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 February Announcement, 2018
 Posted: Feb 1 2018, 03:41 AM

It’s February guys, the month of looove.

I’m pretty sure January is related to Quicksilver because it passed by at a ridiculous speed! We broke 11000 posts last RO, high fives all around for that and last month saw three X-Men plus two hangers-on stranded in the Savage Land. Did anyone else notice that they’ve been there a lot longer than makes sense? Stay tuned for more SL fun this month.

In addition, the Brotherhood made a trip to warmer climes to free the mutants of Genosha from their lives of slavery. Poor old Hardwire got her head bashed in just for being mutant and some of the Xs made a trip to California to rescue poor old Backup from the clutches of her evil family.

We had a few new characters join us in the last RO. Thistle (welcome Franny!) Mo'o (NoBody), Quicksilver (Charly), Molotov (Shyley), DJ (Noiz), and Warpath (Rocki). You guys know the drill, go show them some love (as if you haven’t already <3).

Birthdays this month include:
  • 02/29 Abra - 17 YRS OLD (No birthday for Abra this month!)
  • 03/01 Noivern- 26 YRS OLD
  • 03/04 Mimic - 23 YRS OLD
  • 03/09 Backup - 18 YRS OLD
  • 03/14 Faust - 17 YRS OLD
That’s quite a lot of X birthdays right there people, let’s throw a partaaaay!

Who’s ready for this coming RO? Get your explorer hats on, grab a pair of binoculars and a GIANT can of bug spray because we’re heading to the Savage Land!

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