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 Darkchylde, Illyana Rasputina
 Posted: Jan 28 2018, 04:02 PM

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Celebrity Claim- Dove Cameron

Full Name- Illyana Nikolievna Alexandria Rasputina
Nicknames/Aliases- Illy, Snowflake (Piotr only, kthx), and The Darkchylde
Age- 15
Date of Birth- August 30, 2002
Faction- New Mutants, March 4, 2017
Occupation- Adorable, angelic little sister

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Before she was taken by Belasco, Illy was a sweet natured, pleasant little girl raised in a loving home and doted on by her parents and two big brothers. Her time in Limbo certainly took care of the angelic, precious baby Rasputin, years of abuse, intense physical and mystical training and a lifestyle that frankly encouraged demonic behavior quelling the cheerful sweetness right out of her. She managed to retain something of her initial innocence during her time in Belasco’s tender care but it has been eerily warped by growing up in a hell dimension. Her sense of right and wrong, good and bad, is somewhat askew, and her social development has left a lot to be desired. Illy has become unconsciously weird, vaguely threatening, and dark but the heart of her, her core, is still tremulously good despite what she’s been through.

Cold and a bit distant, Illy has adopted a sense of fearlessness that has nothing to do with not being afraid and everything to do with not caring how much something hurts as long as the outcome matches her desired result. She has been conditioned from a young age to accept disappointment, discomfort, pain, and abuse and move past it in order to survive and Illyana is absolutely a survivor. She is also a determined, intelligent, utterly simple girl. She doesn’t lie. She doesn’t act out. Doesn’t hold much stock in the average teenager things, and she is spectacularly guarded. Not saying she doesn’t display emotions. Illy has no practice in controlling her emotions at all. She has zero discretion when it comes to how she feels and displays her joy and delight as easily as her rage.

Illy is also ferocious in a scary way. When the Darkchylde, Belasco’s darling little doll, comes out to play Illy turns ruthless. She will protect herself, her brother, her friends in a manner that might be considered overkill but Illy believes when she solves a problem... It will stay solved.

  • Nature. Real nature. Sunshine, snowfall, flowers, stars... All the things absent in Limbo.
  • Pastels. So pretty. So gentle.
  • Blood magic. So pretty. So violent.
  • Makeup. A girl is never fully dressed without eyelashes long enough to smack a fool from across the room.
  • Sharp melee weaponry. There is something incredibly satisfying about a blade biting through flesh to crack bone.
  • Baby animals. Omg so cute. And if you cut them open you can summon unspeakable horrors.
  • Someone trying to threaten or intimidate her. She has no time for amature hour.
  • Being told what to do. Like most teenagers this is not a thing she responds well to.
  • Babies. Ew.
  • Soggy cereal. Almost as bad as babies.
  • Demons. Not a fan.
  • Taking a beating. Illy is just a girl but by god she is not concerned with pain anymore. It has literally been beaten out of her. (thanks S’ym). She is also skilled in melee style fighting, a direct result of her ‘training’ in Limbo.
  • Mystic arts. Her time in Limbo was primarily spent being crafted into a mystic weapon. Her power has only begun to be properly tapped.
  • Hula hoop champion. None can compete with her sick skills.
  • Independent. Illy has not been a child in a long, long time and prefers to stand on her own two feet.
  • Naive/Awkward. Illy doesn’t always realize how twisted she became in Limbo and when it comes up she doesn’t know how to gracefully deal with her social deficiencies.
  • Her magic comes from Limbo and on Earth it is frustratingly diminished.
  • Devastatingly beautiful. That’s a flaw, right? (Narcissistic)
  • Terrified of Belasco and with damn good reason.
  • Honest without the understanding of tact. Don’t ask her questions without actually wanting the answer.

user posted image

Power Name- Teleportation
When she turned fourteen, Illy discovered the ability to mentally create and control ‘stepping disks’, a specific means of expedient travel that allows her to cross great distances and dimensions near instantly. The stepping disks manifest as flat platforms of light, their size dependent entirely upon Illyana’s will. She can move people with her, so long as they stand on the disk, but only she capable of directing the disk’s destination. She and her passengers must be standing on the disk to be teleported.

Distance does not seem to be an issue, her first teleportation on Earth being from Lake Baikal in Russia to Salem Center in New York via Limbo and taking multiple steps does not seem to have any adverse effects. She is still getting the hang of including others, used to only having to worry about herself, but it’s not a very steep learning curve. Illy can use her disks to find anyone, scanning Earth from Limbo to determine where to rematerialize.

Illy has to concentrate, to know where she is going or who she is trying to reach in order to teleport and the stepping disks require Illy use Limbo as a sort of layover, the transportation always stopping in the hell dimension before moving onto her desired destination. It is not always convenient but her she has not managed to teleport without moving through Limbo itself first. She has only recently realized that the disks can allow her access to Earth, initially only able to teleport around Limbo itself.

She can go unfamiliar places so long as she has something to focus on, be it a person or object that she can scan for from Limbo, but without some means of focus, Illy’s accuracy can become a crap shoot.

Power Name- Telepathic Immunity
Because her mind is connected to Limbo, it is nigh impossible for telepaths to access her thoughts or influence her mind. Theoretically if a telepath was brought to Limbo they would be able to communicate with her, though this theory has not been tested.

Telepathic immunity means no one can mess with her mind but... It means that no one can mess with her mind. No one can find her, talk to her, help her via telepathic means when her mind is not open to it.

While she is immune to telepathy on Earth, in the Otherplace, Illy is entirely susceptible to a telepath’s interference so long as that telepath is also in Limbo.

Skills & Abilities-
  • Melee Combat - Since she was six years old, Illy has been brutally trained in various melee weapons by Limbo’s most physically imposing demon, S’ym. Her options were learn or suffer. Illy favors bladed weapons, a pair of axes made special for her, and an arming sword that she wears at her hip.
  • Magic - While S’ym beat a physical education into Illyana, Belasco was training her in the dark mystic arts, forging her into a weapon of formidable skill and power. She has access to his substantial magical knowledge and, while in Limbo, she is just as powerful as her kidnapper. However, she has discovered since her escape to Earth that her magical abilities are severely crippled in her home dimension. Still she remains proficient in scrying, summoning, and less impressively, offensive and defensive magic that is quartered in strength from what it was in Limbo.

    -Scrying, Illy has to know what she’s scrying for to see anything at all. Her chosen medium to look through is fire, and Illy sees things in real time as they are happening. She cannot see the past or future, only the present and needs a means of focusing on what she sees, either a memory or an item that represents what she is looking for.

    -Summoning, Illy can only call to things that she has handled before and things that she can physically lift. The more familiar she is with an item, the easier it is to summon it. This has led to Illy developing a strange habit of touching things, seemingly at random when what she is really doing is building a larger store of possibilities.

    -Shield spells are capable of protecting her from a few rounds of heavy arms fire, for example but would crumble under prolonged exposure or heavier hits.

    -Offensive spells tend to be in the form of concussive blasts of dark energy or eldritch energy that can vary from a heavy punch to the chest to a grenade going off. Admittedly she handles the eldritch energy awkwardly, being new to accessing light magic. She’s working on it.
  • Violin - It was something she did before Belasco took her and something she immediately picked up once she returned to Earth.

user posted image

Height- 5’6
Weight- 130
Eye Colour- Blue
Hair Colour- Blonde

Illyana is a baby faced, angelic looking girl with long, pale blonde curls and huge blue eyes in a heart shaped face. Her features are delicate, her lips full and prone to smiles. Whether or not those smiles are beatific or sinister is entirely dependent on the situation, however. She’s an average height, slim and athletic, her frame allowing more for speed than strength. Her features are delicate and overall Illy is very pretty. Illy is agonizingly pale, her complexion all cream without any of the peaches.

She has a love of soft colors, pastels and pinks and flowers and sparkly, delicate jewelry. The more girly the better, in her opinion and Illy has proven an excellent shopper since her return to Earth. Frills and ruffles and heels that make her stand on her toes are a fixture in her wardrobe and so is everything from Sephora she can get her little hands on. You can tell her mood by her makeup, the darker, more defined, and more apparent it is, the more pissy her attitude is likely to be. When the black lipstick comes out, it’s best to just avoid her.

  • Melee Weapons - When she arrives on Earth, Illy is still wearing her arming sword and when needed is able to summon a pair of rounded axes that she has been fighting with for most of her life.
  • Eldritch Armor - Illy has no idea where it comes from except that it seems to be connected to Limbo, and there are substantial gaps, but the pieces that do appear reflexively are made of some lightweight, immensely strong metal that protects her from most aggressive forms of magic even more than it does from actual physical threats though it has stopped S’ym’s claws in the past. Handgun and light rifle fire can also be turned away by her eldritch armor. Illy can only call up certain pieces, the rest beyond her reach. Her armor has been gradually growing over the last year, the first pieces to be summoned her was her helmet and the pauldron. Thus far she can summon:
    Right sabaton, right greaves, right poleyn, right cuisses (most of her right leg)
    Left vambrance and left pauldron (forearm and shoulder)
    Helm. While the rest of her helm can be dismissed, if Illy is feeling particularly grumpy the ornamental horns stick out, curling up from her blonde curls. No big deal.
Additional Information-
Illyana has spent a lifetime in Limbo. While she has been gone from Earth for nine years, she has spent over six decades in the Otherplace, training and fighting for her life. She’s going to have to learn how to be a person all over again.

Hometown- The Ust-Ordynsky Collective, near Lake Baikal, in Siberia.
Immediate Family-
Nikolai Rasputin (father, deceased).
Alexandra Rasputina (mother, deceased).
Mikhail Raputin (brother, presumed deceased).
Piotr Rasputin, Colossus, X-Man.
Belasco, Lord and Conqueror of the Otherplace, and Illyana’s master. He spirited her away from her home, and he has been responsible for her mystical training in the dark arts and decades of abuse.
S’ym - The most physically imposing demon in Limbo, S’ym forged Illyana into a ruthless adversary, training her to fight efficiently and brutally. She hates him almost as much as she hates Belasco.

When you think of warm, contented, happy families, you usually don’t picture them in Siberia freezing their collective asses off but the Rasputins were exactly that. Little Illyana was something of a surprise to her family, her brothers significantly older than the cherub-faced infant with the big blue eyes. That only meant there were plenty of people to dote on and spoil Illy, and the Rasputins took up the mission with enthusiasm. She was loved and protected...

But nothing could protect her from the dark sorcerer that stole her from her home when she was only six years old. Belasco, a sorcerer turned demonic lord of Limbo, saw in Illyana a pure soul that could be corrupted for his own dark purposes and a vessel of potentially insurmountable dark magic. He kidnapped the girl and held her prisoner in Limbo, a hell dimension, ensuring that she had no way to return home.

Time moved differently in Limbo and what should have been years felt like decades. Decades of Belasco teaching Illyana dark magic, manipulating her and using her innate skills to further his own agenda. Decades of being beat and abused at the hands of S’ym while the demon called it ‘melee training’. But while they forged a weapon, both demon and Lord seemed to forget that they were in fact not creating a weapon to be used by] them, but [i]against them. Illy learned. She excelled. She studied dark magic like it was her life line and while she had no hopes of ever defeating S’ym, Illyana had become a master by anyone else’s standards. It took decades. Fight or die. Learn or suffer. Rise to the challenge or sink like a stone.

Illy chose to survive.

She lost track of the time that passed, reserved to her fate in Limbo until one day she was considering just how badly she wanted to be somewhere else and rather suddenly, she was. A glowing white disk of cold flames had appeared under her, swallowing Illy whole and when they vanished she was standing, baffled, in Belasco’s armory.

It was the first time Illyana teleported but it was far from her last. Her ‘stepping disks’ as she called them were not magic. They were something different entirely and she loved them. Belasco could not take them from her or ruin them and while she still could not win in any capacity against S’ym, Illy was able to get the drop on him more than once with her handy new ability. The day she manifested as a mutant was the day her first piece of Eldritch armor appeared. The demonic looking helmet and the pauldron for her left shoulder began to show up in place as though summoned when Illyana fought, some instinct calling it into place reflexively to protect her.

Other pieces of armor slowly followed, and Illyana continued to practice with her stepping disks. She would never admit that she never even considered trying to teleport out of Limbo. By that point life out of the Otherplace didn’t even seem possible. She only knew Belasco had begun to count down days, watching her closely, as if waiting for something. His training intensified. S’ym likewise kicked it up a notch, a feat that Illy was certain was not even possible but the demon’s ruthless training tactics became all but unbearable.

Recently Illyana became aware of a source of hellfire on Earth and realized that it could possibly be the power boost she needed to free herself from Belasco once and for all. The idea of going home, of being Illyana Rasputina again instead of her lord’s Demonchylde was certainly a welcomed concept. In fact Illyana fixated on the idea, her mind so focused on the small, cozy home by Lake Baikal that a stepping disk appeared.

Illyana only hesitated a moment. If Belasco even thought she was considering running away he’d punish her but she’d never considered the possibility that her mutation could allow her to escape. The moment both boots were on the stepping disk, Illyana was swallowed by white fire and rematerialized on a small abandoned farm. She was home. She was back on Earth but, it seemed, too late. Her family was no longer there and Illy spent a few days at the Collective, simply wallowing in her sadness.

Her parents were gone. That was painfully clear. But surely her brothers were still out there somewhere. Surely they hadn’t given up on her. Illy focused on her quiet, favorite older brother, the giant who had used to call her snowflake and let her color with him. The stepping disk appeared and Illyana all but threw herself upon it.

And when the flames cleared, there stood her brother.

And the alarms began to sound.

user posted image

Player Name- Ace
How Can We Contact- skype- ace.colins
[color=003366]Time Zone-
How did you find us? i built it
Other Characters- Menagerie, Ion, Hardwire, Bella, Backup, Raptor, Glitch, Reva

Role Play Sample-
FEB 14th, 2017 @ 2AM
A circle of fire hung in the air, a scrying window that showed Illyana her own face. Mirrors were not a thing in Limbo, at least, none that she would trust. She didn’t need anyone peeping, scrying back at her as she cleaned up a fresh trio of punctures from the spiked knuckles S’ym had worn that morning. She was gracious enough to call it ‘sparring’ after so many decades of squaring of against the horn-faced demon but the truth of what it was lingered in the back of her mind. Beatings. Her pale torso was a intricate webbing of long healed scars white and pearly, freshly healed scars all pink and puckered, bruises ranging from yellow to black...

But not on her face. S’ym liked her face. He wouldn’t ever leave a permanent mark there.

Her colorless blonde curls were pulled up into a pile on the top of her head, Peeling down the wash cloth, Illyana scowled at the gently oozing wounds on her ribs and let her fingers draw shadowy, dark symbols on the angry, hot skin. Dark magic packed into the large punctures and the bleeding stopped. It wasn’t healed, per say, but it was certainly plugged and would heal in its own time. Her magic would keep it clean and ease the inevitable scarring.

Pulling her shirt down over her head, Illyana Rasputina paused. Something was happening. Something far away but it felt as close as if it was right behind her. Heat, sweltering and painful filled her small room and vanished as quickly as it had manifested. Magic. Strong, powerful, dark. The only reason she felt it was because it was her kind of magic. Hellfire...

She felt hellfire.

Illyana smoothed her shirt down, blue eyes intent on her reflection. On the matching black eyes. On the eldritch horns that protruded from her glossy blonde hair. On the stubborn set of her jaw as she decided right then and there it was time to make her move. If she could get her hands on the source of that hellfire, she would have enough power to rid herself from Belasco for good.

Illy could be free.
Charles Xavier
 Posted: Feb 1 2018, 03:28 PM

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A limbo dancer walks into a bar...::


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