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May 13 2018, 12:19 PM


Celebrity Claim- Tim Borrmann

Full Name- Joshua Eric Foley
Nicknames/Aliases- Josh, Golden Boy, J
Age- 16
Date of Birth- 13 Feb.
Faction- New Mutants since Feb. 2017
Occupation- Student, Sk8er Boi

Personality- Josh is a fairly friendly, outgoing, and charismatic boy that has some abandonment issues and fears that he doesn’t like to talk about. He likes to be around people talking and hanging out so that he doesn’t get trapped in his head. He can often be found with other people laughing and having a good time, or having a party in his room where everyone has pizza and they read comics and play video games. Some might say he tries TOO hard to be friendly with others. It’s only because he doesn’t like being alone.

A gifted athlete, Josh found himself to be rather popular in his old school and had many friend. He kind of became addicted to the attention, becoming a people pleaser. He likes to make people happy and gets a rush when he knows that his actions put a smile on a person’s face. And the person he wanted to impress the most? His childhood best friend Duncan. It was because of Duncan that he joined an anti-mutant group, though he didn’t really see that hatred for mutants that his best friend had in his heart.

Josh’s time with the anti-mutant types was short lived, but traumatic enough that he doesn’t talk about it. The riot that brought on his mutation as he tried to stop Duncan’s bleeding, and his skin turning gold when he healed himself in the back of an ambulance in front of a couple paramedics are some things that seriously haunts him. It’s one of those things that he goes over and over in his head when he’s alone and wonders if there is anything that he could have done differently. Even the mention of an anti-mutant group is enough to make him storm off and hide. Good luck getting him to come out and talk to you. He’ll come out eventually, but he won’t talk about it. Not even with a mind reader.

When he is alone -which is rare- he throws himself into his studies, again so that he doesn’t have to think about his family and how his parents just dropped him off at the school and gave the school guardianship of him. He likes to focus on science, wanting to go to medical school eventually and become a doctor (even though he can heal with his touch it’s more for the medical knowledge) and understands that he has to study hard if he wants to go to medical school.

When he is alone with nothing to occupy his mind a few things come to his mind: the day he became a mutant, the day his parents dropped him off with the staff at the school, and what exactly it is that he’s capable of. He knows he can heal, but what else? Can he do the unthinkable and take a life? No one knows, least of all him and that scares him. So, he hides the fear and shame behind a mask of kindness, friendliness, and trying to be normal teen.

  • Skateboarding
  • Comic Books
  • Pizza
  • Video games
  • Reading
  • Playing Guitar
  • Being left behind/ alone
  • Inactivity
  • The Smell of Coffee
  • English class
  • Any memories from before being coming to the school
  • Studious - Josh loves to read and learn
  • Loyal - Once you can get him to open up and trust you, he’ll stick with you
  • Charismatic - Josh is the kind of person that lights up a room.
  • Abandonment Issues - his parents just dropped him off at the school and left him there.
  • Follower - It’s what got him into the mess he’s in now in the first place
  • Checkered Past - Before his mutation activated, Josh was a part of the and anti-mutant group

Power Name- Biokinesis
Description- Josh is capable of controlling and manipulating the biological structure of his own body as well as those of others down to a genetic level when his abilities and control are at their apex. Though this is not totally limited to his touch, he is able to use any organic matter he touches to produce a biomolecular energy to affect said organic matter. This allows him to do things like heal the simplest of wounds (IE a minor cut, an insect sting) or solve complex genetic problems (IE repair cerebral or spinal cord injuries with no ill effect, reactivate suppressed mutant abilities)

Josh’s biological control can be broken into two categories:
  • Healing: From the simplest wounds and broken bones to removing infection and completely regrowing organs, the more his understanding and control over his biological manipulation grows the more intricate and complex the issue he can solve biologically, both in himself and others. Josh’s own wounds heal almost instantaneously upon wounding.
    • Genetic Detection: Josh is able to detect biological changes in others allowing him a rough understanding, based on his own understanding of physiology and pathology, of what is wrong with that person.
  • Death Touch: In the reverse of healing, Josh can also use his powers to harm people. The effects can range from causing minor, simple illnesses and lesions to complex illnesses and atrophy. If his control over his abilities is refined he give a person a brain tumor in any shape he chooses while healing their injuries.

    Disclaimer: It is important to note that use of this ability will be done in concert with the writer, be the character an PC or an NPC.
Limits- Currently there are several limitations on Josh’s abilities. First, of all are his own energy reserves. He can only use what he has at his disposal. If he pushes himself too far and depletes his own energy reserves to help is friends and fellow students, he will pass out, and depending on the severity of the wound he is treating when he depletes himself, laps into a coma. Josh's energy reserves are depleted after healing damage around the severity equivalent to 2-3 of a second degree burn, a nonfatal GSW (gun shot wound) from a handgun such as a 9mm that is "through and through", or a non-fatal stab wound into musculature. He would need to take a break at this point and refuel himself with food and sleep. Should he try to push himself past the point where his energy reserves are depleted he will laps into the above mention coma. During the times that he lapses into the coma, his body does a “genetic reboot” during which time new pieces of his ability can be unlocked. This means he like tends to keep snacks on hand and tries to get plenty of rest. Gotta keep his energy up.

Josh has really only scratched the surface of his abilities. While eventually touch when he heals may not be a necessity, currently it is while clothing is not. He is also limited by what he understand about what he’s healing. He can heal simple wounds like a cut or a mild burn, or an ailment such as a headache because he understands them. The more he studies about certain subjects (IE anatomy and physiology, pathology etc.) the more adept he becomes at treating them and the easier it becomes to heal. He has never used his death touch ability so he is not aware that he can kill with his touch and when it finally happens it will likely cause some mental trauma. He has wounded and his hasn't done well for his mental state.

Being that Josh still doesn’t know everything that he is capable of he has a certain level of fear when approaching certain aspects of his abilities. Healing, giving life, using his abilities to help people… this doesn’t scare him. It’s more the offensive aspect of his powers that scare him. Killing, taking life, using his to do harm scares him to death. This fear makes him reluctant to even explore this aspect of his abilities.

When detecting a change in someone’s DNA he has to know what he’s detecting in order to treat it accurately. He will still know that SOMETHING is wrong, but what exactly depends on his knowledge of anatomy and physiology, pathology, and the like.

Where the "death touch" -which is not quite accurate as he cannot kill with it YET- is concerned, it is not and insta-kill where the person rots away in a matter of seconds. Josh can however, wound with his touch; IE causing boils and the like to raise on the surface of the skin, or moderately deep wound.

Skills & Abilities- Josh considers himself a decent skateboarder and has a slightly above average knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. He’s no Dr. McCoy or anything, but he knows slightly more than the average teenager. He also speaks a little Spanish from having friends in school that spoke it.

Height- 5’9”
Weight- 157 lbs
Eye Colour- Blue
Hair Colour- Blonde

Appearance- Josh’s skin is a brilliant metallic gold as a rule, though should he have to use his death touch his skin takes on a metallic black color, making his skin dichromatimorphic. Otherwise, he’s a typical boy for the most part and fancies himself a decent skater.

Josh likes to wear whatever he thinks looks good and feels comfortable for the time. Sometimes he’ll be seen wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Others he may be wearing a button down shirt or a sport coat thrown over it with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows. Others still it will be a leather jacket over a tall white tee and blue jeans.

An active lifestyle before his mutation activated means that Josh has a rather nice physique and has no problems showing it off. When he’s skating or working out (not that he needs to, he just enjoys it) he will often be shirtless showing off a chiseled stomach and well toned arms though he would never said that he was “built”. As a matter of fact, he considers himself to be rather scrawny.

Gear- Josh always has one of three things on his person: A medical book, a skateboard, or a guitar (he’s self taught and likes to make up songs as well as play songs he likes to listen to).

Additional Information- Josh is scared to death of his powers and has never used his death touch.

Hometown- Flushing, Queens, New York
Immediate Family- Howard Foley (father- estranged)
Grace Foley (mother- estranged)
Others- Duncan Wakes (former best friend)
History- Joshua Eric Foley was born to a loving family in Flushing, Queens. His father Howard was an investment banker and his mother Grace was a real estate mogul turned doting stay-at-home mom when Josh came along until he was old enough for nursery school. There weren’t too many things that Josh had to go without in the need or want department, having the best of everything. When he was three he was put in the best nursery school his parents could find because their only child got nothing but the best.

During the two or three years he was at this nursery he met the boy that would become his best friend, Duncan Wakes. The two boys met and were insta-friends. They would be found doing literally everything together. Where Duncan went Josh followed. This was a trend that continued from the age 3 until they were in high school together.

As they grew older, Duncan developed an interest in news stories that involved mutants. Any bit of negative news about mutants he was all over it. Josh was a little more detached than his best friend was. He cared, but it didn’t directly affect them in their well to do neighborhood there in Queens. Duncan took each incident in the news personally, like it affected him directly. His attitude grew progressively more and more toxic but Josh paid no attention to it. Duncan was his friend and it was okay to not like mutants, right?

A bit of distance between the two boys began to grow. Josh was more worried about playing football and dating cheerleaders. Duncan was more worried about the mutant threat. When Josh finally got up the courage to ask his best friend what was going on Duncan agreed to take him to a meeting with the anti-mutant group he had been meeting with. And that’s how Josh got tied up with a mutant hate group because he didn’t want to disappoint his best friend and had no idea that he himself was a mutant.

Josh joined the mutant hate group with the vouching of his best friend. They met weekly, but were planning to go "mutie hunting" the following day so Josh decided to tag along. While at the meeting the leader drew a sharp blade across Josh's had in a demonstration. The would healed pretty much instantly so Josh paid it no attention.

The next day the two boys were chasing down a mutant in the city with their group of mutant haters. A mutant soon became three or four mutants. From the back of the group he heard several members taunting the mutants. Punches were thrown and a fight ensued. Josh did everything he could to stay on the sidelines. That was, until Duncan got hurt. He rushed over and checked on his friend, trying to get an idea of how badly he was hurt when his hands started to glow and Duncan was healed and flipped his lid. Duncan lashed out at Josh and Josh rabbited. He wasn’t sure if the mutants in question had seen his face, but he had to get out of there. He ran home which was probably the worst idea. Duncan and several of the other bigots were at his house waiting for him. With his parents at work they jumped him and beat him severely as they intended to kill him. Unconsciousness overtook him in a matter of minutes. Finally his parents arrived home after his assailants scampered off. Upon seeing how badly he was beaten and left for dead in their driveway, they called for an ambulance.

The ambulance arrived and the paramedics began getting Josh stabilized so that they could transport him to the hospital. Having him loaded into the back of the ambulance Josh’s eye popped open suddenly and he began to scream as his body began to glow with golden light. Within minutes he looked brand new in more ways than one. His skin become metallic gold in color. Off to the hospital he went still only to receive a clean bill of health, but his parents had only showed long enough to fill out the consent to treat before they left him on his own. He walked home but found Duncan and the other bigots waiting for him. He had to bounce. There was no way he was going to let them catch him unaware again. They gave chase as he made made his way into the city one actually catching up to him and causing him to fall. The skinned knee healed instantly but Josh was forced to defend himself. He really only wanted to hit the guy, but as his hand touched the guy's face and huge blisters formed on the guy's face and Josh watched in horror as his skin turned black. He hid in the city for a little while, trying to stay close to home in case Duncan and the other’s finally decided to disperse, healing a homeless person who had cut his hand on some glass. The wound had started getting a little infected. Healing the old homeless man caused his skin to turn back to a metallic gold color.
When they did he went home and his parents immediately packed him up with the essentials (several changes of clothes, his guitar and his skateboard because those were what was important to him) and drove him upstate to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.

Inside the walls of the school his parents announced to him that they were signing over guardianship to the school, instantly sending Josh into levels of pissed off he’d never seen before. His give a damn in relation to school busted. For a couple months Josh would blow off school, opting to take his skateboard and guitar and catch the subway at Purdy Station to go into the city where he would sit outside one of his parent’s offices for several hours play his guitar and sing, essentially panhandling for a little bit of cash. At least for the first month. The second month he took himself into more mutant friendly parts of town and did the same, or found places to skateboard until it got too dark out and he was forced to retreat to the school.

The night he decided that he wasn’t going to go back was the night the school was destroyed. The only home he knew at that point, gone. He had no idea what happened but heard stories of things called the Brood. They had threatened the lives and livelihoods of people who had tried to give a damn about him but he wouldn’t let them in. He decided that it was time to get himself together and actually participate in whatever was going on with the school. Time to learn what his powers could do and learn to control them. His parents obviously didn’t care enough to even acknowledge him and he KNEW they saw him. It was better that he put his energy into what actually mattered and his old life isn’t it.

Player Name- Rocki
Age Old Enough (*cough* 30 *cough*)
How Can We Contact- PM, Skype, Discord (PM for details)
Time Zone- Central
How did you find us? Kinda live here by now
Other Characters- Scarlet Witch, Warpath
Role Play Sample- “This is for the best, Joshua”, his mother’s words continuously rang in his ears the day that they dumped him off at the School. Those six horrible words usually followed the words of his father. “We’re making the school your legal guardian, son. Surely you can understand.” Like hell he could. He had always been the golden child, the one they loved more than life itself. Of course, he hadn’t been a gold skinned freak at the time either.

He was supposed to understand why his loving father and doting mother dropped him off like a piece of luggage. That was a laugh… except it wasn’t funny in the very least. That’s what he thought anyway as he made his way out the front door of the stupid mansion, the wheels of his skateboard hitting the pavement the moment he got out the door and started toward Salem Center. His guitar was strapped to his back, he only planned to go to the city to stand outside of his father’s office building and play, hoping that the man would find it in his soul to love him again if he heard him singing across the street. That was a laugh too. Still, he had to try.

Posting up in the same spot he had for so many days he set his guitar case down and pulled out the acoustic and started playing the song that he and his dad had bonded over. He knew the strange gold skinned playing guitar and singing would draw interesting attention. He would probably even get some money out of the prospect. That was fine with him. Josh didn’t care. He just wanted his family back. Was that too much to ask?

His fingers drifted over the frets effortlessly as the words fell from this golden lips like water over a waterfall. It was an upbeat song, but the words felt like daggers in his heart. Especially when he saw a familiar face in the crowd that simply made quick eye contact and walked away. So much for getting the bastard to love him again.
Jan 10 2018, 12:57 PM


Celebrity Claim- Booboo Stewart

Full Name- James Jonathan Proudstar
Nicknames/Aliases- Jim Proudstar, Running Sun
Age- 29 (apparent age 21)
Date of Birth- 25 Oct.
Faction- X-Men off and on since 2006
Occupation- Up to Admin

Personality- Generally, James is a nice guy. He can be a little hard to get to know because he just generally doesn’t talk to a lot of people, and most people don’t tend to strike up a conversation with him. In part, this is because he has what some people would call “Resting Asshole Face” and partly because anyone who is 7’2” tends to just look intimidating. Once you strike up a good conversation with him, he’s awesome to talk to and has a wealth of knowledge about hunting, tracking, and hand to hand combat in general.

Being large, strong, and fast gives him a reluctance to harm people, even though he does love a good fight. While he understands that it’s a necessary evil to kill sometimes that doesn’t mean that he has to like it. Being a warrior doesn’t mean that you have to kill. It means that you fight and protect those that cannot protect themselves. It takes discipline not to kill. When it is necessary James won’t ask someone to do what he himself will not do. He will take a life if he absolutely must. That being said, James’s temper is kinda famous. He’s not your typical hothead that will go boom and then fizzle out. He tries to keep a level head at all times and it takes a LOT to make him mad. Once he gets there though… beware and stand back. A man whose clap can collapse a sentinel punching the ground or a wall is bound to leave a mark… and a few broken bones.

James would be considered to have an average intelligence. He’s not a box of rocks, but he’s no Jean Grey or Professor Xavier. There are certain topics that he is a fount of knowledge on, and they are basically survival skills. You want to learn to hunt, or track, or fight hand to hand - James is the guy to talk to. If you want to learn about algebra, hanging participles, or classical literature, find someone else. James is the wrong guy to chat with about all that stuff. Everyone has their area of expertise and James appreciates that.

  • A good fight- aka a work out
  • Hunting, fishing, camping and survival stuff
  • Chocolate (Tell NO ONE)
  • Sharp pointy objects that can be thrown if needed
  • Heavy metal music - the best motivation for a workout
  • Dishonorable people - No honor in life means no honor in death
  • Alcohol - makes him fuzzy and dulls his senses
  • A dull blade - can’t cut nothing with a dull blade
  • Telepathy and “mind screwy stuff” - where’s the real connection between two people?
  • Being bored - got have adventure in your life
  • Honorable - What are we without honor?
  • Patient - No point losing your cool with kids
  • Adventurous - Looking for something fun? Talk to James. He’s got something up his sleeve
  • Blunt - you know that filter between the brain and the mouth that tells you what you can and can’t say? James doesn’t have one. He speaks what is on his mind.
  • Gym rat - partly because he likes to work out, partly because he has to work out
  • Foul-Mouthed - Wanna see a sailor blush? Come see Jim.

Power Name- Superhuman Attributes
Description- James possesses several attributes of the textbook “Superhuman”. They are mostly baseline human abilities that are heightened or enhanced due to this mutation. These abilities are:
  • Superhuman Strength- Currently, James can lift around 3 metric tons.The exact weight that he can lift isn’t really know, but he starts straining around the 3 metric ton mark in a deadlift or a clean jerk motion. As he ages his lift capacity may end up increasing but at this time somewhere near 3 metric tons is the limit. As an example, a sentinel weighing 4800 lbs (or 2.18 metric tons) would cause him little strain whereas something with a weight surpassing that by too much would give him some problems.
  • Superhuman Speed- Even though he has a good amount of mass to him, James is fast. His physiology is adapted to high speeds. While his is no Quicksilver or Speed, he is able to travel at speeds up to around 100 mph (160.93 Kmph) and can maintain them for an upwards 2-3 hours non stop at his peak if necessary, but his top speeds isn’t known at this time. 100 mph is the fastest he’s been clocked at.
  • Superhuman Stamina- He’s strong, fast, and can go for a really long time. James has a great deal of stamina. Where there others would keep fighting until they couldn’t anymore, he would be that guy that just kept coming back or more. At his peak James can exert himself for up to 24 hours before any form of fatigue toxins begin to build and impair him.
  • Superhuman Senses- James eyes, ears, nose are enhanced past that of a baseline human. No matter the circumstances he is able to hear and see a good distance off even in the dark. His sight has a range of about a 15 mile range in the light, decreasing to 10 miles in the dark. His hearing is similarly heightened and allows him to hear at levels the typical human. His sense of smell is so acute that he can smell what the top of the food chain apex predator smells when tracking.
  • Superhuman Agility- Amp the grace and agility of the world’s best Olympic gymnasts and figure skaters up to about 12 and that’s how light James is on his feet. Most people wouldn’t think that a 7’2” 350lb Apache would be graceful, but James proves them wrong every time.He’s not otherworldly, cat-like graceful, but he’s pretty darn close.
  • Superhuman Reflexes- With super agility comes super reflexes. James Proudstar’s reflexes are so acute that he can catch a fly in between his fingers and not squish it… not that he would want to do that. He’s more likely to squish it and show off the dead carcass on his palm, shoe, or the flyswatter in his hand.
  • Invulnerability- Due to the physiology of his mutation James is REALLY hard to injure. He can withstand falls from heights in excess of 2,000 feet, reaching terminal velocity, and walk away without a scratch. He can withstand a shot from the largest caliber firearm and only be irked at the fact that a mosquito actually managed to bite him.
  • Regenerative Healing- Should he actually manage to get injured, no matter how severely, James can heal it. From a minor paper cut to massive internal bleeding, as long as his heart is beating he can heal it.
Limits- James's true maximums aren't really known. All he really knows is how much he can lift and how fast he can move presently. His current maximum weight is around three tons, but could be much more. He starts straining about the 3 ton mark. Lifting a sentinel would be no trouble. A jumbo jet however would be a no good, though eventually this may be the case. He can only run, to the best of his knowledge, 100 mph but he could be able to run faster. He's nowhere near as fast as Quicksilver or Speed, not will be ever be. The, only hard limit is that of the distance he can see to which is 10 -15 miles- 15 during the day and 10 at night, and his hearing which is similar but can be effected by noise pollution.

With such great strength can come a lot of issues. Because there are so many unknown factors with his strength and speed, there is a level of fear to pushing his limits past what he knows he is capable of. James knows that he can lift 3 tons and barely break a sweat. He knows that he can run as fast as 100 miles per hour. Unless he is in a controlled setting where he can really test and push himself, the most anyone will see him do is what he knows he is capable of.

Given the set of abilities that he has his massive frame requires a LOT of fuel, particularly protein and carbohydrates. James can eat 3 dozen eggs in a sitting and does so several times a day because he has to maintain the energy that it takes to keep his body in peak condition (not to mention all the bacon toast that has to accompany those 36 eggs). And such a high calorie intake means that there needs to be high calorie burn, so working out is a must, whether he is just running or in the gym actually lifting weights.

Due to the regeneration factor of his mutation, James doesn’t age as quickly as other people around him. Even though he is almost 30 he only looks like he is in his early 20’s. He does age and will eventually die, but he just does it a lot slower than everyone else except maybe Wolverine. He also doesn't heal as quickly as Logan does either. This is because this is a secondary ability rather than a primary. Where Wolverine can heal neat instantly from even the most serious wound, the more serious the wound for James the longer it take to heal. Something minor like a paper cut would heal in a matter of seconds but a stab wound would end up being healed completely, leaving only a scar behind, in 12 hours. Anything more serious, such as evisceration, can take up to a a full day before he can even get up and walk around and a week before it is fully healed.

Skills & Abilities- James is a highly skilled hunter and tracker due to his Native American heritage and his mutation. He is also highly skilled in armed and unarmed hand to hand combat and is lethal with a blade. He speaks Apache (his tribal tongue) and English fluently.

Height- 7’2
Weight- 350lbs
Eye Colour- Brown
Hair Colour- Black

Appearance- James, or Jim to those close to him are allowed to call him, tends to dress for maximum function and comfort. T-Shirt, blue jeans or khaki cargo pants, and hiking or combat boots and he’s a happy, comfy guy. He’s also fond of leather because reasons. Should he have to dress up in a suit you won’t catch him dead in a tie. Because of his size, all of his clothes have to be custom made, so he tends to wear things as long as humanly possible. Unless it’s literally falling apart at the seams, or has massive holes in a place that exposes things the children shouldn’t see- he’ll wear it until its threadbare. Seeing him with holes in the knees of his jeans walking around the school is a common site. And if can’t be worn till it falls apart he’ll recycle it. Gotta take care of the Earth. It’s the only one we have.

Gear- James is known for carrying a pair of twin Bowie knives made from a titanium alloy steel and is never seen without at least one of them.
Additional Information- This is where you can tell us any other tidbits of your character. Do they have specific goals? Fears? Do they have a stamp collection or bake muffins when they’re having a bad day? Tell us whatever you would like about the character.

Hometown- Apache Reservation at Camp Verde, AZ
Immediate Family- Neal Proudstar (father), Maria Proudstar, (mother), John Proudstar (older brother)
Others- Colossus and pretty much anyone that was second class
History- James Jonathan Proudstar was born on a sunny autumn day on the Apache Indian Reservation at Camp Verde, Arizona. His father, Neal, and mother, Maria, couldn’t have been more pleased to have a second young, strong warrior in their small family. And older son, John, was elated to have a little brother.

Growing up, James was John’s shadow. He idolized his older brother and wanted to do everything his brother did, even if it meant that he was doing things that were dangerous. This was a trend that continued into his early adolescence when tragedy struck their little corner of the Reservation. John had already started exhibiting the signs of his own mutation and became a bit of local hero. Around the time John was about to ship off to Boot Camp at Camp Pendleton, CA their mother made a heartbreaking announcement; she had stomach cancer. As much as the sadness permeated through their family and their house, John still shipped out and left James to watch their mother deteriorate as she fought for her life, only seeing him again when their father called him home to bury their mother a year later. Soon after James came into his own powers, discovering his super strength when he punched a hole in a cliff face. He punched the cliff face to keep from punching his brother in the face after their mother’s funeral. As much as he loves, and even idolized his older brother, John had said something during the wake that had upset his younger brother and James did what he could not go make matters worse. Not long afterwards James left home, though still a minor, and headed toward New York and the Xavier Institute and the people who could help him get a handle and understanding of what was going on with him.

Once 14 year old James arrived at the school and was enrolled in classes he started learning as much as he could about what he could do. He even befriended several of his classmates, including Piotr Rasputin, who everyone called Colossus. James even took the codename Warpath, feeling that it fit him and his “skill set” as he started calling his mutation.
He stayed with the school and even worked with the kids and became one of the X-Men until his was 25 and he was tracked down by members of the tribe. His father was sick and he needed to come home. Immediately he packed his bags and went home to care for his ailing father, who was dying from leukemia and complications of diabetes.

Every chemo treatment, every dialysis appointment… James was there, making sure that his father got the treatment needed. He did everything he could to take care of his father but after three years he couldn't do it anymore. Neal Proudstar passed away right before Christmas.
It took a couple months to get his father’s affairs and estate in order so that he could return to the life he built for himself in New York. But finally, he’s headed back to the only other family he has left.

Player Name- Rocki
Age Old enough
How Can We Contact- PM or Skype
Time Zone- Central
How did you find us? Fishy of course
Other Characters- Scarlet Witch

Role Play Sample-
Finally everything was in order back on the reservation. Finally he could return home to his other family- the people that were like him. It was nice to finally get around people that he had things in common with and forget the whole watching his father waste away to nothing before the cancer took him. He was sure that the liquor his father liked to try to sneak past him didn’t help make him any better either. If it wasn’t damn booze it was not wanting to take his medication and shit. Finally he just pretty much disappeared. John came to say goodbye, not like it mattered. They were two very different men now and James didn’t exactly look up to his older brother anymore. He didn't hate him, but he wasn’t exactly his biggest fan anymore either. What kind of guy brings what amounts to a hooker to the mansion.

When the taxi pulled up he couldn’t but smile and give a sigh of relief. He was finally back where he belonged. Back with people that understood him and knew what it was like to have to live in a world where mutants were becoming more and more despised. He liked it that he didn’t get treated like some kind of weirdo when he was back on the Rez. People like him were revered and honored. But, finally after 5 years he was back where he truly belonged. Back at the school. He was sure things had changed a great deal since he left, but he could handle that.

After paying his bill for the ride from JFK he got out and took a deep breath of the fresh air around him. It was good to be back. Long powerful legs carried him forward toward the door where he knocked on the door. He wasn’t sure of his access codes and all that worked any more so it was best to just knock and see who came to the door. Hopefully it was someone who recognized him. Again he smiled and breathed, “It’s good to be back.”
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Celebrity Claim- Elizabeth Olsen

Full Name- Wanda Marya Maximoff
Nicknames/Aliases- Little Witch
Age- 37
Date of Birth- 14 September
Faction- Street Level
Occupation- Political Activist

Personality- Wanda at one time when she was young was quiet, demure and didn’t make a lot of waves. That was until life kicked her in the butt a few too many times and she had to get tough. She is still quiet and doesn’t make a lot of waves, but has no problem being the solution to the problem if necessary. She doesn’t take a lot of nonsense from anyone, not even her brother Pietro even though she is the younger twin.

Wanda is also very much a caretaker, even going so far as to boss her twin around when she thinks that he’s not doing what he’s supposed to or when he’s being stubborn (usually trying to take care of her when she doesn’t want/need him to.) She has a big heart and a huge capacity for caring that an often get her into trouble. She can care too much and will even sometimes find herself getting involved in things she has no business in the middle of because she can’t seem to make herself NOT care.

In this same way, Wanda is often the person that will take in a stray puppy or give a homeless man the change in her pocket because she has been the stray puppy, the homeless veteran on the street barely surviving. In this she is always a defender of the weak and misfortunate, but by her rules and on her terms.

With everything that has happened to her in her life, Wanda is a very cautious person and always looks before she leaps into anything unless it is helping other. That is the one thing that she will always give into without question, the need and desire to help someone that can’t really help themselves.
  • The color RED
  • Chocolate
  • Corsets
  • Knee High Boots (with and without laces)
  • Leather
  • Her twin brother Pietro
  • Her twin brother Pietro (It’s a love hate kind of thing)
  • Unnecessary physical contact
  • Hurting anyone if she can avoid it
  • Foul Language and Name Calling
  • The Current President
  • Has a huge heart and capacity for caring
  • Is very self confident, earning it through the tests and trials of life.
  • Is independent and assertive
  • Bottles up her feeling and problems, does not talk about them until she can’t hold it anymore
  • Cares too much
  • Politically Superactive

Power Name-Telekinesis
Description- Wanda has the ability to move, levitate, and even immobilize objects and people with the benefit of not having to physically touch them. This ability allows here to control the motion of any target allowing her to freeze and contain an explosion for a short amount of time. She is also able to affect molecules and particles, as wells as physical forces such as kinetic energy, friction, pressure, density, state of matter and even gravity.
  • Energy Blasts- When using her powers, Wanda generates a unique reddish energy from her hands, and can use this energy to emit a blast of energy in varying forms such as: a blast, an orb, a wave, or a bolt by gathering particles, molecules and physical forces into a small area of containment thus allowing her to thrust, push/pull, blow, destroy or otherwise direct her hit to the person she is fighting. .These contained spaces could be in any shape and form and outlined her telekinetic spheres of influence, making her telekinesis visible and in reddish color. When a target of hers is hit with her energy, she can use her telekinesis to inflict further damage.She can also generate a bolt of psionic energy to project light.
  • Levitation- Wanda is able to use this power to move herself through the air and simulate flight.
  • Shields- Wanda is also able to generate strong durable psionic shields to protect herself and others or to deflect attack.
Limits-Concentration plays a huge part in this particular ability. The heavier the object the more concentration it takes to lift or stop if in motion up to and not exceeding 7 tons (the equivalent of 7 grand pianos). If the object in question is in motion (such as a car or a train) weight and velocity also play a factor. The physical mass of her target (whether sentient or not) can also cause a strain present a problem. The larger, heavier, and faster an object is the more difficult it is for her to control.

Matter Manipulation-
Description-Through her telekinesis, Wanda is able to manipulate and reform matter on a molecular level. This means that she can alter any object and reshape it in the image she chooses, or tear it to pieces and leave it that way. This power is manifest the same way the telekinesis is, as a red mist emitting from her hands.

Limitations-Animals and people can not be taken apart with this ability. Aside from this, as long as it's not made of flesh and blood it can and does fall under her control.

Power Name- Neuro-Electric Interface and Phobikinesis
Description- Wanda is also able to read the minds of other sentient beings and deploy a form or mental inertness wherein she can cause them to live in their deepest fears. She first senses the vulnerability through the neuro-electrical interface then using that connection she freezes the part of the brain that senses reality and allows those deep fears to seep in and take over in the form of an illusion/hallucination. When she is doing this, the energy emitting from her hands becomes a reddish mist that floats into her victim’s head in the form of neurons. The sign of this effect is a discoloration of the iris of the eye causing them to take on a reddish shine. She is also able to control or manipulate the actions, thoughts, memories, movements, senses and emotions of other people at will and can induce sleep and create illusions without much difficulty.

Please note that any invasion of the mind that can take away the willpower of another character will be discussed with the writer of that character in the plotting process. Nothing will be done to another character without the consent of their typist.

Limits- This is the biggest and most major of Wanda’s abilities and it can take a great deal of energy and focus. It also depends on her will and confidence in doing what she is doing. If her heart isn’t in it, it’s not going to work. She has to feel like she CAN what she is trying to do in order to accomplish it. The more confident she feels the less draining it will be and the easier it is for her to focus and do what she needs to do

It is also important to note that Wanda’s powers are still subject to the laws of physics in most respects especially pertaining to matter manipulation. She is not bending the laws of physics when she controls the states of matter. She is restructuring the molecules within the thing she is messing with, like turning ice to water, then water to steam and vice versa.

Another drawback is that her powers manifest in a very visible fashion (red energy/mist from her hands). In order to use some of the telepathic abilities, particularly the neuro-electic interfacing and the fear manipulation she has to be stealthy so as not to get caught. And being stealthy isn’t exactly easy in 4in heels. She can manage and does so often, but in order to manipulate the
mind she must be able to get close and do so quietly.

Any physical injury to her head, such an an electrical shock, can cease her abilities temporarily. Once she is recovered from the injury, no matter how long the injury lasts, she can use her powers once again to little or no ill affect. She is also limited to one person at a time where he telepathic abilities are involved.

Sometimes when using her telepathic physical touch can determine the strength of the reading. This can be a negative in that touching the target of the reading can become overwhelming, to the point where they may cause physical pain. She must be cautious who she touches when reading their mind because it can become overwhelming.

Skills & Abilities- Wanda is bilingual, speaking Serbian (her native tongue) and English, having learned English while in school.

Height- 5’7” - 6’ depending on if she is flat footed or not and the height of the heels
Weight- 132lbs
Eye Colour- Blue
Hair Colour- Brown

Appearance- Wanda’s style can be characterized as feminine and functional. She likes to keep herself looking nice and does as little with her naturally wavy hair as possible. She is just as comfortable in a short dress paired with a red jacket and hiking boots as she is in a corset, leather pants and knee high boots. As long as she has the room to move her arms so that she can properly defend herself with her powers and a firm footing, she’s fine.

Wanda likes to take care of her body by working out semi-regularly and likes to wear clothes that reflect that care and attention. Often she will been seen wearing two necklaces- one shorter to rest over her heart; the other longer, typically having a medallion or amulet that reaches to her navel. Overall, so long as she looks nice and can move in the garment you find her wearing it in either black or red.
Gear- Aside from a flowing red duster, black leather, and black boots she doesn’t typically carry anything other than her cell phone.
Additional Information- Wanda is ambidextrous, meaning that she is able to use both hands equally when doing different tasks such as writing and eating.

Hometown- Stari Slankamen, Serbia
Immediate Family- Natalya Maximoff- Mother (deceased), Pietro Maximoff - Twin brother
Others- N/A

History- Wanda grew up in a small fishing village in Serbia with her mother and older twin brother Pietro. The first ten years were almost magical. The small family didn’t have much, but they had each other. Wanda ended up being very close to her mother, who had certain gifts that made her popular with the some of the locals. Others thought that she was a devil and shouldn’t be there. Still they lived in relative peace for several years, their mother doing what she could to provide for their small family. That was until the time the twins were about the age of ten when the ones that wanted their mother around were outnumbered by those that didn’t. As the family sat down for dinner one cool autumn night the villagers came, determined to run the witch out of the village. When the shouting outside their little home started their mother ran them out the back, telling them not to come back, just before the flames started to engulf the house. All the twins could do was run as far as they could and hide when their legs couldn’t carry them any longer, following their mother's instructions. There was no going back to their village. They knew their mother was dead.

She and Pietro eventually taught themselves how to live off of the land for the most part and never stayed in one place for too long. When they would come to a town or village they would steal what supplies they could and move on, finding a cave to hide in, or building a small shelter so that they would be out of the elements, Pietro always doing what he could to take care of and protect his sister. Orphaned and alone save having each other, the twins came into their powers around the age of 12. Wanda discovered that she could levitate objects, and paired with the speed that her brother came into they were the slickest of thieves. Wanted posters without pictures went up all across the country. Upon coming into Belgrade, as they were stealing a few things to eat and a couple of blankets because it was getting colder Wanda got a little too brave and tried to steal from the butcher only to be seen by a US Relief worker there to help take care of the Serbian people during a war involving Yugoslavia. The kind woman bought the piece of meat that Wanda was trying to steal so that she and her brother could eat. Upon questioning Wanda the young girl told the woman that she and her twin brother were orphans and took her to her brother. When Pietro saw her with the strange woman he rushed forward and scooped his sister up, taking off with her into the woods. Wanda begged her brother to trust her, telling him how the woman bought the food she had tried to steal and wanted to get them out of the cold, eventually taking them to the safety of the United States. Pietro, trusting his sister, took them back where they sat down with the lady and told her their story. She told them they could have a better life , even a family, in the US. When the children agreed she took them to a shelter for the night then they were off to the United States and a new life.

Once they were placed with their first family and put in school Wanda proved to be a good student, learning English quickly and enjoying learning about classical literature, history, and science even though they bounced from foster home to foster home, never knowing a stable place to live. Finally once they were 18, the twins went their way with Wanda going to school to study Literature. During this time Wanda met a man and thought she fell in love, ending up pregnant and alone save for her brother and eventually learned that she was carrying two wonderful boys. She even craved chocolate shakes the entire pregnancy. She had been approached by several people about adoption but she told them no. That was something she'd never had an interest in because who could give her boys a better life than she could have. The opportunity to prove it never came. When she finally gave birth her boys were rushed out of the room immediately, their mother being told they weren't breathing. About fifteen minutes later a nurse came in and told her that both of her boys were still born and couldn't be brought around. Wanda was devastated but there was nothing she could do. She was released and went home empty handed. Depressed she withdrew from her classes for a short time so that she could mourn and decide what she was going to do with herself. Once she was healed physically and had crawled out of the dark hole of depression after her boys died she endeavored to go back to school. That was, until the single event that would take her from studying literature to being more politically active than she ever dreamed.

At the age of 21, she and her brother witnessed a man who called himself Magneto attacked the Cape Citadel Missile Base in Florida. There were others like them. So many others just like them. They hid what they were from the world, just like Wanda and Pietro had been doing most of their lives. It was time the mutants, people like them, had at least a voice. So, into the political arena they went. Protests and rallies became their life blood, especially for Wanda who watched the political state and human/mutant relations plummet. She couldn’t sit back and do nothing and still can’t. She had to do as much as she could, something more so that should she finally have other children 18 years after her twins were stillborn, she can say she was instrumental in creating the country that she wanted her children to grow up in.

Player Name- Rocki
Age 30
How Can We Contact- PM or Skype
Time Zone- Central for now
How did you find us? Fishy drags me everywhere
Other Characters- None here

Role Play Sample-
Finally, her corset was finished. Now it was off to the shop in Time Square where she had it made. It was a shop she frequented, having several corsets made with different material for different reasons. Some were dressy, some were casual, but all were as functional as they were beautiful. This one would be one that she wore on the streets when she was doing her vigilante thing. Nothing fancy, just red leather pulled over the boning with some minor decorating.

After making a call to a friend to go over with her, Wanda went out and grabbed a taxi to pick her friend up before they made their way toward Time Square. Once the corset was picked up and the maker made sure that it fit properly the red witch paid the good man and went out to do further shopping with her friend to pass the time while her brother was doing whatever it was that he did. While they were close they did have separate lives.

From shop to shop they floated, buying this and that. Wanda herself even picked up a marvelous pair of black leather boots and a gorgeous red leather duster that would got with the new corset perfectly. Laughing and talking the two women walked to a nearby bistro to get a bite of lunch when a rather handsome young man walked passed her. He had a familiar face though she was sure she had never seen him before in all her life. He walked toward what she was sure was a videogame store. She knew the boy. She could feel it, she even did a double take as the boy walked passed. When her friend noticed she asked what was wrong. With a breathlessness that only comes from holding your breath unknowingly, the Serbian woman replied, “I think that was my son.”
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