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May 9 2018, 02:33 PM
Title from Cross My Heart

April 4, 2017, 2200

Bora Bora should have been a day off, a fun trip, a day to relax, but all it had done was make Laura antsy. The end of the world as they knew it was coming and they were sitting on the beach while everyone acted like nothing had ever happened or would ever happen. Even the adults didn't have a plan. The whole mansion had been destroyed even after they rallied their so called defenses and Colorado had been a typical Xavier's disaster. The only good thing that had happened was that they were all still alive and how much of that had been because of her? None of it maybe.

She could still go and no one would be able to stop her. Then again if the Brood really did take over the Facility would probably be the least of her problems.

On their return from the beach Alpha had slipped her a note and curiosity overcame any reservations she might still have about the girl from the future. The handwriting was glaringly familiar, written in a sparkly purple gel pen that was at odds with the tattered paper it was written on, in fact it looked like it had been written over some kind of Algebra test.


An office supply store might have been better, but beggars couldn't be choosers and Talon had the feeling she didn't have a surplus of time to get this done. Kerr might not think this was a good enough reason to alter the time stream, but Neena had let slip that someone might have to go fix things themselves, possibly hyperbole, since Neena never ran away from a fight, but Talon remembered ten years ago well enough. If Neena and Kerr had been messing around where she thought they had she remembered that month quite clearly.

Weapon X. Kimura. The rescue. And her running away two days later.

She had thought she was saving them by leaving. She had thought that she was the biggest danger to her friends.

What an idiot she had been at fifteen.

She had been in hiding when the Sleazoids first attacked. They had been so sneaky, so clever, that she hadn't even noticed at first. She had all but cut herself off from technology so Hana wouldn't be able to find her, was keeping her head down so no one would hear about any crimes she had stopped or bodies she had left behind. She had disappeared, perfectly this time.

And then by chance she had been attacked by a Sleazoid and realized something had gone terribly wrong.

She had gone home then, only to find that she was too late. People were already dead. The mansion was gone. They were already losing. It hadn't mattered anyway.

She had learned it the hard way: family was all that really mattered. At least she and Liv had been reunited before the bastards got her. But she hadn't gotten back in time for that chance for everyone.

Hence why she was breaking into a school and snitching the first set of papers she found and to her delight the pack of half dried up glitter gel pens. Pretty things were few and far between these days.

She perched at one of the desks chewing on the pen cap and staring at the paper. What would she have believed when she was fifteen? What had she needed to hear?

Damn. Kerr was better at pep talks. She should have gotten her to write it.

Laura, it's me. So you. Hi. I'd ask how it's going, but I lived it and I know. Believe me.
If you got this good. You're still alive and Alpha made it. Obviously you don't believe anything she says, because neither of us are idiots, but believe it. The future sucks and our little sister had to become that warrior standing in front of you.

You know I'm not good at words, but I'm going to try.

April 4, 2017; 2230

Laura had taken off when she realized what the letter was, going down to Central Park since it was big enough to find a tree to hide in and have everyone leave her alone. She even stopped by a taco truck to get herself food and ate one handed while she read with a growing frown.

Either you're already gone or thinking about going. So I'm going to put it to you bluntly: Stop being a STOP FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF. Read it a bunch if you have to. Logan'll probably tell you in person if you need to hear it. He'd probably say it right now if I asked, but I didn't because he's busy keeping us alive. What's left of us.

I left. I wasn't there when the Brood came. Because I was off feeling sorry for myself and moaning that I was a monster. Guess what? The real monsters are out there and they're coming.

There was no way this could be real. She was willing to maybe accept that Alpha was really Neena from the future. She smelled like her. Sounded like her. The powers were the same. She even had a few of the same mannerisms, but she was supposed to believe that her future self had the time to sit down and write her a letter? About this?

She lifted up the paper to try to catch a scent. It was rumpled from being carried around by Neena and hers was the most pervasive scent but there was something else, beneath that and the slightly moldy smell of paper that had been around too long, tinged with Brood.

It was her.


This was a mess. Worse than the papers the X-Men had made them write back when papers were still a thing. At leas the end of the world was the end of homework. Sure they tried to teach Neena things, but it wasn't like anyone was asking her to diagram sentences and write about the French revolution. There was one lesson to learn and learn well: stay alive.

And here she was trying to talk her baby self out of running away. She didn't harbor any delusions that she was going to save the universe by doing it. That was Neena's job, but she could stop her past self from screwing up as badly as she had. Even if they fixed this whole thing and her timeline disappeared Talon was sure there would be some other threat for them to deal with back in 2017. Even if it was just the things that the Brood had taken care of for her like Kimura and Colcord.

She shook the glitter pen, but it was out so she switched to green.

So get it together and stick with your family. Maybe it'll change things, maybe it won't. But that's where you belong. Maybe we are a little bit of a monster, but we've done good things too. Like Egypt or I don't have time to write it all down. You know what you've done. You still have work to do. And for the love of God let them take care of you too. You trained Liv didn't you? They came for you, didn't they?

Take care back there little me. Don't make the same mistakes I did.

Maybe they made us a weapon, but be the weapon who takes care of your family.

Be better than what they made us to be.

And take care of Alpha for me. She's tough too, but she's by herself now.



April 5, 2017; 0200

Laura read and reread the letter, memorizing the words. She could almost picture it. Her future self bent over the paper, trying to put down words that were clear in her head and gone when she tried to frame it. The crossouts, the bad handwriting, the change of color halfway through, yes she believed this note had come from herself. It was like something she would say, even she wasn't sure she believed it.

She traced the signature. When had she changed her name? Were Liv and Julian still alive? Was it her fault if they weren't?

And was it actually true, could she do what Talon seemed to think she could?


It would have to be good enough, because it was the best she could do. There were a million more things she could think of that she should have said as she headed back to what was their headquarters that week, but Laura was smart. She'd figure it out. Hopefully. She had been a hardheaded stubborn little thing. Still was if you listened to Logan or Creed.

Oh well. She had learned it from the best after all.

April 5, 2017; 0700

Laura let herself back into their room as quietly as she could glancing over to Liv's side of the now blue bedroom as she carefully slipped the letter into her Pinocchio book along with the letter from her mother.

"Sorry I disappeared. I had some things to work out."

She would stay. Maybe she could do better or maybe not. Maybe they could find a way around the trigger scent. Or maybe she could just have Liv electrocute her again. Weighing maybes against the disaster happening around their ears was impossible. Maybe she didn't actually belong there with the New Mutants, but they thought she did, they didn't care where she had been or what she had done, even if they should have.

Maybe that was what family was about after all.

"I'm back now."

Ion, Wolverine, Scion for mentions
Apr 25 2018, 09:39 AM
Despite the odds against it they all arrived home, tumbling through Abra's portal into the library. By the time Laura had gotten through they were already moving Liv and Neena to the sub-basement, while the others were triaged. She had waved off any attempt at looking at her injuries, they were already going or gone and most of the blood didn't belong to her anyway.

While the others were still getting themselves situated, congratulating each other on a job well done or commiserating on what they had needed to do Laura peeled away from them, melting away as quickly and quietly as she could, before anyone started really looking for her. Getting away from Julian and Logan was the hardest part, but first she needed to know that Liv was going to be alright and then she needed to be anywhere else.

Twenty-four hours ago if someone had told her that she would be rescued and not happy to see everyone she wouldn't have believed them, but now, well now she knew what was going to happen. They would sit her down again. Read her mind again. Look and see if she had triggers that had been missed, just like when Ben had been turned into Sinister's puppet. And when they found out it was something they couldn't remove they would throw her out. It's what she would have done. She wasn't someone with a dangerous power who could be taught control, she was just a ticking timebomb.

She didn't go all the way into the medbay, just down to the sub-basement to skulk outside, waiting to be sure Liv and Neena would be okay. When it became clear that they would she fled the scene back up to her room before one of the telepaths could get their hands on her.

Their room looked the same as always, her side exactly how she had left it: the bed made up, her unfinished assignment about the Savage Land on the desk, the pictures where she had left them. She ignored the things for the time being in favor of stripping off the stupid, bloodstained, pink hospital gown and trying to shower all of the blood off. Her hair was so matted and tangled with it that after a few minutes of trying to get it out she gave in to the frustration and popped a claw to hack a good six inches off.

She wanted to hit something. Where was Kimura's ugly face when she needed it?

'What do I need to do?' she asked herself, watching the bloody water swirl down the drain.

It didn't matter what she wanted. It mattered what was best for her family. And the best thing would have been for her to never have come here. Failing that the best thing would be for her to leave and them to forget.

Maybe her healing factor was failing, because her chest hurt at that thought. Like a heart attack or something.

She changed, not into the pajamas she really wanted to put on, but into jeans and a t-shirt and cleaned the tub out so Liv wouldn't return to what looked like a murder scene. The gown got stuffed in the trash, because she didn't have the energy to deal with the questions setting a fire to burn it would raise.

Although if she burned down the mansion they might just use that as an excuse to throw her out instead of the real reason.

Unwilling to leave the relative sanctuary of her room she went into the closet and pulled out the bag she had packed in case of an emergency and the food she had stashed away. Cold Chef Boyardee, potato chips, and M&Ms wasn't the homecoming meal she had hoped for, but it was better than nothing.

She took her time eating, then cleaning the plastic dishes she kept in the room for that specific reason, then meandering around straightening things that didn't need to be straightened while she tried to delay the inevitable.

Almost mechanically she repacked the bag. When she had first moved in it had been fully stocked. She could have been ready to run at the drop of the hat. Somewhere along the line she had gotten comfortable, ransacked it for clothes she wanted to wear or snacks she wanted to eat. She put it back to rights now, clothes she would need, nonperishables she could take with, all the cash she had kept with her, still a substantial amount but she'd need to go withdraw the rest from her accounts before she got too far. There was no reason to leave a trail for Faust to find. Her phone hadn't been recovered from the facility which was one less thing to worry about. She retrieved her MP3 player, one ear bud in place, one hanging down while Ever after played. It wasn't wireless enabled, it should be safe enough to take with her. She glanced over at the pictures hanging all along a clothes line she and Liv had strung up and started taking them down, slipping them between the pages of her mother's copy of Pinocchio. They wouldn't need the pictures, but she would take them with.

She placed the book carefully into her backpack, followed by the stuffed penguin she had gotten at Christmas time, even if it took up too much space and was stupid to bring.

Everything was ready, but she couldn't quite make herself pick up the bag and walk out. It should be easy. She had done it before. What was it about this place that made it so hard to leave? 'Better to go now before they make you.' If she went it would be on her own terms, it was what she had to do.

It shouldn't be this hard.


Apr 21 2018, 06:22 PM
Now was the time to leave.

Sometime last night Liv had finally fallen asleep after the massive protest to Laura leaving last night. She had given in, mainly because upsetting someone who she had already stabbed that day seemed like the asshole cherry on the cake. You didn't do your sister dirty like that.

But Laura didn't see how she could stay here. Now they knew. Soon they would all know, she would be surprised if the senior X-Men weren't already discussing her now, with or without Logan present. She was a liability. She always had been, she had just been able to hide it until now.

She left a note so Liv wouldn't worry, a short one, all it said was 'Be back later' with her name scrawled at the bottom, but at least Liv wouldn't think she had just hightailed it out. She retrieved her second best pair of Converse since the first was now long gone and shrugged back into jeans and a hoodie. The offending pink (now stained various shades of brown and red) gown had already been discarded.

Laura took the quickest route out and down: the window and scaled down the building, hopping the last few feet. She made a detour to the kitchen to make half a box of chocolate chip waffles and grab a pack of already made bacon, along with several packets of Pop-Tarts, a bag of Cheetos, a handful of clementines, and the entire jug of chocolate milk. They hadn't exactly starved her for the last two weeks, but they hadn't really fed her either.

She got out of the mansion without anyone noticing her and was outside firmly lodged in a tree as the morning breakfast rush started. Inside they'd be going about their day, getting ready for class, it seemed like a lifetime ago that she would have been with them. It had all been an act. Playing a part. Why had she thought she could actually be normal, or at least, as normal as the New Mutants could get?

A bark made her look down to see Darwin with his front paws on the bark of the tree, tail wagging madly as he watched her and her snacks. He looked so pleased with himself that she dropped half a Pop-Tart down to him, then shimmied down herself to sit on the ground while he ate.

Of course if she hung around she'd probably end up killing the stupid puppy too she thought darkly. It wouldn't be the first time the Facility had made her kill a puppy and this last mission probably wouldn't be the last time she killed for them either, no matter what she said. She was sure Maverick had said the same thing and he was their puppet, willingly or unwillingly she didn't know or care and if it had been up to her she would have left him there to burn with the rest of them.

She pulled her knees up to her chest and started on the Cheetos, sharing with Darwin as she went until he was half orange with cheese dust. She could wait and make sure Neena was alright, that there wouldn't be any last harm to the little girl and then go. They might miss her at first, but they would get over it. They had lived a long time without her, just like she had told Julian in the Savage Land. They would be fine without her, better off really. No one needed a friend around who was going to stab you in the chest. She could go find Kimura, make sure she was taken care of or at least knew not to go after Julian and Liv and then... go somewhere. Do something. Anywhere she wouldn't have people she loved to hurt.

Having people was a weakness. They had been right about that much. She would cut them all off and they would all be better for it.

It would just be like fixing an injury. Painful until the splinter was removed or the wound healed or the dislocated joint back in place. Her existence at the school could be chalked up to momentary discomfort before things went back to the way they were.

"I'd take you with," she told Darwin. "But then they'd never stop looking for me."

He barked and started looking for any overlooked bits of Pop-Tarts. "Exactly," she muttered. Darwin was distracted by the Pop-Tarts. She was sure her friends would find some kind of distraction too.

Apr 16 2018, 02:14 PM
Most of the time Talon tried not to remember.

It had been ten years since the end of the world, but apparently being virtually unkillable held true against the alien horde. They had torn limbs off, shred skin, even tried to implant her with one of their embryos, but she was made of tougher stuff than they were. Try and try as they might they hadn't managed to kill her. Yet. It hurt like a bitch to heal through a Brood trying to assimilate you, but she was a survivor and she had lived through much worse.

Ironic, since it was more or less the end of the world. There were hardly any of them left; just those who had been extremely tough and extremely lucky. One or the other wasn't enough; you needed both.

Laura wasn't sure she should be pleased she had been one of them. Sure, it meant she was still alive and ten years ago she might have said that was all that mattered. She knew better now. When all your friends, your sister were dead and gone what exactly were you supposed to fight for at that point? The members of X-Force probably had different ideas, but at that point Laura was mostly in it for revenge. She knew it was only a matter of time before they all went down, unless it turned out the Brood had really pissed off a more advanced alien race and they showed up to exterminate them the human race was on its way out, but it wasn't in her nature to go down without a fight.

Besides. Someone had to keep an eye on Logan.

Cities were usually not the place to be, but she found herself in New York anyway, her old stomping grounds back when she was a freshly minted New Mutant, trying desperately to become a real girl. Whatever had replaced her teenaged self was closer to the weapon Rice and then Colcord had so desperately wanted, thriving in the chaos as one after another her allies, friends, and enemies were taken down. Too bad they weren't around to enjoy it. Kimura hadn't even made it, although that was due more to Talon's own intervention. Death by Brood had seemed appropriate for the woman who had made her childhood so miserable and tried to hurt Liv and Julian, some old wounds never did heal and that had been one of them. She had stopped them short of using Kimura as a host for the sole reason that she didn't want to give her any advantages, but it hadn't been a pleasant way to go by any stretch of the imagination.

It was early evening as Laura stole her way through the streets until there, half of it falling down, all of it dilapidated, the electricity long gone was another sign of the dead past: the bright yellow blocks proclaiming a Waffle House. If her sense of direction was accurate (and she knew it was) it was the very same one she and Julian had eaten at when she told him about her past. A lifetime ago.

The end of the world really did suck. Her friends were dead, there weren't any more waffles, and old landmarks were like getting punched in the gut.

But that wasn't why she was here, tempting as it was to sneak inside and see if there was a waffle iron she could steal. Food was hard to come by and most likely the rest of the team would have something to say about using supplies on waffles, but when you had claws and a healing factor you tended to get your way. They all knew she could survive just find out there on her own, but most of them didn't particularly want a feral Talon running around when they could use every fighter they had.

She was on the trail of a rumored group of survivors here in New York a few of the others had been informed, but it was Laura's mission and she didn't much care if they came along or not. Maybe they were all hoping Kerr and Alpha's scheme of warning the past would work. She doubted it. She hoped she was proven wrong, that there was some future that could play out where they made it, were alive and happy, but Laura didn't think it was possible. In real life sometimes the witches won and the heroes lost. Which meant she had to keep going in reality and if there were humans around she was going to find them.

For her part she lowered herself down into the sewers the last place they had any information on the group and started tracking. She could hear some of the Brood in the distance and the stink of them was everywhere these days, but lingering under she thought she could catch a faint whiff of human. After implantation the scent was just the slightest bit off, something she had learned to distinguish after years of dealing with the damn things.

Of course nothing was ever simple and the trail was leading her right towards a nest of Sleazoids.

Well. She didn't mind killing a couple dozen of Broodlings. It wasn't like she had anything else to do. Call it a public service.

((OOC: Open to other survivors for a potentially disastrous tracking mission and Brood beatdown))
Apr 3 2018, 03:14 PM
Once set into motions events moved quickly.

Armed with the information that the X-Men were not immediately launching a rescue mission, that they were preaching caution, the New Mutants jumped into action. They had enough training to know where to start and the voicemail Laura had left was enough motivation to get going.

The word spread quickly with Ion and Scion leading the charge. When it became clear that Faust was unable to break directly into the Weapon X system to provide them immediate access they dispersed to ready their supplies while she got to work.

Meanwhile, those who could be trusted to keep their mouths shut and blow things up were grabbed: Magma, Wiccan, Gunslinger, Impulse, and Cyclops. Luckily for them, there was a forgotten weak spot in the fortress: the phone of the unfortunate lab tech Laura had used to call for help. Kimura had taken it with her when she left, but caught up in the experiment's with Velocity left it in one of the meeting rooms, not yet secured. Faust notified Abra and by lunch time the hastily assembled team stood ready: means of transportation, a very good idea of where to go, and a convicted disregard for either Laura's warning or the X-Men's verdict.

They had learned the lesson from the X-Men after all: No one gets left behind.

There was laughter as two guards made the most of their last free moments of leave before they returned to work. They had been notified that the security status was raised, but had shaken it off. Colcord was paranoid after all and he loved running drills. He was always messing with what level they were at, it just meant now when they had been told to return early that had forgotten to pick up the phone. All hands on deck. Sure. They'd get back when they were good and ready.

With vacation still on the brain they rolled towards the derelict building on the lakeshore not paying much attention to their surroundings. They were still dressed like civilians and if anyone questioned them they had plenty of answers prepared, but Colcord made sure no one was ever hanging around out there. Some kids had tried once, hadn't gone well for them.

They didn't notice Wolverine's hiding spot or that he was watching them, but why would they? Even the security team hadn't caught a glimpse of him so far as he watched and waited for the opportunity.

Inside it was just another day at work for most of the residents. Doctors Albrecht and Colcord were hard at work, snapping at lab assistants as their project was still behind schedule and not working. The blood had already been scrubbed from the walls of the medical room X-23 had made a mess of the night before, even if the techs were now afraid to go inside.

As far as the cleaning crew was concerned it had simply been business as usual. Including the bloody hallway outside of X-23 and Velocity's cell. Blood and brain matter on the ceiling? Well. They'd seen worse.

Kimura had stationed herself in the security room, making the team nervous with her feral smirks. Her eyes were fixed on the two captured girls, Velocity still in the lab where her leg had been worked on and X-23 prowling around the small room even though she had gone over it before and knew very well there was no way to escape and nothing to escape too. Kimura still couldn't wait for her next attempt and was delighted at how fast her little pet had recovered from the beating yesterday. The little one was tougher than she had thought too. It was going to be so exciting when 23's little friends came bursting in, or really got hauled in in chains, because there was no way inside the place.

It was past time to beat the weakness out of X. Rice had let Kinney ruin their weapon. Maybe killing her little friends would do it, even better if Kimura could get them to renounce her as their friend beforehand.

They had made a mistake last night. They had let her escape, kill people, and they had taken Neena away.

Now Laura paced the room, too angry and jittery to sit, because they had taken Neena. They were hurting her now and it was Laura's fault. They had been right. She wasn't good enough. If she had been they would all be dead and Neena would be free. She had lost her edge out there in the real world, surrounded by fast food and movies and friends.

The Facility wanted a weapon? They would have it, whether they brought Neena back to her or not.

She thought they had been bluffing. They weren't going to kill Neena outright. There weren't enough mutants, much less mutants available to them, for Weapon X to go around killing them for another's bad behavior. Especially if they wanted to use Nee for their twisted experiments. They would push and push until they either killed her or had molded her into the weapon they wanted; according to her mother that was what they did and since Laura hadn't seen or heard any evidence of any other prisoners or experiments in the building she had to assume she and Nee were all they had to work with. They wouldn't let them go for no reason.

She was close to just snapping the next time someone came through that door, but knew that wasn't the answer. Colcord was. Even Kimura and Maverick would hesitate before they let her kill their boss. All she had to do was take him prisoner long enough to get Neena out of her cell. Easier said than done, so she would wait, for now. Surely he would come down to gloat and that would be simpler than trying to injure herself badly enough for them to feel the need to restrain her.

Julian would have told the X-Men by now. Logan might be breaking down the door right now. They might have plenty of incompetent moments, but some of them were useful. Hellfire and Menagerie would come rescue Neena and someone who was insane and well armed and someone who couldn't die would give Weapon X pause. Maybe Dr. Grey would even show up and use that famous brain for something other than making ice cream float through the house to her or plucking excuses right from their heads when they didn't do their homework. Hell, maybe Slate would even show up. If he had flipped out so badly about a broken arm the guy really ought to be on a murder rampage over a kidnapping and several counts of attempted murder by Kimura.

No. Probably better just to count on Logan. He was all she needed anyway. And he would definitely keep Liv and Julian away, because the only way this could be worse was if Kimura ever got anywhere near them.

One portal ride later and the assembled New Mutants were stepping into one of several meeting rooms, luckily for them empty, with the door wide open. Unknown to them they had arrived directly above Laura and Neena's cells on the second floor of the subground base. The first floor consisted of the living space for the guards, hanger, and equipment rooms. Below that the various labs, training areas, and meeting rooms. The third floor was home to the cellblock, security and control rooms, and morgue. Colcord, Albrecht, Kimura, and the captain of the guard had rooms in a separate wing of the third level.

Outside the door unmarked doors ran along the hallway the New Mutants found themselves in, some supply closets, other filled with weapons, and more leading to mostly empty rooms. The hallways themselves were all being monitored by camera and armed guards prowled the halls, on high alert after X-23's breakout the night before. Among them was Maverick, momentarily left to his own devices with only the instructions that the prisoners were not to escape and any intruders were to be captured alive. Colcord had plenty of uses for fresh blood.

Despite the world class security the facility was not rigged to alarm for a teleporter using a rogue cellphone, but the rescue team had mere seconds to orient themselves before the security team would sound the alarm and already the next rotation of guards was rounding the corner and ready to sound the alarm...

In the control room Kimura flipped through the cameras again and as an entire party of teenagers appeared in one of the meeting rooms she leaned forward. Game on. She hit a button and everywhere in the building guards were pinged of the break in and began to converge on the teens.

In her cell Laura heard the sound of heavy boots coming to a stop outside her door. Did she warrant a guard now then? She tipped her head, listening to the rapid heartbeats, the smell of fear. That was new. Maybe it was her, but maybe not.

She slunk to the corner of her cell right by the door, tensed and ready to spring should the door open up.

One post between X-23/Storyteller posts please, will update them every few days.
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