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Nov 2 2017, 11:11 PM

Guari Vincent

Celebrity Claim- Vincent Kartheiser

Full Name- Guari Vincent
Nicknames/Aliases- N/A
Age- 17
Date of Birth- Friday, November 24th
Faction- Unaffiliated
Occupation- Newspaper route

Personality- Guari has managed most of his scholastic career without finding a social niche that he fits within. He isn’t really a loner, but has found a way to function rather independently. When he does find himself in group projects or at social events, he knows how to smile and play nice as he has no desire to be mean to others. That doesn’t mean he always knows what to say out his mouth. Because of this and just because he tends to drift out of conversations and away from the center of things. He is observant, and when needed, helpful. Despite this, he has a strong desire to help others in need, he rarely stays to hear any sort of praise or admiration though.

As he has neared the end of his time in high school and adolescence his mutation has manifested a part of him was elated and felt like he was on the cutting edge of something amazing. As he looked into the subject more and more, he somehow only succeeded in feeling more alone. The public view of mutants combined with the naturally destructive nature of his ability combined into a dangerous cocktail that he has been hesitant to tackle. He has begun to hunger for the social contact he has been lacking and fellowship that he seemed to skirt the rest of his life.

He feels the weight and burden of his mutation keenly and strives to gain a greater mastery over it through mastering himself. He fights with himself trying to be better, he deep down hides the truth from himself: he wants to shine brighter than anybody around him but silently. He worries that the moment he becomes proud of what he is and can do, through his mutation or naturally, he will be made a spectacle. Worse than that, he fears for those few individuals who have come to care for him either hating him or getting hurt defending him.

Despite that very palpable fear, he has found himself to be rather competitive, with himself and others, hoping to be prepared to overcome any problems he confronts. In his independence and competitive drive, he has developed his creativity to find different and frequently unorthodox solutions as he frequently prefers to work problems out on his own.
  • Cheese. Specifically melted cheese. Of the varieties that he has tried, he’s particularly fond of habanero-jalapeno pepper jack.
  • Winning. Doesn’t matter if it’s rock-paper-scissors or Risk, he enjoys winning. Not to the point that he is willing to cheat, but he has come to enjoy that feeling of success. And there is no success like first place.
  • Music. He prefers to listen to modern rock but is happy letting any type of music move his body.
  • Helping. If he knows a person is in need he is down to help, the only thing to give him pause is if it is a very public situation. He will try to do something more inconspicuous to assist.
  • Fire. He had enjoyed watching the erratic dance of the primal element as a child. As he has gotten older and his mutation activated, he has found a deeper connection and pleasure from starting, controlling, or simply being near a fire.
  • Mosh pits. He tried it once, he tried it twice, before he sets a concert hall on fire and hurts a lot of people. The close proximity and rough and sudden impacts stirs up his aggression and excites his mutation.
  • Forced decisions. Being told he doesn’t have a choice or that he ‘has to’ do anything rubs him the wrong way. It’s part rebellion and part refusing to accept that there is no other way to reach a viable next step or conclusion.
  • Being surprised. Similar to mosh pits, the suddenness of people, animals, or even things (like wind-blown trash or a jack-in-the-box) legitimately startling him causes him to lose some of the control he has managed to get on his mutation.
  • “Gluten - Free”. He isn’t sure why exactly, besides it’s tremendous lack of taste, but the idea just bothers him.
  • Pointless arguments. Guari is about making progress and getting things done. These types of arguments frustrated him as people are generally being stubborn and refusing to listen or they are being ignorant. When people are unable to understand he normally doesn’t get as frustrated and irritated.
  • Independent; he is capable of solving and working through different situations and problems on his own. While he is willing to listen to others advice or input, he doesn’t normally have others around to give said advice or input.
  • Goal oriented; so long as there is a point B in relation to a point A, his mindset is to find a way. While he prefers to reach an objective through his own abilities and means he tries to prioritize the objective over his pride.
  • Adaptive; while Guari has a preferred method of madness he is capable of rolling with the figurative and literal punches.
  • Independent; he lacks the support and teamwork that many other mutants have grown accustomed to. He tries to play well with others but is prone to going about things in his own way.
  • Goal oriented; while he forges forward, he has been known to become oblivious to outside influences or problems that arise.
  • Adaptive; while he has the ability to improvise, he has yet to master any one skill set or ability.

Power Name- Pyrokinesis
Description- Guari believes he has a certain ‘amount’ of fire in him that he can expel and utilize for different abilities and stunts. He has experimented with fine control of a created flame as acute as causing it to dance to music, but he is unable to manipulate it to the point of creating hand signs clean or sharp enough to communicate (not that he knows sign language). He finds it difficult to manipulate fire that he doesn’t create himself, but he is able to bend and alter external fire sources some. He has managed to launch a bolt of fire out to about thirty yards. Around this distance his aim begins to get a bit inaccurate. The most impressive, and possibly the most useful of his current abilities, is his ability to absorb fire into his body. Mentally, he visualizes it much like a finite container within him that he stores his potential fire. While he hasn’t found a specific limit to what he can absorb, it does give him a sense of invigoration.

In reality, Guari’s ability to produce fire, and for that matter absorbing fire, is only limited by his stamina and mental strength. His pyrokinesis is largely untrained and simply being poked at bluntly. He is capable of fanning matches into full on conflagration (provided there is a fuel for the fire). The rudimentary level of physical control over the fire could progress far enough to make weaponry or a mimicry of a flaming elemental, but he has yet to grasp even a vague understanding that this is possible or that he can do it. The invigoration that Guari feels is psychosomatic. As he feels that his container is being refilled, he feels restored, he believes that he can produce more fire.

He is largely unaware at the fact that fire can burn him as he normally simply absorbs any fire that would burn him. With that said, he must consciously try to absorb any flame. If he were surprised or unconscious, he would suffer burns like any other person. At this point in his use of pyrokinesis, he needs to have some flesh exposed in order to absorb fire. With practice he could pull it through clothing, but at this point in his expertise, it would set that cloth on fire (likely surprising him and burning him).

Limits- At this moment, Guari’s biggest limitations exist in his own understanding of his mutation and his physical and mental stamina. As he increases the three of these, his limitations will be his awareness and how well he can remain in control of himself. His powers tend to flux and wane with his emotions. A sudden shock or surprise could cause him to lose finite control or accidentally create a large explosion.

Guari’s pyrokinesis has a range of about 30 feet. While a thrown flame could reach a greater distance, once it reaches 30 feet he loses control over what that flame can be manipulated into doing. However, this does not stop the fire from existing. Though untested, he is able to increase the heat of a fire to a temperature equivalent of a blow torch (approximately 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit). A flame he is controlling has some resistance to a lack of oxygen or fuel, but can still be extinguished by water, dirt, or an extinguishing agent (fire extinguisher). His pyrokinesis does help make up for the lack of any one of the necessary ingredients for fire, fuel, oxygen, and heat, but this takes more concentration and effort.

His ability to control or absorb a fire would require it to be unaffected by another source (like another pyrokinetic). If he wanted to wrestle control (or absorb) of a fire away from another pyrokinetic would need to overcome their influence on the fire in question. Guari’s control and influence decreases as his pyrokinesis nears his 30 foot range, conversely it is strongest at his person.

Skills & Abilities- Guari is talented at problem solving thanks to copious amounts of experience. He possess a good knowledge of how fire and combustion work, picking locks (enough to pick a standard lock or a house door), parkour (enough to practice and not break his face, although he does fall), and japanese jujitsu (proficient enough to not panic in a fight, but not able to overcome trained fighters normally). He is capable of dancing moderately well. He has learned basic first aid for burn victims. He is passingly familiar with yoyoing, juggling, writing, archery, volleyball, and baseball.

Height- 6’0”
Weight- 163
Eye Colour- Blue
Hair Colour- Brown

Appearance- Guari stands at 6 feet tall with hair that hangs to his shoulders. His hair falls pretty straight without much maintenance. His eyes are a rather clear and almost gray shade of blue. His shoulders hint at a smaller frame, his body fleshes out rather with a lean appearance. The cardio he does for work and while practicing and using his parkour has toned his body yet his body lacks a specific definition that a gym would probably easily apply.

His bottom lip has a scar to the left side of his nose from catching a haymaker from a bully he was warding off. It would have healed well and disappeared if he hadn’t gnawed at it absentmindedly. On his right leg, below the knee he has a scar from a fall he took while learning and practicing parkour. It is approximately five inches long and spirals around the front of his leg over his shin. Through the experimenting with fire, he has burnt off just about all of his fingerprints, largely by accident.

He generally dresses himself in practically and rather plain. While he occasionally wears a fanny pack (mainly while working). He tends towards jeans and a wife beater undershirt and either a random tee shirt or a hoodie. When he wears a hoodie for work he never wears a fanny pack. He normally wears Vans skateboarding shoes or hiking boots.

Gear- He carries a pack of matches or a lighter with him at pretty much all times. A wallet on a chain (actual metal) that is clipped to his belt.

Additional Information- He likes to burn things. As he uses his power more and more, he enjoys it. Not that he wants to be destructive, he normally is able to control himself and his thoughts regarding this. Oddly, having a constant and controlled flame nearby or present helps him control this urge as well.

Hometown- Silver Spring, MD
Immediate Family- Connor Vincent (Father, deceased); Margaret Vincent (Mother, missing); Steven Matthews (Adopted Father); Ellen Matthews (Adopted Mother)
Others- N/A

History- For the majority of Guari’s childhood he lived in Maryland in Laurel with just his father. He doesn’t remember his mother in person as his parents separated and divorced early in his life. They lived in an apartment since that was what his father could afford. Every once in awhile Connor, Guari’s father, would tell him a happy story about his mother, Margaret. Connor felt it was important to know that she was a good person. That she hadn’t simply abandoned the two of them, even though Guari always felt that there was more to the story. Unfortunately, when Guari was 12 years old, he lost his only real lead on that story. His father was clipped by a reckless, and later to be confirmed drunk, driver while working with a road work crew inspecting and managing the site.

Traumatic to say the least, Guari lost pretty much the only person he ever expressed or talked to. Without other family he internalized his grief, working to find his own way through the pain and suffering. Beyond emotionally being alone, he was now literally alone and was taken into foster care. While the caseworkers worked hard to find him a local household to keep him in the same school area, the number of foster parents looking to take in a pre-teen was rather non-existent. At least it was in Maryland.

By the time they found him a family in Pennsylvania that was capable and willing to house him, he was a beginning his life as a teen at the age of 13. Steven and Ellen Matthews were decent enough foster parents, and people in general. Steven worked as a garbage man while Ellen was a nurse at an emergency clinic. Their work schedules kept the newly formed family from having too much face to face time with all of the household. Understanding the difficult life change that this entire process was for Guari, Steven and Ellen gave him ample room to try and collect himself. This didn’t mean they didn’t stay involved in his life, they just tried to not force him to open up or express himself to them. Instead they got him involved in different extracurricular activities. While he wasn’t excited about any of them, he did what he could and learned where he could.

Despite the seeming normalcy of everything, Guari was not normal. While there weren’t any kids to spread the truth of his situation around, there were enough nosey bodies to get enough information start calling him an orphan. The lack of friends also meant there was nobody to defend him or give him the benefit of the doubt. All Guari had were his own words and they didn’t quite sit well with the populace. In the stairwell to his new house, he was cornered, bullies above him on the stairs and bullies below him. The altercation was proceeding about as well as one might expect except for the sparks that began to accompany each blow that landed on the outnumbered mutant.

One by one, the boys took notice of this oddity. In turn they stopped another of their assailants. The last boy, the most offended, pulled away from the pleading hand that tried to stop him. What would be the last blow fell and seemed to ignite an explosion. It was short lived, leaving the hallway nearly unscathed. The boys were not quite as lucky though. Pushed down the stairs and hair singed and smoking they stared wide eyed at what they thought was an easy target. It wasn’t until the smoke from their singed hair set of the fire alarm in the building that they were startled into action. A few slanderous words were tossed behind them as they ran away.

Guari not quite understanding what was happening, left the lying up to Steven and Ellen as he got treated by the EMTs. The story that was told was that the alarm was pulled to get the bullies to run away. At dinner though, after exchanged looks, his foster mother broke the silence and asked him what really happened. Steven explained that he lied for him as he saw that no fire alarm had been pulled. While Guari wasn’t entirely sure what to tell them, he could feel a different warmth in himself. As he tried to explain it, he managed to spark a tiny fire in his hand to show them. Ellen promptly tossed her glass of water at it. As the water drenched the fire, it also seemed to kill the conversation.

If they weren’t talking much before, then they were operating in complete silence now. Still in hushed tones at night when his foster parents thought he was asleep, he heard some bits and pieces of their conversations. “Love, moving, and mutants” were said multiple times. It was really the only parts that he could make out. Through each day, eye contact was avoided and words were lost, all he got was the occasional hug. School was a bit different though. The kids whispered this way and that way about the incident. Unlike his foster parents, their eyes bore into him constantly. As if each student couldn’t way to see him blow up again.

Guari managed to avoid any further complications, mainly because his foster parents expedited his adoption and found an apartment in New Jersey. It was difficult to uproot their life, but Steven and Ellen had decided that they weren’t going to let their son become some mutant victim. He wasn’t like that ‘Magneto’ person, even though they didn’t know what he was like completely.

While Guari had been familiarized from an early age with dealing with loss and in the last year losing his father, he sympathized with the pain and struggle that his adopted parents must have been going through. And to do it willingly for him, he tried hard to dismiss his mutation. If he didn’t think about it and didn’t use it, he hoped that it would go away. And so he fought hard to suppress it as he started high school in a completely different state.

Learning from his mistakes and downfalls, through the ages of 14 to 16, he worked to be better. Not just at talking and being a little more social and helpful, but also at being unseen and normal. Like some sort of tragic play his history was doomed to repeat itself. Thankfully, this time though, he was walking home when he saw a group at the edge of an alleyway grouped up. His mind flashed an almost out of body idea of what his jumping three years prior might have looked like. Gritting his teeth, he moved closer to see if he was simply overreacting, he hoped he was.

The crash of bottle seemed to trigger a half cry half whimper from something that they were surrounding. This quickened his pace til he could see a curled up and bleeding furry body. Maybe it was the clothes that seemed to be struggling against the fur was what made him realize that this wasn’t some random animal that they were torturing, which would have still been a problem for Guari, it was in fact a person. A mutant for certain. Looking around for a second, he took stock of the environment and knew that he wouldn't be able to get through this without being personally involved, and sighed.

His audible breath caught one of the torturers attention and as they turned to say something to Guari, the was greeted with a more trained fist. Silently he thanked his father for enrolling him in those martial arts classes. He stepped over and pushed the next person to further draw their attention to him and away from the furry mutant. As two more turned to aggress him, Guari called for the mutant to run. He had no idea if that was even possible. Still, he backed up to draw them in closer before trying to put his training to use. While he was better equipped to deal with a fight than when he was 13, being outnumbered was a difficult handicap to overcome.

As he landed each blow and each blow landed upon him it was almost like a surge crossed his mind. An instinct to defend himself, but an instinct he had tried to seal away. The fight persisted, rough and tumble, but he wasn’t going down and they kept getting back up too. While he had joined this altercation to help out a less fortunate mutant, he was finding himself in the middle of a war on two fronts. It wasn’t until he got hit in the back of the head by a wooden board that he saw the goal line and understood a course of action that needed to be taken.

Though dazed, he turned in preparation for another swing and met it with a ball of fire. Tossed lightly at the bully, after all he wanted him to hit it with the board. He smiled as they were all eager to oblige which was met with surprised shrieks. The ball of fire hungrily lit the board aflame which was promptly dropped. Hoping to end the fight with more intelligence than might, he tried to focus enough to make another in his hand. With plenty of fight still in his eyes, despite the spinning of the alley in his head, he asked if anybody else was as flammable as the board.

Their outcries of ‘MUTANT!’ said yes, they were as flammable. He smiled before slumping against the wall of to collect himself. He tossed the ball of fire against the opposite wall to pop and burn out harmlessly before he finished his trudge home. While he tried not to limp and show any sign of weakness or problem, he thought over his stance on using his mutation. It was a part of him. To be trained just like the rest of his body and mind. He almost told his adopted parents that night over dinner what had happened.


Instead he worked in private to get a better understanding of what he could do and who he was. He figured if he could hide it from his parents they wouldn’t have to move again and lose all that they had regained. So far, he’s been able to keep his training and extent of his ability a secret from Steven and Ellen though his 17th birthday.

Player Name- Denzel or D
Age 30
How Can We Contact- PM or Email
Time Zone- Eastern
How did you find us? Personal Reference
Other Characters- None

Role Play Sample-

While his parents had been clear that they weren’t in a place to get a car so they didn’t see a reason for him to get a license. He couldn’t way for that day to come so he could find a better job. He walked down the sidewalk of the cul de sac in the early hours, the dark and cool hours, wondering if he would be doomed to walk everywhere for the rest of his life. Shaking his head, he understood full well that that type of thinking was a huge exaggeration. They would obviously have him take the bus and train places.

Cocking his arm back, he launched a rolled up newspaper towards the front door of house on his route. He had a bike to do this on at one point, but it had been stolen. While the neighbors bike had been unchained, his had gone missing. It had probably been the group of teens who were trying to start up the anti-mutant movement in his school. He wasn’t openly a mutant, but there were rumors floating around about what he could do.

He had always dismissed them as bullies’ wild accusations since they got their ass beat by one guy. He reached into his satchel to withdraw another paper when he saw an ‘anti-mutant’ lawn sign. He hesitated as he thought about burning it down and maybe even torching their lawn. Instead all that flew from his hand was a rolled up paper. He smiled anyway as the paper hit the sign. His aim was improving. He started to trudge on when he heard the garage door opening.

He looked back to see a luxury car turn into the driveway. He couldn’t help but look on in curiosity. While he cared nothing for the car, he did want to see who was so bold as to show such blatant distaste for mutants. To his horror, he looked just like your typical caucasian.He seemed like he was probably drunk based on this disheveled clothes. That or he had come back from some adult extracurriculars. Still the sight of the man had caught Guari in a trance as he pondered this man’s possible story. How he came to be so much the way that he was.

He only realized he was staring because the man yelled something. “You deaf kid? You the one who’s throwing these damn papers?”

He looked over at the slightly tilted sign and his delivered paper only to blink at the man and nod slowly.

“Stop being lazy you lil shit, walk up to my door and drop off the news like you're supposed to do.” Shaking his head like a disappointed father, “Keep being lazy and people will think you’re a dirty mutie. Ain’t nothing worse than being a mutie kid.”

It was probably shock that save Guari and the man any furthering of the conversation. All Guari managed to do was nod his head once before the man was moving. As he grabbed his paper, Guari thought about setting him on fire. Not just a begrudging or frustrated thought that was quickly dispatched. He could see the man get his by a flaming newspaper and catch fire. The screaming was a distant sound in his imaginary dream, but in his mind’s eye, he could almost see it him running and burning.

Luckily, he smelt it and it snapped him from his near trance. The smolder from the newspaper he was holding. Forcibly he relaxed and checked himself to make sure the paper didn’t catch fire. Turning, he walked along his route. He threw the smoldered paper at the next house. He could only hope that this was the last time the two of them would meet. He would need to get his license soon. Or at the very least a different route. Or maybe a new job all together.

He could only hope as he threw the next paper on his route.

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