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 Moon Knight, Marc Spector - Fist of Khonshu
 Posted: May 2 2018, 08:14 PM

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Celebrity Claim- Michael C Hall

Full Name- Marc Spector
Nicknames/Aliases- Stephen Grant, Jack Lockley, Fist of Khonshu, Crescent Crusader, Lunar Legionnaire.
Age- 35
Date of Birth- January 1st
Faction- Street Level
Occupation- CEO Spector Corp, Vigilante.

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Personality- Marc Spector’s brain is being colonized by the consciousness of the Celestial Ennead Khonshu. Also known as the Egyptian God of the Moon and Vengeance. Protector of travelers in the night. Possessed by an Egyptian God is about the best way to really explain the situation. Though Possession is a bit of a misnomer as Marc is in complete control. He just has a talkative passenger. This “possession” has resulted in a variety of personality quirks.

Marc is the chosen Avatar for Khonshu. He is not mentally ill. He does not have Dissociative Identity Disorder. He does have a variety of personalities but this is not due to any mental illness but rather due to Khonshu being a God of multiple facets. Marc’s very limited human mind and intellect makes sense of these facets by assigning specific and independent personality traits that can, on the outside, make it appear that Marc suffers from some odd multiple personality disorder. Marc can freely move between these facets/personas/traits at will as needed.

In order to understand these independent personality traits and quirks, you have to first understand a little bit about Khonshu. Khonshu is a Celestial Ennead of multiple facets, or phases like the moon. These phases are very distinct from one another and have lead to the various titles that Khonshu has been given by his followers. Pathfinder, Embracer, Defender and Protector of Overnight Travelers. Like the phases of the moon are very different, so is Khonshu at any given time.
    The PathfinderThis would be the personality trait Marc made sense of by naming Steven Grant. In order for Marc to be Moon Knight, Khonshu’s avatar, Marc needs to have capital and a source of income. The Pathfinder personality trait finds the way to make this possible. This persona is very business like and business savvy. He is shrewd and intelligent and is the brains behind SpectorCorp. The venture capital investment firm that generates the money that makes Moon Knight possible. When using this mindset Marc can exist in the high society environment and be rather refined and classy. The Pathfinder is Moon Knight’s book smarts.

    The EmbracerKhonshu understands that while capital is needed to afford Moon Knight, information is also essential. This would be the personality trait Marc made sense of by naming Jack Lockley. The Embracer is Moon Knight’s street smarts. This is the curious and investigative side. The one that knows how to talk to average everyday people. Its the personality that is sympathetic to the victim(s). This is the aspect that knows how to get information off the street that is not violent. The Embracer is catty and street wise, with a bit of an arrogant attitude. He can be a smooth talker when he needs to or argumentative when the situation calls for it.

    The DefenderThis is the original Marc Spector personality. He is secretive like a CIA spy would be. He is cunning and morally loose. He knows how to compartmentalize his emotions so that he can do what needs to be done. He is a soldier and mercenary, a fighter and half of Moon Knight’s combat skill. He is aggressive and quick to throw a punch. This personality is combative, violent, and desensitized to violence. He is a right good bastard and can be rather prickish.

    The Protector of Overnight Travelers This is Khonshu’s vengeance. Unlike most superheroes, Moon Knight is willing to brutally hurt and maim his opponents. He is vengeful and without remorse. He is a dominant and domineering personality. One that can be rather frightening. This personality tends to be fearless and a bit reckless. This is the other half of Moon Knight’s fighting skill. The take no prisoner, pull no punch, never back down aspect that is driven by a need to carry out his own vengeance.

    Marc will often times have an internal dialogue with these various personas. Much like someone would have a dialogue with advisors or those whom they seek advice from.This is merely Marc Spector being guided by his benefactor and the manner in which he makes sense of that. This dialogue has the tended to be Marc speaking aloud to himself, which adds to the false notion that he is mentally ill.

  • Moon Knight has never met a punch he didn’t like
  • The music of Katy Perry Also Dazzler if we ever get a Popstar Dazzler
  • Dispensing the Vengeance of Khonshu
  • A real good brawl
  • Egyptian artifacts and antiquities
  • Evildoers
  • Monologuing Villains
  • People who say your can’t wear white after Labor Day
  • Raul Bushman
  • Tom Cruise’s remake of The Mummy. (Mostly he just hates Tom Cruise)
  • Brawling
  • Striking fear into nearly everyone
  • Investigative
  • He is not subtle
  • He is not forgiving
  • He takes way to many risks

user posted image

Marc is not driven by the phases of the moon and does not get any more or less powerful as the lunar cycle progresses.

Power Name- Pain Resistance
Description- Spiritually gifted, or simply numb from all the years of damage to his body, Moon Knight has an incredibly strong threshold for pain.This pain resistance is partially why Moon Knight is so willing to take a punch. Marc’s pain tolerance is so high that those painful sensations that would render most everyone unconscious and a mere nuisance for Marc. Enhanced interrogation (Torture) is not going to work on Moon Knight as he simply disassociates from the pain and ignores it entirely.

Limits-The problem with being numb to pain is you really don’t get a very good accounting of how injured you really are. Marc will keep going when conventional wisdom says to stop and go to the hospital before you bleed to death. Pain is also a metric for personal safety and Marc really does not have a sense of personal safety. Which threatens to cause Marc to ever increasing amounts of injury which could very well have dire consequences.

Power Name- Telepathic Resistance
Description- With a Celestial Ennead in his mind, there is no room for another. Marc’s unique situation between himself and Khonshu makes him near impervious to most telepathic intrusions, and completely immune to telepathic Possession and Mind Control. With two minds being better than one and one of those being what amounts to a God, Moon Knight becomes aware when a telepath attempts any intrusion.

Limits-When a Telepath attempts to intrude on Marc’s mind they find that it is like a revolving door with no exit. They come in and are slipped right back out. An incredibly powerful telepath can weasel themselves in to his thoughts though it does take a considerable amount of effort and Moon Knight becomes aware of the additional presence. Mental control and Possession have no effect on Moon Knight. Something like a psychic blast that has a mental impact or jarring effect still has that effect on Marc, however it does not allow a telepath to better gain access to Marc’s mind and he is not as affected as someone usually is.

Skills & Abilities-
Ability Name- Olympian Physique
Description- Marc Spector is not Peak Human in strength and conditioning. However is his top Olympian in strength and conditioning. He possesses the strength, speed, agility, and stamina of a world class Olympic athlete. He is able to lift 470 lbs with ease. He can run at a sustained 23 MPH and has the conditioning to sustain the strength and speed for an extended amount of time. Marc is also highly acrobatic. At the end of the day, Olympian physique or not, Marc is still human and is no more or no less durable and susceptible to damage than any other human is. If it cuts, breaks, tears, or kills a normal human it will very likely do the same to Marc. Though death is likely not going to be a permanent condition for Marc

Ability Name- Expert Pilot
Description- He is an expert pilot and aviator due to his years as a US Marine and Mercenary. If it flies, Marc can fly it.

Ability Name- Expert Detective
Description- Marc is exceptionally good at investigative work. This is from the street smarts aspect of his persona knowing how to deal with people and having a highly attuned attention to detail. Marc has a broad skill set and knowledge of the criminal underworld that helps with tracking down leads. (He’ll also beat an informant until they speak. So there is that)

Ability Name- Interrogation Expert
Description- Marc has the enhanced interrogation training employed by militaries and spies and has zero issue with employing those enhanced methods to obtain information.

Ability Name- Master Marksman
Description- He is capable of hurling or firing all types of projectiles with great aim and pin point accuracy.

Ability Name- Weapons Master
Description- Marc is adept with the use of combat weaponry. Most notably the weapons that he more regularly employs. Such as Crescent shaped shuriken, Truncheon style batons, Cestus gloves, Boomerangs, grappling hook, and a Three Piece staff.

Ability Name- Master Martial Artist
Description- Marc is undergone extensive training as a commando and mercenary making him a highly skilled Mixed Martial artist. He can adeptly employee techniques from boxing, judo, Savate and Tahtib which is an ancient Egyptian stick fighting martial art.

user posted image

Height- 6’2
Weight- 225 lbs
Eye Colour- brown
Hair Colour- brown

Appearance- Marc Spector’s appearance depends solely on his mood. As owner of Spector Corp. Marc is known to wear expensive suits, designer clothes, and move around high society circles. All in an effort to raise the capital Moon Knight needs in order to be successful.

Marc also inhabits the seedy underworld dive bars and places like Weasels. Expensive suits do not fit in here, so Marc would be wearing inexpensive jeans and t shirts. Things purchased from a thrift store. It's a very casual, down to Earth, common everyday guy sort of look.

Moon Knight wears an all white costume. Always all white. Sometimes the costume is the traditional suit of armor and a cowl, though he has been known to wear what looks like an all white suit and mask. Though Moon Knight is not above just putting on a mask and going in head first sans armor.

Moon Knight’s Armor Moon Knight wears an all white suit of armor made of an experimental silicon carbide polymer that is incredibly resilient, durable, and flexible. Moon Knight’s armor is puncture resistant, able to withstand knife and sword attacks from commercially, privately, and military grade bladed weapons. It is bullet resistant, able to withstand all traditional pistol/hand gun fire, shotgun and long rifle fire, but is susceptible to high velocity military grade armor piercing rounds, adamantium bladed weapons, extreme heat and cold temperatures, and high velocity explosive ordinance.

Glider CloakMoon Knight cannot fly, he can spread his cloak and slow his descent from great heights. To a slight extent he can steer his fall.

Crescent Darts One of Moon Knight’s signature weapons. Moon Knight employs near perfectly balanced crescent moon shaped darts that are similar to Shuriken. They can be thrown with incredible accuracy, used as a bladed weapon such as a knife, or launched from special firing mechanisms on his wrists.

Truncheon This ingenious device functions as a simple club, nunchaku, and a grappling hook. By itself, it can be wielded as a blunt instrument or thrown. It separates into two shorter clubs (linked by a chain) to entangle a weapon or limb, or to lengthen the club's arc of travel and thus its force. The hook springs forth from one end and, with a cable attached, allows Moon Knight to climb to, descend from, or swing around a fixed point. Marc has a few of these Truncheon that he can attach to form a three section staff or san-setsu-kon. He can also keep them together as a quarterstaff.

Cestus Marc has the option of wearing a cestus on his hands as opposed to traditional gloves. This makes his punches vastly more dangerous as the cestus is designed to maim and mangle the flesh upon impact. The cestus is composed of the same experimental silicon carbide polymer.

AnkhThe Ankh lights up when the bearer is in imminent danger. Similarly the Ankh can be used at a mace. The Ankh is part of a set of ancient weapons the other parts of that set are scarab shaped throwing knives, and an ivory boomerang. These stay in a display case as they are old relics and not as durable as Moon Knight’s current weapons.

MoonCopterA Privately built one of a kind helicopter. Top speed 220 mph at a ceiling of 10,000 feet with a range of 1000 miles. Three under mounted rotors for propulsion. Two forward mounted 20mm cannons for armament.

Additional Information- As previously stated, Moon Knight is not mentally Ill. His mind has been colonized by the consciousness of a Celestial Ennead. This is very much similar to possession without the loss of control over one’s body. Because Marc is a man of average intellect, he has made sense of this other consciousness through various personality traits to make sense of what is going on in his mind. Because there is a very real conversation going on in his mind between himself and Khonshu, Marc can appear like he is utterly batshit crazy because he does tend to talk to himself. Which is really just Marc talking to Khonshu but Marc tends to sometimes talk out loud. He does try to not do this in public.

Marc is also an avid collector of Ancient Egyptian art and antiquities.

Marc doesn’t just like Katy Perry’s music. Marc loves Katy Perry’s music (This will be extended to include Dazzler if we get a Popstar Dazzler)

Hometown- Chicago Illinois
Immediate Family- Seth Phalkon (alleged great-great-grandfather)
Elias Spector (father, deceased); Mrs. Spector (mother, deceased); Randall Spector (Brother-Deceased)

Others- Marc is a loner

History- Marc Spector grew up a normal Jewish kid in a normal Jewish community in Chicago Illinois. His childhood, teen years, were about as typical and monotone as a life before adulthood could get. Marc’s history really does not start until he left Chicago and enlisted into the Marine Corp.

Marc served two tours of duty as a Marine Infantryman. Showing incredible skill with just about any weapon that could be put into the hands of a Marine. Much to the CIA’s liking, Marc seemed to be the reason a Marine was also known as a Devil Dog. Marc Spector, in a combat scenario was relentless. Like a dog with a bone. Almost like conflict was the only thing that made him feel alive, or that he yearned for action and conflict. As time went on the CIA operative attached to Marc’s unit began to request Marc’s assistance more and more. When his tour was up Marc joined the CIA.

Marc’s time with the CIA was full of various and assorted dangerous schemes and spy work. From setting up Narcotic running schemes to get operatives inside enemy bases to infiltrating the Black Market arms scene to keep an eye on Warlords. Tracking what they were selling, buying, and what they were buying them for.

Marc also participated in quite a few enhanced interrogations and Black Ops assassinations. During his time in the CIA, Marc met and fell in love with a girl by the name of Lisa who lived in a small town in Italy that Marc would use to lay low in. Though Marc and Lisa’s love affair would come to a brutal end. Lisa being a good and nobel soul had inadvertently come across local Italian Mafioso’s who were running guns. Lisa intended to go to the local authorities and expose the gun running mafia and unfortunately Marc’s CIA team. In order to prevent their operation from being exposed. Randall Spector, Marc’s brother, killed Lisa with a hatchet. Marc retaliated by hurling a grenade at his brother. Marc has not seen Randall sense and assumes he is dead.

This prompted Marc to leave the CIA and dive into the illegal underground fighting business where the devil dog in Marc was once again let out. Marc making quite a lot of money as an underground prize fighter. Eventually Marc met a man by the name of Frenchie Duchamp. Marc and Frenchie jumped into the Soldier for Hire business and traveled all over South America and Africa selling their services to the highest bidder. Marc doing the work mostly for the money and was able to save up quite a large nest egg.

Taking a job from a guy by the name of Raul Bushman, Marc and Frenchie traveled to Egypt. Marc was more in it for the money than anything else, Raul more into the plunder and killing of being a regional warlord. Raul had learned of a small village that had information on a recently unearthed tomb full of artifacts. Raul seeing the opportunity to pillage and plunder took his band to that small village. Where they encountered Peter Alraune and his daughter Marlene.

Peter was an archaeologist who was not about to allow a regional warlord to pillage the new tomb to Khonshu that they had discovered. Raul was not about to have some Archaeologist keep him from his treasure, so he pulled his gun and shot Peter. Turning to shoot Marlene, Marc jumped in an fought off Raul only to be mortally wounded in the process. Raul grabbed Marlene and Frenchie and headed off in search of the tomb. However the villagers that were left behind took Marc to the tomb before Raul could learn of its location.

Lying beneath a statue of Khonshu, Marc Spector was given a choice. Die for good or be resurrected as Khonshu’s Avatar on Earth. The Fist of Khonshu instrument of the Moon God’s vengeance. Marc’s spirit accepted the deal and Marc Spector was resurrected by Khonshu with Khonshu inhabiting Marc’s consciousness. Newly risen from the dead. Marc took the Ankh of Khonshu, the Ivory Boomerang, and the Scarab throwing knives and headed into the desert. Coming upon Raul’s encampment The Fist of Khonshu dispensed the Moon God’s vengeance. Laying waste to the camp with only Frenchie and Marlene left alive and Raul escaping.

Finally having found a true purpose in life, Marc, under the guidance of Khonshu used the considerable money he had saved up as a mercenary to found SpectorCorp. A venture capital investment firm that focused primarily on new innovative and experimental technologies. Several of those small start up companies that Marc invested in were quickly gobbled up by the likes of Stark, Hammer, and others adding to Marc’s every growing wealth. Though Marc was also using those tech startups for other purposes. Namely building the Moon Knight armory with the new experimental technologies.

Over the last month or so Marc has begun venturing out in the night, bringing Khonshu’s vengeance to those who would prey on the “travelers in the night.” Leaving a swath of broken criminals in his wake.

user posted image

Player Name- Bry
Age A lot
How Can We Contact- Skype Brytheold
Time Zone- Central
How did you find us? I use Bing like a rebel
Other Characters- Forge and others

Role Play Sample-

“Told him I don't wear white to hide myself. I wear it so they'll see me coming. So they'll know who it is. Cause when they see the white, it doesn't matter how good a target I am. Their hands shake so bad, they couldn't hit the moon.”

“You wear white because in my time it stood for purity and omnipotence. White clothes were coveted above all other and mostly worn by Priests of the Gods. It is also a heraldic color.”

For a moment, Moon Knight cast a sideways look, as if eyeing someone who had just disagreed with his opinion while giving consideration to the point they had just made. Did he really wear white because in the ancient days of Khonshu white was a sacred color and its clothing worn by priests of Khonshu.

“Nah. It scares the fuck outta these assholes.”

With a leap, Moon Knight leapt from the tenth story ledge. Letting himself plummet to the ground like a rock cast from the heavens. Unfurling his cloak at the last moment to slow his descent just enough to prevent his legs from shattering on impact. Though it was not his leg that shattered.

A foul crack sounded followed by a howl in pain. The drug dealer beneath Moon Knight’s feet clutched at his now shattered shoulder blade. The other four stumbled back with a start. Reaching for the guns tucked into their waist bands. Amateur mistake. Every soldier knew, always use a holster. Simply shoving it in your waistband risked it slipping down your pant leg.

The fate of the forth guy, his fat hands fumbled his weapon which slipped down his pant leg. Fourth only because Moon Knight would save him for last. His truncheon, white in color like everything else he used, snapped out. Smashing a tall Latino man just a hair width below the right eyeball. Marc hated teardrop tattoos and would most always bash that tattoo with whatever he had in hand at the time.

A heavy booted foot caught the next man, a white guy with dreadlocks, to the inside the right knee. Snapping it out of place, the man tumbling to towards the ground. Except he never made it to the ground. Marc’s free hand got a handful of dreadlock. Yanking the man straight up and spinning him around.

The third man was not as inept. He had managed to get his gun from his waistband raised and fired. Typical for these gang affiliated youth the man held the gun sideways and pulled the trigger. Marc felt the breeze from the bullet zip past his chin. Not the first one, won’t be the last one. With a hard torque on dreadlock, Marc hurled the man towards the gunman’s leg. He did what they always do. Attempted to leapfrog the man tossed at him. Marc simply spun on this heel and roundhouse kicked the man in the temple. Spinning him like a top in the air.

Fat finger had his hand down his pants. Clawing for that weapon that had slid down the pant leg. “Here.” Moon Knight growled as he reached down and gripped the bulge near the inside of the man’s knee. Finding the trigger wasn’t hard. Moon Knight squeezed and held the trigger, the machine pistol chewing through the man’s calf and foot like the guy had probably chewed through the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich that was smeared on his shirt. The man howled and Moon Knight turned back to Dreadlock.

“Blingdog, sells Kick to school kids. Where can I find him?” Marc said rolling one of those long dreadlocks around his cestus covered fist and yanking it off. “I got all night.”

“Yo man, you ain’t gonna stop the kick. So knowin where Blingdog be at don’t matter.”

Marc yanked another dreadlock from the man’s head. “Probably, but his street name pisses me off.”

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Charles Xavier
 Posted: May 4 2018, 11:10 AM

::The New Mutants went to the beach on Bora Bora. Do you by chance have any of that Moon Shark Repellant?::


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