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 Guides, For Your Convenience
 Posted: Jan 14 2017, 09:36 PM


Initially assembled by Professor Charles Xavier, these mutants have one simple goal. Peaceful coexistence between mutants and humanity. The X-Men make an effort to educate and train young mutants and participate in positive political activism and charity outreach. There are different roles for those who wish to wear the X...
  • Gold Team - The main combat team, Gold are the senior X-Men that meet the major threats as they appear. They are well-trained and battle seasoned and are responsible for preparing the Blue Team and New Mutants for the possibility of future hostile encounters. These are adults, twenty-on and over.
  • Blue Team - The junior combat team. These are the X-Men who are in training but might not necessarily be ready for the Gold Team. Blue Team's responsibility is to remain at the school when the Gold Team is away on missions to protect the mansion and the children within it. They are the backup team in the event Gold needs reinforcements. These are those eighteen and older who wish to move up from the New Mutants.
  • Support Staff- Noncombatants who work for the school and keep things running smoothly and efficiently. These unsung heroes can be anyone from the librarian to the janitor.

New Mutants
The students of Xavier's School are mutants who have been brought to Westchester to learn control of their powers and to receive an education. Some of these students will become future X-Men or teachers, or might graduate to simply find their own way in the world. Classes are from middle school level to college level.

All of the adorable little kiddos, twelve and under who need power training and a proper education. They have their own schedule, their own dormitory, and their own adventures!!!

Brotherhood of Mutants
An organization founded by Magneto, the Brotherhood's goal is to promote the inevitable evolutionary superiority of mutants over humans. They tend to see their violent attacks as retaliation and preemptive defense against human oppression. To the Brotherhood, conflict between humans and mutants is inevitable and they are determined that mutants win the war.

Sometimes it is easiest not to choose a side. Unaffiliated humans and mutants prefer to just live their lives free of the world at war around them for as long as they can. Best to just head down to the pub and wait for all of this human/mutant conflict to blow over as they have a pint. If a character is not affiliated with one of the above factions, they can find a home here.
 Posted: Jan 14 2017, 10:02 PM


Salem Center is a small town in Westchester County in upstate New York, founded in 1692. Located just outside its bounders lays the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, home of the X-Men.

If you're looking to take the temperature of the nation in relation to mutant and human relations, Salem Center is the perfect place to look. Containing an equal mix of right leaning anti-mutant and left leaning pro-mutant sentiments. Being an nearly equal mix of people who don't care for mutants, people who care about mutant rights, and people who just don't care either way. Among this split in opinion you will find a few citizens who hold the extreme views. Those who hate mutants with extreme vitriol, and those who are enamored with their existence.

Salem Center's most notable attractions are the Grind Stone Cafe, Purdy Station, and Harry's Hideaway. The Grind Stone Cafe being a coffeehouse much like Starbucks, but with that small town welcoming feel. If you can find it in a Starbucks, you can find it in the Grind Stone.

Harry's Hideaway is a tavern located close to the city's edge. Owned and operated by Harry Morrel, a long time friend of Wolverine's. Harry's is a welcoming establishment boasting a fully stocked bar and kitchen serving the traditional bar food. All ages are welcome until 9PM and then it's 21 and over only. Harry's is neutral ground, a great place to meet and negotiate in neutral territory. No one starts a fight in Harry's. If you do, you'll be sorry.

Purdy Station is the railroad line running to and from New York City. The station itself is an old building with a Colonial decor. Pictures of Salem Center throughout history line its walls. From its darker time when it had its own Witch trials in 1694, its support of the American Revolution in 1765, the deep divide in the town during the Civil War, and all the way up through the two great wars and into more recent times. Purdy Station is the visual memory of the sleepy little town.

Station M is an abandoned power station in Yonkers, NY and is the current headquarters of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Externally it still appears as an abandoned station, but internally it has been retrofitted into the housing, laboratories, workshops, and training facilities of the Brotherhood’s main cell. This large station has various high tech and low tech security measures, not to mention the formidable array of powers possessed by the Brotherhood themselves.

A small community in Manhattan, specifically within the neighborhood of Alphabet City, Mutant Town has become a beacon of progression. It has drawn mutants together into a small community where they can live and work in public with at least a small degree of safety. It is a more artisan community with the people living in Mutant Town looking out for each other. Some view this as an example of how humans and mutants can get along, while the more pessimistic view it as people putting a target on their backs.
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