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WPX - Storming the Castle

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 Stalking Monsters (closed), April 20th, 2:41 am
 Posted: Jun 13 2018, 10:06 PM

While his work as a lawyer was satisfying, there were situations where a more hands on approach was needed.

There had been rumors in the underworld. In the Russian Mob and Yakuza about people being taken. Traded. Sold. People with powers.

Someone had been working on trying to find and dismantle the organization, but Matt had elected to focus on this problem for a few reasons. The first was that innocent people were being taken and sold through the city of New York.

And the fact was human trafficking was the cutsy way of describing a true horror. Slavery. Perhaps worst would be the more perverse creatures that masqueraded as human, wanting to buy and sell some mutant woman on the internet as some sick view that they were less than human.

Putting one such individual in ICU with compound fractures was part of the process. Because at the realization that pain was a very real part of his world, the worm cracked. Matt had then made sure that both of the man's knees were fractured, listening to make sure the tendons and ligaments were stretched out beyond the ability to recover.

Which brought Matt to the second reason he wanted to put a stop to this slavery ring of the superhuman.

Wilson Fisk.

It was a given that the Kingpin was getting a cut of the money made. But what could be worse was him having access to individuals with superhuman power. Given the danger that the man's preferred assassin Bullseye was capable of without said powers, and the thought of a man with Fisk's resources, intellect, mindset and ruthlessness having access to said power sent a chill down Daredevil's spine.

But a computer whiz he'd assisted in the past was able to narrow down the IP address the person was talking with. And overhearing what was happening there from a block and a half away revealed that they were wanting to start an operation in mutant town, having already sent a few people in to scout for loners and those who were either alienated or wouldn't be missed.

So knowing some of the players, he wanted to send a message up the food chain.

He had no illusions that this would stop these actions from happening in other parts of the world. Knew that it might not even stop it in New York.

But this was his city. And he wasn't about to rest on his laurels while some festering evil attempted to slither in.

It had taken part of the night to locate these individuals. These scouts. And while it wasn't his neighborhood, he knew that two things were going to occur.

First, he was going to make sure they were out of commission, preventing them from gathering any intel on people in this community. Second, he was going to pay a visit to the middle men he'd overheard. Visiting each in their homes one by one.

Then he was going to follow the chain of command up.

But first, there were several individuals who were about to learn the error of their ways.

Swinging from one roof to the other with his billy club, he landed in a roll and felt the weapon snap back in place as the line retracted. Slipping it in his holster, he then felt out the roof with his radar sense for any trip lines or traps. Not sensing any, he then decided to proceed.

Silently making his way across the roof to the rooftop access, Matt slipped out his lock picking kit and slipped in the small tools. Listening to the pins in the lock moving, Matt smiled at the advantage his powers gave him. Lock picking was about touch and sound more than sight, and his senses of touch and hearing were far beyond even a feral mutants.

So as it clicked, he slowly opened the door and made his way down, slipping out his club. His senses were focused on the hallway, feeling out what was going on and registering most people sleeping.

He carefully made his way down the hall, moving with the stealth and caution that only came from Stick threatening to beat you into a minor coma if you didn't.

Which meant that even though there was someone awake and on guard, it was simple to wait until he was looking the other way and sneak up. Putting in a choke hold from behind with one arm as the other systematically disarmed, hand lead by the scents of metal and gun oil.

Slowly lowering the guard to the ground so he didn't make noise, Matt then paused and listened, wanting to make sure nobody else on the other side of the door was awake and ready.

 Posted: Jun 16 2018, 10:24 AM

To say the operation at Verve had gone poorly didn’t do the clusterfuck justice. Emma, Six, Nate, and Charlie had all gone into the bustling nightclub with the intention of quickly and effectively seeking out its proprietor and putting and end to his reign. What they weren’t expecting was the slew of mutants on his payroll, one in particular incredibly effective at rendering Charlie’s genetic advantages moot. Thus, Viktor’s pipeline of mutants to the Russian mob and elsewhere was still trickling by. And as the fearsome foursome worked to regroup and figure out their next angle of attack, mutants all around this city were still at risk.

Charlie refused to sit idly by while they plotted and planned the best way to put an end to it all. And if she couldn’t stifle it at it’s source, she’d do everything in her power to nip the various buds that popped up around the five boroughs.

The groundwork that Charlie had done with the Russian mob served her well this evening, her connections pointing her in the right direction of a certain scouting operation in mutant town. Infiltrating the building with ease, she was able to make her way past the sentries with the presence of one of their ranks to escort her. Charlie was very much a get answers, then break bones type of girl, and if there was one iota of intel available from this lot she intended to extract it before putting them in their place. Behind the closed door, the scout she had incensed had just begun to spill his guts, her pheromones encouraging his veracity and the wealth of information to flow from lips.

A wealth in someone’s eyes, but to Chuck much of it was stuff she’d already known. Given how much digging she’d done just to get to Viktor, there was a pretty solid understanding of the operation gleaned already. But every morsel of intel provided another facet, another angle with which to attack the mutant trafficking ring. And with how poorly things had gone with Viktor in their first meeting, Charlie would need every angle she could work. “You’re doing very well so far, Mikhail. Now, I need you to tell me where your money comes from. Who pays you?” she inquired, her voice soft and warm. There was no need to boss around or intimidate someone so drunk on her pheromones, though some unexpected company may very well keep her from the answer to that inquiry.

The stealthy nature of Daredevil’s approach meant his presence evaded even her well trained sense of perception. Given that the devil of Hell’s Kitchen was bound to come through that door any minute, it didn’t exactly look good in terms of the company Charlie was currently keeping. Whether or not he would realize they were on the same side before things came to fisticuffs was wholly uncertain.
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