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Feb 16 2018, 12:27 AM


Celebrity Claim- Emily Rudd

Full Name- Catherine Blanche Brown
Nicknames/Aliases- Cat, Human Music Box,
Age- 22
Date of Birth- September 15th
Faction- X-Staff, Blue, Arrived June 2011. Left August 2014 for college. Came back after graduation
Occupation- Music teacher, musician, composer, real life D&D bard

Personality- At first glance, Catherine is an introverted and seemingly timid young woman. She doesn’t engage in a whole lot of social activities, preferring to keep to herself. She doesn’t usually initiate conversations. She is the type to keep her head down and her nose clean. Typically quiet and soft-spoken, it wouldn’t be odd for some to have never heard her speak to them. Not one for standing out in a crowd, she does her best to blend in. She won’t sit in the front or the back of the class, but the middle, preferably by a window, if possible, so she can occasionally stare out it.

If there was ever a dreamer, it’d be Catherine. But, she isn’t the type who spends her days with her head in the clouds. She is aware of the world she lives in and the public’s sentiments towards herself and other mutants. Being a bit of an idealist, it genuinely upsets her. She feels the need to do something to change public opinion of mutants, but currently isn’t sure how to go about it. She’s not an idle dreamer, and is capable of taking concrete steps to realize her goals and make a lasting positive impact. Egalitarianism and karma are very attractive ideas to her. She wants to see the best in people and tends to try and see the glass as half full. When she sees someone who seems to need help, she’ll try to reach out to them, even if it is just by doing small gestures like leaving them a note wishing them a good day because going over and talking to them would be really awkward for her. When it comes to normal, small social situations, she's fine for the most part. But big social gatherings can be awkward for her. She is quite non-confrontational and will actively pursue all other options possible before engaging in a fight.

If there is one thing which obviously is integral to Catherine, it’s music. The girl has been playing the piano since she was three years old and is absolutely in love with her craft. She is composing and hearing music all the time. Weaving together different sounds to tell a story or to express something comes naturally to her. It is part of why she likes poetry, because she hears the musicality. To her, poetry is music but with words instead of notes. She can easily get lost when she’s playing or writing music and has lost track of time due to this. The fact that her abilities have to do with music make sense to her, seeing as how it is such an important part of her life. She can’t imagine her life without it.

However, Catherine does struggle with the fact that she is afraid of her abilities as well. Mainly her sonokinesis, can be dangerous. As someone who is a relatively calm and peaceful person, the knowledge that her abilities have the potential to do harm to others scares her. She began working on controlling her powers and dealing with that fear ever since she got to Xavier’s. She also carries a lot of guilt over the death of her friend, Jesse, as a result of her powers. She’s prone to bouts of melancholy at the recollection of that.

For someone with the amount of success and accomplishment that Catherine has at her age, one might expect there to be fair amount of ego there. When it comes to Catherine, that isn’t the case. While taking pride in her achievements, Catherine isn't prideful. She is actually fairly modest. She sees her achievements as examples of how she has grown. The awards she has themselves mean little to her. It is what they stand for. The dedication she has put into her music, the hard work, and how she has grown and learn are what she takes pride in. She knows that she has a gift, but values the hard work and dedication she has put into cultivating that gift rather than the gift itself.

  • Classical music, jazz, various indie music
  • Plants
  • D&D, Planescape in particular
  • Soft/fuzzy fabrics
  • Playing music
  • Dogs. Well, animals in general, but she really likes dogs
  • Stargazing
  • Fantasy novels
  • Beauty and the Beast, the story
  • Yoga
  • Disney
  • Auto-tune
  • Cold weather
  • Failed throws at crucial moments in a campaign
  • Soda, not a fan of the effervescence
  • Out of tune instruments or people singing off key.
  • That antiseptic hospital smell
  • Dog whistles
  • Humble
  • Great Listener
  • Braiding Hair, both her own and others
  • Kind of socially awkward
  • Prone towards isolating herself
  • Really bad at/Doesn’t like confrontation
  • Super bad at lying

Power Name- Sonokinesis
Description- Catherine is able to control, create, sense, and manipulate the sound and sound waves around her. Be it ambient sounds from the environment around her or sound she’s producing, she can feel and control it. This has a wide array of uses from amplifying sounds, warping and distorting them, creating echoes, speeding up and slowing down sound waves, mimicking, and hush/muffling sounds within a range of 50 feet at most.

The softest sound she can potentially work with starts at 0dB (decibels). The loudest sounds she can possibly control/work with measure at 140dB, which is the loudest possible recommended amount of sound to hear when wearing protection. Without protection, it can cause immediate and permanent damage along with pain.

By altering sound waves, Catherine can create noticeable vibrations that can be concussive in force. When she creates concussive shock waves, they typically occur in bursts of force. She can easily shatter glass, seriously damage the inner ear, and even can cause the eardrum to burst. At her full potential, she can shatter eardrums, cause other serious bodily harm, and even create waves capable of enough force to make a sturdy structure made of concrete and steel have serious structural problems. She typically does this by snapping or clicking her tongue or letting out a whistle, playing a note, etc.

Catherine can create a wall or shield of sound that can stop or deflect solid objects by creating a concussive wave and sustaining it by holding out the sound she uses to create it. For her, this is typically done by sustaining a note.

She’s able to tune into/use certain shrill frequencies that pierce the ears and inflict sonic damage to them without other bodily harm. By using a similar technique, she can transmit messages by focusing sound to conduct through the bones in the inner ear of a person.


Catherine has become rather practiced at creating enough force to shatter glass, cause noticeable but not very harmful vibrations in concrete and steel structures, and knock both people and objects back 15 to 20 feet, effectively stunning those hit by her concussive waves. But she hasn’t reached her full potential yet due to an intense reluctance do attempt to do so.

Her control over sound is reflective of her emotional state. When Cat is frightened or nervous, she’ll unintentionally muffle of silence things. When she’s excited, startled, or enraged, it gets loud. She has to try and keep her emotions in check so she doesn’t blast someone’s ears out or be unintelligibly quiet.

Intentionally manipulating sound requires concentration, which means Cat isn’t focusing on what’s behind her or anything. She can’t be making everything silent and creating concussive blasts. She needs to focus on what she’s doing. She can't be creating a wall of protective sound and transmitting a message via focused sound. Or making one sound louder while silencing herself.

Her walls of sound only deflect things for as long as she sustains the sound without a break. So, when she stops or has to take a breath, the wall is gone and she's vulnerable.

Materials and substances that conduct sound differently than air or that sound can’t easily pass through mess with her ability to manipulate the sound waves. So, when wearing protective gear or in a scuba suit or vacuum, she can't really use her powers.

Vibranium, thanks to its properties, seriously messes with Cat's abilities due to how handles sound.

Power Name- Sonic adaptations
Description- Catherine's body is adapted in a couple of ways which protect her from her sonokinetic abilities and make her more aware of sound waves.

Catherine’s body is immune to the negative effects of sound waves, and therefore is unaffected by sonic based attacks, both of her own and from others. Her body, and especially her hearing, aren't affected or altered by sound based intrusions that would injure a normal person. It is also immune to the sudden overpressure (up to 5psi) and then depressurization that is caused by the energy in massive shockwaves.

She is also able to to detect sound in a manner very much akin to when most people feel a low frequency such as bass in their body. She feels sounds which she can't hear. Lower frequencies have more of that booming sensation. While higher ones are more like a tickle or that slight buzzing sensation you get when an incest like a fly or bee lands on you. The intensity of it depends on proximity. The closer the sound is, the more intense the sensation is for her. She can detect sounds from 5Hz to 35,000Hz.

She can use her ability to create sound waves and her ability to feel them to use echolocation. By sending out a sound wave and waiting for the echo, she can figure where things are around her based on how long it comes to come back to her.

She is able to selectively hear things by focusing in on a sound. This means she can listen in on conversations or to the footsteps of someone.

Her lungs have the double the capacity of a normal human's, thus allowing her to utilize more air when creating sounds and sustaining them.


While her body is immune to the negative effects of sound waves, sonic based attacks, and the rapid pressurization/depressurization of her shock waves, she's still able to be harmed by basically everything else. Blunt force, being stabbed, exposed to toxins, psionic attacks, etc. She's still a soft and squishy person.

Catherine can’t turn her ability to sense and feel sounds off. So, she is constantly being bombarded with the sensation of various sounds. She’s able to become overstimulated by feeling too many sounds at once. Such as being in exceptionally noisy area.

For her echolocation, she needs to have the sound wave come back to her in an echo. If something completely absorbs the sound, it isn't going to register for her. Also, materials which absorb sound in amounts or ways she's unfamiliar with are going to mess with this.

When selectively honing in on one sound, the other sounds pass Catherine by and she isn't paying attention to them, which is potentially hazardous. Such as she could be listening to the footsteps of someone and not hear the person next to her asking her a question or telling her to run.

While Catherine has an increased lung capacity, she still needs to exercise breath control in order to properly sustain a sound for an extended period of time without running out of air or it being shaky.

Skills & Abilities-
Super into D&D- Cat’s been playing/reading the lore and materials on D&D since middle school. She’s got a big bag of dice that aren’t her favorites, dungeon tiles, books on the various adventures that come out. Her favorite being Planescape. In short, you want to play a campaign/know something about D&D, she’s your girl. She likes to play bards and rogues, and in her current campaign plays an Aasimar bard.

Musical AF- Catherine is a very talented musician and composer. She currently knows how to play the piano, flute, piccolo, and the alto sax. She can sight read and play from memory and has perfect pitch. She composes frequently, carrying notebooks of staff paper and jotting down ideas in musical notation in the margins of her notes. She’s got an album which she recorded in middle school of contemporary music she’s composed titled Daybreak. She’s also competed in many piano playing competitions and won various awards and attended Juilliard, where she got her Bachelors of Music in Piano and Composition.

Trained in self-defense- Like most staff members who attended the school prior to their more senior positions, Catherine learned self-defense from her time at Xavier's at a student. She's by no means an expert.

Height- 5’5”
Weight- 120 lbs
Eye Colour- Bright blue
Hair Colour- Dark brown

Appearance- Catherine is neither tall nor short. At her height, she’s happily in the middle right around average. She’s a nice frame, not skinny or heavy. She is certainly in shape, partly in thanks to her daily yoga and also due to training. And that’s where the averageness stops. Because she’s got big, bright blue eyes and full lips and an all around pretty face. Her dark brown hair tends to hang loose and stops a few inches past her shoulders. It tends to be pretty straight, except for when she takes it out of a braid, which she loves to put her hair up in.

Cat keeps her nails short and cared for. She doesn’t tend to do anything crazy for them, leaning towards nudes and pinks or pastels for nail polish. She’s not one for bracelets or big, chunky rings either, as they may impede her ability to play. She has her ears pierced and tends to wear small, simple studs. Typically, they’re music notes or something musical. A lot of her jewelry tends to be musically themed, or floral.

Her wardrobe tends to lean towards the same shades as her nail polishes, pinks, pastels, whites, nudes. Those romantic, feminine sorts of clothing with lace and floral patterns and ribbons and flowy fabrics are one part of her aesthetic. She doesn’t own anything super frilly or anything. She likes delicate, gentle looks. She’s kinda got a girl next door thing going on. She doesn’t put on a bunch of makeup in the morning. She doesn’t try and look fancy. She wears what she feels comfy in. So, she owns a lot of clothes made from soft fabrics along with jeans and shirts with a healthy dose of dresses and skirts.

She does occasionally break her romantic and feminine look when she decides to totally dress down. Then, she’ll typically be sporting her hair up in a ponytail on braid, a nerdy shirt, be it D&D, a music joke, or some other nerdy shirt, and jeans, typically of a darker wash and some sneakers. If she’s going to playing D&D, she’ll be wearing some version of this outfit.

Gear- Typically has a musical composition notebook and writing utensil with her

Owns a blue 2009 Ford Fiesta she's dubbed Chip

Additional Information-
Loves Beauty and the Beast- She owns so many versions of this story, including the Disney version. But also the 1946 movie, and a couple different literary adaptations of it. Along with some artwork depicting things from the story.

Cat's a vegetarian, leaning towards being vegan, but still occasionally consumes dairy products.

Uses Planar Cant- Cat’s love of Planescape has resulted in her using some of the terms used in the fictional setting of Sigil in her everyday real life. Such as barmy (insane), cutter (a complimentary term), and pike it/off, (a rude phrase)
Hometown- Pasadena, California
Immediate Family- Dr. Jonathan Brown (Father) Dr. Teresa Brown (Mother) Ella Martikoff (Paternal aunt)
Others- Jesse Finley (best friend/crush, deceased)


Catherine Brown was born to two professors at CalTech in Pasadena, California. Her mother was a biology professor. Her father, a mathematics professor and also a mutant with the ability of mathematical intuition. She had a fairly average early childhood for an upper middle class child. Daycare, visits to the grandparents, etc. The Browns had a nice house with big enough yard in a safe neighborhood. Her development was normal, and her parents were proud of each new thing she accomplished. They read to her, would show her new, different things. Expose her to an assortment of experiences that were age appropriate.

Cat would listen to her father rattle on about various mathematical theories and things her toddler brain couldn’t possibly grasp. Of course, her father exposed her to more, like his love for classical music and jazz. The man possessed a rather extensive vinyl collection, which he would play for their enjoyment. Most importantly, he enjoyed playing the piano and had an upright Yamaha piano, where he would put Catherine down nearby until she could sit on the bench beside him and watch as he played. It wasn’t long before she was reaching out, doing her best to mimic the motions of her father’s hands and quickly began playing along with him to the best of her ability.

It was quickly apparent to the Browns that Catherine had not only a gift, but a love for the piano, and they made sure to encourage it. She received instruction in playing the piano and reading music, so by the time she was four, she was christened a prodigy. No one questioned her talent, due to her parents both being brilliant. She began attending and taking part in various competitions, and she had a tendency to win in her age group. Her father took time off from being a professor to home school her, and was more than happy to let Catherine compete as long as it made her happy. He assumed that she had a mutation like his, but for music. Her mother was pleased with how Catherine had not only found her own art and passion, but also that she’d begun to make friends with other children who she met at competitions, which she’d had been having trouble doing among the children her age in their neighborhood.

During this time, one of the children she made friends with was a boy named Jesse Finley who lived in San Diego. He lived too far away to see him everyday. But, San Diego was also close enough that they could visit more than simply at competitions. The two became best friends, keeping in touch via phone calls, letters, and emails along with their meet ups.

Her life continued in this way for a few years. She would occasionally socialize with her few friends at competitions and via technology and the mail, but for the most part, Catherine’s world was mainly made up of herself, her parents, and her piano instructor. Her aunt Ella would sometimes visit, which was always welcomed. There would be the obligatory press deal-ios which she’d have to endure, as child prodigies tend to be a hit. The fame and attention she was given by any such interviews or the like didn’t seem to really faze her. In fact, they just confused her and made her nervous initially. She was just not in it for the fame or attention. She just really loved music, and was good at playing the piano. She even started writing her own music and it was pretty good.

Of course, her parents both decided that she should go to school like a normal child. So, at the age of seven, Catherine went to school for the first time. It wasn’t a fun experience for her. Sure, there were some kids who were nice. It was very obvious to her that she was the odd one out. It was like everyone else was from a different planet where cartoons, dolls, and various toys ruled while she was the alien who didn’t see the appeal. She preferred her piano, books, numbers, and making up stories to go with various pieces of music. Her teachers recognized that she was lonely, but also advanced when it came to learning. They recommended she be tested for the gifted program, and eventually she was moved to gifted classes.

Thankfully, after some time, Catherine found that there were others in her class gifted who also liked books. Some of the other kids also took piano, but they didn’t go to competitions. She found solace in the school library and the music room. Those were the places where she and her few friends liked to stay during recess when it was cold or the weather was yucky. When it was good, they’d sit on the edge of the playground, where they wouldn’t be bothered. Of course, they too would play their own games.

Things started to change when middle school rolled around though. Her best friend at school, Charlotte, moved. Everyone was starting to grow as she and her peers began the beautiful process of puberty. Her other friends she’d had in elementary school made new friends as they became more interested in talking about boys, fashion, and make up than books, their own made up fairy tales, and make believe. They also all went to various middle schools. So, for a while, it was back to being on her own, with her parents, fellow musicians, and other adults for friends from afar. It was during this time that her aunt Ella visited and brought her the gift of a D&D starter kit and the Planescape books. When she wasn’t writing music or playing the piano, Cat could usually be found reading about Sigil, the City of Doors.

Catherine attended a private middle school which also had a high school. It was during these years that she focused in on her studies and her craft again. She poured herself into her work, becoming very involved in her studies and her music. By the time she was auditioning for L.A. County’s High School For the Arts, she had recorded and released her first album, titled Daybreak. She excelled in her academics while also learning to play the flute which led to her also learning to play the piccolo. And then she wanted to do jazz music too, so she picked up the alto sax. The one thing she didn’t have much of in middle school was a social life. She had friends, but none lived nearby. The only one she was in constant contact with was her best friend, Jesse.

Her acceptance to LACHSA thrilled her. Sure, it took her out of her school district. But, she got to go to a school for the preforming arts. She was able to study with other kids her age who had similar interests, that didn’t live far away! It could certainly be said that she blossomed quite a bit when she started high school at LACHSA. While still quiet and fairly calm, she came out of her shell a fair amount. She made friends at school, who encouraged and helped her push herself even more. Much to her delight, Jesse had moved to LA and also been accepted to LACHSA. So, she had her best friend with her for high school.

Having Jesse in close proximity was great. The pair hung out all the time and saw each other almost every day. Jesse managed to get Cat out more and interacting with others outside of school. They got a group together and would have weekly D&D sessions. Of course, having Jesse around all the time meant Cat got very comfortable with him. She noticed that he wasn’t the little blonde boy she’d competed against years ago, but a handsome young man. So, when she started to develop feelings for him that were more than friendly feelings, she kept it to herself.

It was when she was 15 and a sophomore that Catherine noticed some odd things. She would have sworn that she was noticing sounds she hadn’t before. Her hearing had always been pretty good, as protecting it was important in her chosen line of work. But, she was recognizing things. Sounds she shouldn’t be able to detect. She could feel dog whistles. And earthquakes. Being a fairly auditory person, she just assumed it was her hearing even though she wasn’t exactly hearing these things. She felt them. She had no explanation for why it happened, but it made her wonder what was going on.

One day is what changed everything for her though. It had been one of those days when everything felt like it was going wrong. She and Jesse had fought over which late Romantic era Russian composer was better, Rachmaninoff or Tchaikovsky? Both had their merits and had left their marks. The pair had eventually found themselves unable to come to an agreement and begun practicing Schubert’s Fantasy in F minor for 4 hands. But, Catherine was still steaming from the agreement and incredibly frustrated with the whole of the day. She wasn’t aware of what was happening until the piano they were practicing on exploded like a bomb had gone off. She and Jesse were thrown back by the force of a shockwave.

Both teens were sent to the ER as the school was evacuated. Catherine’s injuries were minor, cuts, bumps, and bruises. A concussion from hitting the wall when she was sent flying into it. Some debris and splinters had hit her and had to be removed, but for the most part, she was alright. There had been no major damage that seemed to be life threatening. She was kept for observation, to watch for any complications. Jesse, on the other hand, wasn’t. He’d suffered shattered bones, permanent hearing loss, and a bunch of organ damage. Catherine’s survival was deemed a miracle. Jesse’s death, a tragedy.

While in the hospital, someone from Xavier’s approached Catherine and her parents. They explained that she was a mutant. Which, they’d already suspected, but they hadn’t suspected that she’d have powers like she did. The decision to send her to Xavier’s was made, although Catherine left California for the school absolutely despondent after being informed Jesse hadn’t made it.

For the first month, near silence followed Catherine around like an auditory dark cloud caused by her unconcious use of her powers. She barely spoke a word and spent a lot of her time silently doing classwork or writing in her books of sheet paper. She filled two of those books It took her that month to work up the courage to sit down at a piano again. Her fingers had been itching to return to the keys the whole time. Her lips hadn’t touched her flute since the accident. She hadn’t talked about it at all. All her emotions were bottled up tightly inside of her all month. Until she sat down at the piano and began to play. She didn’t think about it. The music just flowed from her as everything poured out in musical form. Playing her music was therapeutic for her and shortly after she began playing again, the near silence began to fade away and she began to return to being more of who she’d been before.

The next two years, she spent working on controlling her powers. But, she also studied and further threw herself into her craft. Through a combination of hard work on both her control over her powers and her music, she auditioned for Juilliard her senior year of high school amongst other converatories such as the Curtis Institute and Berklee College of Music. She was accepted to Juilliard music program for both piano and composition and began attending after graduating high school at Xavier’s. She graduated from Juilliard in 2017 with a Bachelor’s of Music in both Piano and Composition, as well as her teaching certification. After graduating, she returned to Xavier’s to teach music.

Player Name- Mia
Age 23
How Can We Contact- PM, cbox, Skype
Time Zone- PST
How did you find us? I think it was an ad
Other Characters- Phantom, Epione, and Wicked

Role Play Sample-
Wind chimes glittered as the wind blew threw the leaves on the trees. There weren’t just rays of sunlight merely scattered around. No. It filled the meadow. Only leaving the spots where the shadows created some shade untouched. Blades of green grass tickled Cat’s feet as she ran through without a care. A wreath of delicate, delightful jasmine sat atop her head. Its scent was calming, adding to the elysian aura that radiated off of everything here. It mingled with the aroma of the blush colored roses that lined the nearby garden.

It was an orchestral score all its own. A breeze made up of gentle, harmonizing woodwinds and the soft tinkle of chimes as it brushed against the grass, leaves, and anything else it came across. Strings sweetly sang the soft hum of everything around her being in perfect balance with one another. There were french horns playing a light, melodic tune, along with their cousins in the brass family who would occasionally join them. But, for the most part, the woodwinds and the strings mingled with one another. Creating a calm, idyllic orchestration which reflected Catherine’s setting perfectly. One where silky flower petals floated on the breeze, not quite white but not boldly pink. Warmth radiated from every corner and wrapped Catherine like a blanket. Filling her with a sense of peacefulness, safety, and calm. Sweet, clean air filled her nostrils and eased through the lace and linen which covered her body. Everything lay in its most perfect position as some unseen force conducted the symphony of the world around her.

She was headed somewhere. Following something. A voice that was so familiar to her. It had that smooth, inviting drawl to it. Calling to her as it swam amongst the zephyr that glided past the flora and fauna. Catherine knew that voice. She’d know it anywhere. How many times had she played it on a loop in here. Followed it like she had people follow her. It resonated so perfectly with her. Not too low, not too high. Just the right frequency. She was running towards it. A shape visible in the distance, getting a bit more detailed as she drew closer.

And then her eyes opened so she was looking at the ceiling of her room. Debussy’s Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun poured out of her radio alarm clock. It lightly brushed against her skin as she felt the sound waves. She crawled out of bed, got dressed in her workout clothes, and turned off her alarm. It was still early for some of the other staff members, so she muffled any sounds coming from around her as she laid out her yoga mat on the floor of her room. She went through her normal morning routine, did her yoga, took a shower, got dressed and ready for the day.

As she walked into the staff kitchen, she pulled a yogurt from the fridge and went about getting some granola when she felt the sound of footsteps before she heard it. Turning her head slightly towards the door, she gave the person a warm grin. ”Good morning!” At least, hers was so far.
Dec 16 2017, 12:33 AM


Celebrity Claim- Jenna Ushkowitz

Full Name- Rebecca Chae-Young Kim
Nicknames/Aliases- Wicked, That Bitch, Muttie Scum, etc
Age- 18
Date of Birth- July 3rd
Faction- Unaffilated
Occupation- Lab Rat/Slave to Genosha


Wicked is the product of an entire country’s hatred and fear of mutants and Trask Industries exploitation, abuse, and experiments. The life she had prior to becoming a part of Genosha’s mutant population is long gone and so is the girl who lived it. In her place is a walking, biting, clawing, screaming young woman filled to the brim with rage and pain. Only traces of her former self seem to be left after having everything stripped from her. Fed a steady diet of all kinds of abuse meant to break her, Wicked’s confidence isn’t the result of an over-inflated sense of self esteem, but one born sheerly out of defiance. She strives to not just survive, but to thrive, as she sees that as the greatest way to give the finger to her oppressors.

Loud, unapologetic, and a white hot temper only made brighter by years of injustices, Wicked’s saving grace, the one that’s kept her from being deemed not worth the trouble, is her ability to adapt. She loathes it, but she does know when to bite her tongue and play along. She has to, if she wants to see tomorrow. Oh, it chaps her ass something fierce every single time. Her disdain for her country and her torturers knows no bounds. If given the chance, she’d kill them without hesitation. Her primary desire in life is simple. Freedom. And she will go after it with all she’s got. Wicked may know when to sit down and shut up, but that doesn’t mean she knows when to quit. Just because she’s momentarily behaving doesn’t mean she will continue to do so. She’s probably just biding her time and looking for her next opening. The next fight will come along, and you bet she’ll be in the fray.

There is another side to Wicked. One that has been exploited by her captors more than once. And that’s her bond with her fellow mutants locked in bondage to Genosha. Always one to stick up for the little guy, that scrap of her remains as she serves as a sort of protector for other mutants who can’t, or won’t stand up for themselves. Even though she knows it will land her in a world of hurt of some sort, the other mutants are all she’s got. She does her best to take care of them. Even going as far as to take some under her wing, treating them as family. But, the road to hell was paved with good intentions.

Beneath her hard exterior, there is an actual young woman there who is more than her ferocity and anger. Wicked does her best to keep the soft underbelly of her personality out of sight. Because she knows she’s incredibly broken. Years of torment at the hands of her own country and Trask Industries, including being stripped of any sense of identity and self-esteem during a period where forming those is crucial has left Wicked feel sort of lost. Force fed the idea that she and all her fellow mutants are a scourge and not considered people, only means of getting work done has resulted in her having the terrible fear that may be all she is. A workhorse. Replacable. Nothing. So, she fights to prove them and herself wrong. But, in her most vulnerable moments, one might see a glimpse of what was once a little girl. As Wicked’s aspirations and desires can seem childish, like wanting to grow up to be a dragon or her lust for vengeance.

Her powers don’t help matters. Not only has she been through the ringer and then some, witnessed others go through it, and lost almost everything, but on top of that, Wicked would say she feels too much. A simple way of explaining the impact of being subjected to witnessing the brutal final moments of so many others. The vast majority of them, her comrades. Already prone to being impulsive and angry, Wicked’s connection to her manifestations is the shit sprinkles on a crap sundae. She never learned to control them, only how to keep them within the bounds of being useful to Genosha and Trask Industries. And that’s been a painful process. Mentally and physically. She knows she’s capable of so much more than the parameters set for her. She’s easily agitated, mistrustful of authority figures, and is constantly on alert.

One could call Wicked dangerous and they’d be right. Whether it was the intention of those who’ve handled her in Genosha or an accident, her captors have created a powder keg in the shape of a young woman. They took an innocent girl whose very nature already predisposed her to not being able to be contained in a box and trapped her in one. They twisted her sense of beauty and altered her understanding of reality so it was mainly made of pain and suffering. To the point where she believes it to be normal, because for her, it is. She’s not fazed by blood or gore because it is practically part of her daily routine. Someone will die and it will be agonizing. There will be blood spilt before her again. Perhaps it’ll be hers. And it will be at the hands of Trask Industries and Genosha. But she dreams of a day where she’ll be the one spilling their blood and it’ll be their turn to scream. Because she remembers a time when this wasn’t her normal. And on some level, she knows her reality isn’t normal for others. But for now, it’s too real and present for her to care about anything other than the fate in front of her.

  • Embroidering
  • Soft/cool fabrics
  • The color black
  • The sound of rain on the roof as she falls asleep
  • Dragons
  • Getting into fights
  • Leaving a mark
  • Having her hair brushed
  • Her name. Her real name
  • Picturing things she’d make. Like a dress of dragon scales. Or the night’s sky.
  • The Country of Genosha
  • Trask Industries
  • The Magistrates
  • The Press Gang
  • Making boring clothes
  • Her god damn collar that shocks her and is too tight
  • Being experimented on
  • That she may never be free
  • Others being punished for her mistakes
  • Talented seamstress and embroiderer
  • Stubborn as hell
  • Fierce protector
  • Sticks up for the little guy
  • Well intentioned
  • Desensitization to violence and blood
  • Multi-Focus
  • Enhanced Pain Tolerance
  • Loud
  • Unapologetic
  • Impulsive
  • Doesn’t think things through
  • Broken
  • PTSD
  • Desensitization to violence and blood

Power Name- Necroplasmic psionic manifestation
Description- Wicked can summon the necroplasmic residue left behind by the death of living beings and manifest as ghost like entities which she refers to as spirits. These were initially mistaken to simply be psionic manifestations, which isn’t entirely untrue. The spirits she summons are transparent and float around like traditional ghosts. They can also become tangible or intangible by her will. She can use them to interact with things at a distance such as to attack, scout, and even protect herself. She can change the forms of the spirits she summons from their default if she needs to, like to shield herself. While she hasn’t tapped into this except for a few times unintentionally, she has the potential to use the energy to form force fields and concussive blasts. She’s capable of consciously summoning dozens of these “spirits” at a time and controlling them while being perfectly functional herself.

The form that Wicked’s “spirits” tend to take is entirely up to her. Typically, Wicked just unconsciously has them appear in a somewhat human like form. Although, the forms her “spirits” take tend to be deformed and horrific. They’re gaunt, twisted, and look more like monsters as a result of them being manifestations of how Wicked sees herself. At one point, they more closely resembled the people around Wicked who’d she had witnessed dying. Now, they’re ghouls, typically hungry looking with sharp edges and angles.

Limits- Wicked’s got no idea of what all she’s capable of due to the parameters set for her by those in control of her shock collar. She currently can easily make three manifestations appear and become tangible, as this is her norm at work. So, she can complete the work for four people.

Wicked is aware she can shield herself, but has been conditioned to not do so via her shock collar and thus is not practiced at it. She also is not practiced at creating force fields and concussive blasts.

She currently isn’t able to maintain manifestations outside of her line of sight for more than short bursts. So, one could fly inside a building where she can’t see, take a quick look around, and fly on out and be fine. But if it stayed in the building and it was dark so Wicked couldn’t see, she couldn’t maintain her connection and would lose that manifestation. But, give her time and practice and she will be able to maintain them, provided they remain within a 300 yard range of her, which is her peak and will take awhile to get up to.

Wicked has yet to realize that the physical default her manifestations take is a result of her self-image and her desire to keep various people who have died with her. Her imagination is great enough that it makes each one look different enough to reflect those who she’s lost and whose memories she tries to keep alive that she has yet to catch on.

Power Name- Empathic and telepathic connection to her manifesations
Description- Wicked has a connection to the spirits she summons which is both empathic and telepathic in nature. It allows her to see what they see, hear what they hear, and speak through them. They are an extension of her in a very real way.

Limits- If someone hurts one of her manifestations, Wicked feels the pain. She has learned how to use multiple “spirits” as a way to spread the pain out amongst them and make it more manageable. But, she does feel the pain. And it is similar to if what was done to the manifestation was done to her directly.

Wicked can also lose control over her abilities and lose track of who is where and which way is up. When exposed to enough necroplasm and trying to summon her manfestations, if there’s more than she knows how to handle, it can overload her mentally and emotionally. Her mind and body try to defend themselves however they can, by any means necessary. This can be stopped by her either working through it, which she will do eventually. Or Wicked being physically removed from all the necroplasm and her connection with it severed. Which may require her being rendered unconscious by some means.

Skills & Abilities-
Skilled seamstress and embroiderer- Wicked has been sewing since she was a tiny thing. Her grandmother was a seamstress who prior to moving to Genosha, was known for her beautiful embroidery on hanbok amongst those who knew her. She taught Wicked to sew and embroider. To turn fabric into magic and make something beautiful out of it. And it seems Wicked has inherited her grandmother’s skills. Years of being forced to work in sweatshop conditions, Wicked’s done nothing but hone her skills. She can sew amazing creations, but typically is doing boring work. But, she’s damn good at her job. She’s fast. She’s accurate. And if allowed to do as she pleased and given the proper materials, she could create wonders.

Bilingual- Wicked’s parents and grandmother all spoke Korean at home, due to it being their native tongue. So, Wicked naturally grew up speaking it as well. She was taught how to read and write in Hangul, although she hasn’t had much use of that in a while. But, she tries to cling to as much as she can.

Brawler- Not a skilled fighter in any sense, Wicked has never been given any official training. All her fighting skills comes from things she’s learned first hand. She’s scrappy, not afraid to fight dirty, and tends to use her size, speed, and anything else she can against her opponent.

Multi-Focus- Wicked's mind is able to fully process and focus on multiple tasks and have many different inputs, such as her seeing through, being able to process whatever input she's receiving from, and controlling her manifestations while also functioning normally herself. She can maintain this focus with up to fifty different perceptions and inputs, not including her own coming from her own physical body.

However, Wicked has no idea about how many “spirits” she can control at the moment. She was allowed to have up to three around for work and possibly experimentation purposes. And that is what she is currently comfortable with controlling and having as an input. She’ll need to practice a lot more to reach her full potential.

Enhanced Pain Tolerance- Wicked's enhanced pain tolerance doesn't mean she doesn't feel pain. Only that she's able to function and not pass out while in extreme pain. Which might work against her if the pain is from a wound and continuing to function means exacerbating it. Also, since she uses her connection to her manifestations to help manage her pain, if for some reason, they were all injured at the same time or made to disappear, she’d be a far bigger world of hurt. Currently, she can withstand broken bones, torn ligaments, and getting stitches.

Her pain tolerance has grown with her as she’s endured more abuse at the hands of the Genoshan government and Trask Industries. She did not just wake up, able to deal with broken bones and flesh torn apart without making a sound.

Height- 5’1”
Weight- 99lbs
Eye Colour- Brown
Hair Colour- Black

Appearance- Wicked is a fairly skinny bit of a thing who doesn’t seem to have much, if any, fat on her thanks to working long hours and years of malnutrition. She may be skinny, but she’s got strength hiding in there. She bears the scars of multiple fights, bouts of experimentation, and being punished for getting into the aforementioned fights and various other unauthorized behaviors. Her back is riddled with scars from the energy whippings she’s received. And there is scaring round her neck as a result of repeated shocks and having had the collar on, rubbing against her skin for so long. Her body also bears witness to the several injuries she’s sustained over the years like broken ribs and her left arm which has been pulled out of the ball and socket joint of her shoulder more than once.

The clothing Wicked wears are the ones she and everyone else in the female dorms are given. The “one size fits all” undershirt, shirt, and pants are brown. Her clothes originally were too big. But, she used her skills as a seamstress to tailor them to fit her more comfortably. Her work boots are black. And her long, black hair tends to be pulled back into a ponytail held there with a torn strip of fabric.

She has a tattoo on her right forearm, where in bold, black ink, the word mutant is clearly emblazoned into her skin.

Gear- Wicked can almost always be found with a needle and thread. The size of the needle and color of thread really depends on whatever was available to her. But, she’s always got some on her.

On the inside of her work shirt, she’s stitched her Korean name in hangul, so she won’t forget it.

Additional Information-
Wicked suffers from PTSD as a result of her upbringing in Genosha as a mutant.

Her happiest memory, and the one she clings to, is of helping her grandmother in making her hanbok for the New Year. It had brightly colored stripes sleeves (so-mae), and the jeogori was white with a red otgoreum that matched the red of her chima. She stitched the geometric pattern along the hem of her chima under the supervision of her grandmother.

Wicked has a select few people who she allows to call her Chae-Young, which is her Korean name.

Wicked’s left handed. But has basically become ambidextrous due to needing to use both hands due to lack of supplies available to her.

Wicked also does not know how to function in the outside world as a self-sufficient adult. She’s never been paid for her work. She stopped receiving schooling outside of the little job training she got at seven. As a result, her reading comprehension is rather poor.

She’s really good at guessing people’s sizes simply by eyeballing them.

Wicked speaks with an accent, although for those not familiar with Genosha or the nearby countries, placing it may be incredibly difficult.

Hometown- Hammer Bay, Genosha
Immediate Family- Kim Soo-Mi, mother, deceased, Kim Ji-Ru, father, deceased, Kim Yeong-Hui, grandmother, deceased,

History- Rebecca Chae-Young Kim was born to a couple who had immigrated to Genosha in hopes of a better life, for themselves, for the elderly mother they cared for, and for their expectant child. They worked hard to get good jobs, taking night classes and working long hours. They both possessed powers, mutations, which had made them flee Korea for fear of being found out. They kept their abilities under wraps and prayed that their child would not have any. When Rebecca was born, they gave her a more Western name, so she would fit in better. To others, she was Rebecca, At home though, she was Chae-young.

The Kims hoped their daughter would be gentle, smart, and most of all, wouldn’t stick out or face the trials they already had. They wanted her to not have to live in fear of being found a mutant and deal with the shame associated with it. However, what they wanted and what they got were two very different things. They’d hoped for a boy, but been more than happy with their little girl. There were things about her that became more apparent as she grew older. Things which they tried to change about her, with the intention of that making life easier for her.

See, Rebecca had no desire to fit in as a child. She played with the other children nearby, sure. She adored her grandmother, who took care of her when her parents were at work. However, while other little girls wanted to be the princess in fairy tales who is saved by a prince and lives happily ever after, Rebecca wanted to be the dragon. Strong, powerful, and able to bring a kingdom to its knees. She tussled with the boys, which didn’t quite sit right with some of the girls. But, Rebecca didn’t care. She was always on the move and doing something. An active child, her grandmother was glad when she would eventually tucker out.

Before Rebecca was old enough to really remember, she had to stay inside one day for some reason or another. And her grandmother was sewing. Rebecca doesn’t remember a lot of that day. She just remembers that there’d been a hole in something. And her grandmother had made it disappear. Like magic! Bold as brass, she went on over and asked the woman to do it again. Make another hole disappear. And so, her grandmother did so, after chiding her for trying to order her around. Rebecca didn’t care. She was transfixed by what at the time she thought to be witchcraft on her grandmother’s part.

It wasn’t long before she asked if she could learn how to make holes disappear too. Her grandmother, while not having any of her granddaughter’s attitude when she had one, was more than happy to have found a way to keep the small girl out of trouble. There was many pricked fingers and tears at first. And a lot of frustration. But, eventually, Rebecca was sewing along with her grandmother. And whenever her grandmother would pick up her needle, Rebecca would watch and hope to find out what it was she was creating this time.

A good student, partly due to her parents pushing her to be so, Rebecca found her own small group of friends her age. They were outsiders. The other kids who didn’t quite fit in ended up banding together. She was five when her parents put her in ballet, hoping that it’d install some discipline and grace into their rowdy daughter. And Rebecca liked it. She was mildly (ok, more than mildly) put off by the fact that she was told to be more like a swan. Swans were boring. Pretty to look at but they were boring. Dragons were powerful and could be graceful too! Thankfully, her ballet teacher was experienced and convinced Rebecca that yes, she could be like a graceful dragon, then. And with that, Rebecca was on board. Throwing herself into ballet, sewing with her grandmother, and her studies. Although, the latter was more she had to constantly be reminded to do so,

When she was six, her grandmother decided that Rebecca could help make her own hanbok for the new year. And Rebecca couldn’t be more excited. They looked at fabrics. Her grandmother being the one cutting them, of course. Rebecca helped design it, choosing which fabrics to be used and what designs she wanted. She helped sew it together, albeit, her grandmother did the majority of the work. But, Rebecca helped! She did what she could and embroidered the pattern along the hem of her chima. And it was like wearing magic when she put it on for the first time. Her own magic. She’d helped make this. She was so incredibly happy. Spinning around, running about, a colorful and bright force of joy that couldn’t be contained.

Things changed, though. Genosha began its crackdown on the mutant population. Rebecca knew of her parents peculiarities, and even suspected her grandmother of being a mutant too. None of them had any physical mutations, though. So, the Kims thought they were safe. Rebecca didn’t fully understand what was going on at the time. All she knew was that she had to keep her family’s secret. So, she did. She got into fights with other kids, went to ballet, helped her grandmother, and did her schoolwork. And she kept her mouth shut.

Who told and how they knew, Rebecca never found out. All she knew was that people came into their house as they prepared for dinner. Her mother screamed as Rebecca was pulled away from her father, who’d been trying to protect his family. Rebecca remembers screaming and gunshots. Her appa falling to the ground and the blood. Men went over and began kicking him, beating him. And Rebecca couldn’t comprehend why. What had her appa ever done? He didn’t get into fights. He was a good man.

The irony was that she may have avoided the fate she was headed towards if she hadn’t broken away from the man holding her. A flurry of knees and elbows, Rebecca ran towards her appa. Only to find the air felt heavy. Much heavier than normal. Not like the chill of fog that rolled in some early mornings. It was stifling. Almost as though it was trying to make it hard for her to breathe if she continued to ignore it. So, she didn’t.

And Rebecca screamed. She let out a screech of agony and terror as she was being dragged to a vehicle as she watched her appa lay there, dead. A transparent image of him floated near her, protecting her. Pulling her from the grasp of the man trying to shove her in whatever to send her somewhere she was sure she didn’t want to go.

A blow to the back of the head had her fall limp. Alive, but unconscious.

Rebecca woke up with her mother’s arms wrapped around her as she cried. Her grandmother huddled up with them. They were in a truck or something with a bunch of other people. People Rebecca had never seen before, but all of them just as scared and unsure of what was going to happen to them.

They arrived at the camp who knew when. All Rebecca knew was it was hot. That she was thirsty and hungry. And scared. But once they arrived, she was nearly torn from her family again. Although she didn’t know that. Rebecca had no clue what was going on. Where she and her grandmother were going to be headed. But, her grandmother was a smart woman. And she promptly informed the officer that they could work. They could sew. They were good workers and fast. Rebecca didn’t know what sewing had to do with any of this, but she nodded along with her grandmother.

They were sent to the women’s barracks where they were reunited with her mother. Issued clothes which were far too big for Rebecca and beds. Tattoos were inked into their forearms, mutant in big, black letters. They were put to work soon after. A close eye being kept on them. Rebecca wasn’t aware at the time of what possibility loomed over their heads if their fingers faltered. When she finally got the courage to ask her grandmother, she was given a simple yet terrifying explanation. ”If you don’t do good work, they’ll kill you.” It wasn’t just a story to scare her into behaving. Or a saying with the same intention. Rebecca knew she meant it.

So, for weeks, Rebecca did her best to keep her mouth shut. To not cry or talk back or stick her tongue out at the mean officers or call them every nasty name she knew. To focus on her work, which she did a lot of. She would get back to the barracks incredibly tired. And despite the fact that they were fed consistently, it was never enough to satisfy her hunger. The food was gross. But, she learned quickly it was better than nothing. It was better than starving, which she watched some of the women do.

Biting her tongue and trying to hold back her defiant attitude didn’t save her from getting smacked and kicked. Screamed at to work faster. Having food withheld for stupid, little things. Because one man didn’t like her, it seemed. And it was hard to keep quiet and do nothing. Wicked wanted to tear him apart with his smug grin. She wanted to empty all the bullets in his gun into him. She didn’t know how to do that, but she was sure she could figure it out.

She stewed for years, occasionally being dragged off to be poked and prodded and cut.
It was during this time she began to work on using her powers. There was always that constant heaviness in the air. And she tried to ignore it. She really did. But Chae-Young, as she was called now, couldn’t keep fighting it. So, when she felt the death of the girl from the nearby bunk who worked near her, Chae-Young couldn’t help it as a transparent image of that girl appeared. She knew she was dead. She wasn’t the first. But, it was the first time she lost control.

Terrified she was going to be beaten for her powers, instead of crying, she stiffened up. She was going to fight them, she decided. She hated them so much. She hated that she was a freak. A blight. And she wanted to share the hurt with them. But, instead of being beaten, she was dragged to have experiments run. Figuring out if her powers could be of greater use. They weren’t going to be. But, a collar was fashioned for her. One like the ones so many others wore. After having been pushed to her limits and then some, she was given her shock collar and told her parameters.

She could summon up to three of her manifestations. They knew she could make them tangible. Which meant she could make them work. And she knew what hell that’d be for her. Constant pain, which was already her norm. But this was enough. She screamed as her “spirits” attacked the guards, only to quickly find herself in even more agony as electricity shot through her neck and into the rest of her body, leaving her writhing. Her act of rebellion was short lived. Or so they thought.

Chae-Young’s outbursts grew to be more frequent as the years passed as she grew. She’d get into fights with guards, only to incapacitated by her collar. Finding herself with her shirt off, on the receiving end of an energy whip against her back. Sometimes, it was boredom. Or stupid little stuff. Most of the time, it was because they wouldn’t leave one of the other women alone and she’d call them out on it. She bit off the tip of a guy’s ear after jumping on his back after finding him assaulting another girl. The fact that she made it to work after the beating she took for that was due to sheer willpower. She had to run her machines and look at her work mainly through the eyes of her manifestations as hers were swollen too badly.

This behavior earned her a nickname. Wicked. It was meant to be mocking the young girl who was growing into a young woman. She was still tiny, scrawny, but had an attitude. She knew that the guards were trying to make her into a joke as they passed by, warning each other about Wicked. Well, fine. They wanted Wicked? She’d give them just that. She took on the name with pride. Telling the other women to call her that. She took their joke and wore it as a badge of honor.

Her grandmother had passed by the time that name was bestowed upon her. Her mother was soon taken away for tests, never to return. Wicked knew she was dead. And at night, she lay in her bunk, silent tears streaming down her face as she was alone. She took care to embroider her name, her real name, into the inside of her work shirt so she’d always remember. She may be Wicked to them. But she was Chae-Young. And she promised herself she’d make them pay. She became Wicked and did so with a sick sense of glee.

Because why not? It was that voice in the back of her head telling her fuck it all. The one that kept her awake at night in fear of the nightmares. The one that wouldn’t let her rest for a moment. The one that made sure she was always alert. Always angry. Always had that thought in the back of her mind that it was her fault. The one she desperately had to ignore. That was Wicked. That was her.

One day, Wicked promised herself, she’d be free. She didn’t know what she’d do with her freedom, but she’d enjoy it. She’d enjoy tearing all these people who’d tormented her apart. Beating them like they’d beaten her. Like they’d beaten her mother. Her grandmother. The other women. Children. Her father. Beating them until they couldn’t get back up again so they’d know how it felt.

And when she lay in her bunk at night, when all the lights out, she’d run the tip of her finger over the embroidery in her work shirt and mouth the words, “My name is Chae-Young” to herself, so she couldn’t forget it. Her eyes would close to picture bright striped sleeves and the hope that one day, she’d get the hell out of here.

Player Name- Mia,
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How Can We Contact- Skype, PM, I have a discord too
Time Zone- PST
How did you find us? I think it was an ad?
Other Characters- Phantom and Epione. But first canon character!

Role Play Sample-

Sweat dripped down her face as she guided fabric through beneath her sewing machines. Today was a hot one, it seemed. That’d mean there’d be fainters. Which meant beatings for whoever slumped in their seat at their workstation or fell to the floor. The air was filled with a whirr of sewing machines in this room. And surgers. The gentle hisses of women pricking their hands with pins and needles and blades. Just don’t bleed onto the clothes. That was one of the rules.

Tired after trying to console the newbie with her fresh tat who would have cried through the night, Wicked pushed herself to keep her eyes open. The heat, lack of water, and the pressure. Heavy air. Her throat felt like sand. Her limbs couldn’t move anymore. She couldn’t do anymore. Her body screamed out as it wanted to just fall to the floor and let her mind fade into the blackness.


The unintentional summoning of another spirit sent electricity coursing through Wicked’s body. Her everything tightened up and wanted to convulse. But it couldn’t let go yet. The machines she’d been working on all stopped as she stiffened up. Only to find her body suddenly relaxing all at once, nearly sending her flopping onto the floor. Her heart racing leaps and bounds faster than it probably should be. Oh, she just wanted to lay down and sleep, but knew doing so would be laying down to die.

Fuck that.

Sitting up straight at her station, Wicked focused and readjusted her machines and fabric, lifting the needle arm to do so as one of the officers passed. “Get back to work, Wicked.” She didn’t need to see his face to hear the sneer in his voice. She’d named this one ponytail. Because of the short ponytail he kept his hair in. ”Yes, ma’am.” Whoops. Had she said that?

The regular whirr came back as she pushed her fabric on through as she caught the glower and hum of an energy whip itching to be broken out, ”Sorry, sir. Thought you were the madam. My mistake. It won’t happen again.” Yes, it would. She was going to get under his skin and make it crawl. She would drive him crazy. And she knew it. Now, if he knew wasn’t something she was privy to. But, Wicked had a way of doing things. And rule number one was let the newbies know she wasn’t afraid of them. Especially if she really was.
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Celebrity Claim- Emilia Clarke

Full Name- Bianca Mezzanotte
Nicknames/Aliases- B, Dr. Feelgood, Queen of the lab
Age- 30
Date of Birth- September 14th
Faction- Unaffiliated
Occupation- Pathologist

People may be surprised to find out that Bianca has been around the dead her entire life, seeing as how she just seems so normal. If anyone is expecting a woman with a morbid fascination with the subject of death, the dying, and the dead, they will be terribly disappointed.

Independent, hard working, focused, those all describe the woman in the scrubs. She can be very detail oriented and has been known to hyper-focus on something if it doesn't seem right. Bianca has been known to get caught up in her work. To the point of losing track of time, her need for sleep or nourishment. It can be a fault, but it is a manifestation of her passion for her job. It isn't just a passion for her job, but for life itself. The phrase joie de vivre seems to fit her love of live and exuberance in seemingly simple, everyday things. She can be playful and is naturally curious. She may not constantly seem to be bubbling over with effervescence. But she does her best to live the best life she can and enjoy as much of it as possible.

While enjoying her life to the fullest, Bianca isn’t one of those flaky run off and see the world and drop everything types. She has her shit together. Her values are admittedly influenced by her powers and growing up around the family business. But to Bianca, death isn’t scary. It happens to everyone, and is the only thing in which everyone is equal. While life isn't equal to all, she still tries to show everyone the same respect while they are alive as she would if they were dead. She does her best to use her powers to help the dead and the living as best she can. She truly cares about taking care of the deceased and helping answer any questions there are pertaining to their death as well as taking care of the living. She does her best to try and alleviate other’s suffering.

While she takes great pleasure in the little things in life, she does enjoy removing herself from the insane hustle and bustle sometimes. These times when she can be alone and enjoy the peace and quiet are sacred to her. While her job is not as demanding as some medical professions, it is still something that takes up a good chunk of her time. Even when she isn't at work, she may be studying. So, that time when she has peace and quiet and can just do something for the sole purpose of enjoying it is something she holds near and dear to her.

While not one to have much of a temper, Bianca can become incredibly fierce and fiery if she feels that the people she loves or cares for are threatened. This can also come out if she feels frustrated or overly pressured about something. She feels a very serious sense of duty in regards to her job. She does not feel that a person's alignment with something, race, sexual orientation, or anything else should bar them from medical treatment. Telling her that she can not treat someone for such a reason just won't work. She judges people based on their actions, and tries to set that aside if she needs to perform her duties as a doctor.

Sometimes, her respect and overall desensitization towards dead bodies can come across as creepy to people. Her playfulness can be hidden by her determination and serious work ethic. While she previously would bite her tongue and was arguably way too forgiving, that’s changed. She doesn’t take shit from people anymore. Particularly of the misogynistic sort. Constructive criticism is fine, although if it comes out of nowhere, she may take it wrong. (Aka she will take it wrong.) She’s proud of her accomplishments, not to the point of being boastful. But, any attempts to discount them seriously rub her the wrong way.

  • Her job. She really enjoys practicing medicine and being a doctor. There’s always something new to learn about the human (and mutant) body.
  • Tea. Coffee has never been her thing.
  • Her hair. It’s a familial trait and she’s quite proud of it.
  • A good work out. It’s relaxing and she enjoys staying in shape, particularly when she’s seen what can happen to your body when you don’t.
  • Soup and grilled cheese, both separately but she loves them together. She’s lactose sensitive though, so she doesn’t have the latter very often.
  • Tall guys.
  • Her family
  • Being referred to by her marital status. She didn’t go to med school and four years of residency to be called miss.
  • Anchovies and mayonnaise, each on their own. Dear God, please never combine them.
  • People who say all star cheerleading isn’t a sport.
  • Being asked if the carpet matches the drapes and other comments about her hair.
  • Her ex, He-Who-Can-Promptly-Go-Fuck-Himself
  • Independent.
  • Compassionate
  • Lots of medical knowledge
  • Borderline work-a-holic
  • Lactose Sensitive
  • Fear of being cornered or trapped

Power Name- Necroplasmic Energy Absorption and Transference

When someone dies the body gets lighter by just the tiniest fraction. Excess energy is released from the body at death. Scientists have thought that perhaps this is the soul. But this tiny fraction of energy that leaves the body is necroplasmic energy. It isn’t only expended by the dead but by the dying as well.

Bianca’s body naturally absorbs these tiny but potent amounts of necroplamsic energy when she comes within a fifty foot radius with the dead and the necroplasmic energy that still surrounds them, but is no longer part of them. She then stores it in her body until a time when she can transfer it to someone else. While the energy is stored in her body, it enhances her natural abilities, such as her stamina, durability, and strength. The amount that these abilities are enhanced depends on how much necroplasmic energy she is storing.

She is also able to transfer the energy she stores in her own body to others via direct contact with them. In doing this, she is taking the energy she has absorbed, converts it a form which the normal human body recognizes and can use, and transfers it to another person. She can also tap into her own energy if she doesn’t have enough necroplasmic energy stored to transfer.


Bianca is capable of being able to absorb and store vast amounts of necroplasm within herself, which can allow her to have her strength enhanced to the potential of being able to lift two tons, be extremely durable to the point of being able to take blunt force impact equivalent to falling from a three story building with no damage or bruising, and have the endurance to function at peak levels for her for 6 hours before tiring and beginning to wear down.

Thanks to her job, she tends to be around or at least in near enough proximity to absorb enough energy to allow her to be able to lift three times what she would able to lift without her powers, which is about 150 pounds. So, she can normally lift 450 pounds with her powers. Her durability allows for her to be able to take the force of a punch from a trained boxer without any physical damage. And she can function at peak levels for about an hour before tiring.

When it comes to her durability, she is still susceptible to blades, bullets, etc. She can also still bruise, it just depends on the level durability she currently has on how difficult or easy it is to get her to do so. And if she doesn’t have any necroplasmic energy stored in her body, she’s just as strong, durable, and able to endure as any fit woman her age and size.

In order to obtain her maximum capabilities physically, Bianca needs to be absorbing a considerable necroplasm and thus around a rather large amount of death. In order to maintain her maximum capabilities for a long period of time, she’d have to be constantly around a large amount of death every day.

For Bianca to transfer energy into someone else, she needs to have direct contact with them. Meaning, she needs to be touching them. She can transfer energy to someone while wearing a rubber, latex, or neoprene glove. However, it takes concentration to get the energy to pass through the barrier between herself and the other person as opposed by how it is far easier for her to do so with skin to skin contact.

Transferring energy to someone else means that Bianca depletes her own personal store of it and thus, any enhanced physical attributes she has thanks to it at the time diminishes in how enhanced they are. How much depends on how much energy she transfers. A little transfer means her currently enhanced physical attributes diminish slightly. A large transfer means what she’s physically capable of seriously drops. Large transfers also require more time to occur.

A small transfer of energy equals about what eating a candy bar would do for a person but quicker. A large transfer is more like the energy provided to a runner who carbs up before a marathon.

Tapping into her own energy outside of the necroplasmic energy she has stored and transfering it is risky for Bianca. It could lead to exhaustion, being unable to move, being extremely tired, decreased heart rate, and even death.

She can’t transfer energy if she’s unconscious. But she can absorb it.

Power Name- Healing via Energy Transference
When Bianca chooses to transfer necroplasmic energy to someone else, she has a unique and useful way of doing so. She can take the energy and when transferring it, channel it into energy that goes to work in healing whoever it is being transferred to. Her healing can range from merely dulling the pain of a small cut to healing broken bones along with knitting together various types of tissue in the body. She is able to help regulate breathing and heart rate with concentration by having the energy she transfers send a message to the medulla, which is in control of that, And she can help encourage blood to coagulate quicker with concentration as well.

When Bianca goes to heal someone, her transfer of the energy in this manner works as a natural local anesthetic. The part of the body she is healing may feel warm or numb and tingly to the person she’s healing.


Bianca can’t regenerate parts of the body. She can’t grow someone a new eye or arm or liver. She can’t create massive amounts of new tissue or blood or bone. She can’t grow nerves or anything that wasn’t ever there in the first place. She can’t reattach dead flesh to something. But if something like a finger, toe, or ever a limb was freshly severed, she could reattach it and have the person have function in it, depending on the damage that occurred to it.

The extent of the injury she’s healing dictates how long it will take to heal, how much Bianca needs to concentrate on doing so, and the amount of energy she needs to transfer to successfully heal it. A small cut or a sprained ankle doesn’t require a lot of energy, concentration, or time. Broken bones, massive internal damage, large gashes require more time, energy, and concentration.

The natural anesthetic effect of her healing powers will wear off within five minutes of her finishing healing/transferring energy to someone. It starts the moment she starts to heal someone.

If Bianca runs out of energy to transfer to someone or her concentration is broken while healing someone, whatever state the injury is in when the transfer of energy from her stops, that’s the state it will have the natural healing process start in on, if the natural healing process goes into action.

Bianca can’t heal herself due to her healing being based in the transference of energy. And she can’t transfer energy to her that she already has.

Skills & Abilities- (
Decent hand to hand combatant- Bianca learned how to fight while at Xavier’s. She was never an expert and hasn’t exactly been practicing every day since she graduated. But, in a fight against someone else with some training, she could hold her own.

Working knowledge of the funeral industry- The Mezzanotte family is death. They are the caretakers of the local cemetery. They own and run the local funeral parlor. They even have a crematorium. Bianca has a pretty good knowledge of the industry as a result. So she knows about various types of services typically offered, casket and urn producers, and the embalming process. Although, she doesn’t have a super in depth knowledge, it’s far more than most people.

Former cheerleader- Bianca cheered as a kid up through college. She was a flier, but had to also serve as a base and spotter. She’s s still a decent gymnast and a darn good athlete. She certainly still has the years of knowledge of the sport.

Medical and scientific knowledge- Bianca has always had a fondness for science. But once she realized her powers and their capabilities, she dove right into it. She has a BS in Chemistry with a focus in biochemistry and minored in microbiology. She went to med school, has her MD, and after she finishes her residency this year, she’ll be doing her fellowship at the office of the chief medical examiner. So, she has an extensive knowledge of the human body.

Height- 5’2”
Weight- 115lbs.
Eye Colour- Blue-green
Hair Colour- White

Appearance- The first thing pretty much everyone notices about the middle Mezzanotte is her hair. Those platinum blonde locks that sprout naturally from her head have grabbed many people’s attention. Only to lead them to bold eyebrows, bright blue-green eyes which seem to change color with the light, full lips, high cheekbones and flawless, smooth skin. In short, she’s generally considered to be nice to look at all around. Fit and seemingly perfectly proportioned, she certainly fits the bill of what’s deemed attractive.

Bianca tends to not put a whole lot of effort into her appearance. She tends to keep her hair pulled back when at work or exercising. So, seeing her with her hair braided or in a ponytail is a normal occurrence. She likes sensible shoes, with good insoles and arch support. When at work, her attire tends to differ on where she’ll be for the day. If she’s in the lab, it varies more. If it is in the lab, she can be found wearing slacks, blouses, maybe a skirt. If she’s in lecture or a discussion, she may be more relaxed and wear jeans. But if she is doing something down in autopsy or the morgue, she’s wearing scrubs. She doesn’t tend to do a whole face of makeup unless she’s getting all dressed up. It’s typically just she does her eyebrows and some mascara because hey, why not?

Bianca has a white lab coat, which she doesn’t wear all the time. But it has Bianca Mezzanotte, MD embroidered on it in black thread and easy to read font.

Additional Information-
Bianca is lactose sensitive, so dairy products and her don’t really get along well. .

Hometown- Lisbon, WI
Immediate Family- Rosa Mezzanotte (mother) Kevin Mezzanotte (father), Persephone Mezzanotte (older sister) Blake Mezzanotte (younger brother)
Others- James Acker (friend since college and roommate) Derek Rider (college ex)

History- The middle child of the Mezzanotte's, Bianca was always expected to go into a field that had something to do with death. Her parents hoped that she would want to take a role in the family business, which was running a funeral home, complete with mortuary, crematorium, and an attached cemetery. Despite growing up in what seemed to her to be a pretty rural part of Wisconsin, there always seemed to be something going on at the Mezzanotte's. So, she grew up pretty used to funerals, coffins, and dead people. She was pretty close with her older sister, Penny. In school, people sometimes treated her a bit differently because they thought her family was weird for living basically right by where they had dead bodies and buried them. If that didn't make the other kids hesitant to hang out with Bianca, her white blonde hair and rumors of her actually being an alleged zombie did. Well, save for the brave few who didn't seem to be scared of dead people or an alleged zombie. Bianca's friends growing up were kinda of outcasts, and she was perfectly ok with that.

The Mezzanottes' had a couple of secrets that were to be kept at all costs. The main one being that they were “necromancers”. They didn't pray to any gods or worship Satan, like some religious lunatics may have thought. They just all possessed some kind of power related to death or the dead. Both sides of the family claimed to have a long history of dealing with death and the dead. But, in a small town like the one they lived in, sure, the kids made fun, but the Mezzanottes overall seemed like your normal family. And they knew that being anymore different than they already were was dangerous.

A good student, Bianca took part in all star cheerleading, which trained her in both dance and gymnastic skills. Through cheerleading, she met new people and made new friends. One of these friends was named Grace. The pair quickly became good friends. Bianca also became more social and went from being an outcast to rather well liked amongst her classmates. She learned everyone’s names, remembered their birthdays, and noticed when they were having a bad day.

When Rosa Mezzanotte announced she was pregnant again, it came as a bit of a surprise to everyone. Bianca was 10. Penny was 16. Needless to say, when baby boy Blake joined the family, it hadn’t been because he’d been planned. But he was welcomed, nonetheless. Thankfully, the Mezzanotte’s had added onto the house, so there was plenty of room for their three kids. Even though one of them was going to be going off to college soon.

Everything was going fine and dandy until one fall day when Bianca was 12, she was waiting after cheer practice for Penny to come pick her up. The gym she went to was in Sussex, which wasn’t that far. But, Penny never came to get her. Her coach called her parents, telling them someone had to come pick her up. And Bianca didn’t overhear the conversation that happened, but next she knew, she was being driven home by one of the coaches.

It turned out that Penny hadn’t been at school that day after dropping Bianca off. She wasn’t at home sick. Bianca was bombarded with questions from her worried mother, asking about if Penny had mentioned stopping somewhere before she went to class. Or if she’d mentioned going to meet someone. But Bianca didn’t know anything. The police were called and a missing persons report ended up being filed. Fliers were put up and handed out. The whole town rallied together to look for the missing teen. The only thing to come of the search was Penny’s car pulled off behind some trees off the side of the road. No sign of Penny.

Bianca took her sister’s disappearance hard at first. They’d been fairly close. And she adored her big sister. She looked up to her. It wasn’t like Penny was some burnout who would drop out of school and run off. She was pretty, had a steady boyfriend, was class treasurer. And people didn’t just disappear, right? The first few months were the worst. And even after that, while Bianca got back into her routine and her family pulled together, tighter than ever, it wasn’t the same. Penny’s room still sat like it had been the day she disappeared. There was a piece missing and everyone felt it.

But life moved on. Bianca got older. She grew. Puberty happened. At 15, Bianca felt pretty darn good. She cheered both at school and as part of her all star team. She had a job tutoring other kids. She was in great shape and was certainly stronger and had more endurance and energy. The one thing she didn’t seem to have was any sign of powers. Her parents both had powers. Penny had them. Blake was too little to have had his manifest yet, as far as Bianca knew. She was afraid she may be the family dud.

Grace decided one day at lunch to show off for some boys on the football team. She went into a round-off back handspring with a full twisting layout and landed wrong on her ankle, twisting it. Bianca went to her friend and looked at her ankle as it began to swell. It wasn’t the first twisted ankle she’d seen. She helped her friend to the nurse’s office where they waited for her to be seen. Putting her hand on her friend’s leg, she felt something pass between them and watched as the swelling in Grace’s ankle went down. More importantly, Grace stood up and swore that she didn’t feel any pain. She’d just need help getting to the nurse’s office. And now, she was standing on her unswollen, normal looking ankle with no pain. The nurse came and looked at it and it was fine. The two whispered about it to one another and Grace promised not to tell anyone what had happened.

Truth be told, Bianca wasn’t sure what had happened herself. It was like she’d healed Grace somehow. But, she wasn’t entirely sure how she did it. Or how she would be able to heal someone. As she thought about it, she recalled how there had been times when she should have gotten bruised or hurt herself but came out fine. She told her parents about it and they were just as surprised as she was. A healer didn’t exactly fit in with her family’s running theme with powers.

And then the invitation to attend Xavier’s came. That involved another family meeting. Bianca decided to go. She went to Xavier’s at 15, in the hopes that maybe she could find some answers regarding her own mutation. How it was she was able to heal people. And she got the answers she was looking for. She absorbed energy from the dead and her body stored it. It made her stronger, but she could use it as well. Channel it into healing others. And that was the part which she found fulfilling. Being stronger and able to run, do cheers and tosses for longer and not get hurt was nice. But, she could help other people. She could help take away a bit of their pain, Once she discovered that, she decided that she wanted to be a doctor.

It was in 2004 when a new arrival at the school shocked Bianca. Taller and older than her with short, black hair, Bianca recognized her sister. If she’d had anything in that moment, she’d have dropped it. Where Penny had been, what she’d been up to, it didn’t matter. Bianca had never lost hope that her sister might be alive. That she might one day find her way back home. And the school had become a second home to her. Its residents were her friends. And Penny was back. Safe and sound.

After graduating high school, Bianca attended the University of Kentucky for her undergrad degree on mostly scholarship funds. She competed on their co-ed cheer team for all four years. During her freshman year, she met Derek Rider. He was tall, handsome, and seemed like a perfect Southern gentleman at first. He was on the basketball team. And she was on the cheer team that cheered at the basketball games. Everything seemed perfect at first. She had made friends, particularly with her stunting partner, James. She had a wonderful boyfriend. Her grades were good. Everything was perfect.

But slowly, Derek began to change. And Bianca changed in response. He’d get incredibly jealous if he saw her talking to another guy, even just another teammate of hers. He didn’t like her talking to anyone from Xavier’s. So, she stopped talking to them. She didn’t talk to her family as much as she had been. He began to dictate when she could go out. How he wanted her to wear her hair. How she should dress. Etc. She and Derek would have awful fights. Particularly after she found out he’d cheated on her. Which he responded with by slapping her. And she wished that was the only time he lay his hands on her. But it wasn’t.

By her junior year, she was terrified. Sheh found herself in an apartment off campus living with Derek. She made so many excuses for him. One night, they had another fight. This time, it ended up with his hands around her throat. And her vision going spotty. And then starting to go dark. Bianca fell onto the floor, wondering if this is where she was going to die as he turned around and just left. When he did, she locked the door. Grabbing her bags and some trash bags, bianca threw as much of her stuff in them as she could. She called James to come get her. He did, piling all her stuff into his car and letting her crash on his couch.

The next day before practice, she confided to her teammates what had happened and that she was done with Derek. What she expected was to be shamed. Instead, her teammates surrounded her with support and care. The guys on the team went back to the apartment and got the rest of her things for her so she didn’t have to go back. She stayed with various teammates until she felt safe enough to get her own apartment. She began going to a support group and talking to her family more. She even got back in contact with her friends from Xavier’s. Bianca threw herself into her studies and taking her life back. Working her ass off in everything she did so she could say she was doing her best. Because she wanted to do her best so she could be proud of herself. She cut all ties to Derek, but for the rest of her time doing her undergrad, she was always looking over her shoulder.

She graduated magna cum laude with a BS in Chemistry with a focus on biochemistry and having minored in microbiology in 2009. From there, she went onto medical school at the University of Minnesota. She graduated in 2013. After graduation, she moved to New York for her residency through NYU's pathology residency program where she has trained in both anatomic and clinical pathology. Coming up on towards the end of her residency, she’s accepted a fellowship offer at New York City’s office of the chief medical examiner where she’ll be part of the forensic pathology fellow program once her residency is done.

Player Name- Mia
Age 23
How Can We Contact- PM, Skype, yell at me in the cbox.
Time Zone- PST
How did you find us? I think it was an ad?
Other Characters- Alice Caroll aka Phantom

Role Play Sample-
Death didn’t scare Bianca. It never had. In fact, stepping into the hospital’s morgue always felt a little like being home. Home being the place where she’d grown up. The morgue was bigger though. More clinical and devoid of what most would probably consider homey decor. There were no cute or inspirational sayings on the walls in needlepoint. Rarely would anyone smell anything that would remind them of home in here. Mostly it smelt clean, of chemicals, and sterile. But, there were of course quite a few times when it would reek, they were dealing with decomposing bodies and various parts of it, after all.

Those things which she may have found at home held no purpose in such a place as this. They’d just be a distraction from the purpose of why any of the living might be there. That made it easy for Bianca whenever she went down there to do something. Focusing wasn’t ever something she’d struggled with, but for some reason, she just found it a bit easier in the morgue.

Maybe that was why she was so efficient as she worked that day. Noting every little detail that seemed off about the external portion of the body in the table in front of her. The burns on the skin from attempts at resuscitation. Any scars she found would be measured and noted. From head to toe, anything that might seem out of the ordinary and even some of the ordinary was checked and recorded. Because yes, it was all important.

Next, the internal portion of the autopsy. Taking a scalpel to the skin, she’d carefully make a Y shaped incision. Her hands covered in three pairs of gloves, just to be safe. Her whole body was covered, including your typical face mask and clear visor on top of it in front of her face in case anything splashed. The whirr of the bone saw echoed through the room as it cut through the sternum. Once removed, the lungs and heart were revealed. She deftly removed each organ, weighing it, slicing into tit carefully. Taking postage stamp sized pieces of tissue for slides. This continued of for most of the organs in the torso. The running the bowels was always the time when the morgue smelled the worst. Emptying out someone’s bowels was never a pleasant business. It was the reason she always took a shower after doing an autopsy.

After looking over everything and taking it out, including the brain, what all could go back in was put back inside the body. The chest was sewn up. The body was covered, her findings written down in the report, and after hours of work, Bianca was able to take off her autopsy gear. The visor, her face mask, the many pairs of gloves, shoe covers, and the plastic disposable gown that went over her all got to come off. After getting all the paperwork done, she went to the shower in the locker rooms. Because no one, not even her, wanted to go around reeking of death and decay.
Oct 2 2017, 12:41 AM


Celebrity Claim- Freya Tingley

Full Name- Alize Elizabeth Caroll
Nicknames/Aliases- A, Ali, Lissy
Age- 17
Date of Birth- April 1st
Faction- New Mutants
Occupation- Student/Heiress

Personality- Alice is a complex young woman. She is very adept at dealing with people and charming them. She seems to always know exactly what to say to earn someone's favor. Her mother's hope that she will take over her PR firm seems to show in Alice's social dealings with others. She maintains positive relationships with most people. Her friends are all "popular" and well connected. She has a gleaming reputation both socially and academically. To the vast majority of the world, she seems to be that girl who is going to go on to do great things.

This is the perception of her that Alice wants people to have. Being highly intelligent and observant, she knows that if people knew what sort of things she is capable of, they'd lose their minds and freak out. She's very adept at reading people. Her intelligence shows not only through her academics, but her problem solving skills as well. Alice is also a rather good tactician, which comes in handy when playing the game of high society social status.

Her cunning also lends to her manipulative tendencies. Alice utilizes her connections with spirits to gather intel, especially regarding people's secrets. She will keep those secrets to herself just in case a situation arrives where she needs something from someone. When her charm doesn't work, that's when she'll pull out that horrible skeleton in someone's closet and use it to her advantage as leverage. She also has been known to "suggest" ideas to her friends which when put into action, always seem to work out in her favor.

That being said, Alice isn't all manipulation and playing games in order to gain control. She does genuinely care about people, especially those she is close to. While she tries to avoid getting close to most people, there is always a chance that someone may prove to be more than just her typical "friend". For those that she is close to, there is absolutely nothing she wouldn't do to protect them and their happiness. Not only that, but she will let those people see a part of her that she otherwise keeps private.

The best example of this is her relationship with her brother, Peter. She has been doing her darnedest to give him the best life possible since the day he was born. The two are very close. So much so that Peter was the first person for Alice to tell about her mutant abilities. His positive reaction is what gave her the confidence to be able to tell her parents. Peter is more than just her little brother, he's her best friend. There's not a single thing that Alice wouldn't do to protect him and keep a smile on his face.

For those who are either dumb or just unlucky enough to incur Alice's wrath, there is great reason to be terrified. She is capable of being patient and not just carefully, but meticulously planning someone's demise. The teen is also capable of implementing said plan. She feels very little remorse for hurting those who have either hurt her or someone she cares deeply for.

Alice's anger and rage does come with a downside. When she gets into any extremely emotional state, whether it be really angry, happy, upset, scared, or sad, her powers may start to manifest due to lack of control and things can quickly get out of hand. She knows this and so she does her best to not go to any emotional extremes. She knows that if she does, she may be found out as a mutant. Not only that, but people may get hurt. Her family’s business reputation would be tarnished. Their businesses may be ruined. The ramifications wouldn’t just affect her.

This ever present fear makes her bottle up her emotions inside of her. Alice knows it isn't healthy, but she doesn't know any other way to keep both the people she cares about and her secret safe. She just wants to be the best she can be. She wants people to respect her. Alice wants to be in control of her own life and has to keep the control she already has. She knows that if she doesn't maintain the control she currently has, that if she slips up even a bit out in public, that it will forever change her life.

Alice also does have a fear of what her powers mean, especially in regards to her mediumship. They’re something that logic and science can’t explain. Never having been very religious herself, other than going to church with her family, knowing that there is an afterlife of some sort that she can’t explain scares her. She hides the fact that any faith she did have as been seriously shaken. She can’t deny that her powers give her the ability to see and interact with real ghosts. But, she doesn’t know why or how they exist and how to avoid becoming one. Or if that afterlife is attached to a particular religion or if it is just a cosmic fluke.
  • Reading
  • Fencing, it’s both mentally and physically stimulating. Also, it’s swordplay, so it makes her inner five year old pirate queen very happy.
  • Plans going off without a hitch
  • Designer clothes
  • Panic! At The Disco, although, she keeps that to herself.
  • The color pink
  • Messiness and a lack of organization
  • Objects placed out of her reach. They’re a nuisance, an inconvenience, and should be outlawed.
  • Artificial grape flavoring, it doesn’t taste anything like grapes and she associates it with cough medicine.
  • Activities which require a show of physical strength. (ie football, heavy lifting, etc)
  • Highly intelligent, Alice’s capacity to understand concepts, principles, facts, etc. is vast and something she takes pride in cultivating
  • Cunning and clever, she’s quick witted and able to take information she has and utilize it in a highly effective and timely manner
  • Observant and pays great attention to detail, be it body language, an improperly tied tie, or colors that are just a few shades off from another and don’t match, Alice seems to notice the little things that most people miss when looking at the big picture.
  • Extremely organized, Alice seems to have a list, a plan, and a place for everything.
  • Charming and courteous, she seems to always know the right thing to say and do and tends to remain poised even in stressful situations.
  • Difficulty letting people get close to her. Alice tends to let people think they have a close relationship with her, when really, she’s only letting them know carefully calculated things about her. She’s cautious of letting anyone outside her family know too much about her due to her fear of any weaknesses found being used against her.
  • Secretive, Alice keeps a lot of secrets. About herself and about others. Not all of those secrets need to be kept, but she does so anyways. Either due to seeing them as useful to her in the future, a weakness, and on occasion out of respect or to protect someone.
  • Vindictive- Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Crossing Alice is a dangerous thing to do. She remembers slights against her, holds grudges, and exacts revenge with little to no remorse for the damage she does to others in the process.
  • Highly Protective- For the few who are close to Alice and do know her as more than just what she lets the majority of the world see, they are incredibly dear to her and she will go to extreme lengths to take care of and protect them. Hurting her is one thing. But hurting the people she loves and really cares for is likely the worst sin one can commit in her eyes. But this protective nature means she has a hard time letting those people fight their own battles or making their own mistakes and having to deal with the consequences.
  • Perfectionist- Everything is sunshine and daisies when things go according to plan. When they don’t however, Alice tends to get frustrated and upset to varying degrees depending on how much things have gone awry.
  • Tends to bottle up her emotions and wears a mask- Alice’s calm, polite demeanor is largely due to the fact that she doesn’t like letting people see how she really feels. She takes what she’s actually feeling, squashes it down deep inside of her, and locks it away. Which doesn’t make her emotions go away. It just means that when the floodgates open, she gets hit by all of them.
  • Fear of the unknown/lack of control- Taking pride in being in charge and three steps ahead, Alice doesn’t like not knowing things. If she doesn’t know something, she can’t plan for it. If she can’t plan for it, she’s no longer in control. And that terrifies her. Given that she doesn’t fully understand her powers and that they seem to be tied to what she can only really call the supernatural scares her in how it goes against everything she’s believed and lends itself to an existential crisis.

Power Name- Mediumship
Description- Alice is psychically connected to another plane, or level of existence. This connection allows her to see and be constantly consciously aware of not only the normal world around her, but also an unnamed plane on which ghosts/spirits, whatever you want to call them travel/reside. This awareness allows her to be able to see both planes, or more, she sees the energy of the "ghost plane" and those who reside on it. She's also be able to psychically change, manipulate, and even move the energy from the “ghost plane” into her normal plane of existence.

Alice sees, hears, can commune with, and even touch spirits on what she refers to as the "ghost" plane thanks to her psychic connection to the plane they reside on.. She can give spirits an ectoplasmic form by manipulating their energy and moving it onto the physical plane, making them visible and able to communicate with the average person. Their ectoplasmic forms normally retain the same properties as normal ectoplasm. It just retains the spirit's shape and allows them to communicate with normal people. However, she can manipulate the ectoplasmic form so that the spirit can interact with the physical plane, typically for purposes such as combat or interacting with those they were close to (ie hugging a family member, etc).

After moving energy from the "ghost" plane onto the physical plane, the extra-planer energy automatically becomes ectoplasm, which tends to take on a plasma like form with a pale green color and constant luminescent glow when not manipulated into another form. Ectoplasm can be unstable when Alice is not using it due to its esoteric properties. (Aka, it can blow up, which results in a loud bang and a flash of light, but no heat) When used properly, it can be an energy source, like a battery, capable of being externally insulating while internally conductive. It can be highly useful, being able to ignore most normal matter and some forms of energy, such as sonokinetic energy, on the physical plane and pass through it, allowing it to be intangible in relation to typical solid matter. It is also capable of becoming invisible. Other forms of energy on the physical plane may bounce off it or simply be absorbed. So, it does not show up on most scans such as sonar or radar. It tends to maintain a room temperature when not in contact with another form of extra-planar energy (cosmic, psychic, etc.) When not formed into any particular shape and allowed to take on whatever shape it naturally desires (ie, not being used to give a ghost a physical form), it tends to form a sphere otherwise known as an orb.

Just bringing ectoplasm over is fairly simple in small quantities for Alice. (Small quantities referring to amounts up to the size of what would form a tennis ball sized orb) It’ll provide a bit of light and a make a decent bang and flash of light if allowed to become unstable and explode, similar to a firecracker going off without the heat.) It requires little concentration or thought. Giving ghosts a physical form via ectoplasm and bringing them on over requires active concentration. Allowing them to become tangible and not incorporeal requires additional concentration, as the default nature of ectoplasm is to be intangible and pass through solid matter. At most, Alice could likely summon 20 ghosts, provided nothing was distracting her and she maintained her concentration on all of them and nothing else. However, the number of ghosts she could summon and make tangible, and thus able to pick up, throw, move, or act upon anything or anyone physically is cut in half to ten. That ten would all be able to act upon things, but would also be able to be attacked physically. (ie they can pick things up and interact with people, like hugging or punching them. And they can be interact with in return like getting punched in return or having their collar grabbed.) She can focus her concentration while on certain ghosts to make them tangible while allowing others to stay incorporeal, but it’d require a lot of practice and could easily result in her losing her hold on the intangible ones who aren’t the center of her attention. The largest orb of ectoplasm Alice is capable of summoning would be the size of a basketball. It’d provide a fair amount of light, enough to light up a room, create a very loud explosion along with a blinding flash of light.

In order for explosions to occur as a result of ectoplasm becoming unstable, Alice’s focus on the energy she’s controlling needs to suddenly disappear. If her concentration changes to make something else the primary focus, the ectoplasm will just gradually dissipate.

Limits- Alice can’t actually make ghosts do anything. She can’t compel them to tell her their deepest darkest secrets or go spy on someone for her. She has to rely on her charisma and charm to get ghosts to trust her and to want to do things to help her.. Also, not all ghosts are nice. Some are scary and seem to have lost their marbles, so to speak. And then there are the ones who obviously have no intention of wanting to “move on” to wherever it is they may possibly go. They just want to mess with people.

That’s a problem for Alice. While acting upon things and people would normally require a good amount of effort on the part of a ghost, Alice’s connection means she can already hear, see, talk to, and touch them. And that goes both ways. While it may take effort on the part of a ghost to actually move or affect the body of a normal person, Alice’s connection and physiology means grabbing her, leaving bruises, and other bodily harm are possible. She can fight back, either by bringing the ghost onto the physical plane and rendering them intangible or by taking a swipe at their energy on the ghost plane causing their form to hopefully momentarily dissipate. Ghosts can’t do more harm than bruises and minor scratches to her for some reason, but that’s still a massive pain in Alice’s posterior though and can be hard to explain.

Also, Alice doesn’t have enhanced anything. No enhanced reflexes, intelligence, strength, or durability. She is a baseline human for a healthy girl her age and size. She’s not at peak level anything. (You’d think she’d at least get some mild enhanced durability, given that she has to deal with ghosts who sometimes want to mess with her and hurt her. But, noooooo.)

She also can’t actually summon ghosts from out of nowhere. If there aren’t any ghosts around that she can see, she can’t bring any over and give them a form made of ectoplasm on the physical plane. Ghosts do seem almost attracted to her, in a sense. Same goes for [pulling the energy that is ectoplasm in general. She can’t just pull it out of nowhere. She needs to be pulling it from someplace within her line of sight of the ghost plane.

There’s also the issue of talking to people who don’t seem to be there tends to make one seem a tad bit off their rocker. So, communicating with ghosts in public is pretty frowned upon by hehr for that exact reason. Or just talking to them with other people around.

Seeing the ghost plane’s energy typically doesn’t affect Alice at all. However, seeing a large crowd of ghosts or a large amount of energy there can be disorienting for her due to her vision typically being mainly focused on the physical plane. Large amounts of energy make it switch to the energy, which is weird for her and makes Alice feel dizzy and all around unsteady.

When ectoplasmic orbs explode, they may give off a blinding flash of light and a loud bang, but they don't do any physical damage.

Alice can’t turn her mediumship off. She can choose to not manipulate ectoplasm, as it requires concentration. But she can’t turn off her connection to the ghost plane and its energy.

Power Name- Ghost Physiology
Description- Alice’s mind isn’t the only thing connected to the ghost plane, albeit it is the most obviously connected, at least to her. No, her body is also connected to it. Not via a psionic link. But due to the fact that the very energy that makes up all of the bits and pieces that make Alice Alice is unique in that it is identical to the extra-planer energy of the ghost plane. It doesn’t typically make her seem any different from anyone else because it’s extra-planer properties seem to lay dormant in her until activated. While dormant, it simply keeps Alice together and going as would whatever energy does that for anyone else.

Once activated though, Alice goes through a transformation. It’s a quick one. Blink and you’ll miss it. It only lasts maybe half a second. This change in her is marked by a white flash that seems to move through her body quickly as the atoms in her body change in their relation to one another due to the energy keeping them together changing. The transformation tends to start from the top of her head and move downwards, but is able to start anywhere on her body. The transformation and change in physiology extends to any clothing that Alice is wearing at the time of her transformation, as she unconsciously extends it to her clothing as though it is a sort of second skin.

Once the transformation is complete, Alice’s appearance markedly changes. Her eyes glow a bright green which is a brighter shade of the green that ectoplasm typically takes on and her ability to see in the dark is mildly better (it's about at what a normal human would be able to see in the dark after letting their eyes adjust). Her hair appears snow white as it normal pigmentation is changed via the ectoplasmic energy. Her skin goes from her typically porcelain but healthy tone to being deathly pale. She’s translucent and tends to float, although she can walk.

Once in her ghost form, Alice has access to three abilities allowed to her by the change in her physiology. Intangibility, invisibility, and flight.

Intangibility comes from ectoplasm’s basic tendency on the physical plane to be able to pass through solid materials. Which comes from that the energy seems to be able to gauge that there is an obstacle, like the atoms and molecules in a solid material, and simply navigates around it. So, sonar and radar simply pass through her. When passing through anything with an electrical current, the current isn’t disrupted as the ectoplasmic energy that makes her up goes around it.

Invisibility comes from her accessing the ectoplasmic property of being able to allow light to pass completely through it, making both the ectoplasm and thus herself invisible in the visible spectrum. While invisible, Alice can see herself due to always being able to see the extra-planer energy her body is then composed of. Her ability to see in the dark remarkably improves while invisible too, becoming on par with a cat's.

Flight stems from ectoplasm’s extra-planer property of manifesting as a plasma and being less dense than the air around it. Which makes it float and gives Alice her ability to fly as she moves herself through the air. Alice can fly at a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour. It's certainly a lot faster than she could run. But, she'd need practice at controlling her direction and such at that speed. Not to mention, she can only go at top speed for ten minutes at most at her most peak level of condition. (Which she isn't in)

Alice can go in and out of her ghostly form at will, albeit with practice.

Limits- First off, Alice can’t be intangible and invisible at the same time. It just doesn’t work that way. She’s either one or the other. This doesn’t apply to being able to fly and be invisible or fly and be intangible.

Her intangibility has its limits. She’s still susceptible to psychic attacks. And she can’t pass through anything made up of another extra-planer energy (cosmic, psychic). She’s also still susceptible to magic. When passing through a solid object with more than a limb, she has to hold her breath. She can do this for up to a minute, potentially. (It’s currently more like 20 seconds, at most.)

Alice can’t stay in ghost form while she sleeps or is unconcious. If she goes unconscious, she will go back to her normal form. Because it is a physiological transformation, her transformations can be triggered by her body’s fight or flight responses. Aka when her adrenaline gets going, it can trigger her going into her ghost form.

Alice doesn’t have a sense of taste while in ghost form. She has all her other senses except for taste.

While her ability to see in the dark is remarkably improved while invisible, her overall vision remains the same. And in a total absence of light, she's not going to be able to see anything. She needs some light still to see.

Skills & Abilities-
Highly intelligent- Alice just seems to possess a vast capacity to learn and understand things and concepts. She genuinely enjoys schoolwork and reading and takes advanced classes not only to show off, but because she’d be bored out of her mind otherwise. She enjoys philosophy, psychology, and English the most.
Perceptive- Again, not a mutant ability, not an innate one. Although, it has been honed via years of grooming on her mother’s part in watching the body language of others and interpreting it, along with paying careful attention to details.
Skilled fencer- While not actual swordplay, Alice managed to convince her parents at a young age to let her take fencing lessons, which was the closest thing she could convince them of. She’s quite skilled at it and is practiced at all three fencing blades, but prefers the epee and the sabre.
Multi-lingual- Alice grew up bilingual, due to her adoptive mother’s French heritage. She is fluent in both English and French and can read and write in both languages. She speaks conversational Spanish and has a keen interest in learning Latin.

Height- 4’10”
Weight- 92lbs
Eye Colour- Hazel, Green when in ghost form
Hair Colour- Dark Brown, White in ghost form

Alice is the picture of what one would think a child of wealth and high society would look like. Alice makes sure to put thought into her appearance. There is rarely an instance where every article of clothing, bit of makeup, and even how she holds herself isn’t carefully calculated. When it comes to her own personal style, Alice prefers to dress in a fairly preppy fashion reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. She enjoys designer labels and looking on point. She has a tendency to wear heels or wedges to give her a boost of height. She also tends to wear darker colors, like dark green, purple, and burgundy reds. But, she’s also quite fashionable so while she prefers darker colors, she’ll wear whatever is in style.

She tends to wear her long hair down and keeps it silky and straight. She’s been known to put it up in braids, ponytails, and chignons. When it comes to makeup, she tends to keep it simple. A fan of a slight cat eye and the occasional red lip, she tends to keep things pretty natural. She’s got a petite frame and is well aware of how this can make her possibly seem younger or possibly more frail than she really is. She finds that this can both work for and against her. The fact that with her pale skin, long dark brown hair that occasionally looks black, and fairly big hazel eyes, she knows she can go from your typical high society teenager to looking like she could be straight out of a horror movie doesn’t help. Her fairly thin frame means that depending on how she holds herself and what she wears, all of her curves may not be at all noticeable.

Of course, there is one time when Alice looks pointedly different from usual and that’s when she’s in her ghost form. Her hazel eyes become bright green. Her hair goes from being a deep brown to snow white. Her skin doesn’t look just pale, but deathly so. She glows an eerie green color and her body is translucent. Not entirely transparent, but she’s not entirely opaque. Save for when she becomes invisible, which then she simply isn’t visible. She floats and rarely do her feet touch the ground while in ghost form. Her appearance is markedly quite eerie.

Gear- Alice doesn’t have any weaponry. But she does have a gold locket she always wears that her grandmother gave her. She keeps a picture of her parents and her brother in it.

Additional Information- This is where you can tell us any other tidbits of your character. Do they have specific goals? Fears? Do they have a stamp collection or bake muffins when they’re having a bad day? Tell us whatever you would like about the character.

Hometown- New York City, NY
Immediate Family- Dr. Samuel Sanders (biological father, unknown to Alice), Sophie Sanders (biological mother, deceased, unknown to Alice) Brandon Caroll, (Adoptive father), Diane Caroll (adoptive mother), Peter Alexander Caroll (adoptive brother), Elizabeth CAroll (Adoptive partnal grandmother), Alice Dupont (adoptive maternal grandmother)
Others- Charlie the Unicorn (her family’s Border Collie)

Alice didn’t start off life as Alice Elizabeth Caroll. For the span of a few hours, she was Penelope Lettice Sanders, not that anyone knew besides her father.

Her father was a doctor. Her mother, a nurse. They met at work, went on a few dates, started a relationship. Well, you know the rest. They got married, found out they were expecting their first child, and expected to live happily ever after. However, dear old dad had a secret he was keeping from his lovely wife. He was a mutant. One who fired some intense energy blasts. But, he had it under control. Or so he thought.

They got into an argument late one night. March 31st, to be exact. 38 weeks along and being very done with being pregnant, her mom was tired. What they argued about didn’t really matter as there was a blast of energy that slammed right into the wall where she fell limp. And lifeless. The blast of energy hadn’t just knocked her unconscious. It’d stopped her it’d caught her square in the chest.

It was an accident. Samuel tried to save his wife. He performed CPR, desperately trying to resuscitate and revive his precious Sophie. But he knew that the more time went by without a success at reviving Sophie, the greater chance he had of losing her and their child. He had to make a choice. He chose the latter and performed an emergency C-section right there in the kitchen of their apartment. It wasn’t pretty. Nothing about the situation was. It’d been an accident. He hadn’t meant to hurt her. He’d only ever wanted to help people. And look what had happened.

The small baby girl he delivered was absolutely perfect in his eyes. She came into the world in the very early hours of the morning of April 1st. Life from death. As he cleaned her off, cutting the cord, and wrapping her up in a blanket, Samuel came to the conclusion he couldn’t stay here. The authorities wouldn’t believe this had been an accident. He had to run. And that was no life for a newborn, much less a child.

Still in a panic, he left the apartment with the bundled up baby girl and broke into the nearby Protestant church. He’d never been a religious man himself, but his wife had. He prayed for forgiveness for what he’d done and for God to protect his daughter. That she’d be loved and cherished just as much as she would have if he and his Sophie had gotten to raise her. But most of all, he prayed she wouldn’t turn out like him. With one last kiss on the forehead, he left her in the front pew of the chapel and disappeared into the early morning streets.

The baby girl was found a few hours later when she awoke and began crying, which was heard by the Reverend who lived in the church’s rectory. The authorities were called and the baby girl turned over to social services by the church. the infant girl didn't spend long in the system. She found a very eager and adoring couple to be her parents in the Carolls of the Upper East Side. Brandon Caroll was a contract lawyer from old money. Diane had immigrated to the US from France as a child and grown up to do quite well for herself with going to an Ivy League school and starting what became a very successful PR firm. They had difficulty conceiving a child of their own, and were overjoyed when the little girl was placed with them. They named her Alice Elizabeth Caroll. Alice, for Diane’s mother and Elizabeth for Brandon’s. The latter of which gifted her new granddaughter with a gold locket upon her adoption.

Alice was raised in the manner of most children of high society. She had a nanny, along with the family's butler and other staff. Her parents both worked long hours, with her father being a lawyer with the family's corporate law firm, and her mother running her own PR firm which was renowned for its crisis management. So, she didn't see them as often as she would have liked. She knew that they loved her though, because they were always there for the important things. Her mother insisted on speaking to her in French and hiring a nanny who also did so. So she’d grow up understanding her mother’s native tongue. Which Alice didn’t seem to mind at all. She prefered to be sung to sleep in French as a baby and grew up with both English and French nursery rhymes.

From an early age, Alice could tell that she was different from her parents and the children she associated with. Her parents were both tall with blond hair and blue eyes. She was short with dark hair and hazel eyes. Her "friends" were more interested in TV shows and the latest toys. Alice prefered books and learning as much as she could about the world around her.Her friends wanted to be princesses when they grew up while Alice wanted to be a pirate queen. She even got her parents to let her start taking fencing lessons. So, when her parents told her she was adopted, she really wasn't surprised. She was still their daughter after all. They still loved her just the same. So, it didn’t really bother her.

Then, when she was seven, her parents told her that she would be a big sister. Alice wasn't at all happy with this. She was perfectly happy with being an only child. Now, her parents were going to ruin that. She felt threatened and made her displeasure very obvious. For the entirety of her mother's pregnancy, she was sullen and irritated. Sharing with her friends was one thing. But, she was going to have to share her parents with the new baby. And she didn’t like that at all.

Of course, there was nothing Alice could do to stop the babe from being born. So, one day when she was eight years old, Alice was escorted to a hospital room where her mother lay, holding a small bundle and beaming. She tried to steel herself as she was pushed forward to meet her baby brother, Peter Alexander Caroll. Something happened when Alice looked at the newborn. It was something she couldn't explain. All her anger and disdain melted away and she felt so foolish for ever having felt threatened by something so small and seemingly fragile. Peter smiled up at her. The moment she reached out to touch him, he wrapped his entire hand around one of her fingers. From that moment on, Alice couldn't help but love him. She swore then and there that no one would ever hurt Peter, not as long as she was around.

It was initially difficult for her to interact with Peter, because he was a baby. Alice would read to him and occasionally sang to him as well. As time went on, the Caroll children grew and they became rather close. The pair were a Hallmark card worthy pair of siblings. Alice made time for her brother, even though she had her studies and friends of her own age. She adored him, even if he was an absolute pain at times.

Always maintaining excellent grades, Alice also managed to find herself as part of the popular crowd starting in middle school. She wasn't the queen bee. No, Alice was the problem solver. If one of her friends had a problem, she could find a way to fix it or at least make it go away. She began pulling the strings, unbeknownst to most. She was armed with everyone's secrets to use as a means of keeping them in line if her charm didn't work. Her mother pegged her as her successor. She had an immaculate academic record, was proficient in speaking more than one language fluently, and was active in extracurricular actives, such as fencing, debate, and the orchestra, in which she played the harp. She had it all.

When puberty came around, Alice had expected various changes to occur. Developing in certain areas, a growth spurt, suddenly noticing the opposite sex a lot more. All of which technically occurred, albeit not really to the degree she’d thought they would. She was still short and lacking any really noticeable curves. Boys and girls didn’t really seem to gain any appeal, not in terms of suddenly finding them attractive. But, she did notice how her peers were noticing others. And made sure to utilize that to her advantage whenever she could. The right clothes made her appear not as flat chested. Heels helped with her height. And honestly, she didn’t mind missing out on the mess that seemed to be dealing with raging hormones and sexual attraction. It seemed like a mess anyways.

However, after she’d turned 16, she awoke one night to someone standing by her bed. A ghastly green man with a knife stuck in his chest, asking her for help. She screamed, because it was terrifying. How’d he get in? What did he want? Why in the world was he asking her for help? Her brother and parents and members of the staff rushed to her bedroom at the sound to find her distraught. But, they all swore there was no one else there. It was chalked up to being an incredibly bad dream. Peter was sent back to bed and Alice calmed down and eventually went back to sleep. The man had disappeared. He had to just be the result of her mind messing with her. A nightmare. Nothing more.

But he came back the next night. And the one after that. And it wasn’t just that. She saw others like him while she was out and about. That same eerie green color, floating around. Sometimes they were just watching people. Other times, they’d be talking to someone only for that person to walk right through them like they weren’t even there. In fact, no one else seemed to have any idea these people were there at all. And this man kept coming to her at night, asking her for help night after night until he’d eventually disappear.

Oh, she thought she was going positively mad. Alice didn’t tell a soul about any of what she saw or heard. She thought she was hallucinating. What would people say if they knew that? They talked. That would spread like wildfire. She’d be ruined. How would that look for her family? What would Peter think if he knew she was crazy? She continued her life as normal, terrified that she may be losing her mind.

One night, she had enough. The man with the knife appeared and before he could open his mouth, she asked him what he wanted help with. He looked surprised and then explained he’d had a rosary that he’d wanted given to his nephew. But, his wife still held onto it. He was very adamant about wanting his nephew to have that rosary. He described in in detail. Alice asked for his name but he disappeared before he could give it to her. It was odd. And she had to wait till the next night to ask. But, she did get the man’s name.

Using the information she had, Alice tracked down the name of the man’s wife and even her phone number. She called the number and explained that she didn’t know her, but her husband had told her that he wanted that rosary to go to his nephew. So, could she please give it to him? The woman on the other end sounded shocked and hung up on her. But, that night, the man didn’t appear. Alice never saw him again. But she quickly began getting other requests from other people. No, ghosts. They were dead. And they were ghosts. And Alice could see them.

She kept everything under control for a few months. She wouldn’t look directly at ghosts out in public. She wouldn’t talk to them at home in front of anyone. Only when she was alone. She’d help them as much as she could. Some just wanted someone to talk to and were more than happy to do her a favor in return. Like following a person and telling Alice what’d they done. Or merely letting Alice know about conversations they’d overheard. Other ghosts wanted more, which was harder. But, she kept her secret to herself, no matter what. She could apparently see, hear, and speak to the dead. And there was no way in hell she was ever going to tell a living soul that. She had things handled. She continued her life as normal. She fenced, went to debate practice, did her homework, hung out with friends, went to church with her family. Etc. And she also helped ghosts.

One night, a not so friendly ghost came to her. It was a woman who seemed to have been in her twenties. And she wanted revenge. She wanted her boyfriend dead. Alice tried to placate the woman. To get her to settle down, but it didn’t work. Alice wasn’t the greatest person ever, she knew that. She manipulated people, hurt people, and had no scruples about the idea of using blackmail to get what she wanted. But murder? Much less murdering someone she’d never even met? No. She may do some things that people would find unsavory, but she certainly couldn’t do that.

Her parents had been out at some Christmas party. It was Peter, Alice, and the household staff. So, Alice had thought neither the staff nor Peter were near her room when the fight started. The ghost had spat in her face, so Alice had grabbed her hair. It’d gone downhill from there. It was a catfight with nails, slaps, hair pulling, and grappling one another. Alice had been thrown up against the wall of her bedroom when she heard the door open.

It was Peter. He’d come to ask her if she’d watch a movie with him and heard her. He saw her up against the wall, hair a mess, makeup askew, bruises on her arms like someone had grabbed her. It looked like she’d been in a fight, but there was no one else there. Not that he could see. But the ghost sure saw him. Alice knew the expression on her face. It was one of utter delight at spotting easy prey. It was the look of someone who was about to delight in terrorizing someone else.

As the ghost lunged towards Peter, something clicked into place. She focused in entirely on taking this ghost out. She felt like she was pulling on something as she grabbed the ghost of the woman and zoomed upwards. There was no room for wondering how she was doing that. No place in her thoughts for the fact that they passed through the ceiling, only the dive right back down into her room through the roof with her hands wrapped around this woman’s neck. She pinned the woman to the wall and told her never to bother her again. She didn’t want to see or hear anything about her. And if she ever so much as even looked at her brother, Alice would make sure she died a second death. And that this time, she wouldn’t get to stick around.

The ghost agreed reluctantly, and Alice let her go. Only after she was sure she was gone did she turn her attention back to Peter, who was still standing in the doorway of her bedroom, looking at her in shock and horror. Alice moved towards him, asking if he was ok. She was so sorry he had to see that. But he backed away from her. His eyes wide as he pointed at her. Alice couldn’t understand what was wrong. I was only then that she started to look at herself.

She was that same green color and glowing. Looking at her hands, she could sort of see through them. Turning to look at the mirror, she realized she was floating and had to float back down towards the floor to see herself properly in the mirror. It took every ounce of control she had in her to not scream at the sight of her reflection. It wasn’t just that she seemed to be a mess from the fight. Or had been floating.

Alice looked like one of them. A ghost. She looked like a ghost. Except the ghosts she’d encountered seemed to look as they had when they died, as far as she knew. Which wasn’t the case for Alice. It wasn't that she looked totally unlike herself. No, she still looked herself for the most part. But, her eyes. They were a bright green. They reminded of her of glowsticks. And her hair. Oh god. What had happened to her hair? It was white. Not silver. Not platinum blonde. It lacked all pigmentation and was whiter than the snow outside.

What was happening to her?

It was only hearing the slam of a door that she was brought back to her senses. Peter. Oh gosh. How was she going to explain this to him? He must be terrified. She sure was. She went to his bedroom door. And by went, she flew to it. Raising her hand to knock on his door, it just went right through. What the heck? She wanted out of this. Was she stuck like this forever? Alice could hear her brother’s scared sobs from inside the room. While she figured she probably could have just floated on through or whatever, she’d scared him enough. So, she sat outside his bedroom door and just talked to him. Occasionally slipping through the floor and having to figure out how to fly back on up. But, eventually, there was this tingling sensation that went through her body and she was back to normal.

Peter came out a bit after that, his big blue eyes, puffy and red. Streaks down his cheeks from his tears. Hiccuping from having cried so much. Alice didn’t know what else to do but hug him tightly and apologize over and over. She hated not knowing what to do. But she hated that she’d made Peter cry even more. So, when he asked what had happened, about the “scary lady” he’d seen her fighting, what else could she do? She told him. She told him about seeing ghosts. And how she’d been helping them. And how she didn’t know what had just happened to her. With the white hair and the looking like a ghost. That had never happened before. That she hadn’t meant to scare him. She was so sorry. But that ghost was bad. And she’d have hurt him. But most of all, Alice was just so so sorry she’d scared him. She’d never let anyone, including herself, hurt him.

It was at Peter’s insistence that Alice tell their parents that she did. The kid had basically threatened her with a, “If you don’t, I will” Which led to a very uncomfortable looking Alice and a very determined Peter waiting for their parents when they got home. Alice sporting bruises and some scratches, which made her parents very concerned. And that led into the most awkward and uncomfortable conversation Alice had ever had to have with anyone. Including the birds and the bees talk. After she’d finished talking, her parents took a while to respond, which scared the daylights out of her. They seemed troubled by this. Mainly because she’d kept it from them and had put Peter in danger. Her mother insisted they keep it a secret. For the rest of the holidays, Alice was “too sick” to go take part in any festivities. During that time, the Carolls tried to figure out what to do about their daughter, who would now fall through the floor, fly, and went between looking like she normally did and having white hair and being eerie.

And then Charles Xavier reached out and offered Alice a place at the Xavier Institute. Because she was a mutant. The one word that had not been uttered in the Caroll household since Alice had confessed to her family about being “different”. The choice seemed simple. So, Alice agreed to go.

Player Name- Mia
Age 23
How Can We Contact- PM, or ask for my Skype
Time Zone- PST
How did you find us? An ad on the Mutant Problem
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Role Play Sample-
Running her fingers lightly over the carefully folded clothing that lay in her open suitcase, Alice didn’t dare lift them up and disturb them when they’d been lain there so neatly and with such care. It made her smile sadly as she looked at her closet to see her favorite clothes missing from their places there. The same was to be said for her shoes and other items around her room. It was odd, how her room looked the same yet felt so empty without those things sitting out in their normal spaces. She knew that they were coming with her. But still, the silence made her a little bit grateful. Amongst the hustle and bustle of getting everything ready for her move to Xavier’s, some moments alone were few and far between.

So, Alice let herself breathe as she looked in her full length mirror. She could do this. She was Alice Elizabeth Caroll. She could do anything she set her mind to. Going to a new school certainly was nothing to fear. In fact, Xavier’s had no idea what was coming. She could be hell on heels if she wanted to. This should be a cakewalk for her. For goodness sake, she’d helped her friends avoid being involved in actual scandals. How bad could a boarding school be? Yes, that settled it. She was going to put her best foot forward and own going to Xavier’s. She wouldn’t let them see her sweat. (Ewww, perspiration.) She’d hold her head high and do what she did best. This was going to be a new game, and she was going to play the heck out of it.

A light jingle accompanied by the loud scurrying of two sets of footsteps made her turn her head toward her bedroom door just in time to see Peter standing there with their family pet, Charlie the Unicorn, a black and white Border Collie. Beaming, she couldn’t help but feel her spirits lifted even more. ”Hey, Peter, Charlie. You both here to help me load my things into the car?” She joked but was quickly met with a rush of blonde hair hurtling towards her as Peter wrapped his arms around her.

“I don’t want you to go away.” That broke Alice’s heart a bit. She patted her brother’s head and smiled at him, hugging him a little bit tighter. ”I know, Peter. But, I won’t be far. You can text or call me whenever I’m not in class. And I’ll be home on the weekends and for the holidays.” She knew that her words wouldn’t help pacify her brother too much. They’d be a band-aid, at best. “It’s not the same! Who's going to protect us from the ghosts when you’re gone?”

Tipping her brother’s head up so she could look in those big blue eyes of his, Alice smiled at him. Not letting on how her mind flashed back to that night when he could have gotten hurt. And it’d have been all her fault. ”Peter, no ghosts are going to mess with you or anyone else in this house. And you know why, don’t you?”

Peter sniffled a bit as he nodded. “Because I ain’t afraid of no ghost?”

”Darn right. We ain’t afraid of no ghosts, are we? Isn’t that right, Charlie?” She giggled as the dog let out a woof of agreement, her potentially lame movie reference managing to get a grin from Peter. ”There we go. Now, just, don’t tell Mom and Dad I let you watch that movie, ok?”

Peter smiled up at Alice. “What movie?”

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