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 January 2018, activity check
 Posted: Jan 15 2018, 10:55 PM

It's that time again!

Sorry about the lateness, but I've been getting over a touch of the crud and getting anything done takes way more focus than I would like. However I've counted up posts and organized my lists and am just blown away but the posting numbers for 2018 already. Since that big ball dropped two weeks ago, we have wracked up over 585 posts in 130 threads. IN JUST TWO WEEKS!!! That is wildly impressive and, as always, the players on this board just blow me away.

We have several new characters on the board already this month. Keep your eyes open for Mo'o (played by Nobody), Quicksilver (played by Charly), Molotov (played by Shyley), and Warpath (played by Rocki) are all available for threads so make sure you plot with them and get them involved.

As always, this post is just a heads up to let you know which characters are still shy of the necessary four posts for the month. If you do not see your character's name on the list, you are safe. If you do, don't panic. You still have until noon on the thirtieth to get your remaining posts completed. If you feel you need help reaching the required post count, please contact any of the admins and we will be happy to post with you.

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