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 Character of the Month, January 2018
 Posted: Feb 1 2018, 12:20 PM


And the award for character most likely to do the biggest dumbs goes to Slate!


Sorry, wrong card.

Slate was chosen by you as your favourite original character of the month January! Played by one of our newest members, the lovely Zel, the geokinetic earth science teacher (it's playing to his strengths, okay) has made quite the impact on the board. He's fought ninja, his own insecurities, went on an excursion to Nebraska that in no way will have terrible repercussions, decided having himself blown up was a good idea, then finally got himself trapped in the Savage Land. There's no rest for the wicked, they say, but apparently a good guy like Shane won't get a moment to breathe either.


Nobody is member of the month this time around. Good, that saves me the effort of having to come up with yet another blurb about some--

--sorry, what?

Oh, NoBody is member of the month? That makes more sense.


Joining us two and a half months ago, Nobody writes both our youngest played character, twelve year old Alex Goya, and our most Godzilla-like character, Baki Kaleo, also known as Mo'o. Always willing to thread with a variety of people and showing enthusiasm is a major part of this game and Nobody delivers in a big way. We're happy to have you with us, NoBody, please to be keeping up the great work you've been doing!


They say you can't teach an old David new tricks... wait no, that's not how the saying goes. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Sorry, but look at the guy's hair, it's an easy mistake to make with a shaggy 'do like that.


Slate did actually manage to teach Legion a new trick, or at the very least help him better figure out a trick he already knew. Certain... choices were made during this training exercise, whether they're good ones or bad ones you can find out by reading the Training the Untrainable?
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