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Training the Untrainable?

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 Let’s Get Steppin’!, Sat. Feb. 18 , 2016 1:30pm
 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 01:32 PM

There was one simple fact that every mansion resident soon came to understand: there was no good way into the city.

Actually… scratch that. They could teleport in a flash! Speed through the air! Run the distance in the blink of an eye! Well, some of them could, anyway: Roan, Sam, or Tommy. All Kitty Pryde could do was none of these things. Even if her powers offered her an impressive freedom of movement (and plenty of shortcuts), it did absolutely nothing to increase her actual long-distance speed.

So instead, the girl had to pick her poison. She could drive her little electric go-mobile, risking gridlocked traffic on the way and nowhere to park when she got there, or she could take the tried and true but crowded and sloooow path and ride the train. At least the latter did give her a freedom of focus, though. She could occupy her time with other things. And today, she still had work to do, so today, that’s where she went.

And she already regretted it.

“Waitwaitwaitwaitwait!” It didn’t. For whatever reason, her MetroCard hadn’t automatically replenished. She’d had to wait in line to add funds instead and now the train was departing without her. Well, just because she refused to skip the turnstile without paying did NOT mean she’d accept narrowly missing her ride after paying.

If Kitty couldn’t walk through those doors, then she’d just walk through them.

The girl did have to catch herself as the train lurched forward, grabbing at the nearest rail and praying she didn’t spill her coffee. She also had to return the dirty look she got from a couple girls in the corner, clearly unhappy she’d just openly used her powers. Ugh. As far as Kitty was concerned, if they didn’t want public displays, they shouldn’t have gone out in public.

Luckily, at the opposite end was all it took to improve her mood: a familiar face. It didn’t even matter that she didn’t actually know the kid all that well. Everyone at Xavier’s was family.

Besides, now he was stuck with her.

“Hey! Ben! Mind if I keep you company?” The boy received her brightest grin as she just slid in beside him anyway. Between taking off her scarf and fishing out her tablet, Kitty was clearly making herself comfortable already, too. “How you doing?” she asked. Where you off to today?”

[Scarlet Spider | closed]
Scarlet Spider
 Posted: Feb 15 2018, 02:19 AM

It was actually not often that Ben came into the city in a normal manner. While it was a distance and took some work, Ben usually traveled into the city by web instead of taking the train. At night he could just swing between the trees to get where he was going from the mansion to the closest train station, and then from there, it was pretty easy to just follow the buildings into the central part of NYC. He'd done it so many times that he was pretty sure he could get to the city center where all of the highrises were with his eyes closed.

In the middle of the afternoon, however, it was a bit harder because he'd need to be discreet. So that meant that his little bit of shopping would require a boring trip on the train, it might have been better if he'd had someone to go shopping with, but he didn't. He was still so bitter from his run-in with Ruby the night before that he didn't want to really speak to anyone much less try to find someone he thought was a friend for a trip into the city. It was a secret whiny feeling that he got, that somehow he'd end up asking someone to come along and they'd deny him because they were really never friends in the first place.

He tried to tell himself that the albino girl was not important, but it didn't work. Instead he was walking into the subway with a scowl on his face. At least it was enough to keep anyone else from sitting down next to him.

Except apparently, his scowl was not enough to keep everyone away.

"Hi Kitty," He drawled, wondering just how she could be so damn chipper. Reminding himself that it was only his life that was falling apart at the seams, he just shrugged, "I'm alive, that's how I'm doing." Meaning no one had killed him, he'd not just taken a short walk off a tall building or anything else, but he couldn't really say that things were going well when he felt so damn awkward all the time. "I'm just going to the city. I wanted to go shopping."

Alone. Ben wanted to go shopping alone, but he didn't have the heart to tell Kitty to go find another seat. Instead, he just glanced over at her tablet to be a bit nosy and see what she was doing, because he didn't have anyone really to talk to, or anyone to interact with on social media he just returned to the game he'd been playing on his phone. It was just one of those stupid match three games, but his high level betrayed how much he played the game, "What about you? Heading to see your boyfriend?"

 Posted: Feb 17 2018, 07:54 PM

“Alive’s a start.” The girl’s smile softened with sympathy. Seeing Ben in a poor mood was an unfortunately common occurrence the last few months, but today was different. Today he seemed genuinely upset. But while that scowl of his had been hard to miss, it took a lot more than that to deter Kitty Pryde.

He didn’t immediately push her away either, which was itself a start. Asking him about it now, though, would probably change that; luckily, they had the whole train ride to build up to that discussion. For now, though, Ben brought up another important topic.

Yeeeeeaaaaaah. About that…

“No.” She could at least answer his question first. “I mean, maybe after, but right now I have to go to the library near Mutant Town. We’re helping with some renovations there on Tuesday, so I need to drop in and make sure we’re all set.”

On to more important things, though… She turned her attention from that tablet and the image on it — in the color photo of a group of kids, a section of it had been turned to black and white. But that could wait for a moment; this discussion was long overdue.

“But since you brought it up,” she continued, clearly changing gears, “I’ve actually been meaning to talk to you about that.” The girl made sure to gauge his reaction to that statement; whether he seemed confused or seemed like he’d seen it coming would be telling. Either way, she pressed ahead and asked him directly.

“Have you ever met Peter?” she inquired. “Do you know… what he does for a living?”

Okay. So maybe there was a pretty hard limit to how direct she could actually be.

[Scarlet Spider]
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