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Jun 2 2018, 05:54 PM
More of those stupid 'No mutants allowed' signs were popping up in places like disgusting boils. They were also put up by people who were essentially disgusting boils. Ignorant, disgusting boils. Rat hated those people with a passion. In what universe was it ok to ban someone based on something they didn't choose? No one chose to be a mutant, it just happened and they had to live with it, even if they had a power that made their life difficult. Or if their appearance was less than... normal.

This bothered him enough to make him want to go wreak some sort of havoc. Which given his power was not hard. Even if the places had security cameras, he didn't really show up. Just a vague, average, faceless person. No one recognisable at all. It meant that he could potentially not be caught. Especially when his dampener was switched off and he was unnoticable.

For some reason the people in this small grocery shop seemed to be quite happy with their being no mutants allowed. Even though another human was probably a more serious threat to them than a mutant. But whatever. They could believe what they wanted. For now. For the time being Rat was content to follow them around, steal items out of their baskets and replace them with other random items. The stuffy old lady loudly complaining about 'young people these days' got a few 'adult' magazines in her basket. The man with three badly behaved kids got a box of condoms and a hastily scrawled note urging him to use them and so on. Being a bit of a bastard, Rat considered swiping the mans wallet but decided that was a bit much. What he was doing was better and it was rather fun. Rat happily wandered around the store, eating an bar of chocolate and intending the leave the wrapper in the next annoying persons basket. It was pretty childish but who cared? Not Rat, that was for sure.

On his way out, backpack filled with a few bars of chocolate and other sweets, he carefully took hold of the anti mutant sign in the window and peeled if off so could make a few minor alterations to it. Namely, crossing out the word 'mutant' and replacing it with the word 'foreigners'. Again not very mature, but with some luck it would cause some trouble for the owner. Might even cause some people to break a few windows.

With his pointless little bit of mischief done, he slipped out the shop, switching his dampener on part way down the street and began searching for somewhere quiet to enjoy his ill gotten gains. Or maybe find another shop to try and cause trouble in.

Jun 2 2018, 03:21 PM
There were many words you could use to describe Rat, but sensible was not one of them. Not often anyway. He was sensible enough not to piss off the more powerful members of the team but that was pretty much it. He knew better than to annoy people with super powers and no real sense of humour. That was one way to end up being ripped to pieces probably dropped down the garbage disposal thingy. So it was a bit strange for him to have set various pranks around the building with no care as to who got caught in them. But in his defence, it had seemed like a really good idea at the time.

This brood thing had rattled him more than he was willing to let on. Aliens existed and they were nasty little fuckers. Nasty little fuckers who were attempting to take over Earth and turn everyone into brood. This was not really how Rat had wanted to die. He wanted to die fighting Godzilla. Or fighting for mutant rights. Either of those ways was acceptable, but being used as an incubator for some stupid alien was not. As he was not the sort of person who liked to talk about his feelings, he needed another way to let off steam and, unfortunately for the other members of the group, that way involved bullion cubes in the showerheads, confetti bombs, fake spiders attached in random places, and a doughnut box that actually contained some steamed broccoli. Add the fact that his unlatherable soap bar was still missing, then someone was probably in for a rough day.

Not that Rat was bothered. It might add some hilarity to the day. They probably needed that. All the pranks were set up and he was stretched out on the sofa, watching tv, another interesting forensic documentary was on and he was happily eating a pack of Oreos that he was counting as his lunch. This was making things feel a bit more normal, like nothing seriously bad was happening. And that was good.

May 6 2018, 03:25 PM
It had come to Rat's attention that the newest member of the Brotherhood, Fabian, was in fact a bit of a douche. Or maybe a lot of a douche. Upon first meeting him, Fabian had commented on his diet and codename. Not good topics for getting Rat on your side. At first Rat had thought that maybe the guy was just a bit awkward, people could be like that. Rat knew some people like that, hell his little brother and sister were like that around people they didn't know. But after a while it had become clear that Fabian was just a jerk. He might as well have had an alarm that went off when he was around, an alarm that screamed 'jerk!' Also, dude wore a cape. A freaking cape! Clearly he knew less about fashion than Rat did.

Not feeling particularly fond of the new guy, Rat had figured it was ok to mess with him. It was what his powers were made for and he had been very well behaved since joining the Brotherhood. Being surrounded by powerful people with no sense of humour would do that to you. He had even behaved on April Fools day. A day he normally enjoyed owing to it being acceptable to annoy others. But... behaving had been the best option. Maybe he could get everyone next year. They might not even suspect it.

When it came to being a pain in the arse, Rat always liked to have some company to brainstorm ideas. Two heads were better than one. And he headed over to Wickeds room, whistling as he did so and knocked on the door. "Hey Wicked." he said in a loud sing song voice. "You up for joining me in some delightful mischief?" He hoped so, he had fun with Wicked. She was hopefully not above messing with someone. And she might have good ideas. Rat had his own but he liked finding new ways to be a pain.

Apr 8 2018, 04:29 PM
There were a few advantages to living in a super secret hidden base in a disused power station. One was that it was cool, living in a secret base was what a lot of cool people with super powers did in the comics or movies. Freedom fighters didn't live in ordinary houses and worry about paying bills. They didn't spend time mowing the lawn and taking care of the flower beds. They were busy saving people or training to save people. Or, in Rats case. they were busy adding graffiti to the outside of the building to add to the disused look. In his mind, if they wanted to keep the base secret, adding some more spray painted scribbling was a good idea.

While not bad at art, Rat always felt that he could stand to be better. This opportunity had not been offered in school and now that he no longer went, he was spending more time on his work. More time on practicing and messing around with techniques. The internet was a haven for such things and he spent a lot of time researching various bits and pieces and practicing the drawings in his room. No one went in there but him, so his work was not criticised or mocked.

There was one area of art that he could not work on indoors. There was no way to work on graffiti inside. Besides carving things with a pen knife or scribbling on the walls with a sharpie. But if he did that he’d be likely forced to get rid of it. So outside he went, armed with a couple of cans of spray paint and a few stencils he had been working on.

Some of the painting on the outside of the building didn’t look that bad. Mostly standard stuff, but there were some nice bits that he wasn’t going to go over. There were some cases when some of the graffiti artists had real talent that no one appreciated. There were of course, some bits of work that were just awful and Rat was currently ‘fixing’ one bit. Where someone had written the typical ‘meat is murder’ thing Rat had added ‘Yes it is, delicious, delicious murder’ under it in bright red spray paint. It wasn’t going to make a difference, but it got rid of that silly message. He could never understand why people felt the need to try and stop people from eating meat. It was a personal decision and that was that.

Having not used sprat paint that much, Rat was still a little awkward with it. Last time he had used it was back in North Yorkshire when he, Callum and Ryan had messed around with it in one of the old, empty houses on the estate. That had just been spraying swear words on walls. What he was doing now was a little more organised. Recently he had read 1984 and, like many people who had read it, it had gotten him thinking about quite a few things. It had also gotten him researching the book and its contents. The world that Winston lived in was nightmarish. Imagine a world where you were watched around the clock and could be arrested for 'thoughtcrime.' It made him shudder to think of it. He had also been curious enough to look into it more and more and eventually a quote had popped up in his searches.

1984 was not an instruction manual

It was true and after some messing around Rat had managed to turn it into a decent stencil that he was currently attaching to the wall. A can of red spray paint was next to him and he reached down for it, whistling cheerfully and prepared to add his little bit of decoration to the wall.
Mar 6 2018, 03:47 PM
Back in Leeds Rat had often enjoyed wandering with Ruby, around the various charity shops that were in the town centre and hunting for odds and ends that interested them. It was like treasure hunting. They would go from shop to shop, checking for books, cds, dvds and games. And sometimes they would be really lucky. There were times when they left empty handed but those days were forgotten when they had lucky days and found all kinds of exciting things.

Now that he was in America and able to be seen he had decided to go treasure hunting at the local thrift stores. As far as he knew, these were charity shops just with a different name. And probably bigger shops too. Which meant more space for stuff. He had invited Wicked to come with him as he thought she might enjoy it. He was looking for some more clothes and stuff for his room and figured she might be as well.

"Right then, first one." he said, stopping in front of the shop and casting a glance inside. It looked pretty good. Clean, tidy and the clothes didn't look like they had been there since the 90s. "Lets see if we can find some treasure." he said, opening the door and motioning for her to go in first. "Let me know if you're looking for anything specific and we can search for that first." He said, noting that the place was much bigger than the shops in England. Brighter too. There was also a decent sized media section that he couldn't wait to explore.
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