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May 1 2018, 07:51 PM
I've been on a real movie buying kick lately and thought I'd share some tips in case anyone else wants to get in on the fun. If you see a good deal (or just a movie you think people would enjoy), shout it out!

Movies Anywhere

If you want to start building out your digital collection, this is your first stop. Buy a movie from one digital retailer, and get it for all of them! You only pay for the movies you buy.

For me, this really solves the risk of having your movies disappear; if one service goes down, I can just switch to another. It also opens up the chance to shop around for the best deal, which is fantastic.

Participating Studios - 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal, Disney, WB
Participating Services - Vudu, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Fandango Now

Vudu Disc to Digital

If you've already got movies on disc filling up your house, this is an excellent way to upgrade for cheap. Either scan the barcode on your phone, or pop the disc in your computer to purchase. Vudu also participates in Movies Anywhere, so eligible titles will be also unlocked for your provider of choice.

DVD - $2 for SD, $5 for HD
BluRay - $2 for HD

Marvel Studios Sale

Finally, a deal specific to your interests. In honor of the new Avengers AND the Marvel Studios 10th anniversary, a bunch of MCU movies are on sale! It seemed like Google had the best prices, but again, Disney is part of Movies Anywhere, so you can shop around and then just watch it on your provider of choice anyway.

Mar 20 2018, 02:02 PM
Blue Team's changed a lot lately!

Five New Members: Arsenic, Cypher, Backup, Warpath, Blackstar
Four New Characters / Old Members: Angel, Thistle, Serenade, DJ
Four Old Members: Beast, Martyr, Noivern, Shadowcat

Sounds like it's time for a mixer! Who's up for a group thread next RO? And if you've got any specific thread ideas, shout 'em out!
Dec 20 2017, 12:26 PM
Hey, guys! It's the end of the year, so let's take a look back! Copy the questions below and share your answers!

(If you have any ideas for additional questions, shoot me a PM and I'll add them!)

[b]How many posts have you made?[/b]

[b]How many threads have you been in?[/b]

[b]What was your first thread?[/b]

[b]What ONE thread do you wish people would go back and read?[/b]

[b]What ONE thread from this RO are you in that people should be reading?[/b]

[b]What ONE thread from this RO are you NOT in that people should be reading?[/b]

[b]What's a New Year's resolution for your character?[/b]

[b]What's coming next for your character?  Where do you want to see them develop?[/b]

[b]Tag ONE character you haven't threaded with yet.  Get something planned![/b]
Aug 24 2017, 07:40 PM
Christmukkah is almost here! With 65 characters on this site, that's a lot of fake presents to find. So please do your fellow writers a favor and fill out the template below. Otherwise, it's a lump of coal for you (or whatever Santukkah leaves the naughty Jewish children).

[b]Spending the holidays at:[/b]
[/list][b]Gift ideas:[/b]

Codename: Shadowcat
Faction: X-Men
Spending the holidays at: Xavier's
  • Dancing and music
  • Computers and technology
  • Learning, puzzles, and other brainy pursuits
Gift ideas: Kitty doesn't ask for much. A thoughtful card or a charitable donation is enough to tickle her pink. Similarly, she loves when people make her things by hand or plan an activity they can do together. Those more inclined to shop for gifts should start with Think Geek or Her Universe.
Apr 8 2017, 02:20 PM

  • 1996
    • Born December 8.
  • 2010 (age 13)
    • Enrolled in college computer courses.
    • Parents begin divorce proceedings.
    • After a series of migraines, powers emerge.
    • Joins Xavier's
  • 2012 (age 15)
    • Sneaks aboard the jet to fight Magneto and is nearly killed. [Uncanny X-Men #149-150]
  • 2013 (age 16)
  • 2014 (age 17)
    • January - Saved from brainwashing by Wolverine, who trains her in Japan.
    • February - Wolverine and Shadowcat defeat Ogun and return home. Father enters witness protection.
  • 2015 (age 18)
    • May - Graduates from Xavier's
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