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 Life's A Beach, April 4 8AM-8PM - BORA BORA // NMs
 Posted: May 3 2018, 10:51 AM


Neena didn’t sleep. Not really. Not at any age. Sometimes she could be rest, a sort of temporary mental stasis that had come with deep meditation (thank you Forge) but for the most part the girl was always awake, always moving, always in a state of flux. Which was why she couldn’t ever just leave well enough alone. The adults had been briefed, whether or not they believed her was on them. As Neena had told them, she had survived the last time. If they let the world get taken over again...

Nee would survive again.

Despite needing to train and despite the knowledge that the world was on the brink of total annihilation, Neena was feeling stifled and caged in. You wouldn’t think someone so small could be claustrophobic but Neena had been living underground for years and finally she was free to do what she wanted... And she was enrolled in high school and promptly sheltered from the big scary world that was weeks away from no longer existing.

“Hey... Chris?” The eighteen year old didn’t even know Neena but that didn’t stop her from diffusing into his shared room and plopping down on his bed at eight in the morning. Clamoring over him, Nee put her face in his and said his name again, this time more urgently. “CHRIS! Wake up. I wanna go to the beach. Get your roommates up. Tell them to pack their swimwear. This week is gonna suck so, let’s start it off with some fun.” Booping his nose with the tip of her own, Nee diffused again and vanished through the wall.

The speedster moved from room to room, waking up New Mutants and giving them the same instruction. Gather their sunglasses, locate the sunblock, put on a swimsuit. They were going to the beach. She even talked that batshit crazy teleporter into taking them all, offering a cotton candy colored nail polish in exchange. Her last stop was the suite she shared with her sister and the girl who had been just as good as a sister in the future, leaping up and down on Liv’s bed to not only wake her but make her shit herself in terror.

“Wake up, ladies.” Neena grinned down at both of them, throwing a swimsuit at each of them in turn. “We’re going to the beach. Liv, I’m not sure how much fun you’ll have just watching everyone else enjoy themselves while you sit there with a stick up your ass, but i figure you do that no matter where you are so may as well join the rest of us.” Talon just got a grin as Neena jumped away from her sister’s pissy swat to land on Laura’s bed. “I hope you like Bora Bora, Laura Laura.”

“Oh.... Wow.” Velocity stepped off the ring of white fire that had been provided by Illyana as quickly as she could. Which was pretty damn quick. The girl might have access to near instantaneous means of travel but holy fuck whatever hell dimension they just moved through had been pure nightmare fuel. And that was from someone who had grown up squaring off against Brood.

“It’s beautiful... Can I throw a party or what? Did you know Danny Rand knows Kung-Fu and if you ask him to bankroll a beach day for a bunch of homeless mutants he obliges? Also he’s hot. Anyone else think he’s hot? Just me? Ok!” Neena apparently never grew out of talking fast and at great length. and her first act upon arriving (after permanently deleting everything she had seen and fel int Limbo from her brain) was to locate the other speedster and ever so gently shove him off the dock. “Let us know if it’s cold, hmmmm Tommy?”

There was food. There were drink and oh no, it appeared Neena had forgotten to mention to the staff that the New Mutants who were present were too young to drink. Oops. Oh, well, they’d just have to power through it. They had everything they could need for one last day of fun before Neena started whipping them all into shape.

This thread is free form. Post as much or as little as you like, there are no rounds. Just have fun.
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 Posted: May 3 2018, 10:52 AM

Illyana did not know the purple blur who woke her up but she was 90% certain that Velocity or Alpha or whatever the Limbo she was calling herself was an idiot. To part with such a pretty pink nail polish when all she was getting in return was a stepping disk to the beach. Stepping desks came to Illy with a thought. They were easy. And Velocity had parted with something pretty in order to use one. Very well. Illyana was more than happy to transport her friends and teammates to the place Neena had indicated. The girl had decided to keep her pastel trend going, not explaining to anyone that the pearly gray markings all over her limbs and torso were wounds she'd acquired over the last sixty-six years she had healed with dark magic. so they looked like shadows... No big deal.

“Please. No touching things outside the fire disk until we are safely arrived. I will not stop and go back for lost fingers and toes. What you leave in Limbo, stays in Limbo.” But they reached Bora Bora without any fatalities and when they did... Illy was incredibly pleased. “Dibs on finding shark!” she announced, scampering down the dock to immediately sprawl on her belly to peer into the crystalline waters.

Piotr had said she could have a pet, and Illy had been considering her options carefully. A shark would be an excellent choice. Quiet. Easy to care for. And she could use it to dispose of any leftovers she acquired. “Sir,” Illy grinned up at the server who had hurried down the dock at the sight of the small blond girl sprawled out, under the assumption that she had fallen. “I would very much like one of those small umbrella drinks and a shark. Thank you in advance.” Returning her attention to the water, Illy looked back at where Velocity had pushed Tommy in the water and grinned. “Thomas! Splash around some more! No reason, just as a favor.”

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Mercury Darkchylde Boom Boom Magma Plasma Faust Phantom. X-23 Ion Velocity
 Posted: May 3 2018, 02:34 PM

A day at the beach sounded like an excellent idea. Sure, it was coming from a time traveling Neena from the future which was as weird as it sounded. But, Alice was more than happy to go along as hanging out in the hotel or around New York was already getting boring. Aliens causing the end of the world may be looming over their heads, but damn, she missed classes. The number of books she’d read through in the past few days equaled a stack of the things. Yes, this was New York City, home of a million things to do. But she missed going to class.

The beach sounded perfect to get her mind off things. Velocity seemed to have a good idea there. So, she’d gotten herself ready and gone along through @Darkchydle’s stepping desks to their designated locale. Which was one hell of an experience, to say the least. The brief glimpse of Limbo had almost surely left some sort of mental scar. No wonder the blonde teleporter was like cotton candy coated strychnine. Jesus, Alice was probably going to have nightmares about that place.

She pushed all that aside and promptly forgot about it as she looked out at Bora Bora. The sun shone brilliantly down and sparkled atop the water clear as glass. Warmth radiated from practically everything she saw. Alice couldn’t help but feel a bit giddy. Her ruby red lips curled up into a smile. ”Well, I think this settles who my favorite Myles is. 10 out of 10.” The older version of the youngest Myles had definitely impressed the medium.

Lowering her cat eye sunglasses, she gazed at the water and Speed who’d been shoved into it. Chuckling at the sight, she sat down on the deck and let her legs dangle over the edge. Turning to look at the server who’d taken Illyana’s order, Alice smiled at him. ”I’ll have a daiquri, please. Thank you very much.” Looking at the others, she cocked her head to the side a bit. ”We have sunscreen, right? Sun burns are such a buzzkill.”

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 Posted: May 3 2018, 03:07 PM

The hotel definitely made one thing abundantly clear to Ash - he did not like this level of Class. He felt uncomfortable around such lavish furnishings as the Baccarat, worried that he was going to accidentally break something. He just KNEW that the more expensive somewhere was, the more fragile everything was. So the moment Velocity gave him a better idea, he was sold.
That, and he loved the beach.

He'd only ever seen the ocean once in his whole life, and he remembered it being BEYOND fun. Sand castles, sun, the ocean... sure, it had been Long Island, and thus "ocean" had a big old asterisk next to it, but it was close enough. And Bora Bora was definitely worth seeing a minute or two of nightmarish hellscape on the way. He knew better than to ask the nice Russian girl if this was one of those abysses you weren't supposed to stare into, and instead opted to just close his eyes after a few seconds of nope until he was standing on the sand.

"SHIRTLESS-O-CLOCK!" And from there, it would be no-shirt-no-pants-all-day-long. Clothes were soon abandoned into his pack but for a pair of blue trunks in the size category of bike shorts, putting perhaps too much of the giant teenager on display for the world to see. Though given he'd basically lived in the gym for the past month or two, it was a good show for how much he'd improved. Sure, his abs were still more a keg than a six pack, but the rest of him was just short of a solid mass of muscle. Once he'd thrown his backpack onto a nice spot of sand, into the water he went, the whole while glad to just have the goddamn day off.

Ash Avatar for before 1/21/17
 Posted: May 3 2018, 03:41 PM

Luca had exercised his sonic initiative and thrown the colander that was still inexplicably by his bed through the little purple twirp that had woken him up. She had flitted around the room he shared with Cyclops just long enough to make him hate her, demanding that they get up and find their swimsuits. She talked way too much and moved around way too fast for Luca to feel anything but alarm and he clutched his sheet up to his chin to protect his delicate nature.

“Get out, McFly!” Luca directed the crazy time traveler out the way she came... Through the goddamn wall before looking at his roommate. And down at the thick plastic band locked onto his ankle. “I’m gonna go see Hana first. Or I ain’t going nowhere.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....” A soft, drawn out scream -the quietest scream ever- kept coming from Luca’s mouth as he shoved his way off of Illyana’s stepping disk. “Noooooo. Never again. Seriously, call me a cab to get home or let me... just... Wow. Let me just die here. This place is great. I didn’t know florida had places like this.”

God, but he was dumb.

Luca took Honeybear’s lead and tossed his backpack into one of the little cabanas, happily picking Phantom up off the dock and throwing her into the clear cerulean water. “Oh noooooo, did I get your hair wet?” he snarked at her with a laugh. “Where’s the bombshell.... Here, Tabby Tabby Tabby.” Luca located the blonde girl and immediately jumped into the water right where she was standing at the edge, his mass sending a wave up to splash Boom Boom all over. “First bath in a while, trailer park? Don’t worry, I’m sure one of these polo shirts will bring you a bar of soap.”

Cackling and using his cybernetic arm to whack another wave of water at her, Luca dunked under the water to avoid being murdered.

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 Posted: May 3 2018, 05:14 PM

Adjusting to a temporary life in the hotel was a bit jarring after finally having somewhat settled in at Xavier's, but Tony was doing his best. After the attack on Angel's aerie he had been beyond exhausted, but he had done his part in helping to make sure that everyone who was hurt was okay or received the help they needed. All he had wanted to do after that was return to the safety of the mansion and crash for a week.

But then they learned that the mansion had been attacked and completely demolished in an explosion.

Tony had come to terms with the fact that life at Xavier's wouldn't be “safe,” having already gone on two risky adventures in his two weeks as a student, but despite that he had never considered the idea of the entire place going up in flames. But he also hadn't anticipated an attack on the aerie –none of them had.

So he had taken to dealing with things in the best way that he could: exploring the hotel, getting to know his two new roommates, and drawing the monsters from memory to the best of his ability. It wasn't hard to recall something straight out of a nightmare, especially when it was trying to kill or kidnap you and came in waves of over nine-thousand or more. Or maybe less. He wasn't counting the damned things, he was killing them.

Cyclops was easy to live with, and while Glitch seemed to actively try his best to get under everyone's skin to feed into some sort of complex or to compensate for some sense of inadequacy or another, Tony had done his best not to let the guy antagonize him too much. Mostly by paying more active attention to his sketchbook. Tony had seen his type before in his old school, and had tackled and inadvertently shocked one into submission when his power had first manifested, and he wasn't impressed. The guy's snoring was also so loud that it was almost comical.

Tony wasn't a huge fan of water. Showers were fine (and hygienically necessary) but bathtubs, hot tubs, pools, ponds, lakes, beaches, and oceans could all go die in a fire. That wasn't because he wanted to see one of the Earth's natural elemental forces overtake another in an epic battle but rather because he simply didn't feel that being in the water with other people was in the best interest of anyone around. If he tried hard enough he could probably swim safely without sending dangerous electrical currents through the highly conductive fluid, but it required a lot of care, and seeing the way Luca was acting (while less hatefully antagonistic and more unruly playful) was enough to tell him that he wouldn't be able to keep his focus strong enough to ensure everyone's safety.

So after disembarking from @[Darkchyld]'s flaming disc through the world of Nightmare Fuel (which he fully intended to adapt into his comic world in some way) Tony rifled through his backpack and pulled out a sketchbook, some earbuds, and a few pencils and pens. He had worn his royal blue swimming trunks despite having no intentions of getting wet and had gone shirtless like many of the other guys, but he would probably be spending most of his time with anyone who couldn't or wouldn't be going into the water. So probably Liv, which wasn't bad –despite the fact that she could be pretty mean when she wanted to be.

Seeing others ordering drinks with actual alcohol without being questioned about whether or not they were legally old enough to do so, Tony made his way over and perused the menu briefly before trying his own luck. "I'll have a rum and Coke, please," he said, sticking with something simple. Tony didn't have much experience with alcohol, having only sampled a bit here or there when his parents actually allowed it under the safety of his own roof and under their supervision, so he didn't want to go completely overboard.

He was provided with the drink quickly enough and without so much as a hesitation, which was surprising seeing as he wasn't even eighteen, much less twenty-one. "Thanks," he said, accepting the glass and making his way to a nice spot off to the side from one of the docks, away from where everyone was either splashing about in the water or being splashed. Getting at least a little bit wet was probably inevitable but not terrible, but he wasn't about to dwell close enough to the edge to be tossed in by someone who didn't know any better. He'd mingle with the others and enjoy himself, but for the start he was content sitting back, sipping at his beverage, and drawing characters both good and bad while working out potential plotlines and basic storyboards.

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 Posted: May 3 2018, 05:47 PM

It hadn’t taken long for the blonde to get moving after the speedster tore through the rooms to wake everyone up, fingering through her collection of swimsuits and yanking out a simple red bikini to put on. Wild curls were pulled up into a pony tail and she was ready to go. It wasn’t too much after that she was stepping off the flaming disk with the others, the crystal blue water a much different sight than their brief glimpse at Limbo.

Amara preferred the ocean.

Hands found her hips as the group scattered, taking a moment to pause as the sun hit her skin. Now this was a place she could get used to. The girl let out a big sigh, before moving off after the others and tracking a slow path to the bar. The bar menu was scooped up as blue eyes scanned the pages, searching for her preferred drink before the picture of something full of fruit caught her attention. ”I will have the blue Hawaiian.” She requested with a slight grin. She was rewarded minutes later with a large glass of blue that came with its own snack, before she sauntered off to find herself a spot to suntan and drink.

Claiming one of the lounge chairs as her own, Amara sprawled out before sucking back half her glass of blue. It tasted amazing. The drink had just the right amount of fruit drink in it to mask the multiple shots it carried. ”It’s like being home.” She said to no one in particular, shutting her eyes against the light that warmed her skin, more than happy to ignore the splashing and yelling carrying on not too far from where she sat.

They could leave her here, she’d be fine with that.

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 Posted: May 3 2018, 05:49 PM

Tommy needed this trip and needed it bad. True, part of him couldn’t help but point out that all their little vacations tended to send them straight into the same sort of violence that made them want the vacation in the first place, but God he just needed to get away to somewhere that didn’t make him think of attacking monsters, of being helpless, or about whether or not the people he cared for were still alive or waiting in bloody chunks for him to find. He hadn’t stopped thinking about all of that since the attack- actually, since he’d trudged up the hill to the cabin which, yeah, had been short by normal people standards thanks to Kurt but had been plenty long enough for his speedster mind to come up with many unpleasant things. And because everybody else was stressed too, Tommy had put on a grin and done his best to act normal by causing enough chaos to help distract everyone, the speedster was struggling. He wasn’t sleeping well, he kept feeling these stupid little burst of panic whenever he didn’t know where certain people were...

In short, he needed some mindless fun in the sun.
But apparently this was like that stupid monkey’s paw story they read about in Lit, because there was a price to pay for that fun.

“Ok, that was not how I wanted to start this,” the speedster grumbled as they all stepped hurriedly through Illyana’s little wormhole. Images of the horrible things that same damn speedster mind had had plenty of time to take in danced across his memory, making his stomach twist and his nerves get all jittery. Christ, not a great way to start relaxing! Determined- determined- to relax and have fun, Tommy took a quick breath and shook it off. It was fine. Just one more thing not to think about. It was fine. There was water and sunshine and girls in swimsuits. Much better things to look at and think about.


Already sunscreened up, Tommy wasted no time stripping out of his T-shirt, not giving a second’s thought to the light burn scars running between his shoulder blades which were as on display as most of the rest of him in the tight, brief style swim trunks he’d chosen. However, before the teen could actually jump into the water, a speedy blur moved past him and a solid shove sent him tumbling gracelessly into the sparkling blue instead. Tommy surfaced with a laugh and sent sparkling drops of water into the air as he shook his wet silver hair out of his face. Heart already lightened, he grinned up at the group. “Feels great,” he laughed before turning his blindingly white smile on Illyana. “I aim to please.” And that was all the warning he gave the group before he speed swam past the dock, sending a spray of water up onto anybody not smart enough to jump back the moment they heard the blonde’s request.

With a contented sigh, Tommy turned to float on his back and simply feel the bright warm sun on his face, to smell the salty sea air. Man, he’d needed this…

Now if only some people could stop being douchebags then they could all enjoy themselves. With the Jaws theme song budum-ing in his head, Tommy ducked under the water as Luca finished hassling Tabby and within an eyeblink emerged with the asshat’s trunks and a scurrying little red animal, both of which he dropped onto the dock before heaving himself out of the water. “Hey, at least she doesnt have crabs,” he quipped with smirk as the little creature scurried off the trunks, across the dock, and back into the water. Turning to the nearest wait person, Tommy ordered whatever five mixed drinks the person suggested.

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Mercury Darkchylde Boom Boom Magma Plasma Faust Phantom X-23 Ion Velocity
 Posted: May 3 2018, 06:23 PM

Stepping through Limbo was at the tops of today's weird list. The sight that Hana's computer like mind was able to process in that split second they were paused in Limbo was enough to worry anyone. Nevermind keeping her hands and feet inside the Stepping disk, their was zero chance that Hana would ever step foot in Limbo for any long term stay.

The place had zero internet connectivity. That alone was enough to terrify Hana completely. Though luckily they had made it to Bora Bora. With the sun beating down and the waves crashing against the beach house. Hana tugged at her hat to keep the sun out of her digital eyes and surveyed the area. All while accessing Ocearch, a real time global shark tracker. Or as real time as it could get at least. They needed some serious upgrading as far as Hana was concerned. However, she was not about to let one of her friends get eaten by a shark.

"I do not require a beverage. Nor do I require sustenance." Hana informed the cabana boy as she glanced around and watched the others starting to settle in and enjoy themselves. Tommy had been shoved in to the ocean before he could shove anyone else in. Which was likely to happen so Hana was pleased that there was someone there that could retaliate. Luca had cannonballed in then promptly lost his trunks. Hana thanking the digital Gods for pixelation, as she quickly wrote a sting of code that would pixelate Luca's nether region should he haul himself out of the water. Which she assumed he was bound to do.

"Roan. I have found a Squirtle!" Hana said excitedly. She was in a place she had never been before and had immediately opened up her Pokemon Go session and much to her joy and surprise had located a rare Squirtle. A soft giggle escaped her as she glanced around to see what else she could find. All the while her cybernetic mind slammed into the NOAA's mainframe and began to worm her way through the firewalls. There was zero chance they were going to be out in the middle of nowhere without Hana being the watchful eye in the sky.

 Posted: May 3 2018, 07:06 PM

Roan did not like the beach, though it was something that ran in the family. To begin with, Connecticut did not have good beaches. They were overly, dirty, overflowing with trash, and even the sand was that overly large and rocky kind that meant you had to wear shoes even in the surf itself. Not to mention the jellyfish. And even then, it wasn't the kind of outdoor activity he enjoyed - he could build a sand castle better in Minecraft if he cared, and swimming was better in a pool where he wasn't fighting waves. Luckily, having an older brother who was basically allergic to beaches meant it was not a thing that had ever been forced on him.

Here, not so much. Had anyone else asked, he'd have said no, and indeed he initially did. Until Hana said they were going, and that was that. If not for the magical superpower of Girlfriend, but also for the fact that Roan had no idea why Hana would want to go, given she couldn't really feel the sun or enjoy all the typical Beach Things people supposedly liked (because they were insane, clearly). And that was a curiosity NOT to be talked about, but to be simply observed.

The portal, on the other hand, he'd been psyched for. He'd never gotten to travel via Darkchylde's portals himself, and that was something he'd needed to fix. Afterwards, well... Roan was glad that he didn't have to take the return trip the way he came. It's not that her portals were BAD, it's that he had enough paranoia about there being hell demons lurking in his pocket dimension, and he was pretty sure one winked at him in the second or so it took to get from point A to point Beach through Limbo. He'd be sticking with Null-Space.

"Squirtle? Oh, sweet, I wonder what region rares are down here... we're in the carribean, right?" Roan's beach attire was a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a t-shirt, but he had one initial priority. Well, second - he'd have considered getting a drink, but he just knew he'd be carded, and that wasn't a battle he could ever win. "Oh, shit. Hangon. Be right back. Tradition calls." He said, before disappearing over to the cabana gift shop for a minute... and returning a second later, sporting a new blue-brimmed beach hat... and a scowl that would scare a Sleazoid. The cashier had uttered a line that made Roan very seriously consider portaling him out onto the beach just because - "where's your parents, kid?". At least in that time, Pokemon Go had bothered to load, so his rage was appeased. "That cashier is suuuuuuper lucky I just found a Totodile." He muttered, devoting his attention to his cell phone. This beach was full of good catches.

 Posted: May 3 2018, 08:25 PM

uhGunslinger frowned at the flash of light and attitude that blurred through the room. Rubbing his arm from where the Brood had stabbed him and snapped his arm like a matchstick, he knew that the damage was healed. But his brain kept telling him there was no way for a broken bone to be healed that fast, causing him to check and spaz as part of his mind kept expecting it to hurt.

He also disliked the particle like nature of this speedster.

Least those like Tommy can be countered to an extent with a trap, John thought cynically. Going to have to study particles and physics to devise a counter for this one. Cause if she can move like that, some bad guy will have that power at some point. Which might have spoken more to Radigan's tendency towards paranoia more than towards the odds of a bad guy having super human speed.

Really he didn't mind his roommates. Yes Glitch was an ass. But frankly he'd been around worse. Hell, looking over a lot of the people the adult version of him had put away, Luca wasn't even in the top fifty. Cyclops was quiet, but also a bit focused. John was trying to make sure the fact that the former leader of the X-Men had kissed Ion wasn't an issue, or rather that Liv had kissed Scottie. And Impulse had been his roommate before the school blew up.

So as the mention to wear things for the beach was made, John got a pair of black swimming trunks and a blue t-shirt.

Considering how other excursions had gone, he also took some time to check his handguns and a rifle to make sure they were loaded.

Glumly looking in the mirror, he briefly wished he were wearing something more conductive to concealing weapons on his person. Cause after the Brood, a half second to summon one seemed far too long.

The brief hold over in Limbo simply increased that desire, making him have to visibly fight to keep from summoning a heavy caliber rifle.

As they appeared in Bora Bora, John's eyes darted around as he scowled. "Going through there without weapons is messed up," he drawled simply.

Looking at the beach and watching some of the others engage in various antics, John looked around and thought that everyone looked at peace. Somebody needs to keep watch, John thought. The memory of how useless he'd been against the Brood due to being taken by surprise echoed in his head and soul.

And he had no desire to be taken by surprise like that ever again.

Finding a seat where he could keep an eye on most, he slipped out some sunglasses so he could cover his eyes, keeping folks from seeing them darting around. While the idea of getting a drink was tempting, he wasn't about to dull his senses. Not catching me asleep like that again, John thought.

Though seeing Luca tossing Phantom in the water did draw a look from the deaged former lawman, mainly a look of 'WTF' as he was fairly sure Luca didn't normally care to even touch folks he knew were mutants. But as Speed removed the pants from Glitch.

"Not the sight I cared to see," John muttered. "And didn't expect Tommy to want an up close and personal look like that."

Wiccan Nocturn Mo'o Abra Faust Gentle Mercury @{X-23] Darkhawk Plasma Boom Boom
 Posted: May 3 2018, 09:18 PM

Falling off the deck and hitting the water with a splash, one thing went through Alice’s head. Glitch was now jockeying with Nocturn for who she should kill to make sure some Savage Land spirits weren’t coming for her soul. Grabbing her sunglasses as they began to sink into the water, she swam through the warm blue ocean towards the dock. Surfacing with a scowl only to witness Luca deciding to also harass Boom Boom. She wasn’t sure if the boy subscribed to the outdated first grade mentality of be rude to people you liked or if he just ingested too much lead paint as a child. Either way, he wasn’t worth anyone’s time.

Thank goodness she’d put her hair into french braids or she really would have been more than just miffed that her hair had been messed up. Foresight had allowed her to plan ahead seeing as how they were going to the beach. So, waterproof makeup, do her hair in a manner that it wouldn’t get screwed up and tangled if she got it wet had been kind of a no brainer. Did that stop her from shooting the arrogant son of a staff member a glower? No. It was alright, karma was going to bite him in the ass. And if it didn’t, Alice knew of some ghosts in Manhattan who actually liked her who’d be happy to haunt his ass for her.

Climbing on up onto the deck, she didn’t manage to do so before Tommy emerged from the water as well. With Luca’s trunks and a crab attached. A full blown laugh at how karma clearly had just come around for the boy escaped her. Shaking off her shades, she smirked. ”Can’t say I’m surprised. And even the crabs want to get away from him.”

Holding her hand out towards Tabby, Alice gave the blonde a smile. ”How about we go sit somewhere a bit farther from the now completely exposed asshole?” One of the wait staff came by and handed Alice her drink. ”Thank you.” Bringing the glass to her lips, she took a sip. She moved in a bit closer to Tabby and her voice dropped a bit. ”Did my makeup get messed up by that?” Wrapping her free arm around behind the other girl’s shoulders, she gave her a knowing wink. Some attempt at silent communication of camaraderie.

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Boom Boom
 Posted: May 4 2018, 02:05 AM

It was still a little hard to digest that the mansion was actually gone, and Tabby had an incredibly difficult time adjusting to the hotel. She didn't feel like she belonged there, even though she couldn't exactly articulate why, she knew a few of her classmates felt a similar way. Tabby had grown up in a manner that indicated her family was well below the poverty line, and that was no real secret. She'd never been ashamed of growing up poor, but being at the Baccarat, she felt like a fish out of water.

She had to admit though, the beds were freaking awesome. The blankets were so soft and smooth and the mattresses seemed to hug her body into absolute comfort, so at least she was sleeping well.

At least until the grown up version of Velocity jumped into bed with her, tickling her sides and hollering about going to the beach. Bleary green eyes opened to meet excited blue, and as fast as Nee appeared she was gone again in a purple haze to wake up the other girls in the room.

Beach trip huh? She was glad she insisted on replacing half of her belongings as soon as she'd gotten to the hotel.

Leaping out of bed and getting herself ready in record time, she quickly found herself huddled with the rest of the New Mutants, getting ready to teleport. She'd never teleported with Darkchylde before, so she wasn't sure what to expect, but so far all of her teleportation experiences hadn't been awful so she wasn't exactly prepared for the hellish and frightening visions that greeted her for a moment during travel. The sight didn't last long, just the span of a heartbeat but when they'd arrived in Bora Bora, her brow furrowed for a second and she had to think if she'd actually seen it or if she'd gone crazy. Judging by the looks on some other kids faces, they'd seen it too.

Welp. That was an experience.

Blinking rapidly a few times, she smiled again and looked around for a moment before she took off toward a cabana, taking off her flowy kimono jacket to apply a bit of sunscreen, if only to protect what tattoos she had left. One of the staff came by and asked her if she needed anything, and she grinned after a moment. “Yeah, whiskey sour, no ice. Thanks.” She was stunned when the man didn't ask for any kind of identification, normally she would be asked to prove that she was of legal age, and then be forced to just order a lemonade, but this guy just...took her order with a smile and walked away.

This day was going to be awesome.

Making sure she got all of her skin covered and slipped out of her shorts and kicked off her flip flops to leave her in her swim suit. She left her clothes and her small bag in a pile in the cabana and head out onto the deck to stand at the edge and just enjoy the scenery. The waiter came by and handed over her drink, which she accepted gratefully. This day was looking to be absolutely perfect, the sun warming her skin and a tiny breeze rustling her bangs. She took a sip of her whiskey sour and smiled.

'Where's the bombshell...Here Tabby Tabby Tabby.'

She didn't even have time to respond to Glitch before he jumped into the water directly in front of her, his mass causing a splash large enough to make Shamu jealous. Water splashed all over her front and if she didn't have the mind to lift her drink high above her head at the last moment, she was sure it would have gotten full of sea water. Drips of salt water ran down the lenses of her sunglasses and her bangs plastered to her face damply. Her deep plum painted lips pursed into a very unimpressed pout, and then they quickly shifted into a snarl at his newest insult.

Trailer park? Trailer. Park.

Another wave of water smacked her and she had the wherewithal to turn her head this time. Once he was under water she saw pure red.

“Oh you shit, I'm gonna take that new arm of yours and shove it up your ass.” She growled lowly, taking her drink in her fist and downing it in one gulp, stopping the maraschino cherry with her tongue so she didn't swallow it whole. She set the glass on a nearby railing and readied herself to jump in after him, fully prepared to deliver a wicked Felix coated elbow drop right onto his spine, but Speed delivered a far more swift and less assaulty retribution. Phantom came up and wrapped her arm around Tabby's shoulders, and Tabby instinctively wrapped her arm around the smaller girl's waist. Her snarl melted away, pleased with the results of Tommy's actions, but she felt the need to shoot one more snipe at the dark haired boy.

“Really though guys, I don't know how he would have caught crabs, doesn't that require someone to actually be willing to fuck him?” She reached up with her free hand and lowered her shades, leering over them at Luca with a smirk and a little blown kiss. She turned to look back at Alice and grinned at her, matching her low tone. “Nah girl you're good. Am I okay? I'm tryin this new waterproof shit, is it working?” She raised her sunglasses to perch on her head and waggled her eyebrows at the ghost shifter. She took a moment to look over at Tommy, shooting him a wink in thanks.

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 Posted: May 4 2018, 10:51 AM

Ruby had been asleep, dreaming some not very pleasant dreams involving aliens and Mr Worthington’s house in Colorado being destroyed and falling down the cliff face with them still inside it, when she was awoken by a noise and something about... swimming? At first she shrugged it off, assuming it was just another weird dream, but then the others started getting up. So... it was real.
A bit of talking got the explanation, Neena, the teenage one, had somehow organised a trip to the beach.

Ruby had been tempted to just go back to bed. The beach was not a good place for people who got sunburned as easily as she did, or for people who were scared of water and therefore unable to swim. Hell, she didn’t even own any swim wear. Not even before the school had been destroyed. Swimming was something she had had to do at Primary school as part of the curriculum, and it was a part she had failed, but she hadn’t had to go near a swimming pool since then and intended to keep it that way.

Still.. staying behind when pretty much everyone else went could be noticed and lead to questions about why she had stayed behind. And questions could get awkward. As she slowly found stuff to wear, Ruby just figured she could go, wear plenty of sun block, stay in the shade and just watch everyone else have fun. She didn’t mind that. That was fine with her.

The trip to the beach was apparently a literal trip through hell. Scary but also strangely... fascinating. Not that she would want to go there again. One look was probably more than enough. The beach, however, was potentially what most people figured heaven looked like. Bora Bora had never been a place Ruby had figured she would ever see, but like the expensive hotel they were staying in, she was there. It was real.

Once they arrived, others went straight for the water and enjoyed themselves. Ruby however, had brought a book in case she needed something to do and slipped off to one side, to find a shady patch. She had extra powerful sun block and her beaded bracelet that would change colour if it was exposed to too much sunlight, so she wasn’t too worried about sun burn. But it was probably a good idea to wait a bit any way. Besides, the others were having fun, and it was strangely nice to see them so happy after what had happened.
 Posted: May 4 2018, 11:12 PM

Baki had been shocked, to say the least, when they found out that Xavier's was gone. Utterly destroyed by the Brood and it would be some time before they could return to school like normal. For now though, they were roomed up in a fancy hotel. The kind of place Baki assumed would take one look at him and call security. It was nice to be allowed into such a place, though initially nerve wracking to adjust to a new place, especially after everything that had happened.

First the Savage Land and then the Brood attack, everyone had their guard up. Even he did and it sucked! He wanted to relax, to not feel so tense all the time. Thankfully, that chance to do so came one morning at the behest of one time-traveling speedster. They were going to the beach, all of them.

Baki couldn't be more excited. It feel like forever since the last time he had been in the ocean and one trip through the hell-scape had been well worth it.

Stepping off that disk was like walking into one of those pictures you'd see on lists like '10 Top Places You Should Go To' but would never get to actually vacation at. A vision of wishful thinking made real. The water was absolutely pristine and he wasted no time joining the other guys in hurriedly stripping off his loose tank top and rushing for the water in his swim trunks.

He dove in, loving the way the warm waters embraced him, and swam for the bottom. His eyes were quick to adjust to salt, allowing him to see below with ease, and for a moment, he just sat there, claws anchoring him to the ocean floor, and enjoyed being in water again. It had been so long, too long, and while it wasn't familiar like Maui, it was still kind of...comforting.

He watched the other student play and splash above him. He couldn't exactly hear what was being said, the sound echoed and bounced too much in the water to be sure what they were all talking about. But if he had to take a guess, Glitch was in trouble for something, because the next moment the water rippled due to Speed's rapid movement and suddenly Luca was sans his swimwear. Baki couldn't contain his laughter and found himself accidentally sucking in sea water as a result. He hurried back up, sputtering and coughing, but still wearing a grin on his face, "What'd I miss?! I was only underwater for like a minuet."

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