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Dec 7 2017, 08:25 PM


Celebrity Claim-Lili Reinhart

Full Name- Laurena Leighann Collins
Nicknames/Aliases- Laurie, Laurie-Leigh, Laurena Garrison (name on birth certificate)
Age- 17
Date of Birth- 25 December
Faction- New Mutants June 2015
Occupation- Music Class Teaching Assistant.

Personality- Laurie, at heart, is the girl next door. She's shy and quiet, tends to keep to herself and lose herself in her music, and would take a night by a fire with a good book over a night dancing n a bar any day. She is strikingly beautiful in the classic sense, but has absolutely no idea how to accentuate that beauty or any desire to learn how to use makeup and the like since she wishes most of the time to not draw any more attention to herself than necessary. She tends to be old fashioned in that she uses and believes in good manners, being treated like a lady, there are still gentlemen out there, and chivalry isn't dead.

Once you get to know her, you find that Laurie really is an odd duck in that she is goofy and silly, will go out of her way to earn your smile, and feels it's her duty to cheer up a friend when they are down. She tries to be the big sister the younger students can confide in because she's been through “the public eye” and survived in tact. And while Laurie tells everyone to believe in themselves, to not hide who they are, and to have pride in their accomplishments, she truly feels most of the time she is telling people to do as I say and not as I do.

Deep down, Laurie is afraid of herself and incredibly insecure about her abilities. She fears being truly alone, and that is why she sought out her father after her abilities manifested. She had hopes that Sean Garrison would instill in her a sense of pride in what she could do. Instead she found herself used and manipulated into landing him seat in the senate. She is afraid every relationship she has will wind up being like that-- manipulating or manipulative she doesn't see the difference between which was worse.

  • Music of all sorts
  • Playing the piano
  • Composing music
  • Sciences, especially genetics and how the human body works
  • Magnolias
  • Art and painting
  • Her father, Senator Sean Garrison
  • Bigotry
  • The spotlight/ Crowds
  • Opening up to someone and then them rejecting her
  • People who define themselves by their sexual orientation and don't actually understand what the label they've given themselves means.
  • Good listener
  • Gives solid, well thought out advice
  • Extremely loyal
  • Painfully shy at first
  • major trust issues
  • can’t stand publicity

Power Name- Pheromone Manipulation
Description- Laurie can control emotions through pheromones that she secrets through her skin. In the beginning she couldn't control when she released them and couldn't emit pheromones to project an emotion she wasn't feeling. During her time at Xavier's, she learned some levels of control over her powers such as locking them down, emitting on command, and inducing a variety of emotional and physical responses that include fear, anger, lust, calmness, happiness and sleep.

At this point she is able to choose what emotion to emit unless under severe emotional duress. Her pheromones create a form of minor empathy. This allows Laurie to sense another person’s emotions before selecting which pheromone to emit. She is also able to subconsciously broadcast her own emotions through matching her pheromones with how she is feeling.

Limits-Each of Laurie's pheromones has a subtle scent to it-- anger and hate tend to smell like lingering cigarette smoke, lust leaves a whiff of incense in its wake, love brings on a faint touch of chocolate, calm and joy vanilla and sandlewood, sleep warm spiced milk, fear a copper-like after scent, etc.

Her pheromones are ingested naso-orally and therefore are ineffective if they can not be inhaled. (ie, Laurie can and never will be able to affect Chamber because he does not breathe) The more concentrated dose of pheromones inhaled, the stronger the effect of the selected emotion. Her maximum dose is effective for 15 hours at full concentration, trace scent can last up to an hour before the dose wears off.

Her powers are released into the air, and therefore can be directed by wind patterns. They can also be dispersed over a crowd. They effect a minimum distance of less than a foot away to a maximum of 3 mile radius from the point of origin. If carried on the wind, Laurie's pheromones have traveled as far as 25 miles, but they lose potency by degrees for each mile over 3 from the source.

A person who can not feel emotions, such as a psychopath or someone with a medically defined anti-social personality disorder, would still be effected by Laurie's pheromones but are more likely to be cognizently aware that they are suffering a mutation effect because they suddenly are feeling when before there was nothing. Mutants with a healing factor tend to metabolize the pheromones faster, those with heightened senses can identify the pheromone release by taste and scent.

There is a withdrawl from Wallflower's pheromones that tends to mimic drug withdrawl symptoms. Her most potent dose can lead to addiction in those with addictive personalities, while a minor dose can give the after effect of a minor hangover.


Skills & Abilities- Laurie is a very talented musician with her primary instruments being the piano and her voice. She loves to sing, but is very private about her music. She also possesses some amazing potential as a songwriter and a painter.

Height- 5’9
Weight- 150
Eye Colour- blue
Hair Colour- blonde

Appearance- Tall and willowy, with long blond hair and bright blue eyes, Laurie Collins would be stunningly beautiful if she tried. But she doesn’t try, wearing the barest lip gloss and pulling her hair into a ponytail as often as she can. She favors conservative clothes, jeans and sweaters, yet feminine as well. Her nails are kept short for piano and meticulously groomed. She does her best to blend in with a crowd or stick to the fringes whenever possible.

Gear- Laurie always wears a small gold locket that has her mother’s picture in it.

Additional Information- Laurie has many fears and insecurities that any normal girl her age does, but she also worries that she has no TRUE friends because the people she considers true friends are actually influenced to like her by her pheromones,That she is a monster because she didn't cry when the boy who knocked her out committed suicide, and that she'll die a virgin because she will never know if a boy actually likes her or just wants her because she wanted him to. She doesn't eat meat, but crumbles like wet cardboard for sushi, keeps pressed magnolias on the music stand of her baby grand piano, and has a tendency to bite her bottom lip when nervous, flirting, or thinking hard.

Hometown- Flushing Queens
Immediate Family- Gail Collins, mother Senator Sean Garrison, father
History- At the age of nineteen, Gail Collins was seduced and swept off her feet by Sean Garrison, a rich playboy with political aspirations. They got married on a whim. Working as a waitress and a valet to put him through law school Gail was happy to do it and over the moon when she found out she was pregnant with his child.

After her first trimester, though, things -changed. It was like a fog was lifted from her brain and Gail could see clearly who Sean was-- and she didn't like it at all. Sean Garrison had empathic pheromone powers and used it to manipulate people and get money, fame and women. They fought and he pushed her down a flight of stairs. Gail claimed she lost the baby and slept a final night in Sean's embrace at the hospital before running away to New York to have her baby. Laurena Garrison was born, but Gail kept her last name for her daughter.

Gail raised Laurie alone. As a young girl Laurie displayed a sweet nature but a shyer quality than most girls her age. She preferred indoor activities to out, didn't enjoy dancing, and fell in love with the piano at the age of three. She was quite gifted as well, mastering the basics of the instrument by eight and even composing her own music by the time she hit her teens. Music was Laurie's escape. She would pour her heart into what she'd play, and when she would sing she had the oice of an angel. Gail encouraged her to join school choirs, thinking the social activity and Laurie's natural talent would help her come out of her shell more. Unfortunately, it brought on jealousy from her peers and left her more ostracised than accepted, so she simply stopped auditioning for solos.

One afternoon her freshman year Royce Geran, the captain of the football team, caught Laurie singing and playing in the band room and convinced her to sing a solo at the next pep rally. The shy sweet girl was flattered and eventually gave in. Suddenly Laurie became very popular. She didn't realize that it was because her powers had emerged again, having manifested when Gail was pregnant with Laurie. Gail remained immune to her pheromones and tried to talk to Laurie about this gently, but Laurie, who hadn't realized why she'd suddenly become popular, became scared of what she could do.

At the pep rally, Laurie tried to tell Royce that she couldn't sing. He took her warning as stage fright, and leaned in to kiss her. Laurie was shocked but enjoyed the kiss. Until Royce's girlfriend Jennifer pulled her off of Royce by the hair. A fight broke out, and the angrier Laurie got, the angrier Jennifer did too. Laurie realized when she smelled smoke that she was causing the fight, that her crush on Royce had caused him to kiss her, and she tried to calm the crowd.

But as she did, someone shouted MUTANT. The cry took up and Laurie was shoved from person to person. She was hit, punched, clawed, and shoved to the ground; slamming her head against a metal locker and falling unconscious. She didn't remember anything after that except waking up in the emergency room with her mother there.

This incident left Laurie more of a shut in than before, and she refused to sing anymore. She would still play the piano when she thought nobody was around to hear her, but never in front of others. Gail, more worried than ever about her little girl, packed them up and moved to Salem County. She enrolled Laurie in the Xavier Institute where she was able to learn the basics of control over her abilities. By the summer, Laurie wanted to know more about what she was capable of. She debated getting cured, and ultimately decided against it because she wanted to be herself and wanted people to like her for herself-- and that included her powers. So she reached out to the one person who knew how to fully control empathy and pheromones-- her father.

At first, things were great. Sean was fascinated by Laurie, and astonished to learn his daughter was still alive. Sean's political aspirations had extended to the race for senate, and with his lovely daughter by his size he created quite the image. Under the guise of "teaching", Sean manipulated Laurie into using her powers to help him get elected to the senate. His pheromones were dispersed through touch, and he convinced Laurie to use her powers near the polling house, "just to help those on the fence make up their minds." The polling house turned out to be the highest contested one in the state. Between her pheromonal influence in the air and Sean's with every hand he shook, the race was a slam dunk. When Laurie realized what she had done, and that her father didn't truly love her but what she could do, she left without a word and returned to the Xavier's Institute to finish her education.

As she unpacked her bags once again, this time in a room of her own, Laurie wondered what kind of hand fate would deal her this round....

Player Name- Shyley
Age 37
How Can We Contact- PM for info
Time Zone- EST
How did you find us? Top Sites
Other Characters- none ATM

Role Play Sample-
(This is a world where Laurie dated Josh Foley who dumped her for Wolfsbane, and Wither lost his powers on M-Day)

Romeo and Juliet was a looooooooong play. Laurie hadn't realized just how long of a play it was when she had invited Kevin to come check out the campus and the play with her. One of her sorority sisters, Melinda Greene, was playing the Nurse, and what was left of the X-Students had all come out to see her. They sat in a wolf pack surrounding Laurie and Kevin, as if by huddling together they could somehow MAKE themselves stronger and protect each other. The girls had like Kevin right off the bat, and he had been charming and flirtatious, but clear he was there with Laurie.

Now, as they watched Juliet fight with her parents over being forced to marry Paris, Laurie noticed that Kevin's hand was resting palm up on the arm of the seat next to her, in a subtle invitation for her to hold his hand. She was cautious, and wary. The afternoon they had spent the day before was wonderful, and the first time she had truly felt alive since returning from visiting her father. And when he kissed her in the rain....

Laurie had never been kissed with so much fire before. It had literally taken her breath away. Then the assassin had attacked last night, and Josh had been so weird... She had driven him back to Rahne's, but now... she was wondering where they stood.

And her thoughts turned to the character of Paris. He wasn't really much of a character. He basically was a threat. A deadline to force the lover's hands.

But what if Paris wasn't just a deadline? What if he was more than that?

What if instead of being banished, Romeo just plain old didn't want Juliet? She poured her broken heart out to him, and found that instead of him loving her he had taken Rosaline to bed. What if Mercutio had been her first love, and when he died Paris had been the one to comfort her? And now, what if he was the only one she could tell about the whole awful thing with Romeo?

Would it be so wrong to give him what was left of her broken heart, if only to make him happy?

He had taken care of her when she needed a friend to hold her more than anything else on this world. He had defended her, taken down people who hurt her, and never asked for anything.

She'd have to tell him the truth. That Josh had blasted a hole in what was left of her heart after Tom had been murdered. That every day was a struggle to keep going and hold herself together. And that he made it better by being around. By making her laugh, and yes, by wanting her.

She sighed. The truth was Romeo wouldn't walk out on Juliet because he didn't want her. That's why their names were forever linked. Juliet Gets Dumped would make a pretty lousy play.

But that also didn't mean she should just shrivel up and give up on ever loving someone again. Especially when someone who did love her was right here next to her. And she loved him. Not the way she loved Romeo, because there was no chance of her ever loving someone like that again after the damage he had done. But in a different, and entirely new way that was both familiar and passionate and comfortable all at once.

Silently, without a word, she took Kevin's hand and squeezed it tightly. If he heard the whole story, how broken she was, and he still wanted her, she would be his. She had to be fair. He deserved to know what he was getting into.

Something deep down though, told her that even after knowing, Kevin would want her anyway. And that thought was more comforting than anything she had experienced yet.
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