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Jan 2 2018, 08:02 PM
The team put together by Wolverine for this rescue mission of Backup was not what Logan would have preferred for utmost experience and professionalism. But on the other hand, this was the sort of low grade bullshit that was a lot better for the kids to sink their teeth into. Logan was not wearing his combat uniform, mainly as even he knew a PR nightmare would be involved if people started screaming about X-Men attacking a den of very negotiable virtue. He did have on his leather jacket, and had slipped on a pair of fingerless gloves with holes for his claws. The gloves also were puncture resistant in case his hands hit glass or anything, mainly as hands had to be protected if someone was going to fight.

He had on his tactical boots, and his belt had a communicator belt buckle if needed. It might not have been his uniform, but frankly the clothes didn't make the man. Any way one sliced it, Logan was one of the most dangerous and lethal people on the planet.

As for how they found the place, while the bullshit computer stuff was running, Logan had taken a more old fashioned approach. Namely he had contacted people he knew on both sides of the law. People from small time hustlers and smugglers all the way to highly placed individuals in various alphabet soup agencies in the Western Hemisphere.

Get various crooks, cops, PIs and old school spies prowling in a designated area, and it didn't take long to get a name and address. Took longer to verify Kerr was in there, but Logan half suspected it was due to his source taking his time and sampling some of the menu so to speak.

While he wasn't one to normally judge, something about that sort of arrangement always struck him as a bit distasteful.

He'd been staking out the place, and had informed the team he had brought to show up at 7. As the van pulled up a few blocks away, he opened the door and stepped into it after tossing the remnant of a cigar away. "Location is good," Wolverine growled. "Pretty fucking obvious what it is if you know what to look for, but most don't."

Looking at the assembled people, Logan sighed and weighted his options. He knew if this were the bad old days, himself, Sabretooth and Silver Fox would have been teleported in by Wraith. Upon locating the asset, Fox would have taken her to a preset extraction point for Wraith to pick up. He and Victor would have eliminated the guards. Mastodon and Maverick would have waited for a signal to blow charges and gun down outliers.

And whoever was in charge would have been extracted as well. And subjected to the lack of humanity that version of Logan had. And the same inhumanity that Creed still possessed.

But that was not any sort of shit the kids needed to see.

Looking at Cypher, Logan frowned and said "You are staying here. Get your spaceman pistol and if any asshole gives you shit, stun the fuck out of them. Or kill them. I don't care which."

Glancing at Arsenic, Logan remarked "The asshole in charge has a small army of thugs working for her. Probably putting out or having her workers do so in exchange for muscle. Best bet for you would be a second set of eyes down here, and sending in the dino as a remote mauler." Looking at Honeybear, Wolverine said "Figure telling you to stay put won't work. And we might need you closer in case anyone with personality less charming than me gets shot or stabbed. But we aren't sticking you front line." Looking at Shadowcat, Wolverine gruffly said "Kitty, infiltration. See if you can find Kerr. If so, get her out. If not, make things miserable for some assholes." He trusted he didn't have to tell Shadowcat to crack some skulls and ribs.

Looking at the others, Logan frowned and said "If we could locate and remove Kerr, would be tempted to have Mistral just yank the air out of the room for thirty seconds before we go in. As it is, I think we give Kitty a minute, then Mistral imitates the big bad wolf on the door. Me in first, followed by Gentle, Mercury, Old Lace and Mistral. Want the two kids to make sure Ash is covered as we don't know the condition Kerr will be in."

As the van pulled up, Logan waited for Kitty to phase into the house and counted down a minute, then nodded at the ones going with him and said "Let's do this. And remember, don't be squeamish. These fuckers decided being kidnapping little fucktards was worth risking life and limb. Not our fault they didn't reckon on us having a little accounting on them." With that, he made his way to the door and stepped aside, waiting for Mistral to blow it down. He was finding himself at that cool and collected place, calmly waiting to brawl with some assholes.
Nov 12 2017, 01:45 PM
Typically Wolverine would have gone to his cabin after a Danger Room session, but given all that had recently occurred he was feeling a need to check in on some things.

So he was still in uniform with his cowl and mask pulled back, scowling at the available X-Men.

Frankly, he was getting tired of hemorrhaging members. And also real fucking tired for former students running to the Brotherhood. Part of him wanted to seriously ask the now child version of Forge if he'd make some capsule to lowjack new students with on the down low so when they went evil, they could find the Brotherhood base and just burn it to the ground.

Pulling up the list of Gold team members, he ran through it quickly. Gold was supposed to be the spear point, the door kickers and problem solvers. Offense as opposed to defense. Gold though was bleeding out people in a hurry.

Cyclops and Forge were now a pair of fucking teens. Meaning there was no way in hell he was going to have them on a team. This also meant that they were short an overall leader. While Logan knew he was good at leading in a fight, there was a difference in leading a squad and leading squad, school, and PR for mutants. The latter two were definitely not in his wheelhouse.

More than that, Cannonball was a pussy and had quit. Iceman was flat out gone. Menagerie was benched until she had her animal traits back under control. And Sunspot on Blue Team had lost his fucking mind and ran away.

So that left a Gold team of himself, Hellfire, Slate, Marvel Girl, and Mistral. And technically he could call on the Security peeps of Psylocke, Kitty, Noivern, and Shortpack, but he preferred having dedicated people guarding the school unless needed in the field. Blue team was available on a case by case basis as well, and while he didn't mind the team he had, he also was the first to admit in a head on fight with Brotherhood forces, they were outnumbered and potentially outgunned.

So he thought it might be time to start spreading a net to draw in some more people with the needed skills and abilities for Gold.

Taking out a cigar and chewing on it as he looked through Blue, he considered a few. Madrox could shift a numerical advantage, but the limitations of his powers if he went up against any superhumans made Logan hesitate. Beast was available, but frankly was better in a lab environment and at the school for scientific expertise. Which was saying something considering the sort of powers the blue hairball was packing. Though Firestar might be set to be upgraded, as the flight and distance powers wouldn't hurt along with some scientific know how. Martyr might eventually be a consideration, but Logan wanted to make sure the man was up to par in a fight first.

Sitting back and looking at the list, Logan said "Well shit. Still doesn't look great." With that, he promptly ignored the no smoking rules and lit up his cigar as he needed it.

Cause they needed some more hitters and firepower. And they didn't have it. He supposed they would have to make due, but he was hoping for some sort of added assistance.
Oct 1 2017, 01:25 AM
The New Mutants had set up camp in the Canadian wilderness the previous day, with a variety of bitching and moaning from certain quarters. Others had buckled down and handled their shit, which was a plus as far as Logan was concerned.

Though Liv damn near causing a forest fire because she was too stupid to listen to how to start a fire and had chucked lightning at trees randomly had put Logan in a sour mood.

But everyone was bedded down, and the Canadian had relaxed and had lit up a cigar, old habits causing him to sit up for the night. While the others were in heavy winter weather app areal, Logan was in a few layers of shirts and a jacket, not being as weak to the cold as some.

Which was why he was outside of his tent smoking.

Though as the wind shifted, his hearing heard a soft whisper of a cry on the wind. Pausing with a look of horror on his face, Logan sniffed at the air to make sure he wasn't imagining what he thought he heard.

There was a bare hint of blood and visceral on the air, thick fur and a near palatable smell of malice that Logan could feel in his soul.

This was something he had fought before. And it was something the kids did NOT need to square off against if they could avoid it.

Moving to tent to tent, he woke everyone up quickly and said "Do NOT make noise. Get your clothes on. Get only the gear you absolutely need. Get to the jet." Sniffing the air again, Logan muttered to himself "Shit. More than one of these things." Looking at the kids, Logan growled "Get to the plane. I'm bringing up the rear. If I fight something, run. You kids are not ready for this."

Note: This is to set the scene. Please feel free to respond. I plan to add the next bit on the 3rd in this thread. I was also unsure if some New Mutants stayed home, so I tagged all.

Arsenic Cypher Abra Boom Boom Faust Firecracker Gentle Ion Magma Plasma Riptide Scion Nightcrawler Threnody Speed Backup Wiccan
Sep 1 2017, 07:36 PM
To say that Wolverine wasn't much of a religious sort was an understatement of the highest order. He'd seen too much, done too much, and frankly knew that if there was a higher power, it had fucked up beyond any comprehension by not striking him and the rest of his Weapon X team down like anything with a shred of mercy or justice would have done.

So Logan normally hadn't seen much use in Christmas. Celebration of a birth of a savior? God made incarnate? Seemed like bullshit to the beserker. Celebration of human goodwill? Well, Logan was of the opinion one could shit in one hand and try to fill up the other with goodwill, and one could see which filled up first. 'Goodwill' and 'Human decency' were nice little phrases to use while preparing to skin someone alive for money.

Thus Christmas for Logan normally meant sitting in a room, or in this case his cabin. Or sometimes a bar. Simply drinking and waiting for the day to pass, wanting everyone to leave him the hell alone.

But this year..... he had a daughter. Or clone. Or sister. Or whatever one classified Laura as.

And she deserved to have a chance at something approaching normalcy.

So Wolverine had decided to attempt to try his hand at Christmas. About a month later than most started.

He had less than zero idea what he was doing. He had went to the nearest Christmas Tree lot, which was naturally over picked where the only options were less than stellar. He had picked the best option, which was still frankly a piece of crap. He had then attempted to find decorations, and was stuck with brown plain ornaments, pink tinsel that sadly drooped on the tree, and a lopsided star that was supposed to look gold but had a distinctive green tint to it.

Not having any stocking, Logan had gathered a pair of old socks and pinned them up near the fireplace. Yet as he looked at the rather pathetic attempt, Wolverine was starting to think he would have been better off jumping on a few live grenades.

Staring morosely at the interior of his cabin, Logan looked down and muttered "I hate holidays."
Jul 5 2017, 09:57 PM
Logan knew he was not a good man at his core. There were not many in the special forces or black ops community were. A lot of his being on the X-Men was him sticking with a group that could put his ass down if he went back to his bad old ways. It was also his attempt to not so much be a good man as much as a less horrible one.

But helping with a damned scavenger hunt wasn't penance. It was Firestar wanting to make sure he was as miserable as humanly possible.

A bunch of kids who were long on attitude and short on brains would come stomping around, demanding clues. While Logan normally would be hard pressed to pass up those idiots giving him a straight line like that, dealing with the both repressed and far to unrepressed hormonal shit shows of chemistry teenagers were was not his idea of a good time.

But Anj begged, pleaded, and threatened his flannel and beer. So Logan went into bullshit mitigation mode.

For starters, novelty cigars? Hell with that. Logan promptly threw them in a metal trash can and set them on fire, mildly disturbed by the similarity between the scent of burning novelty cigars and napalm.

Then he wrapped the clues around some real cigars, under the theory that self destructive behavior in the kids was just speeding up natural selection if they lit them up.

Those he had set on the rail of his porch, with a sign set up saying 'Take one and go away.' About the only exception he was willing to make was Laura, as she lacked the near suicidal tendencies of most of her peers.

Looking at the clue, Logan frowned and he memorized the lines.

John Carver was the first governor; his job was tough to do.
A new land, unfamiliar, a cold winter to soon get through.
The next object you will find brings light when things look dim,
The person that you can borrow it from is training in the ______

Looking at the cigars strategically arranged to make the kids go the hell away as fast as possible, he sat on his porch and scowled, thinking of how he could be doing obviously important stuff at that moment instead of glorified babysitting. The fact he couldn't think of what else he could be doing was wholly immaterial if anyone asked, and he planned on telling anyone that called him on it said things were very secret.
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