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Dec 20 2017, 01:26 PM
Hey, guys! It's the end of the year, so let's take a look back! Copy the questions below and share your answers!

(If you have any ideas for additional questions, shoot me a PM and I'll add them!)

[b]How many posts have you made?[/b]

[b]How many threads have you been in?[/b]

[b]What was your first thread?[/b]

[b]What ONE thread do you wish people would go back and read?[/b]

[b]What ONE thread from this RO are you in that people should be reading?[/b]

[b]What ONE thread from this RO are you NOT in that people should be reading?[/b]

[b]What's a New Year's resolution for your character?[/b]

[b]What's coming next for your character?  Where do you want to see them develop?[/b]

[b]Tag ONE character you haven't threaded with yet.  Get something planned![/b]
Aug 24 2017, 08:40 PM
Christmukkah is almost here! With 65 characters on this site, that's a lot of fake presents to find. So please do your fellow writers a favor and fill out the template below. Otherwise, it's a lump of coal for you (or whatever Santukkah leaves the naughty Jewish children).

[b]Spending the holidays at:[/b]
[/list][b]Gift ideas:[/b]

Codename: Shadowcat
Faction: X-Men
Spending the holidays at: Xavier's
  • Dancing and music
  • Computers and technology
  • Learning, puzzles, and other brainy pursuits
Gift ideas: Kitty doesn't ask for much. A thoughtful card or a charitable donation is enough to tickle her pink. Similarly, she loves when people make her things by hand or plan an activity they can do together. Those more inclined to shop for gifts should start with Think Geek or Her Universe.
Apr 8 2017, 03:20 PM

  • 1996
    • Born December 8.
  • 2010 (age 13)
    • Enrolled in college computer courses.
    • Parents begin divorce proceedings.
    • After a series of migraines, powers emerge.
    • Joins Xavier's
  • 2012 (age 15)
    • Sneaks aboard the jet to fight Magneto and is nearly killed. [Uncanny X-Men #149-150]
  • 2013 (age 16)
  • 2014 (age 17)
    • January - Saved from brainwashing by Wolverine, who trains her in Japan.
    • February - Wolverine and Shadowcat defeat Ogun and return home. Father enters witness protection.
  • 2015 (age 18)
    • May - Graduates from Xavier's
Apr 7 2017, 04:21 PM

A long-time resident of Xavier's, Kitty considers the mansion her home and its people her family. She wears her X with pride and is eager to help wherever and whenever she can, in uniform or out. She tries her best to make the school a warm and inviting one for the students, and works in security to keep it safe.

Lately, though, Kitty has been struggling with the full weight of that responsibility. She recognizes that she's made mistakes as a result and is desperately trying to rectify them. After two weeks in the Savage Land and an attack at home while they were gone, there's a lot to be done.


Given his size and temperament, it's easy to describe Kitty's constant companion like a cat... except for the fact he's also a purple, fire-breathing dragon.

Lockheed is available for threads with or without Kitty. For minor usages, I'm also open to letting people write him themselves with prior approval.


  • Gert - apologies
  • Hana - sick
  • Logan - Mack
Apr 6 2017, 11:42 PM


Celebrity Claim: Emma Dumont

Full Name: Katherine Anne Pryde
Nicknames/Aliases: Kitty
Age: 20
Date of Birth: December 8
Faction: X-Men. Long-term resident.
Occupation: IT Specialist

Personality: Kitty doesn't just drink the Xavier's Dream® Kool-Aid®. She smuggled a sample into the sub-basement to reverse engineer, and now whips it up homemade to push on the street. How could she not? She spent her entire adolescence, her most formative years, learning straight from the X-Men's finest. She watched every day as they poured heart and soul into that dream and fought for the good in her world. She idolized them. She envied them. Even to this day, Kitty still bolts to the window--and usually through it--to watch Blackbird roar up from its nest and off to adventure. So from the very moment she arrived, her future was sealed: Kitty Pryde is bound to be an X-Man, and God help anyone who tells her otherwise.

As such, Kitty pours her all into anything that leads to that end goal. She dedicates herself to her training, hungry for whatever can increase her usefulness in the field. Even in her downtime, though, she practically lives in the sub-basement, tinkering away in the lab, cheering on Danger Room sessions, or offering what help she can in the medbay or security--even if it's just some company.

Kitty is naturally friendly with those around her, and she makes a sincere effort to be helpful and dependable. Though she keeps her life incredibly busy, but will always make time for friends--they just need to get it on her schedule. And while Kitty usually conducts herself with a seriousness uncommon for her age, she can be coaxed by the right people into letting loose for a bit.

While Kitty does do her best to be a positive influence at the school, unfortunately her eagerness to prove herself occasionally lands her in hot water. When it does get the better of her, she can overstep her bounds or commit to more than she can handle. Even when she does keep it in check, though, she still turns irritable and unpleasant if she feels like she's being sidelined.

Additionally, there are a few of the more nuanced aspects to Xavier's dream where she still has hard lessons to learn. When it comes to overt bigots, Kitty has a natural proclivity to stoop to their level, rather than finding more peaceful means of persuasion. Kitty ironically also gets rather squeamish herself around those with more aberrant physical mutations, and she doesn't often do well at hiding it.

  • Computer Science: Kitty has a natural affinity for computers in both hardware and software, and the tiny techie loves figuring out whatever new gadgets she can get her hands on.
  • The Sub-Basement: This is where she finds all the bleeding-edge tech her heart desires. She also secretly hopes that simple proximity will increase her odds of being selected for a mission.
  • Enhancing Her Resume: Kitty is always looking for new skills or information that can help her as an X-Man. She takes her training in these areas very seriously.
  • Lending a Hand: If there's a need at the school, Kitty is ready and willing to fill it. She's perfectly happy helping the younger kids with homework, putting in some manual labor, or doing anything else to make her home more accommodating to those around her.
  • Stepping Away: Being a superhero isn't everything to Kitty--just almost everything. She does enjoy heading out into "the real world" to take dance classes, explore the city, or otherwise try to recapture a sense of normalcy in her life.
  • Intolerance: Nothing makes her blood boil quicker than blatant bigotry. Even to a fault, she's far too willing to step in and put a stop to it.
  • Sitting Still: Kitty needs to keep busy with something. She over packs her schedule and under sleeps as a result, and she hates having her time wasted.
  • The Kids Table: If sitting still is bad, being forced into inaction is even worse. In her mind, this is a direct disregard of her capabilities and contributions.
  • Troublemakers: Because Kitty works hard to make Xavier's a better place, she gets truly frustrated by those residents that bring it back down.
  • Intelligence: Kitty is exceptionally smart. She absorbs information like a sponge, especially when it comes to computers.
  • Integrity: Kitty has a strict ethical code and genuinely tries to be a force for good in the world.
  • Determination: Once Kitty commits to something, it's as good as done.
  • Being a Teenager: Kitty thinks she has it all figured out, and that she's always the right person for the job. While her confidence is often warranted, she can be blind to those times when it isn't, and she can get a little petulant when told otherwise.
  • Conflict Resolution: She's got a lot to learn about persuasion and compromise. Instead, she has a tendency to butt heads with buttheads.
  • A Little Hypocritical: Despite trying to be a champion for mutant rights, she fails to practice what she preaches when it comes to less human-looking mutants.

Power Name: Phasing
Description: Shadowcat can shift her body into a nearly intangible state. This allows her to pass through physical objects with ease and emerge unharmed. With the exception of electrical systems, which will malfunction or break, the object she passed through remains unaltered as well.

While phased, Shadowcat can propel herself not only horizontally, but vertically as well, enabling her to climb into the air or to sink into the ground. This not only offers her a practically limitless freedom of movement, but her incorporeality also grants her protection from nearly all physical attacks and shield her from any low-level telepathy.

These abilities are not strictly limited to Shadowcat herself, either; she can extend her intangibility to other people and objects she physically touches. This is most commonly applied to her clothing and equipment, but with effort, she can phase up to six other people, or anything of equivalent mass. Once contact is broken, though, anything else she has phased will instantly revert to its natural, physical state.

Through her years at the mansion, Shadowcat has effectively mastered the basic use of her powers. She has now begun to explore more advanced capabilities. Her primary focus is on partial phasing, which could allow her to interact with the physical world while remaining mostly ethereal. It has also been suggested that she could also interrupt the electrical systems of biological organisms if given the proper focus. While this has shown occasional success in the Danger Room, she remains hesitant to try it on anything actually living.

Limits: The biggest risk with Shadowcat's powers comes from her inability to breathe while she's inside another object. While this doesn't pose much risk phasing through walls or other small objects, longer journeys like traveling underground have to be cut short before she loses her breath.

When using her powers to make other items intangible, she must remain in contact with them at all times. The effort and energy required to do this also increases with the amount of mass she's affecting.

Finally, while Shadowcat is safe from most attacks, trying to phase through super-dense materials like vibranium or adamantium will cause her pain, even if there's no physical damage. She is also susceptible to a narrow range of energy attacks, and can be easily targeted by magic.

Skills & Abilities: Even at her young age, Kitty is a natural expert in computer science. She has advanced knowledge in multiple programming languages and a thorough understanding of computer architecture. When it comes to her hacking skills, though, Kitty truly is among the best in the world.

In a fight, Kitty's diminutive frame means she's almost always punching above her weight, but that doesn't mean she can't hold her own. She has been telepathically imbued with a lifetime of training in Japanese martial arts, including ninjutsu and aikido. She has since switched her training at the mansion to start learning Krav Maga. When given the choice, though, Shadowcat still prefers stealth to avoid combat altogether.

In her spare time, Kitty takes ballet and modern dance classes in Manhattan. She is a capable pilot thanks to her lessons in the Danger Room. She also speaks fluent Japanese in addition to her native English.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown

Appearance: Judging a book by its cover, it's easy to underestimate Kitty. Her small stature and delicate features often make her seem younger than she actually is. A modest wardrobe and a lack of any tattoos or piercings also belie her principled nature.

She has waste-length brown hair that spills past her shoulders in a thick and gentle waves. Her almond eyes are far-set and a gentle hazel in color. Her lithe frame is usually clad in dark colors, and she carries herself with a dancer's grace.

Gear: Kitty's prized possession is her self-built laptop which contains no small number of the X-Men's advanced technologies.

Additional Information: Kitty starts her day early, ends it well after midnight, and her schedule is packed throughout. She's got her duties at the school, both official and unofficial. She gets her workouts sometimes twice daily on a rotating regimen of Danger Room sessions, combat training, dance lessons, and good old fashioned exercise. Add to that a pair of college courses, whatever independent studies strike her fancy, and a laundry list of personal projects, and she has very little free time indeed. Luckily, she prefers it that way; she'd much rather be busy than bored.

Whatever time she does get is typically spent with her friends. While she'll occasionally sit and watch a movie, she’d sooner stop by Harry's for trivia night, go for a hike in the mountains, or head into the city for a Broadway show.

Hometown: Deerfield, IL
Immediate Family: Carmen Pryde (father), Theresa Pryde (mother), Samuel Prydeman (paternal grandfather, deceased).
Others: Wolverine (teacher), Colossus (friend)

History: Her headaches started at 13. Stress, they said, from either her parents' looming divorce, or from taking college computer courses at such a young age. Of course, there was nothing she could do about her parents, and dropping her classes would have torn her heart in two. And they still couldn't explain why she was waking up in different rooms, at least not in a way that satisfied the young prodigy. So surprise, surprise: they gave her pills. The headaches continued nonetheless.

They continued, that is, until Kitty fell with a scream to their living room floor. Her parents rushed to her rescue, finding her physically unharmed. She'd been upstairs just moments before, collapsed on her bed from another migraine, her worst yet. There was only one answer to how she’d made it downstairs, and none of them dared say it aloud. Only her bedspread, dangling from the ceiling and half embedded in the drywall, spoke to the truth.

As soon as that weekend, though, visitors arrived at their doorstep. Kitty and her parents were, much to their surprise, not the only ones to understand what had happened that night. These people offered Kitty a haven, a school for people like her. A school for mutants, like her. She would not only be able continue her studies, but to explore her newfound potential as well. Her parents were reluctant; Kitty was adamant. She was soon packing her bags and bound for New York.

It wasn't until she arrived that she learned the deeper truth. This was a school for mutants, yes, but her teachers were something more. They didn't just fight for her there at the mansion, but they'd suit up, they'd take to the skies, and they'd fight on the front lines. So Kitty continued her studies, made new friends, and joined a dance class in town, but all the while her soul wanted to board that jet and fight alongside them.

So great was her yearning, in fact, that she could stand it no longer. When the opportunity presented itself, the girl stole her chance. She used her powers to sneak onto the Blackbird, and she finally found her way to the front lines. Magneto held the world hostage, and Kitty decided she could help. She used her abilities to sabotage not just his computers, but his plans in the process. Only then did she realize just how underprepared for this she truly was. The master of magnetism buried her in the full depths of his wrath, relenting only at the last possible moment. And though did she make it home that night, she knew just how perilously close she had come. Kitty Pryde had nearly died.

Quietly, she accepted her punishment. She returned to her studies, her friends, and her dancing. And while she still idolized their resident superheroes, she contented herself once again to watch the Blackbird with both her feet on the ground. After all, Kitty knew the world wasn't safe for mutants. Even Xavier's still had its risks. So instead, she chipped in where she could to help make the school a safer, happier place for anyone who needed it.

Simply knowing evil existed, though, did not prepare her for when that evil next found her. Worried for her father's safety, Kitty followed him to Japan, only to be accosted by the Yakuza and a terrible ninja named Ogun. Ogun was a mutant himself, and one with plans for the girl. He used his telepathic abilities to brainwash Kitty. He molded her personality to his own, instilled in her a lifetime of martial arts training, and then gave her a singular goal: to kill The Wolverine. And between Ogun's knowledge and her own natural powers, she very nearly succeeded.

When Kitty woke after the fight, she at first seemed back to her old self, but she could still feel Ogun's influence within. Logan took her under his wing, pushing her to her very limits until she was ready to once again face her captor. And when the time came, and the dust settled, she and Logan stood the victors. With Ogun on his knees, Wolverine offered her the killing blow. The girl couldn't bring herself to take it, proof that her own personality had also won. As they tried to leave, though, Ogun retaliated, and Wolverine put an end to the demon after all.

Home again, though, it became clear that this experience had changed Kitty. She chose a new codename, and she threw herself into her training with an insatiable drive. That trial by fire had ignited her, and Shadowcat was just getting started.

Player Name: Jeremy
Age: 30
How Can We Contact: PM or email is easiest. Alternatively, we can set up a time to IM.
Time Zone: US Eastern (GMT -5:00)
How did you find us? Referred by Marc
Other Characters: None

Role Play Sample:
She laid them out in meticulous parallels on the bench ahead of her. Each of the items fit a specific purpose. Some offered protection. Others, freedom of movement. But one by one, she plucked them from their row, and piece by piece, Kitty transformed.

Slipping into her uniform had become something of a ritual to her. Assembled in full, it begat a frame of mind, a readiness for the task at hand. Of course, she had many different clothes for many different uses, and Kitty found that her attention, her reactions, and her movements shifted with each one she embodied. Today’s was purpose-made for what lie ahead.

As the last piece slid into place, Kitty pushed her way out onto the floor, centered and prepared. That is until Jamie came barreling out behind her in an explosion of squeals. Karen came tumbling after, lipstick smeared to her ear and vengeance in her eyes. The pair chased each other with a clatter that would make dogs howl. Kitty stepped deftly aside; Jamie would get what was coming to her.

Yet another difference between dance and Danger Room, she supposed. After all, there were far fewer giggles with Wolverine around…
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