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Jan 12 2018, 02:57 PM
Continued from Broke In

Well as usual activities at Xavier's had escalated quickly. Glitch had gotten himself broken in what was possibly record time and since no one had listened to her to just fix the problem and had gotten Slate involved that meant he was probably going to start nitpicking and wanting to know the details.

That was, if he could find his team. Laura hadn't been joking when she said she was hungry so with or without the others she was going to go get food. If they wanted to come good. If not than they were lame and she needed to find a new team ASAP. Plus once they got Luca fixed they would probably come looking for the rest of them and if you thought she was going to be anywhere near the scene of the crime when the adults came looking for someone to yell at you had another thing coming. She could eat enough that could stay at Harry's til they closed down no problem.

She took up her favorite table in the back corner with a full view of both doors and an easy escape through the back door if the need arose. Even Salem Center wasn't completely safe, especially since Doug had come home all shot up the other day. The rest of them probably wouldn't think of that, but well that was just another thing she was going to have to try to teach them so they didn't get themselves shot.

"So today's lesson was not to piss off anyone with adamantium claws and a dark past," she announced brightly to the others. Well they'd all probably steer clear of Logan now. "What should we do for the next team building exercise? I'm thinking the Danger Room. I have a good idea for a simulation." They should all be very, very afraid.

Abra, Boom Boom, Mo'o, Plasma, Forge, Gentle, Wiccan, Magma
Dec 11 2017, 07:04 PM
Julian was extra cranky these days to the extent that even Laura had noticed. This was not her forte. She was good at breaking things not fixing them. If he had someone he needed terrorized or dead she would have been happy to step in, but cheering someone up especially if they didn't want it? She didn't know what she was supposed to do about that. It wasn't like waffles were going to help him (it would have made her feel better) and he was pretty firm about the "I don't like killing people" thing so going out and disposing of some low lifes would be a little counter productive. Those were her two best ideas down the drain. What did he like? Cars? Well she was pretty sure about their car theft last time she would need to find a new racing ring to frequent. Sports? No that meant too many annoying people. Shopping? He'd probably collapse the roof of the mall if someone looked at them funny which while entertaining didn't exactly have the cheering effect she was hoping for.

So she wracked her brain and came up with something almost as good.

As classes wrapped up she went ahead and grabbed him. "Come on, let's go, I have a good plan," she informed him leading the way to her bike. "To cheer you up," she elaborated. She could have let him drive his schmancy car, but where they were headed it might be better to not stand out. Also bike rides were good for morale. She had seen enough movies by now to know that the good girl loved the bad boy on a bike. And neither of them really fit that "good girl" mold, but well it still ought to be impressive. Probably would have worked better if she was trying to woo Billy since he would have been the good girl in a movie, but well she had to work with what she had.

She didn't bother to tell him where they were going as they zoomed upstate into what passed as the boonies around here. It wasn't quite like the movies she had seen or Alabama which according to Kaylee was filled with rampaging football fans and tornadoes around every corner and bears, but it would have to do as they pulled up to a warehouse with a slightly abandoned look to it.

So their destination was a little illegal. But no one was going to die so Laura figured it was okay.

"So remember those fireworks on New Year's?" she said excitedly as she hopped off the bike and stowed her helmet. "I liked those. Explosions are fun. So I found this place. They have real fireworks. Not sparklers. And then there's a place nearby that has ice cream. So fireworks and ice cream without all the losers at school." She looked up at him hopefully. It had seemed like a good night to her and one that he couldn't possibly complain about unless it was that they weren't designer fireworks. Also if he complained she could always leave him there. "Come on." She seized his hand and started trying to pull him forward.

You couldn't blame her that tonight was the night the county police had decided would be a good night to raid the store, home to not only illegal fireworks but possibly a sketchy money laundering operations.

Sep 4 2017, 07:42 PM
Christmas had been magical. Santa had come (take that Julian). There had been so much food. She had gotten to watch every Christmas movie known to mankind. The only disappointing thing was the lack of snow. Next year she was going to bribe or threaten Iceman into service. Still for a first Christmas is had been pretty perfect.

Almost. She still had Logan's present to give, only it wasn't exactly something she could whip out in front of the other adults it would have raised too many questions she wasn't in the mood to answer. Also apparently some of them were still worried about silly things like laws. She also wasn't 100% sure how he would react to any of it, he didn't really seem like a holiday sort of guy. But Laura already loved Christmas and it was something you were supposed to share with family. And he was family. At least in her mind, even if she wasn't ready to say it out loud.

So that evening as everyone began to settle in to enjoy their presents and munch on whatever leftovers and cookies remained, Laura shrugged into her puffy green coat and bright purple and pink flowered scarf and set off to Wolverine's cabin.

She knocked on the door then let herself in, sticking her head inside. "It's me." He would know of course, but it was polite to announce it. She hadn't been by in a week or two and her eyes lit up when she saw the little tree in the corner. "You have a tree! And stockings!" Sure they were old socks and his tree was little, but it was a tree! With tinsel! "It's like Snoopy's tree! I didn't know you decorated. It's so great, Logan!" Being like Snoopy's made it at least as good as the one she had helped decorate inside. Maybe better.

"I brought your presents," she added. "Open this one first," she handed him a box wrapped in paper with little penguins and Santas, trying to hold back anticipatory giggles as she did. It was the perfect present for him.

And she had a real one, but this one was just funny enough that she had to give it first.

Aug 19 2017, 02:24 PM
According to certain people Santa Clause didn't exist, but Laura wasn't an idiot. There had been stories about Santa Clause forever. Practically every country had him. The government even tracked him on Christmas Eve for God's sake! Her problem wasn't his existence it was the fact that fifteen years of being trained and acting as an assassin, plus the people she had killed since the Facility probably had her pretty much permanently engraved on the naughty list. She hadn't even ever gotten coal. So what she had to do was a whole bunch of good deeds to get herself on the nice list and she had to do it fast.

She wasn't sure what Santa considered "nice" behavior, but she figured that donning her Talon costume made of a black jumpsuit, black and purple jacket, and purple mask and heading down to the harbor to board a ship that one of her contacts had told her housed a prisoner who had been captured for selling out a gang run drug and prostitution ring was a good start. Yes, Talon had contacts now. Two of them to be precise, both people who had been grateful to her for taking out Devin King. One was the sister of the guy on board the ship, she had texting, begging for Talon to help him. He wanted out of this life she had said. He was going to go straight. They were holding him and they were going to kill him that weekend.

That was a nice idea and Laura hoped so, but she also wanted to finish off what she had started and decimate this crew.

She was perched on a rooftop looking down at the ship in question. She had already looked at the layout of the ship, probably he would be down in the hold and she couldn't imagine on a cold Friday night there would be too many people on guard. They could have better things to do than guard a prisoner and whatever contraband they had on board.

She would swim to get on board she decided. They wouldn't expect someone to swim up to the ship and claw their way up the end opposite the dock, no one would be watching that way. It would be cold, but when you had a healing factor you didn't really have to worry about frostbite. From there she would see how far she could sneak before she had to start taking people out to get to Shawn.

Mind made up she made her way back to the ground, landing in a side alley. She was about to head towards the ship when she caught a whiff of a familiar scent and turned, scowling a little. Damn it. She knew that smell. Ben. Maybe with the mask and darkness he wouldn't recognize her, but if he saw her heading on the ship he would want to follow. She was going to have to threaten him she decided, so he wouldn't blow her cover. She didn't need anyone at the mansion finding out about these extracurricular activities.

Maybe if she just started walking he would just go about his own business... because threatening someone who was just annoying her with murder would probably negate the good deed she was about to attempt.

Scarlet Spider
Jul 9 2017, 01:42 AM
This was basically heaven on earth.

Laura had thought the pizza place in town was it, but no, this place was even better. A series of miscellaneous events and good decisions had led her and Magma into Salem Center to explore the wonderland known as Costco. It was slightly mauled from the Black Friday festivities, but Laura wasn't there for a big screen TV or computer, they were after rollerblades, because who could resist the idea of sharp objects on wheels? At least, that's what she was picturing.

This place was already amazing and they had just gotten through the front door. It smelled like everything you could ever need in life and the first thing she zeroed in on were the hot dogs. "Oh we should start there!"

Hot dogs in hand she could now get back to the primary mission. "I don't see a weapons section," she said doubtfully. "Maybe they're in sporting goods?" So it wasn't quite perfect, but it was probably as close as they were going to get in this lifetime.
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