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 Savage Land - I Was Promised Dinos, not Orcs // Group One, Day 3 // Exodus, Plasma, Scion
Black Knight
 Posted: Feb 18 2018, 08:20 PM

Shield smashed teeth out of an orc face as it hit edge first, then a swiped blade took the legs out from underneath the creature. Dane kept his sword up and weaving a smoothly flowing tapestry of offense and defense, stabbing out and making cuts that conventional blades couldn't make work with the arms and armor of the orcs, but which were cleaved through with the ease of a razor blades cutting air. At Senyaka asking what the orcish word for death was, Dane quipped "Not sure. Pretty sure it might be the same as 'basic hygiene' though."

The shaman fighting Exodus cried out in glee as the heavy weapon of the former Crusader hit him and didn't cut, only knocking the shaman back. There was a battle scream of rage from the creature, foul smelling saliva flying from its lips as it hacked at Exodus. There was a savage grin of pure glee at the fury of battle on the creature's face.

Senyaka had succeeded in snagging one of the aerial troops, coil working to pull him up. but the jarring of the flight pattern meant that the riders on the creature knew he was there as well. One was the pilot and the other weapons master, with the latter hurling a jar of Greek Fire at Senyaka to try to burn the mutant. Other bats flew around him, archers firing arrows at the man. A few even flew underneath him, firing up and trying to stick the killer from below.

The weapons master then tried to ease down, swinging an axe at the coil wrapped around the foot of the bat. Which had less than zero effect outside of getting the orc in range to be drained.

As Senyaka had the air forces well distracted, Dane ran towards where Exodus was, raising his shield as one shaman hurled forth a hand and sent a blob of acid at the modern day knight. As the metal started to melt, the Black Knight hit a control and released his shield, hurling it into the mouth of an approaching warg.

The only warning he had of the next attack was a flash of light before a dark red lighting was hurled from the shaman.

By all rights, the knight should have been dead.

But the lightning instead hit the sword, running through it and coursing through the enchanted and alien metal of the weapon. And instead of striking the Black Knight.... it held the energies in it.

Dane would swear after the fact that it wasn't his idea, it was like something whispering to him, a voice telling him what to do. But he then gripped his blade and swung it in an arc.

And that red lightning flew from the blade, crashing into the enemy lines and blasting many of them back.

Which also gave him the opening needed to get to Exodus.

Running forward, his blade neatly cut through one of the blades the beserker shaman had at hand, leaving a few inches and handle only. Raising his sword into a high guard position to bring it back down when needed, Dane yelled out "GENERAL! Come out and face me! There is no need for others to die when we can settle this!"

Far from that battlefield, the aerial orcs were rapidly learning that there were problems with being airborne when facing someone with telekinesis. Mainly as they kept hitting the green shield of Scion's and weren't on the ground to use leverage to work through it. The tusked creatures glared under dark armor, with a few hurling jars of Greek fire at the shield and letting it cling and burn. The archer's fired, and though the bows were heavier than what an average human could pull back, the arrows were steel tipped and still just arrows, not able to pierce that telekinetic barrier.

The large bats then were pulled up, letting out a series of high pitched shrieks in an attempt to find a sound to pierce that barrier and break the teen's concentration.

Plasma had found that staying in wouldn't be much of an issue as her legs fell in the saddle ahead of the wings on the horse. The saddle had metal bands that then crept over her legs near the saddle, essentially working as a seat belt to keep her in. Flying near Julian with strokes of those huge wings but keeping them back to try to keep from interfering with the telekinetic, Aragorn snorted at the sight of the orcs throwing fire at the TK shield, flicking his ears and shaking his head at annoyance as the bats sent a shriek at Julian.

He thought it was past time to go on the offense.

Flying at an upward angle, he cleared Julian's shield and then gained some ground. A few bats broke off to follow with their riders, following the horse. There was a cry as Aragorn seemed to slow down, banking and facing the bats.

Then the wings swept back as Aragorn pinned his ears and lowered his head, diving for the first bat.

The winged and human level intellect horse was hoping that Plasma would use the photon blade to stab and slash the huge bat, but in case she didn't he ran down the riders on the creature, pausing just long enough to kick with his hind legs and send one off of the bat. The other had a fractured skull for it's problem.

Running along the bat for a second, he jumped from it with Ruby in tow, diving like a rock through the ones attacking Julian's shield, banking close to try to let Ruby cut the arm of one pulling back to throw another jar of Greek Fire. And then Aragorn simply dropped, pulling in wings and letting all 100 lbs of him slam into and through the wing of one giant bat, unfurling his wings and diving and swooping back around Julian's shield.

There was a smug little twitch of ears and toss of head, as if the horse was wanting to say See? I am protecting all of you.

As the shaman kept pressing the attack against the Black Knight and Exodus, the other spell casters seemed hesitant to work magic after seeing the effects of a lightning strike on their own men. But the orc General seemed to have vanished, with Exodus and Dane battering down the shaman and then skewering the heart of the enhanced creature with the Ebony Blade.

Drawing his sword out, there was a sudden horn that blared and the ground troops pulled back. Lifting his sword and looking at the army, Dane wasn't looking in the one direction that he should have been.

Namely.... up.

There was just a leathery whisper before a creature landed down, a wing battering Dane down as a tail slithered forward. It jabbed at the hand not holding a sword, the oversized scorpion stinger injecting him with poison.

And a low chuckle came from the back of the wyvern, the creature standing 9 feet tall at the shoulder. The general jumped off. aiming his warhammer at Exodus.

A warhammer both enchanted, and having a small amount of the same black metal of Dane's sword worked into the head.

It hit home with a resounding crack of noise, hurling the Frenchman into and through several trees. Smiling at the sound of the repeated cracking noises, the orc chief strolled up to where Dane had gotten to his feet, sweating and staggering due to the poison in the tail stinger. Laughing at the knight, the orc admitted "She said the sword would keep you from dying from most, but looks like that still hurts." Grinning at the knight, the orc purred as he lifted his hammer "But injuries from the same metal as your sword..... they can put you down." With that, the orc swung his hammer, trying to simply brain the knight.
 Posted: Feb 19 2018, 04:23 PM

So far, Julian's telekinetic shield was doing a fantastic job of keeping the Orcs away. Nothing they had could penetrate it. Not even the strange fire they were throwing. The bats, however were a problem. As adorable as they were, their shrieking could disrupt Scion's concentration and cause the shield to drop. Then they would be in serious danger. Ruby just hoped that Julian's concentration was good.

When she had first scrambled up onto the Pegasus's back, she had been very worried about the possibility of falling off. After all, it was her first time on a horse... or horse like creature. However that fear had been unfounded. As soon as she had settled in the saddle, several metal bands crept over her legs, essentially keeping her in place. At first this was scary and she considered trying to pull the bands off, but she soon decided it was a better option than potentially falling off and breaking something. Then... Aragorn was off, they were flying. For someone who wasn’t fond of heights it was both terrifying and yet, exhilarating.

She let out a little yelp and clung to the reins as Aragorn flew upwards at an angle. That did not feel so good. Had the metal bands not been there she was sure she would have fallen. That thought nearly made her sick but she focused and stayed calm, reminding herself that she was safe. The Pegasus was not stupid and wouldn’t take her anywhere dangerous, that was what it had been asked to look after her.

I’m ok. I’m safe. Nothing bad will happen.... she firmly told herself as they got past Julian’s shield. A few of the giant bats followed them and Ruby hoped Aragorn knew what he was doing. As they faced the bats, Ruby switched the photon blade on and held it tightly. The last thing she needed to do was drop it, that was a bad idea. Especially as it looked like they were going to charge the bats. Using her powers would take a bit of time, so attacking with the photon sword it was. As soon as they were close enough she aimed a few slashes and stabs at the bat, and it worked, she managed to hit it and hurt it. Obviously this was no where near as good as Aragorn who managed to get all of the enemies. Still, it was a start, right? Also, it was kind of... fun. Like something out of a video game, only better. If you ignored the real possibility of getting injured that was.

They went for a second lot of Orcs and this time she was ready. This time she definitely managed to get the one that Aragorn was aiming for her to get. The one aiming to throw another jar of fire. It worked and Ruby was delighted. She aimed another attack and managed it. Holy shit, she was actually being useful. The drop caused her to let out another tiny yelp of surprise and all thoughts of actually being useful vanished and replaced with an intense fear of falling. Thankfully they were not falling and were soon back behind the shield.

“Ok... that was weird, scary, but also kind of awesome.” Ruby said shakily. “You ok, Julian?” He had lasted quite a while with the shield, it was now just a question of how long he could last. And hoping the others were ok.

Exodus, Senyaka, Black Knight
 Posted: Feb 21 2018, 10:24 AM

Arrows were almost comically ineffective against Julian's shield. With Kerr's help he had used his telekinesis to hold up an entire building, had been struck repeatedly by lightning and been on the receiving end of a massive beating from a mystical, cannibalistic monster up in the frozen Canadian wilderness. Arrows? Yeah, Julian could do arrows. As terrible as he was with fine control, he could rock the protection against projectiles both large and small. Even the Greek fire that was hurled at his shield didn't bother him too much. He could feel the heat on his shield, but the shield didn't have senses the way he did himself. It was more of a general awareness, the only thing that really bothered him was impact that had a lot of force behind it. He wasn't expecting any of that from a bunch of Orcs and their toys.

But then he'd also not been expecting the bats. Well, he knew they were there, he just didn't consider how fucking annoying it would be once they opened their mouths and started shrieking. His concentration faltering under the sonic assault that his shield provided no protection at, Julian's telekinetic shield weakened. Being best friends with Liv meant that it would take more than just a couple of shrieking bats to disrupt his concentration completely, but it definitely left him far from his A game. He was determined not to give up; despite having a lot of negative traits that others could usually point out, Julian was not a quitter. Even with his seemingly impossible to control powers, he kept on going, even if it was usually in an angry and wholly ineffective manner.

The necessity for protection lessened when the dumb white animal Ruby was currently riding proved that it wasn't completely useless, though. It swooped out from under the protection of Julian's telekinetic shield and began stomping the bats, alongside Ruby and her magic sword. Or science sword. Honestly those two were basically the same to Julian, as soon as the sword was anything more than "pointy metal thing for stabbing." Taking the opportunity that provided, Julian briefly dropped his shield entirely, trading defence for offence. Stretching out his hand, he sent a telekinetic blast towards the nearest bat rider, hitting the beast in the face and proving once more that the best way to shut someone up was punching them in the teeth. That same act was repeated with another one of the bats, before he was briefly forced on the defensive again as the Orcs' continued assault sent more projectiles his way.

When Aragorn and Ruby returned to his side, Julian returned the horse's smug behaviour with an unimpressed look. "Don't start giving me attitude," he told the horse, "that's my thing. Find your own." Then, turning his attention to Plasma, he quickly reassured her that he was fine. "It's just arrows and a little bit of fire. I've had worse happen during training sessions in the Danger Room, and that's the most "training wheels on" kind of environment there is." Honestly, with how things usually went, they could just rename that the Safety Room and instead start referring to field trips as Danger Trips. "Not a fan of those bats, though. If Forge ever grows up again, I'm going to ask him about making ear plugs or something." He'd ask the currently thirteen year old Forge about that, but he didn't trust the kid to not also make them bombs at the same time.

Senyaka Exodus
 Posted: Feb 24 2018, 08:11 AM

Senyaka knew he was exposed. Dangling underneath the bat by his tendril. He had not begun to drain the life from the beast. Not wanting to take a sudden dip to the ground due to rapid lose of life. Though he knew he had to do something as all this exposure just simply made him a target. Namely for arrow and greek fire. Senyaka barely managed to sway his form out of the way of the pottered jar of Green fire. The arrows were a different story.

Swaying back and forth, spinning in place from the cutting resistance of the wind sheer. Senyaka still made for a difficult target, though an arrow bit in to his shoulder while a couple others skimmed the surface of his hip, carving a deep groove. He would need to get that taken care of and quickly. Luckily enough the weapons Master decided he would dangle from the saddle and swing a weapon at Suvik's tendril. Raising his other hand up, Suvik let the other tendril snap around the weapon master's arm just above the elbow. His tendril pulling the life force from the Orc and quickly converting it into accelerating his healing ability.

Like a six armed bug of death, Suvik manipulated himself from the underbelly of the giant Bat to its back. Letting the dried out husk of the dead weapon master fall to the ground like a blunt force trauma bomb while Suvik continued to carry himself up onto the back of that giant bat. The pilot caught in a jam. To continue to pilot the beast that lacked the intelligence of Dane's winged horse, or fight off the invader that had taken his back. The Orc did not get the opportunity to decide as Suvik wrapped his coils around the orc and pulled him in. Drawing his life force from the foul smelling thing and musing that perhaps the Black Knight was correct. The orc word for death may just be soap.

More orc aerial troops were rushing in towards Suvik. Suvik knew he needed to get back to the ground. A crack of power caught his attention as Exodus was sent for a ride. A chuckle left his lips and he thought/spoke, "It's the first bounce that sucks most asshole." Had they been friends, that might have come across as a jovial poke between two old buddies. They however were not. Such a jab might only serve to anger the Frenchmen. Hopefully he would point that ire at the orcs and not Suvik. Though there was a good chance that Exodus would do both at once. He did have that capability.

Suvik needed to be on the ground, and he knew of only one way to get there. Reaching underneath the bat with his tendrils, Suvik ensnared its snout and pulled downward while drawing the life from the beast. His wounds had started to knit together and force out the arrows, though he needed more life force to continue. The bat would prove useful as both a source and a bomb as it dipped towards the wyvern and the General. Suvik pushed off of the bat, sending it careening into the side of the Wyvern as he dove for the foul beasts back. Just in front of where it turns into its neck and latched on with tendrils stretched out as far as he could stretch them and beginning to draw in the life force of that foul beast as quickly as possible dumping it all into healing as he was surely about to need it some more.

 Posted: Feb 27 2018, 04:33 PM

It was with a great sense of relief that Bennet continued to battle against his foe as he saw the Black Knight charging across the field to join him. Though the feeling of relief was quickly replaced with abject horror as the remaining shamans lashed out again with conjured lighting. The french mutant was preparing to conjure a telekinetic barrier when he saw something that harkened back to his distant past adventuring in the middle east. It was as if the swordsman had managed to block the bolt of lighting with the Ebony Blade before lashing out with the blade and blasting a large swathe of the orc forces with the deflected attack before diving through the gap created by the attack to join Exodus.

Bennet could only laugh as he fought side by side with one wielding the Ebony Blade as they made short work of their magically twisted foe. Even though Bennet couldn’t skim thoughts off of the shaman through the berserker haze they were fighting through he could read enough of Dane’s thoughts to improve their coordination. Where Dane struck low Bennet went high, where Dane focused on putting pressure on their foe Bennet’s sword and telekinesis served as their shield, until finally the shaman lay dead at their feet.

All was not well however as the battle against the mutated shaman and the surrounding chaos from Senyaka making his way through the orcs had masked the approach of the wyvern and its rider until it was too late for Bennet to preempt the attack. As the barbed tail struck Dane, Bennet was smashed by the enchanted warhammer with enough force to send him flying through trees with a badly cracked sternum and the wind knocked out of him. As he crashed through dense jungle growth he could hear Suvik’s biting thoughts and the crusader promised himself that he would take his due from the killer’s hide when there weren’t pressing concerns to be dealt with.

Through the haze of pain Bennet focused his power and teleported to the middle of the battle while maintaining his previous momentum. Flying through orcs, wargs, and other beasts like a cannonball Bennet righted himself and used his telekinetic flight to increase his speed even further as he rocketed towards the general. As he drew close and saw the Black Knight obviously injured Bennet flashed back to his youth and the many battles he had fought side by side with his dearest friend. A Black Knight with the Ebony Blade and a noble heart in danger, Bennet couldn’t help himself as his mind returned to forgotten battlefields,

“EOBAR!” he cried as he struck the general with a blow that could cleave through a castle wall. The sword entered at the creatures left hip before carving through the body and erupting out through the right shoulder cleaving the beast in half. With the general down Bennet quickly turned his attention towards the wyvern that Suvik was grappling with as he launched his sword at the scaled horror as a telekinetically powered missile deep into the creatures breast.

With the potential death blow struck Bennet lent his shoulder to Dane, “Don’t let go of the blade until we find a way to deal with the poison.” With ease the french mutant supported the Black Knights weight as he shrouded the two of them in a telekinetic field. As an afterthought he used his telekinesis to pry the warhammer from the dead hands of the fallen general calling it to his own. “Suvik, we’re leaving before they can rally,” Bennet called out as he rose into the air carrying Dane, “Latch onto me if you don’t want to be left behind.”

Plasma Scion
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