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Apr 15 2018, 11:50 PM
Come up to my place in the morning for coffee, I have news you'll need to hear

Last night on his way back from the mansion he'd been at a red light when he'd texted Wanda, he thought she'd want to be involved, and Shane had mentioned her by name. So Clint sent her a quick text, he wanted her and her twin to be well informed, and he would have stopped by her place last night, but he'd gone home and been in no mood for company. He'd decided to just go home, have a drink and curl up on his couch with Lucky. He'd had time last night to quietly contemplate where he was in life and what he was doing, so that way today he could be in the proper mindset to inform Wanda and Pietro about what was going to happen.

This morning he'd woken up early and gone about his morning routine, training was a huge part of his life, even more so now. He'd very quickly realized how lacking it was when he stood side by side with his superpowered friends, so he wanted to make sure that he was in peak shape. By the time Wanda got to his place, he'd already had a couple of hours of training and a shower to clean up, so he wouldn't gross his dear friend out. He was just putting the pot of coffee to brew when the Scarlet Witch herself made an appearance in his kitchen, earning herself a smile from the archer for showing up exactly when he put the coffee on. "Good morning." Clint stood there in his kitchen and opened his arms wide to give Wanda a friendly hug, he was dressed in a well-worn pair of jeans and a plain white teeshirt, not even bothering with shoes yet since it was still early. "Have you eaten? I was thinking of making waffles for breakfast if you're interested." He gave her a wag of his brows because he was not just talking about something that could have come out of the toaster, Clint Barton was talking about Belgian waffles with all the fixings.

Opening the fridge as he listened to the coffee brew, "Or I could make omelets if that's more what you are craving today." After letting her pick what she wanted for breakfast, Clint took a moment to get the ingredients out and laid out on the counter. Then came three cups for coffee, he was happy to start off without Quicksilver, but he made sure that there was a fresh and clean mug ready if or when the speedster showed up. There would be plenty of food to feed them all, even the man with the heightened metabolism, so Clint was happy with his choices. Humming softly he pulled the pot from the coffee maker as soon as it beeped to say it was done, pouring both himself and Wanda a cup of coffee before presenting her with a jar of homemade flavored creamer for her coffee. No reason to admit that it came from a recipe he found on the internet after trying the stuff she'd had in her cup when he'd come home from the savage land, "So, the reason I wanted to talk to you was because of what's happening with the school. Shane filled me in last night and wants to know if we want to help, I'm already in for it but I knew I had to ask you and Q. You were not happy when we went to Kun Lun without you, so I knew I had to fill you in this time and let you make your choice."

Smiling he sipped his coffee, eyes closing for a few blissful seconds, "You want me to tell you the whole story as I was told or you want the highlights?"
Apr 10 2018, 12:11 AM
Clint was a man who came bearing gifts.

Tonight those gifts were in the form of a new door and all of the tools and accessories to fix the damage that Shane had apparently done to his room. He didn't try to pry the story out of the guy via texts, but Shane had asked for help replacing the destroyed door, and Clint was happy to help. It was just the type of person that he was, plus he was a pretty decent handyman since he'd been a property manager for a little bit. Anyways doors were easy, just fix the door jam and then replace the door, he could have the whole thing done in a matter of minutes really.

Pulling his truck up into the driveway he couldn't help but think that the last time he came here with his arms full of stuff he'd ended up spending two weeks in a magic jungle. Taking the door, he'd picked up at the home improvement store out of the bed of his truck he reminded himself that he was just not allowed to go on any strange trips, no matter how much he liked the people they were rescuing. Leaning the door up against his truck he took a moment to get everything he needed, his tool belt was slung low on his hips, and his toolbox was grabbed in one hand before the other hefted up the door so he could carry it inside. All it took was a quick nod to the person who'd buzzed him in at the gate, and he was allowed in like he was expected this time or something. Best not to look a gift horse in the mouth, plus he was sure that Shane pulled whatever strings it had taken to get Clint visitors privileges or whatever.

He didn't even bother asking for directions, he'd been here before, so it was easy to make his way to the staff wing. Admittedly it might have been harder to find which door was Shane's but because he didn't have a door at the moment, it was easy to find his room. "I brought you something," Clint greeted before setting the new door in the hallway propped against the wall, a bright smile on his face as he set down his toolbox and reached out to tug the smaller man into a hug. "Sorry to spoil the surprise but its a door. I brought you a door that way we didn't have to make a trip to the store. I think I picked one that matches the others in the hall pretty well," He'd held onto Shane as he spoke, standing together a bit longer than was really usual for a typical greeting. Mostly because Clint had no reason not to, he didn't have anywhere to be so that meant he could stand there in the middle of the teacher's bedroom hugging for as long as he felt like it.

"You okay?" The archer asked, pulling away just far enough that he could put a hand on each of Shane's shoulders, "If you want to just relax, I can fix this on my own, you don't need to strain yourself to help." His thumbs rubbed soothing circles against the teacher's skin, "Or if you want I can teach you how to fix this, it's easier then it looks." Either way Clint gave Shane one last squeeze before pulling away to survey the damage that the other man had done. The door must have been splintered into pieces, but thankfully it had not been kicked out of the door jam or else they'd have structural damage to fix that Clint was just not geared up to handle. One thing did pop into his mind, the other man must have been just going off the deep end if the usually docile teacher was willing to do that sort of damage to his own room.

His words were carefully picked before he spoke, "So what had you all riled up enough that you broke the entire door out?"

Feb 22 2018, 02:26 AM
In the days since Clint's group had come to the island that they were all grouped up on, the normally friendly archer had kept to himself. It was clear to him that he was an outsider, from the moment he'd woken up in the middle of a strange field with some loudmouth little man screaming at them, he'd understood that he was wildly out of place. He was not cut out for this do-gooder hero shit, made even plainer when they'd worked together to try and keep Tom alive instead of just throwing him to the carnivorous plants to slow them down as they made a run for it.

When he'd first caught sight of the very person, he'd ended up in this crazy place because of, Shane had been fully rocked out and from what the archer could guess he was pissed. The rocky man had stayed a rock, fretting over the injured girl who'd ended up coming in with him. It just seemed like a bad moment to say anything, mostly because he waited originally for Shane to just stop being a pile of rocks and turn back into a person but it didn't happen.

Clint was the ultimate outsider, he was clearly not an X-Man, and even though he'd once had a run in at a bookstore (just a few days ago actually what a small world) with an apparent member of the Brotherhood, he sure didn't belong there. So he spent time with the one person who felt just as much of an outsider as he did, Bongani was happy enough to spend time hunting and cleaning their kills. Plus when Clint was away from the camp he didn't have to think or worry about the one person he was avoiding like the plague. At first, it was easy to keep himself busy, the people needed to eat, and the injured needed help, so it was natural that there was no real time to chat. Yet as more and more people showed up to shoulder the burned of taking care of everyone Clint found himself at an awkward place. He should have said something days ago, should have made a better attempt at something.

He didn't know what he was supposed to do, but he swore if someone looked at him one more time like they could see through him he was going to just leave them in charge of skinning the animals.

Waiting until Slate had been fixed and turned into a regular person again seemed like it was a reasonable thing to do, maybe he was not himself when he was a giant stone dude? Instead of actually having a conversation with the healed and once more fleshy teacher, he just continued finding stuff to do that kept him busy. Things that kept him too busy to sit to have a chat and kept him away from the camp were the best, but in the end, he just ended up feeling worse about the whole thing.

Put plainly Clint felt stupid. He'd made a sort of dumb decision by coming to the Savage Land with the others without a proper invitation, he'd just felt like he was needed and so he'd come thinking it was going to be simple. He was a foolish man to think that anything to do with Shane Adler was going to be simple, after the ninjas and the trip to Kun Lun he should have known that anything involving the mutant teacher and his superpowered team was going to be bad news. He could have been at home watching trash TV on his couch with his dog and yet instead he was out in the middle of the jungle with a bunch of people who didn't actually know how long had passed. Rumor was that the people who'd originally come had been stuck somewhere around three years in this weird jungle, three years was a long time to forget about someone that was not really that important in the scheme of things.


It was the morning of the 10th day they'd been in the jungle (or at least Clint thought it was morning, there did not seem to be very defined days or nights) when Clint finally decided to reach out. There was talk that something would be happening, they'd be doing something to make a final push to get out of the jungle soon, and with no connection to either group, Clint found himself sorely in need of information. He needed info, and he wanted to actually check in on one of the few people on this island that he would consider a friend.

When he'd gotten up that morning he'd decided to skip a shirt, it was too warm for so many layers, so he ended up shirtless but carrying his bow and quiver with him as he approached what was a fire before it had gotten banked the night before. Setting down his things he quietly approached Shane, for such a big guy his footsteps were almost unnoticeable to the majority of people but there was no sneaking up on someone who could feel the vibrations through the earth. "Good Morning," Clint started as he came up alongside of Shane, thinking that the other man was on morning watch he didn't want to be too much of a disturbance. Instead of breaking his vision he just took up a good place to stand next to the teacher and looked out into the distance. "I was going to make some breakfast, are you hungry?"

Asking Shane if he wanted breakfast was totally not in the context that he wanted to ask, a couple of weeks ago (or had it been just days?) he'd offered Shane a breakfast that implied they'd be waking up in the same bed, not stranded on some island where the lands around them were trying to kill them in inventive ways. Clint did not offer up any information, didn't volunteer to say anything that he didn't need to, instead he asked more questions, "How are you doing?"
Jan 22 2018, 02:55 AM
Slate: Feb 25th, 2:45PM

I think I'm in love

Slate: Feb 25th, 2:46PM

You are the best matchmaker! This is the cutest guy I've ever brought home, seriously the most adorable one I've ever let into my apartment

Slate: Feb 25th, 2:49PM

Just look at this face Shane [img attachment]

Slate: Feb 25th, 2:50PM

let's never tell Lucky about this, I don't want him to get jealous that I thought another dog was cute

Jan 13 2018, 03:52 AM
There was only so much that one person could do alone, but today Clint Barton was doing the best that he could. One of the water heaters in his building went out, and he needed to get it fixed sooner rather than later. In the end, he'd ended up having to just replace the old junky piece of crap because if he didn't then no one was going to be able to wash their clothes in their little laundry room and that was just not okay. Clint needed clean clothes just like the next person, and he was not about to walk down the street in his underwear so that he could wash everything he had that was dirty.

Clints apartment bulding was not much to look at, nestled between two other much smaller buildings it was easy to miss but the place that the archer had called home for quite some time now. Because he ended up needing a new water heater, he'd driven his little beater truck to the hardware store, bought a new one and come back. Painstakingly he'd taken it all the way down into the basement by himself, quietly hooking it up and hoping that everything was going to work the first time around. The water that came out was scalding hot, but Clint figured he could work the temperature down a bit, adjusting things before he took a breath and headed upstairs with the old heater.

In an entirely childish manner, he was guessing that his new teacher friend probably weighed about as much as the stupid water heater, he'd have to guess though that if he were hauling Shane upstairs somewhere in his arms, it would not be to go out to the curb. His own stupid laughter helped, hands sliding against the warm metal as he hefted it up the last few stairs before he could take a small break. "Sure am getting my hands dirty today," He murmured to himself before lifting the heater once more and making his way outside. Finally getting the old beat up heater outside, Clint just dropped it on the curb the "fix me, I'm free!" sign that he'd taped to the water heater was a bit crooked but he didn't care at the moment. All he really wanted right now was a-

"Aw shirt." Somehow in the process of taking the water heater up the stairs the shirt he was wearing had gotten a tear right across the stomach. The stains from the rusty metal could have been washed out or just ignored, but the tear was large enough that it was no longer wearable. Shrugging out of his jacket, Clint was glad that it was not too chilly out. As Pride approached, Clint was peeling himself out of his ripped shirt, left standing there in just his jeans and boots with a broken pile of scrap at his side. Rubbing a hand over his stomach to make sure that he didn't get cut by whatever had destroyed his shirt he ended up looking up at just the last moment.

He was pretty sure that he was supposed to see a kid that matched this guys description, "Oh hey are you looking for me? I'm Clint, you're here to see me right?"
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