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Jan 5 2018, 03:53 PM
Ruby had had a sword in her possession for a while now. The original, a khopesh she had stolen from a dead jackal man in Egypt, had been checked and while free from ancient curses, it was not strong enough for her to use. Not as strong as the steel khopesh Mr Radigan had made her anyway. The stuff he made was always of a superior quality anyway. And at least this way Ruby had a guarantee that the sword would not break if she used it. Which she wanted to do. She wanted to use the sword, learn to fight and hopefully not be useless if (or maybe when) they were attacked again.

Now that she had the sword ready, what she needed was lessons. This was a little harder as she didn't really know anyone who could teach her and it wasn't the sort of thing you could learn by reading about it. Or by watching tutorials on the internet. It had taken a bit of thinking and a bit of mentally preparing herself but she had finally asked the one person she had a feeling could help her; Kurt. She knew the blue furry mutant had a sword and knew how to use it, but would be able to teach? She didn't know him very well, but he was nice and cheerful so maybe he could handle it. He was very patient and that was a good sign.

So, she had asked and he had apparently agreed, telling her to meet him in the training gym at around 1pm on Sunday. And there she was, khopesh clutched in her left hand, and biting the fingernails of her right, hoping that Nightcrawler would show.
Jan 4 2018, 05:28 PM
It wasn't often that Ruby ate dinner by herself at Xaviers. There was always someone around to sit with, even if she did prefer to sit at the table in the corner and keep her back against the wall. A lot of people at the school had their own quirks so hers didn't really bother people. Not as far as she knew anyway. If anyone did find her annoying they sure as hell didn't appear in front of her and scream it in her face. So far, she had had no real trouble with anyone at the school. No one bullied her, or mocked her for anything and most of the people were friendly. The closest she had had to trouble was that night when Ben had whined at her about how hard he had it and how she had 'gotten off easy' with regards to things that happened in Sinister's lab. That had been upsetting but Ruby had not really seen or spoken to the twit since and after being told that he had just been taking things out on her, she did her best to forget it.

That evening, she was a bit later in for dinner than she would be. Ruby tried to get dinner done early so she could get homework done and see to the foxes well before curfew. But she had been playing with Hamish in between doing bits of her homework and was later than usual. It was surprisingly quiet in the dining hall and she had brought her maths homework with her to do while she ate. There were no rules against that, so why not? She could get something out of the way and make sure she had eaten. Besides, there was no one around to talk to and she liked to keep busy.

Between bites of her food, she solved maths problems or rather tried to, not noticing much around her. Hell, there wasn't much to notice except an almost empty room and a few others sat together and eating. It wasn't like anyone was going to come up and join her, right? Everyone she knew that would do that was busy or had already eaten.

Scarlet Spider
Dec 11 2017, 03:40 PM
Valentines day was not a thing that interested Ruby in any way shape or form but she was not the sort to ruin it for those who enjoyed it. As long as they didn't try to force it on her or assume that she was just bitter as she had never received a card. That was not Ruby's issue with the day. She found it sickeningly sweet and didn't quite grasp why people needed a day for it. It wasn't as though people were banned from showing affection every other day of the year, was it? Add a general lack of interest in either gender and you could see why Ruby had chosen to spend the evening in the library away from everyone else.

She would have chosen to hang around in the rec room and watch tv, but there were people watching sloppy films and being all soppy with each other. The kitchen was another place she could have hidden, but the smell of baking often drew attention. And she had already done her baking. Hidden away in a cupboard were some muffins she intended to take with her to her next counselling session. The library was a good option, quiet, plenty of books and little chance of finding a couple making out. She hoped.

Ruby had research to do. Lots of research. She had taken a break from her attempt to ensure that they were caught out when being attacked by a monster and had been researching any mythical beasts she could find information on. The research had hit a block when she realised that she couldn't be sure of the information's accuracy. So she had left it a bit, just until she felt a little more confident about it. Maybe she would be able to work out what information was false. It wasn't like she was dumb enough to believe that vampires sparkled or anything.

Besides, this was the best way to spend Valentines day. Holed up in the library with plenty of books.

Dec 9 2017, 04:19 PM
The student kitchen was safe again. After all the damage that had been done to it, it was finally safe to use again. Ruby had already been there a while just wandering around and enjoying the sight of the place. There had been no issues with her using the staff kitchen but it wasn't the student kitchen, she didn't feel as safe in the staff kitchen as she did in the student one.

She had gone in earlier and for a while had just wandered around, enjoying having the kitchen back. Everything was back to normal. Well... normal-ish. Things were still a little strange at the school. Still, you couldn't tell the place had been badly damaged barely a month ago. It looked just like it had done before Mr Da Costa had gone on his rampage. The only real difference was the smell of the room, it smelled of paint and too clean. Ruby decided to fix this. It was a kitchen, it needed to smell of food. Not paint or cleaning fluids.

It didn't take her long to have the ingredients to make cupcakes weighed out and ready to mix. She planned to start with vanilla ones then make maybe chocolate or just chocolate chip ones. That decision had not yet been made. There was something more important to work out first.

The speakers that had been put there by Miss Pryde. Ruby connected Stanford her precious laptop, to the speakers and chose the music to test just how powerful the speakers were. It was a big decision and she considered the various options she had before deciding Cocteau Twins was a good test. She would have used Rammstein but that would likely cause someone to want her to switch it off. Some people just didn't like shouty German metal and that was fine. As long as they weren't a dick about it.

Ruby let the music wash over her. It was the best sound ever. So calming, so familiar. She sighed happily. Things were starting to feel better. And that was awesome.
Dec 2 2017, 04:51 PM
At some point, possibly that month, Harris and Hubert and maybe Hamish would be leaving Ruby to go live in the wild. Hamish had said he wanted to stay, but Ruby wasn't sure that when the moment came he wouldn't want to be with his brothers. He might change his mind about staying with her when he saw the other two leave. So, until that day arrived, Ruby tried to get as much time as she could with them.

That evening she had taken them outside for their usual walk/run around the school grounds. It had been raining but she hadn't cared. She had played in the rain with them until they were all tired and soaked. Then she had brought them in to get cleaned up and fed. Once they were sorted it had been her turn to get clean and then get something to eat. They were easier to keep an eye on once they had full stomachs. Mainly because all they wanted to do then was sprawl out on her bed.

By the time 9pm came around, Ruby was in her pyjamas and enjoying a cup of tea and some chocolate while the foxes half heartedly played in her dorm room. As usual the door was open enough for them to see out into the hall. It gave them a little more space to play, which Hamish took full advantage of. His current playing was a tennis ball that he was pouncing on and batting around. He still liked playing and was the one who was still very cuddly with Ruby. Hubert and Harris were very different and were apparently ready to start their own lives in the wild. This was probably evidenced by the way they were watching their brother with a look that said ‘really?’ as he batter the ball out of the door and into the hall. Hamish wasn’t bothered and set off after it.

Ruby followed when she heard the ball thump against the wall a bit further down. Her intention was simple, nudge the ball back towards her room so Hamish would follow. This plan was slightly knocked off course by the arrival of someone possibly coming to see what the noise was.

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