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Jan 16 2018, 01:51 AM
It's once again time to vote for your favourite OC of the month!

Time for Honeybear's wig to be snatched, y'all. Who will do the honours? Find out on February 1st!

Jan 15 2018, 01:54 AM
Last month was BUSY. We were tempted to go with about a dozen threads, but managed to keep it to a mere eight.

These are your nominees. Remember, if you feel like a particular thread should be eligible for this, please to be sending me a PM so we can include it.

Am I Doing This Right?
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Come back on the 1st to find out who won America's Next Top Model thread of the month!

Jan 1 2018, 01:08 AM

Clearly wanting to reward him for nearly getting his twin brother killed, our character of the month is everyone's favourite speedster, the oh so cleverly named Speed! Far superior to his smelly old uncle, Pietro, Tommy is written by the one and only Andi, the only bird known to man who usually manages to use a keyboard to string together coherent sentences. Brash, arrogant, and never one to think before he acts, Thomas Shepherd is a never ending source of entertainment for anyone lucky enough to get to thread with the silver-topped ball of energy and sass. Now that the family is more or less complete, we look forward to what's to come next!


Known to trudge nine days through five feet of snow, uphill both ways, just so he can write posts for us, this month's member of the month is Adam! Joining us all the way back in April, everyone's favourite lumberjack (sorry, what's that? He's electrifying? That's scary, thanks for sharing) has given us the noble-yet-scary Exodus since the start, as well as being responsible for everyone's favourite Spider-Clone with everyone's least favourite sense of fashion, Kaine. Keep up the good work Adam, we're thrilled to have you with us and are looking forward to what you've got in store for us in the coming year!


As part of a series taking place at the museum where a mysterious gem turned everything very strange for the group of people picking the absolute worst night for a lock-in, our winner for thread of the month was MUS - Getting Prehistoric, based on a plot proposed to the admins by the wonderful Bashi. Not just content with just keeping things figurative, this particular lot of characters literally got boned when the exhibits in the Natural History Museum's Hall of Fossils came to life and turned against them

As part of a larger series, those who missed out can catch up on the other parts of this lovely storyline here:
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Getting Sunk
Dec 18 2017, 03:25 PM


Celebrity Claim- Toni Mahfud

Full Name- Allen Marc Yuricic
Nicknames/Aliases- Chrome
Age- 24
Date of Birth- March 28th
Faction- Brotherhood of Mutants
Occupation- Freedom fighter, terrorist, jeweler.

Personality- Chrome was always generally a well adjusted, easy-going kid, but after his experiences since his mutant ability manifested, it's only among his own kind that he feels secure enough still to be himself. When he's out in public, amongst people he can only ever assume will be primarily human, he's more wary and withdrawn, distrustful of anyone who approaches him without a proper reason to, and even openly hostile. The truth is that Chrome is just a little bit broken. The innocent boy he was before knowledge of his mutation spread is gone, and in its place is a slightly unhinged young man who resents humans because the way he's been treated simply for being born differently. Chrome has come to believe that treating them the way he has been treated (or worse) is no more than what they deserve.

Initially unaware of the existence of mutants, Chrome never had much of an opinion on the human/mutant conflict that had been bubbling up around the world since he was a young boy. This first began to change when his best friend was taken because he was a mutant, then completely collapsed when his own powers were discovered. Years of mistreatment by humans exploiting his powers and hearing more anti-mutant bullshit than he even cares to remember has changed him, and he is now firmly on the side of mutant superiority; it's his belief that any other kind of stance will just open up the door for humans to walk all over him again, and that people like him will never truly have a place in the world. He feels he has proven his superiority too, overcoming and killing those directly responsible for his captivity, and wanting to do the same for others.

Chrome has developed a bit of a cruel, sadistic streak as well. While initially he only used his powers to entertain himself in harmless ways, nowadays he will use them to mess with or harm humans without much (if any) hesitation. His gift is what he was judged and abused for, his gift is what freed him from his captors, and his gift will be what ensures that no human will ever mess with him again. If he can use it to give a display of what you'll end up with if you try, then he sees no reason not to do it. If he can make an actual example out of someone to support the cause of mutant superiority, he'll go for it without question.

Chrome's distrust of and disdain towards humans can be problematic, bordering on a kind of social anxiety disorder. He tends to act awkward and withdrawn in public places, but in such a way that his efforts to avoid drawing attention to himself usually result in the exact opposite effect. When forced to interact with humans, Chrome tends to be blunt, rude and usually condescending, and will try to keep the interaction as brief as possible. Sadly, when you basically act like an asshole toward people for no apparent reason, it has a tendency to escalate. In these situations, Chrome will quickly resort to using his mutant powers to end the confrontation, having little respect for human life. There are only a few exceptions, aside from his family, of humans that Chrome will tolerate and only if he's known them long enough and/or there is some kind of mutual benefit to be found. Even then, he will turn on them too if he sees a reason to, which given the paranoia that has taken root in his brain over the years, happens far too often.

It is only really around other mutants that Chrome still shows some semblance of normality, of the boy he was before the traumatic experience at the hands of the Genoshan government. When he is with people he is comfortable with, Chrome is generally talkative, fairly upbeat and highly curious, especially when it comes to people's mutant powers. He likes to have fun, and he likes to hang out with others, so when he finds others that he feels he can actually trust, he might latch on juuuust a little bit. He's self-aware enough to keep from actually becoming too clingy, but he'll be... clingy within whatever limits are acceptable for whomever he is with at the time. Usually.

  • Casual use of his mutant ability
  • Jewellery
  • Juggling
  • Photography
  • Being around his own kind
  • Pretty much any variety of fruit
  • Intolerance. Pick any of the following three: for being a mutant; for his sexuality; or for being an 'Arab' or a 'Muslim' (he is, in fact, neither). Chrome checks a lot of boxes, and he doesn't appreciate being subjected to anyone's opinion just based on that.
  • Oppression. As a mutant born and raised on Genosha, he's seen enough of it to last him for a lifetime.
  • Being exploited. While he loves using his powers, being forced to do so against his will for the benefit of others is something he would rather not go through again.
  • Humans. Chrome knows they're not all bad; there's got to be some okay ones out there, somewhere. He just generally finds it safe to assume that most of them are terrible and treat them accordingly.
  • Having to hide his mutant ability. Chrome is proud of who he is, and hates when he has to hide his ability for whatever reason. He can see the necessity, but that doesn't mean he has to like it.
  • Needles. They are pointy and go under your skin. There's nothing else that needs to be said.
  • Google Chrome. He used the name first.
  • Sociable
  • Patient
  • Loyal
  • Highly distrustful of humans.
  • Sees violence and cruelty as a proper solution to many problems.
  • Struggles with authority, or anything that appears to threaten his newfound freedom.
  • None of his strengths apply to humans.

Power Name- Elemental Transmutation
Description- Through touch, Chrome can alter the elemental makeup of any substance, whether it's solid, liquid or gaseous. This includes, but isn't limited to: turning lead into gold, water into wine, and people into shiny shiny (mostly) metallic statues. This transformation is triggered by the quantum energy field that permeates Chrome's entire body, and requires a conscious decision on Chrome's part to transmute the elements of something to have any effect. Transmutation is accompanied by a visual manifestation of Chrome's energy field, a bright blue glow that is usually focused around his hands and in his eyes.

The maximum amount of matter Chrome can transmute depends on the complexity of the transmutation. The simpler the molecular makeup of an object, the larger the scale on which he is able to transmute on. For example: transmuting iron into gold is incredibly easy for him, since they're both solid materials with relatively simple molecular makeups, but the size of the objects he can transmute diminishes once he has to deal with more complicated structures such as alloys (like steel) or organic materials (like wood, or human flesh) with carbon and a whole lot of other types of molecules thrown into the mix. The same kind of limitation applies to what Chrome is able to transmute an object into: the larger the object, the more difficult it becomes to transmute it into a more complex material. Solids are by far the easiest for him here, especially common metals like iron, gold, silver and chrome. The latter is usually the type he chooses when he's not particularly fussed about the specifics of what he wants an object to turn into, and the type of metal from which he took his codename.

Regardless of its complexity this process is near-instantaneous, and permanent unless Chrome himself reverses it. This reversal is made possible by Chrome's ability to analyse the makeup of anything he touches down to the molecular level, regardless of whether it's organic or inorganic, and memorize it with perfect recall. This process can be voluntary, meaning he can analyse what something is made of without transforming it, but always happens subconsciously when he transmutes the molecular makeup of an object.

By altering the molecular composition of another person's body, Chrome can achieve two different effects: either enhancing that person's physical abilities to superhuman levels, or incapacitating them by inducing a state similar to suspended animation. The exact effect of his molecular enhancement can vary, depending on the physiology of the person he uses it on. Those whose physiology is already superhuman in some fashion (for example Wolverine) will benefit more than those whose physiology is simply human. Likewise, the matter he transmutes someone into affects their abilities as well, with matter that has a greater density such as titanium will increase the subject's strength and durability more, but limit their speed and agility, while a less dense material like wood will offer less of a strength and durability increase, but cost less when it comes to speed and agility as well.

Both this process as well as the one that leaves the victim unable to move are similar (though not as strong) as the process undergone by mutants like Colossus and Slate, with the main difference for the process that leaves its victim as living statues being that it atrophies the muscles as well. They will remain mostly aware of what's going on around them, even though their ability to speak is inhibited and their other senses will be slightly dulled, but they will be unable to move, no more than living statues.

Although he cannot affect himself with his abilities, Chrome's power does come with some defensive and adaptive utility. As long as he actively concentrates on doing so, he is capable of transmuting any relatively simple substance that comes into contact with his body, and thus the energy field that grants him his powers, into something harmless (or harmful, but... why). Water and other substances that make for inhospitable environments can be altered to create breathable air, small objects like melee weapons, bullets and other projectiles can be reduced to dust, and he could theoretically imbibe most substances that would prove lethal to others as long as they're not so fast acting that they're in his system before his transmutation ability has the chance to affect it.

By converting the air around him into combustible materials, Chrome is capable of propelling himself through the air at speeds of around 80 miles per hours. It's not the most stable way of flying, and Chrome isn't the most maneuverable flyer or all that good at hovering in place, but it works well in a pinch.

Disclaimer: transmutation of another played character that results in loss of control will only be done with express permission of that character's player.

Limits- The most obvious weakness to Chrome's mutant power is that he needs to be able to touch an object in order to transmute it. Even if it's less than half an inch away from him, he cannot affect it directly. Even wearing gloves will inhibit his powers to a point where he can only perform the most basic of transmutations on the simplest of objects.

Chrome must have some familiarity with a material to be able to transmute something into it. He's got a good enough basic understanding of chemistry to perform simpler transmutations; if it's on the periodic table of elements, it's usually doable. Simpler alloys (like steel) aren't a problem either, but more complex ones like adamantium are beyond Chrome's ability to create, and when it comes to adamantium specifically, impossible to affect due to both its complexity and incredible molecular bonds. And while he can transmute complex living things into simpler, generally inorganic matter, it doesn't work the other way around except for returning an those living things into their original form. He can turn a person into a statue, but can't turn a statue into a person unless he's the one who made them into that in the first place.

Transmutation difficulty ramps up high when Chrome has to transmute from one state of matter to another. Solid to solid? No problem. Solid to gas? Well, you know, sublimation is just a lot harder to do. It's less difficult when two different substances are closely related, such as turning any kind of metal into mercury (a solid to a liquid), but it's still far more difficult to accomplish. The solidity of the matter Chrome transmutes also affects the difficulty curve as well, with gas being the hardest for him to work with. As the difficulty of the transmutation increases, the maximum mass and volume he can affect decreases. With solid materials, the upper limit Chrome can transmute is about 5 tonnes, while liquids and gas being limited to roughly the volume of an average, six foot tall man. When it comes to energy, Chrome's power is completely useless; he cannot affect it in any way.

Chrome's transmutation of other people into an immobile state is less effective on those whose mutation grant them abilities similar to the effect that it has on their physical forms. Mutants like Slate or Aegis would simply be able to undo the transformation in the same way they undo any transformation they initiate themselves, as long as the material they're turned into fits within their mutation's range.

Power Name- Protective Energy Field
Description- The energy field that grants Chrome his transmutation ability also offers him full protection against the effects of these powers. This includes any immediate chemical reaction that might result from his transmutation ability, such as converting air molecules to phosphorus gas. The level of protection against long-term exposure to the harmful effects of certain materials - such as the radioactivity and heavy metal toxicity of plutonium - are unknown and Chrome is not quite keen to find out. He has almost no understanding of how this field works, and doesn't much care to find out. As long as it keeps his skin from melting off and his face from going boom, he's just happy as a clam that it's there. Chrome can extend the protective range of his ability somewhat, enough to protect his clothing and keep himself from flashing the world when he turns the air around him into something more volatile, but it won't extend beyond that and cannot affect anything he's not in contact with.

Limits- The energy that protects Chrome from the potential harmful effects his transmutations might have on him is not selective, and protects him from the effects of his powers entirely. While he can extend the effect of his energy field to protect his clothing and others from the effect of his powers, he can't reduce it beyond its default range (his entire body). This means that, unlike other people, Chrome cannot benefit directly from any protection his powers might offer him, since he couldn't transmute his own body even if he wanted to.

As all-encompassing as it is when it comes to protecting Chrome from his own powers, the energy that permeates his body does nothing to protect him from external threats, unless someone mimics his powers and tries to use them against him. If someone were to create, say, a phosphorous explosion through other means, Chrome would be hurt just the same, even though he can create the exact same effect himself without being harmed.

Skills & Abilities-
  • Though he received no formal education in the field, Chrome possesses extensive knowledge of chemistry, particularly when it comes to elements and the molecules they compose.
  • While not trained in the traditional way (like an actual jeweler or goldsmith would be) Chrome is experienced at using his powers to create a wide variety of jewellery.
  • Chrome is an excellent juggler. It's pointless, but it amuses him, and is one of the few ways he kept himself entertained while kept prisoner by the Genoshan government.
  • Raised in a multilingual home, Chrome speaks English and Assyrian (or specifically, Assyrian Neo-Aramaic) and Arabic fluently, the former from his dad's side (and Genoshan education) the latter two learned from his mother, an Assyrian originally from Iraq. He knows some Croatian from his dad's side of the family, but while it helps him understand it while hearing/reading it, don't ask him to try and hold a conversation in it or write a coherent sentence.

Height- 6'4''
Weight- 198 lbs
Eye Colour- Blue
Hair Colour- Black

Appearance- Of both European (Croatian and English, on his father's side) and Middle Eastern (Syrian, on his mom's side) descent, Chrome's appearance clearly shows his mixed heritage. He mostly takes after his mother, with light brown skin, strong cheekbones, dark eyebrows and thick, black hair. The latter is kept shaved short on the sides while the top is left long, floppy and often unruly. Chrome knows how to tame it, but Mother Nature often has a different idea of how it should look than he does, leaving it looking rather unkempt.

From his father, Chrome inherited his impressive height (standing at six foot four), chiseled jawline and, perhaps as his most notable physical feature, bright blue eyes. He's almost always got some kind of stubble going on, though never an actual full beard, Chrome himself not being too fond of how he suddenly looks like a baby without any facial hair. Despite being what many would describe as conventionally handsome, Chrome's dark features combined with those piercing blue eyes and and the near permanent sullen expression often manage to make him look slightly unnerving, adding a sense that he might be dangerous which, considering what kind of man he is, is actually rather fitting.

When it comes to fashion, Chrome gravitates towards darker colours, usually black, dark greys or blues. He doesn't wear anything too elaborate, usually just a simple shirt or sweater. It's with his accessories that Chrome gets elaborate, usually adorning himself with a variety of rings and bracelets made of whatever element he felt like wearing in that particular moment.

Gear- Nothing of note.

Additional Information-
  • Chrome usually has some small object like a marble or a coin on him that he'll play with constantly, flipping or tossing it up and changing its elemental makeup whenever he touches it.
  • If he can get his hands on several small, preferably round objects, he'll juggle. Just because he can.
  • He's terrible at sitting around doing nothing, let alone sitting around doing nothing and staying still. There's going to be at least a leg wobble that grows increasingly more annoying if you're sitting next to him.
  • Will sing along with songs even if he doesn't know the words. Especially if he doesn't know the words.
  • Fidgets a lot with any jewellery that he might be wearing at the time.

Hometown- Hammer Bay, Genosha
Immediate Family- Marcus Yuricic (father), Inaya Yuricic (née Hanani, mother)
Others- Seamus Mellencamp (childhood friend)


The man now known as Chrome was born Allen Marc Yuricic, son of immigrants Marcus and Inaya Yuricic, on the idyllic tropical island of Genosha. With both his parents successful in their own right, his father having his own medical practice and his mother working as a lawyer for one of Hammer Bay's largest law firms, his life growing up was a happy, carefree one. Allen made friends easily, performed well in school, and seemed to have a bright future ahead of him, but all that changed when the darker side of the island he called home reared its ugly head.

It started when one of Allen's best friends, Seamus, manifested his mutation. Until then, the boy had been mostly unaware of their existence, mutants being a rather uncommon occurrence on Genosha itself. While remaining initially unaware of just how rapidly the mutant population of the island seemed to be increasing, thanks to the government privatising the media, the disappearance of someone he had known since he was little was impossible for him to miss and left Allen feeling jaded by the way Genoshan society began to change even before the indentured servitude forced upon the mutant population became commonplace.

Everything went from bad to worse for Allen when his own mutant ability manifested itself, a harmless game of playing ball with his father taking an unexpected turn when the baseball turned to solid metal, but unlike many other parents his own did not turn him in. Instead they kept it a secret, wanting to spare their son the same fate as so many other Genoshan children. It worked for some time, but both the curiosity about his own powers and the lack of control that came with having no training in using them eventually wound up biting him in the ass. A minor altercation with a fellow student at school ran out of control, Allen unintentionally used his mutant ability to turn them into solid gold, and soon afterwards he was taken into custody by the Genoshan magistrates.

Unlike most others of his kind though, Allen was not forced to perform hard labour. The versatile and potentially very profitable nature of his ability earned him what his new masters considered "special treatment", being assigned to one of Genosha's most prominent magisters, under whose careful watch he enjoyed a life of luxury in exchange for a regular use of his mutant abilities to further fatten the Genoshan treasury, one that was already growing far beyond its previous healthy level thanks to the amount of free labour the nation's mutant population provided. Despite this special treatment though, Allen was not endeared towards the Genoshan government one bit, not appreciating feeling like he was being kept as a pet, or willing to ignore the plight of people just like him. While they were attempting to groom him into being a complacent servant of the state, all they were accomplishing was fostering a deep resentment towards humanity in the young man.

This went on for many years, during which Allen eventually came into contact with what scant few people who managed to offer any sort of resistance to the oppressive government. Though there wasn't much that he could do, despite his privilege, Allen covertly offered them what little help he could, finding a minor positive side of his personal situation in that it often led him to information that those less involved with the higher ranked Genoshan magistrates would not have access to. It was also during this time that Allen quietly rejected his human name and began to think of himself only as Chrome, the name he had adopted as his mutant one when he was only fourteen years old.

More recently, Chrome finally turned against those who had kept him imprisoned for years. Finding out something particularly disturbing about the magistrates' intents for the mutant population's future, he decided he could no longer sit by on the sidelines like he felt he had for years. Murdering one of those responsible for keeping him in line, Chrome gathered what intel he could and made his escape from the luxurious apartment he had been kept prisoner in for so long, onto the streets of Hammer Bay. He has kept a low enough profile to avoid detection since then, but Chrome is aware that time is fleeting and that he'll need to seek out allies if he ever hopes to do anything about the oppression that is suffocating the island he considers his home.

Player Name- Pete
Age I refuse to acknowledge this question.
How Can We Contact- PM me for Skype info
Time Zone- Central European
How did you find us? I followed Charly here
Other Characters- Scion, Iceman, Auri Delavigne, Cannonball, Mimic, Emma Frost

Role Play Sample-
Slender fingers ran across the glass of one of the large windows that made up the entirety of two of the walls of Chrome's luxurious apartment and gave him an amazing view both of the city below and the bay that lay beyond it. Sometimes Chrome wondered if even their president had a view this nice, but then the aesthetic lost most of its appeal when the reminder came that despite being located in the affluent Havershaw Heights neighbourhood, this was not a luxurious home, it was a prison. A gilded cage, the most immediate sign of that being the soft way the glass under his fingertips hummed under his touch. Some kind of energy permeated it, protecting it from being affected by Chrome's mutant ability.

He had it better than most of Genosha's mutant population - possibly even all of them - Chrome was aware of that, but despite his apparent elevated status he was a prisoner nonetheless. Separated from his fellow mutants, kept as a sort of pet to one of the highest ranking magistrates in the country, used for his ability to transmute any kind of matter into whatever was necessary or valuable. Chrome was sure that most of the other mutants who lived on Genosha, oppressed and exploited by its government and population, treated as nothing more than animals in a lot of cases, didn't see it like that though. To many them, he was likely nothing more than another sellout, like those treacherous bastards who made up the Press Gang.

But Chrome was nothing like them. Despite how he was likely seen by many of his kinsmen, he was loyal. Not to Genosha and the corrupt magistrates that were in control of the natio, but to the people who were the lifeblood of it, his fellow mutants. For years now Chrome had been secretly keeping contact with what little resistance there on the island, passing on messages and informations as best as he could. Today would be the end of that though; Chrome had come into some information that was so disturbing and potentially devastating for Genosha's mutant population that simply passing it onto those who wanted to fight for their freedom didn't feel like it would be enough. They weren't organised enough to do anything substantial, and not enough in number either. Something needed to be done, and Chrome could no longer sit by and let others be the ones to risk their necks for the freedom of the Genoshan people in a struggle they could not win.

The door sliding open behind him drew Chrome's mind back to his current surroundings, pale blue eyes meeting those of one of his jailers once he turned around. "Good morning, Stuart," he greeted the man pleasantly, striking a familiar tone with the man who had a part in handling him for the better part of a decade. Chrome hated the man, but he had quickly figured out that covering up how he felt and cooperating with what the magistrates wanted would give him more freedom to try and make what little difference he could. Today would mean an end to that though, an end to the cushy life he had been living, and the appearances he had been forced to keep up. His expression remained friendly as Stuart approached, his posture relaxed, but as soon as the man was close enough all of that changed.

A startled "Allen?" escaped from Stuart's mouth as Chrome grabbed onto him. "What's the meaning of this--" was all that the guard got out after that, his words cut off as he was transformed wholly into a dried, mud-like substance. "My name is Chrome," he stated coldly as he leaned in, reaching down to remove the keypass from the man's belt, turning it back to its original state. This wouldn't buy him much time to get away, but it would provide him with an opening to make his escape, even possibly gather some useful information on his way out. "And this?" Chrome took a step back and struck at the immobilized man then, the brittle substance cracking and crumbling to dust the moment his fist impacted his skill. "This is the beginning of a revolution."
Nov 17 2017, 09:46 AM


Celebrity Claim- January Jones

Full Name- Emma Grace Frost
Nicknames/Aliases- Ems, Grace, Gracey, Ice Queen
Age- "30" (she is actually 36)
Date of Birth- October 17th
Faction- Unaffiliated
Occupation- Chairperson and CEO of Frost International

The first impression most people would get from Emma Frost is that she's a cold-hearted, calculating bitch who thinks very highly of herself, and they wouldn't be too far off. She's not come as far as she has in life by being friendly, nor has she - as many people think she has - simply coasted on her family's name and fortune. Her rise to the top was done on her own strengths (and telepathic powers), over the backs of others and she has no regrets there; they were simply in the way or a means to an end, and wouldn't have ended up under her fabulous heels if they had been stronger or hadn't deserved it. Cross her, and you are most likely to end up on the ground with her heel perched on your head; Emma Frost does not mess around, and will not hesitate to destroy those that get on her bad side in the most horrible way possible. Mentally, financially, physically or all of the above. It's this side of Emma - the cold, arrogant ice queen and ruthless business woman - that most people are familiar with, but that's only part of who she is, and the persona she projects to keep the majority at arm's length.

Those few that do break through the cold image that Emma projects get to see an entirely different side of her, one that can be warm and affectionate in a way that most people would not be able to imagine Emma Frost could be. It's a side that only her siblings ever get to see, particularly Christian, her clear favourite out of the three. Even in her professional life, dealing with Frost Industries, Emma is more than just the heartless shrew she is usually painted out to be. She never victimized the innocents or preyed on the weak on her rise to the top, because there was never any kind of challenge or much room for advancing herself by taking them on. And while she does carefully maintain her authority as the CEO of Frost Industries, she treats her employees more kindly and compassionately than most would imagine. That's not to say she can't be harsh with them, but she remains fair. More of Emma's gentler side shines through with the people in her employ at the North Country Academy too, most of whom she treats more like friends than employees, and though they still rightfully fear her wrath like they should with any headmaster, she can be rather affectionate towards her students too.

Emma is a very sexual person, not above flaunting what she's got and using her "assets" to get what she wants. She doesn't agree with what appears to be the general consensus in society that sex is something to be ashamed of/kept in private or that people (and especially women) are sluts as soon as they deviate from the restricting norms and morals that society has placed on them. She knows people might frown upon her behaviour and methods, but Emma doesn't care; her methods only work because she's one of the few women in an utterly male dominated world, and if they could gain an advantage in it by flaunting their sexuality, men would do it too. As far as Emma is concerned, society can just take its double standards and shove it somewhere dark, tight and puckered, right next to the stick.

Emma Frost would claim she has no flaws, though that in and of itself is one of her biggest flaws. She is highly confident in herself when it comes to all aspects of her life (especially her professional life and her mutant abilities), and not without reason, but it can veer into overconfidence and that's where things can go wrong for her, with her overconfidence leaving her vulnerable to be caught unawares by people clever and resourceful enough to do so. As both a perfectionist and control freak, Emma is fine as long as things go as she's planned (as they usually do), but carefully laid plans or perfect setups go tits-up, Emma is prone to losing her normal poise/cool and making rash decisions she would normally not. Luckily for her, these decisions usually end up victimizing others and not herself, but still. Emma Frost is... not great at getting close to people. The image of the cold, calculating bitch that she projects in her professional/public life is already a hurdle for others when it comes to getting close to her, and Emma's not great at it herself either. She tends to be a bit of a manipulative bitch when it comes to dealing with people, prone to using them to further her own goals instead of treating them with the kind of respect they most likely deserve. She's getting better at not simply using people as tools, and there's several people who've actually broken through the hard outer layer and grown closer to her, but it's still a part of her that could use a lot of work.

  • The finer things in life: Emma enjoys the many pleasures that having a lot of money can offer. High quality food, fine wine (white, of course), going to the opera, fine art (particularly paintings) and fashion, Emma's got a wide variety of quality things she enjoys and more than enough money to enjoy them when she wants to.
  • Sex: both for pleasure and to advance herself or her plans, Emma loves a good romp. Sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of, and Emma is very open about her sexlife regardless of whether or not the situation really calls for it.
  • Chess: Emma loves to play a game of chess against a good opponent, though in all honesty she just loves playing any game where power, skill and intelligence play an important role, and chess is just generally the one that's most easily available and doesn't require you to hide a body afterwards. She also appreciates that the queen is clearly the most powerful player on the board.
  • Power: whatever the situation, Emma likes to be on top. Whether it's in business, at social events, in any kind of competition or in the bedroom, it's always better when she is the one in control.
  • Emma Frost is quite fond of children, though only once they outgrow the state of uselessness they're born into. Once they're older, their inquisitiveness and malleable minds make them quite interesting, and she enjoys shaping them to help them grow and reach their potential. It might not always be something that appears to be in their best interest rather than Emma's best interest, but Emma does have their best intentions in mind. It's just that she tends to align the best intentions for others with her own at all times.
  • Emma has a secret appreciation for cheeseburgers and richly textured (thick and creamy) milkshakes with flavours outside of the basic four (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and banana), though blends of any of these are also quite welcome.
  • Ignorance/willful stupidity: Emma doesn't expect everyone to know everything, but she has very little tolerance for those who strike her as far less knowledgeable than anyone like them really ought to be. We live in the information age, nearly everything you could possibly know is only one or two clicks away on any PC, mobile phone or tablet. She doesn't expect you to be a walking encyclopedia, but please be a dear and look things up on Wikipedia if opening a book is too much effort for you.
  • Slobs: there is such a wonderful world out there to enjoy; sitting on your arse all day and not even trying to enjoy even a little of it just strikes Emma as such a waste. There are those who simply do not have the opportunity to make something of their lives, whatever the circumstances, so those that do - whether it's in love, their careers or whatever aspect of their life - yet choose not to get off their good-for-nothing bums irk her.
  • Poor personal care: Oh, Emma is fully aware of how hypocritical she can seem when it comes to this. She's aware that those that don't often won't have the money that the she has to give Mother Nature the proverbial finger either. It's not about natural beauty or beauty that money can buy to her, though, it's about making a damn effort. Everyone has their strengths, and even a limited budget allows some opportunity to play to them (like showering, she would like to inform those who fail to grasp this concept that a shower really does make a big difference), so please just... try a little.
  • Betrayal: it's not like Emma's never turned her back on someone, but that doesn't mean she appreciates it when someone does it to her, or that she won't do whatever she can to make you suffer for it. It's a consequence she is ready to deal with from those that she has turned against, those who betray her should really not expect anything else. Cross her like this, she'll cross you right back and attempt to ruin you in the worst ways possible.
  • Mental institutions: Emma hates them and everyone who's involved with them. She actually appreciates fields of science like psychology and psychiatry, but she doesn't quite believe in such institutions as asylums and the like. In her mind, they're not so much there to help people get better as they are there to keep those that people deem undesirable (like her father did with Christian and herself) locked away.
  • Intelligent and cunning.
  • Insightful
  • Has all of the money.
  • Cold and distant, or at least that how she usually comes across
  • Arrogant, and probably more than just a bit of a snob.
  • Can be a real bitch.

Power Name- Telepathy
Description- Emma Frost is one of the world's most skilled known telepaths, capable of communicating mentally over long distances, reading the thoughts of those around her and manipulating the minds of others in a wide variety of ways. She has over a decade of experience in using her powers, making her even more of a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the use of her telepathy than her level of power alone would suggest. While not quite on the level of sheer power as telepaths like Jean Grey or Charles Xavier, Emma Frost possesses an arsenal of telepathic abilities virtually unmatched by others.
    Telepathic communication & Mind reading
    The most basic use of Emma's telepathic ability involves the reception, projection and reading of thoughts. This ability comes so naturally to her that she isn't always actively aware that she is using it, especially with people she's close to, subconsciously reading their minds and finishing their sentences for them or replying before they've even uttered a word. This can lead to some awkward situations, especially if she overhears something she shouldn't have - not that she particularly cares - but can come in handy as well; it gives her an awareness of any thoughts related to her, allowing her to pick up on mental calls for help as well as anticipating any hostile actions towards her from those without the proper psychic shielding to keep her out.
    Psychic Surgery
    Emma is one of the few known telepaths who has mastered the telepathic sub-skill of psychic surgery, allowing her to utilize psionic energy with such precision that she is able to exert such an absolute control over individual brain functions that even the physical form can be manipulated. This allows her to support the body's healing process, repair disabilities and treat damage to the human nervous system. She can also use a more basic version of psychic surgery, erasing or altering memories to heal mental trauma.
    Telepathic Cloaking
    By masking herself with a telepathic cloak, Emma can hide her use of her mental powers from other telepaths, and make herself and others hard to track or completely undetectable to even the most powerful other psychics.
    Psychic Shielding
    Emma can also erect powerful psychic shields within her mind, allowing her to protect her mind from virtually any kind of intrusion. Even without erecting these shields to protect herself, Emma Frost's mind is difficult to penetrate by anyone but the most powerful telepaths. Emma is capable of extending these abilities to others as well, cloaking people close to her from psychic detection and erecting shields in their minds to help protect them from other telepaths invading their minds.
    Telepathic Illusions
    Emma is capable of creating a variety of psychic illusions, though they are not quite on the level of those created by an actual illusionist. She can make herself appear to be invisible, force people to perceive herself or others as looking differently, and project images into people's minds to cause them to see things that aren't there. She can do the same on a more basic level, tricking the senses into ignoring that she's there, even to those whose senses are beyond those of regular humans.
    Telepathic Transference
    Emma Frost is capable of downloading an incredible amount of information or knowledge from another, unshielded mind almost instantly. She can do this the other way around as well, though depositing a large amount of information into someone's mind can be a painful, traumatic and potentially dangerous procedure if they are unprepared for or unfamiliar with such a telepathic procedure.
    Psionic Blasts
    By concentrating her psychic power, Emma Frost can create and project powerful psionic blasts into the minds of others. These blasts do no physical damage whatsoever, but ravage the target's mind, leading to anything from unconsciousness to death depending on the strength of the attack and the mental health/resistance of the target.
    Astral Projection
    Emma can leave her physical body behind and astrally project herself onto a different plane of existence generally only reachable by sufficiently powerful psychics, though Emma has been able to draw non-psychics with her as well. She is a highly capable combatant on the astral plane, being able to create weaponry and armour out of nothing, her knowledge of martial arts in combination with her telepathy giving her an edge over most telepaths with similar abilities. Emma is also capable of projecting her astral form into the physical world to explore her surroundings, though her body serves as a kind of tether in this case that limits her to traveling no more than a few hundred feet from her physical form.
    Telepathic Tracking & Scanning
    Emma is capable of detecting people based on their unique psychic signatures, the range at which she's capable of doing so depending on her familiarity with the mind in question. She is limited to a radius of about five miles, though other powerful psychics can be detected over a longer distance when they are not actively hiding their presence from her. Even without the aid of any devices, Emma Frost is typically capable of distinguishing between mutants and regular humans based solely on their mental patterns.

    By concentrating, Emma can expand her consciousness across an area of a mid-sized town without being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of minds in it, and "browse" through a few at a time to read their state of mind and intentions, looking for specific information or to locate specific people. This is a very delicate process - taking up to several hours depending on the size of the population she has to sift through - and can easily be disrupted if anyone disturbs her, or lead to her being overwhelmed if she fails to maintain her utmost concentration.
    Memory Alteration
    Emma can use her telepathy to alter the memories of others; she can change minor details about memories to make people remember things differently from how they actually happened, plant new memories that the subject will generally accept as being real even if they don't fully jive with other memories, as well as selectively erase specific memories. She can even wipe someone's memory entirely, leaving them amnesiac, or dig through someone's damaged psyche and retrieving memories that had otherwise been lost.
    Mental Paralysis & Sedation
    Like most talented telepaths, Emma is capable of targeting specific parts of the human mind and hitting the proverbial off-switch on it. This allows her to inhibit an individual's ability to perform specific tasks, such as speaking or moving while Emma focuses her attention on doing so, leaving them temporarily mute or physically paralyzed. Emma Frost is also capable of sedating a subject through telepathy, putting them into a sleep-like state and keeping them that way until she ceases the sedation.
    Dilate/Boost power
    When it comes to mutants, Emma can inhibit the use of superhuman abilities that are dependent on conscious thought, placing psychic blocks in their mind to prevent them from executing the mental commands required to use their powers. This has no effect on powers that are always activated, like physical mutations, and are only in effect temporarily, though Emma can maintain the effect longer by continuously focusing on it.

    Emma also possesses the ability to increase the speed of neural signals in the brain, allowing her to increase another mutant's powers beyond their normal power level, but the effect is only temporary and has no effect on purely physical mutations.
    Mind Control
    Through her telepathy, Emma is able to enforce her will over the mind of others, though her ability to do so will be less absolute once she spreads herself beyond a single psyche. People under the influence of her mind control will move as she wants them to move and say what she wants them to say, though the subject will remain conscious and will be able to fight her influence if their mind is strong enough and they are actually aware of her presence, which she tends to be able to mask telepathically from the more feeble minded. Emma remains in control of her own mind while she does this, though it is hard for her to exert her will over another if she needs to split her attention between performing complex actions or holding extensive conversations herself and doing so for someone else at the same time.
    Similar to mind control, but on a smaller scale and far more subtle, this ability allows Emma to nudge someone in the direction she wants them to go in by placing subtle psychic suggestions in their mind, an ability that she has honed to near perfection over the years. Inception is especially effective if Emma has plenty of time to work her magic; she can place the subtlest of ideas in a target's mind and let it develop over time, thus leaving the target with no other conclusion to come to than that it was their own idea.
    Mind Transferral
    Emma is capable of switching the minds of herself and others, either possessing someone's mind with full access to their body and abilities while they're locked in Emma's body with access to her power as well. The only thing that keeps her victims from switching right back is the difficulty of mastering such an ability. Emma can use this ability on two other people as well, without switching her own mind to anyone's body, though it's definitely easier to pull off if her own mind is directly involved in the switch.

Note: any telepathic actions that would rob characters of their agency or have far reaching influence on them, so memory alteration, mental paralysis, mind control, inception and mind transferral, will only be done with prior approval of the afflicted character's player's approval.

Limits- Emma is a skilled telepath and generally capable of multitasking outside of the use of her telepathy, but she only has one mind at her disposal and cannot generally perform more than one telepathic task at the same time. The only exception to this limit is telepathic communication and mind reading, which she can't just do at the same time as other mental task, but often plays a vital role in accomplishing them.

While she can project her thoughts over long distances, especially to people she's familiar with, the reception and reading of thoughts over such a distance is more limited. She can maintain a two way telepathic conversation over a distance of about ten miles, and read the thoughts of those within around half a mile from her position.

Many of Emma's abilities are capable of affecting more than one target at a time, such as telepathic communication, telepathic cloaking, psionic blasts and (to a more limited extent) mind control, but most of her abilities are either only useable on a single target at a time, or greatly diminished in their effect when used on multiple targets.

Skills & Abilities- Emma Frost is a highly capable businesswoman and has extensive knowledge of psychology, with an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in Psychology from Columbia University. The former helped her build her business, while the latter helps her understand the human psyche better than most people would (and yes, telepathy does help there). While not a geneticist, Emma has an excellent understanding of mutations and the abilities that come with them, often better able to figure out how to utilize them than their original owner. Emma is a fair hand-to-hand combatant, more than capable of defending herself in a physical altercation if it comes to that (usually, it does not). Emma is also well versed in electronics and electronic theory, even without any proper education in the field, and while she wouldn't be able to create anything too complicated by herself she is quite capable of instructing others to create devices that would make many an inventor feel like they're not really all that great.

Height- 5'10''
Weight- 148 lbs
Eye Colour- Blue
Hair Colour- Brown, dyed blonde.

Appearance- Tall, blonde and (thanks to some surgical assistance) busty, Emma manages to perfectly walk the line between class and sex appeal. She carries herself with confidence, her hair always perfectly coiffed and her makeup game subtle but on point. There's taking care to look your best and then there's taking it too far, children, please don't be that person. Her icy blue eyes appear to carry very little warmth behind them, and while her smile is warm and pleasant it only shows up infrequently and often has a condescending feeling to it. Sorry, it's hard not to when you're that much better than others. Warmth, that certain kind of spark that just lights up a person's face, is something reserved for only a scant few.

Emma almost exclusively wears white clothing, though naturally she knows when a different colour would be more appropriate for the occasion. She's not a philistine. A lot of her clothing is specifically made for her, and often more revealing than a lot of other people would be comfortable with, but she does have a couple of designers whose collections she tends to enjoy. Having developed strutting around in them into an artform, Emma almost always wears high heels except in the privacy of her own home. Already standing at 5'10'', a pair of good heels helps her tower over a lot of the men that she has to deal with while conducting business and this brings her no small amount of pleasure.

Gear- Aside from any custom tailored clothing, nothing particularly of note. Having the full assets of Frost International at her disposal means that if she wants it, Emma can usually get it though.

Additional Information-
  • Emma is not known to be a mutant by the general public, though several people at Xavier's know both what she is and what she is capable of.
  • Uses 'darling', 'sweetie', 'dear' and 'love' in abundance, and for pretty much every occasion. Sometimes it's hard to figure out whether she's actually using it as a term of endearment or if she's just being a bitch.
  • Has had some work done, most noticeably rhinoplasty and a minor breast augmentation. Quality work, of course, nothing that would really stand out unless you're aware of it and start looking, and when you get to that point (or rather, those points) without asking permission first, then whatever work Emma had done to her body will be the least of your concerns.
  • Always has a perfectly polished appearance, from head to toe, as if she has a makeup artist, hairdresser and stylist with her at all times. She doesn't; Emma's just that great at taking care of herself.
  • Refuses to drink anything with ice in it. She does like her drinks cool, but she won't have them diluted with water, especially not the common quality water most establishments would use for their ice.

Hometown- Boston, Massachusetts
Immediate Family-
Winston Frost (father)
Hazel Frost (mother)
Adrienne Frost (older sister)
Christian Frost (older brother)
Cordelia Frost (younger sister)
Others- N/A

History- Emma Frost was born into a wealthy mercantile family in Boston, Massachusetts, the third eldest child and second of three daughters. Her father, Winston Frost, was a successful businessman who greatly expanded on the family business founded when the Frosts first arrived in America in the 1600's. As skilled a businessman as Winston was, though, he was not great as a father; the same kind of cold, ruthless approach that served him so well in his business dealing did not work as well for his children, and the high expectations he placed on them were too much for Emma to live up to. Her mother, Hazel, was not much of a help there; she was nothing more than a socialite who had married Winston out of necessity rather than love, and practically shut herself off from the rest of her family by abusing prescription medication.

Deemed unfit in her father's eyes, Emma grew especially close to her older brother Christian, who was also viewed as a disappointment because he failed to live up to his impossibly high standards. She grew to resent her eldest sister Adrienne as well, because (in Emma's eyes) everything came too easy to her, and the eldest Frost sibling lived up to their father's expectations too easily. Emma was more neutral about her younger sister Cordelia at the time, though she was a bit jealous of how the youngest Frost sibling did not quite seem to care what their father - or anyone for that matter - thought of her.

High school was one of the many places where Emma disappointed her father, with a low grade-point average and a social status not befitting a Frost. The one bright spot in high school was a young teacher named Ian Kendall, who Emma developed a crush on and inspired her to become a teacher as well, though she knew that was an idea her father would never approve of. The constant stress from the pressure coming from her father played a large part in the manifestation of Emma's mutant powers, though initially they offered her no more than near-constant migraines. Eventually she began hearing voices in her head as her telepathic powers blossomed, and while she did have trouble controlling this power, she managed to use it to greatly improve her academic performance by simply plucking the knowledge she needed from the minds of her fellow students and teachers. With her grades greatly improving, Emma finally managed to obtain some appreciation in her father's eyes, but when Winston found out about Emma's dreams of becoming a teacher and her crush on Ian Kendall, he used this information to blackmail Ian into giving up his teaching position at Snow Valley High.

Despite her growth in her father's esteem, this act made it so Emma only grew to resent Winston Frost even more, for the way he had treated her when she "hadn't been good enough", for forcing Ian to stop teaching at her high school and for committing Christian to an asylum after her beloved brother attempted to commit suicide. When their father finally decided to pass the responsibility of his company and his fortune on, he chose Emma as his sole heir, only to have his daughter throw the offer back in his face and attempting to cut all ties with him. Not one to be rejected like that, Winston used his influence and the subtle hints of Emma's emerging telepathic powers to have her committed to the same mental institution as Christian. Emma's stay there was only a short one, though, since she was soon able to use her growing telepathic powers to convince the doctors that both Christian and herself were no longer in need of any kind of treatment.

After her release from the asylum, Emma cut of all ties to her family except for Christian and started working minimum wage jobs to support herself while staying at the world's worst little motel. It was during this time that she met and fell for a man called Troy Killkelly, whom she met when she was caught trying to use her telepathy to get out of paying a restaurant bill. The two moved into Troy's apartment together, but unfortunately Troy came with his own set of problems; he owed a loan shark named Lucien a lot of money, and the solution to his problem that he came up with was... not quite ideal. While Emma initially offered to try and get the money from her family, Troy and Lucien thought it would be better to pretend Emma had been kidnapped and demand ransom from her father. That plan initially backfired when her father showed no interest in paying the ransom demanded for Emma's release, claiming that his daughter was already dead to him. In the conflict between Troy and Lucien that followed this decision, Troy was killed and Emma was forced to use her telepathic powers to kill Lucien in self-defence, absorbing the loan shark's business skills and memories in the process. When Winston Frost changed his mind after Adrienne took the video tape made of Emma to the press and forced Winston's hand, Emma took the money for herself and used it to enroll in Harvard Business School.

It was at Harvard that Emma Frost was reunited with Ian Kendall, and met her first fellow telepath in the form of Astrid Bloom, who took Emma Frost under her wing. Learning that Ian was dating a fellow student of hers, Christine McDermott, Emma finally confessed her feelings for her former high school teacher and the two pursued a relationship. When Christine threatened to expose Ian's liaisons with students to the school board, Ian choked her to death. Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, he did so only because of Astrid's telepathic influence. Emma eventually found out about it and confronted Astrid, who simply responded by attacking Emma telepathically. Astrid used her superior experience as a telepath to lock Emma in her own mind, not realizing this was a mistake, since it gave Emma direct access to everything Astrid knew about her powers. This allowed Emma to use the advantage she had when it came to sheer telepathic power to overcome Astrid and put her in a coma that she has yet to wake up from.

Following this event, which saved Ian's job, Emma Frost revealed her mutation to him, only to have him unexpectedly leave her in disgust at what she was and what she had done. This soured Emma's view on humanity and caused her to become more distant and cold toward others. She focused herself fully on finishing her business degree, then began her meteoric rise to the top of the business world, thanks to her intelligence, ambition, charisma and of course the secret use of her telepathic abilities. She eventually obtained a majority of stocks in a multi-billion dollar conglomerate that she renamed Frost International, of which she became both the chairperson of the board as well as the CEO, despite her young age. She soon used her quickly expanding capital to buy up stock in her father's Frost Enterprises, gaining a controlling interest in that as well. By 2007, Emma Frost had become one of the wealthiest and most successful women in the United States.

And yet the old saying that money can't buy happiness appeared to be true, and while Emma was content with all that she had accomplished without relying on her father in any way, she wanted more. Proud to be a mutant, and unhappy with the way they were viewed, she has wanted for years to be more involved with the mutant community. She even briefly invested her time in a school in Westchester, New York, but while she enjoyed the teaching she was less enamored with their ideals, though those feelings had possibly been tainted by a resentment Emma held towards Xavier, who had recruited mutants left and right and somehow had left her to languish in a mental institution and then to fend for herself. Since leaving after her brief stint at Xavier's, Emma has been a vocal supporter of mutant rights and used her considerable financial power to back it up where possible, though she has kept her own status as a mutant under wraps.

Player Name- Pete
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How Can We Contact- Skype's probably best, PM me for my handle
Time Zone- Central, Best European
How did you find us? I live here now
Other Characters- Scion, Iceman, Auri Delavigne, Cannonball and Mimic.

Role Play Sample-
((Taken from a previous RP))

If it was something that Emma Frost lowered herself to, she would have simply moved to slap Ridley Aran across his face for the way he spoke to her. As it was, that would require far more effort than the man was worth, not only requiring her to get up from the comfort of her chair but moving around her rather sizeable desk as well. Besides, that kind of physical response was really more his kind of thing than it was hers; Emma Frost's primary tool had always been her mind, not her fists, and Ridley should consider himself lucky for catching her in a rather good mood or the White Queen might have used that mind to cut right through his own and leave him unable to resist punching himself in the face for the next twenty-four hours whenever someone said 'cauliflower', 'methodical' or 'obstinate'.

Instead of doing anything to the mind of the man sitting on the other side of the desk, Emma Frost simply watched him through cold blue eyes for a moment. It lasted longer than she imagined Ridley was comfortable with, especially when there was no way for him to tell whether she was up to anything telepathically or not. That thought almost made her smile, but her expression remained unflinching as she peered at him silently for several seconds before finally speaking up.

"There is no need for me to blow of any steam, I'm perfectly relaxed" Emma informed Ridley, one eyebrow raised curiously at him. "If that's what you came here for, you'll have to leave here disappointed. Besides, if that was what I needed I could just as well call for a high class escort. Sure, it would cost a pretty penny, but I've got pennies to spare and they're a lot less hassle than some people, not to mention far less likely to mouth off to me unless that's what I tell them to do." And she did like people doing as they were told, which was probably one personal issue with Ridley that would likely be hard for her to overcome.

"While you're here though, I figure I might as well blow off some steam." There hadn't actually been any need for it before Ridley had arrived, but he had given her a lot of food for thought, and she was ready to... regurgitate, so to speak. "So make yourself comfortable, I'm afraid this might take a while. We clearly have a lot more to discuss than I had imagined." And when Emma said they had a lot to discuss, she pretty just meant that she would talk and Ridley would listen. She was fairly sure this would be clear to the man.

"I did more than give you a title, I gave you an opportunity," Emma said to Ridley in a calm manner, "but as with most opportunities that are worthwhile, this one requires you to be patient. Not quite something that fits you, I know, but then I figured it would give you the chance to grow as a person too." The blonde briefly regarded Ridley as if she was judging what progress he had made, then just shrugged her shoulders slightly. "It seems as if I gave you too much credit there, but then having the potential and actually living up to it has always been a bit of an issue for you, hasn't it?"

She could have reassured him then and there that this was something that happened to a lot of people, but then those people weren't the type she let as close as she had Ridley. Emma Frost didn't care if people she had no investment in failed to live up to their potential, because they would not be failing to live up to her expectations at the same time, and that was the real shame.

"You want an explanation," Emma continued, her blue eyes still focused squarely on Ridley's brown ones. "but I am not going to give you one. Perhaps you feel that you're due an explanation, but I just have to disagree with you there. I don't owe you one; after all that I've given you, especially taking into consideration what a state you were in when we met, I don't think I owe you anything."

There was, however, something she needed to clear up, which she could do without revealing anything about her plans relating to the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. "The title of White King is not a marriage proposal, Ridley, and it does not make us 'some sort of little pair'." She could only really roll her eyes at that. Who did he think she was, some kind of school girl who decided that she was the queen and he was her king? Please, she had given up on those kinds of delusions by the time she was eight years old. "The fact that you even considered that this was in any way related to sex makes me wonder what I was thinking when I offered it to you to begin with. I guess it comes down to the potential I mentioned earlier, though I fear I may have somehow convinced myself that there was more to you than there actually is."

Harsh words, perhaps, but Emma Frost did not believe in sugar-coating things; the kind of Frosting she dealt out was cold and hard, not colourful and sweet. She did not care if she was upsetting him, hurting his feelings or making him angry somehow. This was something that needed to be said, if only to create some kind of effect, whether it was Ridley packing up his things and taking off in a huff or actually shaping up and doing more to live up to her expectations. Expectations that involved more than just a wishy washy, angry heterosexual white man who thought and acted with his fists and cock more than anyone rightfully should. She wanted someone who could be a commander, a leader, someone who had vision or at the very least could add more to the group she was planning to form. An actual voice instead of what Emma could only imagine would be some sarcastic bullshit intended to provoke people or just an angry shout because he didn't really have anything worthwhile to say.

"It seems like I got ahead of myself before," Emma decided, her tone surprisingly indifferent, even to her. She really would have anticipated such a realization to trouble her more before, but that was before she had experienced how marvellous Cerebra was. "To be honest, a title like the White King should be earned instead of simply being bestowed, and I foolishly did the latter without you doing the former." What could she say? Even a diamond could have its flaws, and while she projected a perfectly polished image, Emma Frost was aware that even someone like her wasn't perfect. "If you can't find it in yourself to trust me, and if you cannot muster the patience to wait and see what I have planned, then I am afraid I cannot give you much of anything."

Some things just needed to be carefully nurtured, away from any kind of prying eyes, and the only one she truly trusted with that was herself. The only reason Locke Warren was involved was because she had needed him for Cerebra, and she had never sensed even the slightest hint of wavering loyalty in her beloved little technopath. Even Adrienne knew only little of what was going on with that particular part of Emma's life, and she had access to much of it out of necessity, being responsible for Emma's security system. It was only because Locke had added several new layers to that, layers so complex that only the technopath himself really knew his way around them, that the knowledge of her work with Cerebra and her intentions to partake in a reformed Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club had been kept a secret.

"You think quite highly of yourself, Ridley darling," Emma continued, her tone a bit less harsh than it might have been before, "and I must admit that's one of the things I've always appreciated the most about you, but you are not so important that you cannot be replaced." It was something that couldn't quite come as a surprise to the man: in Emma Frost's world, very few people weren't easily replaceable, and most of those that weren't had come from the same womb as she. "You're not the only one out there with a lot of potential, and I have recently been looking around at others who do." It was more than she had intended to share with anyone, but she was willing to give Ridley at least that little piece of knowledge.

"Frankly given your current attitude I feel like you're not even anywhere near the top of my list of possible candidates to partake in what I am planning, nor am I sure if you'll manage to claw your way back up there." The world Emma Frost involved herself in was a competitive place, and the field of competitors had only grown with the creation of Cerebra. Competition was actually something she expected Ridley to be very comfortable with, but when the point of the competition was about being more than just the fastest, toughest, strongest one out there, she was not sure how well he would do. Not when being a lot less hot-headed, stubborn and angry were characteristics that would really get you ahead in Emma's book. Being malleable was another big plus, and when it came to that Ridley Aran struck her as being about as malleable as her own diamond form, instead of the clay she preferred.

"Your problem seems to be that you're not quite sure what you want, but I'm not sure what you expect from me there. Do you need me to hold your hand while you figure that out for yourself, perhaps guide you towards something myself? I don't think I've quite got the time or the patience for that." There were others who needed guidance too, but they simply struck Emma as either more promising than Ridley, or just easier to work with. That was the main obstacle there: Ridley Aran was kind of an asshole, and that was something she did not need. Friction and in-fighting had caused the previous Inner Circle to crumble; introducing someone like Ridley to a group like that would be akin to throwing a match into a lovely little vacation home filled with fireworks. Sure, the explosions would be pretty to watch, but the short-term entertainment it offered did little to take away from the fact that you'd just ruined a perfectly good vacation home.

"Honestly, Ridley, right now I don't think I've got the time or patience for you," she spoke coldly, "especially not if you're just going to be like this." Emma gestured toward Ridley, the most animated her body had been since she had started her little lecture. She did not immediately elaborate on what she meant by 'this' - if Ridley wasn't aware of how he'd displeased her then that just added to the reasons why she did not think he would fit into her plans. Not just because of his unrefined, impetuous personality, but because that would make him kind of an idiot too.

Having had her say, Emma finally broke eye contact with Ridley, turning her attention to her computer monitor for a second. She was pretty much ready to go back to work again and leave this interruption behind her, though she wasn't so petty that she would deny Ridley a chance to speak. She turned her icy blue eyes back towards her guest, offering him a smile that was not entirely without warmth, but belied how close their relationship had been in the past. "If you've actually got something to talk to me about that doesn't involve any sarcasm, judgement or acting like a petulant child, do share," she told him plainly. "Otherwise, I would rather have you leave so I can return to my work"

But grass was green, the sky was blue, Ridley Aran was an angry little man.

It really came as no surprise to Emma Frost that her testosterone-fuelled guest was angered when she confronted him with the cold, hard truth concerning whatever kind of relationship or agreements there were between them and how disappointed she was with how they had turned out. She really had meant no slight towards Ridley; she merely had expectations for him that he had failed to live up to. There was no shame in that, considering how many people had failed to live up to Emma's expectations over the years. Those that hadn't could probably be counted on one hand.

Emma would even have considered giving him a second chance to prove himself; that he was not quite what she had in mind for the position of White King given his temper did not mean she meant to cut him out of her life entirely - she was sure she could find a use for him still - but then it seemed like Ridley was taking that decision out of her hands entirely.

Blonde eyebrows quirked upwards when the man on the other side of the table from her looked at her with anger quite evident on his face and accused her of being no better than Warren Worthington and Jean Grey. It was rather amusing, wasn't it, how the only constant in all this was one Ridley Aran? But clearly the problem did not lay with him, oh no of course not; the problem was with the others who thought they were just so much better than everyone else. Emma considered correcting Ridley, pointing out to him that it was his own abrasive personality that was most likely at the core of the issue here, but she honestly did not feel like playing psychologist right now. Not with a man on whom she was sure her words would just be lost.

Emma's eyes narrowed slightly when Ridley grabbed a stack of paper from her desk and tossed it to the side. She was quite tempted to telepathically force him to eat every single piece of paper he'd thrown onto the floor, but then she'd likely not hear the end of his bitching about that either. Instead she only shrugged her shoulders lightly when he snapped at her about how she thought she could toss him aside and replace him. Given that coming into her office to act like a big ol' grump, raise his voice at her and toss aside a stack of papers, Emma was quite sure she could find a suitable replacement for Ridley without much effort. Perhaps she could find one at the primate exhibit at the Bronx Zoo.

A laugh nearly escaped from Emma's mouth when Ridley claimed he had been willing to sacrifice, which just... didn't quite make sense to her. Given what the man had, what was it exactly that he would have sacrificed? And was that what he thought Emma was looking for in the people she surrounded herself with? Of course it wasn't, but then she was hardly going to expect Ridley to be perceptive enough to understand what it was she wanted. Loyalty, dedication, ambition, creativity, vision, control, those were just some of the most important things she looked for in people. Ridley would be lucky to check even one of those boxes. She would have said he'd at least get to check off the first two before today, but not after the rant he was going on; not when he was so clearly intent on leaving just because Emma expressed her disappointment in him and had little patience for him at the moment. There was no real sense of loyalty or dedication there, and any regret she may have about Ridley's departure was almost entirely erased by how he departed.

Emma didn't offer Ridley a single parting word after he'd blown out her window and turned to her one last time. There was nothing left for her to tell him that she had not already told him; that he was an even bigger disappointment now than he was ten minutes ago hardly warranted speaking up. She would likely just go from there to snapping at him herself, threatening to do something highly unfortunate to his mind if he did not leave immediately, and that wouldn't be very becoming. Instead she just watched him coolly until he had left, then turned her attention to the doorway where her assistant was peeking through, no doubt wondering what the racket had been.

"Melissa, be a dear and take care of that," Emma told her assistant as she nodded towards the papers scattered on the ground. "Mister Aran felt like my office was the right place to throw a temper tantrum, and well..." Briefly she glanced towards the broken window, before looking back towards her assistant. "Could you arrange for a contractor to come look at the office? I might as well finish what Mister Aran started and remodel the office properly. Honestly, some people just can't do anything right. I was thinking we'd go for a bigger window this time, what do you think?" If she had just lost some dead weight and was going to look towards the future with both eyes, the view might as well be panoramic.
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