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New Mutants Gamma

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Jun 15 2018, 04:09 PM
The Brood had been on the planet for more than 4600 years. Over four Millenia worth of watching and waiting. Planning and plotting. Biding their time until the moment arrived. The moment the would strike out against the world and consume every resource and rewrite every last host into new Brood. 7.6 Billion new Brood. Give or take the few hundred they would have to decimate before their inevitable domination. Sacrifices had to be made for the greater good of the Brood after all.

Jonny Lynch had jogged this route for months on end. Every day. Sometimes in the mornings, sometimes at midday, and sometimes at night. No matter the time, Jonny never missed a day. Running was a family tradition for Jonny. His family had run in the New York Marathon going back decades. Jonny Lynch had a very, very large family after all and he needed to make sure they were all proud of him.

Turning the block, Jonny headed towards the middle point of his job. The outskirts of Mutant Town. Jonny’s route always took him around the edge of the unofficial town. The locals of Mutant Town had been leery of Jonny at first, though as time went on and Jonny never caused any issues, they soon started to ignore his presence and not pay any attention at all. Though they would pay attention today, as Jonny was not the only one running at full speed down the street.

From out of cars and subway tunnels. Out of buildings and busses came more and more people. People of every race and color. Of every socio-economic status. Hobo Joes in grimy clothes. Hipsters in man-buns, and skinny jeans. Business suits, pants suits, sundresses. A few cops and a few firefighters. Dozens on Dozens running full tilt down the street directly towards Mutant Town.

Hana had been watching over the city diligently. Weeks ago she had wormed her way into New York’s Real Time Crime Center. New York being one of the most heavily surveilled cities in the world. Through the Real Time Crime Center, Hana was able to tap into every official camera, and those cameras that the city was not supposed to have access to but had used the desperate times calls for desperate measures argument to approve their clandestine spying on several groups of people. She had access to the shotspotter microphones and the dash cams.

Standing in her room at the hotel, Hana had the drapes open and was stoically looking out the window. Her hands clasped neatly behind her back as she worked and she watches. The X-men had all seemingly vanished from the hotel without a trace except for Angel and Warpath. It did not take Hana’s mathematical ability to predict what that meant. The fight with the Brood had started, which meant the New Mutants were about to find out if their own prediction about Mutant Town’s safety was accurate. She briefly pondered informing them of the New Mutants plan then promptly dismissed the idea. The math said there was a high probability that would get them confined in the Danger Room.

Hana’s holographic form arched a thin eyebrow as movement in one of the many cameras being watched by the Real Crime Center caught her attention. A mob, no a mass of people running towards Mutant Town. They moved from camera view faster than any human could. They, however, were not mutant. As the mass closed in, one after the other began to burst open and shuck off their human skins. The Brood were bursting forth in that mass of people as they ran into Mutant Town. Other movement caught Hana’s attention as more were flying in following the Hudson. The assault on Mutant Town had begun.

With a thought, Hana sent out two messages. :: Mutant Town is under attack. All New Mutants report to the designated portal point.:: Went to all the New Mutants. Advising them to gather report to Nezhno’s room for portal hop to their designated command position. :: Sargent Adams. I saved your life. You owe me a debt. Pay it by bringing SWAT to Mutant Town. Or I will crush you in unfathomable debt.:: A few days prior, Hana had prevented Sargent Adams from walking into a Trap He owed her or he would regret it.

Arriving to Nezhno’s room, Hana stepped through Abra’s portal and on top of Off Key Karaoke Bar. After hours of war game like scenarios with Gunslinger and a few others, they had settled on the bar being the most optimal position. Well stocked with the grain alcohol for Ash. (Thanks to Hana quintupling their usual order) Great line of sight in all directions, and positioned in a decently defensible position. Not to mention that there would likely be quite a few mutants already in and around the bar to add to their numbers.

Hana’s five drones floated out from behind the holographic image of the slender Japanese teen. Using the emergency broadcast system that she had spent the day dominating, Hana pushed out an Amber Alert notification to the cellular phones in the area. ::People of Mutant Town. We are the New Mutants, come to defend Mutant Town. We make our stand at Off Key.::

The Brood had already plunged deep into Mutant Town, while the flight of Brood banked from the Hudson and soared in from the sky. The scene threatened to burst out into chaos. Just as they had anticipated. Though they were ready. They had predicted this would happen, and the New Mutants had planned for it. With a thought, all five of Hana’s drones ignited their hard light shielding. Three flew out off the top of the building and headed into the melee, blocking Brood from striking at the civilians of Mutant Town while two stayed with Hana. [/color]”Roan, new portals in the order we practiced.”[/color] Hana’s Drone named Hylian flew up and pointed its camera at specific spots. Just long enough for Roan to open the portal and the New Mutants to step through. One to deposit Gunslinger at his sniper nest. Others to place the ranged mutants in their spots and a few more to deposit the melee fighters.

Today the Brood would learn. Never ever give the New Mutants two weeks to plan a fight.

***One post between Hana Posts. No posting order. Have fun, whip ass. There are dozens upon Dozens upon dozens of Brood. I tagged everyone but not everyone is required to join. If I missed someone please tag them or mention the thread to them. Open to NM, Street Level, Unaffiliated and Supernatural. ***

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Jun 3 2018, 12:37 PM
Hana sat in the room she shared with Plasma and Phantom. The smart TV in the room cycling through a host of real time Images while the smart phone sitting on a counter played audio from what sounded like a 911 call center.

"Robbery in progress. 134 east lind. suspect is a Caucasian male roughly 5'9 180 lbs wearing a black hoodie, jeans and black sneak. last seen heading east."

"Routing Fire and EMS to 185th and elm. Car fire in the intersection."

On and on the calls went as Hana stood in front of the television cycling through the camera images and listening to the phone. Her laptop off to the side displaying a predictive Algorithm as she listened and manipulated the images on the screens.

New York City was one of the most connected cities in the work, and also one of the most surveilled cities in the world. With the most sophisticated real time crime center and shot spotter technology listening for gun fire through out the city. New York's Police could get a let up on crime and responding to emergency situations. Little did they, or anyone other than Abra know that from time to time a nosey little Cyberpath would weasel her way into their system and help organize their efforts.

"Warrant Squad perparing to serve a warrant on one Juan Alvarez at this location."

Came the voice over the NYPD's "secure" frequency. Immediately Hana set her abilities to searching the NYPD's information databases as well as what she could find herself in Cyberspace. All manner of data cycled through her laptop while the predictive code she had written worked to correlate and come up with a prediction.

"Excuse me. Sargent Adams." Hana thought, her voice coming through the smart phone on the counter as she communicated over the secure line. "There is a 97% chance that Juan Alvarez is a member of the Los Lobos crime syndicate. Surveillance camera footage for the last few days show suspected members entering that building with large duffle bags. I have sent for SWAT to join you at your location. It would be wise for you to wait as I am 99.9% certain that they have you outgunned." Hana turned towards the TV as an ATM camera from across the street showed the images of Sargent Adams and his three man team hunkered down behind their van.

"I am searching for a camera view in the building. Please hold your position." Hana said while her ability to multitask worked on searching through the internet connections and cellular signals in the area. Looking for webcams and phone cameras to get a better view. "Who is this. How did you get on this frequency?"

"My name is Faust. I am a cyberpath. I used your real time crime center data to correlate information and make a prediction about the success of your task. My findings led me to believe you are in danger unless you have proper backup. My drones are to far out to be of assistance. Please hold." She simply said as he watched the situation unfolding. Hoping that the Warrant Squad would stay put and wait for SWAT.
Mar 29 2018, 06:29 PM
The Android stood in it's alcove, charging its batteries, though Hana was not in the android frame. She was no where near the android frame, and yet she was very close. It just depended on how you viewed it as she had uploaded her consciousness into cyberspace. Much like a telepath ascends to the Astral Plane, Hana could upload to Cyberspace, the Cyber plane, the information super highway or what ever you wanted to call it. In the abstract, if Cyberspace was to cyberpaths as the Astral Plane is to telepaths, Hana was in another dimension and thus very far away. However, since virtually everything was connected to cyberspace, Hana was also very close.

However you looked at it, Hana sailed around cyberspace checking on the hits that the program she had released pinged with. A young girl roughly Laura's age, height, and hair color back flipped off of a car in front of an ATM machine in Detroit Michigan. WIth a thought Hana was commanding the connected security cameras in the area forcing them to zoom in. The girl was gone by the time Hana got there, though soon enough was found 5 blocks over. She ended up being Claire Devonde. An olympic hopeful who enjoyed a bit of parkour from time to time.

The night continued much in this manner, as it had been from time to time. Hana tracking down false positives. Young girls Neena's age being told to slow down. Domestic assaults where a young girl was stabbing her attacker. Each time one of the search parameters pinged and Hana would digitally arrive and investigate. Each time nothing. Time and time and time again until.

"Julian, it's me. You need to send Logan and X-Men. Weapon X has us. We're around 44 degrees by 76 degrees. I didn't see the rest." The little snoop bot that Hana had stuck in Julian's cellular providers system recognized the voice and pinged Hana with a 100% match. With a though Hana traversed cyberspace and headed back to Xaviers. "Don't come and don't bring Liv- Shit."

Like Colussus slamming into a wooden door, Hana slammed into the cellular provider that provided Julian's service. Shredding the firewalls and quickly identifying the packets of data that comprised the call to Julian and with a thought grabbed a hold. "Laura." Hana commanded the packet of data to send her voice through as she began her search to follow the call and trace Laura's position. If she had a physical form in cyberspace, it would be brow furrowed as she pushed herself to track the call. A call that was pinging off of towers and satellites all over the world.

"Did you guys get all that? I'll be waiting. X might not be though." Hana did not recognize the voice as it came through though she began to process to record it. "Send her little cute buddies, okay? What were their names? Olivia and Julian?" Hana pushed on, only to have the call disconnect. A few minutes later, and Hana emerged from the Alcove after having downloaded back into her android form. Had she a face it would have had narrowed eyes in frustration.

"Send her little cute buddies, okay? What were their names? Olivia and Julian?" Hana spoke the words instead of playing them back. It would take some fine tuning though Hana was pretty certain she could match it almost perfectly. That would have to wait, she needed to inform the X-men. As well as Julian and Olivia.

Hana did not bother calling Jean's phone, see just reached out with her mind and forced the microphone and speakers open. "Dr. Grey. Pardon the intrusion, however Laura has made contact and is in need of assistance."

For the mentions.
Marvel Girl
Mar 12 2018, 06:47 PM
"It is not cheating." Hana said as she walked around the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo. Her digital eyes taking in all the booths and vendors that had come to the gaming expo. The expo was an homage to the throw back retro games and gaming systems. One could find everything from Atari's that still worked and could play some Space invader to Nintendo where you could watch grown men rage quitting over the same Battletoads that they rage quit as young boys.

The expo also had the old throw back table top games. First edition DnD, the original BattleTech, collectors playing Magic the Gathering with the original set where you had to ante up a card in order to play. If it was a game that happened in the eighties or before, it was represented at the Expo.

The Expo also had Bethesda and other major current game developers showing off a lot of the new up and coming games. Making the Expo the perfect place to see just how far gaming has come of the decades, and how much the gaming community still buzzed with activity and enthusiasm regardless of how toxic it tended to be at times.

"It would only be cheating if I forced myself into processing data at an exponential rate. It is not cheating if my faster perception is a natural occurrence. To say that it was cheating is to say that Usain Bolt cheats at the 100 yard dash." Hana held her trophy in her arms, her image inducer projecting her image as she walked along, taking in the sites and sounds of the expo. As well as all the data that was flying around. (She may or may not be already worming her way into the Capcom vendors network so she could gain an advanced copy of MegaMan 11.)

"Besides the Johnny Cage cosplayer was arrogant and needed to be soundly defeated." Hana simply said as she walked along. Perhaps she had worked out some aggression on the poor guy. It was quite likely that was what she had done. She had not as of yet informed Roan of the conversation that she and Kitty had. She had told Roan that Kitty and her had spoken, but she had not spoken to Roan about the information that Kitty had learned about Pale Flower. There would be time enough for that later. Right now she just wished to enjoy the expo and her birthday.

Mar 1 2018, 08:03 PM
Who would have thought that a little think like an EMP bomb would wreck so much havoc all over the mansion? Hana... Hana would have thought it. She counted herself lucky that the attack was so late at night and she was uploaded to cyberspace while her android frame rested in its alcove. An EMP blast to Hana was like a bullet to the brain for most other people. Deadly of the do not pass go, do not collect $200 sort. The end of all things. If she was being honest about it. EMP's were utterly terrifying for her. Even more so now after seeing the damage they did to delicate things like electronics and the mansions WiFi.

That EMP blast had wrecked her android frame. Doug had been kind enough to start working on the repairs. Though with everything else that needed fixed, and the X-men's sudden return from where ever, and a lot worse for wear than when the left, repairs had slowed down a bit. Hana understood that and was not bothered by it in the least bit. She too had been hard at work attempting to repair some of the software issues the EMP had created. Getting security systems back up and running and things like medical services was far more important that her android frame. Though most if it had been repaired. Now was just the trouble shooting the random and assorted glitch that popped up every once in a while.

Which was what she was doing at the moment as she sat in the chair in her room. Her left thigh panel popped open as she tinkered around with a voltage continuity and current tester. Trying to find where the flow of energy was not doing what it was supposed to do. That minor glitch was causing her to have the kind of walking stride you would have if your leg was half asleep. It was an embarrassing few moments, though she would not admit to such things. Never the less, with her repaired image inducer switched on, and no longer behaving like a tv picture plagued by static, Hana sat to work trying to find that dead space that was giving her walking troubles.

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