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Dec 26 2017, 11:51 PM
Slate Feb 15th, 11:40am

[doHTML]<p class="triangle-isosceles">Look, I've already been reamed out for this. I'm taking care of it OK? They're after me and Billy just looked like me. Or his blood did. It's weird.</p>[/doHTML]
Nov 10 2017, 09:59 AM
He’d gotten his inspiration from Scooby-doo. Really, the massive canine and his scrappy haired human partner were geniuses. Pure geniuses. How their teammates and the rest of the world didn’t realize it was beyond Tommy, but today he was going to honor their decades long legacy by creating something he knew they would approve of.

Grinning and nearly trembling with anticipation, Tommy dug through the fridge in the school's giant industrial kitchen one last time to make sure that he’d nabbed everything he could use from it. “Eureka!” he exclaimed proudly (although that didn’t sound quite like the right word for his find but whatever) as he discovered a packet of mayonnaise hidden in the butter cabinet and held it aloft as if it were a precious thing. What? You couldn’t have a proper sandwich without mayonnaise and he’d already used the entire jar he’d found earlier on his creation. One should always appreciate the small miracles of life.

Zipping back to one of the many stainless steel islands, Tommy continued with his work. Tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth, hands flashing in a blur of motion, he added layer upon layer of meat, veggies, toppings, spreads, and bread, his grey eyes gleaming as the towering sandwich reached their level and kept going up until his hands were just able to reach the top to put on the last slice of bread. The speedster paused and eyed the column of food, watching it wobbled for a moment before settling in place. Letting out a whoop of triumph, he jumped back, placed his hands on his hips, and simply appreciated the thing of beauty that he had just created.

“Tell me that isn’t glorious!” the silver-haired teen crowed as he heard someone enter the kitchen behind him. Just in case they somehow didn’t know what he was referring to, he threw out his hands in a grand gesture to take in the magnificent construction. “Tell me Misters Doo and…” Wait, what was Shaggy’s last name? Roberts? Rogers! That was it! “Rogers would not be proud.” Especially when you combined the giant sized sandwich tower with the mess surrounding it on the counter. They would most assuredly be proud of that was well. Tommy rubbed thoughtfully at his chin. “Now how to start it…”

Nov 4 2017, 04:10 PM
It was probably the worst time of the year for some crazy guy to work out his anger issues on the mansion. The staff had put their all into repairing what they could to keep the place liveable and running for the residents and students, but construction and damage lay around nearly every corner and the winter storm that had swept through a few days earlier had found plenty of cracks to creep in through. The result was a noticeable chill nearly everywhere one went and a bleak mood that had equally seeped through every floor.

Not even Tommy, ever the goofball, was immune to it all which was why he’d been thrilled to see that Sam hadn’t cancelled the training session they’d scheduled a little over a week ago. It would be a nice distraction for both of them and a good opportunity for the speedster to burn some of the energy that had built up from being trapped inside.

Except that Sam didn’t seem to be showing up.

Foot tapping like an irritated rabbit, Tommy glanced for the fiftieth time at the clock on the keypad outside the Danger Room. Ten minutes, he was ten minutes late! And the guy was, like, never late, at least not to any mentor stuff. Tommy had given him the first few minutes, thinking that maybe Sam had started showing up a bit late to make up for the fact that Tommy was always late, but this went beyond what he’d come to expect from Sam. Had he forgotten?

The speedster bit his bottom lip as worry crept in. He hadn’t actually seen much of Sam since the attack but the last time they’d passed in the hall he’d noticed a sad, almost hollow look in the hick’s eyes. He’d let it go because he’d had somewhere to be, but rumors and opinions spread fast through a place like this and he’d heard a few things about Sam and the guy who wrecked the building.

Apparently they’d been close. Good friends or something.

Without wasting another beat, Tommy dashed away from the Danger Room and through the halls to the new quarters set up for those whose original ones had been destroyed. Sam, keeping to some of his mentor duties, had told Tommy where he’d moved so the teen darted straight to that door...and promptly literally stuck his head right through it. “Yo, Opie, you here?” he called into the darkness as he waited for his eyes to adjust.

Nov 4 2017, 03:03 PM
“Come on, ya gotta do something awesome when you turn 18. It’s like...the law!”

And if it wasn’t, Tommy felt it damn well should be.

Back to the wall, legs stretched out in front of him, the silver-haired teen lounged not on his bed but on his roommate’s, his grey eyes following the five hacky sacks circling in front of him. His hands easily kept the rotation going- catching and tossing in a graceful flow- as they had been for the past ten minutes straight. It was a simple thing for the speedster, juggling, as his mind had changed with the manifestation of his mutation to follow things moving much quicker, but although he could challenge himself by adding more and more items to the mix (the more varied in size, shape, and weight the better) that wasn’t the point at the moment. Right then, he just needed something to distract him from the fact that he was sitting still and stuck inside because of the sleet and snowstorm raging outside.

“Seriously-” The flying balls didn’t waver as Tommy glanced over at Billy. “You must have something you want to do when you turn 18. Somewhere you want to go?” There was almost a plea in the imp’s voice because it just saddened him at his core to think that a friend of his might be so lame as to just hang out at home or at the nearest pizza joint on the big 18. It was the first really big birthday of their lives for Pete’s sake! It needed celebrating!

“I’m thinking I might go down to Mexico or South America to party,” he added, hoping to give Billy some ideas. “Drink, dance, maybe explore the jungle, eat some awesome food, find a nude beach-” He waggled his silver eyebrows at his roommate. “You know, stuff like that. Yeah, I know, that’s not really your kinda thing but there must be something. Think, man, think! And toss me something, this is getting too boringly easy.” Any item to just make the juggling a bit harder or else not even it was going to be able to keep his attention.

Sep 4 2017, 09:46 PM
One would think that after a vacation filled with mummies, giant scarabs, and crazy guys with mystical orbs Tommy would want a bit of normal teenager time. Maybe focus on school, video games, girls, friends, all that important, run of the mill stuff. Certainly some of the other students who had been along for the trip seemed to have settled into that mindset, a few even sticking mostly to the school over the past few weeks, but Tommy had hated normal even before his mutation manifested and he never let adventure pass him by.

This time, he was even seeking it out...even if it wasn’t going terribly well so far.

“Ok...thanks,” Tommy said, mildly dejected as yet another store owner claimed to know nothing about the item in his hand or the people he’d stolen it from. The Asian woman hurried away from him and into the back part of the store where the public couldn’t go leaving Tommy alone. It didn’t pass over the speedster that she’d been too nervous for someone who had answered honestly but she was an old lady and trying to shake her down didn’t seem right. Maybe the next owner or clerk would know something or if they claimed ignorance would be enough of a jackass Tommy wouldn’t mind seeing if he could push them a little.

Because somebody had to know where he could find the ninja missing his metsubushi.

Tommy zipped up his coat and slipped on a pair of gloves and a beanie before heading back out into the cold. The metsubushi (now empty of the blinding powder) flew up into the air to land effortlessly in his hand over and over as the teen scanned the area around him. Brightly colored Asian writing, he assumed Chinese (but, really, hell if he knew), covered most everything he could see, forcing him to rely on what was in the windows to figure out what the store was for. Not that that was hard to do as they tended to switch from grocery store to random, miscellaneous crap store and back again along this street. Since he’d just finished with a grocery store, Tommy started toward another of the other variety but paused as he caught someone watching him from the shadows of one of the nearby alleys. As far as he could tell, Tommy didn’t know the guy and was pretty sure he hadn’t spoken to him yet. Or maybe he had? Maybe he was one of those whites who couldn’t tell the difference between Asian people.

The man seemed to realize he’d been spotted and sank back into the depths of the alley. Well well! Maybe he had finally found someone who could give him some answers. A wide, impish smirk stretched across the teen’s face as he jogged across the street and turned into the alley. To his surprise and consternation (he had word of the day toilet paper), the alley proved to be empty without a single sign of the man all the way down to the dead end opposite him. “The hell..?” he breathed as he moved forward, bright grey eyes scanning for something he’d missed.

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