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Jan 2 2018, 10:24 PM
Hana had been sneaking into the music room at night for quite some time. Usually she waited until way late at night, a benefit of never having to sleep. She could not use her room since that would disturb her roommate. There was also the fact t hat Hana did not really want anyone to know that she slipped into the music room and sang karaoke songs. She really did not want people to know that she sang at all. Another one of those things that the cyberpath internalized and kept bottled up. Not that she really understood the expressive nature of singing songs. Hana just liked music because of the superior mathematics that was involved and how you could take a song and break it down into its mathematical components. Assign values to notes and chords and various sounds and write an algorithm to perfectly piece all those parts together.

Though today, for reasons she quite did not understand because emotions were most illogical, Hana had felt compelled to slip into the music room earlier than she usually did. Sit herself on the stool in the middle of the room and sing an Ed Sheeran song. She liked Ed Sheeran. Liked his voice and how he was able to marry the mathematical nuances in the music he wrote.

This, of course, was not why she had chosen to sing that particular song. It was the reason she would give, but her song choice was driven by a more subconscious an emotional part of her that she had rededicated herself to isolating and ignoring. Even so, she sang. Autotuned of course so that it would sound pleasant. She, after all, was a walking stereo and the reason she kept it secret. She just did not want to be the sound system at the next New Mutant bon fire. "Hana, sing Guns and Roses while lip singing. Hana sing something from Christina Aguilera's Bionic album."

She sat rigidly on the stool, her posture perfect because Android Frame. Her body not moving a bit except for the lips of the holographic image that was projected over her android frame. Her sound was pleasing but her song lacked the depth of an actual performance because all those things that went into a performance were isolated and ignored. All those things the distinguished between a living person singing and a radio playing a tune were shoved way down and not allowed to make things illogical, confusing, and unpredictable. And still she sang, pointed towards the back wall and not paying a bit of attention to the door.

Dec 3 2017, 11:53 AM
Hana sat quietly. her ability to see switched entirely off, leaving only her hearing on. She did not want to see anyone seeing her like this. She had gotten used to the looks, the staring, the pointing, the unappreciated touching and invasion of her personal space as curious people wanted to know what an android felt like. That was before the gift of the image inducer. The gift that gave her face back. Her human look. Even though it was artificial it had created a condition where she was treated differently. Treated like she was a human and not an android.

She was able to go shopping and not be followed around. Pointed at, grabbed, have pictures taken (or attempted to. Hana shut those down pretty quickly). Lie every one else she was just another uncommon drop in the bucket instead of some thing that stood out like a sore thumb. Now all that had changed. Kitty had reset her back to her factory settings by taking her image inducer away. So Hana had shut off her optics so she would not have to see.

Quietly she still seethed at Pale Flower getting away. Quietly she searched through cyberspace, looking for clues as to where she might have escaped to. her encounter had given her new clues. Pale Flower had taken her fathers android designs. Those Androids would need power to recharge. Hana could look for uncharacteristic power consumption. Eventually she would find Pale Flower. In this digital age there was no hiding. Not for ever.

As Hana searched and while she waited for what she knew was coming, Hana absentmindedly rubbed at the spot on her wrist where he image inducer used to be. Feeling of being so naked and so vulnerable washing over her. They were distracting, like the feelings she had first experienced for Roan. Though instead of endlessly moving them away and tucking them in a background process in her mind, she just let them exist. She had learned that it would only compound the problem if she did not let them exist. Like some infinite looping gif that kept adding a second with every revolution. She would have to deal with it, otherwise she would never get anything done. So while she waited for the conversation that she was dreading. Hana simply tried to continue her search while letting that feeling of naked and vulnerable wash over her.

Nov 2 2017, 08:34 PM
China Town
House of the Blue Leaves
Yakuza run bar and restaurant

Hana, had spent the better part of two days tracking down Shiru Hana. The Pale Flower, Oyabun of the Double Jade Clan. The task had not been easy. She had to spend a lot of time hiding her movements as she knew Kitty would be looking, and dodging calls and texts from Roan as well, but finally Hana had found her. Hiding out in a Japanese themed bar and restaurant in Brooklyn's China Town. She probably should have spent time running interference. She had given Kitty the name Indak746, an image of Shiru Hana, and a program to use to locate the woman. Though these were not things that Hana was thinking about. Her thoughts laser focused on Shiru and avenging both her parents death and the demise of her own human body.

Shiru had been the one that had shot them all. Forever trapping Hana in the android frame that she lived in. Shiru had ruined everything. Though some of that was Hana's fault. She had not fully understood what Yakuza was truly capable of or how angry they would be at Hana embezzling their money and destroying the work she had done in robotics. Hana had found that the mere sight of Shiru illicited a fiery rage from the young cyberpath. A narrowed laser focus and a blindness in the grand scheme of things. Which was why Hana had freely walked into the worse possible place and headed right for Shiru.

Dressed in a Flowered Kimono, Hana walked across the floor of the The House of the Blue Leaves. Completely oblivious to the idea that a most of hte people inside where Yakuza in one shape or form. Her hands tucked inside the sleeves of the other arm. Clutching the pair of Sai that she had bought, hidden within the flowing sleeves. She looked every bit of the traditional Japanese girl that she no longer was as she stared walked up to the table and stared at Shiru. "What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost." Hana said as Shiru sat there staring at the girl she recognized as being someone she had shot in the head.

"Your father said you were special. Perhaps I should have only shot your mother." Shiru coldly said as she took another bite of the sushi in front of her. Shiru snapped her fingers, a black suited man at a nearby table rose and ordered the restaurant closed. Cluing Hana in on the grave mistake she had made. She had not walked into a bar, she had walked right into the lions den. More black suited men and women poured into the room as the patrons were ushered in. Hana glanced about, finally seeing what she should have spotted a long time ago.

Some of the black suits were not human. They were android. Hana backed away slowly, Her hands coming out of the folds of her kimono to reveal the pair of sai that she was clutching in each hand. Immediately calling the only person she could think of that could possibly get her out of this situation. "Come here to kill me have you?" Shiru asked, before exploding in a mass of pale cherry blossom flowers only to reform directly behind Hana. "Go ahead. Do what you came here for." Hana glanced up at the empty second floor balcony as she face timed with Roan. Doing the math on whether portals would be quick enough to get them both out. As Shiru drew her own set of Kunai knives.


For Shiru's ability, think Dracula in Dracula Untold. She bursts into pale cherry blossoms and flies about like a sort of line of sight teleport of sorts. Very fast movement.Pale Flower ability example
Aug 21 2017, 08:06 PM
Anuket. In ancient times she was the Goddess of the Nile itself. Ruler of its life giving waters and all that dwelled within. Today Anuket was a dinner cruise boat that traveled up and down the Nile itself on a short three hour tour. Which of course was not to long really as there wasn't much in the way of bad luck that could happen on a three hour tour. Right.

Hana stood above deck, watching as the waters rolled by. Her hat tugged down on her robotic head, obscuring the view that people would have of her robotic form. Though the people were busy being tourists and not paying much attention to anyone else. Which was fine by Hana, she preferred to not be the focus on people's attention, but their cameras were a whole other problem. Slightly. She was already worming her way into through the "free wifi" the boat seemed to come with and quietly blurring her image out in the background. Snatching all their shares off the web and "correcting" the image. It was a tedious task, one that she spent a lot of time doing when she was out in public. Though that was quietly delegated to a background task in her computer like mind.

As the boar sailed down the river, Hana stood rather quiet as she watched the world sail past. Another quiet background process snapping photos and sending them off to Kitty. With various questions and comments with the image as she was actually on this cruise with Abra as a date. At least that was what the proper phrase was. Though Hana was not entirely certain what she was supposed to be doing on this date thing. She was not like other people, and was so much out of her element it was like being in a poetry class. The absolute most illogical thing on the face of the planet.

"This is most pleasant." Hana said, sitting her hands up on the railing as she watched the landscape crawl by. Not sure if that was the correct thing to say, though it was picturesque and pleasant. The scenery matching the images that she had previously peeled off the internet and had taken a look at. Hana probably should have avoided putting all those pictures together in a collage of what the trip would look like. It made it had given her a sensation that she could only describe as Deja Vu, but that was also illogical. "We can go get something to eat if you are hungry." She said to Roan, glancing down momentarily before looking back out over the water.
Jul 5 2017, 06:05 PM
[doHTML]<p class="triangle-isosceles">Yes. I do know what Mitsuwa is. It is the place that I shipped myself to from Tokyo before "borrowing" a Google smart car and driving here.</p>[/doHTML]

[doHTML]<p class="triangle-isosceles">Yes. Can we go to Little Japan. I would like to see if they have the same tea set that I had in Tokyo.</p>[/doHTML]

[doHTML]<p class="triangle-isosceles">Not that I can drink from it, but I believe my roommate enjoys tea.</p>[/doHTML]

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