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The Savage Land

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 Cabin in the Woods, Fri March 31, 4AM //OPEN TO THOSE TAGGED
 Posted: Apr 10 2018, 11:06 PM

Colorado Rocky Mountains, West of Vail

The New Mutants and Alphas had been sent away.

The X-Men didn’t try lying to them or stuffing them into the danger room this time. It wouldn’t have worked anyway after four of them came face to face with Amelia. If the kids stayed, they would undoubtedly end up mixed up in a fight the X-Men barely had adequate intel on so they were packed up, put on a jet, and delivered unharmed to a secluded part of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Angel had a private chateau tucked into a rockface, what he had called a cabin, most others would refer to as a small palace.

The west wall was floor to ceiling windows that gave a spectacular view of the horizon and when the sun sank it washed the elegant and understated home in pinks and purples and eventual starlight. It was stocked with food and movies and more than enough means to keep the lot of them occupied for a few weeks. The surrounding mountainside was beautiful with countless trails to hike and rock scrambles for the brave. Best of all it was immensely difficult to get to unless you flew in or teleported which made it a perfect reclusive nest for a billionaire bachelor or a camp for a group of grumpy, unruly teenage mutants.

The New Mutants weren’t alone, of course. Angel was there himself, trying to host the messy, destructive, whiney, energetic invasion. Mistral was there to supervise the Alphas with Arsenic and Firestar. Menagerie and Hellfire had gone along because after the hell they’d gone through with losing Neena, they were letting her out of their collective sight over their dead bodies. Warpath and Thistle had gone along, with Colossus rounding out the chaperones charged with keeping the kids under control and out of trouble.

All those kids and most of the adults charged with their care were back in Salem Center...

It was so easy.

While the X-Men had been given rudimentary, basic information via a flashing light on the wall of the Danger Room, they had no idea what an actual Brood looked like, or how their glorious queen was able to reach into their minds. She could talk to them, deliver orders... And find them. And two of her precious babies had been taken. They had been stolen away and carried across the country. One was still fifteen hundred miles away in Salem Center.

The other...

The other was in a glass jar, buried in glitter, coffee, and cookie crumbs. Shaken until he permanently saw double. Subjected to cartoons, g-forces, and having his stinger and tentacles braided together. Linda and his little nestmate were homing beacons. And help was coming...

Flying was the best way to reach Angel’s Aerie. Luckily for the Brood, once they matured they had wings. Long, skinny wings that were most similar to massive horse flies, all translucent and veiny and moving at speeds almost too fast to see. They appeared with their claws out, their fangs dripping with anticipation. They were the stuff of nightmares, their front legs could only be described as tentacles of raw muscle, curling and uncurling as they flew. Two sets of insectoid legs with far more joints than strictly necessary supported their weight when they were on the ground. Their exo and endo skeletons were incredibly durable and difficult to pierce. Most notable was the double tipped, stabbing tail that injected a paralytic in their victims. If they had been stupid, mindless monsters, perhaps they would not have been able to devour one species after another, conquer planet after planet.

The Brood were extremely intelligent and more than that, they were cruel. They didn’t just want to dominate. They wanted to cause pain. They weren’t just there to invade, they were there to torture. The only thing keeping them from just dropping down on Angel’s Aerie and slowly, delightedly murdering all of those kids was the fact that their exalted queen wanted every one of them alive. They would be brought before her, bowed down in her magnificent presence, and receive the highest honor. These children would have one of the queen’s embryos injected into their necks.

It would grow, rewrite the host DNA until the original body, the original mind was converted into Brood. Oh, the host would fight. It would struggle. But once the embryo took root, there was no help. No hope. There was only Brood.

There was no telling what woke the kids and X-Men up first. Possibly it was the buzzing, the heavy thudding of large, solid bodies against the western windows. Large, blunt heads rapidly began to smash their way through, crawling in through the shattered glass to descend on the sleeping children like ants on a candybar. They were everywhere before the New Mutants could even react.

Wiccan and Speed were yanked out of their respective sleeping bags, and whipped violently across the room. Tommy landed splayed and flailing on the pristine, antique grand piano Warren had on display. Billy went into the waiting jaws of another Brood.

A thick tentacle wrapped its way around Boom Boom’s throat, yanking her off the ground while the creature’s other tentacle wound its way up her leg, pulling violently in the other direction.

Nocturn received several sharp scuttling legs to the sleeping bag as one of the Brood trampled over him to get to Phantom. “Pretty girl...” It hissed in her ear, it’s impressive -if somewhat skinny- forked tongue snaking out of its mouth to slide down her face and force its way into her mouth.

Darkchylde and Gunslinger each got to experience the burning pain of double tipped stingers plunging through meat and muscle alike, paralytic pumping into their bloodstreams. It would leave them fully conscious, fully aware of their bodies, simply unable to move any of their voluntary muscles.

Of course one of the heinous monsters made a direct line for the Alphas, swatting the handful of babies out of the way with cruel abandon until it found what it was looking for, stuffed into the foot of Velocity’s sleeping bag. The girl herself wasn’t in it but Linda was, stunted and screaming encouragement to his brothers and sisters as he was released from his glitter smeared prison. “And the little one,” he howled, trying to claw glitter out of his various nooks and crannies. “Take her, too!” He leapt at Kaylee, enjoying the idea of keeping Neena in a glass prison until she was mature enough to be of use to his venerable queen. Linda tore at Kaylee’s ankles, sharp teeth violently tearing into her ankle tendon and calf muscle.

The Aerie was under attack.

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 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 12:48 PM

Something pointy jabbing at her ankles half woke her up.

"Luke stop," she grumbled trying to kick the offending Alpha away. Give the kid fangs and he became an ankle biter. Whatever evolutionary trick decided to give an eight year old fangs was plain dumb, because having a little vampire trying to bite everyone totally negated the evolutionary instinct to protect a cute little kid.

It took a harder bite to make her yelp for real and start kicking at the biter and open her eyes to the actual horror that was going on and the fact that it wasn't one of her monsters hanging off her leg, but an actual monster.

Unless there was a different apocalypse they hadn't been expecting, apparently their brilliant idea of hide in Warren's version of going all natural was an epic fail and the end of the world had found them anyway.

Kaylee jumped to her feet, kicking off the sleeping bag and Linda as she went and almost toppled right back over thanks to the little beast's work on her ankles. She gritted her teeth and lifted herself a few inches off the ground. The whole room was already a battleground with the bug alien things haphazardly tossing people aside and attacking with stingers. She wasn't sure what exactly they did but she knew she didn't want to find out.

Oh and apparently Neena's freaky bug talked now. So that was great. "Screw you Linda," she snarled sending her hiking boots flying through the air to try to smash the stupid thing. It was a tactically unwise move, but damn it would feel good to smash that thing since he was not only an alien but trying to catch Neena. No one was kidnapping her Alphas thanks, not unless they went over her dead body.

Which actually seeing how tonight was going and how the future apparently sucked might not be the best hyperbole to engage in right now.

She honed in on the monsters tossing Alphas left and right and slammed concentrated blasts of air at them, hard enough to toss them out of the room if they were hit, but narrow enough to hopefully only hit her targets. She hated fighting inside, there was only so much space for her to maneuver and actually help her side , tossing the monsters around was only going to result in her throwing them into one of her own side if she wasn't careful.

"Y'all we need a plan," she barked, hoping the other X-Men were already in the fray. She aimed another gust of wind at the monster attacking Alice, but taking them down one at at a time wasn't going to work.

There were just too many.

And Angel probably wouldn't be happy with her if she blew his whole down. Also they would probably all die of crush injuries.

Menagerie, Firestar, Colossus, Warpath, Arsenic, Phantom, Boom Boom, Mo'o, Abra, Impulse, Faust, Angel, Thistle, Speed, Plasma

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Boom Boom
 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 02:17 PM

So far, Tabitha had two wilderness outings while she'd been a student at Xavier's. One was true roughing it in the wilds of Canada with nothing but what she could carry on her back, the second was shacking up in a 'cabin' that was practically a mini-mansion in the middle of Colorado. So far, she she'd decided that her ideal camping experience was somewhere in between the two. Maybe a nice multi-person tent in the Midwest somewhere, or maybe a little camper parked at a nature reserve.

Hopefully she just lived long enough to experience a camping trip that didn't result in her almost getting killed.

She'd been laying on top of her sleeping bag, just under a thin blanket because she'd been feeling a bit too warm when a sudden crash and a hell of a racket caused her to jerk awake. “Shut the fuck up.” She hollered before even realizing that she was speaking. Damn it someone was always snoring and waking her up, she's definitely have to tell someone to invest in some breathe right strips or something. She clutched her pillow instinctively, lifting her head a bit with bleary and unfocused eyes to see absolute chaos erupting around her. Tommy and Billy were flying across the room and before she could survey any more of the damage something thick and unpleasant wound its way around her neck and squeezed tight, lufting her up into the air and cutting her sharp intake of breath short.

She brought both hands up to tug at the tentacle around her neck, clawing and grasping at it frantically to try and free herself, but a sudden hard jerk on her leg in another direction, leaving her being tugged violently like some kind of Stretch Armstrong that lost all of its stretch. She felt several of her joints and even a few places in her spine pop from the sudden pull, and she screamed, redoubling her efforts on trying to free herself from this monster's grasp.

She felt Felix shift to help her with a bit of mental suggestion and after a moment, she brought her right arm up and brandished it for what it now was, a rather literal hand ax, or rather and arm ax. Felix had gathered at sharpened itself along the back of her arm, starting at her pinky finger and ending just before her elbow.

With a roar she brought her right arm around and slammed it, sharp edge first into the tentacle that had her around the neck, making sure she gave herself plenty of room to maneuver and not get too close to her own anatomy. The Felix blade sunk considerably far into the tentacle, and she didn't give the monster a moment to pause and realize what just happened before she reeled back and hacked into the tentacle again. A third strike sent her arm slicing through the appendage completely, and with the lack of support her upper half went exactly where gravity told it to and she went swinging down toward the floor. Thankfully she'd been suspended high enough that she didn't immediately get a concussion and it was just her blonde hair that was brushing the floor beneath her.

This raised another problem though, she was still hanging by one leg, which was hurting her hip like a son of a bitch, and now this monster was insanely pissed off and was swinging her violently in it's throes of pain. With all the momentum it was nigh on impossible for her to swing up and free her leg, so she had to resort to a pretty stupid and half assed Plan B.

Bomb to the face.

She conjured up a bomb the size of a beer pong ball and with a flick of her wrist, sent it sailing toward the gross bug thing's mouth. She didn't wait to see if it would swallow it, she didn't have that kind of time, but as soon as the thought the little ball made contact with a tooth she triggered the detonation and covered her head with both of her arms. The explosion coupled with more screeches of pain wrecked her ears and she hit the floor hard.

She shouted in a mix of pain and shock, and scrambled as fast as she could to crawl further away, but was stopped short by a yank on her ankle.

This shithead sure was stubborn.

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 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 02:59 PM

Creepy voices in her ear was not uncommon for Alice. Ghosts didn’t sleep and thus didn’t seem to care that she needed to. One deciding to whisper in her ear as she slept was not anything out of the ordinary. Letting out a groan, Alice was not in the mood to deal with ghost shit. It was far too early for that nonsense. Not that she had an idea of what time it was, but she was pretty sure it was too early based on how tired she still was. If she had to open her eyes, someone was getting a spectral ass whooping.

Something trailed down her face though, and then whatever that was went in her mouth. Hazel eyes shot open to see a massive, monstrous bug over her. And it’s tongue was in her mouth, Letting out a slightly muffled scream, Alice reached out and felt around for her rapier. Which like hell she was going to leave behind at the school in case of situations like this one. Were they in a delightfully lavish mini-mansion in the mountains? Yes. However, Alice certainly recalled her first experience with the school in Canada. Wendigos and some crazy massive spirit which she was still unsure exactly what it was that was. And then there was that whole Savage Land mess.

Yeah, she’d been damn sure to bring along her rapier. As the creature’s tongue started to flick at the back of her mouth, seeming like it was about to shove it down her throat, her hand found what it was looking for. Wrapping her fingers around the hilt, she gave the damn insect a look of defiance as her arm swung in to bring the blade through the thin tongue unceremoniously shoved her mouth. Before the thing could even register what was happening, she brought her rapier in again to fully sever the tongue from the creature’s own mouth.

Pushing herself up on her elbows, Alice used her free hand to pull the severed appendage from her mouth with revulsion. Slamming it down onto Nocturn’s sleeping bag, which was far too close to her own, she could feel her gag reflex kick in. Stifling it as much as she could, Alice focused in on the face of the thing which had stuck its tongue in her mouth like some inexperienced, drunk, fumbling teenager. The heat of her glare may not have any sort of effect on the damn thing. But, the two glowing green orbs that appeared in front of its eyes hopefully soon would.

Quickly shifting her attention to getting out of her sleeping bag and shutting her eyes, the orbs both exploded with a loud POP and an explosion of light. Hopefully, the explosions were enough to at least temporarily blind the creature as Alice shimmed out of her sleeping bag. Rapier still in hand, she kicked at James’s bag. If he was going to be there, he may as well make himself useful. Or at least have the decency to wake the fuck up to act as a shield. ”Get up! Unless you want to be bug food!” As she yelled at the Scot, one of the creature’s tentacles swung at her.

Without a second’s hesitation, she went ghost. The creepy appendage flew through her pale green spectral form, only to bring itself back and try to wrap around her to no avail. Now that she was all green and ghostly, Alice sneered in disgust at the thing. Then, she began swinging her rapier at the tentacles, silently thanking Kitty’s lessons on going intangible to tangible and back quickly at will as she did so. Her rapier cutting into the things tentacles bit by bit, but not ever managing to sever them in one swing. She’d be solid long enough for her blade to cut into the thing a bit, only to go back to being intangible as it tried wrap itself around her.

God, she wished she’d brought a big ass can of RAID.

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 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 03:17 PM

Well, the trip had started out nice and fun, and had been a pretty decent getaway from New York, but that hadn't lasted very long.

Go to the nice cabin in Colorado, they said. That's the last place the Brood will look for any of you, they said. They, in this particular sense, were colossal idiots who needed to have their heads examined. As the area that the New Mutants had bunked down in was suddenly and unceremoniously swarmed by grotesque alien bug monsters (that would look really awesome and scary when put to the page should he survive the invasion) Tony found himself in yet another life or death situation.

One month. He had been a student at Xavier's for one month and already he had encountered a Brood controlled woman who had murdered her host's mother, joined in an assault on a dangerous facility, and was now being attacked by what was probably the entire hive of the Brood from Busted Bow Nebraska. That name might not have been quite right, but he had just been roused by the shrill shrieks of alien monsters –or those of other teens being tossed about; hard to tell which.

As he came to, his eyes and senses being forced to quickly adjust to the chaos around him, Tony rolled over just in time to see the business end of the tails of two of the creatures stabbing into both Gunslinger and Darkchylde nearby, which definitely worked to wake him further. Having not anticipated an attack of any sort because the cabin-in-name-only he hadn't set his sleeping bag near any useful sources of electricity. Though his body could naturally generate enough to do some damage he would need to draw from something in order to keep it going for long lest he need to retreat somewhere to get his bearings and allow his body to catch up.

That's when he realized that he probably wouldn't need an electrical outlet. Being near John meant that he was naturally near Ion, who could probably easily provide him with enough power to fry some alien scum. Scrambling to his feet near his apparently paralyzed roommate and their peculiar blonde friend (apparently the little sister to the walking Russian wall of a person) Tony immediately took to thrusting out his palm toward one of the creatures that had stabbed at the pair. “Do you know what happens to an alien bug mosnter when it's stuck by lightning?” he asked, mostly rhetorically and also because he wasn't entirely sure himself, as he unleashed a bolt of lightning directly into the creature's face. The monster was blown back as the energy coursed through it's body, shrieking as it was fried from the inside. “Oh, apparently they die. Good to know.” Having discharged energy brought a slight twinkle to his eyes, but he'd be glowing so much brighter if he could power up.

“Hey Liv,” he called out to the walking ion cloud, “go nuts! And if you don't mind could you shoot me a good bolt? I could use a quick charge!” As another bug monster rushed toward him, apparently hoping to avenge its fallen friend, he blasted it as he had the first. At least it got to suffer the same fate.

“Don't worry,” he called out to Illy and John as he stood guard, “we've got you covered.”

Abra Cyclops Faust Nightcrawler Speed Wiccan Plasma Honeybear Boom Boom X-23 Scion Magma Glitch Gentle Mercury Scarlet Spider Mo'o Menagerie Firestar Mistral Colossus Arsenic Warpath Angel
 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 03:54 PM

Of fucking course he was swindled into chaperoning the students at Angel's "cabin". Because he literally had nothing better to do than fly a bunch of children to Colorado and make sure they didn't DIE because the Brood was coming for them for whatever reason and making sure that the students were safe was always top priority. The Apache really didn't want to mess with some bugs that wanted to possess their bodies but HEY, it wasn't like he had much in the way of a CHOICE should they find them there in the Rocky Mountains.

Something wasn't sitting right with James. It was entirely too quiet for his liking and so, even though he had a sleeping bag thrown out he really wasn't sleeping. His eyes may have been closed but it wasn't because he was resting. One of the advantages to being a superhuman was super hearing. And that's what he was doing. He was listening. Listening to see if something was coming. Then he heard the whispering. "Pretty girl" was all he needed to hear and he was sitting up on his palette and looking around to see what the hell was going on. Mistral had a bug biting her ankle that she was trying to get off. @Boom Boom had a tentacle around her neck and Phantom had a bug licking her. It was a damn good thing that he slept with his knives that night because he wasn't sure he liked the feeling he had had in his gut that something was about to happen. This was one of those times he wished that Hellfire was done with the Zombie Twins.

Alice must have been blinded by Tabitha's bomb because he was already sitting up... unless there was another James he didn't know about. Rather than yell, "I'm up", he jumped to his feet as he saw Wiccan and Speed get ripped from their sleeping bags and Tommy go flying across the room. Billy wasn't so lucky. The Apache would check on Tommy in a moment. First he had to save his twin. With the speed at his disposal he darted across the room, James Proudstar pulled one of his knives from the sheathes he had strapped to his thighs and began hacking and sawing at the bug's limb that was trying to eat the twin in question until he got all the way through to force the Brood to drop the illusion caster. As soon as he was able to get Billy free he jumped onto the back of the nasty bug and began hacking away at the Brood that was just trying to eat Billy (or so it seemed) with a Bowie knife in each hand as the monstrosity wriggled and squirmed beneath him. The bug had to die. Using every ounce of the strength he had he hacked through the exoskeleton and any ooey gooey nastiness until the bug stopped moving, using the strength in his legs to hang on as tight as he could. "Eating the students isn't premitted", he said, drawing a deep breath as he jumped down off the giant bug .

Yeah, all hell had broken loose and it was only going to get worse. How these disgusting things had tracked them there he didn't know but they really needed to figure it out because there was not way in hell it was going to end unless they found the cause. Jim may not have been the smartest guy there, but he knew that much.

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 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 04:52 PM

This wasn’t a training exercise, a self imposed rescue mission, or a field trip; it was a retreat. That small fact didn’t sit well with the amazon, but she was more than a little impressed that the X-Men had been straight with them. In the eyes of the X-Men, they were all something that needed protecting and in the cases of some of her classmates Amara could more than agree. Didn’t mean she liked being lumped in with the group, but at least she could catch up on her studies.

It didn’t stop her from packing her favourite gladius, or donning basic UMs top and bottoms, and curling around the sheathed blade while she slept.

Amara had picked a spot on the floor not too far away from her roommate, finding it easier to sleep when she could hear Boom Boom’s familiar breathing. Blue eyes snapped open as the chaos started, rolling herself into a seated position as Tabby yelled out near her and was yanked into the air. What the fuck? The words were out of her mouth in her native Latin, wriggling against the confines of her sleeping bag as she worked to free herself of the nylon prison.

With a growl she gave up, pulled her sword free of its leather containment and stabbed her way free. Sword in hand she leapt to her feet as teammates were thrown across the room and chaos rained supreme. ”Tabby!” She called her friends name as the other girl hacked her way partially free of her captor. An arm went up to shield her eyes as a bomb went off, before she closed the distance to try and aid her roommate.

Arms flung forward, sword in hand, as she attempted to release Tabby free of the bug’s hold. What on earth?! She screeched in disbelief as her sword glanced off the hard armor of the alien bug, before taking another swing at it. The second blow was as useless as the first and with a growl she tossed the weapon down onto her heap of mutilated sleeping bag. Teeth grit together as she summoned up her lava form, reaching forward with blazing hands to yank at the tentacle she wasn’t able to cut through.

Amara was vaguely aware of the now ghost form of Phantom not too far away, yelling at Nocturn to get his ass in gear. ”James! That is exactly how you get eaten.” The lava covered teen made a note to aid the pair once she freed Tabby. Hair whipped behind her like a flaming beacon, bringing some light to her immediate surroundings as she tried to get a visual on those around her.

What an absolute mess.

Ion Hellfire Gentle X-23 Mo'o Scion Warpath Scarlet Spider Abra
 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 05:16 PM

Ash, true to his multiple nicknamesakes involving bears, was the heaviest of sleepers. And on top of that, had the kind of snoring that led to him being relegated to a section of floor in the Aerie's living room by 1 AM. Nothing short of hitting him upside the head would wake him up when he was properly out. Or, in the case of the Brood menacing him... teeth going for his throat. Had he not slept curled up in a tangle of blanket on the corner, he'd likely not have survived long enough to wake. But sure enough, the Brood were smart enough to handle covers, and Ash woke up to the sight of teeth as a Brood ripped through his sheets with its tentacley arms.

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" He roared, grabbing the Brood on him mere seconds from it getting a mouthful of bear-throat. Despite his phenomenal strength, Ash was merely Really Strong by human standards. Now that he was aware of his metabolic mutation, and how to use it, he had the potential to be the very pinnacle of human strength with a bit more training and growth. But, unfortunately, he was fighting a giant insect that was nearly in his weight class, meaning it was nearly as strong as he was.

It would have been a fair fight, had the creature's stinger been as useful on Ash as it would any of the others there. Once it realized it had been matched in strength and this giant loud human was holding it back, it had stung him in the side. Its venom simply was no match for Ash's metabolism, however, and with the sudden adrenaline of being attacked right out of his sleep he hadn't even noticed the sting itself.

After nearly a minute of struggling and wrestling with the alien insect, however, Ash managed to grab it in an impromptu headlock and throw his weight down onto it to try and crush it, only to find it was surprisingly solid. With no other And with a last angry roar of "I AM NOT A FOOD GROUP!", the herculean teenager managed to wrench the creature's head further and further in the wrong direction, until with a sickening SNAP it finally stopped moving.
He quickly got up... but decided not to take chances with alien bug creatures, and with all the might of Will Smith before him, punched it in the face. And when that only resulted in hurting his his hand a bit, he instead stomped on its head... several times. Long enough that the lone pair of sweatpants he was wearing at the moment was covered in what passed for the Brood's blood.

"Welcome to Earth!" He shouted, angrily panting as he stumbled over to flick on the light in his room... only to be tackled against a wall the moment he did. "Rrrgh! Someone gimme a hand with these Independence Day motherfuckers!" Ash called out as loud as he could, as he struggled to keep a hold of the thing's arms and keep its teeth away from his throat. Luckily, despite a second sting from this new threat, he still hadn't been dosed enough for even the slightest effect. Yet.

Ash Avatar for before 1/21/17
 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 06:23 PM

At this point, they should really think about setting sentries at night. Or, you know, some sort of motion sensor thing that could set off an alarm when a fucking swarm of giant bugs decided to crash your super fancy camping trip.

Tommy was already halfway out of dream land- not even he was such a hard sleeper he didn’t notice when a bunch of monsters thudded into the walls and shattered windows- when the nasty bug that had chosen him and his twin rudely yanked him right out of his sleeping bag and flung him contemptuously across the room. With his feet off the ground, there was nothing he could do but sail through the air, but Tommy’s blue eyes, used to tracking more movement than that, took in plenty of the attack around him. Nightmare inducing things that looked like crosses between Alien and those Cy-bugs from Wreck-it-Ralph flooded the room in a way that reminded him of a bunch of pissed off ants defending their hive (or was it colony? nest?). Well, if ants had disgusting, waggly tentacles and more vicious teeth than looked practical. They attacked the sleeping mutants- stinging some, grabbing others, and fucking hell one was trying to eat Billy!- with a ferocity that showed no hesitation and--

Tommy slammed into the shiny grand piano.
And promptly broke it.

Up in a flash, no more than mildly bruised, he leapt over the downed instrument and instinctively headed in the direction where he’d seen his brother flying. To his relief, one of the others was already helping the brunette out by happily hacking away at the creature that had tried to eat him. Rushing forward, he grabbed his brother and gave him a quick once over. “You okay?” Well, he wasn’t dying and in the middle of an attack that was enough. “I’m gonna make like it’s Egypt. You...I dunno, mess with their fucking minds!” Tommy poked his brother in the shoulder. “And don’t die.” He looked over at Warpath. “Don’t let him die.”

And he was off, settling on the same attack that had served him so well with the giant beetles they’d faced on the Egypt trip. Tommy’s right hand blurred as the molecules in it vibrated and with the same lack of hesitation that the monsters showed he slammed his hand into each bug he passed who wasn’t touching a mutant, transferring the hyper-kinetic vibrations from his molecules into them.

He hoped nobody minded being covered in exploding bug guts.

Seeing Honeybear struggling with a particularly stubborn bug, Tommy detoured to grab onto the back of the thing. "Hang on big guy!" he yelled as he supplied his own super strength to pulling the damn thing off.

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 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 06:54 PM

Hana had returned from the un-authorized rescue mission, expecting to be chewed on and punished, instead she got informed of some invasion thing that was going to be attacking and they would be shipped off to Colorado. At some point, Hana assumed they would be given the "Don't run off on your own speech." Again. Hana was pretty certain the rebuttal would be along the lines of "Don't ship us off like we're a bunch of four year olds." Though it seemed that argument was being placed on the backburner. Another one of those things labeled "For when things calm down."

If they ever did calm down.

Though being shipped off was not half as bad as she had anticipated. Angel's Aerie high in the mountains was rather picturesque. Hana, on the one hand, did not like the trapped sensation it caused. The only escape was flight or an Abra portal. Then again the position was defensible as they would be able to see approaching aircraft for miles and have plenty of time to react.

Except it was not aircraft that had slammed through the windows and filled the Aerie. It was Lovecraftian. The only descriptive phrase Hana had for what she was staring out. "This is most distressing." She mumbled to herself, rising to her feet. A tilt of her head and five of her tea saucer sized Drones rose up out from her android frames charging alcove.

Hana stood perfectly still and surveyed the scene. Not a logical target given she had zero biological quality to her. Hopefully that would keep her safe for the time being while she studied and analyzed. With a thought a couple of the drones blasted forth and slammed into a sleazoid. Their endoskeletons incredibly durable, and the Brood were very fast as they wheeled around to strike at her drones. One of them was batted away hard. The attack severed Hana's connection to the drone as it hit the wall and clattered to the ground. "Very distressing."

She said, issuing another command the four remaining drones zipped over to where John and Illy were laying apparently paralyzed. [color=DarkViolet::I will help defend. We should find a more secured location to move them.::[/color] Hana spoke through the Drones as they buzzed around Impulse. Their hard light shielding activating as they moved and circled to keep the bugs away from the two downed classmates.

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 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 09:24 PM

Unlike Ash, Roan was a very light sleeper. So at the first sound of bug headbutting window, he was up. And the moment he saw one burst through a window he uttered the world's most dramatic string of curses as he summoned a portal and dove back into it. Inside the floor next to Faust was clearly the safest place for him to be right now. A moment later, once he'd gotten a moment to collect himself, he popped back up just enough to see out into the dark room, and listen to Hana's diagnostic of their situation.

As she indicated where Gunslinger and Darkchylde were down, having been stung, Roan remained up to his chin inside the portal. He did, however, pull out his camera-goggles for Hana to connect to, comm on. "Figures, we all get bunkered in the one goddamn bunker without an underground basement." He looked around as the goggles' night vision kicked in, and spotted one of the cabin's stupidly huge bathrooms... halfway across the bug-infested room they were in. "Bathroom!" He whispered quickly, crawling up out of his portal but leaving it on the ground. "Going for the bathroom over there, that's the only place that doesn't have windows in this friggin' mansion. Hook me up to your eyes so I can portal them through once the bugs are off them. Then find me Ash so I can grab him to heal them."

With that said, Roan tossed a portal onto the bathroom door and threw himself back down through the one beside him, landing beside it. A second later the portals were banished, and he opened the bathroom door to hurry inside, slamming the door shut behind him. "Ready!" He said over his comm, as he threw a portal on the wall and waited for a target to bail out to the safety of a first-class bathtub.
 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 09:53 PM

Curled up with Ion in their zipped together sleeping bags, Gunslinger had on a simple pair of sleep pants with one arm under Liv's head, letting her use him as a makeshift pillow. He was wearing only a pair of long sleeved blue pajama bottoms, more than comfortable cuddled with the pink lightning rod.

However, it surprised absolutely nobody that there was a strong paranoid streak in John Radigan. So at the sound of breaking glass and buzzing, there was a deep feeling of vindication and satisfaction. For if things went right, it would yank his steadfast faith that the universe was out to screw everyone over out from under his feet.

Seeing the shit heads descending, he didn't bother swearing or cursing. As all that was would be wasted effort. So he concentrated, knowing he couldn't get loose of what he now regarded as the fluffy death sack in time to react.

But he did get one arm out.

Focusing for a moment, the solid wood and steel of one of his twin Smith and Wesson .357 magnum revolvers appeared in his hand. Yet as he refocused on the room, he as shocked at how fast the closest one was to him. He adjusted his aim, lining up the sights with the hideous head.

Right before the twin stingers impaled through that forearm.

He wasn't injected right then as the sharp protrusions stuck entirely through. A flick of the tail up and down ripped John from the sleeping bag, spinning the bag around as he was pulled out. The tail flicking down slammed him into the ground and made him lose his revolver, room spinning from the force of his head slamming into the floor. Given the leverage of the strong stingers, his forearm also snapped from the kinetic force, sending waves of pain through his arm.

Part of him reached for where his belt would have been if he were fully clothed. Reaching for one of the small discs that would let him blind the creature, or cause some damage with acid or localized explosive, he belatedly realized one thing.

He wasn't dressed.

That belt wasn't there.

He didn't have time to summon any weapons, and had a broken arm in addition to being staggered by the throw.

He was the equivalent of a lone, unarmed human.

Trying to scramble and turning with his good arm to look, hoping he could at least punt the fucker in the face, he saw the tail delicately lash out and only pierce a about two inches into his shoulder. The weight of the brood settled on him, the chittering of the alien beast being both vaguely insect like and the creature's equivalent of laughter.

Then the tail swelled and squeezed. Injecting the paralytic toxin into the young Texan.

A toxin that paralyzed. That was designed to keep the victim conscious for whatever horrors the Brood wanted to inflict.

And that sent liquid fire stimulating the nerves. Keeping one from shock or unconsciousness or sleep.

As pain worse than even getting rattlesnake bit seared through him, John tried to convulse but couldn't. Couldn't scream. Couldn't close his eyes.

The Brood then shoved him aside, turning him so he could watch Wiccan thrown to one and Boom Boom fighting with her's, and saw the tongue slipping down Phantom.

And as he looked at the tentacles, he thought of his former roommate in horror and had as his last conscious thought Oh God. Tech was preparing for this.

Then pain struck him, with his only though being a desperate hope that someone could get Liv out of this mess. That someone would do the sane thing and nuke all of these bastards.

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 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 10:49 PM

In contrast, Colossus might have been able to notice that something had been up if he hadn't been in the kitchen attempting to crater Angel's food budget for a year in a weekend.

As he was consuming half a cold pizza, he looked as he heard some glass breaking and walked into the main room, pausing as he saw some creatures DARING to attack his sister. Daring to attack students. While Warpath might have been taking the direct approach, Piotr narrowed his eyes and grabbed the couch that Menagerie and Hellfire were on, dumping both to the ground. He briefly hoped that both were clothed, but frankly suspected if the children hadn't seen it yet from those two.... it was only a matter of time.

Then he grabbed what was likely a ten grand couch and flexed, lifting the couch and sending it into a pair of creatures. Without bothering with transforming.

A third flew above them, aiming stingers for the Russian as it wrapped tentacles around head and left bicep, squeezing as the stingers came in.

But there was a sudden shift in the large flesh and blood man. Weight and mass were added. Flesh transmuting into metal.

And the stingers made a faint ping as they hit the broad chest of Colossus. Hit flesh that could take rounds from a tank without damage.

Grabbing the stingers, Piotr ripped each sideways, splitting the tail and squeezing the stingers, crushing them into uselessness. Holding onto the creature as it tried to fly, Colossus turned his back to it and swung the thing over his shoulder, over his head, and down into the floor.

And through it.

Stomping on the head, Colossus then lifted it up and spun around before hurling it into the next Brood in the air. The two who he had taken down via couch hurled the thing off, skittering at the huge Russian. "Apologies my friends," he rumbled as he stepped over Trevor and Merry, ignoring the fast hits of the tentacles and clawed feet as he put a huge fist around each head.

And squeezed.

Ichor fell from his hands as he walked thorough the horde, fists lashing out to batter into and through the creatures as he made his way through like a one man tank, strikes controlled with the skill of a semi professional boxer.

And he made constant movement towards the foe, wanting to eliminate them to keep his sister safe. Slowly making his way towards where the Alphas were at, he knew that he needed to make sure the youngest and least able of the children were safe. But also knew that they needed a plan.

"X-MEN!" the Russian cried out. "Organize! We need to ground these creatures, for they have an advantage in the air!" Putting motion to words, he grabbed a chair in the living area and hurled it up and into a Brood, slamming the flying thing into and then through the wall in an explosion of breaking furniture.

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 Posted: Apr 12 2018, 02:28 AM

Again and again, it was proven that Gert was someone who could sleep damn near anywhere, the noise didn't bother her, and all she really needed was somewhere to put her head then she was out like a light. She could have been upset over being sent to watch the students, but honestly, she was alright with this. Because she had nearly zero fighting abilities she figured it was better than sitting at the mansion trying to prep for a fight that she would lose.

So instead of thinking too hard about the fact that the last time she was in charge of students one ended up losing an arm, last night Gert distracted herself by boldly inviting herself into her boyfriends sleeping bag. This was not the first time that they had a big sleepover, and she'd naturally gravitated towards the big Wakandian, but this was, however, the first time that she'd forgone even trying to be sly about it. Their entire world might be ending, so she was going to give exactly zero shits about what anyone thought. She'd happily climbed into Nez's sleeping bag, doing her best impression of a polar bear as she snuggled into his warmth like she was going to hibernate for the rest of the winter. Could anyone really blame her? Colorado was cold!


Gert woke at an ungodly time of the morning to a soft stroke over her hip, sometime in the night the stolen shirt that she was sleeping in had ridden up, so the touch to her bare thigh had her instantly awake in a way that the noise around them didn't rouse her. "Keep your hands to yourself, mister, you still owe me a village." She murmured as she tried to curl up to go back to sleep, but a chuffing breath rolled against her bare skin before Old Lace's head butted against her more insistently this time. It seemed that a discreet wakeup took longer then the dinosaur was willing to wait because suddenly she screeched down into Gert's face.

Lacey's screech seemed to spark the sudden explosion of noise, but no that was an actual explosion as the room burst into frenzied activity. Kids were being thrown across the room, and it seemed that everyone had these disgusting creatures coming after them. She'd been prepared she swore, she'd been in the danger room when a message from the future had arrived and she believed it but seeing and believing were two separate things. "Babe, wake up." She reached out to make sure that Nez was awake with a rough shake before she reached under her pillow to fetch her glasses, "Fuck, I knew I should have worn pants to bed." Foolishly she'd believed that they would have been safe, as she scrambled to her bare feet she remembered that she should have known better.

There was a second where she was completely unsure about what she was supposed to do, but apparently, there was more than one amorous brood in the group. A tentacle snaked around one of Gert's arms to yank her closer to a chittering fang-filled mouth and Gert did the only thing she could think of, she drove the heel of her palm up under the things chin to shut its disgusting mouth and keep that forked tongue very far away from her.

If a dinosaur could be angry, then that's precisely how Old Lace was feeling at the moment, a sharp huff of breath was heard before she launched herself at the brood that was trying to get friendly with Gert. Sharp rows of teeth viciously tore into the tentacle that was holding onto Gert's arm as the empath pulled out of its grasp, as disgusting as it sounded all she could think of was twisting at crab legs to get at the meat inside. She glanced over to find Old Lace struggling to bite through the giant bug's outer shell, and she realized that they were just going to have to tear the thing apart. When one grimy hand closed around her waist like the thing was trying to haul her into its arms and fly away from her, she decided to put her full weight into its grasp. Her own hands scrambled to hold onto it as Lacey bit down onto its other arm as her claws dug into any place she could find purchase.

"Now!" Gert commanded the dino, and she yanked one way to hold the disgusting thing steady and Old Lace shook her head like a dog with a rope and yanked viciously the other way. It was kind of like they were tearing the legs off of a grasshopper. There was a sickening crunch before the sound of a wet pop, then Old Lace continued to bite and claw at the thing as it writhed on the ground. She didn't know what was pumping out of the creature, not knowing if Brood had blood, but the thing looked like it was dying and all Gert could do was stand there and watch it bleed out. "I think I killed it," She moaned, unable to hide the mournful sound of her words. Gert was pretty sure that she'd killed that thing that tried to eat her (okay it didn't really try to eat her, but she'd gotten one look at those teeth coming at her and went on auto-pilot) and the worst part about it was that there were so many more who didn't seem like they could be stopped in any other way.

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 Posted: Apr 12 2018, 07:42 AM

His home was under attack. The Aerie, and everyone he had invited their in hopes of keeping them safe, was under attack by the Brood. The first thing that came to Warren's mind as the attack commenced was that this shouldn't have happened. That he had a home in the Rocky Mountains was no secret, but that the Aerie was where the X-Men had taken the New Mutants to for their safety was. It just didn't make any immediate sense to him, unaware as he was of Neena's pet Linda both being one of the Brood and the reason they were able to find them, the possibility that one of their own had already been infected and they just didn't know it yet gnawing at his mind. It was a possibility that Warren would rather ignore entirely, but he couldn't help but worry that they had already been infiltrated somehow. The school's biometric defenses should have picked up on that, Warren was pretty sure, but still...

That concern remained at the back of Warren's mind, but in that moment, as the Brood breached his home and attacked the people within, it couldn't be his main priority. That would be protecting those they had taken there for their own safety. If they couldn't manage that, if they failed to protect their students and they along with the X-Men present fell to their attack, then the possibility of one of their own having been compromised didn't matter anymore. Everything would be lost regardless.

With that at the forefront of his thoughts, Warren had started making his way towards the large, floor to ceiling windows that lined the wall separating the inside of the Aerie from the cantilever balcony overlooking the valley. There were plenty of Brood inside already, which were giving the Aerie's occupants some real trouble, but Warren's immediate focus was on getting outside where he would have the room to do what he did best. More Brood were incoming, and his intent was to keep them from reaching their destination lest the others be overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

Colossus, who was fighting the giant, insect-like creatures with as much if not more determination he approached any battle with, seemed to be of like mind to Warren, calling out that they needed to do something about their aerial advantage. "Colossus is right!" Warren called out himself. "Those with ranged abilities, focus primarily on the flyers that make it inside or close enough to the cabin to be in range." The others would hopefully be able to put up a proper fight against the rest of them, with those focusing on the Brood that were out of reach using their own common sense to still lend their assistance if necessary.

"I will take to the air, try and cut off their advance," Warren communicated to his tall, Russian teammate. He was just a man with wings, sure, but he knew how to use them well and he didn't plan on taking the fight to the air by himself. "Firestar, with me!" he called out to the newest member of the Gold team. Angelica was one of the few mutants present who could fly as well, and Warren imagined that - alien parasitic monsters or not - the Brood would not enjoy her microwaves much. "Ion, Scion!" Warren searched through the chaos for the two New Mutants he was hoping could lend some assistance, thanks to a combination of flight and potent offensive capability. He would have asked for Mistral's assistance too, but Warren realised that staying down here and protecting her Alphas would be Kaylee's number one priority. So the four of them would have to do. "We need to cut off their advance," Warren started, "before they can--"

Almost on cue, Warren was interrupted as one of the nasty alien critters slammed into him, knocking him off his feet and onto his back, the glass from the broken windows cutting through his outfit and into his flesh. Sharp claws dug into his torso and legs, the creature's vicious jaws and long, creepy tongue kept away from his face only by the strong grip Warren had just barely managed to get around its... well, he wanted to say neck, but who even knew what was what with their messed up, alien bug anatomy. Its stinger did find its mark, stabbing him in his calf. If not for his regenerative healing factor, Warren would have befallen the same fate as Illyana and John had. As it was his body only numbed a little, allowing him to continue struggling against the alien on top of him, but the creature had the advantage of leverage, leaving Warren lying on the floor without hope of getting up unless someone was kind enough to come to his assistance.

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