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Jan 11 2018, 05:43 PM


Matthieu Charneau

Full Name - Jean-Paul Beaubier
Codename - Northstar
Ag e- 29
Birthday - 13 September
Faction - X-men
Occupation- Teacher of European History and French at Xavier’s school.

Personality- Jean-Paul is kind and well-intentioned at heart, but not always warm or overly generous of spirit. He craves human connection, but can be quite guarded and it does take some time for him to establish a strong connection with others. At 29, and long active in mutants circles, he has had interactions with many mutants of many organizations, but is not particularly close to any of the X-men yet. His decision to take on a role as teacher at the school is related to a newfound desire to begin putting down roots and making stronger connections to other mutants.

Northstar is openly gay. He has had a number of serious relationships in the past, but does find it difficult to connect or fall in love, and is currently single. His closest relationship in life is with his sister, Jeanne-Marie (Aurora), but she is currently living in Europe and the two speak less often of late.

  • Wine, bourbon, beer.
  • Dogs.
  • Playing cards
  • Good film, especially European.
  • Books and quiet conversation.
  • Loud, uncouth, or noisy individuals.
  • Incompetence.
  • Mess.
  • People who don’t understand sarcasm or can’t take a joke.
  • Slow walkers.
  • Clever and biting wit, especially with a bit of bourbon in him.
  • Creative and skilled fighter
  • Despite the occasional appearance of arrogance, Jean-Paul is really quite non-judgmental and able to take people as they are without being overly concerned with their pasts.
  • Stubbornness
  • Tendency toward being closed off emotionally - which can read as chronic arrogance.
  • RBF. Serious RBF.

Superhuman Speed

Description- Northstar is able to redirect the kinetic energy of the atomic motion of his body’s molecules in order to propel his body (or some part of his body, like a hand) through space at enormous speed. This is usually in the form of flight, though he can run somewhat faster than any non-mutant human as well. The limits of his speed are untested, due to the potential for damaging his own body and anything around him, but he is able to move at least at several times the speed of sound when in flight. It has been theorized by some that - in a vacuum environment - Northstar could theoretically reach nearly the speed of light. As he is able to direct this energy to individual limbs, he can punch and kick with far greater power than a man of his size and strength should be able to - the limits of his fighting power are the durability of his body itself. This ability also means that he has heightened perception and reflexes, even when moving at great speed - these enhanced abilities are required submutations in order to make his abilities workable.

Light Generation and Concussive Blasts

Description- Though this power only reaches its maximum strength when accessed in combination with his sister Aurora’s powers, Northstar can accelerate his molecules to generate bright, blinding light. With great effort, this ability can be channeled into bright, concussive blasts with the capability of disorienting, blinding, or making temporarily deaf those whom they explode too close to. This is among the most taxing of Northstar’s abilities, and is not sustainable as a battle strategy for long periods of time.

Limits- Because Northstar’s powers are operated not in a theoretical environment, but in the real world, there are major limits on his abilities. First of all, while his body has mutated durability to withstand motion at extreme speeds, it is still subject to the extreme crushing force of impact. If Jean-Paul were to accidentally hit the earth or a solid object at high speed, there is a potential that that object could kill him or, if small enough, move through his body like a bullet. His healing factor has not demonstrated the speed or infallibility of some mutants. He can withstand more damage and heal faster than the average human, as is necessary to be able to use his powers at all, but there is no evidence that he can come back from extreme, mutilating injuries in the ways that some mutants can. His healing factor is a necessary submutation, not his primary mutation. This set of conditions applies to his ability to punch, kick, and use his body as a battering ram as well - though he is hardier and can hit much harder than the average human, he is still able to break his own bones by speeding up his body or limbs too much before striking an object.

The limits of his ability to generate light and concussive blasts are not well understood and these powers are not commonly used, though in their weaker forms they remain in his arsenal. Only when with his sister are these powers at their peak.

Northstar is also subject to exhaustion and overuse of his powers, like nearly any mutant. He can fly alone at high speeds for many hours without faltering, but extreme speed or the need to carry weight along with him drains him quickly.

Skills & Abilities- Northstar is a competent fighter, a skillset learned over the course of his life and honed during his brief time with Alpha Flight. He is a good shot with a gun, and his enhanced reflexes make him a skilled driver as well - he operates both a car and a motorcycle from time to time, though of course neither can reach speeds anywhere near what he can achieve through simple flight.

Outside of combat, Jean-Paul has a good background in History and is looking forward to honing his teaching abilities. He is a decent cook and considers himself to have impeccable style. He speaks French as a first language and his fluent English bears only the slightest trace of a Quebec accent.

Height- 5’11”
Weight - 178
Eye Color - Dark, hints of silver
Hair Color - Dark, naturally streaked with silver.

Appearance- Jean-Paul is slim but well-muscled, like many mutants with physical mutations. His hair, naturally streaked with silver, is sometimes dyed dark. He considers himself very stylish, and generally wears modest but impeccably tailored clothing. He carries himself gracefully, a byproduct of his mutations; he is not necessarily loudly or performatively masculine or feminine, but he considers himself well beyond self-consciousness on this front and his sexuality is probably understood or assumed by most upon meeting him. It is not a secret, and this is reflected in his way of holding himself, his clothing choices, and his cultural points of reference.

As Northstar, Jean-Paul wears a form-fitting body suit specially manufactured to prevent its decomposition in high velocity flight. Traditionally, this has been black and white, with a starbust pattern around the neck, but this will change if and when he becomes an active combat team member of the X-men.
Gear- Jean-Paul occasionally carries a small handgun, but generally does not find it necessary to travel everywhere armed. He wears sunglasses a lot, carries a brown leather tote at times, and wears a slim gold ring on his left middle finger.

Additional Information- Jean-Paul is discovering the difficulties of entering “real” adulthood without a firm social circle or much in the way of family connections. He is always in the process of recovering from a traumatic past while trying to navigate the world as he is. He has come to the X-men a somewhat humbler, more contemplative version of the Northstar often imagined and understood to be the norm.

Hometown - New Calais, Quebec
Relatives - Orphaned as a child. Only known living relative (to whom Jean-Paul still speaks) is his sister, Jeanne-Marie - codename Aurora. Since leaving Alpha Flight, the two have temporarily gone their separate ways.
Others- Northstar has no close friends at his new home, and he has not been in a serious relationship for nearly two years.

Jean-Paul Beaubier was born in 1988, the younger of a pair of twins. He and his sister Jeanne-Marie were raised together for only a few months - as infants their parents were killed in a car accident and the pair of them were sent to live with relatives. After some time, the difficulties of raising both children became too much, and Jeanne-Marie was sent away to a Catholic school and convent, where she was raised to be deeply religious. Jean-Paul remained with his relatives for some time, performing well in school and achieving normal life milestones. As he got close to puberty, he became a willful child and began to get into more trouble and found himself isolated from his peers. Eventually, at the age of thirteen, while attempting to steal from a large manor home, Northstar encountered a man named Raymonde Belmonde.

Over the course of the next few years, Belmonde became a mentor to the young Jean-Paul as he began the process of coming to terms both with his growing mutant powers and with his sexuality. Eventually, Belmonde began to involve Jean-Paul in the organized crime ring that he had long been a part of. His “mentorship” ceased to be about encouraging academic success and offering emotional support, and instead became about training Jean-Paul to be a fighter. This rubbed the younger man the wrong way, and by the age of eighteen he had left Belmonde’s life and mentorship behind.

Beaubier spent his early twenties bouncing back and forth between Quebec, Belgium, France, and the United States. He spent a short period of time training to be in the circus, some time in theater school, and eventually studied History in Paris. For a few years in his early twenties, he was stable enough to develop strong, lasting relationships with fellow actors and peers at his University, and began to smooth out the rough edges of his personality that had made human connection so difficult in the past. He had his first “best” friends at this time, his first romantic relationships, and his first “healthy” mentors - teachers and directors who did not try to manipulate him or use his abilities to enrich themselves. Most did not know he was a mutant, and those who did were more evolved on the subject than most. It was during this time that Jean-Paul took up a skill from his youth, skiing, and he remains to this day a world-class skier.

His success as an amateur skiier caught the attention of James Hudson, a wealthy and well-connected Canadian who had formed a new mutant team called Alpha Flight with Beubier’s twin sister, now called Aurora. The two had not seen eachother in years, but the prospect of reconnecting drove Jean-Paul to leave the life he loved in Europe behind and move back to Canada. Upon reuniting for the first time, the connection between Jean-Paul and Jeanne-Marie’s hands generated an overwhelming light - the implications of this power have never been fully worked out, but it is understood that this side of the two mutants’ powers are far more powerful when together, while their powers of enhanced speed function just the same on their own. After some time with Alpha Flight, a disastrous breakup with a fellow team member and a falling out with Jeanne-Marie precipitated by her severe mental health issues, Jean-Paul (now codename Northstar) left the team and moved back to France. Here, he finished some schooling, reconnected with some old friends, and tried to settle into his old life. He found, however, that many people had moved on and his environment was no longer the same. He returned to Canada, working intermittently with Alpha Flight as an independent agent, and when Aurora left for a Swiss resort to spend a few months in intensive therapy and rehab, considered an offer to rejoin the squad on a permanent basis.

At this time, not long before his twenty-ninth birthday, he was approached by Charles Xavier, who had followed Northstar’s development closely and considered both his powers and his academic background a potential good fit for his school. Considering the X-men to be a larger, more stable entity with a clearer moral imperative than Alpha Flight, Jean-Paul turned down the offer to stay in Canada and accepted the position at Xavier’s school.

Player Name - Rafa
Age - 28
How Can We Contact- Message is best, email also fine for admins.
Time Zone- US Central.
How did you find us? GOOGLE!
Other Characters- N/A

Role Play Sample-

Jean-Paul looked around the handsomely decorated room carefully, concentrating on his breathing.

Take a moment. Observe. Be ‘in the moment.’

Northstar did everything in life quickly, purposefully, and sometimes carelessly; he thought faster than most - he’d realized this early in life - and he walked quickly, he fell asleep quickly, and he woke up just as readily. It had never been clear to him whether or not this constantly agitated state was related to his mutations. He supposed not - after all, he could remember being much the same long before they had developed. With thirty fast approaching, he had made it a New Year’s resolution to slow his life - and his mind - down a bit. Appreciate the little things and live in the moment, or whatever people were saying now.

After he was certain that he could hold a picture in his mind of every curtain, piece of furniture, and shelved curiosity - and after he had made a mental note of where he’d stored the keys to his tiny Peugeot and his motorcycle (top drawer of the nightstand), his Beretta (bottom drawer), and his favorite deep French blue velvet blazer (right side of the closet) - he nodded to himself and stepped out of the room.

The hall in this part of the house was covered in scalloped, stained oak like much of the house, but the carpet lining the center of the floor was a deep blue with little gold stars woven in. Blue and gold were his favorite colors, so he took this as a good sign. He walked silently down to the staircase and descended it, marking the various portraits and sculptures displayed along the way. He knew that a few other staff members lived in this wing, and he noticed when he descended the stairs that the noise increased, indicating that older students lived here. He distinctly heard the sound of a rubber ball bouncing off the ceiling as he passed one room, and smirked at the whined high notes of a Ke$ha song blaring out from under the door of another.

Approaching his destination, he nodded to the statuesque woman coming out the large oak door in front of him and looked down. They had met once or twice, but it didn’t matter - every mutant in the world knew that pretty face and the overwhelming power that stirred behind it. She moved lightly to the right to let him pass, and they nodded at one another.

“Welcome, Jean-Paul,” she half-whispered, catching his eye and smiling slightly. “And good luck.”

He nodded and forced himself to smile too, gulping down a feeling he experienced rarely these days: nerves.

Steadying himself and tugging his jacket down, Jean-Paul rapped his knuckles sharply on the massive wooden door in front of him. He pushed it open and moved deftly over the raised threshold, pushing his hair back and forcing himself to appear calm. The man across from him looked up from his papers and smiled quite genuinely at him.

“Jean-Paul. I wasn’t expecting you until nine. Early riser?” He paused as the Quebecer nodded.

“Nevermind… I have someone for you to meet to help you iron out a schedule. Give me just a moment and I can have him here. Sit, please.”

Jean-Paul took a seat and tucked his legs under him. He let out a slow breath and stared out the window at the crisp winter day.

Vais-je regretter cette décision?
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