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Jan 14 2018, 11:14 AM
The erratic and at times unseasonably warm weather of Westchester had thrown Cessily for a loop, but she’d be hard pressed to complain about 70 degrees and sunny in February. The cold rain and snow didn’t bother the Portland native in the least, but she wasn’t as fortunate in finding many others who wanted to do stuff outside in the dead of a New York winter. Today’s turn in temperature resulted in a great opportunity to enjoy the grounds, and by the time class let out on Friday she was all over it. Never one to believe a weather report, Cessily hadn’t bothered texting Tommy to hang out before hand until she’d popped onto the ground to see herself.

-Yo! It’s gorgeous out! Come down to the bball courts and shoot some hoops with me,- she thumbed to Tommy’s phone with one hand, the other bouncing the ball down the path toward the courts. She’d been looking forward to the weekend all school week, that precious sixty hours or so of free time where she could partially forget about school and enjoy the marvelousness of Xavier’s. Right now, Speed was at the top of her lists of people with whom to kick it. Aside from the fact that he was gorgeous, charming, and had one of the most badass powers a mutant could ask for, hanging out with Tommy felt like hanging out with an old friend. In the month since they’d met in the kitchen, Cessily always left Tommy’s company with an excess of belly laughs, persistent giggles, and butterflies. If the girl wasn’t so chicken shit and painfully prude, she’d have made a move by now.

Making her way onto the large and immaculately maintained outdoor basketball courts, Cess began dribbling the ball around and through her legs, brushing off the rust from the last time she’d played. It was months ago now… the very day her mutation had manifested, but thankfully for Cess basketball didn’t remind of her of that night. It reminded her of her family… of her father. She’d spent countless hours growing up learning the ins and outs of a game she’d never willingly play, but basketball was her main means of connecting with her Dad. What might have hurt to think about a month ago was steadily warming into nostalgic remembrance of her family. The people she still believed, somewhere deep beneath the glaring truth of the matter, would someday answer her calls and bring her back home.

Lobbing the ball up to the hoop for a layup, Cess delighted in the warmth of the afternoon sunlight and the familiar rhythm of the basketball against the court’s floor. Knowing Tommy, Cess wouldn’t have to wait too long for a yay or nay to her proposition. Surely the rule-breaking-free experience of playing basketball on a sunny day might not have the same draw as Tommy’s more exciting pursuits, but there was still the draw of pretty-girl-who-likes-me to entice the Speedster. And, you know, the lovely feeling of zero risk for getting into trouble that put straight-laced-Cess at ease.
Jan 9 2018, 11:37 PM
How Cessily managed to get through each day without catastrophic failure was beyond her. Give her a small window to study, a scantron, and a freshly sharpened number two pencil and the girl was a phenom. But tell her to go throughout her day without leaving random personal items in a mystery trail behind her and she was a lost cause. So far Cess had everything but her headphones, which based on process of elimination had to be somewhere in the rec room. Without much else to do but go back to her room and start on homework, Cess bee-bopped into the lounge just in time to watch a bruised and broken Glitch struggle with his cigarette.

Cessily was typically the first girl to matter-of-factly explain that smoking was not only against the rules inside the school but it was also terrible for him and he was way too young to even buy them in the first place. But damn, did Luca look pathetic. Balancing on crutches and half leaned against the wall for stability, he faltered with the lighter, wincing and cursing as it slipped through his fingers and almost fell to the ground. The redhead’s lips had parted in preparation for her protest, but pressed into a worried frown at the sight of Luca. She’d heard what happened… Everyone around the school did. The Beta’s had earned a reputation early on for being particularly hooliganly, and Cess wanted no part in it. From the looks of Luca, he’d bitten off way more than he could chew and was really feeling the consequences.

A near audible groan rumbled in Cessily’s throat as her heart was at odds with her head. She was actually considering helping him… Smoke cigarettes at school? After asking herself the proverbial question of “Am I going to get in trouble for this?” Cessily resolved to agree that the answer most likely was not really. Striding forward she waved away his latest feeble attempt to create fire before deftly snatching the lighter from his bandaged hands. “Let me help,” Cess offered, easily flicking the lighter to life and holding it out for Luca to lean the cigarette into.

When it was lit she withdrew the flame and scrunched her nose in protest to the acrid smell of smoke. “This is the part where I lecture you on what a terrible habit this is,” she informed brightly, stopping herself there as it would be counter intuitive to her complicit role in this bout of rule-breaking. “You got nicked up pretty good, there. How ya feelin’?” She asked, auburn brows knitting together as she surveyed his injuries from up close. Cess had to stifle a wince, for one in a long while not missing the qualities of flesh and bone. She’d heard a mess of not so great things about this kid, but it didn’t feel good to see anybody so wrecked. Perhaps this would be her opportunity to get to know Luca for herself.


OOC: Open to 2 or 3 more!
Nov 1 2017, 12:32 PM
Gloveless silver hands tugged firmly on the laces of her ice skates, making them properly snug before Cessily tied them into a double knot, stood, and tested her weight on the blades. The biting cold of mid-January’s air wasn’t a problem due to her new mutation, her sensitivity to hot and cold diminished for the most part as far as she could tell. Even so, Cessily took the opportunity to wear her winter gear, the pesky x-gene no match for her intrinsic need to dress well and accessorize. A chunky, loose-knit scarf draped around her neck and shoulders, an emerald green knee length winter coat enveloping most of her form. Though the young mutant didn’t exactly feel great about this turn her entire life had taken, she was beginning to at least look a little more like herself now that she’d been pressured into leaving the sanctity of her room.

“Chronically early” had been used to describe Cessily since she was a young girl. Obsessed with punctuality and often distressed by her family’s lack of it, she had gotten in the habit of turning the anxiety she felt from showing up late to events with them into a propensity for showing up awkwardly early. This afternoon was no different, as the plan she’d made to meet Shadowcat at the frozen lake wasn’t supposed to happen for another few minutes. Cess took this time to enjoy the solitude of the school’s grounds, her anxiety about the imminent meeting held at bay by the expanse of well maintained property before her. Since arriving to Xavier’s a few days before, she hadn’t gotten the best impression of the place. Cessily had watched with some of the other students when the inauguration went to shit, and had stayed hidden in her room when chunks of plaster began to fall from the ceiling due to Berto’s episode.

Wherever her parents had sent her, this place felt more like an asylum right now than an institute for the gifted.

With a soft sigh, Cessily pushed off and glided forward, the free feeling of skating working to lift the weight of these last few weeks from her shoulders. It was a familiar sensation, something she’d done with her parents as long as she could remember. The relentless rain of Portland winters meant all of her ice skating experience was spent indoors, making this particularly picturesque moment on Breakstone Lake especially memorable.

Kitty’s persistence in working to get Cessily out of her room was an admirable testament to the positivity of Ms. Pride, yet the mercurious mutant couldn't be sure what this interaction would be like. Cess wasn’t exactly the ball of sunshine she used to be, and cutting through the layers of discontent with her situation would be quite the feat for anyone. Gliding out into the center of the ice, Cessily sat herself down and laid flat on her back, closing her eyes and tuning into the sounds around her. A clear head and an open heart would be the only way to gain ground in this new place, and staying holed up in her room wasn’t going to change any of the facts now. Resolving now to be hopeful instead of pessimistic, Cessily took another deep breath, this one doing a better job at quelling the tightness that had knotted itself in her chest since she agreed to this meeting in the first place.


OOC: Open to a couple folks!
Oct 25 2017, 03:02 PM
Cessily was shaken awake by the sudden lurching of the bus, its brakes working valiantly to bring the outdated steel hull to a stop. Groggy, delirious from lack of proper sleep, and fully unsure of where on the map she was at the moment, Cessily shrugged off the blanket that had been covering her and surveyed her surroundings. It was late, her view out the window lit only by street lights and signage, and from what the young mutant could surmise, this was her stop. Well, her transfer at least. It would take at total of two transfers, across three different busses, throughout four days to make her pilgrimage from Portland to Salem Center. Needless to say, Cess was ready to be there already.

The tedious work of traveling by public bus when you are as glaringly obvious a mutant as Mercury meant she spent most of the rides huddled in her seat, covered up from head to toe in order to avoid attracting unwanted attention. She was used to flaunting the way she looked, not hiding it, but at this very moment Cessily would have preferred to evaporate into nothing and disappear. Her reality, that in which she’d been abandoned and cast off by her family, was one she’d rather not admit was her own at this point. There was still time to make everything right. Maybe when she got to the school, they could find a way to reverse what had happened to her. Anything to look, to feel normal again.

Wishful thinking, sure, but she didn’t know any better than to hope. Hope was all that Cessily had left at this point, other than her small bag of belongings, a crisp $20 bill her parents had been oh-so-thoughtful of to provide her with for the journey, and the clothes on her back. The twenty wouldn’t last much longer than her first stop, as far as food and snacks were concerned, but Cessily couldn’t bring herself to eat anything and hadn’t spent it just yet. So here she was, regretfully disembarking her second bus in pursuit of the quick transfer to her third.

But when she made footfall on the deserted sidewalk of the Chicago suburb, there was no other bus to be found. The Greyhound station was dotted with people in just as unfortunate a circumstance as she was, displaced by delayed bus schedules and missed connections. Cessily looked around, weary eyes surveying her options, doing her best to keep it together when all she wanted to do was break down and cry. It was enough of a blow to her soul that her family would send her away, but on a Greyhound bus no less? American’s most despised form of travel turned what could have been a four hour commute via plane into a four day journey that Cessily was starting to doubt she’d see the end of. Hoisting her bag higher into her shoulder, Cessily started for the lone counter attendant.

“Excuse me, Hi… um…” she squinted at the nametag on the woman’s shirt. “Shirley. I’m supposed to be on the overnight to New York, but I don’t see the bus anywhere,” she began, silver eyes peering up from under her hood and loosely wrapped scarf taking in the attendant’s frazzled appearance. The woman working the counter didn’t bother to look up, instead letting out a deep sigh at the prospect of being taken away from her Sudoku. Her response was unenthusiastic to say the least.

“The bus is delayed until midnight. Check back then, if you’re lucky it’ll be here,” the attendant breathed, flipping the page of her puzzle book and sizing up the next series of squares and numbers. “Midnight?” Cessily repeated, the over two hours of delay on a journey that had already taken ages feeling like a blow to the gut. “Mmmmhm, midnight.” The woman confirmed, her tone flat and annoyed that she’d been taken away from her important task for so long already. “There’s a diner around the block, might as we –“ Shirley began, stopping half way through the word as she looked up at the teenager bugging her. She didn’t expect to see bits of her of reflection mirrored in the young girl’s face, Cessily’s kind but exhausted expression going unnoticed. Greyhound’s employee of the month was dumbfounded and speechless, her eyes widening enough in the brief moments before Cessily hastily made her exit to drive home the truth that had been rattling around in the new mutant’s head since this nightmare began a week ago.

You’re different now, and it’s not okay.

Cessily stifled the urge cut and run, knowing that it would probably bring more unwanted attention than she’d already garnered. Instead she worked to swallow back down the tears that were welling up in her eyes, the tightness in her chest shifting just a little more snugly to grip firmly around her heart. Keeping her eyes glued on the ground in front of her, Cessily made her way into the near-empty diner that Shirley had motioned toward, tossing her bag into an empty booth. She quickly followed behind, pulling her legs into her chest as she did her best to keep herself together. It was the most alone she’d been since her parents dropped her off at the station a few days before. No longer surrounded by dozens of curious eyes on the bus, she was tempted to relax, to unbundle a little and act… normal.

Food. Food was normal, and that was a good enough place to start. Unfolding the menu and taking a peek at what the greasy old diner had to offer (that she’d consider edible), Cessily sunk into the lumpy booth and prepared to make the best of her unexpected layover. She didn’t bother to turn and look when the two large figures that entered the diner shortly after her and sat at the adjacent table to her back. Their long black coats were effective in weathering the harsh Illinois winter, but even more useful for concealing the pistols holstered at each of their hips. Two finely manufactured weapons, neatly emblazoned with a single word: TRASK.

Oct 22 2017, 06:57 PM
Oh, hey y'all. I have lil' Miss Cessily available for all types of shenanigans starting this upcoming RO!


She will be arriving to the school on the 14th, just in time for inauguration craziness and the recent "renovations" to the staff quarters. Cessily has just manifested her mutation and was disowned by her President Kelly - loving parents just a few days before inauguration day.

Long story short, she needs friends.

Cessily is a people person and is eager to do well (in hopes of being able to go back to her family/old life ASAP) but right now she is a little lost as to what her next step is. She doesn't recognize the person she see's in the mirror looking back at her, and every sensation just feels different in her new form.

Figuring it out, slowly but surely.

So yes! Friends, enemies, frenemies, mentors, training, sleepovers, etc. Mercury needs it all. Holla!
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