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Mar 12 2018, 06:47 PM
"It is not cheating." Hana said as she walked around the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo. Her digital eyes taking in all the booths and vendors that had come to the gaming expo. The expo was an homage to the throw back retro games and gaming systems. One could find everything from Atari's that still worked and could play some Space invader to Nintendo where you could watch grown men rage quitting over the same Battletoads that they rage quit as young boys.

The expo also had the old throw back table top games. First edition DnD, the original BattleTech, collectors playing Magic the Gathering with the original set where you had to ante up a card in order to play. If it was a game that happened in the eighties or before, it was represented at the Expo.

The Expo also had Bethesda and other major current game developers showing off a lot of the new up and coming games. Making the Expo the perfect place to see just how far gaming has come of the decades, and how much the gaming community still buzzed with activity and enthusiasm regardless of how toxic it tended to be at times.

"It would only be cheating if I forced myself into processing data at an exponential rate. It is not cheating if my faster perception is a natural occurrence. To say that it was cheating is to say that Usain Bolt cheats at the 100 yard dash." Hana held her trophy in her arms, her image inducer projecting her image as she walked along, taking in the sites and sounds of the expo. As well as all the data that was flying around. (She may or may not be already worming her way into the Capcom vendors network so she could gain an advanced copy of MegaMan 11.)

"Besides the Johnny Cage cosplayer was arrogant and needed to be soundly defeated." Hana simply said as she walked along. Perhaps she had worked out some aggression on the poor guy. It was quite likely that was what she had done. She had not as of yet informed Roan of the conversation that she and Kitty had. She had told Roan that Kitty and her had spoken, but she had not spoken to Roan about the information that Kitty had learned about Pale Flower. There would be time enough for that later. Right now she just wished to enjoy the expo and her birthday.

Mar 1 2018, 08:03 PM
Who would have thought that a little think like an EMP bomb would wreck so much havoc all over the mansion? Hana... Hana would have thought it. She counted herself lucky that the attack was so late at night and she was uploaded to cyberspace while her android frame rested in its alcove. An EMP blast to Hana was like a bullet to the brain for most other people. Deadly of the do not pass go, do not collect $200 sort. The end of all things. If she was being honest about it. EMP's were utterly terrifying for her. Even more so now after seeing the damage they did to delicate things like electronics and the mansions WiFi.

That EMP blast had wrecked her android frame. Doug had been kind enough to start working on the repairs. Though with everything else that needed fixed, and the X-men's sudden return from where ever, and a lot worse for wear than when the left, repairs had slowed down a bit. Hana understood that and was not bothered by it in the least bit. She too had been hard at work attempting to repair some of the software issues the EMP had created. Getting security systems back up and running and things like medical services was far more important that her android frame. Though most if it had been repaired. Now was just the trouble shooting the random and assorted glitch that popped up every once in a while.

Which was what she was doing at the moment as she sat in the chair in her room. Her left thigh panel popped open as she tinkered around with a voltage continuity and current tester. Trying to find where the flow of energy was not doing what it was supposed to do. That minor glitch was causing her to have the kind of walking stride you would have if your leg was half asleep. It was an embarrassing few moments, though she would not admit to such things. Never the less, with her repaired image inducer switched on, and no longer behaving like a tv picture plagued by static, Hana sat to work trying to find that dead space that was giving her walking troubles.

Feb 3 2018, 10:57 AM
Secrets were hard to keep in a school, let alone a school full of mutants who were nosey and had means for hearing things they should not and seeing things they should not. It certainly did not take long for Hana to learn about the Brotherhood cyberpath who had been confined to the Medical Bay after being brought in with injuries. Injuries that would have been healed by either Jase or Ash in mere moments. So the idea that she was still here, and still confined to the Medical Bay baffled Hana. Hana understood that she was Brotherhood, and their was tension between the Brotherhood and the X-men. Though the logic behind keeping Hardwire here eluded her.

More than that, it interested her. Peaked her curiosity and lured her down to the lower levels. Hana had never met another Cyberpath before. Well, not in real life. She had encountered plenty in cyber space. Perhaps she had run across Elliot before? It was a possibility, then again, cyberspace was vast and like actual space, ever expanding, leaving it just as likely that they had never encountered one another before. Still the curiosity had gotten the best of Hana, so down to the lower levels she went. Hana, however, was still cautious as she made the journey. Elliot was confined for some reason, she was Brotherhood. Perhaps she was dangerous? So many unanswered questions caused Hana to spend the time bolstering her "network defenses." Like a telepath bolstering their own mental defenses. Hana built firewalls and "honeypots." A labyrinth like maze of false partitions and firewalls to protect her android frame as well as her digital mind until she was standing in front of the Medical Bay doors. Willing the sensor to not trigger the action to automatically open at her approach.

A normal person would have taken a deep breathe to steel their resolve. Hana knew she had that sensation, though did not command her image inducer to perform that action. There just did not seem to be a benefit to such a thing since their was no one to observe the reaction. Instead Hana simply tilted her head a bit and let the sensor do its job and slide the door open. The image of a diminutive Japanese girl stood outside the door, looking over Elliot for the briefest of moments, though a cacophony of thoughts poured through her computer like mind before she took the steps to enter into the room.

One step in, and Hana paused. Her image inducer switched off as her connection to it was severed by whatever Dr. McCoy had set up inside the room. Hana paused and stepped back outside. Her image returning. The young cyberpath commanded her image to furrow her brows as she tilted her head a bit. Suddenly not so sure about this decision, though deciding that she had already committed to the interaction. Hana again entered the room, the door sliding behind her and her image once again turning off. The silence was deafening. The lose of connection to her realm was palpable. She imagined it was like that nightmare that students spoke about where you were suddenly in front of class in your underwear. She felt naked, vulnerable, and weak.

"This is most distressing." She said. Wholly pleased that at least the faraday cage, if that was what it was, had not severed her connection to her android frame. "I am Hana, a cyberpath, like you." She did not like being confined in this manner and really wanted to turn around and leave this place, but her curiosity was profound.
Jan 2 2018, 10:24 PM
Hana had been sneaking into the music room at night for quite some time. Usually she waited until way late at night, a benefit of never having to sleep. She could not use her room since that would disturb her roommate. There was also the fact t hat Hana did not really want anyone to know that she slipped into the music room and sang karaoke songs. She really did not want people to know that she sang at all. Another one of those things that the cyberpath internalized and kept bottled up. Not that she really understood the expressive nature of singing songs. Hana just liked music because of the superior mathematics that was involved and how you could take a song and break it down into its mathematical components. Assign values to notes and chords and various sounds and write an algorithm to perfectly piece all those parts together.

Though today, for reasons she quite did not understand because emotions were most illogical, Hana had felt compelled to slip into the music room earlier than she usually did. Sit herself on the stool in the middle of the room and sing an Ed Sheeran song. She liked Ed Sheeran. Liked his voice and how he was able to marry the mathematical nuances in the music he wrote.

This, of course, was not why she had chosen to sing that particular song. It was the reason she would give, but her song choice was driven by a more subconscious an emotional part of her that she had rededicated herself to isolating and ignoring. Even so, she sang. Autotuned of course so that it would sound pleasant. She, after all, was a walking stereo and the reason she kept it secret. She just did not want to be the sound system at the next New Mutant bon fire. "Hana, sing Guns and Roses while lip singing. Hana sing something from Christina Aguilera's Bionic album."

She sat rigidly on the stool, her posture perfect because Android Frame. Her body not moving a bit except for the lips of the holographic image that was projected over her android frame. Her sound was pleasing but her song lacked the depth of an actual performance because all those things that went into a performance were isolated and ignored. All those things the distinguished between a living person singing and a radio playing a tune were shoved way down and not allowed to make things illogical, confusing, and unpredictable. And still she sang, pointed towards the back wall and not paying a bit of attention to the door.

Dec 3 2017, 11:53 AM
Hana sat quietly. her ability to see switched entirely off, leaving only her hearing on. She did not want to see anyone seeing her like this. She had gotten used to the looks, the staring, the pointing, the unappreciated touching and invasion of her personal space as curious people wanted to know what an android felt like. That was before the gift of the image inducer. The gift that gave her face back. Her human look. Even though it was artificial it had created a condition where she was treated differently. Treated like she was a human and not an android.

She was able to go shopping and not be followed around. Pointed at, grabbed, have pictures taken (or attempted to. Hana shut those down pretty quickly). Lie every one else she was just another uncommon drop in the bucket instead of some thing that stood out like a sore thumb. Now all that had changed. Kitty had reset her back to her factory settings by taking her image inducer away. So Hana had shut off her optics so she would not have to see.

Quietly she still seethed at Pale Flower getting away. Quietly she searched through cyberspace, looking for clues as to where she might have escaped to. her encounter had given her new clues. Pale Flower had taken her fathers android designs. Those Androids would need power to recharge. Hana could look for uncharacteristic power consumption. Eventually she would find Pale Flower. In this digital age there was no hiding. Not for ever.

As Hana searched and while she waited for what she knew was coming, Hana absentmindedly rubbed at the spot on her wrist where he image inducer used to be. Feeling of being so naked and so vulnerable washing over her. They were distracting, like the feelings she had first experienced for Roan. Though instead of endlessly moving them away and tucking them in a background process in her mind, she just let them exist. She had learned that it would only compound the problem if she did not let them exist. Like some infinite looping gif that kept adding a second with every revolution. She would have to deal with it, otherwise she would never get anything done. So while she waited for the conversation that she was dreading. Hana simply tried to continue her search while letting that feeling of naked and vulnerable wash over her.

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