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Dec 2 2017, 08:39 PM
Two black escrima sticks were twirled back and forth in skilled hands, a forward arko followed by a reverse arko and so on, as Auri stood there with his light blue eyes focused on John. He was excited to be here in the school's gymnasium with someone his own age who actually had a solid grasp on physical combat, though from what Auri had gathered John preferred ranged over melee combat. That was even better, of course, since that meant that they could learn from each other, instead of the knowledge only going in one direction.

"You'll teach me in your ways at a later point as well, yes?" Auri wondered, wanting to reiterate the understanding he assumed existed between the two of them. "What was the name they gave you again? Gunslinger?" The slight smile that had been on Auri's face already broadened a little as he said that name. Gunslinger. It amused him. He had not taken on a name like that himself, and none had been given to him either. There simply wasn't anything Auri felt really suited him. "I'd like to become better at that as well," he added, as if the decision had been made on the spot instead of being something he had decided well before their training session.

The two of them were not alone in the gymnasium, having an audience of two to watch them train. Auri was not used to training in front of an audience, unless it was under the scrutinising eye of a master evaluating his performance, but he appreciated that Ion and Wiccan were there. Auri never really had friends growing up, his parents and those who followed after their deaths more focused on raising an assassin than a child, so having other kids his age who not only seemed to tolerate his oft somewhat unusual behaviour but actually seemed to have at least a passing interest in his interests felt good.

"Billy, Liv!" Auri called out, glancing sideways to where the duo was seated, "you should consider training as well! You have your abilities, but having the knowledge to fight the old fashioned way never hurt anyone." Except those on the receiving end, he figured, but that was kind of the point. Auri would be happy to go a few rounds with either Billy or Liv as well, but first it was John's turn.

Returning his attention to the other man on the mat, his sticks still twirling in his hands because his number one rule when using them was to always keep them moving, Auri cocked his head lightly. "Do you have any experience using similar weapons?" Auri asked. Arnis was a versatile martial art, where anything stick-like could function as a weapon as long as it wasn't completely out of balance, so chances were John did actually have some experience. "I could go over some basic theory as we go along, if you'd like." It was not as engaging as actually sparring, but the theory behind the art was just as important as knowing how to apply it properly. "Or we can just start," he added with a shrug, the sticks in his hands briefly becoming still as he tightened his grip on them. Either worked, it wasn't like Auri wouldn't give a running commentary on what was happening as they sparred anyway.
Dec 2 2017, 11:44 AM
It had been over a week since Auri had agreed to join Billy in staying at the Natural History Museum for the night, thinking he would have a good time socialising with his first real friend in a world that was still so unfamiliar to him, but instead had ended up with something else entirely. The entire place had gone mad, the cause of which Auri still wasn't sure about, and to make matters worse part of his mutant ability had decided to manifest itself then. It had all been a bit overwhelming for the young assassin. There seemed to be no off switch to it, with anything coming into contact with his skin that held any significant history that wasn't his own flooding his mind with images of the past. He had done what he could to hide this fact from Bella, not wanting to lose what little he had regained of his old life again so quickly. Auri respected Bella, liked Bella, and wanted to hone his skills as an assassin under her tutelage. Unfortunately for Auri, the ever perceptive Assassin Queen had quickly caught onto the fact that not only had her young charge manifested his mutant powers, but that he was handling it very poorly.

And so arrangements had been made to facilitate Auri's return to the school he had left behind less than two weeks prior. Auri had argued against that decision at first, but had nothing to counter Bella's claim that, with his mind under constant duress from the information that his mutant ability poured into it, he wouldn't be able to learn anything from her. Instead Auri would attend the school and learn to control his mutant ability, under the watchful eye of the one person who had any real idea of who the seventeen year old actually was, Betsy Braddock. As a psychic herself, she was uniquely qualified to help Auri with his retrocognitive ability, and on top of that her skill as an assassin meant she could provide him with the training he needed to grow as an assassin as well. It wasn't exactly what Auri had hoped for, but he realised that it would be for the best. Bella would continue to play a significant part in his training, but much of it would now lie with Betsy.

Settling into the school had actually been easy though, almost entirely because of how incredibly considerate Psylocke had been when it came to making sure her new charge was at ease in his new home. Unlike others his age, Auri had been provided with a room of his own, one that had been completely refurbished at Betsy's behest to ensure that the teenager would have one space in the entire school where he wouldn't constantly have a history that wasn't his own trying to claw its way into his mind. He could walk around there on his bare feet, touch things with his bare hands, and there would be nothing but the occasional whisper from the past to intrude upon him. After how he had struggled in the days following the manifestation of his ability, the silence was blissful. It was tempting to just stay in there all the time, but Auri was sure that neither of the Bees would approve of him becoming some kind of hermit, and Auri himself wasn't too keen on the idea of just isolating himself when there were so many interesting people for him to meet and hang out with around the school. He'd never been in a place like this before, being homeschooled by his parents and tutored privately on top of that, so it would be a shame to let an opportunity like this go to waste.

Having wandered around the school for a bit after leaving his room and finding nothing or anyone of particular interest, Auri had settled in front of the television in the rec room, pulling the hood on his blue sweater up over his blond hair and resting his feet on the table. He briefly browsed through the channels, finding that there were way too many of them, before settling on what appeared to be some kind of documentary on rich women from Beverly Hills who got upset with each other a lot. Auri didn't pay attention to it for too long though, removing his gloves and laying them down next to him on the couch before fishing his cell phone from his pocket. He had gotten better at using it since he had first gained access to it, a lot of it working pretty intuitively, and he found it served as an excellent way to occupy yourself. Or serve as a distraction, but wary as he had been when he initially woke up at the school, Auri had come to accept that the people there were mostly harmless. The only real danger he was in at that time was someone walking in on him while he played with the phone's camera, blurring his vision momentarily when he accidentally discovered the button that turned on the flash function. He blinked rapidly to clear his vision, then let out a chuckle at how he'd startled himself there. Ah, the future was just full of little surprises.
Nov 22 2017, 11:53 AM
Whereas with the others who had been turned back to a younger age by the blonde girl there had been people at the school who knew who they were, with Auri it had initially seemed like no one knew who he was. Neither Auri Delavigne or Owen Price had rung any bells, and that had played a big part in the seventeen year old to go look for answers himself, helped in his endeavour by Billy Kaplan. But aside from a collection of weapons that made his heart beat more quickly, all he had found when he went looking was a life that he did not recognise. A life that Auri could not in a million years imagine lying in his future. This man, this Owen Price, there was nothing about him that Auri recognised. He was an assassin, having been raised by his late parents to be one of the best since a young age, and yet "Owen" had apparently turned away from the Guild, away from his life in Louisiana to become a psychologist in New York. It wasn't him. It would never be him.

Feeling defeated, Auri had returned to the school in Westchester, not because he had accepted that was his home now, but because he had nowhere else to go. Despite what felt like a real effort on Billy's part to make him feel welcome, Xavier's didn't feel like it was right for him. He wasn't a mutant like everyone else, or at least not one with access to his mutant powers; whatever had been done to him by the blonde had set him back to an age where his mutant powers had yet to manifest. It wasn't even clear if they ever would. And so it seemed that Auri was stuck there, unable to contact anyone from the guild, apparently resigned to remain at the school until they figured out what to do with the young man who seemed to have a way of turning up with weapons they wouldn't let him keep on him.

But as it turned out, Auri wasn't a complete unknown to everyone at Xavier's. There was one member of the staff, the head of the school's security team, Psylocke, who knew Aurillion Delavigne and Owen Price both and had actually heard of the Assassin's Guild before. More importantly she could bring him into contact with the leader of the guild. Not Marius Boudreaux, like Auri had assumed, but Bella Boudreaux, Marius' daughter. That had taken Auri a moment to wrap his mind around, still mostly stuck in his own world as it had been twenty years in the past for everyone else, because the Bella he had known of was an eight year old girl.

And that was how Auri had come to find himself sitting in the foyer of Xavier's, waiting for the only woman who made up part of the life he had thought lost to him to come to the school and (hopefully) take him away from there. Betsy was there waiting with him, but Auri didn't really know what to say to her, the idea of talking to someone who had actually known the older him still rather strange to him. Instead he sat slumped down in one of the chairs, idly playing with one of his small blades they'd allowed him to have now that it looked like they would be leaving and taking them with him. They were the only things he really had to his name, aside from the clothes that were made for a bulkier man sitting in a bag under his seat.

When Auri did finally speak up, it was a question that made it obvious that he was impatient to meet Bella, his voice laced by his pronounced Cajun accent. "When will Bella get here?" It felt like they had been waiting for a while, but not having a watch on him or thinking to use his recently unlocked phone to check the time, Auri had no idea how long it had actually been. "What's she like? You know her, right?" Auri sure didn't have a clue. He had known her father practically his entire life, but had never gotten to know either of his children, not even after Auri's own parents died and Marius took him under his wing. Auri had been fond of Marius though, so if his daughter was anything like him he didn't expect to have any trouble getting along with the Assassin's Guild new queen.
Nov 10 2017, 05:15 PM
Mutants. The people that lived at this strange mansion were mutants, not witches or demons or werebeasts or whatever other crazy ideas Aurillion's mind had come up with to make sense of the things he had seen. The strange, furry blue man had seemed very knowledgeable on the subject, even if Auri had not listened as well as he could have. He had been too preoccupied staring at the unusual looking man, wary of what he might do once he turned his back on him. That had been Auri's state of mind for several hours now: wary. He did not know anyone he had seen since waking up at that club, and unlike with several of the others who had been befallen by the same fate, no one seemed to know who he was either. The former was something he was not comfortable with, the latter suited him just fine. People not knowing anything about him helped Auri to make sure they only knew what he wanted them to know. They knew that his name was Aurillion Delavigne (and not Owen Price), that he was an orphan from New Orleans, Louisiana and that unlike the others affected he was in fact not a mutant, but that was just about all he had told them. Beyond that he had merely given mostly satisfactory answers to anything they asked without actually giving away any relevant information about himself.

Once he had been allowed to leave the medical bay they had examined him in, Auri had wasted no time getting out of there and making his way to the upper levels of the school. He likely could have found out more about himself - or rather, who he had been before he had apparently been aged down by twenty years - by allowing the people who lived there to help him, but he wanted to find out on his own. Obtaining information second hand would likely lead to things being left out, which would leave him knowing less than whoever he had gotten the information from. That idea did not set well with him at all. Auri didn't need anyone's help to figure things out, he was a member of the Assassins Guild, and any assassin worth a damn knew how to get by on their own. If you weren't resourceful you wouldn't pass your Ordeal of Blood, and that was a test without second chances. Auri hadn't had the chance to partake in his ordeal yet, but he knew he was ready, and that meant he could take care of things on his own.

First things first though. Before trying to locate the library, Auri had scoured the first floor of the school that he would temporarily call home for a weapon. The people who had checked on him and asked him questions had the gall to take the blade he kept on his person away from him when they had provided him with clothes that weren't as ill a fit as what he had been wearing when he came in. Auri did not feel comfortable without a weapon; having been trained since a young age he was a very capable hand to hand combatant, but it was far more reassuring knowing you had something sharp to use in a pinch. He found what he was looking for in a kitchen that looked like it had better days. Why anyone would bother to take away his dagger when knives were readily available elsewhere was beyond Auri. Just because something wasn't designated as a tool to cut people with didn't mean that it wouldn't do an adequate enough job in a pinch.

Having procured himself something sharp and reassuring, Auri had next searched for the school library. If there was anywhere to gather information that was likely the place. With any luck they would even have a computer there, if Auri was correct those could be used to find all sorts of information these days. To be fair, he wasn't quite sure how a computer would be able to compete with the knowledge found in an entire library, but he was sure he had overheard someone down in the medbay about something called "the internet". Once Auri figured out what that was, he would be golden.

Finding his way to the library, Auri paused for a moment to take a look around. Okay, now that he was there he actually had no idea what good books would do him, unless they were keeping documents on people there for some strange reason. Luckily for him there was a computer available, or something that looked largely similar to the computers Auri remembered. He had no idea how they had managed to make the computer monitor as flat as they had. Briefly he checked behind the monitor to see if he could make sense of it, quickly decided that he could not and sat down in front of the computer and turned it on.


There had to be a button to turn the monitor on somewhere too.

Apparently making it so buttons were either absent or impossible to find was how they did things in the future. The item Auri had previously identified as an odd, flat rectangle but had actually turned out to be a mobile telephone had been the same. Hardly any noticeable buttons, none of which actually helped him access it. Everything was locked away on there, and while the little button that could somehow read his fingerprint (an insane concept that Auri still struggled with) actually worked, his phone had then informed him that it hadn't been accessed recently enough and that a pin code was required. A pin code that Auri had lost when he had suddenly found himself twenty years younger. At least the button on the monitor was in a logical spot, so Auri managed to locate it once he'd run his finger across the bottom of the monitor and felt a small bump at the bottom right that turned it on. This should not have felt Auri with such a feeling of contentedness, and yet it did.

Having crossed that hurdle, Auri was presented with his next challenge: icons. So many icons, none of which really made Auri think they would be useful to find anything. If you asked him this was clearly not his fault, instead a case of poorly thought out design, but which side the fault was on (it was the computer) didn't matter. Letting out a sigh, Auri sat back in his chair and pulled the wallet and some papers he had on him when he was found from one of his pockets, followed by his useless phone. He grabbed his driver's license - or at least the driver's license of whoever the hell Owen Price was - and looked at it for a moment. He could see some of himself in the picture but that was it. Beyond that he might as well have been in the possession of someone else's identification entirely, because seventeen year old Auri had not been given the reason to run away that his older self had almost twenty years ago. Loyal to the Assassins Guild, young Auri couldn't fathom how he could ever drift so far from who he was now.

Turning his attention back to the monitor, Auri decided to just start clicking on things until something that looked useful popped up. Once the first thing that looked like it allowed for any text input popped up, Auri perked up a little and used the mouse to move the little arrow towards it. Pressing the O, Auri scowled slightly when the computer beeped at him in response. "Do not beep at me," he ordered the computer in a disgruntled manner, leaning closer towards the monitor to see what he was doing wrong.

Ah, he needed to click in it first.

Doing so, Auri slowly (and it really was rather spectacularly slow) typed in the name 'Owen Price' then looked around for a button to press to search the computer for information. Not seeing one, he instead started hitting the larger buttons on the keyboard until something actually happened, Windows Explorer searching the computer for anything on Owen Price, which naturally didn't result in anything. "Useless!" Auri muttered, sucking in his lips slightly as he scowled at the machine in front of him. As much as he disliked the idea, it seemed inevitable that he was going to have to find someone who could help. If he went at this by himself he'd likely be thirty-seven again before he figured anything out.
Oct 24 2017, 03:21 PM
It had been over two months since Auri had helped Psylocke locate Scrambler and deal with the aftermath of the man's murder, and a little over one month since he had alerted her to the fact that one of their missing students was still alive. Betsy had made it very clear that she owed him several favours in return for his assistance, but Auri had not yet made use of any of hem. A woman of Betsy Braddock's skill and power wasn't someone you called on for a favour for just about anything; she was the kind of woman you wanted at your side when things got really bad. So far it hadn't quite gotten to that point. He had agreed to join her for a bite to eat on that day though, when Betsy had happened to be in the city, though Auri did playfully point out how that would not count as an actual favour. There was a slight disparity between brunch and helping someone track down someone with the intent of killing them.

Had Auri known who would be paying him a visit that day, he would not have accepted Betsy's invitation though. His true identity, the past he had covered up so carefully, the life he had recently picked up again after making an agreement with Bella... none of that was information he wanted out there. No one who wasn't affiliated with the Assassins Guild in some way knew anything about it, and while Auri didn't actually expect Betsy to react that poorly - she had taken on the role of assassin herself, after all - he would rather she not know. "Ah yes, I'm not actually the person you thought I was" would make for a rather awkward thing to explain.

And yet that was exactly what he would end up having to do. At first Auri didn't recognise the children that approached their table for what they were. "Are these yours?" had been on the tip of his tongue until the two spoke up, reciting the message they had been told to pass onto him. The Cajun accents alone were enough cause for concern, but it was the use of his true surname that really had Auri staring at them in disbelief, his bright blue eyes briefly turning back towards Betsy to gauge her reaction to the arrival of the odd pair and the name they addressed him by. He was tempted to act dumb, claim that they must have had the wrong person, but even with his limited experience with other mutants Auri knew better than to lie in front of a telepath. Without his mind full of the information that his powers allowed him to draw on, and the children's unprotected minds right there, there really wasn't much that would keep Betsy from realising the truth.

Things went from bad to worse when the kids went on to mention the Guild and that he had the chance to finally be free of them. Sure, it was rather nondescript, but Auri was sure that would lead to some questions as well. And of course it didn't end there, with the two boys informing him that they had an offer for him. "I don't think now is really a good time--" Auri started, still maintaining the accent he had trained himself to use for nearly twenty years now. It was futile to try and turn the boys away before they finished delivering their message though, unless Auri wanted to turn this into some kind of scene. That was likely why the children had been chosen for this delivery in the first place. Whoever was behind this would know that, if this message were to come from an adult member of the guild, Auri wouldn't have felt the same hesitation to stop them before they said even more that he'd rather they didn't.

And so the pair of six year olds continued, relaying to him the task he needed to accomplish in return for his freedom: murder the current leader of the Guild, Bella Boudreaux. It seemed like the assassin queen had pushed back against the old masters a little more fiercely than they liked in her attempt to shape the guild into something better, and they wanted her gone. To accomplish this, they had approached one of her allies, a man who had actually encouraged Bella to wrest herself free from the masters' strings, no doubt in the hopes that Auri's desire to rid himself of any remaining ties to the guild was stronger than his loyalty to Bella. What his decision would be, Auri would not be communicating through a pair of children like the masters had.

"Tell the masters that I will take their offer under consideration," Aurillion told the pair of kids flatly. "Now be on your way." Gesturing for the children to make themselves scarce, Auri let out a weary sigh and turned his blue eyes back towards Betsy. "There might be a few things you don't know about me." Though much of it had already been laid bare by the few words the two children had spoken to him. "But an explanation will have to wait." Right now there was a far more pressing matter to attend to.

Fishing his phone from his pocket, Auri quickly looked up Bella's number, bringing the phone up to his ear. "Bella, it's Auri," he started as soon as he heard the sound of her voice, a curt "Speak", his brow creasing into a frown as the beep he heard a second later made it clear he had her voicemail. "Bella, it's Aurillion, call me as soon as you're able. The masters are aiming to kill you." There was a very notable shift in Auri's manner of speaking, going from the New York accent Betsy had come to know to the Cajun one he'd suppressed for so many years but had never truly gotten rid of.

Putting his phone away again, Aurillion looked at Betsy for a brief moment, his lips pursed slightly. There really was no logical place to start explaining things to her, and Auri felt like he did owe her some kind of explanation. "I--" he started, both uncertain what to say and whether to continue putting on a New York accent for her or speak to her with his actual voice. "I'm sure you've got some questions," he finally said, sounding the same as he had on the phone a moment ago, "so please, go ahead." Letting Betsy decide what she wanted to know seemed like the smarter move here, maybe then at least some of what was a rather unusual history could be left unearthed. "Mind you," he added, "I have suddenly found myself not having much time to chat."
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