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 Me Desculpe, March 4th | 3:55 PM | Closed
 Posted: Apr 17 2018, 04:29 PM

A tired silence had fallen over Roberto da Costa as he lay on his back focused almost entirely on the deep in and out of his breath. His eyelids were heavy, the long curls of his hair stuck to his forehead, a dopey half smile on his lips. When Calvin spoke he rolled his head to the side, smiling wider as Mimic expressed the same thing that Roberto had been about to say to him. Instead all that he could manage was a quiet little noise of contentment and a gentle squeeze of his boyfriend’s hand. He was thoroughly exhausted; keeping up with Cal had always been a challenge, the other man’s various more permanent mutant abilities meaning that he did not tire as easily and recovered with incredible speed, but it was always worth the effort. Being told that he was amazing was a particularly welcome ego stroke; there was nothing quite like being told that your bedroom prowess was impressive. Not that he could take the credit completely for himself; with Calvin everything just clicked, and ever since they had given into their rapidly blossoming love for another, it had only gotten better. He had never enjoyed pleasing someone as much as he did his love. Giving a short breathy laugh as the other man suggested he let him know when he was fully recovered, Roberto let his eyes blink long and slow but did not answer. It might be a while.

A sigh escaped Roberto as Cal pressed a kiss to his cheek and he briefly reached out in an attempt to pull him in for a more passionate embrace but his boyfriend had, disappointingly, already moved to rest his head on his chest. Pouting at the missed opportunity, he shifted his weight to allow from them both to lay more comfortably and placed the hand that had reached for him on the top of his head, lightly stroking through Calvin’s dark hair. His skin tingled with the delicate touch of his love’s fingertips as he played with the platinum crucifix, the gentle repetition of him tracing along its shape sending him off to sleep if not for Cal’s words drawing him back. Leaning forward slightly, he kissed the top of Calvin’s head; a silent expression of love in response to the younger man’s wonderful words. It was the same for him. Everything outside of their bubble ceased to move, time stopped when they were together like they were then and not a single thing beyond their love for each other mattered. Drawing in a deep breath he moved his hand to delicately brush his fingers up and down Cal’s back. “I love you too.” He whispered, his voice quiet and lightly quivering; he had never meant anything that he had ever said more than he meant those words.

When Cal fell silent Roberto did not hurry to fill the quiet instead choosing to take the time to simply enjoy the moment. Closing his eyes, his breathing slowed as his body relaxed and he sank into the mattress. That the pair had, had quite the disagreement only a couple of hours ago had seemingly been forgotten, no tension remained between them, no worries occupied his thoughts. Roberto da Costa was happier lying in that bed than he had ever been anywhere else or with anyone else. If the feeling that it would be sensible for him to at least eat something that day hadn’t been playing at the back of his mind then he would have been content to lay between the sheets for the remainder of the day. Rest a while and then return to his favourite activity of discovering new ways to please his love. Slowly he began to drift off to sleep, soft little snores coming between breathes. He didn’t mean to, he was just so at peace and calm. Once again it was the sound of Calvin’s voice that drew him back to wakefulness having not slipped so far that he could not register his words. Rolling his head back to focus his eyes on the ceiling, Berto blinked away sluggish drowsiness. “Hmmm?” Came his reply but then his boyfriend’s mention of how they would be moving to Brazil in just three days cleared up his unspoken query and he smiled.

Yes. Our home.” He repeated, his heart skipping a beat at Cal’s correction. It might have been called the Costa Estate but Roberto was determined that the Rio mansion would feel, to his love, just like home. He would do whatever it took, give Calvin whatever he wanted. “I was so excited to come back to New York.” He said quietly, “But it’s just not the place I thought it was.” He had quickly come to realise that he had romanticised the way that he felt about Xavier’s, the city. And now that he had very little keeping him there, the bad memories more prominent that the good, he couldn’t wait to return to Brazil. When he had moved back to Rio five years ago it had been a sad occasion that he had been wholly unprepared for and he had carried that with him right up until he had showed up at the school. He had been convinced that his unhappiness would be solved by returning to the one place that had always felt like home but, as was a recurring theme with Roberto and his negative feelings, he had been wrong. So now only a few months later he was more excited than he had ever been to go back to the country that he loved so much. His heart belonged to Rio de Janeiro, and now that he was moving back there to build a life with his love, he knew that the sadness he had felt there before would be gone.

It makes me so happy to know that you’re looking forward to the move, Cally.” He had been worried that Calvin might only have agreed to it as a means to make him happy despite reassurances to the contrary. “Just think of all of the memories we can make, of all the good we can do for the city, together.” As much as he loved his country, he knew that it was a place rife with its own problems. Together with Calvin, he would be able to work on addressing some of these issues particularly pertaining to the small mutant population. Brazil was, for the moment, a generally safer place for mutants, there were the usual groups that cropped up, spreading messages of hate for minority communities, Roberto had come up against one not long after his own manifestation, but they were few and far between and anti mutant rhetoric had yet to leak into Brazilian politics they way that they had in the US. Nevertheless, there were still the typical issues facing those who had been born with the X-Gene; abandonment, disadvantage and the personal struggle with identity and learning to control unexpectedly gained powers that almost every mutant went through. He knew how important support for mutant kind was to his boyfriend and he wanted to support that, had been experiencing the growing feeling that perhaps that was where his own passion lay, in helping people.

But mostly I’m just looking forward to building a life with you, to sharing everything I have, to being an ‘us’ instead of a ‘me’.
 Posted: Apr 19 2018, 02:39 PM

Reaching for his boyfriend's face, Calvin used his fingers to gently brush back the thick curls that clung to his forehead. His hazel eyes remained focused on his boyfriend's lovely brown ones, a smile plastered on his face as Roberto spoke of the memories they could make, of the good that they could do in Rio, and most importantly how he was looking forward to the life they were about to start together. Calvin had made mention of that himself too, but he would struggle to properly put to words how much it actually meant to him. There had been times when he was stuck in the Savage Land where he had worried that he would never see his love again, so to be at this point now just brought him to an indescribable level of contentedness. He did, however, feel like taking a stab at telling his boyfriend how important this was to him, and he could think of no better way than putting it in perspective by comparing it to how his life used to be.

"Never in a million years would I have expected to end up like this," he confessed quietly, lovingly meeting his love's gaze. "In life, I mean. This--" Calvin gestured between the two of them, flashing Berto a grin, "--was really just inevitable." The two of them were locked in a perpetual struggle to keep their hands off of each other, except neither of them actually made an effort, so there wasn't any struggle to speak of. It was a good thing Roberto was independently (and ridiculously) wealthy, because Calvin couldn't remember the last time he had been conducive to any work getting done, instead of just serving as a constant distraction. He wasn't to blame for it, of course, it was all Roberto's fault for being so damn irresistible.

"If anyone had told me even as recently as two months ago that I would be in a committed, loving relationship, I probably would have laughed at them." No, he definitely would have laughed at them. Commitment had just never been one of Calvin's strengths, more something that he was inclined to shy away from. "I was just so lost at the time, yet had myself fooled into believing I had it all figured out." His idealism, his belief that their support of mutant rights made the Brotherhood the group for him, had simply blinded him. To the less than kosher elements within the group, to how he didn't fit in all that well with them, and to how much of a mess his life had still been despite being freed from the Bluffdale facility. It wasn't until he had run into Roberto da Costa that he realised he was lacking what made him happy in life.

"Even before that, before Utah, I never had something like this," Calvin continued, caught up in a bit of a trip down memory lane. At least this time it didn't involve the worst of it - Utah and the Savage Land - but even looking back at what came before all that didn't show all that pretty a picture. "I thought I had everything figured out, that life was good, but... nope." Looking back at it now, "Nope" seemed as apt a description as any lengthier one could be. "This is good," Calvin stressed, leaning closer to his boyfriend so he could place a kiss on his lips. "It's real, while everything back then was just... me using what the good Lord gave me to support a lifestyle I couldn't afford." He'd felt no shame about it then, and honestly didn't feel any shame or even much remorse about it now, but the love he found with Roberto stood in such stark contrast to his life back then that he couldn't pretend like those few years had been all that great. He'd been content, but he realised now his contentedness came from nothing of real value.

Cuddling up closer to his boyfriend's naked body, Calvin wrapped his arm around the man's torso and pressed his lips against his cheek. "Sorry, sometimes I get caught up reminiscing about my sordid past," he apologised. "When really I should just focus on the here and now, and how wonderful it is thanks to you." Calvin's hazel eyes shifted sideways for a second then, and he couldn't help but let out a chuckle at what occurred to him then. "And perhaps I should also be considering what we'll have for dinner." Moving his hand to Roberto's flat, well-defined stomach Calvin gave it a soft pat. "We've gotta get some food in there, because I fully intend for you to need the energy later." Calvin almost argued that it would be in celebration of his birthday, but then that would suggest that it was something unusual, and it was not. "How about sushi?" he suggested. "I feel like I haven't had any in years." He had, of course, but the three years he'd spent in the Savage Land had done a serious number on his grasp on how much actual time had passed.

 Posted: Apr 25 2018, 03:17 AM

As Calvin made his remark about the inevitability of their ending up in bed together, Roberto gave a low, quiet laugh. He was right, of course; neither of the boys was particularly inclined to resist the other but it was amusing all the same. His attraction to his boyfriend, his love for him, was often so consuming that he could think of little else, it was any wonder he was able to keep his hands off of him at all. He’d even had to resort to renting a private office space just to get anything done. The businessman was usually the sort who could happily make his way through paperwork, emails and meetings from the comfort of his own living room but since Cal had come into his life the chances of getting any work done from one day to the next were next to impossible. Not that he didn’t think he was wholly responsible for this; falling in love had done absolutely nothing for his work ethic, and he indulged Mimic’s attempts to distract him every single time.

Not so long ago I couldn’t have believed that I would ever smile again and really mean it. Never mind calling himself someone’s boyfriend, he hadn’t been one of those since he was fourteen years old, had made a point of not being one. Everyone who Roberto had ever loved left him eventually and every single time the experience had felt like his heart had been ripped right out of his chest. Juliana, murdered simply because she cared; his mother, gone from his life because he wasn’t good enough to keep her in it; and his father, dead from a heart attack unexpectedly and far too young. He had resisted that one emotion for as long as he could but when he was with Calvin it was impossible. Smiling lightly across at the other man as he continued to speak, Roberto reached out a hand to trace his thumb along Cal’s jaw, brushing over his bottom lip. “Well, thank goodness I found you then.” He added quietly in response to his love’s assertion that he had been lost, convinced that he had it all figured out.

Berto didn’t judge Calvin for aligning himself with the Brotherhood but he was nonetheless thankful for him no longer being a part of that group. An X-Man no more, he still carried with him plenty of the values and ideals that Xavier’s had instilled in him during the six years that he had been there. Still, he couldn’t deny the appeal of the Brotherhood who were far more outspoken in their support of mutants rights than most any other organisation. He could see how easy it would be for someone like Mimic or other young mutants who felt as though society had done them an injustice, to fall in with Magneto’s terrorist crew. Had the X-Men not gotten to him first a young Roberto da Costa could have quite easily found a place for his anger within their ranks. Once in the middle of it, it wasn’t easy to get out of such a group. Not necessarily because they refused anyone the opportunity to leave but because it was only natural to feel like you no longer belonged on the outside. He’d seen it with the kids who joined the drug gangs in Rio, who wanted out but felt like they had nowhere else to go. That no one would accept them thanks to the choices that they had made.

Continuing to lay in relative silence, Berto listened as his love made reference to his life before Utah. One that he had some idea of himself but not in any great detail. He didn’t really need to know though, what Calvin had told him was enough to draw a general picture and honestly it wasn’t far removed from how he had lived his own life up until January of that year. Sure, he had never had to indulge the whims of others to get what he wanted, having always had more than enough financial means to do most anything he could imagine. But Roberto had a history of taking advantage of people just to serve his own ends, doing it with charm did not make it right. Not that he regretted his behaviour, there were few people harmed by his own hedonistic pursuits save for the few who had attempted extortion or made wild claims just to keep him around. In all honesty he was impressed that Cal had managed to maintain an expensive lifestyle armed with nothing more than his beauty and allure. He would save his boyfriend the lecture on the transferable life and work skills that he must have developed during those years but made a note to invite him the next time he had investors to entertain.

Cuddling in as Mimic wrapped an arm around him, Sunspot let out a quiet sigh as a kiss was pressed to his cheek. “No need to apologise.” He answered Cal’s apology for reminiscing, smiling at how he had thanked him for how wonderful the here and now felt. That had nothing to do with Roberto, things were only as good as they were thanks to Calvin’s own kindness, patience and understanding. But he would save pointing that out until another time. “But now that you mention it.” Taking hold of the hand that patted his stomach, he furrowed his brow, playfully admonishing his boyfriend for the action. “I’m really hungry. Starving even.” He hadn’t made sure to eat very much that day, it happened sometimes when he was very busy. “Sushi sounds like a wonderful idea.” Turning to face Cal he leaned in and kissed him, wrapping an arm around him. “We should order in though.” He said, kissing Cal again. “Because I’m not in the mood to get dressed just yet.
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