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Jun 12 2018, 10:39 PM
Reva was confused.

Some weeks ago she had lifted a wallet off of a rather pleasant giant. The interaction had been enjoyable, the man sweet natured and kind, even if the haul had been epically disappointing. Never in her short life had she pickpocketed a grown man and yielded so little. Two dollars. Eighty-six cents. A blockbuster video membership card. And a tattered GNC protein powder rewards card with nine out of the ten boxes punched out. Someone was close to getting a free jug of protein powder and Reva just couldn’t deprive Piotr Rasputin of the opportunity to gain more muscle mass.

But the wallet had otherwise been empty. Reva wasn’t above taking a mark for all he had but bless his heart, Piotr didn’t seem to have anything and when she arrived at the address listed on his driver’s license to return what she had taken she had simply been bewildered. Apparently the whole house had been blown to smithereens and Reva had been redirected by a helpful cleanup crew back to the city and to a hotel that had her squinting down at the well worn wallet in her hand. This made absolutely no sense.

People like her were not allowed in places like this on a whim. She was in a simple black dress with little adornment other than her leather jacket. She hadn’t realized she would be visiting the enigmatic artist at such a hoity place or perhaps she would have classed up a bit. As it was, the concierge was looking at Reva like she was twenty bucks a dance or worse as she waited for Piotr to come down to the lobby. It had taken the assurance that she was perfectly willing to cause a scene if the man did not ring up to Piotr’s room to get her way and the grumbling concierge finally surrendered.

The urge to find some gum so she could chew it up and leave it on the shiny counter was overwhelming but instead Reva grinned politely and waited.

Apr 16 2018, 01:57 PM
Before even entering the building, Reva fell in love with the Met. It was one of her very first stops when she moved to New York, its many steps leading up to a building so architecturally stunning that the eighteen year old had just stood there on the first step gobsmacked. Oddly, she hadn’t gone there to steal, but to appreciate the talent of others. Reva didn’t have an artistic bone in her body but she was well documented in her appreciation of beautiful things. Admittedly she was bit of a magpie, more drawn to the shiny and glittery, but the artistic works housed within in the Met were enough to quiet the otherwise rowdy thief and get her to focus.

Besides, there was an exceptional forgery she liked to go look at.

The Sargent’s 1913 Venetian Canal was a stunning watercolor that had been on loan in Baton Rouge from the Met a few years ago. Upon its return their curators apparently failed to identify the fact that it was not the original that had gone to Louisiana. It simply made Reva happy that she was able to replace it with a near flawless copy that a friend had whipped up to replace the priceless painting.

Unfortunately, Saturday morning at the Met meant crowds and the little thief had to squirm her way to the front of the constantly moving mob of people. “A’scuse me,” she said quietly, sliding around the rather formidably sized man that was in front of the Venetian Canal so she could stand in front of him. He had been there first but he was a giant and Reva didn’t think he would mind, seeing as how he easily cleared the top of her head.

Reva was unable to help herself from grinning back over her shoulder, peeking up at the massive man. “Pretty isn’t it? One of my favorites.”

Apr 2 2018, 12:50 AM
Kaine was the worst.

One couldn’t call the weather warm but Reva appreciated that the city had begun to thaw a bit. She was from the sun-kissed sands of Jordan and the cold did nothing to improve her mood when she longed to just lay out and bake on the roof, and breathe some life back into her warm, bronze skin. A girl needed a tan and a red lipstick to thrive and if Spring didn’t arrive soon Reva was going to fade to gray.

The devious little thief was sitting on the lip of the Bethesda Fountain. She liked this area of Central Park. It was a little touristy, but Reva was perfectly happy to sit on the rim of the fountain and fuss with her tools. Because Kaine.

Was the worst.

He had broken her favorite toy weeks ago and Reva had been working on it since then, trying to repair the firing mechanism. He’d bent it or smushed it or just scared it into submission because her trusty grappling hook had not fired since that night on the rooftops all those weeks ago when she first met Ben. For a girl who hung out on the sides of skyscrapers... Reva was going to want to get that sorted out before she performed a high velocity snuggle to the asphalt.

A narrow allen wrench was clenched in her teeth as Reva fussed with the jammed spring. It was compressed so tightly that it had gotten stuck, probably when Kaine had palmed the hook and her trigger mechanism had jammed... “Asshole,” she grumbled, pulling a screwdriver out of her boot and angrily stabbing at the twice damned contraption in her lap. “Work,” she demanded. “Work work work work-”


The good news was, she fixed her grappling hook with sheer aggression and violence. The mechanism triggered, the spring decompressed, and the hook rocketed out of the broad barrel at speed. The bad news... Well she’d just fired it into a crowd and a look of horror appeared on Reva’s face. “Oh shit! I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It was an accident.” She had no idea who she hit, if anyone, and Reva gathered her things quickly to follow her way down the line to see what damaged she’d just caused.

“Hi. Yes. Grappling hook. Thank you for noticing. Please move. Air fishing. Newest trend. Excuse me. I love your shoes. Hello...”
Feb 20 2018, 12:41 AM
Reva was not on a job officially.

Nine in the morning was not really prime thieving time but it was an excellent time to casually scope out a potential mark. A little legwork never hurt anyone and the massive man in a linen suit that cost more than the building she was window shopping in front of never even looked in her direction. Reva was just one more New York tourist and she played that up shamelessly, stopping constantly to take pictures and selfies, keeping the big man in focus instead of her pretty face.

Camera phones made her job ridiculously easy. People were so desensitized to their presence they were practically invisible. Reva took advantage of the man’s excellent taste in just about everything and while she casually stalked him, the little thief shopped. Deliberately losing the big man was a tactic. If she stayed glued to his ass eventually he would notice her shadowing him, especially since he wasn’t an idiot, and Reva refused to be made. This was a score that would help Reva make a name for herself.

The Thief that bested Fisk.

When her mark returned to his town car, the suspension sinking as he settled into the back, Reva snapped a picture of the license plate and decided to call it a day. This was not a thing she was going to rush into. Reckless as Reva was, she wasn’t going to just swim up to a shark and stick her head in its mouth. If she was careful and took the time to gather a bit of information, she could very well retire at the ripe old age of eighteen.

With her job for the day done, Reva grinned and visibly relaxed, sweeping her hair up to pin atop her head as she paused to gaze in a window. She usually didn’t spend wantonly but man, pretty shoes were sort of her weakness. “Gosh you’re pretty,” she told the pair of stunning Louboutins that were displayed on the window. “Yeah, you’re coming home with me.”

Feb 19 2018, 10:47 PM
The laughter coming from inside of apartment 1807 was loud and raucous enough to be heard from the hallway. Clearly someone was having a good time behind that door, though Reva had to admit that for once it wasn’t her. The trouble with playing poker with a bunch of trained liars and deviants was that empathy didn’t help much when all was said and done. Relying on her ability was a good way to lose her money and trying to play the game straight... She might as well hand over her Dylan Tulle Pumps and call it a night.

In fact, much to Reva’s embarrassment, that’s exactly what she’d just done. In a room full of cheaters, the little empath had played her hand and had been forced to surrender her shoes to the delight of her guests. Her leather jacket was already on the table, lost a few hands ago, and now her beloved Dylans. “Shitheads,” she announced to a roar of laughter. “Animals. Brutes.” There was an amused tilt to her lips as she scolded her fellow thieves. “Least you could do is let me stay in th game in my own house.”

“Sure, sweetheart. Put them fancy tech earrings in. I’ll play for them.”

Reva smiled sweetly at the older woman kicked back comfortably at the table and waggled her finger at her. “I know when to quit, Sidewinder.” She wasn’t actually sore about being cleaned out. Reva wasn’t so good at the cards thing but she was a social creature and craved company. She’d never lived alone until she came to New York and getting into the local thieves dens was a means of survival.

“Your new friend comin or somethin? Or you just hot for that timepiece on the wall?” Slipknot let out a lungful of hookah smoke and looked over at Reva with a smirk. Thieves were terrible gossips and Reva herself was not willing to divulge any information about the Scarlet Spider. She hadn’t brought up mutants at all. All the thieves knew was that Reva kept checking the clock and she had a new henna tattoo that she cheesed over whenever anyone brought it up.

“...Shut up.”

Ben had, in fact, been invited. The guy needed some solid friends and there was a reason the old saying went ‘thick as thieves’. If you were in, you were in for life. There were no friends better than the ones who ran a little perpendicular to rest of the world.

They always knew where to buy the good beer.

Trop, Clue, Cam, Tik-Tak, Sugar
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