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 Sceaming in the Dark, March 31st
 Posted: Apr 30 2018, 07:08 PM

March 31st, 4:20 am
Washington D.C., Office of the Secretary of Defense:

Dell Rusk didn’t need anywhere near as much sleep to function as normal people.

Which was beneficial when reports of some strange creatures attacking upstate New York came in.

Knowing he was one of the few up, the Secretary of Defense lit a cigarette and considered his actions. The reports said that these creatures seemed to be powerful. Yet the casualties were lighter than he would suspect. Logic then dictates they are searching for intelligence or simply need raw genetic material, Rusk thought calmly.Or perhaps these beasts seek to stock their larder for later. In any case, he needed more information about these creatures. More data to determine how to respond.

For it was going to be him having to shape a policy as opposed to the President. For while the politician could give a good speech and inspire people, in a former life Rusk had always valued a more direct approach. But over time he had learned to temper it for long term goals.

Pulling a secure phone from a pocket with levels of encryption that even a cyberpath would find time consuming to pierce, Rusk waited for someone on the other end to answer. As the man on the other end picked up, Dell said “I have a mission for you and the Crew. Head to Salem Center. Remove evidence of a possible bioweapon, but collect samples for the good doctor to examine. I am sure he can provide a suitable means of disposal. And play it low key as I will have military forces on the perimeter.” Hanging up, he then contacted the President.

Having a solid plan in place made it sound better when waking the man up far before he wanted to. It was easier for Kelly to agree and go along with it, authorizing Rusk to send in National Guard forces and set a perimeter for a while.

And all the while, his own personal forces would be working to stage the scene. To remove the evidence.

March 31st, 4:41 am
Salem Center, New York:

Heavy boots landed outside of the transport, and a huge man covered head to toe in black tactical gear and covered with weapons surveyed the scene. His associates were decked out similarly, with a few differences due to specialized weapons. Which Brock always viewed as an effeminate affection, not being able to make due with standard weapons.

“Saxxon. Start to work on electronic recordings,” the large leader of the group said. “Manfredi. Take to the air.” At that, one of the men nodded and hit a button on a pack on his back, letting mechanical wings similar to a bat appear and lift him aloft. Looking at one of the nearby individuals, the huge man said “Levins. Keep an explosive or two ready in case any of these things are actually tough.” That man simply slipped one of several small round explosies at his waist into each hand, silently waiting to see if he needed to attack anyone.

Turning to the last member of this squad, Brock smiled and said “Cragg. Go door to door and have the inhabitants nap for a bit while we clean this up.” That smaller individual with an thick collar at his neck asked “Want me to keep them from talking in the future?”

The leader shook his head and said “No. Let them form some weird conspiracy theory if they want. We need to be in and out, so after we have a few samples I’m taking care of the rest.”

From a second helicopter more soldiers appeared, but they seemed to lack the same level of dangerous malice as the first group. Brood were loaded into tubes and placed in the helicopters, and when all were full the leader waited.

Cragg for his part simply went door to door, smiling as people opened it and using the device on his neck. His words became like commands from God, telling the people to simply nap or to not notice anything odd occurring for the next day. Once done, he hit a communicator and said “Everyone is covered. No eyes are on us.”

The leader then slipped out a vial, stepping up to a Brood and pouring out the contents. It was something that looked like a half melted form of Play Doh, green and oozing and maybe as big as a child’s hand.

But as it hit the Brood, it consumed and converted. Growing into a larger mass that then hovered and faced Brock. Nodding at the bodies,the commander said “Dispose of them and return home.” With that, the amorphous thing kept consuming the dead Brood, slipping in and among the people of Salem Center. The people wouldn’t be able to recall anything odd happening due to the efforts of the commands of one of these individuals.

Brock for his part then took a scan of one Brood, sending it along to his boss and the doc. He didn’t know what these things were, but knew they were some ugly sons of bitches. And he looked forward to trying his hand at killing a few if possible. Loading up with his crew, they then snuck out, with Brock sending a message to his boss to let him know the mission was done.

Washington DC, Office of Secretary of Defense:

Rusk looked at the image on his phone and started mentally dissecting the advantages and disadvantages of these creatures. Flight. Strength. Armor. But also a more limited dexterity and not very well designed for anything developed for a biped.

But even as he looked, his phone lit up with a familiar face. Smiling as he looked, Rusk said “Your thoughts Doctor?”

The image on the phone looked more like a computer generated face,and the mouth moved in time with the voice over the speaker. “Not of this Earth. The genetic sequence has markers not in common with any terrestrial DNA. And that is simply from the simple sample Brock transmitted.” There was a pause as the man in the phone said “There was no record of anything similar to this in history or science. But there was a new tomb found in Egypt with images of creatures similar to this. I am going to send one of my bodies to investigate with a team.”

Nodding, Rusk then said “But I trust you are also going to examine the bodies when they get in?”

Looking affronted, the voice on the phone said “Of course. I just prefer to get every information source I can if possible. I will keep you apprised of what is found and potential applications.”

Giving a curt nod, Rusk said “See that you do old friend. For from this position, there is no reason for us not to have all of the pieces in play. For when we do, we can shape this world into our own image.”

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