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Mar 16 2018, 02:06 AM
His pain drew her across the Savage Land, a slow creeping fog that seemed to breathe and billow, tendrils reaching for the source of agony and self-loathing. These strangers to her home, these ‘mutants’, were full to the brim with regrets and injuries and Mystra could not help herself. They were delicious. Delectable. Sustaining. Every breath swept up their misfortune, the impact they had on her Savage Land making her stronger as she swept over the disasters they left in their wake. Mystra healed their wounded, righted their wrongs, fixed them when they allowed it.

But Auri Delavigne had been shattered.

Out of time. Alone with his secrets. A puppet for the darkness. Body ravaged with his own two hands. Auri was a feast of agony and confusion as the thick, coils of mist began to creep over the young assassin. Aurillion, a voice whispered to him, familiar and all wrong all at once. It sounded like him -if he dropped his accent, but the blind boy could not see the older version of himself standing before him in the fog.

Look what has been done to us, Mystra murmured sadly. You are hurt. You are broken. I can help you. A large hand pressed to Auri’s cheek, the pad of Mystra’s thumb brushing gently over the wounds around his eyes. I can heal you as I healed your friends. I can put you back to what you were, give you back the memories and experiences that were stolen from you. There will be no trace left of Null, no signs of your wounds. You’re broken, Aurillion. Let me fix it. Mystra let her hand drop.

You only need to say yes.
Mar 13 2018, 04:34 PM
The FBI wasn’t all kicking in doors and criminal profiling. They had more divisions than they had field offices and none were as under appreciated or as overworked as their laboratory and forensics division that worked their asses off day in and out. Shoved in the basement of a Marine base in Quantico, the best scientific minds the FBI could lure in worked tirelessly to science their way to closed cases.

Dr. Emory Kriss was a brilliant chemist, but a mouse. Too quiet to ever rise through the ranks of the Bureau, Emory had been slated for the dreaded overnight shift. While the rest of the world slept, she was running recognition software on the large screen in the middle of the room. She had been working for weeks to unravel the mystery of the newest fade drug. Kick might have gone unnoticed if it was just your run of the mill recreational drug.

Instead Kick unlocked a crapshoot of mutant abilities and it was flooding the east coast with aggressive, dangerous powered up people who had no control over the mutations they were unlocking. Matching the variety of Kick laced compounds they had on file against any one of the billions of chemical structures already known and developed was going to take years. They had no way to narrow the search down. It was a synthesized sodium-based ion, a compound that easily diffused through the cell membranes and temporarily altered amino acids to grant users abilities.

When the screen began to alert, Emory looked up from her microscope in surprise. She had expected tonight to be like every other night over the last several weeks but sure enough the screen had stopped, the Kick molecular structure up on the split screen beside an almost identical compound. It was one that was a bit infamous in advanced chemist circles, considering the man who created it and Emory let out a small gasp.

She should delete it. She should erase the founding file and keep anyone from finding out ever. Her nerdy little heart broke into a million pieces at the sight of the name the formula patent was registered to.


Emory wanted nothing more than to forget she had ever seen the name of one of her personal heroes but it was too late. Countless people had died because of kick and it was Dr. McCoy’s formula that had made that possible. With a shaking hand, Emory picked up the phone and asked to speak with her CO. “I have identified Kick,” she said sadly. “You aren’t going to believe me.”

Beast Chameleon
Mar 5 2018, 01:45 AM
MARCH 01, 2017
Amelia Bradshaw was in no mood for nonsense. The normally lighthearted woman liked to make herself available for her clients but she was a professional. Being nitpicked and harassed by Markus Grant from the middle of nowhere, Nebraska was beyond irksome but the contractor was relentless, demanding that his head surveyor show up and reassess his property. She had warned him that the land was not... Right. Had tried to convince Grant not build his stripmall in that specific spot but he had been almost obsessed.

And now he was pouring his crazy into one voicemail after another, texts at all hours, e-mails until the alert sounding made her flinch.

So she had returned to Broken Bow...

MARCH 02, 2017
Amelia woke up in the fetal position. She was crammed into the corner of an extremely elegant hotel room, one that was way outside of her price range. The kind of suite that came with a living room and a hot tub. The kind of room that you saw in movies with an expensive bottle of champagne sitting in a bucket of ice.

Yup. There it was.

Groggy and confused, Amelia staggered over to the massive floor to ceiling windows that stretched across one whole wall. New York City was bathed in night, the only light coming from the hundreds of other windows in the skyline and the endless trail of vehicles far below on the street. How the hell had she gotten to New York? She didn’t even remember leaving the Nebraska work site. One minute she’d been walking beside a grinning Markus Grant down into the pit that was being dug out to serve as a foundation for his beloved stripmall, and the next... Amelia searched her mind but came up blank.

There was no sign of anyone else having been in the room, her purse was right there, the wallet not missing the forty bucks or any of her credit cards. Other than the memory loss and the overpriced room, nothing was actually wrong. Those two things, however...” Amelia dug through her purse to pull out her phone, but it was dead. Dropping it, she went over to the standard phone that was beside every bed in every hotel room across america and dialed a number she had known by heart since college.

“Shane, something is... Something is wrong. Call me.”
Feb 26 2018, 02:12 PM
The sun shone brightly above the fields to the west of the Lost Lake, where the mutants had established a new base following the crash of both the X-Men and the Brotherhood's jets. They had been there for two weeks now, their numbers ever growing until all but a few of them had found their way there. Zaladane was none too happy with this conglomeration of superpowered people, many of them bore some deep hatred for her and her people, right in the middle of the lands she considered rightfully hers. She would have dealt with them personally, but preoccupied as she was with the rituals that would summon forth Lord Garokk, she had been forced to delegate.

The Rock People of the Endless Expanse had been summoned by the Priestess to take the fight to the mutants, just like the Mutates had been. Unlike the latter, the Rock People had been on the move for two days now, slowly lumbering towards their destination. They weren't all that keen on helping the Priestess, what with her being a total B-word, but the woman was very convincing. "Do this for me, or I'll dispel the magics keeping you all alive" made for a convincing argument. On top of that, they'd been told they could actually squish anyone that got in their way into paste now. Zaladane had gotten all that she needed from these people, leaving them as nothing more than a potential thorn in her side. The mutants needed to be dealt with.

The mutants were, however, not stupid. The Rock People's approach had been discovered before they had even come close enough to pose a threat, and plans had been drawn up to deal with them, Zaladane herself, and every other mess that the Priestess had created. The Rock People marching towards the Lost Lakes didn't know it yet, but this was not going to be as easy as they thought it would be. Numbering at no more than a dozen, they hadn't brought the numbers they really needed to make a difference. Not when those on the island had been informed by three of the mutants they had encountered before just what they would be dealing with.

The Rock People were busily chatting amongst themselves as they got closer to the lake. For a bunch of magically animated rocks housing the spirits of those long since dead, they were unusually talkative.

"Do you think Shane's going to--" one of them started, cut off by another before she even got out her entire sentence.

"I swear to Garokk, Eleanor," the one known as Norman snapped at his fellow golem. "One more word about that guy and--"

"Guys, hold up. We got company." Thordan held up his left appendage to signal for the others to stop. A few hundred feet away from them, four people and a dinosaur had been dropped into the field by a pink portal. "Guess they knew we were coming. Huh."

"It's just a bunch of kids, big whoop," Fernando scoffed. "Those two look especially frail." The largest of the Rock People gestured towards Magma and Boom Boom in the distance, obviously not impressed by either of the blondes. "I'm going to smash the one with the shiny arm first, and wear it as an armband. The girl, not the arm." Fernando didn't really think that metal worked with his stony complexion.

"Does one of them have a dinosaur for a pet?"
Another of the Rock People, this one called Maggie and known to be a bit of a snob, remarked as she noticed Arsenic and Old Lace. "How basic. Why not get something more exotic, like--"

"--like a dog?" Norman suggested.

"Yes, like a dog!" Maggie agreed. "It's all dinosaurs and sabretooth tigers out here. What, does still being inside a human body keep their brains from coughing up an original thought? Plebes."

"Pebbles? But they're not--" yet another of the Rock People started, cut off by what was about as close to a pointed glare as one could get from someone who didn't actually have eyes or anything really resembling a face to speak of.

"Plebes, Victor." Maggie sighed. Honestly if they weren't destined to the same fate through the curse they all fell under upon their deaths, she would have left for rockier pastures centuries ago.

"Doesn't one of them kind of look like... like he might be their son?" Norman observed then, having gotten a decent look at Mo'o. Totally looked like a mix between some kind of lizard and some kind of human. Totally a sensible conclusion for him to come to.

"That's just nasty." Maggie was, of course, quick to disparage anyone's life choices. It was pretty much all she still took joy in, what with being doomed to spend an eternity as a living rock. That, and smashing humans, but that was more of a cultural tradition than a personal hobby.

Eleanor, meanwhile, just let out a wistful sound, as close as someone like her could manage to a sigh. "I wonder where Shane is."

The collective gaze of the other Rock People turned towards their lovestruck companion then. Eleanor would have surely had the rock that made up her head smacked on backwards if Thordan hadn't intervened. "Enough!" he called out, gesturing towards the four mutants and their reptilian friend. "We can argue later!" That was quite honestly how they spent most of their days. The Endless Expanse wasn't exactly known as a hot spot for fun activity within the Savage Land. "First, let's show these tiny fleshlings they were foolish to try and confront us!"

A moment later, the three New Mutants and the X-Man put in charge of their little group were faced with a dozen gigantic rocky golems charging in their direction. Large, loud rock golems. Pretty much everything the group had said since their arrival had been perfectly audible to the teenagers, and chances were they felt more than just a little bit insulted.
Feb 21 2018, 07:00 PM
The time had come for a promise to be kept. Zaladane had decided the time had come. Their Sun God would return and burn the world with its cleansing fires. The entire Sun People nation had began traveling to the great Ziggurat that sat in the center of their most holy land. Many other outsiders, Rock elementals, mutates, orcs and others had begun to make the journey as well. Hoping to garner a little bit of favor among the resurrected God. Or just simply hoping for a chance to wage glorious war. It mattered not to the Sun people while they others came. Only that they served the Sun God with absolute fealty.

The Great Ziggurat sat in the distance. Only the clerics, royal guard, and most holy where allowed to get close to the sacred altar. The rest of the Sun people, warriors, shamans, merchants, and peasants had started to gather around the edge as close as they could get without defiling the ceremonial grounds.

To those with an eye for ancient history, the Sun People had a very distinctive Mayan and Aztec look about them. They were all dressed in fabrics of Crimson and Gold. They wore earrings and bangles of crimson and gold. The Warrior types carried metal weapons with scabbards of crimson etched with gold inlay and trim. Golden shields with a blazing crimson sun etched into the center.

All of them had begun to chant in a rhythmic fashion. In unison, not a single man or woman out of step with all the others. A golden glow began to emanate from within the gathered throng of people as they stared intently at the ziggurat in the distance. They could feel their power growing, rolling over them like the heat of the sun as it rises over top the trees. The could feel themselves growing stronger as their voices chanted louder and louder.

The crowd had started to feel the ceremony was beginning to be interrupted by something. Agitation grew and spread like wild fire. The chosen women, bathed in a golden aura rose into the air and hovered in place. Their hands glowing even brighter as they stared at the sacred ziggurat. The chosen warrior men, also glowing with a golden aura, banged their spears and swords on shields and began to move forward. In carefully chosen positions selected by each of the team members, Blink deposited those who were responsible for stopping the throng of civilians and warriors from reaching the Ziggurat and helping Zaladane, and all hell broke loose.

Instead of being ported in as all one group, you choose where you're dropped in at. Maybe up high for the high ground, maybe in the middle of a group of warriors, up in the sky, where ever. The Ziggurat is a good yard from where you should come in at. So the two threads don't run into each other.

The Men are enhanced by the powers of the sun god. They have Peak Human strength, so think Captain America. They carry spears or swords and shields. All metal weapons. The women are also enhanced by the power of the Sun God. They have flight and blasts of solar energy that hits like a Peak Human punch, and also scorches the area it hits with a minor to second degree burn depending on how squarely you are hit or just clipped. The women also carry either a sword or a spear.

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