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 Hook, Line, And Sinker, 1.21.17 | 22:00 :: UES | Closed
 Posted: Feb 27 2018, 05:25 AM

Sitting back in his seat, Roberto laced his fingers together over one knee. “Correct.” He confirmed in response to Charlie’s assumption that he was making a demand of her not a request. He wasn’t interested in negotiations, he had hit upon a novel way to avoid the misery that he had been feeling and she wasn’t going to disagree. He didn’t want anything in particular from her, had been furious at the notion that she might have taken advantage of him, relieved to discover that repulsed her as much as it did himself but he was going to take full advantage of her guilt. She wasn’t going to refuse him if she felt like she had a debt to pay nor, did he doubt she could turn down the offer of a million dollar car as payment for going on as she had fully intended to do prior to discovering his mutant status. “It’s hardly going to be an issue.” He told her. “After all, all that I want is for you to continue as you were before you had your little attack of conscience.

Did he understand what he was getting himself into? In all honesty absolutely not, what he wanted from Charlie was going to require him to have complete trust in her. Which was a laughable notion in and of itself, for him to have decided he could put his trust in a woman who had just dosed him and almost run off with his a million dollars of property. But he was desperate for a way out and risking this woman chancing it and stealing more from him seemed worth it for the hours that he could go without remembering. There were precautions that he could put in place, of course, security measures just to be sure. And if he could find something of use to her that she would see of benefit to her outside of the considerable payment he had just offered and within the boundaries of human decency then he was sure she would be agreeable. Leaning forward he placed his head in his hands, drawing in a deep sigh he ran his fingers through his curls. “Honestly? No.” He confessed.

Oh she was right about setting rules and boundaries; Roberto would not be going into this deal completely blind. Though it was still a half formed idea, he was set upon their activities for each meeting being pre-arranged. He could escort her to parties, introduce her to some of the richest people in the city if she so wished or they could stay at his apartment and just watch TV. He didn’t care what it was that they spent those hours doing, it was of no significance to a man who would not remember a second of it, but it would all be determined and agreed upon before he went under. “Of course.” He agreed, “I should make it clear, if my earlier disgust has not, that I do not want anything from you beyond the loss of memory that comes with being dosed.” He wasn’t going to explain why, she didn’t need to know and there was every chance that she would refuse to help him if she did find out. “We can draw up a contract of sorts.” For what little use that would be; if she stepped outside of those boundaries, he would likely be none the wiser and he would not be in control of himself once her pheromones got hold of him.

A small part of Roberto’s brain nagged at him as he sat on the couch, brown eyes fixed on the woman who had so rudely inserted herself into his life. He knew that what he was proposing was stupid but he had never been very good at making personal decisions, the part of him that thought it was a good idea always winning out in the end. Put him in a boardroom and ask him to negotiate a merger and he was nothing short of calculated, but when it came to himself well, he’d already made one life altering bad decision that year. Squashing any doubts with a reminder to himself of just how miserable he was when he was left to his own devices, how close he had come to giving up completely, the Brazilian nodded his head by way of answering Aviela’s final question. He couldn’t state with absolute certainty that what he was doing was wise, that it didn’t come without a long list of risks but with each passing second since the idea had come to him, he had become increasingly sure that this was what he wanted.

Yes. Yes I am positive.

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