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May 19 2018, 01:19 AM


Celebrity Claim- Charlie Cox

Full Name- Matthew Michael Murdock
Nicknames/Aliases- Matt. Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Horn Head. The Man Without Fear.
Age- 28
Date of Birth- March 19th
Faction- Street Level
Occupation- Lawyer. Specifically trial lawyer for both civil cases and for criminal defense.

Personality- Matt Murdock has a personality that seems contradictory on the surface, but has facets that seem at odds but are all needed. There is the part of him that grew up poor in Hell’s Kitchen. There is the religious Catholic. The part of him that is a vigilante, and the part that is a lawyer and believes in the law as a concept.

At the core of all of these aspects is one truth. Matthew Murdock loves New York City.

As a lawyer, he has a firm belief in law as a concept that shields and protects people when utilized properly. He has a firm view of law as a messenger and vehicle of both change and public policy, as something to help shape and form society into something better.

While many would look as his religion and view it as something a bit anachronistic, for Matt faith in something larger empowers him, and tends to lead to him taking risks in both his professional and personal life. Some of his faith is due to growing up as an Irish Catholic, and he does tend to exhibit the traits of an overdeveloped sense of guilt and responsibility that tends to go along with it.

Having grown up poor and seeing first hand as a child how structures of bias have affected both him and others, he knows that despite his faith in law as something that can be utilized to make things right, it is at the core a reactive force. He also knows better than most how ilegal, greedy, and self centered interests work to devise their own structures to prey on those weaker.

And this is why he knows that he needs both the part of him that is lawyer, and the part that is vigilante. With his work as a lawyer, he can help set wrongs right. And with his work as a vigilante, he can prevent the criminal and evil from benefitting from their crimes. With both of these aspects, he wants to do his part to help heal his city.

Murdock is also an exceptionally stubborn man. He has one rule regarding his work as a vigilante. And that is he will not kill. He will hurt and cripple. Break and harm. But not kill. He views this as both a restriction on himself to prevent from falling into darkness, and a means of spreading his own reputation among the criminal underworld. For they don’t fear simply being killed as they don’t think it can happen to them.

But someone who looks like a devil? Who knows things he shouldn’t? And who takes doesn’t hesitate to simply cripple someone and can tell every lie and drag out truths from thin air? That is terrifying.

Murdock also is not known as the Man Without Fear in his vigilante guise for no reason. While he can feel fear for others, when it comes to his own life and limb the codename of Daredevil is very much accurate. He has no hesitation to diving into a situation head first if he thinks it is the only option, and will do so with a smile on his face.

Matt also has a distinct type when it comes to women. Generally speaking, he tends to ping on whoever is the most potentially dangerous in the room where the part of his brain that says ‘This is a bad idea….’ tends to get beat down with extreme prejudice by other, more idiotic parts of his mind. Generally to his regret.

Much of Matt’s crusade both in and out of the courtroom has to do with the death of his father. He has an idealized view of his father, with this ideal driving him to both try to protect everyone through his dual occupations. Not being able to save his father has put a mean streak in Murdock when pushed far enough, which sometimes exhibits itself when he is fighting villains through engaging in force a bit excessive than the minimum level needed.

Matt also has a very prickly relationship with his surrogate father figure Stick. While he appreciates the honing of his senses and the extensive training, he also has no desire to be sucked into Stick and the Chaste’s war with the Hand. Yet even with this desire, Daredevil has fought the ninja clan on several occasions.

  • The law.
  • Listening to the sounds of the city and the people within it.
  • Meditation
  • Adrenaline rush of a good legal argument in court.
  • Soothing sound of gloves hitting a heavy bag.
  • Sirens going off without warning at close range.
  • WIlson Fisk
  • The Purple Man
  • The Hand
  • Bullseye.
  • Skilled Attorney
  • Good physical condition
  • High level of stubborness and lack of self preservation.
  • Refusal to kill, even if it is an unredeemable foe such as the Purple Man. While it can be a strength, a large segment of the population would hold that not killing such a monster just let's him rack up a higher victim count.
  • Tendency to blame self for everything. Climbs right up on that cross and starts banging in nails in his own limbs.
  • Sucker for underdog cases.

Power Name- Superhuman Senses
Description- Daredevil has had all of his senses outside of sight enhanced to near unparalleled levels. He also has a seperate sense he calls a radar sense. His capabilities with these senses will each be detailed as follows.
  • Superhuman Sense of Hearing: Matt’s sense of hearing is incredibly keen. He is capable of hearing a pin fall on the other side of a building while sealed in a soundproof room. He is capable of listening to heartbeats and determining if most are lying based on heartbeat if he is within 40 feet of someone. His typical range is roughly five city blocks, but if focusing has managed to hear a sniper rifle in a helicopter being cocked from ten city blocks away at rush hour. But such feats take an incredible amount of focus. Often he uses this power to listen to joints and bones moving in a body, to pinpoint exactly where to hit someone best to disable them.
    Superhuman Balance: As a subset of this enhanced hearing, his sense of balance is greater than any baseline human. He can traverse a tightrope as easily as most can a sidewalk.
  • Superhuman Sense of Taste: Matt has had his sense of taste enhanced. This makes it near impossible to poison him by stealth as he can both taste and smell said poisons, even if normally tasteless and odorless. He can determine by taste what all ingredients were used in food, and even if the handler washed his or her hands and what sort of soap they used.
  • Superhuman Sense of Touch: Matt’s sense of touch is enhanced as well. This allows him to feel movements in the air around him, such as flapping wings, swinging weapons, and even faint air movements. This allows him to detect hidden passages and find individuals hidden easily, as well as detect air temperature differences as faint as a single degree. He is capable of reading print by running his fingers along a page.
  • Superhuman Sense of Smell: Matt has a sense of smell superior to anything in the animal kingdom. He can determine the differences in clones and identical twins by the faintest of odor differences if he has been around them. He can track a scent degraded by people trampling over it and with various environmental factors degrading the trail.
  • Radar Sense: Daredevil’s radar sense gives him a 360 degree view of the world. This is not sight, as it is more like he is capable of feeling what is in the environment around him. This lets him tell what is occurring without him having to actually see it, and allows him to study a foe or item to try to determine its weak point.
Limits- Matt’s most obvious limit is that he is blind. He has to have tags in his day to day clothing to determine what color it is. This also means that images on cell phone and video, on TV and computer screen, are nonexistent to him.

With Matt’s enhanced senses comes a slew of weaknesses. For starters, sensory overload is a pain in the ass. Loud noises, foul scents, and high pitched noises can wreck his senses.

Matt has to focus and block out other sounds, scents, and tastes if using his powers at the highest levels. So this blocking out of other stimuli tends to make it where he might be able to hear something occuring 15 blocks away, but can’t hear a drunk stumbling ten feet away. The way he explains it to those who question him is to think of his senses as a bright light. He can use his senses to know everything around him at a shorter range by using it like a lantern. He can also use his senses to perform the equivalent of seeing at long ranges by focusing it like a spotlight, but at the cost of it being a much narrower beam.

Matt also faces the limitation that despite his senses, he is still pretty much human. Stab him he bleeds. Beat him he bruises. He is limited to human levels of physical ability even if at the higher end due to training and exercise.

Skills & Abilities- Daredevil has a host of skills and abilities due to both of his dual lives.

Skilled Attorney: Matthew is a highly skilled lawyer and enjoys the argumentative nature of arguing in court. He is also skilled at the more drudgery part of being a lawyer, being skilled at research.

Skilled Detective: In part due to his senses working as a mobile CSI lab and in part due to experience and intellect, Daredevil is a skilled detective. A lot of this comes from him being a talented interrogator, and in part due to being able to follow scents and trails and overhear things with ease.

Master Martial Artist: Daredevil has had extensive combat training. His fighting style is a blend of Boxing and street fighting with Ninjutsu, Jui-jitsu, Aiki-Jujutsu, Savate, Kung Fu, Judo, Krav Maga, Silat, Karate, Capoeira, Eskrima, Aikido, and Greco-Roman Wrestling mixed together. He has also learned pressure point based fighting, which is exceptionally effective with his sensed mixed in with it.

Melee Combat Specialist: Daredevil is highly skilled in armed combat as well, primarily using various forms of sticks in combat. However, he can swiftly adapt to other forms of melee weapons, in part due to the versatile nature of his preferred billy club.

Stealth Expert: Due to his training with Stick and the Chaste, Murdock is exceptionally good at sneaking around and evading detection, in part due to his enhanced senses.

Master Acrobat and Free Runner: Daredevil has the agility and acrobatic ability of a professional athlete, assisted by the enhanced balance his senses of touch and sense give him.

Skilled Marksman: As absurd as it sounds for a blind man, Matt Murdock has exceptional dexterity and aim. This is primarily shown in him catching slower projectiles like thrown knives and arrows from foes like the Hand, and in his ability to use his billy club as a missile weapon.

Height- 5’11”
Weight- 187 lbs
Eye Colour- Blue, but scarred with cataracts and chemical burning.
Hair Colour- Redish brown.

Appearance- Matthew Murdock is most often seen wearing a suit, with his sunglasses and ever present cane that identifies him as a blind man. There are other indicators, such as small tags in Braille in his clothing to let him identify what color his clothes are. His phone has few apps on it and no camera, as there is no reason for him to have one. His cell phone informs him verbally of who is calling, and has an extensive playlist of music on it. He also always seems to have some injury on him, sometimes appearing constantly beat up.

Physically his eyes don’t focus on anything. They also have scarring on them from the chemicals that gave him his superhuman senses. His hands and body have scars on them, from hitting heavy bags and bodies and from receiving damage from an assortment of villains. His body is strong and lithe, with the muscle on it being lean and strong without impeding movement. This is due to over a decade of hard training and practice.

As Daredevil, Matt has two suits. One is his traditional red one, and the second is the same design but in black for situations where he needs the additional stealth. There are horns on this cowl of these uniforms.

Gear- Daredevil tends to carry a few pieces of gear. They are his uniform itself, his billy club, a knife for cutting people loose if tied up, a lockpick set, zip ties and cord to restrain people, and a few impact smoke bombs as it doesn’t affect his senses and blinds most.

Uniform: Daredevil has one black uniform and one red uniform, but tends to reserve the black for times where added stealth is needed. Both uniforms were developed by Melvin Porter. This makes it where they are lightweight, but capable of resisting up to handgun level fire. The uniforms also have add armor on the helmet/cowl, chest and back, forearms and shins to deflect blows from blades and the like without sacrificing agility.

The gloves and boots are slightly weighted to give his punches and kicks a little more impact than expected.

Billy Club: Daredevil’s billy club is a pair of short sticks roughly as long as his forearm. There is a connector where they can be linked together as an eskrima stick, or link together with a 50 foot cable. When linked, they can be adjusted for use as a nunchaku, grappling hook, garrote, or meteor hammer. This weapon can also be linked together and extend out into a six foot staff.

Matt has also used his billy club as a distance weapon when it is in the smaller two stick configuration, often hurling one and making ricochet and bank shots. His powers help him with this as he can tell what surfaces it is most likely to bounce off of.

Lockpicking Kit: For bypassing locks if stealth is needed.

Knife: A small tanto blade he has started carrying in case he needs to cut a cord or rope.

Zip Ties and Cord: For tying up criminals for police apprehension if they surrender or might slip off.

Smoke Bombs: Small round smoke bombs that cover a 25 foot radius on impact. Used mainly if he is feeling outmatched due to his senses still letting him function in the midst of that obscuring smoke. Carries two with him in costume.

Additional Information-

Hometown- Hell’s Kitchen, New York City
Immediate Family- Jack Murdock (deceased). Maggie Murdock (Mother, has never met)
Others- Foggy Nelson, best friend. Karen Page, friend. Wilson Fisk, enemy. Bullseye, enemy. Elektra Natchios, former girlfriend. Stilt Man, enemy. Purple Man, enemy. Owl, enemy. Hammerhead, enemy. Melvin Porter, friend and support. Ben Ulrich, ally. The Hand, enemy. Stick, surrogate father figure and giant pain in the ass. Enforcers, enemies.

History- Matthew Murdock was the only son of Maggie and Jack Murdock. His mother left him in the care of his father at a very early age, and Jack attempted to raise the child as well as he could. Jack worked as a boxer and eventually took to throwing fights to make ends meet. He did this to provide for his son as he didn’t want Matt to end up having to make a living with his fists like Jack had to.

At the age of nine, Matt was coming home from school whenever he saw that a blind man in a crosswalk was fixing to be hit by a truck running through the city. Matt didn’t have time to think and found himself running and pushing the old man out of the way. The driver of the truck saw that and attempted to yank the truck aside, causing it to flip and spill the chemicals it was hauling.

Those chemicals spilling were the last thing that Matt saw as the glowing green liquid splashed in his eyes, burning them and sinking into his skin and nerves.

Matt woke up in a hospital, the sheets feeling like sandpaper and every sound hitting him like a drumbeat within his ears. The presence of his father helped to calm him, and Matt was released from the hospital. His dad kept fighting to try to make money for his son.

Matt kept learning and was pushed to excel academically by his father. Matt learned quickly, his enhanced sense of touch helping him catch up in learning Braille. He also watched the fights his dad was in on TV, listening to what happened.

Jack was approached to throw a title fight. However, Jack saw a desperate opportunity to provide for his son. He made a bet that he would win by knockout, putting all of his money on that outcome. Jack managed to win, and had set it up where the money was put in a trust for Matt as he knew that there was no way that the organized crime groups he was involved in would let him walk away.

Matt’s enhanced sense of hearing heard the shot that killed his father. Running towards it, Matt found his dad’s body and reached down to feel his face to identify him. Instead of a face, he found a gory mess that left Matt screaming in the night.

After this, Matt was put in an orphanage run by the Catholic Church. His senses and anger were beyond what the sisters were used to dealing with, and they reached out to a blind man named Stick who had a reputation for helping some troubled children. Stick however had a much different interest in Matt, viewing him as a protege to learn how to hone his remaining senses, meditation, and the martial arts of the ninja clan called the Chaste. Stick drilled Matt mercilessly for several years, resulting in Matt’s body being honed as well as his mind. Stick eventually left Matt, not wanting to see Murdock change into something much like Stick, cold and hard to the world at large.

Matt kept training himself and learned fighting anywhere he could, learning and becoming more skilled. Matt graduated high school a year early and found himself attending Columbia University, eventually attending law school and befriending Foggy Nelson. Foggy and Matt made an exceptionally good team with Matt being better at cross examination and courtroom proceedings and Foggy being better at the paperwork end of things. Both graduated with Matt being summa cum laude and Foggy being cum laude. Both started work at a prestigious firm, but quit and opened their own practice as they disliked the corporate atmosphere.

And for a while, this was perfectly fine for Matt.

That lasted until his hearing picked up a neighbor sexually assaulting his own daughter. Matthew tried to do the right thing, reporting it to the police and social services anonymously as he suspected there was no way the authorities would accept that a blind man could know what his neighbor was doing. The problem was that this neighbor was smart. There was no proof left on the girl, and the guy soon beat the charges.

The thought of someone innocent going through that lit a fire of righteous indignation in Murdock. He found himself taking out the makeshift costume he’d used before, and found himself stalking this man. He learned the guy’s pattern and his movements, waiting until the man was by himself.

Matt then proceeded to systematically beat the man to within an inch of his life.

After that, Matt found himself patrolling Hell’s Kitchen much more frequently, finding it near cathartic. But he also found himself making an enemy in the form of Wilson Fisk. Himself, Foggy, Karen Page, and Ben Ulrich found enough information on Fisk to publish and to show the authorities, resulting in that criminal being arrested for a variety of crimes from extortion to bribery to murder.

However, Fisk managed to escape. During this escape Matt stopped Fisk after donning a new costume of red and black armor designed to keep from limiting his agility and mobility. Putting the powerful Fisk down where he could be rearrested, Matt found himself as one of the few heroes in Hell’s Kitchen. He found himself facing a variety of enemies, such as the Enforcers, Stiltman, the Owl, the Purple Man, and Bullseye. He also found himself on the front lines of his old mentor Stick’s war against the Hand on occasion.

However, Fisk has always been the biggest threat that Matt hasn’t been able to fully stop. Using his lawyers, contacts and influence, Fisk was able to avoid being charged as he had plenty of catspaws and fall guys in place. Fisk had also ceased thinking that he was acting for the benefit of the city, reinventing himself as the Kingpin of Crime. Since then, he has been ruthlessly expanding his criminal empire.

Matt has been busy keeping Fisk’s forces out of Hell’s Kitchen. He is looking for a way to permanently stop the Kingpin, but thus far has been halted by lack of solid evidence. Until then, he is having to settle for hindering that organization and any other criminal influence that tries to settle in Hell’s Kitchen and the City of New York.

Player Name- Hank
Age 35
How Can We Contact- Skype, Discord, or Staff link
Time Zone- Central
How did you find us? One of the Admins
Other Characters- Wolverine. Beast. Colossus. Hellfire. Gunslinger. Cypher. Nightcrawler. Toad. Pyro. Sabretooth. Dr. Strange.

Role Play Sample-
There were any number of reasons that people might have targeted Scott McCurry for death. The man had been involved in a multitude of killings. Had assisted in extortion and torture, engaged in almost every sort of evil mankind would know about.

But the DA’s office had made a deal with the man. Leniency in exchange for his testimony. Testimony that his former boss and some of his victims had no desire to give Scott.

Matt’s alter ego had been instrumental in bringing the man in. That and terrorizing him to the point he wanted to turn state’s evidence. Going through a half dozen of Scott’s allies in the dark had made an impression. Strangling him to within an inch of his life off the edge of a building roof had helped. The soft whisper of describing what all Scott had ate, who he’d recently seen, and what kind of cologne the guy was wearing had helped seal the impression of being some dark demon spat up to give the hitman one chance at redemption had been a nice touch.

Of course, breaking Scott’s thumbs where he couldn’t wield knife or gun again had helped in Matt’s opinion. It made testifying a lot more appealing when his means of defense had been stolen from him.

But it also left a problem. Namely that someone had been hiring assassins to kill the man.

Matt had no issues with most having to kill in self defense. But the man was in custody and was cooperating with the DA’s office. So this was simply killing for the sake of killing. Pure vengeance. Swatting a fly instead of using him to take out someone higher up on the organization.

Thus far, he had stopped three attempts. Each one more skilled than the previous person sent to kill the man. So he was in his black costume, the only color being the red belt, gloves, boots, and eyes. While he preferred his red costume, he also knew that at times stealth was needed. So as he sat a block away, he blocked out everything else and breathed in evenly, focusing everything on his hearing. The faint whine of electronics hit his ears. Noise of a couple kissing in one room. Rustle of nesting pigeons. The soft creak of cables and power lines in the wind created by the artificial canyons of buildings and skyscrapers. The cursing of cabbies and the barking of dogs. Slamming doors and music coming from phones and other electronic devices.

And two blocks away, the noise of a window opening. The flipping of latches of a case. And the sound of a magazine being inserted in a rifle.

Letting his other senses flood back in as he pulled his club and started running, Daredevil fired up at the taller building beside the one he was on, using that line to pull him up as he rolled on the roof silently. Despite running at full speed, there was no noise from his footfalls as training took over.

And as he ran over roofs, he then tossed himself off the side as the sniper set up the rifle, sighting it in as the soft noise of the man’s controlled breathing reached his ears.

Diving off the roof of that building, he slapped the grappling hook part of his billy club on the edge, letting the line play out as he headed for the center of the street. Hitting the limit as he felt the length he’d let out by his sense of touch, and judging it the proper length based on what his radar sense told him about the position of the window, he felt the jostle as he hit the end and swung in like a pendulum.

His right boot led the way as he pulled his body in front of the club and line, heel slamming into the scope and driving the rifle back. The crack of orbital socket fracturing along the top edge where the scope was driven into the sniper’s face by Matt’s foot and body weight was music to his ears. Flicking his arm back to turn the line loose, he sucked the line in as he folded that right leg and kept moving in, letting his left knee slam into the side of the man’s head. Feeling his club snap back in place, he brought the weapon down hard on the man’s head.

As the man dropped, Matt then paused for a moment and breathed in, listening and drawing in smells and tastes. There was a jumble of them, but it gave a bit more information that he hoped he could use to identify who was sending these people. As the man got up with a groan and tried to reach for a pistol, Daredevil then extended his club to a six foot length, spinning it around in a flourish before breaking the man’s wrist with his first blow and bringing the staff up, ripping the gun away before batting it across the room.

Putting the blunt end of that staff to the man’s Adam’s apple, Matt snapped “Please. Continue to be an idiot”

The gunman snarled “Or what? You don’t kill. What is the worst you can do?”

If his eyes were visible, they would have narrowed at that. But being blind and with his eyes covered, it didn’t make much difference. Both because he sometimes forgot about how eyes conveyed a facial expression and because nobody could see it. Breathing in and smelling no other gun oil or cordite for weapons, he then listened to heartbeat, smelled the scents coming off of the man. Felt the increased heat.

He doesn't fear me. He is only angry at the foiled attempt, Matt thought. Retracting his club and breaking it in half, he holstered it despite smelling the leather of a sheath and the metallic tang of a knife on the assassin. A small and smug smile was on his face as he thought He doesn’t fear me….. yet.

Turning like he was examining the room, it was no shock as his radar sense felt the man move, as the shifting weight and movement of muscles was a symphony in Matt’s ears. The slight movement of bone on bone from the mild fracture screaming out in his ears.

And the muffled noise as Daredevil’s foot slammed into the man’s solar plexus was like a cheering section.

Grabbing the extended arm and letting his own arms snake around it as his legs wrapped around the man’s head and brought him down into the floor, a precise nerve strike killed that arm where the knife dropped. A jab in the neck paralysed the vocal cords as Matt got back to his feet, taking the wild punch on his forearm as the assassin got to his feet,

And then Matt simply started hammering away.

The assassin was good. But he was facing a man who could fight the Grandmaster’s of the Hand one on one and it be a fair fight. And there were not many at a skill level sufficient to fight people like that.

There was a simply beat down from the school of boxing. A few heavy kicks to dislocate knees. A couple more to break some ribs, as Matt thought that someone wanting to commit cold blooded murder needed the joy of pain as they tried to breath in and out. And as the man fell and spat out a few broken teeth, Matt took a burner cell phone of his and hit a preprogrammed number. “Detective. It’s me. Attempted assassin of Scott McCurry. Two blocks away, likely have calls regarding a fight.” Looking at the lack of mobility in the assassin’s part, Matt smiled and said “The suspect is no longer a threat. Let me know if you find any leads on who is hiring them.”

With that, he then leapt from the window and fired his club up at the roof line, catching an edge and swinging up and onto the next roof. For he didn’t want to assume it was just one assassin. And as such his job wasn’t done quite yet.
May 1 2018, 01:11 PM
On the 9th in game, Hellfire and Martyr are returning to Egypt due to the Brood matching the descriptions of monsters in hieroglyphics and depictions in artwork. This is a sign up if people are interested. We are opening it up to 3-5 more peeps.

However. Please note this is not an explore Egypt sort of thing. And there is going to be some opposition encountered. So if a character would dislike camping and dislike the possibility of A brawl, this might not be the thread for them.

But if it sounds fun, feel free to sign up! And feel free to hit myself or Bry up with questions.
Feb 28 2018, 03:12 PM


Celebrity Claim- Benedict Cumberbatch

Full Name- Stephen Strange, M.D., Ph.D.
Nicknames/Aliases- Master of the Mystic Arts
Age- 42 chronologically. Has spent time in dimensions where time itself passes differently, making this a difficult question to answer fully.
Date of Birth- November 23rd
Faction- Unaffiliated
Occupation- Consulting physician. Occult investigator. Master of the New York Sanctum Sanctorum.

Personality- Stephen Strange has a contradictory and complex nature. This is partially due to the variety of roles he has had in life.

Most of the time, Stephen Strange is possessed of a large amount of patience and wit. He strives to act with restraint and with wisdom in all things. Given how he is often an outsider in many circles, he tends to be sympathetic towards loners.

Strange also knows what it is to feel as if you have lost everything. The damage to his hands and his ability to practice medicine galls him even after all of this time. at one point he was the best neurosurgeon on the planet, and now he would have trouble giving simple stitches to someone. When one considers that his role as a doctor was the one thing of utmost value to him, one can see how he literally lost all in that car wreck.

By the same token, he also knows that when someone hits rock bottom they can then pull themselves back up and remake themselves. Strange has done so himself, and started by becoming a decent man first, and then becoming an apprentice and servant to the Ancient One.

Stephen has a tendency to look for the logical meaning behind things, and isn’t above applying deductive and inductive reasoning to the arts of magic while at the same time admitting that there is a limit to how much science and logic can tell someone about magic.

Strange does have a tendency to be curious about everyday life as that is something he currently has very little experience in.

In his role as Master of the New York Sanctum, Strange has learned that it is best to have various plans to victory and attempt to enact them before an enemy even has a chance to know you are there. This can sometimes make him seem a little cold in combat as he is thinking of a possible end game while others are concerned with the matter at hand. Stephen’s intelligence does not help with this as he tends to think that if he knows something, often others would as well which leads him to sometimes not telling others of his plans and actions as he thinks they already know.

A slightly darker aspect of this is that Strange sometimes defaults to the medical concept of triage if a situation is dire enough. While a logical choice, it is also a cold one. However, generally he prefers targeting an enemy with annihilation if they are pressing him to that point. Many who see this tend to be shocked as the generally genial and good natured man vanishes and leaves a literal force of nature tearing through a foe like an Angel of Wrath.

Despite this, the Doctor does think that enemies should be given mercy if possible if it will not risk innocents.

Dr. Strange thinks that knowledge and wisdom are two of the best weapons a person can have, and as such is a voracious reader and student.

Strange also isn’t above playing his cards close to his chest if needed. This is partially to keep some foes from predicting his moves, and is also ironic as Stephen is a terrible card player.

Stephen is also a devoted baseball fan. Often he abused his astral projection ability to see what all is going on at a game without having to buy a ticket if it is a game he really wants to watch. He prefers the New York Mets over the Yankees, and also at one point realised the Curse of the Bambino was actually real and took steps to remove it from the poor Red Sox.

Strange also hates cultists. Just enough of them are actually onto something that they have the risk of accidentally empowering, releasing, or summoning some sort of entity that the world does not want around. In short, he tends to view cultists as the cultural and spiritual equivalent of herpes. They are annoying. They appear when it is least convenient. And they absolutely refuse to go away.
  • Baseball
  • Magic
  • Medicine
  • Outwitting a foe
  • Success when faced with a difficult problem
  • Reminders that he is not infallible or all powerful
  • The fact that anything above simple and rudimentary stitches is now beyond him
  • Reminders of the man he used to be
  • Cultists and misuse of magic
  • The way his hands ache right before a cold front or it raining
  • Mentally flexible
  • Enjoys challenges
  • Loves problem solving
  • Crippled hands. This makes manipulation of and use of a firearm problematic as well as delicate work outside of magic.
  • Enjoys outwitting enemies a little too much at times.
  • Can be exceptionally bull headed at times.

Power Name- Magic
Description- Dr. Strange is a highly skilled sorcerer. He is considered the Master of the New York Sanctum due to being one of the most skilled and most powerful spell casters around. He is a baseline human whom happens to have the aptitude and skill to use the interdimensional and extradimensional energy sources known as magic.

In combat, Stephen prefers to use what is known as Eldritch Magic. This magic is the basic combat magic of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, often used as the basis of training due to it not having as strong cultural traditions and links to faith as other magics. This form of magic takes the form of sparking and fiery appearing energy. This magic is based on the focus and will of the sorcerer. In addition, utilization of this energy has no cost outside of will and focus, which is one reason why it is one of the most commonly utilized choices for spellcasting.

With this magic, Stephen is capable of creating lines, ropes, and whips of energy capable of sending a human sized foe flying across the room with a single hit. Strength wise it can restrain beings of vast strength, being capable of holding up to 70 tons of weight so long as Stephen can maintain absolute focus. Obviously this is much lighter in full fledged combat with multiple foes.

Stephen can also manifest weapons such as swords and spears with this energy, with the strength typically being on par with equivalent steel versions of those weapons.

Strange can manifest shields of energy with this magic, capable of deflecting shots from tanks if he has the proper focus and is not focusing on anything else. He can also use these shields offensively, hurling them or shrinking them to the size of dimes or pennies and firing them like small projectiles. His more typical level of strength in these shields is roughly on par with a steel shield. His typical shields protect against mystical energy and physical attack. With his standard spells, light and sound based attacks can penetrate unless he adapts them to counter that sort of attack. But by adapting them to counter light and sound, he has to make a shield impossible to see through or kill all sound going both ways, which leads to the possibility of missing important information. These adaptations are also much more draining energy wise, making him reluctant to use them unless he knows they are needed.

Eldritch energy can be channeled into energy bolts, possessing both kinetic force and heat equivalent to a sorcerer’s will. At the lowest level, he can use these bolts to shove a piece of paper across a desk. If ramped up to their highest levels of power, Strange can punch through tank armor with a single shot by either melting it with heat or by using kinetic force to pop it open, though again this requires a large degree of concentration. He can narrow these bolts to the width of a pencil lead or have them 20 feet across at the widest if fired in a cone of energy. For the most powerful levels of penetration, a finer and more narrow beam of force is needed. As with most of his magic, he tends to scale the power based upon whom he is fighting as he does not enjoy expending his mystical resources with his typical bolts simply knocking a foe back several feet due to his reluctance to use lethal force.

It should be noted that Stephen is exceptionally skilled with this sort of magic, having used it to battle the god like being Dormammu in a time loop for what was objectively to Stephen years to him. This has made Strange vastly more competent in combat style magic than most due to constant practice.

Astral Projection: Stephen is also skilled at Astral Projection, which is a mage sending their mind or soul into the astral plane to gather information. While the physical world cannot be manipulated on this plane, it also allows a mage to fight a psychic and potentially win It is also useful as one can communicate with the normal plane of existence.

However, there are dangers in using this power. Mainly in that the body of the mage is still vulnerable to attack and death. Shade and spirits can inhabit this plane, and it can be affected by the will of powerful psychics.

Divination: Stephen also is skilled at divining information, often using small spells to help with tracking and finding people and information. However, he has to know what to ask and what to look for, and divination is taxing on mystical resources. It is also easier to scry on things relatively recent and public as opposed to something hidden or far in the past. There are also rituals and spells that can foil divination.

Rituals: Stephen is well educated in mystical rituals, and has access to much more power through using these time and resource consuming rituals. Generally the more powerful the ritual, the more precise it has to be and the longer it takes to complete, with rarer ingredients and specific time frames. These are vastly impractical in battle unless someone is running a lot of interference for a mage or if a mage has employed a ritual in the form of an enchanted object, such as a scroll that when read can craft illusions or a draught that speeds healing. Stephen tends to wear several pouches and pockets that have small items that can be used for small rituals, which tends to look like a mess of clay, markers and crayons, chalk, salt, metal wire, and various other odds and ends.

Limits- The biggest limit for magic is if using the most powerful of rituals or wanting a huge variety of spells, it winds up costing favors to higher powers. Some of which do not have the best interests of Earth in mind.

Despite the vast amount of power at Stephen’s command, at the end of the day he is still very much human. Stab him he bleeds. Shoot him he dies. He can only react at human levels of speed and reaction. This makes him in a lot of ways the living example of a glass cannon.

With his combat spells, Stephen is very skilled in using them and casting them on the fly. However, given the nature of the energy used with them, they are not subtle. Furthermore, they are very much based on his will and focus, making it where distractionary tactics are particularly dangerous to him such as explosives as low as fireworks set to go off nearby or opponents lying in wait to ambush him while he engages another foe.

Furthermore, all magic requires focus to properly use. This makes it where there is at least a split second of vulnerability to any counter attack, sniper, or unknown assailant. Any distraction at that time can result in a failed spell, draining Strange of the energy he had summoned for the spell.

Strange is also incapable of casting certain spells. This is due to some spells having requirements he cannot meet, such as being of a certain ethnicity or belief system or potentially even due to being the wrong gender. For example, he could not use all of the shamanistic magic that Forge can access simply because Stephen Strange is not a member of the Cheyenne. By the same token, the Winding Path method of magic is unavailable to him simply as only female spellcasters can access it.

Strange also takes longer to craft an enchanted item or alchemical potion than most mages. This is simply due to the fact his hands cannot manage the fine detail work required before pouring in the mystical energies. While he can flawlessly infuse the mystical energy and perform a ritual, the mundane carving of sigils and glyphs into a mystical item requires frequent rest and recovery on his part.

Skills & Abilities- Stephen is highly skilled in occultism and investigation of supernatural phenomenon. He is also a highly skilled doctor, even if nerve damage to his hands has weakened his skills and limited his ability to practice medicine to a more emergency level and consulting position. Fine work in medicine is currently beyond his hands to perform even if his mind is capable of it.

Stephen is a skilled hand to hand combatant, though is not anywhere near a natural at it. Despite his skills in magic, Wong tends to have a three times a week sparring session with Strange in the Hong Kong Sanctum to, in Wong’s words “Make sure you can at least break the nose of evil before dying horribly.” These sessions of being on the ass end of a major ass kicking has beat some close quarters and melee skill into Stephen.

Stephen also has exceptionally formidable mental defenses for a baseline human due to the psychic nature of various supernatural predators. He has structured his mind to have traps and various mental fortifications, devising the psychic battleground to his liking. While he can’t hold out a determined assault by someone of Psylocke’s level or higher in telepathy, he can make them work for it over the course of a few minutes instead of it being an instantaneous win.

Height- 6’3”
Weight- 185 lbs
Eye Colour- Brown
Hair Colour- Black with silver streaks

Appearance- Stephen Strange is a tall man with expressive and intelligent eyes that seem much older than the years on his face and body. His clothing now tends to veer towards the simple even though he does retain some suits in case the situation calls for it. There are very visible scars on his hands from surgeries to attempt to correct his nerve damage. That nerve damage shows in tremors when attempting to do anything non magical in nature. He also has several scars on his body from various battles, as well as some scarring such as on the tips of his fingers and the palm of his hand where blood has been used as a spell component.

In a battle, Strange prefers to wear his Cloak of Levitation over his clothing. His day to day clothing varies, ranging from a simple sweater and jeans to a suit or the robes his Order wears as their version of formal wear. Often he wears gloves in public to conceal the severe scarring of his hands, even if said gloves will not conceal the tremors of his nerve damage.

Gear- Stephen Strange tends to make use of the following artifacts and gear most frequently.

Cloak of Levitation: The Cloak of Levitation is a rather finicky artifact which seems to have a large amount of affection for Stephen. This cloak gives the wearer the ability to fly up to 50 mph or to float in mid air. It is also semi sentient, reacting on it’s own and being capable of following instructions. It is difficult to damage, primarily due to it being mystical fabric. Damage sustained rapidly recovers as the threads reweave themselves and can regenerate. This cloak also works as an extra set of hands at times, and is useful for guarding Stephen’s blind spots.

Book of the Vishanti: The Book of the Vishanti is the defensive and wholesome magic equivalent to the Darkhold. It is a vast source of knowledge on how to defend against dark powers and counterspells.

Orb of Agamotto: Crystal ball that increases range of divination spells. While most divination spells tend to be limited in range or target, the Orb allows the user to scry throughout the world and even into other dimensions, presuming obscuring spells are not employed and the right questions are asked. While powerful, it is also fragile. This makes it where the Orb has to remain in the Sanctum.

Sling Rings: Teleportation is possible with magic. However, it also is very hard and takes a lot of energy. As such, the Masters of the Mystic Arts employ relics called sling rings to open wormholes across the world and dimensions. This tends to be slower than most versions of teleportation, mainly as the opening has to be defined by the mage. These rings allow the sorcerer to conserve energy and open portals faster than ritualistic spells. However, disrupted concentration and removal of the ring can cancel this form of travel, and it takes several seconds to set a portal.

Penknife: A simply pocket knife carried for the purpose of helping mix spells or cutting small things like string and tape.

Magical Supplies: If investigating or in the field, Stephen has learned the value of a few healing draughts of potion and the value of carrying small things like chalk and markers for spell casting on the fly. He tends to carry these with him, and even in his civilian clothing is liable to have a few odds and ends on him.

Additional Information-

Hometown- New York City, New York
Immediate Family- Eugene Strange, father, deceased. Beverly Strange, mother, deceased. Beverly Strange, sister, deceased. Vincent Strange, brother.
Others- Dr. Christine Palmer, former romantic interest. The Ancient One, teacher and master. Wong, Master of the Hong Kong Sanctum, friend. Mordu, former ally and friend even if he has left the Masters of the Mystic Arts. Josie Stone, apprentice. Elsa Bloodstone, associate. Johnny Blaze, associate. Jericho Drumm, ally.

Enemies: Dormammu. Nightmare. Mephisto. Shuma Gorma. Morgana Le Fey. Vlad Dracula. Hand. Blackheart. Lilith. Various other black magic users and those who misuse magic. Various other extra dimensional entities.

History- Stephen Strange was a highly skilled neurosurgeon, in high demand and with a tendency to view his skills as god like as opposed to god given. This arrogance in his abilities tended to lead him to humiliate other doctors around him, and be caustic with his patients as it was his reputation and skills that were important with their well being dismissed as a secondary concern. To Strange, medicine was a means of elevating himself, was about him and him alone.

This of course did not always go over well, but his skill was of such an impeccable degree that he could select his patients and name his price. And people were more than happy to pay it. This encouraged him to be frivolous with money, spending money as fast as he made it.

As this pride bled into all aspects of his life, Stephen had to have the fastest and most expensive of vehicles as a means of flaunting his wealth. And tended to regard travel advisories and speed limits as quaint suggestions.This lead to him getting into a car wreck, resulting in severe damage to his hands as the dash folded in on them. Upon being found, surgery was done on him to save his life and to fix his hands.

It was a remarkable work considering the damage. But for Stephen, it was not enough. His entire sense of self worth from being the best was shattered, and he spent every cent he had to try to fix his hands. Running out of options, he encountered a man who had been in physical therapy whose back was repaired, and heard that this man had his spine repaired by someone called the Ancient One at Kamar-Taj.

Grasping this hope even while privately thinking it was some scam, Stephen spent the last of his money and traveled to Kamar-Taj, presuming it was some elaborate procedure that was experimental. He assumed that this Ancient One was experimenting with medicine away from government guidelines.

The Ancient One then simply told Stephen that it was magic, utilizing astral projection to force Stephen’s spirit from his body and sending him on a trip through various dimensions.

It was a humbling experience, one where all Strange could ask was simple. To be taught. To learn.

But given his mindset, he was initially a rather piss poor student. He grasped the concepts fast enough, but his mind still rebelled at the idea of magic. It was not until the Ancient One left him on Everest with a Sling Ring that he finally let go of his preconceptions of what was possible and managed to teleport back.

Soon after, an attack by a cult of the Lord of the Dark Dimension occurred, with Stephen taking an artifact known as the Eye of Agamotto and fleeing to the New York Sanctum. Defending it with the aid of the Cloak of Levitation and Mordo, the Ancient One was severely injured. This left Strange, Mordo, and Wong as the only defenders of the Hong Kong Sanctum.

Fighting this cult and traveling to the Dark Dimension, Stephen used the Amulet’s power to manipulate time to trap himself and Dormammu in a time loop, holding the god like being there as every time Stephen was defeated, time looped back to the starting point. Both him and Dormammu remembered all that transpired, but for everyone else it was as if time stopped if they could have perceived it.

From his perspective, he spent years fighting Dormammu. Dying again and again. Knowing that if he stopped, Dormammu would not stop until all on Earth were under is rule or dead.

Finally relenting after being held in place for so long by that spell, Stephen extracted an oath where Dormammu agreed to leave the dimension Earth was in alone. Mordo was horrified at this bending of the laws of time, and walked away from the order of the Masters of the Mystic Arts. Upon recovery, Stephen gave the Amulet back to the Ancient One and took his place as the Master of the New York Sanctum, making him responsible for responding to mystical threats in North America and the Western Hemisphere.

It also made him responsible to take in apprentices or those who needed guidance with mystical matters, leading to him gathering some apprentices here and there such as Josie Stone.

Recently he has been occupied due to some ripple effect in the magics that contain the region called the Savage Land, and the fact that there is a ripple of near necromantic energy due to someone in the New York area somehow resurrecting. He has a feeling he will have to look into both soon, as it is quite frankly right in his job description.

Player Name- Hank
Age 35
How Can We Contact- PM. Staff button up top. Hankreynolds1 (Skype)
Time Zone- Central
How did you find us? One of the admin
Other Characters- Beast. Cypher. Wolverine. Toad. Sabretooth. Pyro. Gunslinger. Colossus. Nightcrawler. Hellfire.

Role Play Sample-
Most days, Dr. Strange would say that being a sorcerer was a wonderful thing. The ability to manipulate mystical energy. Exploring mysteries. Helping defend mankind from supernatural threats.

But then…. There were days like this.

He understood that there were people who joined cults out of a sense of purpose. Most were useless, but there were enough cults that eventually at least some of them stumbled upon some slight amount of real power. Some sought power. Some sought enlightenment.

But on finding THIS group of elderly men, Stephen had to admit this was the first time he had encountered people wanting to make contact with dark powers for this reason. Namely out of a desire to find some demon that would let them have erections without little blue pills.

Putting a hand to his face as he sighed with said senior citizens huddled around him, Strange said “So do you gentlemen understand that summoning demons is a poor choice? Because typically said demon has a price it wants from you.”

Looking up in terror, one of the men cowered behind the cloak of levitation and cried “Yes! I understand! Just don’t let it get me!”

A second seemed to have passed out based on the level of snoring the man was doing, which made Strange sigh yet again. Mainly as a giant part ape, goat hooved and headed demon with bat wings would have drawn more attention. Particularly as it was screaming about wanting a sacrifice of flesh in exchange for empowering said cult members.

Naturally said idiots assumed it was some young woman just out of high school. Yet when Strange had tracked them down, said demon was trying to rip the pants off of one of the senior citizens.

As the creature flew in with a scream, Strange summoned a shield and grunted as he was knocked back a foot, but the shield did hold. Underestimated how strong this thing was, Strange thought to himself. But his free hand had already crafted his response as he dropped the shield and thrust a hand forward, sending a bolt of energy through the demon and throwing it back.

As the form attempted to heal, Stephen then summoned a pair of small disks and started hurling them into the demon, slicing and dicing it into a near slurry of liquid that that dissipated.

Looking at the men who he had just saved from…. Well…. Something somehow more horrific than scenes from the film Deliverance, he frowned at the looks of relief. For they had been willing to kill an innocent woman for something so minor.

And while not a supernatural threat, the idea of leaving all of these men free irked Stephen.

Floating above the men, he slipped on his sling ring and started opening teleportation gates around them depositing them in the local drunk tank. He then descending and stood with the tied up woman, pulling out a cell phone and painstakingly typing out a phone number after using some small bolts to blast loose the chains around her.

Handing the phone over, Strange smiled and said “Let them know you are safe. I will sit here until the police arrive.” Taking off his cloak and watching as it flowed around the woman and hovered protectively, he smiled as he knew she was better watched than most with that cloak near her.
Feb 7 2018, 10:38 PM
As the X-Men (specifically Logan) have been keeping Elliot as an unwilling guest while he tries to find paper files where she can be turned over to the authorities, the Brotherhood has decided to stage a retrieval.

Any X-Men member, New Mutant, or Brotherhood member who is not occupied at 2 am on March the 3rd can participate. The following link is the current thread we have for this event.

RET- Door Knocking
Nov 19 2017, 02:07 AM


Celebrity Claim- Daniel Cudmore

Full Name- Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin
Nicknames/Aliases- Peter
Age- 28
Date of Birth- November 5th
Faction- X-Men 2005
Occupation- Art teacher. Going to school for architecture.

Personality- In either human or armored form, Colossus looks like a man built like a brick shit house. Yet despite this appearance, Piotr has the soul, eyes, and hands of an artist. He is capable of looking at most situations and finding beauty within them. This extends to other mutants, with him often acting as a surrogate big brother for everyone.

Which also means he is not above sitting people down and giving them some harsh truths if needed. He prefers not to, but at times there is little options. He tends to prefer being peaceful, and abhors violence, preferring to talk or endure an attack than lash out.

That being said, when he sees there is little option he becomes a near force of nature in a fight, with few matching him for durability and strength. He is very protective of the students at the school and his teammates, being willing to go to any extreme for them.

Colossus is happiest either painting or drawing, with a close second being when he is working with his hands or honing his physical abilities.

If he has a weak point, it is his little sister whom he adores. Threats to her are a sure way to get Colossus fired up in a hurry. To him,Illyana is a delicate snowflake of a child. Any threats to her tend to be dealt with very directly by him.

Piotr is a bit of a Stoic in philosophy, thinking that he can endure most things so long as he does what he deems is right. He is a strong believer in the philosophy of Charles Xavier, thinking that a true golden age could occur if human-mutant relations could improve to peaceful coexistence.

  • Neo Classicism in art.
  • Studying architecture
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Weightlifting
  • People who bad mouth art
  • People who don’t realize that they can change themselves
  • Greedy people
  • Violence
  • People valuing physical strength over moral and ethical strength
  • Vast physical strength
  • Patient with most
  • Artistic skill
  • Dislike of violence means he is slow to use it to end a fight.
  • Overly confident in strength at times
  • Tendency to stoicism in philosophy mixed with some optimism. Makes it tricky for him to see plots and schemes at times.

Power Name- Organic Steel Conversion
Description- Colossus has the power to convert his body into an organic steel analog. This increases his mass, weight, height, stamina, strength, durability and removes his need to eat, breathe, or drink.

Colossus converts near instantaneously, transforming into a material that seems most similar to ossium and carbon steel in composition, while being vastly lighter. He does not have any time limit to change back, and the transformation is a total body transformation. He gains weight up to 1100 lbs and gains a height of seven feet five inches. This form gives him the following powers.
  • Superhuman Strength: Colossus most notably has the power of vast superhuman strength. At his absolute maximum output, he can lift up to 100 tons of weight.
  • Superhuman Durability: Colossus steel form gives him a vast level of immunity to harm. He can withstand penetrations up to and including 155 millimeter rounds designed to pierce tanks, can survive temperature extremes from -390 degrees Fahrenheit to 9000 degrees Fahrenheit. He can withstand impact forces equivalent to a ten ton truck speeding at 100 mph without moving and can withstand up to 4500 lbs of TNT blowing up in his face. Electricity passes through him as there is no electrical resistance like with a flesh and blood body. He can survive falls from massive heights and his eyes also shift into steel,and he has taken rounds from rifles to his eyes without damage.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Due to a lack of muscle fatigue and fatigue toxins,Colossus has limitless stamina when in his steel form.
  • Self Sustenance: When transformed, Colossus does not need to eat, sleep, breathe or drink.
Limits- While Colossus is difficult to hurt in his steel form, it can occur. Normally it is less lethal than in his flesh and blood form, but he cannot heal while in his steel form. Any injuries have to heal at the normal rate when he transforms back into human form.

His density and mass make it impossible for him to swim and also makes it where shaky flooring is a large problem.

Colossus strength is based in part on his physical might in human form,with him initially only being able to lift about 75 tons. Years of weightlifting have increased his strength where when transformed he can lift up to 100 tons. If injured where he can’t train, this strength will fade somewhat. It should also be noted that while Piotr can lift up to 100 tons, sometimes the item itself will fall apart due to stress on it even if lighter. Such as if having to lift a plane, there is a risk that if he does not place his hands in the right place, his hands will punch through the hull as his strength and durability is stronger than the plane skin.

If rendered unconscious, Colossus automatically reverts to his human form.

Colossus is incapable of partial transformations, such as only transforming a limb or only his skin. It is an all or nothing transformation.

Colossus is also vulnerable to magnetism, and his armor can be pierced with specialized weapons such as adamantium and certain anti aircraft and anti tank rounds if tipped with specialized payloads. In addition, vibranium triggers a reaction where he converts back to flesh and blood if touched with it.

Skills & Abilities- Piotr is a highly skilled artist with paint, pencil, and charcoal. He has enough skill to make a living at it. He is also in training to be an architect.

Colossus is a skilled combatant, focusing on Russian Sambo, street fighting, Greco Roman wrestling, and boxing. He tend to focus on holds, submissions, and raw striking power as those techniques fall in line with his power strengths.

Height- 6’6” (human form) 7’5” (armored)
Weight- 270 lbs (human form) 1100 lbs (armored)
Eye Colour- Brown (human form) Steel Grey (armored)
Hair Colour- Dark brown

Appearance- Piotr has a rather simple style. He prefers simple shirts and sturdy pants and clothing with solid work boots. It tends to reflect the agricultural lifestyle he was born into. He tends to veer more towards function over form, preferring clothing that works. This is also due to him often spilling paint on said clothing, and thus preferring cheaper clothing instead of fancy clothes getting ruined.

His eyes tend to be kind and expressive. His hands are distinctive, broad and strong with an odd mix of heavily calloused hands from rigorous training and work married to a delicacy and precision of an artist’s fingers. His hair tends to be shortly cut, and his body is heavily muscled but still athletic. Without his powers active, he is still exceptionally strong for a human being, currently maxing out at 675 lbs.

In combat, Colossus wears a uniform designed to withstand the stresses he puts on his shoes and clothing. It tends to be dark blue with gold X’s on the shoulders, belt, and on the chest. This uniform is designed to expand with him to keep him from shredding his clothing when he transforms.

Gear- Often Colossus will carry a few items with his uniform related to search and rescue. These include a light and some lightweight but strong cord. Outside of that and a very basic first aid kit for others, he doesn’t carry gear unless one counts him picking up heavy objects in the field.

Additional Information- Piotr is slowly working on a degree in architecture, viewing it as a merge of him working construction and his hobbies as an artist.

Hometown- Ust-Ordynski Collective near Lake Baikai, Russia
Immediate Family- Nikolai Rasputin (father, deceased). Alexandra Rasputina (mother, deceased). Mikhail Raputin (brother, presumed deceased). Illyana Raputina (sister).
Others- X-Men are considered friends and extended family in some cases. Groups such as the Brotherhood and Purifiers are adversaries, but he is hard pressed to call most hated foes.

History- Piotr Rasputin was the middle child of Nikolai and Alexandra Rasputin. He grew up with his two siblings on a farm in Russia, with his size and muscle helping with the work. His older brother was selected for training as a cosmonaut, and according to official sources died in training. Piotr was gifted with a natural inclination for art, which his practicing grew into a very high skill. Yet he wasn’t able to leave the farm due to illness of his parents and the need to care for his sister Illyana.

His powers manifested at the age of 13, with him and his family keeping them quiet as he was content to use them simply to help out around the farm and town. As his powers were not inherently violent or hard to control, he was able to go several years before being noticed. Magneto and the actions of the Brotherhood did bring stress to mutants, as did the view of certain governments that mutants were a resource to use. Some of the Russian government were interested in the Rasputin family, mainly due to stories of some super strong metal giant being circulated. But before he could be drafted, Charles Xavier and his X-Men offered Piotr a chance to learn, to come to America and learn about his powers and participate in a wider world.

Adjusting to the difference between a farm to what was essentially a preparatory school was jarring for Piotr. As he learned and met others, he came to value a world of peace more and more, finding joy in bringing beauty to people through art in contrast to his role as muscle and tank on his various training and then X-Men teams.

Some members of the school leaving to join the Brotherhood caused Piotr to feel an anger in him, one that he vented in the Danger Room before coming to the realization that with his powers, rage was a dangerous thing. Having read at the recommendations of others the works of Marcus Aurelius, Piotr adopted parts of a Stoic philosophy where he started viewing obstacles as things which must be endured instead of a barricade to tear down with his hands, adding inner strength to the outer strength the man had.

Graduating and becoming an X-Man, Colossus started taking classes in art before deciding that art was more an expression than something learned, and that as such his perspective was what was valuable. As such, actually doing art was better than simply learning about it in a classroom.

Lately he has been recalled from doing some work for the X-Men in Russia, mainly due to threats to the school centered in America. He had been investigating claims of possible Russian superhuman programs starting up, but was called back before he could verify them. In any case, he is more than willing to stand guard at the school and keep between any threats and the innocent.

Player Name- Hank
Age 35
How Can We Contact- hankreynolds1 (skype) PM
Time Zone- Central
How did you find us? One of the Admins
Other Characters- Gunslinger. Nightcrawler. Cypher. Wolverine. Hellfire. Beast. Sabretooth. Toad. Pyro.

Role Play Sample-
Colossus disliked tanks. Mainly as they always tried to shoot him. Even in the Danger Room.

And they tended to have munitions actually large enough he registered them.

Oh they typically couldn’t pierce him unless they used specialty rounds. And most of the time said simulations were loaded with shells for maximum impact on soft targets as it was the logical weapons choice for use on a team of mutants.

So of course, someone had to change the rounds to those designed for piercing tank armor. Like most tanks, these used kinetic energy penetrators to try to defeat armor. Frankly Colossus was better suited to foil other forms of anti armor weapons such as the HEAT munitions as he could easily withstand the heats of those weapons. The kinetic ones could hit hard enough in a small area to hurt him, but not enough to kill him.

Which was probably why there were five tanks firing these rounds at him.

Hunkered down in a building and seeing the holes ripped into and through the cement walls by those rounds, he felt the Danger Room simulate the vibrational impacts and concussive force waves of those powerful rounds. He knew that he couldn’t just throw rocks at the tanks, mainly as anything around was light enough it wouldn’t even register on the armor of the tanks. And they were far enough away that there was no real way to charge out there and engage them without getting pinned by fire. That fire might not kill him, but it could batter him and pin him down.

Of course, there was always another option in an urban environment.

Darting to a bathroom and ignoring the door in favor of simply pushing through the door and wall as it was faster, he ripped the toilet up and looked at the pipe. Then he started driving his fists into the floor, breaking through and shattering foundation with his repeated blows. Above him the building was demolished, burying him under the rubble.

And still Piotr hit. And dug. And kept looking.

Feeling some give, he shoved hard and stumbled into a sewer system, smiling despite the odor. Stopping his breathing as he didn’t have to do it in his metal form unless needing air to talk, he then pulled a small flashlight and shined it, making his way down the sewer.

Hearing a rumbling up above after walking about a mile, he then climbed a ladder and looked up, seeing the tanks rumble past.

But now, they were in range.

Shoving the manhole cover aside and shifting to his human form so he could get out of the sewer faster, he then grabbed the cover even as he shifted back, holding it like a discuss and spinning around before releasing it. Seeing the disk of metal slamming through and into that tank, he rushed the next and grabbed the tread, ripping it aside so the thing couldn’t move. Grabbing the edge of the machine, Colossus heaved and sent the tank tumbling over, leaving him with three.

Huge hands grabbed the turret as rounds from a machine gun peppered him, ricocheting off and being as harmless to the metal giant as harsh language. Ripping back and tearing the huge barrel and top part of the tank off, he then lifted it as he ran and brought it down hard on the next tank, bending both barrels and causing the tank he struck to buck from the force of the impact. Swinging his makeshift weapon around like a sledgehammmer, he let go and hit the next main gun and caused it to spin to the side as it fired, armor piercing round hitting the last tank.

Darting for the off balance but still functional last tank, the barrel tried to track him and fire. But Colossus managed to make it to the armored weapons system. Fingers dug in and caused the metal and composite armor to buckle and crack under the pressure as he climbed it. Catching the barrel and holding in place, Colossus then wrestled the whole top off, staring down at the people inside as he dropped the barrel.

Without the tank, these men were no threat to him.

“Get out. Get your friends. And then leave,” Colossus told the simulations. “Do not fight me, and I have no reason to fight you. For only death lives in a war zone.” As the room registered that the threats were neutralized, the scene faded and left a large spherical room. Transforming back to flesh and blood, Colossus nodded in satisfaction with a small smile on his face out of satisfaction with the scenario. For it was not enough to just win. One also had to try to preserve lives as well, for that was how the X-Men would convince the world that there was a better way.
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