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Mar 18 2018, 09:25 AM
Glancing at the clock high on the kitchen wall, Charlie discerned that it was just about time for the arrival of her special guest. There was an ease to being with her best friend that went beyond their relationship together. Calvin’s immunity to her pheromones meant that Charlie could be 100%, genuinely her in his presence. That meant hanging out in close quarters, even in her own home where most couldn’t last more than a few moments within her dwelling. And what more, it meant that she could actually cook for him. Like, really cook. Cross contamination with Charlie’s pheromones and food meant she often didn’t get to share her love of food with others. Calvin was the exception, and tonight’s meal was especially in his honor.

She hadn’t given him a lot of information regarding exactly what the plan for the night was, just that he could dress casually and to meet her at an address in the art district in SOHO. And that they would be celebrating his birthday, of course. Calvin’s actual birthday was the day before, but given that they had only just returned from the Savage Land, it was safe to say everyone deserved some time to themselves. That being said, the first day that Cal gave her the option to make something happen, Chuck was all over it. She’d rented a gorgeous industrial loft in Manhattan with floor to ceiling windows and a spacious kitchen with the intention of celebrating her bestie’s birthday in a relaxing way she knew they both needed right now.

The space was awash with delicious smells, their aromas permeating out side the door of the loft and down the hallway. Charlie had been up since the wee hours of the morning preparing, both for her dear friend and for herself. Since returning to the mainland, Charlie was rebuilding her relationship with food. In today’s context, that meant waking up early to bake fresh bread and get a rustic tomato sauce started, and floating through the kitchen to the dulcet tones of Billie Holiday. The spread she was preparing for Calvin might have been deemed excessive… if you weren’t privy to what they’d just been through and didn’t understand the nature of Calvin’s superhumanly voracious appetite. But in celebrating this man, extra seemed appropriate. It was only once a year that she got to spoil her best friend in this way, and she was pulling out all the stops.

With plenty of moving parts as far as things in the oven, on the stove, and currently being plated, Charlie was in a flurry of carefully timed movements. Currently she was preparing the charcuterie plate, an assortment of meats and cheeses with guanciale, bresaola, sopressata, buffalo mozzarella, pecorino, fig preserves, olives, and more arranged in swirls and swipes on the large cutting board. After putting the final touches on it, she cocked her head to the side to examine the handiwork before turning back to the stove and giving the sauce another stir.

Right on time, the intercom buzzed behind her. Charlie giddily made her way over to the callbox, which conveniently for her had a camera allowing her to preview that loveable Cal mug before pressing the button that allowed him entry. Wasting no time making it to the door, speedy Cal only had to knock his knuckles against the door once before it was pulled open by an eager Charlie. “Birthday boy!” She gushed, wrapping an arm around him and placing a very Israeli kiss on each cheek. “Yom huladet sameach, ‘bibi,” she wished him with a broad grin before draping and arm around him and walking him into the space. “I hope you’re hungry,” she added with a warm smile as she looked up at her much taller friend and led him into the beautiful apartment.

“Check it out! You like?” Charlie asked, holding her arms out and twirling in the much larger space than her tiny Brooklyn diggs. “It’s an Air BnB. I figured it’d be nice to splurge a little for this special occasion,” she confessed with a grin. After a knowing brow was raised in her direction, she found it important to mention a key fact, “I paid for it, scout’s honor.” She shot him a smirk and an eye roll, as well as a light jab in the arm, unable not to chuckle at the expense of her old ways. Making her way around the island and back to the driver’s seat in the kitchen, Charlie was quick to assume the role of model host now that her guest of honor was here.

“Water, tea, negroni?” She inquired as Cal got settled, taking a moment to peer into the oven but not opening it wide enough for Cal to see what was inside. “We’ve got about 30 minutes until the main event but please, get started,” she determined, nodding to the large cutting board adorned with all sorts of comestibles. Charlie leaned against the counter, a perma-smile plastered to her face as it typically was when she and Cal had time like this together. Seeing how sharply it contrasted to their times in the Savage Land, these moments were particularly sweet.

“So, tell me Cal, are you feeling older? Any wiser?”
she inquired with a sly smirk as she took a sip of sparking water from her nearby wine glass. Charlie’s goal for tonight was to bring a taste of home back to Calvin. And though she wasn’t sure exactly where his Italian roots and his American upbringing intersected, he was going to have a myriad of choices provided to him.

Mar 15 2018, 02:20 PM
In the nights since returning from the Savage Land, sleep had often evaded Charlie. Weeks of curling up beneath the stars, exposed to everything the harsh jungle had to throw her way, had made it difficult to melt into deep slumber. And no matter how secure her apartment was or how comfortable her bed might be, Charlie had been subject to ample amounts of tossing and turning and the occasional night terror even though she was safely back home. When she finally did get to rest, she often slipped into sleep without realizing she was out, waking up still fully clothed at odd hours of the night to frustratedly shed her street clothes and again attempt some sort of relief.

Tonights dream had her wading through swaths of people, their hands reaching out hungrily for her, not unlike those of the zombies she and the others had cut through a few days prior. But these people’s eyes were alive, each pair glued to Charlie as she did her best to push through them. Their touch was gentle at first, just wanting to reach out for contact, but as their number increased so did their intensity. Before long they were clawing at Charlie, tearing at her clothing, pulling her backward. Every muscle in her body, every fiber of her being strained against them, but regardless of how hard she fought or how strong she might have been, she was simply too greatly outnumbered. Crushed under the weight of dozens, the light around her went dark now blocked out by bodies. And with each inch of space she lost to the horde she lost a bit more room to inspire. In another moment’s span, Charlie was left choking and gasping for air, unable to draw any more into her lungs.

Then, finally, relief. Honey brown eyes opened wide to stare at the ceiling of her apartment, pulling her from the suffocating nightmare, but a sensation from underneath the covers immediately had her full attention. Ava’s sleep overs were few and far between, but Charlie couldn’t really complain about this kind of wake up call. “Ava…” she managed groggily, shifting under the sheets before moving the covers to get a glimpse of the woman underneath them. But where Charlie expected to see Raptor’s brunette tresses, she instead saw bright platinum blonde. And just as the realization of who was blessing her with an intimate wake up call dawned on Charlie, her eyes locked with the icy blues of Emma Frost. Incredulity twisted the Israeli’s features into a shocked and alarmed expression, her mind unable to wrap around an understanding of what was happening before she actually woke up in her bed. This time, definitely alone.

What… the fuck…” Charlie couldn’t help but muse aloud to the empty room as she sat upright, rubbing her eyes and brushing brunette locks from out of her face. The brain was a fickle thing, as was the pineal gland it seemed, because for whatever reason Charlie’s was majorly fucking with her. What could be a manifestation of her work stresses with Emma, or a lingering residual effect of the woman’s manipulations of Charlie’s own memories, had her feeling quite awkward in this moment. Sure, she was often caught in the perilous enigma of whether she wanted to be Emma or to be on Emma, but it wasn’t her first time considering such things with beautiful people Chuck knew she couldn’t have.

Laying back in the bed, Charlie let out a long sight from her puffed cheeks, eyes settling on the ceiling. Between the choices of freaky awkward nightmares and sleeplessness, she was struggling to find which of the two evils was lesser. Her gaze moved to her phone on the table beside her bed, where the time blinked a properly antagonizing 4 am. As good a time as any to start the day, Charlie determined. Because she sure as hell wasn’t going to attempt sleep if it meant delving through that hot mess again.
Mar 12 2018, 01:38 PM
Going out alone in the Savage Land was something you just didn’t do. Why? Because you needed another person to be able to run back and tell the others something like “Oh, they were swallowed whole by some unfamiliar dinosaur,” or “Oh, they ascended to the cloud god’s realm and are currently being drawn and quartered (which explains the blood rain)” or “Oh, they dead.” So when the island became too much and too little at the same time, simultaneously overwhelming and boring Charlie to death, she chose her dependabili-buddy wisely. Someone fierce, entertaining, and durable… Which would describe her best friend Calvin perfectly. But he was occupied, seeing as even though Berto was healed up he wasn’t willing to leave his partner’s side for very long at all.

That left plenty of other strong candidates, but Charlie wasn’t interested in any of the Brotherhood. Instead she had her sights set on a day of romping in the jungle with none other than X-23, the girl who she’d run into a few times now in various precarious contexts but never really had the chance to talk to. And seeing as she was one of the few people on the island not readily affected by Charlie’s pheromones and a consummate badass, she fit all the other criteria in addition to slaking Chuck’s curiosity. Having made a few friendly relations with the X-Men and students in her last few days on the island, it wasn’t too hard to get a hold of Laura and propose the idea of a scavenging mission.

Whatever that actually meant. Charlie was mostly just excited for a change of scenery and some interesting company. It also served as an opportunity for her to practice her bow skills. Which were severely lacking, most especially in comparison to Clint, but that’s what the pistol was insurance for. Thankfully for her new acquaintance John Radigan, her former ammunition problem was no longer an issue. Much more well prepared and ready to take on what the Savage Land was doling out, Charlie was in higher spirits than the last time she’d trudged through this jungle.

Their conversation up to this point had been fairly topical, mostly comprised of goings on at and before the island. But now Charlie had relaxed enough around Laura to broach more interesting topics, which had led them to a game of Island Superlatives. “Okay my turn… Most likely to wander off alone and come back missing a limb?” She posed with a raised eyebrow in Laura’s direction as she used her combat knife to cut through the thicket in their path. Pushing past the leaves and ferns, Charlie stepped into a small clearing that allowed her line of sight a bit more distance than before. The glint of metal in the bright sun caught her attention first.

“Up there,” Charlie pointed into the canopy where a chunk of the X-Jet was suspended some twenty or so meters above the ground. Beneath it on the forest floor were some of the contents; some twisted scrap metal, busted seats, and picked apart luggage. “Looks like your ride,” She determined as she stepped closer. The wreckage was spread out, strewn around them in every direction, and could very likely have something that Hank might find useful. Everyone not prepared enough to have their belongings in hand when their planes wrecked had been without their things for the entirety of their time here. It was easy to assume that some would appreciate being reunited with it. Just how much they could bring back, or what might be most useful, was the real question. But from what Charlie could see, someone or something was here before them and had gone through much of it.

“We don’t seem to be the first to have found it,” she observed aloud, her eyes scanning the area for any threat that might be lingering over the bounty. “It’s worth a look through, there could be something useful left,” Charlie proposed, her eyes catching some movement much further down the path. A pack of small monkeys, none of their number much taller than thigh high, was looming over some of the loose bags ahead of them. And in one of its human-like mitts was a small cardboard package, its red and white surface too far for Chuck to recognize what it was from this distance. Glitch’s Marlboros were untouched since the crash but had since been reclaimed by creatures more interested in the sound they made when they shook them than the sweet nicotine sticks inside. Chuck hadn’t seen them yet, but when she did make out her ciggy-salvation, there would be some serious monkeying around to do in order to procure them.
Feb 20 2018, 02:41 PM
Squinting against the harsh glare of late afternoon sun, Charlie surveyed the many faces that populated the small island. There were some characters she saw here that she hadn’t expected to see again, both friendly and not so friendly, but the faces she was searching for most ardently seemed to be absent. Some days ago, Charlie had come to the consider harsh reality that her reason for coming here, to bring back her friends, might prove to be in vain. Charlie, and the members of the group she’d fallen to the earth with after their planes were torn to shreds, had barely made it alive through the week or so since their arrival. And though Calvin was better equipped than most anyone she knew to survive something like this, a king of adaptation in his own rite, Chuck started to really consider the possibility that her friend had perished in this perilous place.

The hopeful light in her eager eyes faltered, the corners of full lips slightly downcast in worry. Amidst the bitter sweet reunions of many of the Savage Land’s captives, Charlie began to quickly lose hope, her exhausted mind and body assuming her worst fears were true. Then, finally, she heard that familiar voice from somewhere behind her.


Charlie whipped around, eyes wide as she searched for its source. “Cal?” She called out in response, unsure whether her mind or the mist were playing tricks on her. But when she turned to its assumed source, the hazel eyes of none other than Calvin Rankin were there to greet her. “Cal!” She exclaimed, the relief cracking her voice. She didn’t waste any time wrapping the man up in a hug before she’d even had the chance to properly look him over. The much smaller woman’s face buried into her friend’s chest, a muffled “Thank God you’re alright,” barely audible beneath the tight embrace. When she finally released him from the great squeeze, Charlie looked Mimic up and down, briefly assessing what sort of shape this God forsaken place had left him in.

“I was starting to assume the worst…” Charlie admitted, trailing off as she looked away and shook the thought from her mind before turning back to him. He was clad in animal skins, working the Tarzan look as well as someone is his precarious position could, and his skin was sun kissed and bronzed from years of intense jungle sun. Charlie’s brow furrowed in concern, her mind stacking up question after question that seemed to soon to ask.

“What happened, Cal?” She inquired, the broad net that her question cast liable to pick up any number of explanations. She shifted, tugging at the neck of her suit that was beginning to drive her insane. Being so contained for so long, especially in such oppressive heat, was beyond grating. “We were coming to get you, then the plane went down and I woke up in some verdant level of hell,” she began, the words forming themselves too quickly in her mind for her lips to adequately get them out in time. “Then there were the fucking dinosaurs… We must have trekked for a good week or so to get here…” she continued, gesturing animatedly with her hands before running her fingers through tangled tresses. Her forehead wrinkled as she considered Cal’s unkempt appearance against when she knew the last time she had talked to the man was.

“You’ve been here for two weeks now, right?” That was double the time that she’d spent in the savage lands, based on her estimations. What terrors had he experienced to have lost all his clothing and become this wild looking? He must have figured out something by now, some grand plan for how they’d make it out of here in one piece. “Tell me there’s good news. I could use some good news,” she pleaded with him. Even if he had to lie, she’d accept the thinly veiled source of optimism for the time being.
Feb 20 2018, 01:05 AM
Finally. Finally, after eight days of trekking, dodging dinos, and too many near misses for comfort, they’d made it. Wherever and whatever ‘it’ was still wasn’t completely clear, but there was relief enough in knowing that the weary crew’s arduous search for the location of the X they’d seen upon arrival was over. Charlie stopped a few strides from the water’s edge, peering across its still surface to the island at its center, a bit shy of a mile away given her estimate. So close, yet so far. The swim wasn’t of much concern to her, as any reprieve from this heat would be welcome, but what lurked beneath the surface was another thing entirely. She wasn’t about to have come all this way to wade into deep water and be eaten whole by the first thing fortunate enough to sniff her out.

“That has to be it,” she offered, turning back to the group before settling her gaze on Kingtide. Reinvigorated by the notion that they’d soon be able to rest, their seemingly endless search over, Charlie was ready to get there. “Six, do you think you could part the water? Enough for us to walk through?” she inquired, pulling her mask off to see if it’d help garner a better look at what was on the island before turning back to Six. “I don’t trust swimming in it, it’s too deep to see the bottom,” she elaborated, frowning slightly at the calculated risk. Thankfully, Charlie was soon assured that they wouldn’t have to risk life, lung, or limb to cross the lake. Kingtide’s seemingly innate power over water had come to the group’s aid countless times in this last week or so of wandering, and now it would be the final step toward their common goal.

Like Moses had for the Israelites, Six parted the waters for the Israeli, and Charlie lead the way cautiously down the path toward the island. To her left and right was the entire weight of the aqueous body, its inhabitants curiously swimming by as if they were part of some elaborate aquarium display. Heavy boots trotted down the lake basin’s muddy bottom, making short work of the distance before they began ascending again as they neared the island’s shore. From their vantage point, it was particularly difficult to see exactly who or what was on the island, a miscalculation on Charlie’s part given that her tactic had relinquished the higher ground. She brought a hand to the pistol at her side, more out of habit than its actual usefulness. There were a measly two shots left in the magazine, some good that would do her against most of what she’d faced since arriving in the Savage Lands.

But with any luck, she wouldn’t have to use it. Charlie stepped onto the beach, at first greeted by nothing at all. Advancing cautiously and surveying her surroundings, she proceeded further up the beach, and was ready to turn around to address the group when she caught sight of something. No, someone. A face that kept popping up in the most unexpected of situations, first at a late night bike race some time ago and now in the middle of a the prehistoric jungle layer of purgatory. X-23 wasn’t alone, as Charlie soon noticed, her brown eyes picking up more and more forms just interior to the southern bank of the beach that they’d landed on. Some of them belonged to those with whom she’d shared the flight here, others were completely strangers. Holstering her gun as to avoid any possible miscommunication of a threat, Charlie called out to the nearest friendly and familiar face. Chrome!” She bellowed, the tall, dark, and dangerous man sticking out among the various throngs of folks scattered around the small island. Chuck made her way over in a light jog, giving the rest of her group space for their own reunions or room to tag along.

“You’re alright? I feared we were the only ones who made it out of the crash,” she marveled upon reaching him, stopping her usual safe minimum distance as she surveyed the others now more plainly in sight. One by one she picked out her former teammates, the cast of characters that made up the occupants of Princess Air some time ago slowly being accounted for. “What have you discovered? What is this place?” she almost immediately inquired, the questions that had been rattling around in her brain finally able to be posed to someone new. “We are lucky to have made it this far. It’s hell out there,” Charlie continued, her brow furrowing as she took in the reality of the situation at hand. A whole lot of people, all in one place, still stuck here. What was the plan? Though apprehensive of its answer, she had to ask the question.

“What now?”

Rat Guari Vincent Nightmare

OOC: Open to all Group 6 homies for arrival reactions and 3 more folks who wanna join in on the welcome!
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