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Mar 15 2018, 06:28 PM
Weapon X: There's No Place Like Home

WPX: There's No Yellow Bricks to Follow Back | March 5, 2017; 23:23 | X-23 and Maverick
WPX: There's No Place Like Hell | March 6, 2017; 0830, 1800, 1835 | X-23, Maverick, Velocity, Kimura, Dr. Colcord
WPX: Little Red and Big Bad | March 13, 2017; 0000 | X-23 and Maverick
WPX: Reconnaissance | March 14, 2017; 1517 | Wolverine and Doctor Strange

If you've been following along with the Weapon X posts you'll know Laura and Neena have both been kidnapped and are currently in the clutches of Weapon X.

All will be revealed, but first, the attempted rescue will be going down on March 16th in game. This is open to NEW MUTANTS and is an unofficial mission, actually it's a "We know where they are, drop everything and take off despite being told no" mission.

Since this is a bunch of NMs going up against Weapon X without approval preference is for characters who actually have a reason to want to face certain death a sinister government organization to rescue Laura.

Rescue Team:


Mar 13 2018, 03:55 AM
The convoy drove through the night headed north.

In the back of the truck two girls had been captured and subdued, both with drugs pumping into IVs to keep them sedated. X-23 was further chained down so there would be no more... accidents. Velocity meanwhile was across the van from her, lured by Maverick with the promise of cookies.

The base they approached was situated underground on the edge of Lake Ontario. The above ground structure was merely an abandoned looking cabin with a garage. They backed the van into it. Waiting for them was one of Weapon X's alumni Kimura, arms crossed and a smile on her face as her long lost charge was returned along with a bonus mutant child. She had specifically been left behind for the carnage they had worried she would wreck when they went to get a hostage; Colcord had no desire to have an army of well armed and trained mutants on his trail just yet. No one would mount much of a search for one child and a wayward weapon. Of course now that the facility was tagged they could return at any time to take more mutant children, preferably young ones like the speedster. They were so much easier to break.

"Bring her in," Kimura said, jerking her thumb at the hidden doors that slid open to reveal a brightly lit, white paneled hallway.

The party moved through the labyrinth of twists and turns. The compound could have been any industrial or military facility, although many areas were still darkened. It was clear that this particular operation had been abandoned and only recently revived.

The room they took X-23 to was an almost exact replica of the one she had been raised in with the exception of one glass window to the cell next door. Bulletproof, shatterproof, and mutantproof, the glass served one purpose only: to give her a clear view of Velocity's cell where the speedster was promptly tied down.

A team of doctors descended on both girls, metallic devices in hand. Both girls received a tracking chip and a new invention that would block telepaths and other interfering psychics, Velocity in her arm and X-23 at the base of her skull. Further was the small chip the researchers had dubbed the kill switch. X-23 was deemed too valuable to waste it on they had gone to far much trouble to get her and so it was inserted in the little girl who had been taken with her.

"I think it would be better in her," Kimura muttered.

"Patience. The girl is disposable. X-23 is not." Malcolm Colcord crossed his arms as his teams worked. "At least not yet." When he created a new clone from her he wouldn't need this defunct model. Rice had been onto something with his backups, only Colcord wouldn't be such a fool as to sell them to the highest bidder. Giving just anyone the opportunity to inflict such carnage and fear was... ill advised. There also would be no bleeding heart around to make his models think they had any kind of humanity. Of course the fact that he could manipulate this weapon and her high empathy scores only proved that Rice and Sutter had been fools.

No matter. That was why they were dead and the project was more careful of who they entrusted such delicate matters to now.

"Take care of those injuries," he told the team, voice booming into the cell. "It's of no use to me half dead." If only he could have gotten his hands on the original Weapon X, but he was so much more careful than this girl and his memory was too damaged to reprogram as they had Agent Zero's.

He glanced at Maverick. "Excellent. Even if you went overboard. We will have questions about where the girl came from, how many more there were, and I want to know how you find the new powers." They were highly experimental, this was the first run in the real world and with such a strong healing factor. If this was how X-23 reacted than it was a wild success.

Below the team moved on to gather genetic samples from both mutants. X-23 was the main objective, but Colcord hadn't become the best by looking a gift mutant in the mouth. Imagine an assassin with the child's speed, Weapon X's deadliness, and Agent Zero's malleable mind. The possibilities were intoxicating.

March 6, 2017; 1500

Laura snapped awake to find her arms chained above her head and her ankles cuffed to the wall. She twisted in the bonds, eyes darting around the room. No. She had blown this room sky high. There was no way she was back in it now.

She tugged on the cuffs, falling straight into fight or flight mode, panic drowning out the sure knowledge that there would be no escape. Not from these cuffs. Not from this place. They would never let her go twice. It had been a freak accident that she had gotten away before, the last nine months an impossible dream: a fairy tale.

Because there was only one place that would send Maverick to track her down, who would know exactly how to dose her to keep her sedated, and who would recreate this specific room to hang her in.

The Facility had found her.

She took stock in what she had to work with. The wounds Maverick had inflicted on her seemed to have been healed, but if she came up against him again she would have to kill him quickly before he got a shot in. That had been her mistake, she knew better than to trust anyone. The cuffs and chains smelled like adamantium, there wouldn't be any breaking them by any means she could think of. There wasn't anything else in the room she could use as a weapon, they had even taken her Talon suit, replacing it with a pale pink hospital gown.

She didn't even have someone else in the cell to plot with, it seemed they had thought of everything even more than Sinister had. At least the others weren't there. No Julian. No Liv. Nobody was going to get hurt because of her. If they wanted her to tell them where she had been she wouldn't. They could have her, she had told Julian that the other day: No one would really miss her, but they couldn't have the rest of them and if she had her way they wouldn't have her for long. If an escape attempt failed there was always a more permanent solution. A dead body couldn't kill for them.

As she came to that conclusion the doors hissed open and Kimura strode inside smirking. "Look who's awake, Sleeping Beauty."

Laura stiffened and didn't reply.

"Not going to talk X? That's okay, I'll do the talking for you. And right now before you get any ideas look over there."

Laura followed the women's finger to the window that she had thus far not really paid attention to and clamped her jaw shut to keep any noise from escaping. She wasn't so alone after all. Somehow they had taken Neena too.

'My fault.'

They had Liv's little sister.

"That's right. One wrong move and the little munchkin gets a shock." Kimura pulled a remote with several buttons out of her pocket. "You keep misbehaving and I dial this all the way up.She doesn't have a healing factor does she sweetie? She won't survive your insubordination."

Which might be better for her than being stuck in this place, but now any escape plan was complicated by rescuing a six year old and she couldn't very well get herself killed and leave Neena alone here.

The X-Men wouldn't leave Neena. They would come looking for her and Logan would know better than to let the New Mutants come looking for the speedster even if they wanted to. He would only bring the best.

"But you aren't going to misbehave, are you?" Kimura prowled closer and put her fingers under Laura's chin, laughing when Laura glared at her. "I still owe you for when you left."

Laura had seen that glint in Kimura's eyes before, the one that appeared right before she got hurt.

March 6, 2017; 1835

"You didn't need to beat her into unconsciousness," Colcord said, annoyance coloring his voice.

If Kimura ruined this experiment she would be the next one on the table and not one of his recent experiments had survived; not those who volunteered and not the mutant children he had taken off the streets of various cities to bring X-23 back to him.

"She did run away," Kimura said.

"There's no where to run now. I want her functioning for the operation. Agent Zero will need competent backup."

"You can't trust her."

"I'll be the judge of that."

Colcord strode into the room to where X-23 was still shackled to the wall, feigning unconsciousness. As if they didn't have all the data on her healing factor. They were well versed in exactly how far they could take a punishment.

The animal ought to know that about them.

"Wake up."

A history of having obedience ingrained into her meant when the commanding voice gave the order, Laura opened her eyes, glowering balefully at the man in the white coat who was looking at her like a science fair project. His face was a mess of scars. Apparently one of his little experiments hadn't agreed with him, but whoever it was should have finished the job and taken his sorry head off completely.

"You made quite the mess of Dr. Rice's project. We won't have that problem again, will we?"

They were taunting her, trying to get her to react, well she wouldn't give them what they wanted.

"I don't think we need to leave her up there Kimura. She knows what will happen if she tries anything."

He was very smug and it took all of Laura's self control not to immediately jump at him when Kimura let her down. But she couldn't. Not if it meant Neena would suffer for it. Not yet. Not just for revenge.

"Very good. I am Dr. Colcord,."

"Another alum of Evil Scientists R Us?" she rasped.

"Very amusing." His glasses flashed as Kimura delivered another punishing blow, shattering her ribs on the right side. "The outside world obviously agreed too much with this one."

He had no idea.

"But you're back where you belong now. Did you think you were a person X-23? A real girl? Let me remind you: you're nothing more than a weapon. An animal. A very expensive animal, but an animal nonetheless. Don't forget it again."

She wouldn't forget it. But they must not have ever seen a rabid dog turn on its masters.

[Ion, Wolverine, Scion for the mentions]
Mar 1 2018, 01:27 PM
Two weeks in the Savage Land had become only a few hours in the real world which was something of a relief. Laura had business back in New York and human traffickers didn't stop their business because the person hunting them was on a vacation in Antarctica. Not that it had all been a vacation but there had been some good moments in between cannibals and possessions.

Still it was good to be home, back in her Talon suit, and running along the roofs in the shadiest part of the New York City she knew. The cold air was a relief after what had felt like two weeks of humidity in a jungle.

But now wasn't the time to sit around and enjoy the weather. If her sources were right the group responsible for the disappearance of children was going to strike again tonight. It was like a game of cat and mouse, one here, another there, all kids who wouldn't be missed, who excuses could be made for, whose parents didn't have the means to start a manhunt looking for them.

The last two had been mutants.

She had to find out for sure who was doing it. If it was human traffickers she could handle them herself. If it was something bigger, if it was another mad scientist trying to create weapons it might be time to deal Logan in. The X-Men had resources she didn't and he knew people who could help. She might be able to round up a few on her own, people like Notion or Raptor, but even she wasn't ready to take on a shadow of the Facility without Wolverine at her back.

Still she needed the information before she went for backup. The X-Men wouldn't take her seriously without proof and anyway until she was sure this was something she could handle herself. She worked better alone anyway: no one to worry about.

Laura slowed her breakneck pace as she approached her destination and took a moment to take in her surroundings. There was still activity on the streets, but nothing out of the ordinary below her. There was the matter of the person trailing her, but for the moment she wasn't ready to reveal that she knew it. If she was lucky it would be her prey coming to her. It made life so much easier when you didn't have to track them down.

She straightened and a breeze brought the scent of her trail to her. Not who she was looking for after all, but possibly an ally. Logan trusted Maverick enough to use him as a test of the school's security. He was skilled and he was already there. "Is this what you do when you aren't picking fights with long limbed weirdos and breaking into schools?" Logan hadn't set him to tail her had he? He knew what she was up to and hadn't told her not to, hell he had encouraged her at Christmas. Maybe Maverick was just out doing whatever it was he did and decided to see what she was up to. She probably would have done the same if she wasn't in the middle of something.

Below she could see an out of place van roll into place. The kind with no windows where you could stash a kid and no one would be the wiser. The kind she had broken into in the past to rescue people. Also similar to what Sinister's lackeys had stashed her and Julian in, but she pushed that thought to the back of her mind. Today was she was the rescuer, not the victim.

A few people were milling around below. She had buzzed by the neighborhood earlier and knew on the fifth floor of the apartment building was a family with a little girl with wings. She must be the target. She would have to kill all but one so she could find out who they were working for, but why were there so many for a snatch and grab of one little kid?

She wrinkled her nose. Something wasn't quite right about this and she didn't like surprised, but she couldn't bail and let that little girl get taken so she decided to ignore that gut feeling telling her to run. There wasn't anything in this city that she was afraid of.

Laura glanced back at Maverick. "If you aren't busy how about giving me a hand with these guys? They're up to something different-"

She got a good look at him and that was when the alarm bells started going off in her head.

'Oh no-'
Feb 19 2018, 07:47 PM
The others had trickled in while she was looking for them. Really on second thought maybe trying to track people through this massive place hadn't been the most well thought out plan, but it had been all she had to work with and it had kept her busy. Several fights and a few adventures later and she had circled back around to the hideout, being as she had caught both Liv and Julian's scents and followed them straight back to where she started.

Well. They did say patience was a virtue.

Anyway after a good solid six hours of sleep she was ready to do anything but sit around now. The others still had no plan, those who had been stuck here kept insisting there was no way out. Laura didn't believe it. Refused to believe it. There was a certain beauty to the place. It was wild and free and came with a whole new set of problems. Sure, there were cannibals, but she didn't have to worry about any Weapon X scientists who might or might not show up to go after her and her friends. There was less worry about fitting in or right or wrong, because in these situations of survival she thrived. She could feed herself and others, get what she needed from the wild, defend herself in a fight.

The lack of movies and music sucked though. And pizza. She didn't think she could live the rest of her life without pizza. Fourteen plus years had been bad enough.

She had been satisfied the night before that even if in rough condition Liv would be okay. She was too tough to go down that easily, so she went after Scion today. She had been too busy worrying about the two of them to go after those dinosaurs she had seen in the distance and it was time to rectify that situation. After all, her phone had enough battery life left for some pictures.

"Julian!" He wasn't hard to track down and she seized his hand. "Come on, I have something to show you! I found really cool things while I was out looking for you guys." she started dragging him towards the exit of the fortress, not bothering to tell him what exactly they were going to see. It would be a surprise.

Also he hadn't really been all that thrilled with Aladdin the Camel so she wasn't really sure how he would take to a bunch of prehistoric lizards. But then again she had to pretend she was interested in clothes when he wanted to go to the mall, so it was only fair he pretend to like dinosaurs.
Feb 19 2018, 07:15 PM
The X-Men had outdone themselves on the field trip front this time.

Since she and Forge had managed to land near two of the missing X-Men it meant they had made it right away to the sight where the flares had gone off and the relative safety of the X-Fortress, but if they thought that meant Laura was going to hang out there while the rest of her friends were God knew where they were idiots.

Oh she played nice that first day. Followed along so she knew where she needed to go. Looked at their supplies and how they had lived for what apparently had felt like years to them, but since neither Scion nor Ion had shown up that meant she had no interest in staying. It was hard to reign in the twitchiness, she couldn't help herself from pacing, while she waited. She wasn't made to sit and do nothing. Every moment of inaction was a moment her friends might be getting hurt, but she kept her mouth shut, poked around, made herself a little gear pack of a blanket, a flint, and a water carrier. She had struck gold on the way here and found bits and pieces of her pack. Her sleeping bag was probably long gone, but the ziplock bag with water purification tabs and some of her food had been there. She still had her phone in her pocket (not that it was doing her any good here) and with the compass she had found in of the piles of refuse lying around she was all set.

Alright. She didn't really need a compass. It just made her feel prepared. If she had a racoon tail hat she would be wearing it too, because even if she was worried about the others this was an adventure.

She had swapped her bloodstained shirt for one they had rigged up at base which made her look like she had gone native, but refused to give up her black jeans. The flowery Doc Martin boots with a slit for her claws had survived so far and come hell or high water she wasn't about to part with those.

Lulling the others into a false sense of security that she wasn't going anywhere, she waited until the adults were otherwise occupied and strolled out of camp. If Logan had been there he would have known better than to take his eyes off her and expect her to stay, but Hellfire and Mimic didn't know her well enough to worry.

She thought it should have been obvious: there was no chance she would stay back where it was safe while her friends were still in danger. And there were more than just Liv and Julian now. Magma. Wiccan. They were all out there somewhere.

So without a thought to the danger she strode out into the Savage Land, breaking into a jog as soon as she cleared the island. She set off heading South-West, opposite the direction of the blood village.

It felt good to be moving, to have a goal again. Scents on the breeze brought her a continuous flow of information, new plants, new animals, new everything. Sometimes there was a whiff of one of the missing X-Men, so she chose one of those trails and started to follow it, keeping her eyes peeled. After all both of her missing people glowed: they ought to be pretty easy to spot at a distance.

Which also meant they'd be easier for any other tribes or beasts to see and if they had been knocked out when they arrived there was no telling what could have happened to them.

She picked up the pace.
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