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Seamus Mellencamp


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Feb 25 2018, 09:55 AM
No Mutants Allowed. Those signs had steadily begun to show themselves all over New York and all over the country. Companies turning away and refusing service to anyone that was visibly a mutant or anyone they suspected of being mutant. Several businesses within Mutant Town had started to take the other route with No Humans Allowed signs. While Seamus appreciated that sentiment, he was not so certain that was the correct avenue to take. He, instead, had another plan in mind.

Dee's Diner sat on the corner of a street a few blocks away from the more heavily traveled sections of Manhattan. The diner was a small mom and pop owned diner. Not a fancy high end place that the ultra rich would go to, but perhaps the greatest piece of apple pie you could find anywhere in New York, and their potato salad was to die for.

Seamus had been watching the diner for a few days. Making sure it fit exactly what he wanted. Menus already on the table, no hostess seating customers, just go in sit down and the waitress comes to you. Exactly what he wanted since the no hostess meant he would not be stopped at the door, and the menu on the table meant he could have his order ready when the waitress arrives. And the most important part, Dee's had a no mutants allowed sign in the window.

Shouldering his heavy leather duster style trench coat so that it fit better over his shoulders, Seamus Mellencamp crossed the street and headed into Dee's Diner. The very large reptilian mutant turning heads as he casually entered the diner and slid into an empty booth. Clawed reptilian hands picked up the menu as he began to look it over. Though Seamus already knew what he wanted. A few moments later, a young waitress, perhaps 22 in age approached.

"Sir..." She said, pausing to swallow hard. Seamus had anticipated that would be the reaction, it usually was, and used the pause to place his order. "I would like a ssweet tea and a piece of that famouss apple pie. Thank you." He simply said turning to face the waitress and giving her a smile and a nod before sitting the menu down and folding his hands on the table before him.

A stare from a set of heterochromatic eyes surrounded by the scaled features of a towering over seven foot tall reptilian man could be very intimidating. Even when the man was being polite and giving you a pleasant, yet sharp toothed smile. The waitress, whose name tag read Sarah, decided that she was not paid enough to be the one to tell Seamus he had to leave, and calmly scribbled down his order and headed to the back.

"Did you tell him Sarah?" A woman, who Seamus assumed was Dee, asked of Sarah. Seamus did not hear a reply because Sarah was busy shaking her head no. "What did he say to you? Did you threaten you?" The woman asked, this time Sarah answered. "No. He ordered sweet tea and a piece of apple pie." Sarah said with a bit of a shaky voice. "I'm not telling him he has to leave. Mike will have to do that. You don't pay me enough to get into that." Sarah simply said before going back to check on her other customers. Seamus simply grinned, turned his head to watch the world go by outside the massive front window of the diner and wait for whoever Mike was.

Jan 6 2018, 10:18 AM
"Veritas Aequitas." Seamus spoke to the Brotherhood that had gathered at the staging ground. "Truth and Justice." He translated the Latin into English. Exodus being possibly the only other one that might have known what the words meant. Seamus could not speak Latin fluently, however he was a well read man. His parents throwing books at him thinking it would keep him quiet and compliant and partially fascinated that the "monkey" could read. Though what they had not counted on was the likes of Voltaire, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, and Machiavelli fueling his desire for freedom. That documents like the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, and Poems like the New Colossus and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings would not only plant the seeds of rebellion but further tend that garden and temper his patience for that right moment to strike back at their oppressors.

Getting himself situated, Seamus nodded to Blink, letting her know that he was ready when she was. "Thank you sister." He simply said, the usual stoic look on his reptilian face changing. His gaze narrowing in growing anger. His lip curling a bit in even more anger. His posture shifting from a tall mutant man to a slightly hunched reptile poised to strike at the slightest provocation. Though honestly Seamus had been provoked years ago. His anger like torrential rains filling a river basin. Smashing against the concrete dam that worked to hold it back. Though the look in his eyes said very clearly that the dam had broken, free Seamus was also Seamus turned loose.

Blink's javelin struck true and in a pink flash Seamus appeared on the grounds of the holding facility. A momentary battlefield pause swept over those standing around. Mutant and guard alike. For a split second no one knew what has happening. The element of surprise on the Brotherhood's side. Seamus's enhanced reflexes snatching out and grabbed a guard by the flak jacket and drew him in face to face. "Tell the Magistrates, Seamus has come home." Like a center fielder who had caught a ball against the outfield wall, with a runner heading home, Seamus drew back and turned towards the capital building that sat far off into the distance. His roar mighty as he stepped into his throw and hurled that guard with all of his considerable might. The eyes of the guard's partner went wide before he reached for his weapon. Seamus shifted his momentum and brought his clenched fist back around. Catching the man square in the flak jacket with all his strength. Sending him sailing like a missile to smash into wall of the confinement building. Seamus followed suit. Stalking forward towards his next target.

Wicked Toad and Exodus for the mention.
Nov 1 2017, 06:40 PM
Mainstream media focused all of their attention on what the Government was calling a "Mutant Terrorist attack on the President." Deflecting from any questions they got on the Brotherhood's data dump. Calling it "mutant propaganda," or "You know they have those kinds that can manipulate information, this is obviously fake." Though honestly they were not having to deflect very much at all. Blogs, vlogs, and tiny web based media start ups ending up as the only real coverage of the data dump that had taken place.

Not to many human people were talking about the revelation that the government, in conjunction with a company known as Trask Industries, had been experimenting on mutants illegally captured and detained. That the very same government was engaged in a covert surveillance program that not only was spying on mutants, but at any point could be turned on to just about anyone. The only real place talking about the startling revelation was those who lived in Mutant Town.

Mutant Town was a buzz with chatter. Angry chatter. Frightened chatter. Betrayed chatter. People had started to gather in various places, talking among themselves, before heading over to outside of Off Key. One of the more popular bars in Mutant Town. Seamus Mellencamp was not so sure about this idea. The rally had not even been the Brotherhood's plan, choosing to lay low for a bit to let the heat die down from the disaster that was the Presidential Inauguration. Once word reached the Brotherhood that some of the more activist citizens in Mutant Town were planning to march from Mutant Town to the Trask Industries building, they had no choice but to send some members. Seamus knew, he had no choice but to say a few words. Tell his story. It was adding fuel to the fire, but perhaps that is what was needed before America ended up like Genosha.

He had told the Brotherhood about Genosha, the small island off the coast of Africa. Just one of many islands and nations on the continent that a majority of people could not tell you a thing about. Perhaps that was why Trask choose Genosha. Small meaningless island full of impoverished people that could be easily manipulated by corporate greed. Almost immediately the Brotherhood's Cyberpath Hardwire had set to searching for information. Seamus directing her searches to the parts of the island that held the Work Camps. Entire small villages turned in to "Factory cities." where the human population worked as foremen, overseeing the work down by mutant slave labor. Pointing out the place that he worked, helping her label the buildings. Labeling the one that was the crematorium had bothered him the most. Telling them that was were he would end up, if they ever captured him alive, but vowing to return and free his people.

The towering seven foot four Seamus Mellencamp stepped up on one of Off Key's reinforced benches, some mutants were quite heavy after all, and gazed out over the large crowd that was growing by the second. He still had reservations about this march, but he knew the people of Mutant Town were going to go anyway and he just could not let them go alone. His struggle was theirs now, and theirs was his. He would make sure America did not get as far as Genosha did, while liberating Genosha at the same time.

"I am Sseamus Mellencamp." He said, letting his reptilian like voice boom over the crowd, catching their attention and quieting them down. "I come from a ssmall island off of Africa known as Genossha, one that you may not have heard of, but one that the world will know about now." He had no doubt that Hardwire was dumping more information as he spoke, or at least making what she had found easier to find. "On Genossha, mutants are sslaves. Sslaves to a corporate master named Trask Industriess." The name Trask illicited boos and hisses from the already angered crowd. "The very same Trask that we all learned about yesterday. The very same Trask that must be brought out into the light and expossed for what it is doing to not only a free people here in America, but the enslaved people of Genosha." Seamus looked around at the gathered crowd as it grew larger and larger. The Mainstream media is not asking the questionss or pressing for answers. Sso it is up to uss to get answers from Trask itself. We will march to Trask and get the answerss that have a right to know."

Seamus was not certain if he was a member of the Brotherhood or just someone they were helping out. All Seamus knew was these people were going to go to Trask today, and he could not let them go alone. All he knew was that he had a bone to pick with Trask and that would start by doing what he always did. What he swore to always do. Give the enemy one chance to do the right thing. One chance is all anyone got. If they did not take it, Seamus could not be held responsible for what came next.

Pulling his long leather trench coat further up onto his massive shoulders. Seamus head out and began heading in the direction of the Trask headquarters in down town Manhattan. The march would be a long one, though he had the stamina to make it. Trask would answer his questions or ignore him. They would get one shot to do right. Because ignoring Seamus Mellencamp was declaring war on Seamus Mellencamp and ultimately that was the worst mistake anyone person could ever make.
Oct 1 2017, 04:28 PM
Days turned into weeks as Seamus sailed across the oceans. Hidden deep within a cargo vessel as it sailed for what was hailed as The New World. At least that was what it had been called at one time. In the days of old when the Christopher Columbus had landed. Though he was not the first one to find the continent. Even though history had regarded him as such, this was not the case. There was a sort of kindred connection felt between Seamus Mellencamp and the Quakers and Puritans that had fled to this new world. They too were fleeing persecution for the promise of a better and free life.

Seamus felt the weight of that journey. Having left Genosha with the promise to return and free his people from the oppression of slavery. A slavery that had been thrust upon them because of the nature of their genetics. Companies like Trask using Genosha as a testing ground to perfect their instruments of subjugation. He still was not used to standing up to his full height. The restraints that he had worn for so long had kept him hunched for so long that slouching or standing in a crouch had become second nature to him. Though he was learning, deep down in that cargo hold, to stand at his full height and be proud of his new found freedom.

The horn on the cargo vessel sounded. The way the sound returned and echoed told Seamus they had arrived to a harbor. He had heard the cargo ship horns blaring enough in Hammer Bay to know what it sounded like for a ship to come into port. This sounded exactly like that. Seamus did not waste anytime climbing up from the depths of the cargo hold where he had been hiding out and surviving on the rats that were aboard. With studious speed, Seamus Mellencamp climbed to the top and stepped out onto the deck. His eyes catching sight of the Lady that welcomed all immigrants to the new world. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled massesz yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming sshore. Ssend these, the homeless, tempesst-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” Seamus quoted from The New Colossus poem by memory as he gazed up at the great Statue of Liberty.

"It's not what you think it is pal." A deck hand said, not at all unused to seeing stowaways appear once they got to port. Matter of fact he was pretty sure there was probably a few hundred hidden in one of the containers somewhere. There always was. "Mutants aren't welcome here either." The man continued before going back to his work. "But they are atleasst not ensslaved." Seamus said flexing his powerful hind legs and propelling himself off the ship and into the waters as he swam for shore.

The whole swim he had thought about the mans words. Could it be that this land was not the home of the free, or at least not free for his kind? Was the grand experiment a lie, a falsehood? Would they even listen to his words about the conditions of the mutants on Genosha? There was only one thing for him to do. Seamus would have to go and speak his truth and see for himself.

Emerging from the ocean, Seamus shook the excess water from his massive seven foot frame and for the first time in forever rose to his full height and began his walk towards his destination. Stopping every few minutes to mistakenly draw attention to himself by asking for directions to the United Nations building. Passing by a fruit stand, Seamus brazenly swiped several Granny Smith Apples. It did not take long for the police to get calls about a large reptilian mutant swiping apples and asking how to get to the UN building.

Swiftly he carried himself through Manhattan until the UN building came into sight. His heterochromatic eyes gazing up at the building as he munched on the last of his apples. His large leather trench coat billowing in the cold January wind. People gawked at Seamus, pointing their cameras and sending their tweets. Others knew better and began leaving as quickly as possible. Seamus paid them no attention. They were no threat to him. Not any longer.

One of the UN guards came out. He was a bit shaky in his movements, and stood in front of Seamus. "Excuse me, what are you doing here?" The guy said, his hand on his gun. Seamus merely looked down at the man and narrowed his eyes. "I have come to tell them about the slavess in my home of Genossha." Seamus said, aiming to move past the guard only to have the guard step back in front and other guards come out of the building. "You can't go in there." The guard said, only to take a step back at the glare that Seamus leveled onto the smaller man.

Or perhaps it was the eyes of Seamus that suddenly went wide as a cell phone rang and the feel of the air changed. With a crackle of digital energy Pipeline, Hawkshaw, and Punchout materialized not to far from Seamus. Pipeline and Hawkshaw raised their firearms and Punchout put her fists up.

"Step back human. Genosha will be apprehending its fugitive." Hawkshaw said, this energy weapon spooling up its charge. "I give you one warning to leave me be, race traitor." Seamus spat while turning to face the three mutants from Genosha who were apart of the Genoshan Press Gang. They were free mutants who served the oppressive Genoshan regime. Who stood by while their own kind were enslaved, beaten and tortured. "If you do not leave me, I will not sshow mercy." Though the Press Gang did not seem like they were likely to heed Seamus's warning.

@Any other Brotherhood

Pipeline is a teleporter who uses cellular and wifi signals to teleport around. He has military infantry training.
Hawkshaw is a tracker with Infantry grunt style military training.
Punchout matches Seamus's strength and punches a lot.
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