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 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 08:46 AM

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Celebrity Claim- Ken Bek

Full Name- Fabian Cortez
Nicknames/Aliases- Lord Cortez is what he WANTS to be called, Fabs is what he ACTUALLY gets called
Age- 27
Date of Birth- October 21
Faction- Brotherhood of Mutants
Occupation- Terrorist, douchecanoe

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Smug, selfish, and sneaky, Fabian is a lying, scheming, backstabber extraordinaire who will go to any lengths to gain power and followers for himself. He aims to manipulates the fear and frustration of his fellow mutants, preying on their desire for vengeance against humans for their crimes, when in fact he actually couldn't care less about the "human vs mutant" issue beyond how it benefits him. Naturally, of course, this is something he keeps to himself under a good-natured and charismatic mask, instead presenting himself as loyal to Magneto's cause and a proponent of mutant rights above all others.

Fabian believes himself to be descended from royalty, and often speaks in a pompous, elaborate way as he thinks befits such. He tends to sneer at those he deems lesser, which is generally everyone but especially focused on those who display any sort of behavior he deems trashy, as well as the physically mutated (though he takes care not to do that in front of his followers). To make matters worse, he has a strong sexist streak, and his goals include, no kidding, forming a harem for himself (again, something he wisely keeps a secret). This is typical of Fabian's motivations---there is never any nobility or nuance to his purpose, only self-aggrandizing. He may pretend otherwise when trying to sway people to what he wants, but that's all it is, a pretense. There is nothing good about this man.

All that said, he does have a weakness for women he perceives as "pure" mother figures, deferring to them with an uncharacteristically sincere respect. And while he wouldn't hesitate to hurt a child if it suited his interest, he's rather fond of babies, and would like to have a family himself one day. He seems to think he'd make an excellent father. In actuality, he desires a family and a children for the same reason any other narcissist does---as extensions of himself, to adore him and be totally under his control. First though, he'd like to hijack Magneto's cause for himself! Why should that old relic get all the praise and hope and adulation of the mutant community, after all, when Fabian deserves it so much more? As for why he thinks he deserves it, well, he just does. Fabian just deserves things. At least, that's what he thinks.

His other hobbies and interests besides selfish supervillainy include capes, lying to birds, and using a hologram projector to illustrate his fantasies for himself.

While frequently ridiculous and not anywhere near on par with the likes of more prominent and powerful mutants, Fabian Cortez is nonetheless a man of many talents and should not be underestimated...but SHOULD be made of fun of, frequently and at length!
  • Horseback riding
  • Dogs, they act like you're the greatest person in the world, of course he loves that
  • Vegetable korma, it's his cheat food
  • Posing in front of the mirror and thinking about how great he is
  • The admiration and adulation and subservience from others that he so richly deserves!
  • How people don't just automatically do exactly what he wants all the time instantly
  • When any sort of rules apply to him even when they apply to everyone else
  • Being asked to get out of the bathroom, do you people UNDERSTAND how much care needed by the perfection that is his ponytail?!
  • How many Americans don't seem to realize that being from Spain is NOT the same as Latino
  • Why don't women fall at his feet at the sight of him? What's WRONG with them?!
  • Strategy, both political and military/battle-oriented
  • Making due with what he has; he wasn't born with the biggest or best mutations, but he's found a way to turn the strengths of others against them and to develop non-mutation skills
  • Putting on a charismatic or friendly face
  • Persuading others to listen to him
  • Lying
  • Sucking up to the most powerful person in the room
  • Bizarrely, he's actually pretty good with children, especially babies
  • Public speaking and making speeches
  • Pointing the finger at somebody else
  • Egomaniac
  • Power-hungry
  • Flawed moral compass, to say the least
  • Maintains human prejudices such as sexism, classism, and covert disgust at the physically mutated
  • Cowardice; he'll flee any fight when it seems he can't easily win
  • If he has an opportunity to bully someone and get away with it, he will
  • Hypocrite
  • He's not as good with women as he seems to think...

user posted image

Power Name- Power Enhancement
Description- Fabian is able to boost the powers of other mutants. He uses this to help his allies, increasing their powers for battle, but he can also use it offensively against his enemies, making their powers amplify beyond their control, sometimes even killing them this way because their bodies can't handle their own abilities. For example, a telepath might become so overloaded with the thoughts of everyone around them that they go catatonic, or a pyrokinetic might burn themselves to a crisp despite normally being immune to their own flames. Depending on the degree of power enhancement, a boost can be classed as a "charge" or "hypercharge", with the hypercharge being the greater of the two. This power emanates from his hands, which glow with golden light/energy when he uses this ability.

Limits- It only works on mutants; no other type of being is affected. He must be touching the person, though skin-to-skin contact isn't required as his abilities can effect someone through most clothing if it's not overly dense or heavy. However, getting close enough to an enemy to do this can be difficult, especially if that enemy is a mutant with powers of their own trying to keep you away. Heck, depending what's happening on a battlefield, it can even be hard to get near an ally who WANTS his charge. There are also mutants simply too powerful for his abilities to effect because they're already at their peak potential (such as Exodus) and mutants for whom it would be an unwise move to overcharge. For instance, if someone's power is to produce flames from their body, then the fact he would have to be touching them when he hypercharges them means he'd be burned too when they overloaded a second later.

The smallest possible charge he can give someone will allow for just *one* enhanced use of that person’s powers within the next five minutes, then it dissipates entirely. A standard charge can last up to five hours, but is generally more around three; mutants with more powerful mutations will have the effects wear off faster. So someone with a small or minor-level mutation will probably be able to get the full five hours, someone with a standard or mid-level mutation will likely be effect for around three, and someone with very strong abilities (ex: Magneto) may only be able to hang on to the enhancement for a single hour. In all cases, the charge will wear out faster the more they use their powers. So if there are two people who would normally both be able to hold a charge for two hours, and one used his power a few times while the other started using her power constantly, the former would be able to keep his full two hour enhancement period, while the latter would burn out faster, perhaps in only thirty minutes.

While people under the influence of a charge will be more energized, they “crash” when the effects wear off. This is not a drawback to Fabian himself, but it is for his allies. They will find themselves tired and weak for twice the amount of time that their charge lasted, more so if they pushed themselves during it, less so if they did not. Going back to the above example of the person who used his power judiciously versus the one who used it constantly, the latter would be in need of rest for five hours to recover while the former would probably only need two hours, despite both of them getting a two-hour charge level that would normally entail a need for a four-hour rest. People with mid-level mutations will be effected the most by this; those with small mutations won’t be as drained by them, and stronger mutants are more used to handling a lot of power. In addition to extra rest, extra nourishment will be needed/craved as well to those effected; they’ve burned through a lot of energy, and calories are energy!

All of this gets even more serious with hypercharges. Hypercharges as his offense move, when things go from “helpful” to “harmful”. They are the charges that take the target’s power into such ranges that they can’t control it or hold it in, and the defenses their own body normally has against it can no longer hold up. Due to intensity of these charges, it cannot last long, as the target simply cannot sustain such output, but it doesn’t take long for the effects to be devastating. With non-physical mutations, such as telepathy or pyrokinesis, the effect is generally three to five minutes—long enough for them to plenty of damage to themselves and those around them. With physical mutations, it takes longer for their body to return to normal, and may be a very painful process, lasting anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. It’s also extremely exhausting to go through, requiring rest ranging from eight hours to a few days, plus whatever extra time is needed to repair whatever injuries resulted. As with the normal charges, stronger mutants can generally recover on the faster end of the spectrum.

Power Name- Mutant Healing
Description- Fabian can heal the injuries and illnesses of other mutants. There's really not that much more to it than that; as with his Power Enhancement, this power is channeled through his hands, which glow when he uses this ability.

Limits- As with the Power Enhancement, he must be touching someone and they must be a mutant. For serious injuries and ailments, there is only so much a single healing session can do, and he'll have to do several over time for a success, with each session only healing a portion of the damage. That's not very helpful if they don't have that kind of time, are bleeding out rapidly from several serious wounds, etc.

Unlike his enhancement powers, this power draws energy directly from Fabian himself, rather than amping up the energy of others. Therefore, it is not the target that faces consequences for it, but Fabian. Patching up some minor cuts and scratches is no big deal, he probably uses more energy brushing his hair (an admittedly very serious task), but if he’s repairing bones or organs, he’s going to start feeling it. Being a large, strong, and athletic person, he has good endurance, so fixing a single broken arm or other serious injury doesn’t truly slow him down, it’s more like he feels like he went for a long run.

However, the more grievous the wound, and the more he has to do, the more drained he gets. So if it’s, say, the aftermath of a battle, and the whole team has injuries that would normally require hospitalization, he’s going to be looking visibly haggard and probably sleeping any time he isn’t on-call, needing to eat more, be achey and headchey, "hangry", not to mention being increasingly unpleasant to be around. It’s not a good time to come in saying you have a hangnail you want him to help with, he’ll probably start shrieking and throwing things before collapsing dramatically. And no one wants that—what if somebody tripped on him? He also tries to claim he needs to be waited on and massaged by the more comely ladies of the Brotherhood, but this is probably due to, ah, ulterior motives.

Superficial cuts, scrapes, and bruises can be taken care of in a single session, and typically in less than a minute. More serious lacerations and fractures—for instance, something that might ordinarily require a lot stitches—can take more power, and usually one to three sessions, each ranging five to ten minutes, fifteen at most. The same goes for common illnesses such as common colds, a small case of the flu, etc. More severe issues—second degree burns, broken bones, damaged internal organs, head injuries—require at least five sessions of at least fifteen minutes each in order to fully repair. Once you get beyond that, he’s less likely to be able to actually fully fix the problem, just make it less bad or keep it from getting worse. Even if he can’t fix something, his sessions can also help decrease recovery time, such as making an injury that would normally take a year to recover from fully now require only eight months—at least, in cases where recovery is possible at all.

His ability to combat poisons and drugs is…iffy. He can help the body fight something inside it, bolstering whatever it’s already doing, but he’s not actually eliminating the problem like he does with injuries and illnesses, the poison is still in there and it’s going to keep affecting the person until the body has processed or purged it. The more serious the poison, the more effort and energy he has to expend to help fight it, and the less effective the results will be. There’s a big difference between, say, a small dose of a minor party drug, and a spoonful of cyanide.

There is also nothing he can do about allergies, nor about conditions someone is born with (asthma, diabetes, PCOS, etc) There are also some diseases that are just beyond him, namely things where the body is attacking itself, like cancer or the Legacy Virus.

Power Name- Genetic Scanning
Description- He can “read” genetic codes and biological systems of other people, enabling him to determine if someone is human, mutant, or otherwise. Sort of a human Cerebro. He can also detect other anomalies and details in someone's genetic code; for instance, he can tell if someone has been biologically tampered with. This is the one power that he can use on humans and other beings as well as mutants. It is a relatively swift process, something he can usually do in the space of a mere handshake, though it's not quite instant enough that a mere tap is enough.

Limits- As with the Power Enhancement and Healing, he must touch the person. He cannot tell what kind of powers a person has, only whether they're a mutant or not. Likewise, if he detects biological altering, he may not be able to pin down the specifics. For instance, if someone had the aggression centers in their brain biologically altered so that they were more or less prone to aggression than their norm, he would be able to pick up that they had been altered, and maybe that it was in the brain specifically, but he wouldn't be able to tell what was done or what the effects were.

Skills & Abilities-
In addition to his mutant powers, he has shown skill with a firearm, martial arts prowess on par with an expert ninja, military strategy and political expertise, and considerable talent for espionage and gathering intel, not to mention good with babies and small children as well as horseback riding.

His training with guns and martial arts began as a child when he was around 11 and anti-mutant sentiment started to seriously begin; his parents knew he was a mutant but that his powers weren't suitable for defending himself if he were ever persecuted, so they enrolled him in classes from a young age so that he could fight back in mundane ways if he ever had to. He took to the classes like a fish to water, and continued pursuing these talents throughout his teen and adult years, pushing himself even further to make up for his lack of an offensive mutation. He honed these skills further during his years with Action Force, during which he was also trained in political/military strategy and intel-gathering.

A privileged child, riding horses was a regular part of his upbringing, and his baby sister Lucia was how he came about his talents with young children. Emphasis on 'young'---the older a kid is, the less adept Fabian is at managing them. He's best with toddlers.

Due to growing up with a psychic sibling, he can generally tell when a telepath is in his mind unless they are taking great pains to be sneaky, but there's not much more he can do about it than your average person.

user posted image

Height- 6'5
Weight- 214 lbs
Eye Colour- Blue
Hair Colour- Ginger

Fabian is immensely tall and well-built, with a V-shaped "Dorito chip" body that has broad shoulders, a muscular chest and arms, a small waist, and bulky thighs because this man doesn't miss leg day. He wears his red hair in a well-tended ponytail that goes a bit past his shoulderblades. He has a chiseled rectagular face with high cheekbones and a strong jaw/chin.

When it comes to fashion, Fabian sticks to classic and classy, aside from his need for deep V-necks to show off his chest and guide the eye down towards his crotch. Other than this flaw though, he really does do a good look for a timeless, traditional sharp-dressed man and can make even really casual getupslook a cut above the rest because of the quality, cut, and designers he chooses. Just, you know…that one flaw is pretty big. Like “insta-Eurotrash” big. Seriously, Fabian, you are sabotaging yourself here. Get rid of the V-necks.

He sometimes wears a very thin necklace with a small cross or Marian medallion attached. And his Bluetooth is nigh-constant.

Gear- Fabian generally carries a large gun into battle (typically a Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun), and keeps a smaller, concealed one on his person when in civilian guise (a USP 9mm by the same brand). He also frequently uses a Bluetooth headset both on and off the field.

Additional Information-

- He remains close to his family and contacts them when he can, but doesn't want them to know of his terrorist activities. This presents something of a conundrum for him, given that he also craves fame.

- He coined the term "flatscan" for humans in reference to how they read as a "flatline" to his genetic scanning power; this word has since gained popularity in the mutant community as an anti-human slur, though he maintains (depending who he is speaking to) that he did not mean it that way

- He is a native Spanish speaker, but took English classes from a young age, so his English is nigh-flawless and lacks an accent. He actually makes a point of using fancier, more flowery language than most native English speakers do!

- He doesn't smoke or drink, but he'll sneer at other people's choice in cigars/wine/etc if he thinks it's low-class

- Bodybuilds and works out religiously, and is very smug about it. And he's even smugger about his fabulous hair.

- He's the sort of guy who will call a woman a slut for NOT sleeping with him

- Old photos reveal he once had a rat-tail hairstyle and his left ear pierced and he lives in fear of someone finding out about this

- He's got some pretty severe allergies to several types of tropical plants

- For better or for worse, he's really good at doublethink and cognitive dissonance. This is part of what allows him to be such a huge hypocrite about so many things.

- He doesn't know how to cook his own food or do his own laundry and he refuses to learn. THAT IS BENEATH HIM!

Hometown- Salamanca
Immediate Family-
Ana Maria "Anne Marie" Cortez (Twin sister)
Josefa Fidelia "Pepa" Cortez (Mother)
Mariano Cortez (Father)
Sergio Cortez (Older brother)
Lucia Cortez (Younger sister)
Maria Pilar Cortez (One of many cousins, also the Ministerio de Justicia of Spain)
Others- A pet dachshund named Brat. He got him to pick up women at the dog park, but has also become genuinely fond of him too.

Fabian was born to a wealthy family of aristocratic descent in the Castile region of Spain, and grew up in a countryside manor with its own private farm.

Prior to his powers appearing, Fabian's life was normal, idyllic even. His twin sister Anne Marie discovered her psychic mutation unusually early, before puberty, and Fabian uncovered his own shortly after via accidentally hypercharging her. This resulted in placing her in a week-long coma; her mind was so overloaded by the emotions of other people that it had shut down.

Anne Marie could control the minds and emotions of other people, and while she wasn't cruel, she was a child and didn't understand that it was wrong to use them in certain ways. For instance, on Fabian. As any kid would, she of course would use her powers on her brother, to make him play with her or stop bother her or just do funny things like dancing with his shoes on his head. These things were harmless, yes, and she didn't mean any harm, but it may have been the start of Fabian's resentment and control issues---being mind-controlled as a child was terrifying for him, and there was nothing anybody could do to make Anne Marie stop.

Anne Marie would also use her power on her parents, to make them do things like give her ice cream for dinner. Thus, they became aware that she was a mutant, and, eventually, that Fabian was as well. They didn't love their children any less for it, but they were afraid of what might happen if other people found out. So they did the best they could to just try to make the children understand---and Anne Marie had such a hard time understanding things--that she had to keep this a secret.

They were not as worried about Fabian; it was unlikely that humans would ever pick up on his powers, since they couldn't be effected by them. But the fact his abilities were so inoffensive meant they also wanted to be sure he could defend himself should he ever need to. To this end, he was enrolled in classes focusing on firearms and martial arts. Fabian, for his part, enjoyed them the same way a child would enjoy any other sport, like soccer, and enjoyed them even more when he discovered he was quite good at them. However, he disliked the reason for why he had to learn these things---to make up for his pitiful, paltry mutant power. He felt he had gotten shortchanged by nature, cheated out of the more powerful mental abilities that his foolish sister possessed. Why did HE get the ability to control minds and emotions like she did? Why did he receive such useless, effeminate gifts? It wasn't fair! They were twins, after all, they should be the same! But he might as well be a flatscan himself!

As Fabian got older, he excelled both in academics and in sports, and he began developing a charisma that drew others to him. It didn't hurt he was the tallest in his year and quite good-looking at that. Slowly, he was beginning to feel he could, if he worked hard enough, hold the kind of sway over people that his sister's mutation allowed her to with so little effort. He wanted that. Speaking of his sister, her powers couldn't make up for the fact that she was academically and socially behind her peers, and lagging further and further with each year. Add to that and her strange behavior, the fact she was clearly mentally awry in some way, and she had become an outcast while he was beloved. It changed what resentment he had towards her into instead a pitying sort of paternalism, and he started to look after her to a degree, more like an older brother than a twin. He liked her a lot more now that she was "less" than he was. He also helped out a lot with his much younger sister, Lucia, finding he also liked caring for the baby. It was perhaps the beginning of him only being happy with others when he was superior to them or had power over them, though at this stage in his life it was not a power he intended to misuse.

Fabian continued to push himself both physically and academically, as well as continued his classes in firearms and self-defense through his teen years and beyond. While the charismatic nature he had evolved with his classmates made him seem destined for a role in politics or PR, his skills attracted the attention of a family member who worked in the Ministry of Justice. Their own daughter, his cousin Maria Pilar, was currently following that path, and Fabian joined her. He thus spent a good deal of his 20s training in Action Force, Spain's covert paramilitary wing of the Civil Guard. This served to enhance his fighting prowess and skill with a gun further, but it also gave him the opportunity to train in the art of politics, negotiation, espionage, and intel-gathering. Action Force had plenty of idiots who could shoot and fight, but Fabian was the one among his team who could use his brain. Action Force and the Ministry of Justice just showed him how, and he was a quick study.

When Action Force began investigating the rising mutant activity in Spain, Fabian met other mutants for the first time. Some disgusted him, but others intrigued him. They were so angry, so desperate, some helpless and vulnerable, some bitter and bloodthirsty. They were longing for a leader, and he saw that they looked to Magneto, which made him jealous of this mutant leader he had never even met. But some also started looking to him when he used his abilities to heal them or improve their powers. He rapidly became addicted to the attention and admiration, and decided he could get more from his own people---though he still did not think of them as such---than from Action Force and humankind. Thus, he turned on them, siding with the local mutant underground and striking back at the Spanish government in a bloody assault.

Now a wanted man, he reconnected with his twin sister, who had erstwhile become sympathetic to such causes, and the pair left Spain together to join The Brotherhood.

user posted image

Player Name- RF (RodentFanatic)
Age 28
How Can We Contact- I'd prefer a PM! But my email is if you need it!
Time Zone- EST
How did you find us?
Other Characters- Not yet!

Role Play Sample-
[Copied from an RP that I did on Tumblr, with the other character's name taken out!]

“Ah, like our noche!” said Fabian, “You may have guessed by our family name, Anne Marie and I hail from Spain originally. You are American, yes? Very poetic choice, in any case.” “

"We don’t have other names,” said Anne Marie, sounding as if she didn’t have an opinion one way or the other on the common mutant practice of taking a codename.

“And if we did, I haven’t the slightest what they’d be,” said Fabian, “Our powers are easy to explain, but a bit hard to find any dignified moniker for. but enough about us—we should be giving you the tour!”

He began pointing out the fixtures and features of Genosha—this square, that street, historic statues, and so on. Anne Marie jumped in with irreverant and irrelevant comments, such as this one tree being a favorite of a squirrel she fed there daily, or how this one cafe had a really cute cashier, or how, charmingly, she’d once seen a grown man pooping in this particular alleyway.

They reached a posh, stylish hotel, one where the Acolytes were clearly familiar with the staff. Fabian explained she’d be staying here for the time being, and that many of Magneto’s “elite forces” maintained permanent residences of this type. As she was given her keys and her bags passed to a porter, he added,

“If you wish to proceed to presidential estate of Lord Magneto immediately, Anne Marie and I can wait outside whilst you take care of anything–a shower, a change of attire, so on—or, if you wish to settle in first, we can come back later in the evening, or another day.”

When [NAME] returned, the two Acolytes would be waiting outside next to a sleek, polished, car. There was a driver at the helm, visibly mutated and wearing a uniform complete with cap. Fabian opened the door and Anne Marie hopped inside the back seat. He made a gesture for [NAME] to follow. Once she had, he joined her and his sister, so that [NAME] was sitting between them

As the car began to drive, Fabian began to speak,

“You’ve doubtlessly realized by now you’re getting special treatment. Genosha is a prosperous country, and we do help all immigrants get set up with housing and a small temporary income while they find a job...but we’re not able to put everyone up in these sorts of lodgings, nor do they all get to see Lord Magneto himself in person. I cannot speak to what his interest is in you, but if I were asked to guess---

“I bet he wants you to join us!” Anne Marie interjected, placing her hands on [NAME]'s and looking quite excited at the prospected, “As an Acolyte!

Charles Xavier
 Posted: Apr 19 2018, 06:28 AM

:: Nobody expects the Fabian Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise, surprise and fear, fear and surprise. Our two weapons are fear and surprise, and ruthless efficiency. Our three weapons are fear and surprise and ruthless efficiency and an almost fanatical dedication to Magneto.::


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