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Jul 18 2018, 01:13 PM


Celebrity Claim-Ashley Callingbull

Full Name- Danielle Moonstar
Nicknames/Aliases- Dani | Mirage
Age- 22
Date of Birth- May 15
Faction- X-Men
Occupation- Riding instructor

Independent: Dani has always been a fiercely independent person, from when she was a young girl to present day. This independence shines through in everything from her choice of fashion (or lack of), to her ability and choice to primarily do things on her own and making mistakes with little regret because she needed to get the result (good or bad) on her own terms.

Shameless: Being demure is for other girls. Dani doesn’t have much patience for the cute shy girl routine; she’s outspoken with a strong opinion and this is one girl that booted modesty out the window a long time ago.

Assertive: If you need someone to kick people into gear, Dani could certainly be your girl. While she’s alright with following the lead of someone else, she won’t hold back from taking charge (or trying) if she feels there is a better way to go about something. Nor will she hold back with her opinion, whether it reflects positively or negatively on the intended target. She’s got a sharp tongue and little to no filter.

Loyal: Dani is as loyal as they come, but only if you’ve earned that privilege. While she’s openly friendly with everyone (unless you’re a dick) and a total team player, there are a select few that have made it into her trust circle and she would lay down everything she has for those people.

Outdoorsy: Creatures of the earth, rocks and trees, down to the most annoying bug - nature and everything that goes with it, is Dani’s first love. Underneath the tough tomboy exterior hides an even tougher tomboy with a flower crown. If Dani didn’t find hippies completely nauseating, she might be one, but since she’d rather punch one in the face, we’ll just stick to calling her a nature girl. If you can’t find her, she’s probably in the forest hugging a tree or having a snuggle with a fawn. #squadgoals.

  • Being outdoors
  • Animals of all sizes
  • Her motorcycle
  • Junk food - especially cheesies
  • Action movies
  • Being confined
  • Bullies
  • Grapes with seeds
  • Idle hands
  • Slow drivers
  • Independent
  • Loyal
  • Quick witted
  • Claustrophobic
  • Stubborn
  • Blunt

Power Name- Empathic Illusion Casting
Description- Dani can create 3D images from people’s minds. This manifests as the person’s worst nightmare/greatest fear, and greatest desire. Although her power works on probing the minds of others, she isn’t a true telepath; but can initiate the probing of another mind to find and project an image. Dani’s 3D images manifest a lot like holograms, see through and able to be seen by others, but very real and solid to the actual ‘target’. She can have multiple targets at once; each person would have a different worst fear (or heart’s desire) manifest before them. She can even create illusions by channeling residual thought and emotional impressions in an area.

Limits- Dani cannot pull for specific images, but more a general idea of something to manifest. I.E. “greatest fear” over “I know you’re really afraid of spiders, here is an eight legged monster”. Afraid of pink poodles? Surprise! Dani’s illusions take a bunch of concentration, the moment she isn’t focused on keeping the image around, it fizzles away. Dani has to have her ‘target’ in sight. If they’re on the other side of a solid wall, she cannot create an illusion from them.

Dani’s illusions have a 60 yard (55 metre) range, but again needs to have nothing to obscure her from her target. This would be very effective in the open, say a baseball field, where a tightly packed city block she would have some challenges.

For Dani’s illusions directed towards teeps, it would stand to reason that depending on the level of teep her illusions would have little effect. If the teep was a lower level OR new to their abilities, it would be easier for Dani to keep them fooled longer than say someone like Jean. For someone like Jean, Dani would really have to take them by surprise to even lightly convince them of danger.

Dani’s illusions against an empaths would be, in theory, useless against someone with so much control over their own emotions. Cast on someone in the presence of an empath would also be more difficult if that empath’s mutation directly affected the emotions of those around them.

Dani can activate illusions for up to 5 intended targets at the same time, pulling their worst nightmares from their minds and into reality. Other people in the area not targeted would see these images as well, but they would be flimsy and noticeable as just an illusion.

Power Name- Animal Empathy
Description: Mirage also has a quasi-telepathic talent that allows her to form a rapport with animals; primates, canines, lupines, felines, and avians. She can sense their feelings, consciously perceive images in their minds, and even see through their eyes. She has also been able to exist peacefully with wild animals. This ability also allows her to communicate with mutants that shift into animal forms.

Limits- Dani can pull images for animals to see, as well, but unlike the illusions she casts for humans, only the animal can see it. However, since an animal's ability to conceptualize is highly limited, she is limited as to what she telepathically can learn from an animal.

Power Name- Psionic Arrows
As a by-product of her illusion casting she can focus her psionic powers into energy arrows which will stun an opponent by disrupting their central nervous system, or force them to relive a traumatic memory.

Currently, Dani uses her custom Forge bow to shoot her Psionic Arrows. This is due to the amount of energy it takes her to create just the arrow itself, but in the future (perhaps) she would be able to create a bow along with the arrows. Being that these “arrows” are created psionically, they do have a directional targeting aspect. This means that Dani can create and fire an arrow at someone, with the ability to follow them should they run and try to hide behind someone/something (assuming they don’t obscure her vision with a building).

Limits- This is still a skill she is working hard on. Using her psionic arrows leaves her weakened and dealing with sharp, blinding headaches. This leaves her trying to suffer through pain and not an ability she uses often in actual battles, not until she can overcome the headaches.

Dani’s arrow range is as long as a longbow shooter would be able to do, which gives her a 400 yard (366 metres) range. ONLY assuming there is nothing blocking her way, she needs to be able to see her target. This is sort of her “final boss battle” move and will only be able to create one in a fight, two IF she really pushes it.

Skills & Abilities- Mirage is a better than average athlete, in large part because of all the times she has spent on her own in the wilderness. She has excellent knowledge of hand-to-hand combat due to growing up at Xavier's, a great knowledge of primitive weapons use. i.e. spears, bow, knives, swords, clubs and axes. Dani is a good marksman with a rifle and excels at archery.

Dani has enhanced durability; Enhanced durability in the sense of - she can take a beating and her sheer pig headedness will pick her up and she’ll keep fighting. Instead of, can be shot at and the bullets bounce off. Pain tolerance is higher than your average girl, cultivated by a life of roughhousing, falling off horses and being beaten on in training. She is also a particularly good horseback rider and swimmer. Primarily will use a bow or tomahawks in battle.

Height- 5’6”
Weight- 135lbs
Eye Colour- Brown
Hair Colour- Black

Appearance- Dani is fairly tom-boyish in nature and prefers to dress for functionality. Her wardrobe is primarily shorts and a t-shirt, but will sub in pants when required. She also throws in nods to her culture, this includes tassels/fringe and feathers. Her long black hair tends to be worn in two braids and she had a fondness for wearing a red-bandana. For special occasions, Dani will even dress up and likes to still to bold dress choices that usually end up being red.

Although at first glance she seems fairly plain, there is something about her presence and the way she carries herself that makes people check themselves, carrying herself with easy confidence (probably due to her lack of fucks to give). Dani has a very athletic build due to extensive time combat training and spending time in the wilderness.

Gear- Dani prefers to go into a fight fairly well armed, from carrying her specially made by Forge bow, a pair of scary looking hunting knives and as a nod to her culture Dani has a pair of tomahawks that she carries. She’s a decent hand-to-hand fighter, having grown up training at the school and knows how to pick up and use a handful of different weapons should she run out of her own weapons. She does have a pair of thick biker boots she leans towards wearing almost all the time, except when she’s barefoot or playing dress up.

Additional Information- Dani has spent a great deal of her time working at controlling her abilities. In the beginning she was constantly terrified of bringing the people's nightmares around her to life, but is happy to say this is no longer a fear. Now she can move forward to accomplish new goals and put her energy towards helping the next generation.

Even if Dani's mutation had nothing to do with fuzzy critters, she would still have a great love of animals and the wilderness. Horses are a large passion in her life and she likes to spread that joy with the students at Xavier's. Dani has zero tolerance for people that go deliberately out of their way to harm others and will not hesitate to put them back in their place.

Hometown- Boulder, Colorado
Immediate Family-
Mother: Peg Lonestar
Father: William Lonestar
Grandfather: Black Eagle
Pat Roberts – Foster Brother
Menagerie - Best friend
Forge - Like an older brother, part of her tribe & Teammate
Sam Guthrie (Cannonball) – Friend & Teammate
Hellfire - Friend
Martyr - …… special… friend… uhm -clears throat-
BRIGHTWIND - Her horse

History- Dani was born part of the Cheyenne nation. Her abilities manifested at puberty, but she was unable to control them. The first time they had manifested, she saw the image of her parents dying. With her lack of control Dani couldn’t stop herself from creating images of fear among her people, inevitably causing them to avoid her. She turned inward, seeking love from her parents and friendship through the animals she could now understand.

Further into Dani’s blossoming teenage years, her parents disappeared on a hunting trip. Her own fears manifested themselves into a demon bear and she blamed the phantom creature for the loss of her parents. Her Grandfather thought it would be best if Dani went to live with some of her parent’s friends and their son, Pat. Unfortunately, after only a week, her mutation got the better of her. Their Sunday dinner was full of Pat's worst fear; Dani accidentally summoning it after being provoked by the boy.

Dani fled to the mountains, seeking out her Grandfather. It had been three months of living in the mountains with her grandfather, before coming across a wounded stallion. With the help of her animal empathic abilities, she managed to get the creature back to her grandfather. With weeks of care, night and day, the creature was ready to go back to his home, but he refused. Dani decided to call him Brightwind.

As Dani’s control over her abilities grew stronger, her Grandfather felt it was time for her to move on. She had spent enough time secluded on the mountains with the old man and now she needed to be with her new kind, mutants. Putting his faith in Xavier and the school, he prepared Dani for her new chapter. Gathering her things, including Brightwind, Dani set off for the school.

Dani was fortunate enough to be welcomed into a friend group of students that had been growing up at the school and spent the next six years of her life training and honing her abilities. While fears of being overcome by her mutation were no longer an issue, the world had started to turn on mutants in even a worse way and left Dani fearing for the well being of the next generation.

Fast forward through her everyday life of stable management, fun with teammates and rescue missions, Dani found herself between a rock and an even bigger rock. She couldn’t recall how it had happened, perhaps a telepath could pull that from her mind, but Dani had been taken hostage and caged for the past seven months. It truly felt like a lifetime of being beaten, drugged and forced to fight against the mutant hating trainees the Purifiers dug up from all corners of the city.

In between drug induced naps, Dani would try and get a grasp on where she was and how many others were caged with her. The numbers were constantly changing, either due to more mutants being taken from the streets or some of them finally succumbing to death. Realizing soon after it would only be a matter of time until it was her turn and being mildly surprised it hadn’t happened yet.

Player Name- Pirate
Age 30
How Can We Contact- Discord
Time Zone- Is Canada a timezone?
How did you find us? I live here
Other Characters- Spark, Kingtide, Magma & Rapuntzel

Role Play Sample-

”Get up you filthy bitch, or are you dead?”

God, did she wish.

It had been days, or so she thought, since the last time they had come banging on her cage door, but she finally must have started moving around enough in her sleep that they knew she wasn’t dead.

Yet. There was always a yet.

Perhaps these people wouldn’t simply tire of using her for target practice, or her body would finally break down enough that it would just give into the silence her drug induced sleep created. She missed her family, her friends… even all those students with their terrible little attitudes. She had been fighting to save them from fates such as this one, how hysterical that she was the one rotting away in a cage.

Hysterical, but only if your sense of humour had taken a severe beating.

”You think this is funny?” The creature with the metal bat hissed at her through his sneer and only then did she realize she was actually laughing. Clinging to her insanity a little longer, Mirage finally opened her eyes to peer up at the person she had fondly dubbed ‘T-1000’. Life in this… place… was made a little more amusing once she had personally given everyone nicknames.

”Your face is funny.” She muttered the seventh grade insult with a raspy voice, the words followed by a brittle cough. There was a brief pause, before the man raised his bat and connected with the bars. Body flinched as the bat connected with the metal cage, a reflex to the horrible noise it produced. ”I was really hoping for some waffles today.” She continued as the man fumbled for the right key.

Oh goodie, it was time for her turn.

Before she could consider any type of resistance, the long taser the guards wore on their dorky little utility belts was shoved through the bars and painfully into her stomach. She was so unbelievably sick of being tasered. Body twitched and spasmed as she let her eyes flutter shut, pushing her body to still and wait.

She would only have a moment.
Jan 4 2018, 12:02 PM
Amara and Julian plan an adventure!

One day Julian put the idea into Amara’s head that they should go back to her homeland and take out the evil witch that throws lovely young maidens into volcanos and she’s been planning the trip ever since. This is open to NEW MUTANTS only.

Things you should be aware of:
- This is not a field trip – Amara is not asking anyone for permission
- It’s super dangerous
- Nova Roma is Ancient Rome in the amazon jungle
- You could die
- There will be MAJOR consequences
- You have to hang out with Amara and Julian

If you think this is the adventure for your character, sign them on up! Me tagging you does not mean you have to join, I'm just flapping at those playing New Mutants to grab your attention. - This will be happening in August (RL august)

Adam Ace Hank Anonymoogle Zel Bashi Nobody Mia Robin Jamie
Oct 31 2017, 11:33 AM
Hey Nerds! I thought it might be fun to share our Halloween costumes this year.


If you didn't dress up this year, your most favourite Halloween costume from years past.

Mar 4 2017, 01:23 PM
First Class
    The First Class - audition characters only. To be auditioned for after your first character. Players in good standing on the site, who post consistently, and show a willingness to be a part of sitewide plots are given preference. PM an admin for further details.

    Full List of Canon Characters

  • Banshee
  • Claire Temple
  • Feral
  • Havok
  • Jubilee
  • Luke Cage
  • Strong Guy
  • Transonic
  • Velocidad
  • Wolfsbane
  • Wonder Man
Mar 2 2017, 02:28 AM

Play By: Taylor Swift


Full Character Name: Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla
Codename: Magma
Aliases/Nicknames: Amy
Faction: New Mutants

Age: 17
Birth date: Aug 13
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 130lbs
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde


Personality: Amara is the picture of a well brought up young lady when engaged in polite conversation, as she was brought up in the ways of Roman nobility. Being raised in Nova Roma she is a complete stranger to the modern world and is completely taken by anything modern, but can become intensely confused by the behaviour of those around her. At times her naivety gets the better of her and she reacts poorly to not understanding modern ways, coming across snobby in an ‘I’m better than you’ fashion in attempts to cover up her lack of understanding.

When Amara has the chance to actually be herself she is a sweet natured girl with a fierce thirst for adventure. She is spirited and likes to be seen as courageous, but has a limited tolerance when it comes to being taken for granted and the fuse to her temper is short. Amara has set the bar for her life fairly high and tends to get discouraged when she doesn’t live up to her own expectations. Beneath the “royal” attitude she is a good person and is seeking friendship and understanding about the world around her. Her biggest desire at the moment is to fit in with people her own age in the modern world. Just what is an iphone anyway?

Appearance: To say that Amara was merely pretty would be to liken the works of michelangelo to scribbles. Her hair is long and golden, falling about mid-back in delicate waves and worn in many varying styles (primarily braids, but she has been introduced to an iron of straightening). There is a noticeable intellect that shines through startling sapphire eyes and she moves with the grace of an angel. Amara has an athletic build from growing up in the jungles of the amazon and her skin is lightly sunkissed.

Since coming to America her wardrobe has taken a drastic turn, modern day clothing being what it is. Amara has taken a liking to flowing dresses and skirts, donning pants when necessary. Although she has a preference towards flat shoes, she has been talked into wearing heels and has fallen in love with the strangely pointed footwear.

Additional Information:
-Her sword

-Being treated like a coward/inferior
-Bras - what the hell?
-Caged animals
-Being off land

-Irrational fear of rubber ducks. What is the function of them anyway?


Power Name: Geo-thermokinesis
Description: She can psionically cause magma, or molten rock, from far beneath Earth's surface to rise to and break through the surface, forming miniature volcanoes. Amara can also telekinetically project fiery blasts of magma at targets. She does so by turning nearby rock molten and then telekinetically hurling it at her target. At her current level she is only able to turn about a semi truck’s worth of rock into magma. Amara can also psionically control the movement of the tectonic plates within the Earth's crust within limited areas, probably no less than a radius of a few city blocks. Within this area she can create small or large earthquakes by psionically affecting the Earth's crust.

Pyrokinesis: She can create flames and project blasts of heat that do not contain any molten rock. However, she prefers to fire magma blasts rather than simple heat blasts; this is because the magma blasts have a solid impact that can knock down a target. The highest level of heat that Magma can generate is not yet known, but she can currently reach at least 850° Fahrenheit.

Magma Form: When using her powers Magma's body shines with intense light and gives off tremendous heat. Her hair blazes with fiery light. Neither her own heat nor heat from any other known source can burn or otherwise harm Magma. Although Magma has triggered small earth tremors without taking on her glowing form, she has never been seen to use her power to fire lava blasts while in her ordinary human appearance. Magma is not blinded by the light she gives off in her shining form and is immune to the dangerous effects of flame and heat while in it. While Amara is in her lava form she has the ability to heal herself. Lacerations of her skin are healed almost instantly, fused back together with molten lava.

Weakness or Flaws: Amara possesses certain regenerative powers when in contact with the ground. If she is not in contact with the ground or the physical shock to her system from a single injury is too great, the regenerative power is no longer in effect and she may die. Magma's powers are dependent upon her contact with the Earth (or at least with a floor that is part of a structure in contact with the ground). Her powers will begin to weaken if she is removed from physical contact with the Earth. However, as soon as she renews this contact, her powers will return to their usual level of strength. If she is removed from the earth long enough for her powers to weaken considerably it would be easier to cool her down, but would require a great shock to her system; IE tossed into a large body of water or flown high enough that she’d be rendered unconscious. If her lava form could be rendered unmovable, she would also cool and be left powerless.

The ability to create volcanoes and earthquakes is extremely range limited and Amara cannot access tectonic plates outside a few city blocks. The use of this part of her mutation is taxing and difficult to control for her 17 year old self. Unfortunately, her ability to move the earth’s crust and create mini-canos is linked to her emotions and earthquakes happen when she is feeling extreme rage or panic/fear. Magma is at this time unable to create magma blasts while not in her “Lava Form” thus leaving her vulnerable to being attacked and injured, possibly causing death.

Abilities/Skills: Due to being raised as nobility in the ancient Roman settlement of Nova Roma, Magma is an expert in Roman culture, a skilled swordswoman, fluent in Old Latin (only language she knows) and she received a classic education in affairs of state, philosophy, military, agriculture, and literature.

Occupation Student


Hometown/Birthplace: Nova Roma, Brazil
Immediate Family:
Selene Gallio (grandmother)
Lucius Antonius Aquilla (alleged father)
Mother (deceased)
Maya (alleged cousin)
Others: She’s new meat at Xavier’s. No friends/foes/lovers

Character History: Amara was born the only child to Lucius Antonius Aquilla in an isolated and hidden part of Brazil called Nova Roma and led to believe that her mother died during child birth. Senator Aquilla, for the safety of his young daughter, sent Amara to live with a native tribe in the jungles outside Nova Roma. They raised her as a daughter of their people, teaching her how to survive like an Amazon and instilling her with the knowledge of her people. She lived her hidden life for many years, content to be with her adopted people and well out of harms way of the tyrant that lead her birth city.

The Black Priestess, ruler of Nova Roma, has a fondness for fire and human sacrifices. Her obsession with tossing young maidens to their fiery deaths was the whole reason Amara’s father had sent her away, not realizing his beautiful daughter would be thrown into harm's way regardless. She was captured during an excursion through the jungle and forcefully brought back to face her doom; The Black Priestess had decided Amara would be the next sacrifice thrown to her death.

It was when Amara was tossed into the burning pit of lava that her strange little life got even stranger; her latent mutant powers took a hold of her burning body and saved her life, turning the young teen into Magma. Being a quick study came in useful for the teenager, but this was only able to take her so far with learning to control her mutant abilities. Mood swings followed teenage hormones and her home city could only handle so many forced earthquakes that her father had to make a decision about his daughter. Nova Roma couldn’t teach her the skills she needed to control her mutation and the tribe she had spent much of her life with wasn’t equipped to deal with her either.

She was now seventeen; having struggled through the early years of her mutation as best she could, while continuing her regular studies. Uproar started near the outskirts of the city, a large black demon landed and spat out strangers on the outside of their city. Amara’s father met with the strangers in a lengthy conversation about her mutant abilities, lengthily due to the language barrier, eventually deciding it was in everyone’s best interest to have Amara accompany the X-Men to America and learn under the supervision of Charles Xavier and his teachers.


Player Name: Pirate
How Can We Contact: Telegram
Time Zone/Area of the World: North Pole

Other Characters: Mirage, Riptide, Rogue, Savage, Spark

Role Play Sample: <3 you all.
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