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New Mutants Gamma

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May 18 2018, 10:17 AM
Tommy had thought he’d never live somewhere fancier than Xavier mansion. Hell, he even thought that level of fanciness was just a fluke in his life that would last only until graduation then he’d find himself in some dump apartment somewhere, living the bachelor life to the fullest. But then the Brood went and destroyed the school and where did that land them?

The Baccarat Hotel, probably the finest lap of luxury in all of New York City, hell maybe the whole United States.

The food, the amenities, the suites, everything from the fire that greeted you at the front doors to Warren’s bitchin’ penthouse were all top notch. The staff practically tripped over themselves to give their guests anything they might need, and for a while Tommy had taken full advantage. He’d eaten everything they had to eat there (and damn did those fancy chefs know how to make food), and although he’d had to break it up into multiple visits because he could only sit still for so long, he’d totally revelled in the spa treatments because, hey, when in Rome right?

It had been nice...for a while. And by a while, he really meant just a few days. Compared to the crazy happenings of the mansion- where, despite the adults’ best efforts, student shenanigans caused some sort of chaos every day- the hotel was just boring. Everybody was on their best behavior and everything was just so...pristine and perfect and white. Tommy needed out but out was always more fun with somebody else. The young speedster liked to spread his someone elses around and he knew exactly who was up next on the list.

On his way up to said someone else’s room, he caught sight of said someone else ahead of him and decided it would be fun to meet him there rather than just hail him like some boring normal person. By the time the front door to Sam’s suite opened, Tommy had darted through the neighboring rooms and was sitting, relaxed and casual, on the older mutant’s couch, arms crossed behind his head, feet propped up on the golden coffee table like he’d been waiting there for a while. White teeth flashed in a welcoming grin. “Man, this place must’ve blown your mind when you saw it. Bet your whole family lived in a room this big back home.”

Apr 14 2018, 09:40 PM
Tommy was not having a good few days. Alright, so it was his own stupid fault and there were two people there having worse days because of him but...ok there was no but, not after what he’d done.

God, why was he such an idiot? Oh yeah, because that seemed his default setting. Tommy hadn’t just ripped apart one girl’s heart the other day, but he’d gone above and beyond to do it to two and he couldn’t currently think of a time when he’d felt like more of a piece of shit. His attempts to fix things with Tabby had failed spectacularly and he hadn’t seen the blonde since. Cessily he hadn’t seen at all since she’d run off the basketball court in tears and he was pretty sure that was because she was avoiding him.

Which was pretty impressive, actually, seeing as he was a speedster who could run through the entire school in less than a minute. Really, Tommy wasn’t sure how she’d managed it, but he either failed to see even a single red hair on her shiny head or when he spotted her she just sort of...vanished.

He suspected she was making a puddle of herself and oozing off somewhere.

It was actually pure luck that Tommy finally managed to pin her down. A trip down to the Danger Room to work off some steam and--there she was!

Tommy’s blue eyes widened as he looked at the little screen outside the room that showed if anybody was inside and currently using the program. There she was, jumping on the biggest damn trampoline that the speedster had ever seen. The moment he saw Cess, the silver-haired teen wasted no time phasing straight through the Danger Room door and taking a flying leap onto the trampoline beside her, timing it so he landed just long enough before for her feet hit that his impact didn’t cause her to fly up into space (something he and his friends had always tried back when he was younger).

“Cess!” he cried out a little louder than he meant to in his excitement at finally catching her. “Don’t ooz off, let me explain!”

Mar 31 2018, 08:46 AM
Billy was going to love him. Not be annoyed because Tommy was springing this on him with absolutely no warning but instead feel blessed to have such a caring, amazing twin in his life who had put such effort into putting together such a bitchin’ surprise.

A trip to fucking South America ya’ll!
Yeah, Billy was so going to love him.

Grinning, Tommy placed his hands on his hips and surveyed the wreckage that was the room he and Billy shared. Drawers lay half or completely open, their remaining contents shoved around in unorganized disarray or even draped over the edges. The cabinets in the bathroom gaped, the floor was littered with various discarded gear and clothing, and- oh hey, how had a sock gotten on the ceiling fan?

With a shrug- whatever, he could organize it all when they came back- the speedster turned from it to close the two duffle bags sitting on his bed. As he did, his brain flashed through his mental checklist of what they’d need. Sunscreen, bug spray, money (a pretty good amount, actually, enough to have all the funs), phone chargers, clothes, sunglasses, shoes, no camera because hey they had phones, a handful of combs and hair crap for Billy’s bird nest, and a travel guide.

Yup, looked about right.

Literally buzzing with excitement, Tommy pulled out his phone to look at the time on it and huffed. Oh for Pete’s sake! He’d sent a text to Billy to come to their room like a whole minute ago! Where was he? :Hurry u slow poke: he texted again, fingers flashing over the buttons almost too quickly for the phone to keep up with.

Mar 22 2018, 08:04 PM
Tommy wasn’t as dumb as everyone assumed he was.

Well, not all the time and not about everything. He could be observant when he bothered to pay attention in the first place, could use his noggin to put pieces together and get 4.So when his brother Billy came back from yet another crazy ass school field trip, gloom nearly radiating from him, it wasn’t hard to figure out that something bad happened.

Even if the damn brunette wouldn’t tell Tommy what the fuck it was!

It was almost spooky, really, the way his twin acted now. Not like he was about to break down into a fit of tears but more…like there was just not much going on there at all. Not sadness, not happiness, not anything. Relentless questioning had gotten the speedster nowhere (which was quite the testament to Billy’s desire not to talk about it as a speedster with a bone could break the patience and understanding of the Pope) and he was really beginning to worry.

Well, if he couldn’t get answers from Billy then he’d get them from somebody else.
And it wasn’t hard to pick who to ask, not when his brother’s second best friend happened to have gone on the trip with him. Who better to know what had changed his brother from stupidly pleased and smitten to...empty?

So after doing a quick lap of the mansion and not finding Liv anywhere, Tommy arrived at the girl’s dorm room door, certain she had to be inside because it was late and there was schoolwork and sometimes people actually cared about that.

Not him, but other people.

“Hey Liv,” Tommy called as he reached up and knocked. “Ya in?”

“Fuck off.”

“And good evening to you too,” the speedster responded, silver brows arching at the venomous hiss to the words. Not that he’d thought Liv would be happy to see him (she barely managed to tolerate him on a good day) but jeez. Someone was in a bitchy mood. Probably on her period. Not that that would stop him from getting the answers he wanted. “Here to talk about Billy. You gonna open up?”

Wiccan for the mention
Dec 26 2017, 11:51 PM
Slate Feb 15th, 11:40am

[doHTML]<p class="triangle-isosceles">Look, I've already been reamed out for this. I'm taking care of it OK? They're after me and Billy just looked like me. Or his blood did. It's weird.</p>[/doHTML]
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