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WPX - Storming the Castle

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 Brood- Information Gathering (Open to Peeps in Space), April 20th, 4:30 pm
 Posted: Jun 11 2018, 11:01 PM

There were patterns to everything.

In a lot of ways, pattern recognition was exactly how Cypher's powers worked. Looking at letters or hearing sounds. Rapidly tumbling them in his mind. And his subconscious spitting out what he needed.

It also apparently worked damned well in figuring out patrol patterns.

So he was currently sneaking around, collecting small items and taking them to Forge to see what he could craft out of them. And he had been spending times at terminals and the like, trying to find what information he could get.

Presuming they survived, he planned on jacking some of the tech and the library of information the creatures had.

A telepathic link with Jean was established, as it was a form of communication the Brood couldn't overhear. And that also helped if they were performing tasks in disparate locations.

A rapid limitation of the Brood's technology tended to be how it was essentially cyborg like to a large degree. Which wasn't so much a limitation for Forge, but for Doug and his knowledge of biology being relatively basic, using it sort of weirded him out.

What he was hoping was that they had brought the X-Men's gear onto the ship. But that was going to take some doing to find out.

So slipping into a vacant alcove with a translucent screen, Doug rapidly typed in and let his mutation run through the code. It wasn't that the coding was particularly harder than human. But it was different. Human coding was based on the binary '1' and '0' operating system. While the Brood coding seemed to have several more numbers added into the base system. So it had taken a bit to work thought the coding.

So he'd then started getting as much information as he could see, trusting Jean to download it into her mind as well in case something happened to him.

Though as the sound of the click of one Brood's legs on the walkway made it to his ears, he grabbed the Brood blaster that he'd picked up. It was a one handed weapon for the Brood, but it was fired by tentacle. Which Doug did not have. So he was forced to use both hands to hold it properly. Main reason i want my own weapons, Cypher thought. No weird controls not designed for human hands.

Forge Shadowcat Marvel Girl DJ Flashback

OOC: Nobody has to join this thread if they do not want to. Mainly tagged everyone as they are the only ones who could respond.
 Posted: Jun 12 2018, 08:17 PM

It had taken some time, but eventually Forge had replaced his cybernetic hand and leg. Both were more alien looking in design than the hand and leg the team was used to seeing Forge in. More jagged with sharp edges and clawed fingertips. The hand and leg served its purpose initially, but over the last three days, while waiting for supplies or other information, Forge had set to tinkering with the appendages. An upgrade here, a new feature there. A beam that deteriorated the cell-cell junction making it impossible for cells to adhere to one other.

Forge loathed the invention of death rays, but when in Rome and all that jazz.

Though the team would certainly recognize a change in Forge's demeanor. The inquisitive inventor had been put in the tool box and the Green Beret had been put in its place. They were deep behind enemy lines. Way deep. Like outer space smack in the middle of the bees nest deep. They did not need Mr. Fix-it. They needed that Green Beret trained aspect of Forge. The unconventional Warfare, Counter - terrorism, special reconnaissance guy who did what needed done without hesitation.

Doug had began his work with the terminals. There recon work had identified this as an empty area for about thirty to forty five minutes. Giving them twenty-five minutes to slip in, do the work and slip out. Barring any unforeseen situations. Like the Brood that was wondering in to the room.

Forge's eyes narrowed a bit as he watched from his hiding spot. Letting the Brood get a little to close for Doug's comfort. But the further in the less likely it would be heard so once the Brood was just about to spot Doug, Forge fired an encapsulating beam from his gnarly alien looking cybernetic. The Brood skittered and shook as if having a seizure before its head schlupped off into an amorphous pile of unconnected cellular Brood goo. "Sit rep?" Soldier Forge asked as he stepped up to make sure the Brood was in fact dead. "We might need to cut this one short." He said as he glanced around checking to see if any others were coming.

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