambit (alucard). Please include all of these amazing new characters in your plots and threads. Except Moon Knight. He's fucking weird.

Birthdays this rollover include:

The X-Men and their charges are STILL at the Baccarat NYC until the Brood situation is handled. No point in rebuilding just for the bugs to blow it back up. For anyone who has forgotten, here are the temporary room assignments.

Prepare yourselves, EVO. It's getting intergalactic in here.
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