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Dec 29 2017, 02:35 PM
It was official. Her roommate was an idiot. At least, that’s what Bianca couldn’t help but think when she got the call right as she got off work from a number she didn’t recognize. Thankfully, the voice had been one she heard almost every day. ”Bi! Hey, so, I need your help. I’m kinda lost. I’m at this bistro in Brooklyn. Annie’s. My phone died and I don’t want to take a cab home. Can you come get me?” Cue a very heavy sigh as Bianca got out of her scrub pants and into her jeans. She didn’t even bother getting into her normal shirt. She’d just put on her jacket and headed out to go find her best friend whose brain seemed to have fallen out of his skull during the day.

That was mean, she thought on the subway ride to the borough. James worked hard and had a incredibly aptitude for getting lost. Which had led to what they referred to as adventures back in college. Now, it was almost laughable. That was what, eight to twelve years ago? And here they were, doing the same old thing. Except landlines and payphones were more commonplace back then. Bianca was pretty sure that’d been before the time when everyone seemed to have a cell phone. Which made it all the more interesting to get a call from her friend to come get him from who the heck knew where.

You’d think with something a dozen years of higher education and a smartphone, Bianca would be able to find the place James had mentioned. Just type it into google and get directions to Annie’s bistro in Brooklyn. But apparently, it decided to come up with a number of places named Annie’s. And it wanted her to use her data to give her directions from it when she figured out which one seemed to be the right Annie’s. Bianca didn’t have her first cell phone till college. That had been before the whole unlimited data had been a thing. She wasn’t grandfathered into that and didn’t have it now. And so she was really just loathe to have to use her data at the moment.

What’s a decently intelligent and stubborn woman to do in that situation? Use her brain, obviously. So, Bianca did what she had grown up doing. Not looking down at a small screen which was connected to almost anything. No, she asked living people for directions. And for the most part, that was working out pretty well for her. It would have gone much better if she had utilized her phone which could also do that. But, she was feeling bullheaded when it came to the piece of technology for some reason. It was one of her I can do it myself moments where she didn’t want to rely on it.

But, the white blonde haired woman wasn’t too familiar with Brooklyn and got turned around a few times. It was mildly frustrating, but not a big deal. So, when she spotted a man who looked maybe her age walking a dog, she figured time to stop and ask for directions. Again. ”Excuse me?” She called out to the guy, but his back was to her. No response. Maybe he hadn’t heard her. Or didn’t realize she was talking to him. So, she jogged to catch up with him and his dog. It didn’t really take much effort on her part to get a bit in front of the pair and then stop. She held out her hand in a clear stop signal, which may have had made her feel like a crossing guard. ”Hey. Hi. Sorry to bother you, but I’m a bit turned around and trying to find someplace called Annie’s Bistro? Do you happen to know where that is, by any chance?”

Nov 8 2017, 03:59 PM

Dr. Bianca Mezzanotte
30, Unaffiliated, Former Xavier's student

So, this is Doctor Bianca Mezzanotte. Technically, she has the codename Epione, but likely hasn't used it since her days at Xavier's. She's a relatively happy, and decently calm woman. She works a fair amount. She's a former cheerleader and is a healer.

She needs friends. Probably has some in the O5 X-Men, who she went to Xavier's with.

Nov 7 2017, 02:44 PM
Bianca had decided to visit her old high school, Xavier’s. She knew that it was probably different from when she’d last been there. There were certainly more X-Men than there’d been when she’d been a student there. High school had been 12 years ago for her. Changes at the school were inevitable after over a decade. There hadn’t been a whole lot of students there when she attended. Heck, there were new X-Men who hadn’t even been at the school when she’d left. New X-Men meant new students and more people helped by the school. That was a thought which made Bianca smile. She was looking forward to seeing her old friends, like Hank. Sorry, Dr. McCoy.

As she pulled up and parked, Bianca didn’t see anything too different initially. It was only after she stepped inside and looked around that she began to notice, yeah. Things weren’t exactly as she remembered them. 12 years, she didn’t expect for things to be the same as when she’d left for college. Despite things being a bit different, it was still familiar enough for her to recognize that this was certainly the place that had been her second home years ago. ”Some things never change.”

Heading on down to the med bay, it was nice to see that at least the location of that hadn’t changed. The trip to the sub-basement and on through to the medical bay was pretty much exactly as she’d remembered. Knocking on the door politely, she awaited an answer. ”Hello?” Peeking her head on in, Bianca looked around, to see if anyone was there. Particularly anyone she’d recognize, like Hank or maybe Jean. It was then that it occurred to her that there could be someone else in charge of the med bay now and she’d haven’t the foggiest who they were. Well, that would be awkward. ”Hank? Jean?” Anyone? She’d have sworn she’d called ahead and let them know she was coming to visit. But, maybe not?
Nov 6 2017, 07:26 PM
Bianca had gotten done with work a bit late. Which was fine, seeing as how her typical dinner partner and roommate had plans for tonight already. James was on a date with his boyfriend. Which meant Bianca was on her own for dinner and shouldn’t wait up for him. Normally, she’d have just gone home, made some soup and tea, and curled up with a book. James was great, but he was also quite talkative. Which meant there was rarely a quiet moment in their apartment. So, she tended to enjoy them when he wasn’t present.

However, she had decided to do something a bit different tonight. Instead of sitting in her apartment, she was going to make a night of it. Her first stop had been her favorite teahouse. It wasn’t exactly a big place. Really only a small little tea shop, but they made the best chai tea she’d found in New York. At least, as far as she’d found, anyways. And they were more than happy to use soy milk Which saved her from the eventual displeasure of her body yelling at her that it has issues with digesting lactose. And she should know better! That was never fun. So, she was more than happy to have her blue travel mug filled with one of her prefered beverages as she walked about.

Debating where she wanted to get dinner from, Bianca found herself a bench to sit down on and sip her tea while she pondered. Her white hair hung by her face from underneath her blue wool beanie. Her gloved hands were wrapped around the travel mug as she sipped and watched people pass by. There were a few glances her way, but they could be looking at the shop behind her. Or maybe at her hair. But, that didn’t garner as many glances as it had when she was younger. What with platinum hair being so trendy now. Bianca enjoyed listening to the sounds of the city as people passed by. A tiny bit of steam visible coming from her mug.

She had that feeling. That feeling that you get when you would swear that someone is looking right at you and you are being watched. Looking around, she didn’t see anyone staring at her or anything. ”Huh, weird. Maybe I should get out of the lab more.” She muttered to herself. It was probably nothing. Now, what did she want for dinner?
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