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 January Announcement, 2018
 Posted: Jan 1 2018, 01:10 AM

I don’t even know what to say.

A full year has come and gone since our little band of misfits sat down and created EVO. There were only four of us and EVO was little more than a liferaft where we could play, plot, and watch our characters grow. Our site has always been about the story but I don’t think any of us, Bry, Hank, Pirate, or myself could have guessed just how big EVO’s story was going to get and how many diverse, incredible characters it was going to spawn. In 2017 alone, our babies have faced purifiers, been experimented on by Sinister, and faught Symbiotes, Mummies, Wendigos, and Magic. They fought with each other in the worst and best ways possible.

And we’re no longer just four people. Not only did Charly and Pete join the admin team, but every single one of you starting with Jamie (who joined on January 15th) to our newest, Trek (joined December 23rd) has enhanced and moved the site forward. We’re grateful for every last one of you for your unending enthusiasm, amazing ideas, contagious excitement, and unfailing skill in building our own little universe.

Thank you from the bottom of my shriveled old heart for making our first year at EVO so incredible.

Ok. Enough mushy shit.


In the last twelve months, this site has accrued over 10,000 posts (almost 8,000 in character), over 890 threads with over 10,000 views. That is mind blowing! You should all be ridiculously proud of what you’ve accomplished here this year and it isn’t over yet. There is more to come, starting with Genosha. The Brotherhood and X-Men alike are circling around Trask’s corporate state but the X’s might have bigger problems. The truth about Kick and it’s furry, blue origins can’t stay a secret for long and that is not the sort of PR the X-Men need while Trask protesters and Anti-Mutant sentiment continues to grow.

We have had several new characters since the midcheck including, Wicked (played by Mia), Chrome (played by Pete), Hawkeye (played by Fishy), Erebus (played by Trek), Pride (played by Andi), and Persephone (played by Mercy). Please every keep an eye out for these amazing new additions and include them in any shenanigans you’re planning. Don't forget Kali Norwood’s birthday is February 26th (she’ll be turning 20) so get out the streamers and the balloons.

EXCITING NEW THINGS:: The New Mutants have been growing steadily and the staff has decided we finally have enough to break up the jr team into squads! Firestar is still overseeing the New Mutants as a team, but the new squads are broken up in the following:NOW PREPARE for daring rescues, subterfuge, explosions and the usual shenanigans!

-The Admin Team
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