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Jan 13 2018, 12:31 AM
Her knuckles rapped the door in a steady rhythm. Steady, but soft. It was the best her shaky hands could do. But as much as she wanted to just crawl off and bury her head, this had to be done.

Returning Hana’s image inducer had been the right thing to do, indisputably. Only it wasn’t the start to rebuilding the bridge that Kitty had hoped. The two had just stared at each other across the canyon, helplessly. Fast friends overwhelmingly divided. Kitty knew she’d fucked up. She’d thrown a brick from their friendship.

But seeing firsthand the hurt she’d carved into that poor girl just left her feeling worse.

Unfortunately for Kitty, though, her apology tour was only getting started. There was at least one more to whom she owed amends -- and she still had to take her lumps. So the girl had stood there at the door to Trevor’s medical recovery room for a good few minutes, trying to work up her nerve instead of the contents of her stomach. She wasn’t sure she’d quite accomplished that in the end, but she did at least manage to announce her presence. Then, with one deep exhale to summon her courage, she turned the handle.

“Hey. Trevor.” Her words weren’t any louder than her knock, and she still had literally one foot out the door. “I… um…” She’d charted this whole conversation in her head at least a dozen times on the way down, and suddenly none of it seemed sufficient. “I wanted to make sure you got home alright.” A truth. “And... I wanted you to know I already gave it back. Her image inducer,” she added, as if that wasn’t obvious. “And I know. I know it doesn't fix things, but I just...”

Man, she couldn’t even look him in the eyes. Not when her own were threatening rain. The girl tipped her head back against the door frame, lifting her gaze to try and blink away the clouds. When she spoke next there was a quiver in her lip and a dose of fear in her voice.

“God, Trev,” she whispered. “I can’t believe I hurt her like that...”

[Hellfire | Faust for mention, Fishy! just because]
Jan 7 2018, 05:08 PM
The Tompkins Square Library didn’t belong to Mutant Town. It was simply the closest to it, so of course that’s where they went. The bookish sorts that frequented the place weren’t even the type to intentionally cause trouble, but that didn’t spare them from the paranoia sweeping the city of late.

So when the library’s long-overdue renovations were cancelled, and the funds redistributed to ‘ensure the public safety in the area,’ everyone knew what that meant.

Luckily, it had taken little effort to convince an English teacher to help do something about it. Together, they gave their own library a good pruning and lugged some old tech out of storage. Yeah, hand-me-downs probably weren’t the ideal choice, but the stuff they gathered was still a massive step up from anything afforded on a public works budget. A few of the school’s financiers had been shmoozed into chipping in for the rest. They coordinated with the library staff, promised the kids food and a class-free afternoon for any who came to help, and within a week and a half, that problem had its solution.

Thus, it came do be that the two Illinois-natives were stood outside the library doors with a whole gaggle of volunteers, ready to make good on their promise. “All right, folks,” Kitty hollered to get everyone’s attention. After a free lunch at a delicious local diner, spirits were high, so she had to give it a second for the conversation to lull.

“We got a whole truck full of stuff that needs carried in,” she started. A hand reached up to give the moving truck a loud pat. “As things come in, there will be books to organize and shelve; Miss Libby is in charge there. If you’d rather help upgrade the computers, come see me.”

“But however you want to help, thank you for helping!” Kitty praised. “This will mean a lot to the people out here, so you should all be proud.”

After all, it meant a lot to her, too. And looking out at the faces of their volunteers, she couldn’t help but feel a swell of pride herself.

[Persephone, Plasma, open]
Jan 1 2018, 09:40 AM
She played it again.

Kitty had seen the call come in, of course. Still, she let it go to voicemail. Again. For the past two weeks, she had avoided that woman like the plague, and in doing so, hoped to avoid the decision she knew she’d have to make. As it turned out, this was it, the call she’d been anxious for, the one she knew was coming. The final one.

Her ultimatum.

If Kitty Pryde did not appear for rehearsals at five o’clock, her role -- her named role, in an actual company production -- would be forfeit.

How could she walk away from that? She had worked toward this for sixteen years. Dance had been a foundational part of her life for literally as long as he could remember. Recent distractions didn’t erase all that effort or passion, nor did this latest turn quiet that voice in her head. It kept insisting that this was something she wanted, that this was something she earned, that this was something she deserved.

But at the same time… how could she not? How was that fair to Liv, who had sacrificed just as much? How was she supposed to look her friend in the eye if she continued? For that matter, how was she supposed to face that disloyal cow that had strung Liv along and dropped her the moment it mattered? How was she supposed to take direction from someone for whom Kitty had lost all respect?

It seemed every new day found her decision reversed. For all the advice she’d been given on the topic, none of it made this any easier. So, she’d put it off for as long as possible, and even after that phone call, she did the same. For the rest of the day, the clock clicked by both achingly and appreciably slow. Kitty was going to take this down to the wire.

When the moment finally came, she picked up the phone.

Then she went upstairs and packed her dance bag...

and snuck out of the house...

before Liv could see...
Dec 28 2017, 07:09 PM
She wandered the halls in a haze. Maybe it was because she hadn’t expected to be there, that day or the next or… she hadn’t known for how long. Or maybe it was because she was there searching for someone she feared in her heart was still gone. Whatever it was, this place, her home, it just didn’t feel like itself, even though in truth, Xavier’s was fine. Actually, it was closer to normal now than it had been in weeks.

It was the girl who wasn’t herself.

She didn’t yet know if her time in Chicago had helped or not. Her mother had given it her honest best, and Kitty loved her for it -- especially since knew she hadn’t made it easy for the poor woman. It helped just to have time to breathe. They spent quiet mornings at home, sharing good music and idle conversation. Most nights they went out. They’d grab a bite to eat and a bit of normalcy, or they’d catch a show. Really, any place they could sit in silence and just check out of life for a bit would do.

As promised, though, Kitty had also laid bare her troubles. Some of them. In varying levels of specificity. The things she felt her mom wouldn’t understand or would keep her worried were saved for Coz; even though she was a timezone away, she’d still made it to their Tuesday appointment through a chat room instead. And between the two of them, between their patience and advice, she was at least feeling a little less lost than when she’d arrived.

But for all their efforts, this was something that simply didn’t have an easy fix. Not even the jaw-dropping news she’d received that morning could really undo the damage. It just felt too good to be true. So, despite her mother’s urge to stay, Kitty had not. She came back to the mansion. This was something she needed to see for herself.

No one would have lied to her, of course. Not about this. She knew that. And the blinking dot on her screen tracking his bio-signature couldn’t lie to her, unless someone had taught it to. And once her feet had followed mindlessly to the staff kitchen, she was left with only her eyes to convince her of the truth. But even that wasn’t immediately enough.

Standing there, right there, rooting around in the fridge like Kitty had seen him do a million times in the past was not the man they’d lost two weeks ago. It was one she hadn’t seen in two months. It was the man as he should have been, flesh and blood and whole again, himself and alive, and.. and utterly impossible.

A million thoughts rushed through her head, fighting to take form all at once. They brought the gears to a halt and left her capable of little more than a dumbfounded stare. “Bobby,” she tried. “Bobby, I…” Nope. No luck. Maybe that was just more proof of the facts in front of her.

True to form, he’d left her frozen.

[Iceman | closed]
Dec 23 2017, 06:29 PM
One night off. That’s all she’d hoped for, just one night off. And, much to the surprise of her recent pessimism, they’d actually had one. A lovely dinner (with a surprise birthday song for Kurt), a truly inspiring movie, and a few hours of simple games seemed to have chased some of the dark clouds the group had arrived with.

But that feeling hadn’t lasted long -- because they’d been one night off. Just 24 hours ahead of tragedy. If they’d just waited just one night more, those same plans would have left them perfectly poised to prevent it.

Instead, Kerr was taken.

Instead, Doug was beaten.




If not for instant intervention and the miracles of mutation, he would have been lost. But even though they’d healed the hole punched through Doug’s gut, there was another one that wasn’t so magically mended — in everyone who knew the poor girl. That would only be cured once Kerr had been found.

And so, with that little, aching anxiety, Kitty looked. Night after night, she followed the trail, and piece by piece, the picture grew. The girl had fit together quite a few of the events of the past week, enough to suspect that this attack had been much, much longer in the making. But for all she’d learned, for all she now knew, two pressing questions remained: the most important -- where was Kerr now? -- and the most troubling.

Why hadn’t she told anyone?

So another late night led to another late morning and another late breakfast. Strawberry pancakes, scrambled eggs, and a double-shot espresso to fuel the hunt. But twenty minutes later and only halfway through, and the girl was actually thankful for the interruption. Her heart started racing, and her feet quickly followed.

Her phone had just brought her a clue.

[Arsenic | Backup mentioned]
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