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Mar 6 2018, 03:47 PM
Back in Leeds Rat had often enjoyed wandering with Ruby, around the various charity shops that were in the town centre and hunting for odds and ends that interested them. It was like treasure hunting. They would go from shop to shop, checking for books, cds, dvds and games. And sometimes they would be really lucky. There were times when they left empty handed but those days were forgotten when they had lucky days and found all kinds of exciting things.

Now that he was in America and able to be seen he had decided to go treasure hunting at the local thrift stores. As far as he knew, these were charity shops just with a different name. And probably bigger shops too. Which meant more space for stuff. He had invited Wicked to come with him as he thought she might enjoy it. He was looking for some more clothes and stuff for his room and figured she might be as well.

"Right then, first one." he said, stopping in front of the shop and casting a glance inside. It looked pretty good. Clean, tidy and the clothes didn't look like they had been there since the 90s. "Lets see if we can find some treasure." he said, opening the door and motioning for her to go in first. "Let me know if you're looking for anything specific and we can search for that first." He said, noting that the place was much bigger than the shops in England. Brighter too. There was also a decent sized media section that he couldn't wait to explore.
Mar 4 2018, 03:26 PM
While in the Savage Land, Rat and Six had discussed going swimming at one point after they returned to the Non-Savage Land. Rat had liked the idea, he liked swimming but didn't get to go very often. That was what happened when you had to baby sit a lot and when you're best friend was terrified of water. Even after his move to America, he hadn't gone swimming as at the time he wasn't noticeable and while he could have gone swimming for free, there were issues that would come up, like making people think there was a ghost in the changing room.

But now they were there and he slipped into the pool with a sigh. Swimming was great. Like flying in water. He did a lap of the pool and decided that they had chosen the best time to go swimming. 11am in the middle of the week, when most people were in work or school. Much quieter and much more space. They could swim as much as they wanted without someone bumping into them.

"This is great." he said, before disappearing underwater and popping up a bit further away. Much better than in the Savage Land, at least here there was nothing that could attack them. And the water was guaranteed to be clean. Also there were showers they could use afterwards. So much better than the Savage Land.

He swam over to where he had last seen Six. She was really good in the water. Probably something to do with her mutation. Maybe. Rat knew it was something to do with water. Or maybe she was just naturally gifted. "Hey Six, want to do something really childish and have a race?" he said jokingly, she would likely win. Still, it was quiet and they had plenty of space to swim.

Feb 25 2018, 04:47 PM
The time had come. Rat felt that he could no longer avoid the conversation with Ruby. So he decided it was time for them to talk. Which was easier said than done. He knew that she knew he was there but he didn't really want to drag her away from the others in her group. People always assumed things when you did that. Besides, he was afraid that if he did, his voice would suddenly vanish. Talking about feelings and stuff was not a thing with his family, so he really had no idea how to do it.

He found her, of all places, on the beach. Although, she was in a patch of shade and doing some reading, which seemed more like the Ruby he knew. It was late in the day, but sunlight was still sunlight and bad for her skin no matter what time of day. Casually as he could, he sauntered up to her and sat down. "Hey. Heard we should be getting out of her soon. Maybe less than a week." he said cheerfully. He was really looking forward to that. To returning to the world of technology, junk food and showers.

"That's good." Ruby closed her book and put it down. "I'm getting rather sick of this place. I think a lot of people are." It was rather worrying at times. She wondered if anyone was just about to blow up. This was one of the reasons she was hiding away with her book. If things in a book got too upsetting she could put it down and walk away. You couldn't do that in real life. There was a long silence before she spoke again. "Are you mad?"

"About what?" he didn't look at her, just sat drawing patterns in the sand with his finger.

"I... didn't tell you I was a mutant. I lied to you." she whispered. The lying had bothered her greatly but she hadn't been able to think of a way to tell him. Not without it possibly being discovered by someone else. After all, the school was not common knowledge, and while you might need more proof that one email written by a dumb kid that it was a school for mutants, it still could do some damage. Ruby had feared that. She knew her parents and siblings weren't about to tell anyone what she was, that would make them a possible target and that was why they were the only ones who knew she was a mutant.

"Its fine." Rat said evenly. "I'm guessing you were scared." Not hard to guess. Ruby was scared a lot of the time. It was pretty much the kids natural response to everything. "B'sides, I didn't tell you I was one."

"That's true. You scared as well?" She had been scared. Very scared. It had been so bad she had just wanted to hide under her bed and stay there, away from anyone she might have been able to hurt. She doubted Rat had been as upset, after all he wasn't a wimp like she was. And wimps probably weren't allowed in the Brotherhood.

"Woke up one morning and no one could see. I was terrified." Rat said, looking around to make sure no one was nearby. There were very few people to whom he would admit that. For everyone else he just said it was awesome at first then became boring. In reality he had been scared. He was just lucky that the Brotherhood had found him. If they hadn't he didn't want to think of what might have happened. Something awful probably. Things might have been worse if anyone had found out about him and he was just glad no one had. It could easily have affected his family, especially Layla and Scraggy. "Only reason you can see me know is 'cos Toad is a fucking genius. He made my psychic dampener." Rat gestured to the band on his wrist. "Until he made that, not many people knew I was there. I even convinced one person that the kitchen was haunted." he added, proudly.

Ruby laughed. "Oh, that must have been brilliant!" she tried to stifle her giggles with no success. "They ever figure out what happened?"

"Don't think so, they... left the team later due to... issues..." Being turned into a teenager counted as an issue. A very serious one at that. It was truly a shame that Ash hadn't stayed with the Brotherhood. Rat had had a few more plans to haunt him. "You understand why I went with the Brotherhood?"

"Kind of..." Ruby said very slowly. She didn't know much about them, except they were mutants and terrorists. "They found you first?"

"No!" Rat almost shouted. He looked up in time to see her flinch and then felt bad. "Sorry, I forgot yelling doesn't help." he said in a lower tone. "It's not just that they found me first. Before my powers appeared I did a lot of research on anti-mutant stuff and the things I read... well... I would not recommend you read them. EVER. This is Threads all over again, 'cept a teacher isn't gonna make us watch it. Anyway. There are a lot of places where mutants are in danger, not just from being killed, but tortured, experimented on..." he noticed that one got a little flinch from Ruby, but carried on."... hell... we destroyed a place in Genosha that was using mutants as slave labour." He sighed and rubbed his hand over his face. "It was fucking terrible.... They had these collars on that could shock them... The guards were beating them...." he stopped, gained some composure and carried on. "Anyway they're safe. We freed them. Some are... in a safe place getting better and learning and understanding their powers. But no one was going to help them, not without giving the authorities a chance to kill them all and hide all the evidence first. But we stopped them. We rescued those poor mutants and gave them a chance to live as they please."

He went silent and let his words sink in. Ruby was staring off into the distance, but he could tell from the look on her face that she was thinking. "You understand why, now? Despite what the media says about us, we are freedom fighters." He really wanted her to understand his reasons for joining a group that idiots said were terrorists.

Ruby was quiet and sat there toying with the red crystal at her throat. "That's scary." she said finally. "All that shit is really happening?" Maybe... Rat was doing the right thing. Right for him, anyway. "So you wouldn't come to the school?"

"Sorry." Rat scrunched up his nose. "Me and school do not get along. You've seen it yourself. I'm gonna stay with the Brotherhood for as long as they want me there." Which could mean a long time, there weren't many others who could be as good at spying as he could. With them he was useful. His parents and teachers were wrong about, he could do something worthwhile with his life.

"Oh. Are we still friends then?" There was a touch of worry in Ruby's voice. She really didn't want to lose Rat as a friend. He was the first friend she had ever had and he meant a lot to her.

"Of course we are. Unless you don't want to be."

"Course I do." she said firmly.

"Shiny." Rat stopped his doodling in the sand and thought for a minute. "Sooooo.... can I ask about the red eyes and fangs?"

"What about them?"

"Are they a secondary mutation?" Rat had heard about them and was rather curious.

Ruby sighed, a deep, weary sigh. "No." she curled up, pulling her knees to her chin. "I can tell you the story, but its.... bad. You sure you want to hear?"

"If you want to tell it, tell it." There was no way he was going to force her to tell him. That would just be wrong. But if Ruby wanted to tell him, he would listen.

"Well... I really didn't want to lie to you in the first place..." she said, wiping her eyes. "But ok. There's this absolute bastard of a mad scientist who calls himself Sinister..." She openly cringed at the mention of his name. Rat put his arm around her should her and she leaned against him. Over the next twenty or so minutes,
she told her story as calmly as she could, although she was unable to stop the tears streaming down her face.

When she finished her story, Rat sighed heavily. "That's awful. I can see why you didn't tell me. I wouldn't tell me, either." he gave her shoulder a quick squeeze. "Still, you survived it. Makes you stronger than some adults. Some would be in pieces after going through shit like that. And look on the bright side, you did always want to be a vampire, right?"

"Yup. I'm now closer to that goal. Just need an awesome castle and an army of wolves and bats to do my bidding." Ruby smiled at the thought. Vampire was a career goal to her and she had dressed as one for Halloween. Easiest costume ever.

"That's the spirit! I have that picture you sent me on Halloween on my wall. You make a cute vampire." He said and then got swatter over the head for it.

"Vampires aren't supposed to be cute!" Ruby protested. "They're supposed to be dangerous." Cute vampires? That did not sound good. It sounded kind of weak, actually. Unless they were dangerous and cute. Then it was fine. "People don't take cute things seriously."

"That is true. It is hard though. It's hard to think cute things are dangerous. That's why people don't have an issue with squirrels." he said seriously before adding "Bitey little bastards." under his breath.

Ruby giggled at this and then went quiet again. "Hey, if that Toad guy can make something like your dampener... does that mean he'd be able to make a meat cleaver gun? Y'know from our zombie apocalypse plans?" she said thoughtfully. "A rakeaxe is easy, but the meat cleaver gun is an issue..."

"Good question, I'll ask him later." Whether or not Toad would give him an answer was a different issue. One that Rat would face when the time came. "Be awesome if he could. I don't want to be unprepared when the zombie apocalypse happens."

"I don't either. We've seen what happens when people are unprepared. All the zombie films we've seen are preparing us." Ruby stood up and brushed the sand off her jeans. "It's getting dark. We should probably head back to the others." she said, sounding a bit uncertain.

"Yeah... we probably should." Rat frowned. "Don't want to find out what lurks around in the dark round here." he set off with Ruby at his side. "I'm glad we're still friends."

"Me too." Ruby smiled, a rare thing for her and briefly squeezed his hand. "I can't my life without you in it. Even if it is just through email."
Jan 16 2018, 04:56 PM
During the liberation of the mutants of Genosha, Rat had liberated a few weapons from the guards he had tackled. Those arseholes had some pretty neat weapons and he had returned to the Brotherhood Base with a gun, a couple of batons and an electro whip. Then came the issue of what to do with them. The gun was pretty obvious, he handed that straight over to the others, assuming that they would have some use for it. Or maybe Toad could turn it into something else. Either way, he didn't want it.

With that out of the way he considered the other weapons. The electro whip looked cool and did some damage. The batons were strong, and simple to use. Although one was rather... damaged. During the liberation Rat had gotten a little enthusiastic with it and may have done more damage than he had expected to with some of the guards. Both were good, but he could only chose one to keep and learn to use. While there was no rule stating that, he felt it would be a good idea for him to focus on learning to use one instead of trying to learn to use both and possibly confusing himself.

The gym was empty when he arrived, which was a relief. Rat had no intention of embarrassing himself in front of the others as he practiced. They already saw him as a dumb kid and he didn't want to add to that. He figured it would take a long time for them to even consider him a member of the group and not some weird tag a long kid who did the cleaning, but it was worth a shot. If he could be useful he would. As he was alone, he considered switching the dampener off and being unnoticeable while he practiced, but eventually chose not to be. He liked being noticeable again. For now anyway. Once the novelty wore off he would likely spend more time with the dampener off.

He tried the whip first, assuring himself that he could use it, he had seen Indiana Jones plenty of times and figured he just had to copy what Harrison Ford did. Surely it couldn't be that hard. It was and he swore a few times when the whip hit his arm.

"Ow. Ow. Fucking bastard thing." he grumbled as he made sure there was nothing weird happening to his arm where it been hit. It stung quite a bit but there was nothing serious, just a bruise forming. Rat dropped the whip onto a nearby bench with a scowl. "Yeah? Well fuck you too. I'll hand you over to someone who'll take you to pieces." He grumbled and then turned to the baton.

Out of all the weapons he had stolen this one seemed like the better idea. It was light, easier to handle, portable and probably simpler to use. It was a club, therefore you clubbed people with it. Which could work well with his powers. Sneak up behind someone, smack them over the head and no one would see. They might think the person had just collapsed. He gripped it tightly and swung it a few times. It felt fine.

There were a few dummies around the gym, Rat headed over to one, imagining it was one of those guards, or maybe one of those tossers who had helped put the whole mutant slavery thing into action, someone who deserved having their head caved in anyway. As soon as he was close enough, he raised the baton and hit the dummy as hard as he could across the head. It made a satisfying noise as the baton collided with the padded thing.

"Hey that felt good." Rat said to himself. It had felt great. He hit the dummy again, and again. It looked like he had found his weapon.
Jan 7 2018, 05:21 PM
Dominik Ratcz had never been a good person to go to for advice. Over the years he had given his oldest son many questionable pieces of advice including; don't do your best, just do enough to get by. if you get into a fight, go for the throat or try to rip an ear off. If you can glue something back together, no one will notice it was broken in the first place. Sleep isn't necessary as long as you can have coffee. If the government doesn't want you to have it, its probably good. There were various other little bits and pieces but the only one that actually seemed to be useful to Rat was; when in doubt, watch Wayne's World.

Wayne's World was one of those films that Rat had enjoyed since he was little. Even before he understood most of what was happening he had been a fan and he sometimes found that it helped when making decisions. Mainly because it took his mind off the problem and made him laugh. And it did give him some advice like how if you blow chunks and she comes back, she's your but if she runs, it was not meant to be and never to trust well dressed men named Benjamin and that you might not be able to kill Keith Richards with conventional weapons. It was all good to know. Maybe.

As he hadn't brought much with him when he left home, he was thankful to find it on Netflix. How he loved Netflix. Mankind's greatest creation. Never mind the wheel or electricity or medicine. Netflix was the one thing that made the human race worthwhile. If you wanted to watch Netflix at two in the morning, it was there for you. It never judged your film or tv choices or criticised you for watching the same thing over and over.

That night, something was keeping him awake and it wasn't the various.. noises he could hear coming from the other rooms. No, what was bothering him was that he was concerned about his general lack of useable skill when it came to missions. The others guys had things like super strength or could crawl along ceilings like Xenomorphs or could control fire and stuff. Whereas he? He could make himself unnoticeable. Granted that wasn't bad but it was... all he could do. He didn't know anything. He couldn't fight or pick locks or hack into computers.

It made him wonder if he had made the right choice. He wanted to help other mutants, but what if he ended up doing more harm than good? So, unsure of himself, Rat had decided to try and see if Wayne and Garth might have some useful advice for him. You never know, stranger things had happened.
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