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 Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads, Brood - 2027 // closed
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 10:49 PM

Kerr had needed to make a hasty retreat the night she had gone to make contact with Slate. She wasn’t sure if she managed to help, or if she had made things worse but doing nothing was not her style. She had an obligation to the X-Men, even if they didn’t exist anymore, to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves and a few billion hard to murder monsters had never stood in the way of that. The only difference the Brood has made was the rate of her successes. They were, in Kerr’s opinion, too few and far between.

They’d had to flee the remnants of the school, an inelegant retreat that left a trail of busted Brood eggs and a scattering of alien anatomy in their wake. It was less than ideal, showing themselves so obviously, but Kerr had needed to talk to Shane. She needed to give them a chance, an actual chance to save themselves. Then maybe they could do what the X-Men did best...

Save the world.

“Kerr?” Doug appeared, wearing a haphazard armor and a few various weapons and tools on him. He looked haggard, between having to try to decipher various alien tech and work out repairs with the limited materials they had. Walking up to Kerr and giving her a solid hug, he asked “Was it successful?”

After all, when it came to time travel they were dealing with a host of unknowns. Variables that none of them were sure about. Because even if successful, would it change the future they were in? Would they split into another timeline if one had a more multiverse theory of the universe? There was just no way to know. Which was the frustrating thing about these hail Mary passes into the past. There was no way to definitively know if they were successful, no easy way to measure success or failure.

Or was there?

“I’m not sure yet,” Kerr answered her husband honestly, her brown eye tired. She had been quiet for hours, arms wrapped around herself since her return from the ruins of Xavier’s. The one-eyed blonde could feel it happening all around her, the timelines screaming as they bent and adjusted around her. It had happened the night Alpha had gone rogue, busting through the small window Kerr had created to save Shane from his college friend. That had been... painful. Her earlier adventures with Alpha and Darkhawk had not caught up to her yet. Maybe that meant they hadn’t changed anything yet.

Kerr was pretty sure it meant they changed everything.

“I still don’t know if this is the right thing,” she admitted, letting her head rest against Doug’s shoulder. “If this works we disappear. No one will remember but me. Maybe some others who are keen to time travel. And if it doesn’t, the Brood win. There just aren’t enough of us left. The last two people on Earth are going to be Logan and Victor along with twelve billion Brood.” Kerr shook her head and grimaced. She could feel it coming...

“Alpha! Get up!” Though the girl didn’t actually sleep, she did occasionally manage moments of rest. For one of them to be interrupted by some frantic rebel shaking her roughly awake was irritating. Alpha didn’t have much in the midst of a Brood occupation. The least people could do was leave her the fuck alone unless there was something to fight. “Kerr needs you. Go. Now!”

Blue eyes snapped open and she diffused into purple energy, rocketing through the walls to cut down on travel time, appearing beside the blonde girl before the word ‘now’ had actually been completed. Kerr was bent over in pain, eye wide as she screamed. No one could see the way the timelines were vibrating around her, their screams getting louder and louder in a way only Kerr could hear. Alpha solidified and came to a skidding stop beside Cypher. “What? What happened? Backup? Kerr!”

Kerr’s hands were clawed into the dirt, gasping for breath while she struggled. “I failed,” she panted. “Alpha... I broke it. I made the whole thing worse. Things are changing and now I can’t stop it.” They had changed the past alright. They’d changed it and all the things they had wanted to prevent had only happened faster. All the monsters they had tried to keep at bay, were somehow stronger. “I can’t stop it.”

“They’re all going to die.”
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