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Aug 4 2018, 03:09 PM
After a few days back at the school, Ruby figured it was time to head back to the kitchen to do some baking. For the past month and a bit she had been unable to bake as there had been no kitchen and they had been living in a hotel. She had missed it, baking calming to her and it was one thing she could say she was good at. There was another reason, for someone who found physical affection uncomfortable and talking about feelings to be hard, baking was a good way of showing affection. She couldn't bear to be hugged, so she would bake people sweet treats as a way of showing them she cared.

With a new kitchen to work in, there was no one she wanted to work with more than Shadowcat. Since they had first done some baking together back in December, they had spent a fair bit of time together, with Ruby starting to see Kitty as kind of like an older sister. Kitty was always there when Ruby was in need of support or help. Between her and David (and Gabby, but she didn't know much about what happened at the school), it was almost like having an actual family. So, when Kitty had been taken by the brood, Ruby had been extremely worried. Then, when she and the others had been rescued, Ruby had been extremely relieved, although she had let Kitty have some space. After what had happened, she would need it. Besides, Ruby figured that she would want some time with her boyfriend. Then there had been the much needed trip to England.

Now, however, things were sort of back to normal and it was time to do some baking. After a while spent scouring the internet, Ruby had found an interesting new recipe to try; chocolate chip cookie cupcakes. Essentially, normal chocolate cupcakes but with a ball of cookie dough hidden inside. So, Ruby had sent a message to Kitty asking if she wanted to do some baking and received a positive reply. It was just after 2pm and the ingredients were ready, the gift that Ruby had got for Kitty from the Science Museum was waiting in a bag on the table and she was now searching through her music files for something to listen to while they baked. After all, there were nice speakers set up in the kitchen and they needed to test them out and make sure they were working, right?
Aug 3 2018, 04:39 PM
The trip to England might have been over but that wasn’t so bad now that the school was finished and they could all move back in. Granted, it meant that classes would start again, but that was a problem for another day. At that point, they needed to work on getting the place comfortable again. Making the school feel homey and welcoming. Like it had been when Ruby had arrived. At first the place had scared her, it was so big and things were so damn expensive but now she was feeling like it was her home. It was where she belonged. Where she was safe and loved.

The fact that she was still rooming with Hana was a big comfort, while Ruby didn’t know her that well, they were able to share space without fighting and Hana never once complained about any of Ruby’s weird habits, like having a nightlight or needing to stash food away. And Ruby found sharing a room with her much better than sharing a room with Opal and Pearl. At least with Hana, Ruby was allowed to decorate her side of the room without any complaints about her persona tastes being ‘creepy.’

Having lost everything, Ruby had spent the last few months trying to replace various odds and ends she needed, like clothes and books, and her laptop. Now she was back, she was putting everything away and preparing to put up some decorative bits and pieces to make the space feel more like hers. Her new nightlight was already set up on her bedside cabinet and Draggle was already in pride of place on her bed.

Now it was just a case of putting up some of her posters and sorting out her books. As she set about doing this, Ruby had Zombina and the Skeletones playing and happily sang along with them as she put stuff away.

It was great to be home.
Jul 13 2018, 03:11 PM
While others were settling into their rooms and probably delighting in the novelty of being in England, Ruby was delighting in something else. Namely, British tv. American tv was ok, and the school had had access to plenty of channels, but there was one that Ruby missed. Dave. A channel described as 'the home of witty banter.' Her biological dad had been quite fond it and to be fair, it had some decent things on like Red Dwarf, and QI, and some of the programmes that made fun of political things. Ruby was a bit too young to really get the references, but she remembered watching the show with her biological dad when he wasn't in a bad mood, so they were so nice memories attached to those shows.

Curled up on the sofa, Ruby giggled away at the various amusing things on the tv, like the moonwalking bird, and the bit about the Acropolis. She had really missed QI and was happy to be able to catch a few episodes before Red Dwarf came on. Some of the conversations were a little bit over head, but who cared? Stephen Fry was pretty funny. So were the people on the panel. It was also a good distraction from something that was worrying her. The thing to do with Leeds. The worry stemming from the fact that it was her hometown and the fact that David had gone up with some of the others to do... something. Presumably sort out whatever bad shit was happening and hopefully all return in one piece.

In between giggles, she managed to drink some of her tea and choke on it. That was truly a miracle. Although the sound of someone else coming into the room caused her to stifle her giggling as much as she could. Which was pretty hard to do. Sometimes giggling was one of those things you couldn't stop once you started.
Jul 7 2018, 02:45 PM
The town of Maldon was not a bad place. It was rather mutant friendly, which was great. It meant that no one stared or said anything rude to Ruby as she wandered around the town. They were due to leave on the 15th, so she had decided to do some exploring. The trip had been nice, except for the fight that was. That had been terrible, especially the New Mutants had done nothing except be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was just grateful they weren't in any serious trouble. Hell, David hadn't even been mad at her. He had been more.... proud? Probably as she had stood up for herself instead of cowering away.

As she explored the high street, Ruby noted various charity shops and nipped in a few of them to browse. Charity shops were great, you could find almost anything in them and as the stock changed regularly, it was a good idea to check one if you were near. This attitude paid off and she soon found a couple of Stephen King novels that she might have to smuggle into the school using one of Roans portals. Some of the adults were trying to discourage her reading horror novels, feeling that they might be one of the causes of her nightmares. Ruby was willing to agree with that, but at the same time she was not so happy about not reading horror novels. They were interesting and much better than the usual dreck that was aimed at kids her age.

After a browsing a few shops, Ruby decided it might be time to find a bench and organise the plastic shopping bag she had with her so that certain novels were not on top and presumably out of sight. Still she couldn't resist getting a few of them and scanning a few of the pages for passages that she liked. Something about these books just fascinated her and sometimes caused her to drift off into the world in the pages, occasionally oblivious to the world around her.

Jul 6 2018, 01:45 PM
When Ruby had suggested visiting Leeds at some point, she hadn't expected it to happen so soon. It had just been something that she and David talked about one day while in the Baccarat swimming pool. A week later there had been talk of a trip to England. A nice relaxing time after recent events. Even then, she had been unsure if a trip to her hometown was going to happen. After all, there had been that incident in China town. An incident she had been involved in. At first she had thought that David would have been mad at her, he didn't like violence unless it was self defence, which it had been but there was still a lingering doubt that he might be a little disappointed in her.

The journey hadn't been that long, even on Britain's not so good rail system it had only taken about two and a half hours. It had felt longer once they had started to get closer to Leeds. Ruby's excitement had built up and she had been twisting around in her seat, trying to catch better glimpses out of the window. Having not been out of the city much when she lived there, she was not too familiar with the great British countryside and the view was a lot better than she had thought it would be.

Finally, they were there. Back in Leeds but this time not to have a meeting with two unpleasant jerks she was glad she never had to see again. This time, they were there for fun. To do some shopping and enjoy themselves. Once they were off the train, there was the issue of the crowds of people in the train station, but Ruby did her best to stay calm, she had faced aliens she could handle a bit of a crowd, right? Eventually they made it outside and into Leeds city centre.

"Ok...." Ruby said, sounding a bit anxious. "How about we find somewhere quiet first and calm down a bit?" If being surrounded by people was bad for her, it was worse for David. She didn't have telepathy. The main problem she had was being aware of peoples blood. "There's a little ginnel down there that should be quiet enough." Then they could get their bearings and decide where they wanted to go.

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