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Nov 8 2017, 12:09 AM
There really was nothing like the feeling of being missed, of having people ask with excitement (or sometimes worry) about where he'd been or what he had been doing. Except that was not the case this time, this time he'd made an ass of himself and no one really cared to see if he was okay. He maybe could have just died in a ditch and no one would have even noticed, and the worst part was really just that he couldn't blame them. It really was not a good feeling, it was almost like an uncomfortable itch that he couldn't really get rid of.

Right now life sucked for Ben Riley.

He'd missed the camping event and he had not even bothered to find out if he forgot to sign up or if they forgot to invite him (thankfully he assumed he forgot and not that he'd been excluded) but he'd heard rumors of the creatures they fought in the woods. He'd been genuinely concerned for his friends, but there was nothing he could have done from miles away... and he'd meant to check on them before today but he just didn't want to deal with the potential rejection. He also did not want to deal with having his ass fried by a sparky little-

Again, like always, Ben wondered what Ion was up to at the moment. He thought about calling her, but knowing the dancer she was probably in the... whatever that place was that she was dancing, was it really a studio if it was probably an old classroom changed over for their purposes? Not that it really mattered by the time that he was close he could already hear the music, some song he didn't recognize playing but he was betting that when he peeked inside Liv would be hard at work on whatever she had picked for the next event. As long as he'd known her she'd always been really passionate about her dancing, so he didn't interrupt as he stood in the doorway, she didn't attack him as soon as she saw him so that seemed like good news. "Hey-" He didn't have anything to say, didn't know what he could say to her, he could maybe just let her know that he was alive? Saying 'Hi thanks for not killing me, glad to be alive' was really not a good way to start a conversation. "Is this a new routine?" Okay that was a safe question, but he stayed hovering near the doorway, just in case Liv let her ions do the talking for her.
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