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 Smartphone and Old Man, Wolverine's phones
 Posted: May 31 2017, 11:05 PM

Following message was sent to X-23 from one of Logan's many burner phones with encryption.

What the hell? Is he trying to dance or is he possessed by something?

 Posted: Apr 3 2018, 08:37 PM

March 16th, 6 am, Sister Margaret's

Despite it being six in the morning, Weasel was still at the bar. Mainly as Rhino was still there, in his costume. Which Weasel thought made him look like look like a greyish colonoscopy bag at the well overfilled mark, with some weird horn that may or may not vibrate for someone's pleasure attached to his head.

Alex claimed it was so he wouldn't be ambushed by 'Steroid Spider-Man' and 'That hot blonde chick'. Alex then planned on asking said blonde out, which made Weasel REALLY question the clothing choice. Closing his eyes, Weasel sighed and decided against debating with the idiot. There were only so many times he could tell the huge man who could lift small buildings and bitch slap tanks that the blonde was one of the most deadly people alive.

Though as a buzz hit the phone he'd stashed behind the bar and prayed wouldn't ring, Weasel let out a high pitched note of terror as he knew whose phone it was.

But he also knew what would happen if he didn't answer it.

Wolverine had requested that Weasel keep his phone. As he didn't want people to track him by it, and that he knew Weasel would look after it if he knew what was good for him.

So reaching for it and flipping it open, Weasel saw a rather stunning redhead on the caller ID. Letting out a pathetic whine of dismay, he wondered why all these superhumans tended to just have super hot women just around them all the time. First Ava and Chuck had drank with the sawn off avatar of hatred and body hair, and now another stunning woman was calling him!

Reading the message carefully, Weasel then carefully typed in a message. Frowning, he looked at what he typed and then held it up to Alexi, asking "Does this look right?"

Frowning and looking, Rhino spent two minutes attempting to read. Then he slowly said "I think we need more 'bub's. Let me stick them in."

His huge fingers hammered out a message as delicately as he could as he hit send, and both Weasel and Rhino waited for the reply to the message of:

What kids? I didn't kill any kids today bub. And nobody is killing me in the ditches! I'll stabify them with a spork first! Got it bub? And who this? Bob bob.

It was rather clear that Rhino had attempted to add a few 'bub's to the end, and misspelled them as 'bob'.

Looking at each other, Weasel then whispered "Is there like.... a flannel emoji? That might help sell it."

Marvel Girl
 Posted: May 16 2018, 01:36 PM

March 16th

As Weasel mentioned a flannel emoji, Rhino’s face scrunched up in confusion and mild disgust and dismay. “Nyet!” Alexi proclaimed. “No photos of the underaged teens in the fishnets and white face paint and eyeliner who cut themselves!” Pointing at the image of Jean on the phone, Rhino stubbornly said “Beautiful woman is worried about children! Does not need to see the ones who like self harm.”

Weasel for his part stared WAAAAY up at Rhino in confusion, before the light of realization slowly dawned on him. “Wait….” the bartender said as he started piecing it together. “You think ‘emoji’ and ‘emo’ are the same thing?” Looking down at the scrawny barkeep, Alex nodded and said “Da. They are.”

Weasel's high pitched whine reached a crescendo as he said “No they aren’t! Emo’s are the ones everyone beats up at school for being weird little shits. Emoji is pictures used in a text.”

A huge gasp of intook air came from Rhino as he looked down in shock. “LIES!” he yelled out in a voice that shook glasses. “Pictures in texts are smiley faces! And shame on you for picking on people in clown makeup! How dare you pick on mentally disabled?”

To say that Alexi’s defense of emo’s was a bit…. Uneven and questionable…. Was a bit of an understatement.

A silence fell as they waited for a return text, with Rhino frowning as he moved over the phone and thought it looked rather bland. Reaching into his bag, he pulled out some stickers commemorating the best movie he had ever seen. The story of sisterly love overcoming grave odds and deceptions.

And with that, he peeled off stickers of Anna and Elsa from Frozen and started to put them on the back of Wolverine’s phone. Maybe this will make angry groundhog a happier man, O’Hurn thought with a smile.

But there was a sudden scream as the phone unexpectedly lit up with Jean's text, with the fumbling causing Rhino to misapply a sticker where Elsa's head and torso wrapped around the side with her face at the edge of the screen.

Staring at the screen and at the obviously distraught tone of the text message, Weasel whispered "Is she a stalker? And if so, can she stalk me?"

Looking at the smaller man and shaking his head, Rhino then typed back to Marvel Girl

New number. Who dis?

Setting the phone on selfie mode, Alex then started to flex, and began sending the pictures to Jean. Which might have been impressive if he hadn't been wearing a weird looking Rhino suit. Finishing up, he then typed in

iF singLe, like whut U see? And R U busy fRiDay?

Smiling as he set the phone down, Rhino said "I might have found a date."
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