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WPX - Storming the Castle

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 Character of the Month, May 2018
 Posted: Jun 2 2018, 05:49 PM


Honeybear was once again the most popular girl at prom OC, once again winning character of the month on the strength of being such a big, loveable goof. Written by Anonymoogle, Ash has gone from a big, loud man to a big, loud... younger man, which has clearly been a popular development. Having been given the option to grow up again a few ROs ago, Ash decided to stay as he was, not in the least because the people at Xavier's are prone to injuries and you can never have too many healers at hand to make their booboos all better.


Sadly there is no member of the month this time around, as apparently they're M.I.A. and nowhere to be found.


Oh, Mia. Sorry. Yes, I know I've made a similar joke before, and no that doesn't discourage me from doing it again. In fact, I hope we get more members with names I can make these lame jokes about. I only get let out of my cage once a month, I have needs.


Mia is our member of the month! Starting off with Alice "I see dead people" Caroll back in October, she has since graced us with Bianca "I touch dead people" Mezzanotte, Wicked "I have no last name to facilitate your joke properly, but I'm friends with dead people" and some other character I refuse to acknowledge since she broke the theme.

(Just kidding, it's the sonokinetic Catherine "Might scream at dead people" Brown).

Props for everything you've done at Evo so far, Mia, and we're looking forward to seeing what comes next for your girls!


WPX - Storming the Castle was voted thread of the month by you all. Featuring the New Mutants rescuing Laura Kinney and Neena Myles from a Weapon X facility, with appearances by Maverick, Wolverine and that complete bitch Kimura, this thread was a joy to read from start to finish, in no small part thanks to Rider's corrupt, evil soul creative mind. And at least that's all been dealt with now, and we can all go back home and enjoy the terrors of an actual alien invasion some time to relax, because obviously Weapon X is never going to be a problem again. *shuffles the Kimura bio under a rug*
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